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Wie Sechnall und Patrick Fiac vom Tode retteten

Author: [unknown]

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Kuno Meyer

Electronic edition compiled by Benjamin Hazard

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2. Second draft.

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    Manuscript Source
  1. Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G. 10 (formerly Cheltenham, Phillips Library MS 10,266) page 46a. For further details see Nessa Ní Shéaghdha (ed.), Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the National Library of Ireland, fasc. 1 (Dublin: Institute for Advanced Studies 1967) 60-65.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Kuno Meyer, Wie Sechnall und Patrick Fiac vom Tode retteten (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften) in Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. Volume 8, Halle/Saale, Max Niemeyer (1912) page 106


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Created: Date range: c.900–c.1200.

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Language: [GA] The text is in Middle Irish.
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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G201019

Wie Sechnall und Patrick Fiac vom Tode retteten: Author: [unknown]



Feacht n-aile luidh Seachnall do Ardmachae & ní raibi Pátric hi fus, co-n-acca dá ech carpuit lá muintir Pátric for a cind for sgur. Ocus ro-ráidhe Seachnall ba córu ind eich uccut do breith dond espug .i. do Fíiac. Úair do-r-úacht Pátric att-cúas dó inní sin. Dohindled a carput forsna h-eocha & nu-s-fáidhe Pátric cen duine léo cu féotur ina dísirt la Mochtae. Lotar deisell arnauárach go Domnach Seachnaill. Lotar íarnanairter do, Cill Auxile. Lotur íar suidhiu do Cill Monach. Lotur íarum cu Fíacc cu Sleibte.

Is hí tucait in carpait do breith cu Fíacc, ar no-téighed día sathairn init co m-bídh oc Cnocc Droma Coblai.2 Úaim dó ann, cúicc bairgena leis, ut fama est. Día cásc dosaighedh docum Sleibte. & dothuairthedh boim leis de chuig panibus. Is í tucait


an charpait do Fíac: ro-cnaoi dáol a chois corbo comfochraib báss dóu. & rl.