Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Irish Quatrains [Cid becc—méd frighed—do locht; A rí rind] (Author: [unknown])


  1. Cid becc—méd frighed—do locht,
    airighe for nech do chéin:
    cid médither slíab do locht,
    nocha n-airighe fort féin.
  1. A rí rind!
    Cidh dubh mo thech nó cidh finn,
    nocha n-iadhfaither fri nech,
    nár' iadha Críst a thech frim.
  1. Though a fault be small — the size of a fleshworm —
    Thou perceivest it on any one from afar:
    Though a fault be as big as a mountain,
    Thou dost not perceive it on thyself.
  1. O king of stars!
    Whether my house be dark or bright,
    It shall not be closed against any one,
    Lest Christ close His house against me.