Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 9


The king of Tara has granted,10 that is, Maelsechnaill,11 son of Conchobhar12 O'Maelsechnaill, and the comharba successor of Columbkille, that is, Domhnall Mac Robhartaigh,13 with all the ecclesiastics of Kells, in like manner, both priest, and bishop, and professor; also the vice-erenagh has granted, that is, Cormac Mac Rechtogain,14 with young clerics of the congregation of Columbkille in like manner; these have all granted for ever Disert-Columbkille in Kells, with its vegetable garden, to God and pious pilgrims; no pilgrim having any lawful possession in it at any time until he devotes his life to God, and is devout.

These are the guarantees and securities given for securing the grant of this Disert, viz. the clergy of Kells themselves, with their abbot; the King of Meath, that is, Maelsechnaill, the son of Conchobhar O'Maelsechnaill, with the kings and chieftains of Meath in like manner; Donnchadh,15 the son of Art16 O'Rourke, King of Connaught and Galeng,17 the Garbhanach18 O'Corran,19 with the young lords of Galeng in like manner; in the presence of the King of Cashel of the Kings,


that is Donnchadh, the son of Carthach, descendant of Ceallachan of Cashel, this grant of Disert was confirmed.

The blessing of Jesus Christ and of Columbkille, with all the saints of heaven and earth, upon every one who shall increase the respect and veneration of this grant. But a curse and a misfortune from God and his saints upon the person who shall oppose the respect and veneration of this grant. The blessing of the living God and of all the just upon the king, the abbot, and the congregation who confirmed this Disert to God and his pious pilgrims. A prayer for Mac Maras Trogh, who wrote the freedom and the confirmation of this Disert to God and his pious pilgrims.