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Two medical fragments (Author: [unknown])

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Two medical fragments

The two following fragments are taken from the Royal Irish Academy MS 23 P 20, and form passages inserted between two different sections of the text. MS 23 P 20 consists of an Irish translation of the Rosa Anglica of John of Gaddesden (Johannes Anglicus), 44 pages in all, with some few portions of other material interspersed. I have been unable to identify any Latin original for these two extracts. I have edited this entire text which has been published by the Irish Texts Society (Vol. 25), herein referred to as R. A. Part of the following fragments occurs also in Trinity College, Dublin, MS H 2 3 (H), p. 11b (A) and p. 16 (B), and in British Museum1MS Arundel 333, p. 27b (A) and p. 16 (B), the two latter greatly condensed. Variant readings and portions in square brackets are from H. All obscure words will be found in the vocabulary to R. A. A partial translation of the portion in Arundel 333 occurs in O'Grady's Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the British Museum, p. 241. These fragments should follow on pp. 118 and 160 in R. A.