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Gebet um Thränen

Author: [unknown]

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Kuno Meyer

Electronic edition compiled by Beatrix Färber

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1. First draft.

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  1. London, British Library, Additional 30,512 fo 30b1.
    Internet availability of Meyer's annotated edition
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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Kuno Meyer, Neue Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften: Gebet um Thränen [Tucc dam, a Dé móir] in Archiv für Celtische Lexikographie. Volume 3, Halle a. d. Saale, Max Niemeyer (1907) page 215–246: 232


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Created: By an unknown Irish author Date range: c.600–900.

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Language: [GA] The text is in Old Irish.
Language: [DE] The supplied title is in German.

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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G400078

Gebet um Thränen: Author: [unknown]


Gebet um Thränen

{folio 30b1}
  1. Tucc dam, a Dé móir,
    for bith cé, ní cél,
    ar píanu na plág
    tonna díana dér
  2. Dom-roiched for rith
    soithech ná rop saich,
    co roich m'óenar moch
    ar gach mbægol mbraith.
  3. Uchán, a Chríst cáid,
    gan sruthán dom grúaid,
    feib tucais in linn
    don bandscáil timm trúaig.
  4. Uchán ar gach n-alt
    gan sruthán darm ucht,
    cu rob nige a-nocht
    dom chride is dom churp.
  5. Ar gach senóir sruith
    forfágaib a thoich,
    ar do rígi réil,
    ar do chéimm ar croich.
  6. Ar cach óin ro-chí
    a chin ar bith ché,
    mo chlóine, a Dé bí,
    co ro-c[h]óine mé.
  7. Ar do maith co mór,
    ar do flaith cen lén,
    co hopunn, co húain
    tuc dam topur dér.
  8. A mo dile, a Dé,
    am chridi do c[h]rú
    déra dam, a Dé,
    cé ro-béra ach[t] tu?