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Mesca Ulad

Author: Unknown

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J. Carmichael Watson

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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Mesca Ulad. J. Carmichael Watson (ed), First edition [xxxix + 131 p., v Preface, vi List of Abbreviations, vii-xxxix Introduction, 1-40 LL Text, 40-47 LU Text, 48-50 Appendix, 51-61 Commentaries, 62-122 Glossaries, 123-131 Indices.] Dublin Institute for Advanced StudiesDublin (1941) (Reprinted 1967) (Reprinted 1983) . Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series. , No. 13


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Created: By one or more unknown Irish monastic author(s). Date range: c.700-1000.

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