Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Rosa Anglica (Author: John of Gaddesden)

Section 13


Item in t-atcomall maille fiabras, is e is mesa ánd. Item gach uile eslainti tic isin crith ger, no atcomall, no lenas é, is olc. Item adeir Auicenna da ti flux isin atcomall maille fuil, is bas é. Item da ti flux isin atcomall & gan etrumugad don othar, is bás. Item flux fola no mar do beith fuil ar techtadh, signidi sin in bás, & co h-airighi mad fada in t-atcomull. Item da ti flux uisgiamail gan fuil is comartha slainti, & mad ainmesurda, is comartha bais.