Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 14


Gillachrist Mac Manchain purchased the land on your gospel hand going down towards Ath-catan,99 or on your benediction hand up from the ford, from the sons of Beollan,100 i.e. from Cu-Uladh101 and his brother Mael Ciarain.102 The price was twenty-four ounces of silver, besides the tuition of Cu-Uladh's son. These were the sureties, viz. Moenach O'Cinetha,103 Erenagh of Ath-da-loarg;104 and Aedh O'Maelscire105 for him; and Scolaighe O'Labhrath,106 King of Soghan,107 and it was that Scolaighe who gave the price of a crimson mantle into or out


of ? Mac Imar108 for its perpetuity. Maelbrigit O Cianan,109 Comharba of Columbkille: and Guaire O'Clucain, the reader, and the priest of Kells, and Da[...] chief of Clebarta and Dom[...] are guarantees to the family of Kells for the perfect Right of the land from the sons of Mac Beollain and every other person in like manner, who should claim the land. These [...] of the Galengs viz. Gillachrist O'Loiste110 with his sons; and the son of Gilla Brighde Mac Athgidi 111 O'Ciretha,112 Erenagh of Imleach,113 in guarantee of the same land. Maelruanaidh,114 the son of Mac Ceneth115 and Amlaibh,116 the son of Mac Fiachraig117 [...] of the Hy-Briuin.118 The boundary of this land is from the Siofoic119 at the south to the north of Lochan-Patruic120 northwards. The end of the mill is what bounds it at the other side.121