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Betha Meic Creiche

Author: Unknown

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Charles Plummer

compiled by Elva Johnston, Beatrix Färber

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2. Second draft, revised and enlarged.

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    Manuscript source
  1. Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, O'Clery MS numbers 2324-4200, ff 87r-98r.
    Editions and Translations
  1. Charles Plummer, Miscellanea Hagiographica Hibernica. Vitae adhuc ineditae sanctorum Mac Creiche, Naile, Cranat, ad fidem codicum manu scriptorum recognovit, prolegomenis, notis, indicibus, instruxit C. P. Accedit Catalogus Hagiographicus Hiberniae ab eodem pro tempore informatus. Societé des Bollandistes. Subsidia Hagiographica 15. (Bruxelles 1925).
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Miscellanea Hagiographica Hibernica. Charles Plummer (ed), First edition [cxx + 271 pp.] Société des BollandistesBrussels (1925)


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Created: By one or more unknown authors in Irish monastic scriptoria. Date range: c. 1100–1200.

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Language: [GA] The major part of the text is in Middle Irish and Early Modern Irish.
Language: [LA] A few passages are in Latin.
Language: [EN] The introduction and some footnotes are in English.

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