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Forfess Fer Fálgae

Author: Unknown

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Kuno Meyer

Electronic edition compiled by Ruth Murphy

Funded by University College, Cork

1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent of text: 1000 words


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  1. London, British Library, Egerton 1782 fo. 19a. For full MS details see Robin Flower and Standish Hayes O'Grady (eds.) Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the British Library [formerly the British Museum] (London 1926; repr. Dublin 1992) vol. 2, 259–298.
  1. Petra Hellmuth, 'Zu Forfess Fer Fálgae', in: Erich Poppe (ed.), Keltologie heute–Themen und Fragestellungen, Akten des 3. Deutschen Keltologensymposiums Marburg, 2001, Studien und Texte zur Keltologie 5 (Münster 2004), 195–210.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Kuno Meyer, Forfess Fer Fálgae [Aus Egerton 1782 fo. 19a] in Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. volume 8, Halle/Saale, Max Niemeyer (1912) page 564–565


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CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

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The present electronic text covers Kuno Meyer's edition on pp. 564-5. Variants from Harley 5280, fo. 74a, and Egerton 88 fo. 11a, cited by Meyer in his annotations, have not been reproduced.

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Created: By unknown scribes in Irish monasteries. It belongs to the Old Irish period. Date range: c.600-900.

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Language: [GA] The text is in Old Irish.
Language: [LA] Some words are in Latin.

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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G301029

Forfess Fer Fálgae: Author: Unknown


Incipit forfess Fer Falgae .i. Fer Mano, iss isidi foilsigti do Oultaib a hEmuin Machae dia tubart ind heúngrip in scoith milide doib ocus is iarum luid Cuculaind ocus fiu forfes Fer Falchae & selaig firu Faal huli ar galuib oinfir. Tanic do asennath gussin righ fadeisin. Get a ainm sidein. Is íarum cid cotránicc Get ocus Cuculaind. Is iarum cachain Airnbertach bui isin tig de Ultaib ind láid si do chomracc Conculaind & rig Fomoiri:

‘Gala nisfer foirndut. Fer claine ar gale gnim. Get arfeimtha imeburach baig.’

Dixit qq Gett:

‘Baag ban beirid for huathbasai éc mar arbeir hith narm atumbelud in forcle fer. fardumderet debruinnet droingtum doloine lind. Fumda locharna laiss lethet hoath hontimne. namtha fer fiu fert ar gaili gnim. goisem ara cumachta corp dag Cuculaind cotamidedar met. midtir oim fri uatha


almna almaca ma ansu aitherrach aitherrach nde nitho nauth.’

Mulier dixit hoc:

‘Ni maith immongoin Get. ni maith immon Get goin.’

Cuculaind dixit:

‘Cotom gai bolgai ben fortom claidiub fortben fortom chaindil díibti. cotum cletiniu cumban fer dia clechlat a da nind ni roisur fris. Firfitir baga baigfithir fir find ar foidne feis. fíibthir Falchaoe feis. feis hi crolecht Caunrai roe i ngalne Get aicillni do Chonchobur crich iar ndegha dáil.’