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Verschiedenes aus Egerton 1782

Author: Unknown

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Kuno Meyer

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2. Second draft.

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  1. London, British Library, Egerton 1782, ff 40b2, 41a1, 44a. For full MS details see Robin Flower and Standish Hayes O'Grady (eds.) Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the British Library [formerly the British Museum] (London 1926; repr. Dublin 1992) vol. 2, 259–98.
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Kuno Meyer, Verschiedenes aus Egerton 1782 (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften) in Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. volume 9, Halle/Saale, Max Niemeyer (1913) page 176–177


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Created: Date range: 900–1200.

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Language: [GA] Text is in Middle Irish.
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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G105019

Verschiedenes aus Egerton 1782: Author: Unknown


{MS folio 40b2}Neídhi mac Onchon meic Fhinnlogha meic Finnfir, is hé in Cúchulaind Conmaicne. Dobí do chlannaib Conmeic meic Fergusa & is hé tuc cath Arddo Rathain ind-Úib Fiachrach Aidhni co tinól na Conmacne uimmi. & is ann romarbad Eidinn mac Clérigh1 & sochaidi maille friss.

Eolus mac Bipecht .i. Conmac a ainm. Dusrala cath for Connacht condorchair mór do Chonnacht ann. Is hé ba cenn Conmacni in tan sin .i. Conmac mac Bibecht & Eolus a ainm ó hsoin anúas. Ocus is hé dorad eolus fair .i. Cithrúad mac Fir Cóicat, drái na Conmacne, ar a eolchairecht a cath & a filidecht. Is úadh ainmnigther Eólus.

Golías .i. in fomoir, fer comraic deich & dá fichet & dá cét. La Dauíth dotuit Golias d'urchur tabaill iarum, conid airi sin romarb Dauíth deich & dá fichet & dá cét d'aenurchur.

{MS folio 41a1}Treo ingin Taidg meic Céin ben Lugnu meic Óengusa meic Fiachach Suidhe, unde dicitur Lugna Fer Trí .i. Fer


Trea. Nói meic bátar ac Lughna, a díb re Trea .i. Cett, Congus, Cinde, Daigri, Luchta, Corb. A thrí re hEdain ingin Uilc Aithe .i. máthair Cormeic húi Chuind .i. Oengus ocus Lugaid ocus Niad. Rouátar trí mná ac Lughna .i. Trea ocus Coinde Chichech ocus Etan.

{MS folio 44a}Trí túatha fuilet i nhÉrinn nách do Góidelaib .i. Garbraige & Húí Thairsig & Galeóin, acht d'íarsma Fer mBolg dóib.

Kuno Meyer.