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Esnada Tige Buchet

Author: Unknown

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David Greene

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  1. See under Editions
    Secondary literature
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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Fingal Rónáin and other stories. David Greene (ed), First edition [One volume. 89 + vi pp. v–vi Foreword, pp 27–28 Introduction, pp 28–31 Text, pp 31–41 Appendices, pp42–44, notes.] Dublin Institute for Advanced StudiesDublin (1955) (Reprinted 1975) . Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series. , No. 16


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Created: By one or more unknown Irish monastic author(s). The story belongs to the later Old Irish period. Date range: c.800-900?.

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Language: [GA] The whole text is in Old Irish.
Language: [EN] Editorial text containing English occurs in the appendix.

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