Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G503000

Apraid a éolchu Elga

Author: Eochaid Eolach ua Céirín

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Electronic edition compiled by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Funded by University College, Cork and
Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

1. First draft, revised.

Proof corrections by Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Extent of text: 1670 words


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    Manuscript sources
  1. London, British Library, MS Egerton 1782, 53va-54rb; see O'Grady and Flower, Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the British Museum (2 vols, London 1926), ii 259-98: 282 [sect ]36; R. Thurneysen, Irische Helden- u. Königsage (Halle 1921) 490.
    Another poem by the same author
  1. E. Gwynn (ed.), The metrical Dindshenchas 3, Todd Lecture Series 10 (Dublin 1913, repr. Dublin 1991) 168-183.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Rudolf Thurneysen, Das Gedicht der vierzig Fragen von Eochaid ua Cérín in Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. volume 13 (1921) page 132–136


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CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

Sampling Declaration

The present text represents pages 131–133 of the published edition. All editorial introduction (page 131), translation (pages 133–136) and notes have been omitted. All editorial additions are tagged add. The editor's restored text is rendered exactly. Instances where his restored text deviates from the MS are tagged and the MS reading is indicated in the tag corr sic="", but expansions, indicated by the editor in italic, are not marked within corr or its attribute sic. The editor uses a turned point to separate preverbs and particles from the verb proper. This is rendered as a hyphen. The apostrophe evidently omitted in quatrain 4, line 2 d eísi is restored. The elision of a in quatrain 5 line 3, in quatrain 6 line 3, and in quatrain 16 lines 1 and 4 is indicated by the entity a.

Editorial Declaration


Text has been thoroughly checked and proofread. All corrections and supplied text are tagged.


The electronic text represents the edited text. The editor's divisions of words have been adhered to. The editor's expansions of MS abbreviations, rendered in italic by him, are marked except in the case of expansions within the tag corr and its attribute sic. All compound personal names and initial nasalizations are segmented in accordance with CELT practice.


Quotation marks are rendered q.


Soft hyphens do not occur in the edited text.


div0=the whole text. Verse (which are always quatrains) are marked lg. Page-breaks are marked.


Names of persons (given names), groups (dynasties, tribes, peoples etc.), places are tagged. Offices and titles (king, lord, poet etc.) are tagged. Numbers are tagged. A selection of cultural activities is tagged.

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The title of the text is held as the first head element within each text. div0 is reserved for the text (whether in one volume or many).

Page-numbers of the printed text are tagged pb n="nn". A canonical reference can be got from the n value of lg.

Profile Description

Created: By Eochaid Eolach ua Céirín, associated probably with Monasterboice and author of a Dindshenchas poem on Loch Garman (see above). Date range: 1000–1100.

Use of language

Language: [GA] The text is in Middle Irish.
Language: [LA] A few words in Latin appear in the glosses.

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