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Four saints: Cormac, Beccan (Emin), Culan, Diarmaid

Author: Unknown

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J. G. O'Keeffe

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The name Beccan occurs only at the opening; it changes suddenly to Emin or Eminan of Ros Glaisi. Though four Saints are named, he document is mainly concerned with the fortunes of Cormac among the peoples dwelling in the vicinity of the estuary of the Moy, Co. Mayo, that is in Tir Amalgaid, Tir Fhiachrach, etc. There is another version in H 2. 4., but it only adds to the many defects of the Ballymote text.


  1. Dublin, RIA, 535 olim 23 P 2 alias Book of Lecan, fol. 60. [written 1397–1418 or a little later; 311 folios; scribes Giolla Íosa Mac Fir Bhisigh and his students, Ádhamh Ó Cuirnín and Murchadh Riabhach Ó Cuindlis; and Tomás Cam Mac Fir Bhisigh (only son of Giolla Íosa). In 1612 the MS was in the possession of Henry Perse, secretary to the lord deputy, Sir Arthur Chichester. It then passed to archbishop James Ussher and was in his library in England when he died there in 1656. It was returned to Ireland by Oliver Cromwell with Ussher's other books and some time before 1665 it was deposited in the Library of Trinity College Dublin, where it remained until the Jacobite War. Reported missing in 1702, it was certainly in France by 1703. It passed to the Irish College Paris and in 1787, at the instance of Colonel Charles Vallancey, it was presented to the Royal Irish Academy.]
  2. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, Book of Ballymote, fol. 233a (variants).
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. J. G. O'Keeffe, Four saints: Cormac, Beccan (Emin), Culan, Diarmaid in Irish Texts. volume 3, London, Sheed and Ward (1931) page 1–8


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Created: By unknown scribes in Irish monasteries. Date range: c.900-1200.

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