Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 12


A house74 was purchased by Congal O'Breslen, i.e. the half house of Mac Aedha Cerd.75 These are the sureties for its perpetuity for themselves and for all men in like manner; viz. the Comharba of Columbkille, i.e. Gilla-Adomnan O'Coirthen; and the Priest of Kells, i.e. Maelmartin O'Breslen; and the Lector of Kells, i.e. Guaire O'Clucain [...] ; the Erenagh of the hospital,76 i.e. Oengus Mac Gillabain;77 and Cumara, the son of Mac Duarc O'M[...] Anad Mac Oisin78 and the Fos-Erenagh,79 i.e. Muiridhach,80 the son of Mac Rechtacan;81 and the Chief of [...] Mac Manchan;82 and the Chief of the Scologes,83 i.e. Oengus O'Gamhna.84 This is the price given to [...] and Flann, the son of Mac Aedha, and an ounce of gold for the fee-simple [...] the Erenagh.