Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 11


Of the Freedom of Cill Delga.60

One time that Conchobhar O'Maelsechlainn came to a peaceful conference with the grandson of Aedh (i.e. Gilla Coluimb [...] alumnus of Kells), so that the Comharba of Columbkille (i.e. Maelmuire O'Uchtain) with his congregation and reliques [...] came to give them


protection. But he Conchobhar took him Gilla Columb on his back from the altar of Columbkille and carried him to Les-Luigdech,61 and deprived him of sight in the valley which is to the south of Dun-mic-Cennan.62 It was in atonement for this violation that Conchobhar O'Maelsechlainn gave Cill-Delga, with its territory and lands, to God and to Columbkille for ever, no king or chieftain having rent, tribute, hosting, coigny, or any other claim on it as [...] before, for no chief durst touch it while staying in the territory. Now these were the sureties and guarantees given in it viz. Amalgaidh, Comharba of Patrick, with the staff of Jesus;63 the Comharba of Finnen;64 the Comharba of Ciaran65 with his reliques, of the clergy; also the King of Telach-ardd,66 Oengus O'Cainelbain; the King of Telach-Cail,67 Mael-Isu Mac Cairthen;68 the King of Magh-Lacha,69 Gilla-Griguir O'Dummaig;70 the King of Tuath Luighne,71 Laignen Mac Moelain,72 of the laity; and also Queen Mor, the daughter of the son of Conchobhar, without any revocation of this for ever. In the presence of the men of Meath, both clergy and laity, these sureties and guarantees were given; and they all, both laity and clergy, gave


their blessing to every king who should not violate this freedom for ever; and they all gave their curse to any king who should violate it; and though it is dangerous for every king to violate Columbkille, it is particularly dangerous for the King of Tara, for he is the relative of Columbkille.73