Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Irish Charters in the Book of Kells (Author: [unknown])

section 8

Charter of Ballyheerin with its Mill, and Ballycowan with its Mill.

The family of Kells have granted for the support of pilgrims,3 Ardcanna,4 i.e. Baile Ui Uidhrin,5 with its mill, and with all its land, and Baile Ui Chomhgain,6 with all its land, and with its mill, to God, and to Columbkille, and to the Bishop o'Cellaigh, the senior of all the men of Meath, and to Maelmuire O'Robhartaigh, head of the Disert,7 on the third isle of the Ides of November, the feast of Martin, in the year when the kine and swine of Ireland perished by a pestilence. Here are the chiefs who made this grant, namely, Muredhach O'Clucain, abbot of Kells; Conaing O'Breslen, the priest; Guaire O'Clucain, the lector; Aedh, the son of Mac Rechtogan, the vice-erenagh. In the presence of many distinguished laymen, (i.e.) in the presence of Tiernan O'Rourke, King of the men of all Breifny;8 Godfrey O'Reilly, King of Machaire Gaileng, and Ade O'Hara; and in the presence of the sons of O'Rourke, Donnchadh, and Sitric, these two townlands, in Luighne, of Connaught, were granted.

The Disert of Kells9 is granted to pious pilgrims for ever. Whatever layman or clergyman shall oppose this grant, he shall be accursed of Columbkille, and Finan, and the clergy of Ireland, and of the Christian Church in general.