Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 17

No. 2—Page 139

The date of this Charter may be pretty accurately fixed from the notices of the more distinguished persons therein mentioned, preserved by the Irish annalists. The death of Maelsechnaill or Maelseachlainn, the son of Conchobar O'Maelseachnaill, King of Tara, is entered in the Annals of the Four Masters, at the year 1087, as follows:

'A.D. 1087. Maelseachlainn, son of Conchobhar O'Maelseachlainn, King of Tara, was killed in treachery and guile by Cathal Mac Muiricen and the men of Teffia, at Ardagh of the Bishop Mel.'


Domhnall Mac Robhartaigh, the Comharba or successor of St. Columbkille at Kells, died, according to the Annals of the Four Masters, in the year 1098. His name occurs in the inscription on the celebrated relic called the Cathach of St. Columbkille, now deposited in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy.

Donnchadh, the son of Art O'Rourke, King of Connaught, mentioned as one of the guarantees and securities of the grant to which this deed relates, was killed, according to the Annals of the Four Masters, in the battle of Moin Cruinneoige, on the 4th of the Calends of November, in the year 1084. The O'Briens carried away his head in truimph to Limerick, but it was recovered in 1088 by Donnell Mac Loughlin, King of Aileach.

Donnchadh, the son of Carthach, 'King of Cashel of the Kings,' and descendant of Callaghan-Cashel, was the brother of Muireadhach, the ancestor of the Mac Carthys. He is called King of Cashel in the interpolated Dublin copy of the Annals of Innisfallen, in which it is stated that he was slain by Callaghan O'Callaghan in the year 1092; but in the Annals of the Four Masters, which mention his death at the same year, he is called King of Eoghanacht Chaisil. The relationship of this Donnchadh to Callaghan O'Callaghan, by whom he was slain, will appear from the following table: See accompanying pdf.


It follows, therefore, that the year 1084 is the latest date that can be assigned to the Charter before us.