Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 10


Land which the priest of Kells and his kinsmen purchased, i.e. O'Breslan and his kinsmen. This is the land, viz. Achadh Muine Choscain,20 with Achad mor21 lying opposite to it, and with their meadows and bogs, i.e. as far as the lathach22 to the south, and as far as Coel-Achach23 to the east, and as far as Sidh Aithlius24 to the east, with their houses and out-houses, and with its lawns, i.e. as far as the lathach of Domnach mor.25 And this is the price, eighteen ounces of gold, with other additional considerations, i.e. to the value of twenty ounces. And from O'Riaman26 it was purchased, it being his own lawful land. The following are the guarantees and sureties given in it, Oengus,27 the son of Mac Rancan,28 full chief of Sil-Tuathail and


Coill-Follamhain,29 and Gilla-Odhar,30 the son of Mac Ruadachan,31 and Cu-dubh,32 the son of Mac Comhgain;33 these were of the Clann-Ruadach;34 and Cu-duilig35 O'Sneain36 with his kinsmen, these were of the Clann-Murchadha;37 and O'Gorman of the Clann-Conaill;38 the three sons of Mac Cearnach,39 and the two sons of Mac Searraigh,40 and the son of O'Dubhthaigh,41 of the Clann-Congalaigh,42 as guarantees for themselves and for the O'Riamains, with all the guarantees already and hereafter mentioned for themselves, i.e. for the Clann-Congalaigh [...] and the Erenagh of Grellach,43 and the Sech-nabb44 and the Crozier of Reodaidhe,45 and the Erenagh of Cill Scire,46 and the Crozier of Scire, and Conall Mac Duibh, and Iarnan, i.e. all these are of Sord,47 and the


Comharba of Columbkille, Ferdomnach O'Clucain,48 with all the congregation of Columbkille, and Oengus O'Domhnallain,49 the Anmchara,50 i.e. Comharba of Disert-Columbkille; and the Bishop O'Dunan, senior of Leth-Chuinn;51 and the King of Tara, i.e. Domhnall, the son of Flann O'Maelsechnaill, and with the four strangers from the four cardinal points, i.e. Gilla-Becan,52 Mac Gilla-Sechnaill, O'Oedhan,53 Erenagh of Greanach,54 and Oisin Mac Eachtghail55 Ostiarius of Kells; and Mac Duibhdaman,56 Erenagh of Rath-Beccan,57 and O'Fiachrach,58 Erenagh of Domhnach mor,59 and these sureties were taken as they were passing around the land, and through the middle of the land, and the blessing of God upon all these sureties, so they do not violate their guarantee; and they shall not have defence or protection from God if they violate it. No rent is due of this land before its being purchased, or after its being purchased.