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Ní mhairenn oighre Murchaidh

Author: Unknown

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Electronic edition compiled by Benjamin Hazard

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2. Second draft.

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    Manuscript source
  1. Castlerea (Co. Roscommon), Clonalis House, Book of the O'Conor Don, 27b.
    The edition used in the digital edition.
  1. Osborn Bergin, Ní mhairenn oighre Murchaidh in Irish Bardic Poetry, Ed. Osborn Bergin. , Dublin , Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (1970) page 191–192


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Created: By an unknown Irish bardic poet. Date range: c.1600–1620.

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Language: [GA] The text is in Classical Modern Irish.

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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G402250

Ní mhairenn oighre Murchaidh: Author: Unknown


  1. 1] Ní mhairenn oighre Murchaidh—
    2] mór cumthair dona brégaibh—
    3] dá maradh ní bheith choidhche
    4] lá go n-oidhche inar n-égmais.
  2. 5] Ag techt chugainn as uainne
    6] do bhíoth daoine uaisle oile;
    7] ag techt chugainn is chugainn
    8] do bhíoth m'fher cumainn croidhe.
  3. 9] Créd dhénuid muinnter Dhálaigh
    10] ón mbás-soin dá ttí an cogadh?
    11] fa meinic laodh mo chroidhe
    12] ós cenn m'fhine dá cosnamh.
  4. 13] Fa dhó sa ló dar bféghuin,
    14] an té fa ndénuim osnadh,
    15] do thigedh sé go bádhach
    16] ó Áoibh Rátha go Brosnuigh.
  5. 17] Do-chuaidh Diarmuid, mo thruaighe,
    18] fúinne a bhfuaire nár bhrethnuigh:
    19] ní thig sé chugainn choidhche—
    20] acht ocht n-oidhche sa tsechtmhuin.

  6. p.192

  7. 21] Diarmuid tar éis a éuga,
    22] a fhir dhénta na huaidhe,
    23] ná bí dá chur a dtalmhuin,
    24] ní gar dhó anmhuin uainne.
  8. Ní.