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Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil

Author: Unknown

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Alexander Bugge

Electronic edition compiled by Philip Irwin, Bart Jaski, Maeve MacAllister

Funded by University College, Cork and
Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

Proof corrections by Philip Irwin, Maeve MacAllister, Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Extent of text: 18295 words


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    Manuscript sources
  1. Chatsworth, Book of Lismore (at Chatsworth since 1930), folios 148–157 (facsimile foliation, 148a–157a); published in facsimile: R. A. S. Macalister (ed), The Book of Mac Carthaigh Riabhach otherwise the Book of Lismore, Facsimiles in Collotype of Irish Manuscripts V (Dublin: Stationery Office for Irish Manuscripts Commission 1950). The Book of Lismore was temporarily deposited in the British Museum by its owner, the Duke of Devonshire, to allow Bugge to do his edition.
  2. Variants and additional material are taken from Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 23 H 18 (MS 707) [erroneously described throughout by Bugge as 23 H 1a], pp. 59–88, written in 1701–02 by Uilliam Mac Cairteáin (for a description of the MS see Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 17 (ed. Lilian Duncan), 2143–46). With this Bugge compared Dublin Royal Irish Academy, 23 G 20 (MS 211), 98, written by , Mícheál Ó Longáin, 1786–1814 (for a description of the MS see Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 5 (ed. J. H. Delargy and Kathleen Mulchrone) 541–59). Bugge notes that other versions are found in Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 23 M 47 (MS 973, see Catalogue, fasc. 22, 2781), 23 K 43 (MS 482, see Catalogue, fasc. 10, 1292), 23 B 21 (MS 184, see Catalogue, fasc. 4, 502), and 23 K 46 (MS 38, see Catalogue, fasc. 1, 120), but he does not use them. Variants are taken from London, British Library, Egerton 106, written by , William Lynch, , Richard Tipper, , Seón Mac Solaimh and , Edward O'Reilly 1715–17. (For the MS see O'Grady and Flower, Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the British Libarary, ii (London 1926, repr. 1992) 329–41).
  3. Bugge edits the poems not found in the Book of Lismore from 23 H 18 (MS 707) with variant readings from Egerton 106.
    Edition and Translation
  1. Alexander Bugge (ed. & trans.), Caithreim Cellachain Caisil: the victorious career of Cellachan of Cashel (Christiania [Oslo] 1905).
    Sources, comment on the text, and secondary literature
  1. John Ryan, 'The historical content of Cathréim Ceallacháin Chaisil'. Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 71 (1941) 89–100.
  2. Brian Ó Cuív, 'Literary creation and Irish historical tradition', Proceedings of the British Academy 49 (1963) 233–262.
  3. Kathleen Hughes, Early christian Ireland: introduction to the sources (London 1972) 288–298.
  4. Donnchadh Ó Corráin, 'Caithréim Chellacháin Chaisil: history or propaganda?', Ériu 25 (1974) 1–69 (for an extended but incomplete list of later MSS not used by Bugge, ibid. 2–3).
    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil: The victorious career of Cellachan of Cashel, or the wars between the Irishmen and the Norsemen in the middle of the 10th century. Alexander Bugge (ed), First edition [xv + 56 pp + 115 pp (translation, notes and indexes)] J. Chr. Gundersens Bogtrykkeri for Det Norske Historiske KildeskriftfondChristiania [Oslo] (1905)


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Created: By (an) unknown Irish author(s). Date range: 1127–1134.

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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G100030

Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil: Author: Unknown

List of witnesses


Airdri oirrdhirc airdmhenmnach ro ghabhustar flaithius & forlamus for dhá coiged Muman dar ainm Airtri mac Cathail meic Finguine. Is re linn ro gabatar Lochlannaig nert ar tus for Eirinn. Acht ro fhuaradar catha & coinblichta o aimsir Airtri gu caem-aimsir Cheallachain. Ocus ba h-iat-so na righa ro bhatar for Chaisiul frisin re sin & fad a bh-flaithiusa & na h-oigeda ruc iat.

Section 2.

  1. Airtri mac Cathail .XX. bliadain. & ecc at-bath.
  2. Feidlimid mac Crimthain VII. m-bliadhna XX. for Mhumain & for Eirinn & d' éc do chuaidh tre escaine Chiarain Moir meic in t-Saeir.
  3. Olchobar mac Cinaedha IIII bliadhna. IS e ro bris cath Sceith Nechtain ar Ghallaibh inar marbad da C. X. dhibh um Thómar Iarla & d' ecc dho chuaidh.
  4. Maol Guala mac Dunghaile VII m-bliadhna & Goill do mharbh h-e.
  5. Ceann Faeladh mac Mochtigirn VII m-bliadhna. & d' eg do chuaidh.
  6. Donnchadh mac Duibh Dha Boirenn ceathra bliadhna. & d' ecc do chuaidh a Caiseal.
  7. Dublachta mac Mhaeil Guala VII m-bliadhna & a ecc da thamh ina choirmthigh.
  8. Finguine mac Laeguire VII m-bliadhna & a braithre fein da mharbadh tre leath-ol fleghi.
  9. Cormac mac Cuilennain VII m-bliadhna & Laigin da mharbadh a cath Leithlinde.
  10. Flaithbertach mac Inmainein VII m-bliadhna. XXX. & d' ec do chuaidh.
  11. Lorcan mac Coinnligain bliadhain gu leith & d' ec do chuaidh.

Section 3.

Ba h-iat-so cisa & cana na n-Gall n-grandba o mhiledaibh Muman .i. ri ar gach tricha & taisech ar gach tuaith. ab ar gach cill. maer ar gach m-baili suaitreach gacha tighe. Gan coibeis line ein-chirce ag duine da biadh fein na da digh gan brat gan blaithedach um righ na um ro-mnai


acht ath-brait & aith-eduighi na n-Danar & na n-daer-Lochlannach gan sruithe gan saeir-cleirig gan leabhair gan lain-minna {folio L 148a2}ar eclais na a mur na a muintir. acht Danair ina templuibh & ina ceallaibh & ina caemh-dhuintibh. gan feallsaim gan filid gan oirfidigh ag leanmhain dlighidh na duthchusa a n-deigh-righ tar grain na n-garbh-Lochlannach. gan ingin righ na ro-fhlatha na thaisigh dho lamhachtain druine na dhilsi na dhegh-lamhda. Gan mac righ na taisigh do lamhachtain luith na lamhachtain na lan-ghaisced do dhenam na dh' fhoglaim. Gan flegha gan sein-leanna do lamhachtain do Mhuimhnechaib do thabhairt da cing na dha comharsoin acht muna bheith tar fuigheall na fir-anflatha sin fria re aein-bliadhna dec & VII. XX. bliadhna doibh amlaid sin .i. on naemad bliadhain do fhlaithius Airtri meic Cathail cu h-aimsir Lorcain meic Conligain.

Section 4.

IS annsin do eirig in caemh-ri curata cathbuadach cosantach do dichur na docraiti-sin & do chosnamh na crich re cathaibh Lochlannach .i. Ceallachan mac Buadachain meic Lachtna meic Artghaile meic Shnedhgusa meic Donnghaile meic Fhaelghusa meic Nath Fraeich meic Cholgan meic Failbhe meic Aedha Duib meic Creamthaind meic Feilimidh meic Aengusa meic Nat Fraeich meic Chuirc meic Luigdech meic Oiliolla Flann Bic meic Fiachaig Muilleathain meic Eogain Moir meic Oiliolla Oluim. Doigh o Airtri gu h-aird-Bhriain nír saerait cuirid nait cricha na Muman do reir scriptra na scelaige. acht a n-derna in colg-laemdha Ceallachan da cosnamh. Ór as e an fer-sin do bhi bliadhain co leith ag iaraidh na Muman idir choill & chnoc & caeim-ghlenn. Idir linn & loch & lan-abhuinn idir chuan & chaemh-thraigh & caladphort. idir lis & laech-dhun & lethan-tuaith gach Lochlannaig ag iaraid dhérce in gach dun & caisced in gach cathraig cu bocht ara bhinn-cleircheacht & a thiagh brec ima bragait ag brath gacha baili & ag deigh-iaraid gacha duin innus gu m-beith eolus a h-iath & a h-es & a h-ur-choilltedh aigi in uair do-bered air a crich do chosnamh co nar fhagaibh aen-bhaili brugaid na biattaigh an da coiced Muman gan tadall gu m-beith ainm gacha baili {folio L 148b1}& gacha tuaithe & fis gacha flatha feruinn aige. Ocus tainic ar n-iaraid na crich gu Caisiul or is ann do bhi a mathair & ba ben do comarba Caisil in


caeim-righan & tar a chenn do-ronad Ceallachan. Ocus an bliagain cu leith do bhi Ceallachan ag cuartugad na crich do bhi sisi ac tinol airm & eidid & innmais & ag fosdad ceithearn & caeimh-theglach. Ocus as e lin do bhi luingthi lan-cengailti aici V .C. fer n-armach.

Section 5.

IN la do riacht Ceallachan cu Caisil ar bh-faghail na socraiti-sin do. as e-sin la do bi mor-shocraite dha choiced Muman a n-Glenndamhuin Chaisil ag togha righ & dar leo rob e Ceindeidig mac Lorcain do righfaitis. Or is e ordugad airdrighi do bhi idir Clainn Eogain Mhoir & clainn Cormaic Cais . an fer ba sine dona saer-clannaib in righi dho. Damad do Clainn Eogain in t-airdri in tanaistecht do clainn Cormaic Cais. Ocus damad do clainn Cormaic in caem-ri in tanaistecht do Clainn Eogain Mhoir. Gan righi do neoch dibh acht min bhudh e bhudh fhearr fis & fir-leigenn & flaith-einech dona fial-churadaibh. Ocus do batar in la-sin ag togha righ & do raidh a mhathair re Ceallachan. rochtain da n-indsoigid & cu rachaid fein roime & gu n-indeosad do Ceindeidig & do caem-Donnchad a scela-sum & in tan do bhédis maithe Muman na suidi. e-sium cona muinntir do techt fo ghléri arm & eidid & gheill & aideri dh' iarraid orro & a radh re Ceinneidigh in cert do chuimuigud.

Section 6.

Taínic an righan roimpi gu Glennamuin & ar rochtain di and adubairt re maithibh Muman. Cuimnigidh an comordugad do rinne Cormac Cas & Fiacha Muilleathan idir a mor-clannaibh. Ocus ata do Clainn Eogain fear as sine dh' aeis & dh' fis ina thusa a Cheinnédig & is ri ar deilbh & ar denam h-e. Ro fiafraig Ceinneidig cuich e. adubairt an rigan gur bo mac do Buadachan h-e & do rinne in laidh.

    1. 1] Cuimnigh a Ceinneidig chais.
      2] dail Fhiachach is Cormaic Chais
      3] gur fhacsat Mhuman do roinn
      4] gu cert idir a caem-chloinn

      & rl.

O 't-chualatar miledha Muman na moir-briathra-sin & aithesc na h-ingine adubratar {folio L 148b2} Clann Eogain in t-oigrí do tabhairt cuca gu righdais h-e. Facbhais Ceinneidig in chomhdhal or nír mhiadh & nír mhaisi leis in


righi d' airimh dh' fhir ele uadha fein. Ocus dono nir mhiadh leis a bhrathairsi do bhriseadh. Ocus facbhais Donnchad in duma o' t-connaic taisigh na tuath ic togha Ceallachain. IS ed do raidset nach troitfidis fris uair nach cis na cain na caen-tabhuch fo-gebhudh nech dhibh aisdi. acht a lan-mhaithius do Lochlannachaib. & do chosnaidis fein h-i & do falmhaiged mar sin.

Section 7.

IS andsin ro eirghedar na VII. tuatha déc gu des-urrlamh do coimrigad Cheallachain. & tucsad a ghairm righ & ro altaigset don fhír-Dhia fhurorda a fhaghail. IS iat ba ferr dona flaithib sin.

  1. in seingmhilla Suilleaban re g-Cenel bh-fleagach bh-Fingin.
  2. Ocus in reabach Ribhordan re Clainn data Donnghaili.
  3. Ocus in crodha Caellaidi.
  4. Ocus in laech-milid Laindacan.
  5. Ocus in dedla Duineachaidh.
  6. Ocus in calma Cuilen.
  7. Ocus in t-adhmhar Eigertach.
  8. Ocus in lainn-ghnimach Lighan.
Rancatar na maithi-sin gu Ceallachan & tucsat a lamh ana laim & ro ghabhsat a mhind righ uma cenn & ro mheduighset a mhenmanna ica mhoir-fheghadh air ba ri ar ro-dheilbh h-e & ba breithium ar binn-briathraibh & ba sennchaidh ar fhis & ba leoman ar loind-ghnimhuibh.

Section 8.

Cid tra acht ro agaill Ceallachan Clainn Eogain & adubairt friu cogad calma do dhenamh leis & adubratar gu n-dingnidis. Ocus ad-bertsat innsaigid co Luimnech da loscad X. C. fer a lín & o rangadar do chuirset fis uathaibh co laech-Amhlaibh Luimnig & gu clannaibh Connra .i. gu Morann & gu Maghnus & gu mor-Lochlainn da radh riu Luimnech do luath-fhacbail no braighdi do thabairt doibh-sium.

O ro siachtadar na techta cu laechrad Luimnig ro ghabsad ag fochuitbed & is ed ro shailedar nach coisenta Muma na Luimnech amhain friu gu brach. Ocus adubratar no bhertais in cath.

Section 9.

O at-chualatar Clanna Eogain sin ro agaill in saer-shluagach Suilleban iat & adubairt friu calma & cruaid-irghal do denum {folio L 149a1} re Loclannchaibh & a righ do ro-coimhet isin ruathar-sin & adubairt re h-uaislib na n-Eoganacht: Na cluinet Clann Cormaic Cais comthaighi an bhar comhraidhtib & na cluinet Clann Eachach anfainne an bar n-airecaibh & coiminnsaighidh in chaith-irghal & tabhraidh


bur céd-chath gu calma ag cosnum bur tire duthaig re Danaraibh. Madh romuibh bhus raen & bhus ruathar catha arna curadhuibh budh libh fein bhar lesa & bar litha & bar laithraca. biaidh Luimnech an bhar laim & Caisiul an bar comorbus & Muma 'ga bar maithibh mad lib coscur in catha-so aniugh & min bhadh libh ni fhaicim-si iath na inad arais ica bhur maithibh madh maidm ar bar miledaibh & madh leonad ar bhar laechraid isin laithi-so inniugh. IS uime-sin is coir dhaibh-si cosnum & curutacht fria laecraid Lochlainn. Ocus do-ronad in laidh ica n-greassacht.

Section 10.

  1. 1] Ticidh cu Luimnech na long.
    2] a Clainn Eogain na n-ardglonn.
    3] a timceall Cheallachain cain.
    4] gu Luimnech na cloch cengail.
  2. 1] Cosnaidh bhur crich dileas dil.
    2] a Clainn Oiliolla inmuin
    3] ag cath Luimnig na long luath.
    4] saeraid Mhumain na mor-thuath.
  3. 1] Cosnaidh Ceallachan gu cruaidh.
    2] ri bar tire saer bhar sluaig.
    3] na leicidh tosach catha.
    4] do a n-agaid na h-anflatha.
  4. 1] Ticedh Ribordan reachach.
    2] romuinn san chath chomhramhach.
    3] ticedh Caellaidi crodha.
    4] ticeadh Lighanlain-bheodha.
  5. 1] Ticedh Duinechaid dathach.
    2] is Fogartach arm-dhathach.
    3] ticedh Lainneachan na leas.
    4] romuinn san chath cruaidh choimhdheas.
  6. 1] Ticedh Donnchad ruadhas rann.
    2] romainn cu laecraid Lochlann.
    3] ocus Cuilen na cath cruaid
    4] ua Eoghain bereas blath-bhuaigh.

  7. p.6

  8. 1] Aedh mac Cuill cara na cliar
    2] ticedh romhuinn re n-guin gliagh.
    3] is Aedh mac Ailghinain fhinn.
    4] ticedh in ri reidh romhuind.
  9. 1] Raghat fein tri coecait colg.
    2] romhaibh gu Morand mor-borb.
    3] is muirbfet daibh laech na land
    4] ua righ fleagach Fuarlochlann.
  10. 1] Eirghidh a dream data dhes.
    2] dan dual Muma na moir-leas
    3] cosnaidh Caisiul gu n-dene.
    4] re sluagh Lochlann lainn-gheire.
  11. 1] Na cluinedh Ceinneidig cas.
    2] mac {folio L 149a2} Lorcain na lann nua-ghlas.
    3] bur n-irghala gu tlaith tim.
    4] a shluagh Caisil cleath-aluind.
  12. 1] Na cluineadh Donnchad 'ga thoigh.
    2] mac caeimh h-i Caeim comhramhoigh.
    3] sraeinedh catha gu claen cam
    4] orainn o laechraid Lochlann.
  13. 1] Secht tuatha dec desa dhuid.
    2] a mheic Buadachain blath-bhuig.
    3] trein-fer gach tuaithe tinne.
    4] do Clainn Eogain again-ne.
  14. 1] Cuirther libh in cath gu cruaidh.
    2] a fhiann Muman gu mor-uail.
    3] bentar libh bur n-iath a braid.
    4] a fhian Mhuman as dibh thic.

    Ticidh gu Luimnech na long.

  15. IS andsin ro eirghetar Clanna Eogain gu crodha ciallmar curata ima caem-ri im Ceallachan cum an chatha. Ocus do coraighhedh gu calma ag na curaduibh bro bhadhbha bith-aluinn bhuan-aicmheil bratac Ocus sonn sesmach sith-remhar sleagh & tor tenn triath-onchonta taisech & grinne


    gasda gadhamail gormlann & lonn-bhuaile ladhach línanart uman laechraid. ár ni rabhutar gorm-ait nait glan-luirecha 'gá n-gasraid. achtmad inair cuanna coir-tharblaithi & cotuin & muincedha maisecha min-gresacha re diden corp & cnes & caeim-cenn.

    Section 12.

    IS and do coraighedh ag laechraid Lochlainn sonn trom treabar-dhaingen tren-luirech & dún dluith duaibhsech duibh-iarainn & cathair clogud-ghlas cruadh-fhaebrach chaith-sciath & ruadh-bhuaili remhar-crann um laech-Amhlaibh & um Lochlainn & um Morann & um Maghnus ár ba h-iat-sein ceathra cuingedha catha na laechraidi Lochlainn sin & .IIII. C. a coimeirghi gacha curad dibh.

    Section 13.

    IS ann do chuiredar clanna echtacha Eogain a cenn in muighi gu mor-aicintach fa a caem-ri fa Ceallachan. & tucadar corrana a sciath tara cheli & tucsat snadmanna niadh ara lethan-cresaibh a leanmain da chele & do choraighset na VII n-deighfhir dec ba h-uaisli dona h-ard-maithib a timceall in righ-fhlatha da ro-choimhet. & do eirigh rect aicnid ana righ & ferg ana bh-feinneadhuibh & menma 'na miledaib & luinne ina laechaibh & crodacht 'na curadaibh & gairgi ana n-gillanraid.

    Section 14.

    Cidh tra o dho riachtadar a n-oig & a n-eirrid & a n-aes feig foruallach {folio L 149b1} a n-urthosach na h-irghaile do chaithemh a cloch & a cael-shoighet & a coirr-shleg da gach leith dona laecraidhibh & do leiceadh lar in mhuighi dona miledaib & lathar an chatha dona curadhaibh & inadh na h-imgona dona h-airseduibh. Ocus o do riactadar cuingedha caem-Lochlainn & mileda Mumhan cu h-ait na h-ursclaidi ro ghabhadar ag rodinged a ruaid-sleg & ag laech-bualad a lorg & ag comthuarcad a claidem. Acht chena ba lethtrom in lan-chomhrac-sin. Ar ro tollta cuirp & cnis & cridhedha na n-gasrad n-glan Mhuimnech gu luath tresna línanartaib & ni ghabhdais a lanna lan-fhaebhracha-som na Lochlannaig tre gharbh-dhaingne na n-gorm-luirech & ni letraitis na lorga na laech & ni chirraidis na claidim na cind ar cruaidhi na cathbharr icca coimdhiten & tucsat na Lochlannaig ara mora ar Muimnechaib re h-athaig don lo-sin.

    Section 15.

    Cidh tra o' d-connaic Ceallachan na mileda aga marbad & na curaidh aga comach & na laeich aga letrad & Clainn Eoghain oca n-airleach do eirigh a brath & a bharann


    & a bheodhacht & rugasdar ruathar ro-fhlatha tre rabharta ro-fheirgi & saer-clanna Sil Eoghuin oca imdhiten gu maithibh na Lochlannach. Ocus ro siacht Ceallachan gu cath-Amhlaib & ro ghabastar gres a n-garb-luirigh in gaiscedaigh gur leag a cathbarr fo a bhraghait & gur scoilt in ceann dona cruadb-huillib gur thuit in Lochlannach leis.

    Section 16.

    IS annsin do riacht Suilleban cona tri l. calma curata caemh-fher ar colgaibh oca cosnam & rucastar bern bruitti borb-ainbthenach tre laech-lar catha na Lochlannach. IS annsin do eirig in tuir gan turbrodh & in tren gan traethad & in leoman gan lagad gusan la-sin .i. Morann mongach muinter-gharbh moir-menmach. .i. mac righ loingsi Leoghasa co tri C curad 'na coimeirgi & ar rochtain dona maithibh do tuairgeadar a cele gu neimhnech naimdighi nert-chalma. Cid tra saidhis Suilleban an sleigh tar brollach na bocoidi & fo cimuis in cathbairr{folio L 149b2} isin churad cu tarla co luath isin laech-braghait gur chuir in cenn ar comus in caith-mhil & dichennais in daeigh-fher & beris leis in cenn gu Ceallachan da commaidhiumh & ad-rochratar muinnter in Lochlannaigh isin gleo-sin.

    Section 17.

    IS annsin do riacht Donnchad & degh-Mhaghnus do comrac isin caith-irguil Ocus do comhtuaircetar na cinn dona cloidhmhibh clais-lethna & ro leadairset na scéith dona lorguibh lan-troma & do gonsat na cuirp dona craisechaibh. acht cena ad-rochair Magnus le mor-Donnchad.

    Section 18.

    IS andsin do riacht Lochlainn & Ribordan ar beluibh Ceallachain do comrug Ocus do riachtadar gona áith-gera aicmhele o Lochluinn ar laec-Ribordan. O dho gonad in gaiscedac & o do treaghdadh in trein-fer o 'd-connuic nar ghabhadar a airm in t-airsidh bui na agaid rucastar Ribordan laechruathar gu Lochlainn & ro treic a claidem & a choirr-shlig & ro chuimhnigh a urgna aith iarann-gorm & tarraid ichtar luirigi in Lochlunnaig gu coimdhes ana cle-laim & tuc tarraing tinnesnach don trein-fer gu ledair leabhar-bruinne in laeic gur leicedar a abuch & a inathar as & dichennais in deigd-fher & commaidis in cenn. Acht ata ni chena ro tuitset an cethrar crodha cait-miled-sin do laechraid Lochlainn & ro fhacbhatar na laeic na laitrecha


    & ro mheabhuidh dona miledaib & innsaigedar co Luimnech da luath-conmhail. Ocus is tre deiridh na Lochlannach do chuatar maithi na Muimnech isin m-baili. cu nach rainic ona Lochlannchaib na doirrsi do dunad gur marbad isna tighibh & isna toraibh na trein-fhir & tuccait a mna & a maccaemha & a muintera a m-broid gu maithibh na Muimnech & ro tinoilset or & airget & il-mhaine in baili & tucait cinn & coscair & cath-fhaidhbh na curad gu Ceallachan & ro taispenad cinn in cethrair fa h-uaisli dona Lochlannchaib dho. Cunadh da fhoirgiull-sin do can in fili na focuil-si ag innisi na n-echt & na n-aithes & ac tuirim ar marbad dona mor-Lochlannchaib & ar milled dona Muimhnechaib isin mor-chath co n-debhairt

    Section 19. {folio L 150a1}

  16. 1] Crodha sin a Chlainn Eogain.
    2] isat lonna bur leomain.
    3] caemh bhur righ ac techt on chath.
    4] Ceallachan crodha coscrach.
  17. 1] Crodha Suilleban na sluagh.
    2] mac Maeil Ugra na n-arm ruadh.
    3] ar marbad Moraind mhongaig.
    4] a crich Leoghus Lochlonnaig.
  18. 1] Crodha Donnchad derg a dreach.
    2] dar marbh se Maghnas muirnech.
    3] is do imir air a fhearg.
    4] gu n-drochuir in laech laim-derg.
  19. 1] Crodha Ribordan na rann.
    2] leis ad-rochuir laech na lann.
    3] Morann mac Connra creachaig.
    4] d' fhorthuaith Eogain aird-brethaig.
  20. 1] Do thuit le Ceallachan cas.
    2] Amhlaibh Luimnig na lann n-glas.
    3] ocus trica le guin n-go.
    4] da muinntir isin moir-gleo.

  21. p.10

  22. 1] Cóic cétlaech fa cruaidh a cath.
    2] do shluag Lochlainn gan lanbrath
    3] as é lín do marbad libh.
    4] do shluag Luimnigh long-adhbhail.
  23. 1] Tri cét curad ceim nar gann.
    2] do shluag Mumhan na mor-lann.
    3] is e lin do thuit san cath.
    4] dar n-gasradhaib gu n-glan-rath.
  24. 1] Ní dul do Bhuadhachan binn.
    2] d' ua Aedha na n-arm n-alainn.
    3] o dho fhacuibh mac gan go.
    4] Ceallachan chosnas a chro.

    Crodha sin a Clainn Eoghain.

  25. Section 20.

    Asa h-aithle-sin ro tinoiled na creacha ag na curadaib. Ocus adubhairt dream acu anadh in n-oighthi-sin isin m-baili & innsoigid arnamharach gu Caisiul da creach-loscad. Adubairt Suilleban risna saer-shluaghuibh dul in aghaid-sin gu Corcaig airm a rabatar a n-geill & a m-braigdi cu nach soichdis fesa nait techta rompa. Do cinnedh an comairli-sin ag na curaduib & rangadar in agaid-sin gu Corcaig. Tancatar Danair & Duibhgeinnti in bhaili da n-indsaigid do chathugad friu & do brised in cath arna Duibhgheinntibh danardha & ro h-airgedh in chathair leis na curadaib & rucsat a m-braighdi as in m-broid a rabhadar. Do batar fir Muman in oighti-sin a Corcaig ac caithemh a flegh & a fuirlin & do bhatar tri trath isin baili & ro triallsat d' innsaighidh Caisil. Ocus ag dula seach uillinn Shlebi Crot doibh do tinolsat Fir Mhuighi & h-I Chuanach & buannadha na Lochlannach cuca & tucsat cath doibh & do brised in cath la feruibh Muman & do marbad IIII. C. {folio L 150a2} dona buannadhuibh & da socraidi. Ocus nir mhair dona X. C. do bhatar Clanna Eogain ag cath Luimnig acht tri C. isin lo-sin. Ocus gabuit rempa ag creachad gacha criche gu rancatar cu Durlus. Ocus tinoluit Ele Tuaiscirt & Éle Deiscirt na coinne cu Durlus do thabhairt chatha doib & Danair an dúnaid leo. O' t-cualatar


    h- Luigdech & Eoganacht sín ro thinolsat co Ceallachan da chabair um Cuilen mac Aindiaraidh meic Dunadaigh um thaisech a tuath & do riachtadar in da thuaith-sin cona trein-feruibh ar ghaib & ar colguibh V. C. a lin ag rochtain Ceallachain. Ferthar cath eturra & na h-Eili & ro ghabhadar-san ri Éle in la-sin & ro marbad na buannadh Lochlainn leo & do marbad da C. do Clainn Eogain isin lo-sin. Ro creachsad in crich & nir loiscset in baili. Ocus tiagait rompa gu Caiseal. se C. a lin. Ocus do riacht Donnchad mac Caeim gu Caisiul na g-coindi & do agaill Ceallachan h-é & do chuimhnig a g-caradradh & do gheall a seal don Mumain do & tuarasdal a dingmhala & at-bert an laidh.

    1. 1] Mu chean a Donnchad dhédla.
      2] a ua Eogain airm-ghegda
      3] na bris ar m-braitairsi binn
      4] a ua Oililla Oluim.
    2. 1] Na mor-Lochlannaig nar g-cenn.
      2] a ua Ecach na n-orlann.
      3] na laghdaigh do chinedh fein.
      4] a ua Mhogha gu moir-mhein.
    3. 1] IN bh-fhidir ua righ Muman.
      2] do shil Catail na curad.
      3] cia gar dhealad sinne fris
      4] o ata athaigh nar n-ecmais.
    4. 1] Aengus mac Nat Fraeich do chreid
      2] san tir-si ar techt do Phadroig
      3] is aigi do-scaradh sind
      4] a ua Oililla Oluim .
    5. 1] Eochaid & Feilimid oll.
      2] da mac Aenghais ba h-ard-glonn.
      3] acu m-brathairsi co m-buaigh.
      4] a Donnchad na creach cath-cruaidh.
    6. 1] Triar is da choicer gan coir.
      2] uaim gu h-Aenghus ua n-Eogain.


      3] da choicer is fer ro-fes.
      4] uaith-si Aenghus na n-aird-leas.
    7. 1] Acsin fialus a bh-fine.
      2] a Donnchad gu n-dreich-ghile
      3] is nir cailled e o shoin.
      4] ag clannaib aille Eoghoin.
    8. 1] Fada bratharsi bhunaid.
      2] uait-si gaich laeic Lochlunnaig
      3] as gar a naimhdius cu neim.
      4] duit a ua Chathail cloidhmheigh.
    9. 1] Gabhail do shean-athar sheing.
      2] do shluag Lochlainn ar Laeic Beirn
      3] is guin h' athar cian ro clas.
      4] do shluag Lochlainn lin-amhnas.
    10. {folio L 150b1}1] Tabhrum araen glun re gliagh.
      2] dithaigheam iat diaig a n-diaigh.
      3] na leicem Muma na m-buadh
      4] do shluag Lochlainn lan-arm-ruadh.
    11. 1] Do-ber-sa tuarasdal tenn.
      2] duit a ua airdrigh Eirenn.
      3] is tect lium a cenn chatha.
      4] a n-agaid na h-anflatha.
    12. 1] Ced claidiumh & C. sciath.
      2] C. mogad re fognum triath.
      3] C. cathbharr & C. ech
      4] duit a ua righ na Muimnech.
    13. 1] An truagh leat-sa a Donnchadh dhil.
      2] a ua Oililla inmuin
      3] mna Mumhan a m-broid gan go.
      4] Lochlannaig ag breith a m-bo.

      Mo. cen.

    14. Section 22.

      RO ghabh tra Donnchad na comtha-sin o Ceallachain & is amluidh do ghabh iat & cuing chatha Caisil do lecad do & gan Ceallachan do thecht ann Ocus tucadh in cath le


      Donnchad & do brised for Danaruibh h-e & do marbad CCC. acu ann & do bhatar in oighthi-sin i Caisiul & do chaithedar flegha & fureca na n-Danar & na n-Dublochlannach. Ocus do-ronad comairli leo isin mhaduin arnamharach .i. innsaigid gu Port Lairgi airm a rabhatar mna & muinntera na Loclannach & in baili do loscad. & tiaghait gu faighthi Phuirt Lairgi. Ocus ba h-esin la do riacht Sitriuc mac Tuirgeis gu Port Lairgi. lucht se long & C. an gach luing dhibh & ni riachtadar acht an tir in tan ro siacht tosach sloigh Muman isin mor-bhaili. Ro h-iadhaid na doirsi ag na Danaruibh & ro fhobradar in cathraig do cosnamh. Cid tra nír tarbha tachar risna trein-fheruibh or do ling Ceallachan & caem-Donnchad & Suilleban & Ribordan & mileda mera moir-ghnimacha Muman isin m-baili. Ocus ro dluth-mharbad na Danair leo & ro ledrad na Lochlannaig & ro fhaguib Sitriuc in baili & ro innsaigh a luing & a ben leis. Ocus ni riacht acht ein-ced esbadach leo ina longaibh. Ocus ro loiscedar Sil Eogain in baili & ro creachsat an crich. Ocus tiaguit as-sin i crich na n-Deisi & gabhuit geill & aideri Domnaill meic Fhaelain Ocus do-ronsat cleamnas & caradrad fris & tucadh Gormlaith ingen Buadachain do. Ocus tiaghuid as-sin i crich h-Ua Meic Caille & h-Ua Liathain & ro gabsat a m-braigdi. Ocus rucsat slogh na crich-sin leo a crich Eoganachta Locha Lein & do creachsat an crich Ocus rucsat na creacha-sin leo a Muscraidhi & rucsat na h-Eoganachta orro ann & do marbad ri Eoganachta ann .i. Aed mac Scannail & V. C. d' Eoganacht & tucsat na crecha {folio L 150b2} cetna leo cu da righ Aesa h-Isde & tucsat geill doibh & tancatar fein leo i crich Iarmuman .i. a n-Aes Irrais Ocus tuc Conghal mac Annrathain ri Irrais deabaid do thosach in t-sloig & do marbad CC. [gap: archetype illegible/extent: 8 letters] ann. O dho riacht Ceallachan & saer-clanna Sil Eogain isin cath do gabadh Conghal leo & do marbad moran da muinntir & do creachsat in crich & do batar innti cu cenn caeichdighis & do leicset Congal amach & ro ghabhsat braighdi uaidh.

      Section 23.

      Tecaid iarsin i crich Ciarraigi & do-ronsat creacha na criche. Tinolsat Ciarraigi na coinne & na Lochlannuigh


      do chuadar uatha a cath Luimnig roime & tecait gu Gleann Corbraighi ana comhdail & do chathaigset ann & tucsat ara mora ar Clannaib Eogain. & gia tucadh do facbhadh in cath-lathair acu & do gabhudh Concubar ri Ciarraigi leo & do badar gu crodha caith-esbadach a h-aithle in catha-sin. ISin lo-sin ro thinoil Flannabra mac Ciarmacain ri h-Ua Conuill na coinne do thabairt ghiall doibh Ocus o' t-connaic a n-uaite shluaig iat as i comairle do-roine. braighdi no cath d' iarraid orro. Ocus in tan do bhatar cum in catha is ann do riacht Donn Cuan mac Ceinneidig gu Ceallachan da chabair ár is ann bai inn agaid roime-sin a tigh Uainidi meic Cathail righ Ua Cairbre & ar rochtain do ro ghabh ag fegad na n-Danar & na n-eachtrainn Ocus do fhailtighset Clanna Eogain oca fhaicsin & do raidset ris a chonnailbhe do chuimnigud Ocus do geall Ceallachan Ua Conuill do fein ara cosc isin cait-irghuil & ro fhaem Donn Cuan sin or ba h-olc lais Clann Eogain d' oirleach & d' uathugad & at-bert an laidh.

      Section 24.

      Donn Chuan

      1. 1] Uathad sin a clanna Cuirc.
        2] munuar do cirred bhur cuirp.
        3] & ro faenad bhur bh-fhir.
        4] a cath Luimnig long-adbhail.
      2. 1] Dar linn do marbad bhur sluaigh.
        2] a Clanna Eoghuin arm-ruaidh.
        3] & do sraeined bhur suinn.
        4] a shil Oilella Oluim.
      3. 1] Truagh nach tanac isin cath.
        2] a shluaig Caisil gu caem-rath
        3] suil tainic Ciarraigi ann.
        4] & sluag laecda Lochlann.


      1. 1] O nach rucais orainn ann.
        2] a Dhuinn Cuan na ced cathbharr
        3] coisc dinn I Conuill crodha.
        4] & traeth a tinola.

      2. p.15

      3. 1] Cuimnigh a n-dernsadar thuaid.
        2] Mogh Corb is Fiacha fuair buaid.
        3] mac Eogain or silad sinn.
        4] is mac Oililla OluimmCormaic Cais cuil-fhind.
      4. {folio L 151a1}1] Guin Eoghain & Aedha.
        2] do Mogh Corb ba dail daenna.
        3] mac Dimchadh

        O'Curry in his copy writes in the margin: Duinchad(?).

        in airm dathaigh.
        4] & mac da mhor-athaig


      5. 1] Denum ar n-dis a caem chais.
        2] a n-derna mac Cormaic Chais .
        3] & mac Eogain gan fheall.
        4] Fiacha Muilleathan moir-sheng.
      6. 1] Do-ghen is tu a chaeimh crechaig.
        2] a ua Eoguin aird-bhreathaig.
        3] a n-dernsat an dias gan fhuath
        4] o tharla dúin bheith gu h-uath.

        Uathad sin.

      Section 25.

      Is annsin dubairt Ceallachan re Donn Cuan gan rí O Conuill do mharbad da tecmad ar a comus h-e. Tuc Donn Cuan a briathar nach ainecadh duini a cath na a comhlann giamad cara dhó h-e roime Ocus do chuadar cum an catha dh' aentaeibh. Ro gabad Flannabra mac Ciarmacain leo & tucad ár mor ara muinntir & do meabaidh in cath ar Conallchaibh & do creachad an crich le Ceallachan & do ansat a n-Ibh Conuill in oighthi-sin. Do thinoil Uaithne mac Cathail & h-I Chairbre & ar' mhair d'Ibh Conuill gu Cromad na g-coinne do thabairt catha & in uair do badar cum in catha do thabhairt is ann do riacht Donnchad mac Caeim V. C. fer da bh-furtecht. Do cuiredh in cath & do marbad ri O Cairbri ann Ocus anait-sium a Cromad in agaid-sin. Ro tinoilset da Corca Mruadh & da Corco Bhaiscinn gu Cromad da n-innsaigid ór ni fhedadar nach roibhe cuid do Ceindeidig isna cathaibh & do cuireadar techta gu Ceallachan d' iarraid catha fair. O' t-cualaid


      Ceallachan sin adubairt re Donn Cuan dul ana n-agaid & gan a leicen doibh cathugad do denam fris & do-rinne in rann.

        1. 1] Nocha n-ingnadh clanna Cais.
          2] do cosnam in fuinn fodglais.
          3] o thegaid Cuirc na cuaine.
          4] do troid mon bh-fonn bh-feruaine.

      Section 26.

      Cid tra o dho riacht Donn Cuan da n-acalluim do locadh in cath & do chuaidh Ceallachan gu Caisiul & ro thinoilset fir Mhuman na comhdhail ar n-dichur na n-Danar & na n-daer-Lochlannach asa cathrachaib & asa caem-duintibh. IS e rainic ar tus ann i. Ceinneidig mac Lorcain gu maithib Dail Cais & tucadh tanaisdeact Muman do & a righi tar eis Ceallachain. Do caithseat flegha Caisil cu soinmheach socair annsin Ocus do cuiredar feasa uatha dh' iaraid {folio L 151a2} a cisa & a cana ar Osraidi .i. ar Donnchad mac Ceallaigh Ocus ba fada do bhi in cis-soin gan tabhuch o mhiledaib Muman i. aen-bliadain dec & VII. XX. bliadain. in cein do bhui an crich ag Danaruibh. Ni tucsat Osraidhi cís doibh & o nach tucsat ro creachsat-som an crich Ocus ro brisetar IIII. catha for Laignibh isin bliadain-sin Ocus isin cethramad cath do gabhudh Donnchad mac Ceallaigh leo & tucsat Osraidhi bragdi da eis.

      Section 27.

      Ar certugad na crich do Ceallachain & ar n-dith a bhidhbudh as e eolus do innsaighedar na Lochlannaigh co h-Ath Cliath & do-níat comairli ann & as iat ba ferr dibh an tan sin. Sitriuc mac Turgeis & a braitre i. Tor & Magnus & Turgeis & in Lochlannach Ladhuch & in Lochlannach na Lann & Sean-Amlaibh & Linn Turmun na h-Uidhi & Lind Turmun na Pers & mac righ Findlochlainn & mac righ Fuarlochlainn Ocus as i comairli do-ronsad techta do cur co Ceallachan & Bebinn ingin Turgeis do gheallad dho & a radh ris dul co h-Ath Cliath da tabairt & co leicfidis-sium crich Muman gan imchosnum dho Ocus is aire do-ronsat sin ar daigh Ceallachain do ghabhail doibh & do mharbhudh ar chuaid leis Ocus ro leicset in comairli re righ Eirenn a h-ucht na Lochlannach i. Donnchad mac Floind ri Temrach


      ár nír aemh Ceallachan cis na cain do & ro aentaigh ri Eirenn in chomhairli-sin & do cuirit techta gu Ceallachan.

      Section 28.

      Do fhiafraigh Ceallachan do maithibh Muman cred do-ghenad uime-sin & adubhratar ris dul ann. Tinoilter sluagh linn ar Ceallachan. & eirgem inar cathuibh coraighthi co h-Ath Cliath & na h-eirgium isin dun anunn acht tabar an ben úd cugaind amach. Ni h-edh as coir ar Ceinneidig acht eirg-si IIII. XX. mac righ ann & beimít-ne a Caiseal nar comnuidhi or ní fhuicfium Muma gan coimet & ni fhuil a n-Eirinn lis Lochlannach nach roichfium da bh-fealltar fort-sa. Do-ronsad amlaid & do chuaidh Ceallachan IIII.XX. mac righ ann.

      Section 29.

      Ba h-í-sin oighthi do-rala comradh idir Sitriuc mac Turgeis & a ben & ro fhiafraigh a ben de cred ima tuc a shiair do Ceallachan. & gurub é do chuir ár na Lochlannach. adubairt-sium nach ar mhaithe ris acht da ghabhail fein & do mharbad a mhuintiri. Eirghius an ingen gu moch {folio L 151b1} isin madain arna marach & ro ghabh a h-eirred cumuili uimpi ór ba crádh le in comhradh-sin do cuala & ro-gradh Ceallachain aice fein & ro fhacuibh in baile & tainic isin sligid ar shaeil fir Muman do thecht Ocus mar do bhi ann gu bh-facaidh Ceallachan da h-innsaigid & ro innis an ingen na scela-sin do Ocus do fhiafraigh Ceallachan di cuich í fein. Mor ingen Aedha meic Eachach misi ar an ingen ingen righ Innsi Gall & Sitriuc mac Turgeis mu cheli dona Finnlochlannchaibh & tucus gradh duit-si in la at-connac a Port Lairgi thu & adubhairt in laidh Ocus ní fhuil isin laidh acht innisin in sceoil aris.

        {page H 68}
        1. 1] Sgéala agam dhuit a laoich liunn§
          2] a ua Oilioll§ Óluim


          3] a rígh Múmhan na long lúath.
          4] a Ceallachain na caem-cuach .
        2. 1] Da rachaidh§ tusa go h-Áth Cliath.
          2] a rígh dán§ fíor-bhuidheach fiach
          3] nocha t-tiocfar arís a§ c-cúl.
          4] a righ Mumhan na mór-dhun.
        3. 1] Do rinnedar cómhairle chruaidh.
          2] a chlanna Turgeis theas thuaid§
          3] an Áth Cliath na c-cliath c-catha
          4] ré Donnchad dreach degh-fhlatha.
        4. 1] Do mharbhadh do ráidh go m-brígh.
          2] an fear ó thigh a righ thrir§.
          3] sa rachaidh leat a measg Ghall.
          4] do shluaghaibh th' iath is th ferainn§.
        5. 1] Gloir§ mo chéile do chuala.
          2] a fhir dá n-déantar dúana


          3] sa rún madh ríghedh n-geal.
          4] a rígh Múmhan na móir-shlegh§
        6. {speech Ceallachan}
        7. 1] Cíodh ón cía thusa a bhean bhinn.
          2] a inghion uallach adhluinn§
          3] cuich é h' athar. caidhé th' fir bhur§
          4] ar rígh Mumhan na moir-shlegh.
        8. {speech $Mor}
        9. 1] Mór m' ainm-si an§ gach baile buan.
          2] inghion Aodha fa geal gruad
          3] Sithrioch mo chéile ann gach cath.
          4] Mac Turgeis na t-tréan-chreach.
        10. 1] Do-radas grádh dot§ ghnuis deirg.
          2] a bh-Port Lairge ar an laoch-leirg
          3] dot chródhacht trés na cathaibh.
          4] dot§ mhéid ider Múimhneachaibh.
        11. 1] Má theid tusa idir§ ar feacht
          2] a áirdrígh dá t-tugas searc
          3] do-gheabhar lot ocus leán.
          4] nocha linne nách droch-sgeal.


      Section 30.

      Do fhiafraigh Ceallachan da muinntir cidh do-gendais. IS ed adubradar gan dul isin m-baili & a n-digailt fein ar macharibh & ar mor-maguibh & in fad do rachdais in ben do breith leo. O 't-conncatar na Lochlannaig sin do fuacradar da roibhi isin m-baili a leanmhuin idir chois & each Ocus ni cian rangadar .i. Ceallachan & a meic righ in tan rug tosach na Lochlannach orra.

      IS ann sin adubairt Aedh mac Domnuill h-ui Faelain & Domnall ua Neill Mhuighi Da Chonn . ataim-ne fiche fer dona Deisibh annso & anum ar deredh chaich & dighlam


      sinn fein suil berius tromlach in t-sluaig orainn. Ocus do ansad & do marbhsat XX. laech Lochlannach & ní riacht beo a measc a muinntire dibh acht cuicer.

      Section 32.

      IS annsin do an Aedh mac Donnchada meic Caeim & Sbelan mac Suillebain & Muircertach mac Muircertaigh & do marbsat XX. fer & ni thainic beo dibh a mesc ar muintiri act triur.

      Section 33.

      IS annsin do an Aengus mac Aissidha & Donnchad mac Conchubair & Fianghal mac Conghail & do mharbhsat XX. fer & ro marbhuit fein ann.


      Section 34.

      IS ann sin do an Cu Dubh mac Failbhe & Donnchad mac Muircertaigh & Finn mac Etersceoil & do marbhsat moran dona Lochlannchaib & do marbait iat-som.

      Section 35.

      IS annsin ro loigh imarcraigh na laechrad Lochlannach ar in laechraid Muimhnig & ro gabhudh Ceallachan & Dond Cuan leo & rucad gu h-Ath Cliath iat Ocus in tan do riachtadar faighthi in baili ad-connaicc Ceallachan fer cuigi & cenn ana laim & faidhbh san laimh ele & do fhiafraigh do Ceallachain cuich an cenn. Ceann Aedha mheich Donnchada meic Caeim sin ar Ceallachan Ocus cáinfid clanna Eachach in cenn-sin ar se.

      Section 36.

      {folio L 151b2}At-connuic fer ele cuice & cenn 'na laimh & do fhiafraigh do Ceallachain cuich é. Cenn Spealain meic Shuillebain ar Ceallachan & cáinfit caeim-righna Caisil in ceann-sin.

      Section 37.

      At-connaic fer ele cuigi & cenn 'na laim & do fhiafraigh cuich e. Aithrech leam fer an cinn-sin do tabairt lium ar Ceallachan .i. Aengus mac Aissida & caínfid clanna Cairthinn Finn in cenn.

      Section 38.

      At-connaic fer eli cuigi & cenn 'na laim & do fhiafraig in cétna do Ceallachain. ceann Aedha meic Domnaill h-i Fhaelain sin ar se & cáinfidir isna Deisibh fer an chinn-sin.

      Section 39.

      At-connaicc fer ele cuigi & do fhiafraig cuich in cenn bui 'na laim. Cenn Muircertaigh meic Muircertaigh ar Ceallachan & cáinfit mna Muscraidhi in cenn-sin.

      Section 40.

      At-connaicc fer ele cuigi. & ro fiafraig de cuich in cenn-so. ar se. Cenn Donnchudha meic Concubair sin .i. meic righ Ciarraigi Luacra & cainfid clanna Ceir in cenn-sin ar Ceallachan.

      At-connaic triar chuigi & tri cinn ina lamhuibh & do fhiafraigset do Cellachain cuich iat. Cinn tri mac righ Corco Duibhne sin ar se .i. Cu Dubh mac Failbhe & Aedh mac Segda & Fianghal mac Conghail & cainfit clanna Cuirc meic Cairbri na cinn-sin ar Ceallachan.

      Section 42.

      At-connaic fer ele cuigi & do fiafraig in cetna de. Cenn Donnchada meic Muircertaigh sin ar se .i. mac righ Eoganachta & cáinfid clanna Cairbri Cruithnigh in cenn-sin Ocus cenn Find meic Eidersceoil in cenn ele sin & cáinfid clanna Luighdech in cenn-sin Ocus na taispenad


      dam-sa feasda iat or ni tualuing mhé beith ica bh-fegadh & gin gur gonad libh-se mhe is marbh mé do gonaibh na bh-fer ud & truagh nach bas fuaras na bh-farrad & at-bert in laid.

        1. 1] Dursan na cinn gan colla

        {page H 69}
        1. 1] Dursan na cinn gan colla§.
          2] ina§ silfid déara donna
          3] níor ghaoth§ gér fhortil na fir.
          4] do fhaoth marcraidh Shíl Eoghuin
        2. 1] Aodh mac Donnchada gan ceann.
          2] dursan fuil ara thaobh seang
          3] ó caoim Ó§ Chathail cneghach§.
          4] óig ghlan-iódhna flégháigh§.
        3. 1] Ceann t-Suibhne thugsabhar§ libh
          2] a bhuidhean-so do Ghallaibh
          3] Mac Suilebhain dherg gasuga§.
          4] dursan leam ó Mhaoil Ughra§.
        4. 1] Truagh leam ceann § fhuilt dlechtaigh§.
          2] Muircertach meic Muircertaicc
          3] go follus an geal glonnach.
          4] ar chumas na Lochlonnach.

        5. p.22

        6. 1] Aithreach liom a thoighecht liom§
          2] an deagh-fer ad-chiú gan cheann
          3] bá caomh-dhos a ród ríogha.
          4] Aonghus Óg mac Aisíoda
        7. 1] Ceann dá t-tugadar mná spéisi.
          2] Ceann deaghmeic righ na n-Déisi
          3] a thaobh a n-doghruing ré§ ghaibh.
          4] Aodh mac Dómhnaill í Fhaoláin
        8. 1] Fianghal mac Conaill Creachaigh.
          2] Mac oirrigh§ go n-árd-bhreathaib
          3] béid§ mna na n-Gall dá chaoinedh§.
          4] gé atá a cheann dá cómaoidheamh
        9. 1] Dob iomdha adhbhar deagh-sgeoil.
          2] ar Fhionn ar mac Eidersgeoil
          3] mór bh-fer dá ionnsoidhe ré§ gaibh.
          4] fear an cheinn-sin ad leth-laimh
        10. 1] Truagh liom§ cómaoidheam na chinn§
          2] deagh-mhac rígh Maighe c-Coinchinn


          3] bá raon a n-debaidh lé gá.
          4] an deagh-fher Aodh mac Séaghdha
        11. 1] Ceann Donnchadha tug sibh libh
          2] a bhuidhionn-sa§ do Ghallaibh
          3] bhia temheal ar mo dhearcaibh.
          4] ó oighidh meic Muircertaicc.
        12. 1] Dursan ceann an§ bhur c-comhair
          2] Donchada meic Conchubhair
          3] fian oighe§ nár bhrigh na ba.
          4] Mac righ Ciarruidhe Luachra
        13. 1] Comaoin dibh goin an cinn§.
          2] deagh-mhac Réobhardain§ áluinn
          3] iomdha feart ó lamhaibh § athar.
          4] ar fud Mumhan na morttachar
        14. 1] Gaoth§ liom an ceann an bhúr laim.
          2] ceann Spioláin í Shuiliobhain
          3] ni doilge leam ceann eile.
          4] ceann Domhnaill í Neill bhúighe

        15. p.24

        16. 1] Lé rómhéd thaisbleántaoi dham
          2] do cheannaibh macaomh Múmhan
          3] ge taim§ beó do craidhedh§ sinn
          4] ní as mó a n-aríom ní fhéduim
        17. 1] Ma congbhuisi§ mé a c-cuibhreach.
          2] ó theasda an mharcrad Muimhneach
          3] truag nach ann fuaras mo ghoin.
          4] a measg shaoir-chloinn Sil Eóghuin
        18. 1] Déantar mh' óighedh as cead leam.
          2] is oighedh Dhuinn Cuain maraon riom
          3] ciodh pudhar teasda mo sheal.
          4] do shluagh Mumhan is dursan
        19. 1] Truagh gan Mór do teacht liom.
          2] inghion rígh Innsi Fionnghall
          3] mé do bheith ar breith a soir.
          4] noch an libh-si nach dursan.



      Section 43.

      ASa h-aithli sin do fhiafraigh Sitriuc do Ceallachan in bh-fuaslaicfitis Muimhnigh é. Créd in fuaslacad ar Ceallachan. Fuasculad nach bha tualaing iat-som dh' fhagail .i. na .v. catha déc do briseabhair-si orainne eraic in gach einfher dar marbad inntib Ocus da .c. dec do marbad a cath Sceith Neachtuin um Thomar Iarla le h-Olchobar mac


      Cinnaedha eraic in gach ein-fir dhibh & fadhbh ar son na faidhbhe. Corcach & Luimnech & Port Lairgi & Caiseal ana n-duintibh dhuinn mar do batar againn roimhe. Mac gach righ & gach taisig a n-da coiced Mumhan duinn a n-gill ris sin. IS edh ro raidh Ceallachan {folio L 152a1}leagar mhisi & Donn Cuan a comhairli & Aistrechan mac Ailgisaig


      gu cuirmis d' innisin na comhthadh sin h-e & innister duin cia port a bh-fuighter sib-si da bh-faghthar dhaibh iat. A n-Ard Macha ar Sitriuc or is ann berthar thusa dot coimhet. Do leicedh a comhairli iat & adubairt Ceallachan re h-Aistreachan na comtha-sin d' innisin do Muimnechaib Ocus at-bert in laid.

      Section 44.

        1. Innis a Aistreachain áin

      {page H 70}

        1. 1] Innis a Aistreachain taim§
          2] d' feraibh Múmhan, is dá mnaibh


          3] a rígh do beith a n-Áth Cliath.
          4] ag Sithrioch na c-céd c-crom-sgiath.
        2. 1] Béaraidh Sithrioch leis tar tuinn.
          2] soir go Lochluinn laoidheang-dhuinn.
          3] Muna ttugaid dó uile§
          4] sgéithe is cloidhmhe cúmhdaighthe§
        3. 1] a c-cuacha sa c-cuirn chama§
          2] a bhfailge sa bhfithciolla§
          3] a t-tabhairt dho Shithrioch tar t-tuinn.
          4] do chionn Cheallachain chleath-chuirr.
        4. 1] Braighde Múmhan cíos a h-iath.
          2] rachaid araon go h-Áth Cliath
          3] Mac gach taoisig is gach righ.
          4] ar fuidh§ Múmhan na moir-ghníomh.
        5. 1] Corcach is Luimneach longach.
          2] is Port Lairge lán-tonnach
          3] mar aon re Caisiol cladhach.
          4] do Shithrioch luath lan thoicthach§
        6. 1] Cath Sgeithe Neachtuin go calma.
          2] do bhris Olchumhar§ amhra
          3] mar cuiredh dá chéad déag.
          4] do Lochlonnaibh a luath-éag.
        7. 1] Béartar do Shitric trédachach§.
          2] ó thug se a éitheach
          3] a c-comhall sin alle.
          4] lé h-Éiric righ na n-Innse.

        8. p.26

        9. 1] Donnchadh a n-gimhlibh§ na n-Gall.
          2] Mac Cheallacháin na c-caomhlann
          3] braighde Mumhan leis go lí.
          4] ider thaoisioc is tréinrigh.
        10. 1] Ag sin an abair rinne
          2] Mac Turgéis go t-trénluinne
          3] muna t-tugaid sin alle§.
          4] go muirfe an airdri§.

          Innis. Ocus rl.


      Section 45.

      Ocus raidh a Aistrechain re feruibh Muman gan na comhtha úd do tabairt uatha & cosnaid crich Mhuman & righaid Ceindeidig mac Lorcain & raidh riu na briathra tucsat in la do fhacbus-sa Caisil do chuimhnigud & cosnait sinne a nert lann & luirec. Ocus raidh re clannaibh Cuirc coimeirghi mhaith do dhenum. Ocus raidh re Donnchad mac Caeim toidhecht dar n-iarraid co h-Ard Macha. Ocus tecat Clanna Eogain ann ria g-cach & tabrad gach taisech maithi a thuaithi & a fherainn leis. Ticedh ann Donnchad mac Caeim meic Airt meic Cathail ria Clainn Echach Ocus ticeadh Mael Fothartaigh mac Floinn. ticedh Suilleban mac Mael Ugra ria Clanna Fhinghin. Ticedh ann Donnchad mac Duineachaid meic Fhianghusa. Ocus Ribardan mac Aissidha & Donnchad mac Domnaill & Donnchad mac Lorcain & Domnall mac Cathail & Eigirtac mac Cormaic & Cú Calma mac Cind Fhaelaid. Ticeadh Cuilen mac Aindiarraid & tabrad clanna Failbhe leis. Ticeadh Muircertach mac Murchada. Ticed Fogartach mac Fianamla gu maithibh Ua Muiredhaigh leiss. Ticed ann Domnall mac Diarmada & Fiana mac Feicine. Ticed ann Cuanachtach mac Con Gan Mathair & tabrad Eoghanacht Airrthir Cliach leis. Ticed ann Conaing mac Larcadha & tabrad Ua Cathbaidh leis. Ticed Fergal mac Elaigh & tabrad Clanna Sealbaigh leis. Ticed ann Anmchadh mac Dunchada. Ticed ann Flannabra mac Airindan meic


      Flannabra & tabrad Ua Conaill leis. Ticed ann Ceithearnach mac Ceileachair meic Comáin. Ticed ann Ceann Faelad mac Duibh Da Boirenn & tabrad Ua Cairbri leis. Ocus adubairt an laid ann.

        1. Innis do clannaib Eoghuin

      {folio H 72}

        1. 1] Innis do clannaib§ Eoghuin
          2] don fhuirinn fhéil-éolaicc
          3] a n-áirdrígh dá bhreith bo thuaidh.
          4] go ró Lochluinn leabhar-bhuain.
        2. 1] Innis d'Eoganuibh uile.
          2] idir righ & ró-dhuine
          3] mé dom bhreith ag Sitric tar tuinn.
          4] soir go Lochluinn laoidheang-dhuinn.
        3. 1] Muna thísiad suinn na sluaigh.
          2] fo chenn aoinn mhís bo thuaidh
          3] go roichid Árdmacha m-binn.
          4] Ni bh-fághaid sinn a n-Éirinn
        4. 1] Tionólaid clanna Chuirc cháoimh.
          2] Eóghanacht Chaisil chladh-cháoin
          3] sul rugadís tar muir amach
          4] a n-áirdrígh cródha cosgrach.
        5. 1] Tigidh Clanna Eóguin óig.
          2] d'iarraidh a rígh tre ró-mhóid
          3] ó Thuinn Chliodhna na t-treas t-trom.
          4] go h-Abhainn Dá Bho Bennchorr.
        6. 1] Donnchadh mac Caoimh na c-creac-ród.
          2] Mac áirdrígh na n-each n-árdh-óg
          3] tabhrad san sluagh gan oil.
          4] Clanna Eacach féil adhmhair.

        7. p.28

        8. 1] Tigedh ann Donnchad donn.
          2] ocus Súilliobhán súl-chorr
          3] maraon re Duinneachán dian.
          4] ocus Éigertach ar aon-rian
        9. 1] Tigedh ann Riórdán reábach.
          2] a shluagh chrodha comhramhach
          3] Tigedh lucht tíghe an righ libh.
          4] ceithre ched do chaoimh-feraibh.
        10. 1] Siól Eachach Siol Fhinghin fhéil.
          2] tigid uile ar aon-réin
          3] tigedh san sluagh tré bháidh.
          4] h- Meic Caille is Í Liathain.
        11. 1] H-Uí Chonaill & h-I Chairbre c-cruaid.
          2] tionólaid-sin líon a sluaigh
          3] tigid Í Chormaic ón tuinn.
          4] ar cheann Cheallachain chleath-chuir.
        12. 1] Ionnsaigh go Dún bán Bailc.
          2] baile a m-bid cearrda an chaomh-fuilt
          3] Is tabhair leat ó Loch Léin.
          4] an dá Eoghanacht d' aon-mhéin.
        13. 1] Raidh dam re Fergal fearrdha.
          2] déanaid tionól thréan-chalma
          3] sul bearthar uatha a loing.
          4] Ceallachan soir a hÉirinn.


      Section 46.

      Ocus in tan tair leat Clanna Eogain d' agallad & do tinol cu h-aein-inad innsaigh romad gu {folio L 152a2} righ Dhail Cais ar Ceallachan .i. gu Ceinnédig mac Lorcain & raidh ris anmhain ag cosnum criche Muman cu nach dernat Connachta a cath-arcuin & abair re h-Uaithnig & re h-Urmhumain techt isin tinol Ocus innsaigh cu h-Eilibh & raidh ríu anmain ac cosnamh criche Mumhan & abair re a tigerna .i. re Cerbhall mac Dublaidhi meic Ceannamhain gurub ag Oilioll ar m-braithairsi Ocus innsaigh gu Clannaib Connla .i. gu sluaghuibh Osraidhi & raidh riu Muma do coimét o Bladhma bhudhes co muir & coimetad Ele gu


      Bladma amail do-ní do gres Ocus innsaigh cu sluaguibh na n-Deisi & tecait & Muscraidi isin mhor-shlogad Ocus amar tháir leat Ceinneidig & Clanna Eogain d' agallad innsaigh dam-sa gu taisecaibh mo loingsi & tuc leat iat co Sruth na Maeili & madh da m-berar mhisi a h-Eirinn gu bh-faghat fir Mhuman a longa dom leanmain áir ni cora do laechraidh Lochlann crodhacht ag cosnamh ar crichi-ne ina do miledaib Muman calma do denum ag cosnamh a criche-seom & agar n-dighailt-ne orro. indsaigh ar tus co tri righuibh Corco Laighdi. gu Flann & gu h-Eiterscel & gu Cobhtach & gu Dubh Dha Boireann cu righ Iarthair O n-Echach. gu Seghdha & gu Failbhe & gu Conghal cu tri righuibh Corco Duibhne. gu Concubar mac Meic Bethaig gu righ Ciarraigi Luachra. gu Domnall & gu Baiscinn gu da righ Corco Baiscinn. gu Conchubar & gu Lochlainn gu da rig Corca Mruadh & tabhrat .X. longa gacha tricha .c. leo or as-e-sin coimtinol ar cabluigh-ne.

      Section 47.

      AS a h-aithle-sin do gluais Aisdrechan roime gu Caiseal airm a rabhutar mileda Muman & do innis na scela-sin doibh .i. Ceallachan & Donn Cuan do ghabhail & na .IIII. fichit do cuaidh leo do marbad. Ba cumhthach cenn-trom ciamair do bas acu-som de-séin o' t-cualatar gabhail a n-glainn-righ & marbad a macraidi. Ro agaill Aisdrechan iat & ro innis na h-aitheasca do chan Ceallachan .i. a fuascalad a nert land ocus luirec & leathain-sciath & gan Muma do chur fa dhaeiri na fa docraiti do Danaruibh na do daer-Lochlannchuibh Ocus adubairt riu na briatra tucsat {folio L 152b1} an la do fhacuibh Ceallachan iat do cuimnigud & do innis doibh Ceallachan do breith cu h-Ard Macha da mhor-choimhet. O at-chuala Donnchad mac Caeim na comraitti-sin adubairt re clainn Cormaic Cais connailbhe do denamh & re Clannuibh Eogain innsaigid d' iarmoracht a righ & re clannuibh Cairbre coimheirghi & re clainn Luigdech lan-ghaisced & re clannuibh Ferghusa fir-uaisli & re clannuibh Ceallachain comdhuthracht & re clannuibh Taidg tren-choimhet & re clannaibh Fiachaigh Suidhe sair-thinol. Cidh tra ar Donnchad damad iat bur treoin & bur taisich-si do biaidh i laim ag Lochlannchaib do


      thinoilfedh Ceallachan slóg da bar n-iarraid & do berad catha da bar cosnam or tuc-somh .v. catha dec ar Danaruibh ga bar cosnam .i. in ced-cath dibh a Luimnech & in dara cath a Corcaig & in tres cath oc Sliabh Crot. In cethramad a n-Durlus in coicedh a Caisiul in seissed a Port Lairgi in sechtmad a Muscraidi in t-ochtmad a n- Ard Osraidi in noemad a n-Glinn Corbraigi in decmad a Senghualainn cladh-aird Ua Conuill in t-aeinmad dec a Cromaid Ocus ceathra catha for Laighnib & for Osraidhi & ceilfider-sin ag laechraid Lochlann da ria Ceallachan dan cosnam leo.

      Section 48.

      IS annsin ro chinnset a comairle um tinnscetal inn t-sluagaid-sin & do h-ordaiged acu beith caeicdiges on lo-sin ar Magh n-Adhar a m-biadh ar tir dibh & a m-biath ar muir dib do beith a m-Bel Atha Laigin. Cidh tra in la ro gheallsat a sluaig beith isna inadaib-sin do badar amail ro geallsad. Ba h-e lin do riachtadar co Mhagh n- Adar IIII. catha commora. Ocus do riacht Ceinnédig mac Lorcain & maithi Dail Cais ann Ocus do fhreasdail Ceinneidig iat in oigti-sin.

      Section 49.

      Do eirghedar arnamarach & do raidh Ceinnédig gu rachaid leo. Adubairt Donnchad nach leicfitis leo ider h-e. Or is d' iarraid bur righ & da chosnam thiagmait-ne & ni beram tusa linn acht an oc imcoimhead an tire. Ma as edh ar Ceinneidig o nach ragh-sa ann cuirfet XX. c. libh-se & {folio L 152b3} anfat fein lín Muman do chosnumh & cuirfet mu thri dearbraitre lib-si & adubairt re h-ocláech maith da muinntir dul ar cenn a braithrech & at-bert fris. Ticed Coscrach & Lonngarcan & Congalach cu .XX. c. maraen ru. Ticed Assidha mac Assidha & .v. c. do Clannaib Cairtinn araen ris. Ticed and Deghadh mac Domhnaill meic Duinn & .v. C. ele lais Ocus do fhedar-sa ar Ceinneidig in ní is doigh leam do brisedh catha foruibh .i. gan righ romuibh do-genad sibh comhairli & fa coisenad sibh cath-lathair & o nac fuil righthar libh Donnchad mac Caeim & da bh-faghthar Ceallachan. tabar a righi fein dó Ocus tuc Ceinnédig a lamh a laimh Donnchada re bh-feruibh Muman & tucadar-san uili dha eis.


      Section 50.

      Roghabh Ceinnédig aga radh re Donnchad calma do denamh & aca innisi dho a mhet do righuibh doghab righi Mhuman uime .i. Airtri & Cathal & Finguine & Cathal & Cui Gen Mathair & Cathal & Aedh & Flann & Cairbre & Crimhthan & Eochaid & Aenghus mac Nath Fraeich ic ar deghlad na deigh-fhir conudh en-ri déc ro ghabh righi Muman o Aengus gu Donnchad & da bliadain. l. fad a bh-flaithiusa conadh da forgeall sin at-bert an senchaide an laid .i.

        1. 1] Gur meala do righi rain & cetera.

      Asa aithli-sin do gluaisetar rompa 'na cathuibh coraighthi & do ghluais a cablach in la cedna Ocus as e inadh a raibi a slóg in oighti-sin a n-Ath na Righ Ocus do cuadar arnamharach cu Sliabh Cain & do-ronad botha & belscala leo ann & ger adhbul na h-uisceda ní clos neac ag a n-ecaine ar met na sainnti do bhi orra do rochtain na Lochlannach.

      Section 52.

      RO leicset sirthe uathuibh gu Muaidh & ro tinoiled crecha leo d' innsaigid a longphuirt. Amhail ro bhatar ann confhacadur buigin cuca. X. c. ba h-edh a lín & is amlaid ro bhatar & fer ar en-tus rompa & ro fiafraigedar cuich e & cuich in buigin. Dream do Mhuimhnechaib ar se & ni fhedadar Muimnig a m-beith dibh .i. Dealbhna & Gailinga & Luigne do clainn Tadg meic Cein Ocus atát tri h-oirrigha agmara rompa {folio L 153a1} .i. Aedh mac Dualascaigh & Gailinga uime Ocus Luighne um Diarmait mac Finnachta Ocus Dealbna um Donnchad mac Mael Domnaill & as e a l-lin. v. c. eidedac & v. c. gan eided. Ocus gabsat longport araen re Dail g-Cais & do-essidar in oighthi annsin gu soinmhech sidamail

      Section 53.

      Do eirghetar gu moch arnamharach tar Es Dara & tar droichet min-glan Matra & tar sen-srothaib Sligigh & lamh dhes re Beinn n-gaeth-fhuair n-Gulban. tar Duibh & tar Drobais & tar Magh n-uaine n-abhullblaith n-Ene & gu h-Es righda Ruaidh & ro leicset sirthe tar Ath Senaig soir & ro tinoiledar crecha Criche Conuill anoir leo gus an longport Ocus do lean Muircertach mac Airnelaig iat .i. ri Ceneoil Conaill & do bhi ag iaraid a creach orro. Adobairt Donnchad nach aislogad iat gumad saithech in sluag dibh & ni beram-ne linn a beg dar bh-fuigheall áir ni ba crich gan crogh in crich a ragam. Cidh tra do impo Muirchertach


      roime bhutuaid & do chuir techta go h-Ard Macha da innisi dona Lochlannchaib a m-beith-sen cuca & da radh re Cloinn Tuirgheis. Ceallachan do breith co Dun n-Dealgan O at-cualatar Clann Turgheis sin ro fhacuibhset an baili & in nonbur iarla do bhi malle re Ceallachan oca gabhail a n-Ath Cliath & do ansat Lochlannaig in baile fein ann .i. Lulach & Amhlaibh & Lagmann & Turcaill & Gilla Ciarain mac Henruc in t-senrigh & Oitir Dubh Ocus ba h-e a l-lin VII. C & cath egair.

      Section 54.

      IMthus fer Muman rancatar don taebh thes d' Ard Macha. IS annsin adubairt Donchadh riu a trealamh catha do gabhail & innsaighit ceathra catha againn an dunad. tecat Dail g-Cais & Gailinga & Dealbhna & Luighne don taeibh aniar d' Ard Macha. Teacat I Conuill & h-I Cairbre & Ua Meic Cailli & Ua Liathain a tuaid isin m-baili. Teacat na Deisi don taeibh anes. Ticeabh-sa & na h-Eoganachtsa .i. Eoganacht Chaisil & Eoganacht Aine & Eoganacht Glennamnach & Eoganacht Cliach & Eoganacht Durluis & Eoganacht Locha Lein & Eoganacht Raithlinn don taebh anoir {folio L 153a2} anadh cath Muscraidhi & na n-Uaithne & Fher Muighi & Ua Cuanac na g-comhnaidi uair ni gnath cath gan chostadh & ni fedamar-ni nach bhudh mhaidm oruinn no ar dreim dar muintir. & damad edh gu m-beith eolus acu in t-sligi a ticfaitis. Do-ronsat amhlaid & do innsaigedar in baile mar do tecoisc Donnchadh doib.

      Section 55.

      Scela Dhanar an dunaid do thinoiletar a n-ein-inad. & do agaill Lagmann na laeic & is ed adubairt Ni fhuilmit lín freastail doibh-siut o nac d' aen-taíbh thecait & indsaighter cath dibh againn & feram cath riu & mad maidm ar dreim dhibh as doigh gu m-ba h-edh orrtha uili & ro cinnedh in comairli-sin leo & ro choraighset cath-bhuaili crithrech chomhartach & ro innsaighset in cath ba nesa dhoibh .i. cath na n-Deisi & ro feradh duir-gleo duilig eturra. gur mudhaighid milid leo & gu fadhbhadh feinid leo & gur cirred cnis. Acht cena ad-rochradar maithi na Lochlannach & ro sraeinedh gu cruaidh in cathlathair ar laechraid Loclainn tre lar Arda Macha bud thuaid gu tarla cath O Cairbre doibh ac cromadh a m-bratach & a mergedh a tuaidh 'na n-agaid gur h-impádh siar na Lochlannaig na lan-maidm.


      gu tarla cath Dail g-Cais & Gailinga & Dealbna & Luighne aniar na n-urcomuir gur h-impoiged soir iat gu grod gaibhthech ger-ghonach gu tarla cath Cloinne h-Eogain da n-innsaigid gur h-osluiced dorus dedla deigh-menmnach ar in n-dluth-bhuailid samhail leasa lan-mhoir & do coraighedh cimhsa comhdlutta cengailti na timcheall cu h-urmaisnech ag na h-Eoganchaib. gu bh-fuaradar an buinne borb-Loclannach-sin isin sligid & isin sluagh-bhuailid sin & ro duined gu dighair degh-dhaingen in dorus da n-eis & ro gabhudh comach ar na curadhaibh conach fuaradar raen na roishligi ona righuibh acht toitim 'na torainn truim trochamail ar an lathair-sin. Ocus is ed ruc as in tuatha thérna dibh uirthosach na h-Eoganacht{folio L 153b1} O' t-connaic Donnchadh na catha mesc ar mhesc. do fuacair doibh uili imdhedhuil & oirisium & do-ronsat amlaid & tecait isin m-baili & do bi in baile ara comus in agaid-sin. Ocus ni fhuaradar scela Ceallachain.

      Section 56.

      Do eirghedar isin maduin arnamharach gusin cath-lathuir & ro thinoilset cuirp a muinntiri cu h-aein-inad & cind na Lochlannach & do cuirset ar bir-chuailli bodhbha na cinn. Do fiaraig Donnchadh mac Caeimh in raibhi nech do Ghaeighilib isin m-baili o bh-fuighbedh scela Ceallachain. Do fhregair fer 'sa m-baili do & adubhairt ba do clannaib Gaeighel a bhunadus. do fhiaraig Donnchadh cuich e.

      Section 57.

      IS me ba primfhaidh a n-Ard Macha. suil tancatar na Lochlannaig. & is me anois is aistreoir ann. Scela righ Muman agad? ar Donnchad. atait ar se. in oighthi do babair-si oc Eas Ruaid. tancatar techta o righ Ceineoil Conuill don baili-si d' innisin bur scel-si & do gluaisedh Ceallachan co Dun n-Dealgan & an dechnebar iarla do bhi ica ghabhail maille ris cu h-airm a bh-fuilit a longa. gluaister againne 'na n-degaid ar Donnchadh air ni fhuicfim-ne lis Loclannach a n-Eirinn cus nach roichfium ac comull ar m-breithre.

      Section 58.

      Gluaisit rompa 'na cathaib cóirigti i Sliabh Fuait & a bh-Figh Conuill & a Magh Murthemhne & docum Duine Dealgan co direch. Ocus do chuadar na Lochlannaig 'na longaibh uatha & do cuadar-san gu taebh na tragha. IS i long ba nesa doibh long Shitriuc meic Tuirgheis & is innti do bhi Ceallachan & do fhiaraig Donnchad dibh in bh-fuighedh Ceallachan re fhuascalad. Tuc Sitriuc a briathar


      nach fuighthe ider acht muna tucdais-sium do-san ar marbad isna .v. catha déc tuc Ceallachan. & ar marbad a cath Arda Macha. O' t-chuala Donnchad sin do ghabh ica tathaeir & adubairt nach a g-cath na a g-comluinn do ghabhatar Ceallachan acht ar luighi & ar loim-eithech & adubairt nach tibred taebh re luigi Lochlannaig da n-eis. Tabraid onoir do Ceallachain a bh-fiadhnaisi na Muimhnech ar Sitriuc .i. cengailter don t-seolchrann h-e {folio L 153b2} or ni bhia gan phianad na n-anoir & do-ronad amlaid. Cáinfit bantrachta Muman sin ar Donnchadh & cáinfidh do ben-sa fein a Shitriuc & ni fhuil acuibh ac denamh in dochuir-sin do fer acht fuigheall a claidim no a chatha. Ocus do tocbhadh Donn Cuan mac Ceinnétig mar an cedna a luing mheic righ Fuarlochlann & adubairt Donnchadh cumad fhearr leis cumad comthrom comluinn doibh & at-bert in laid.

        1. A Sitriuc theithius ar tuinn


      {folio H 80}

        1. 1] A Sitriuc theithius ar§ tuinn
          2] fan re h-agallamh againn.
          3] ó nach féadamaoid a fhir dhuibh.
          4] do leanmhuin isin leir-mhuir.
        2. 1] Do gheallais do bhréithir theas.
          2] a Lochlonnaicc na lann n-glas
          3] do Cheallachán an fhuilt fhinn.
          4] nách millfeá é a n-Éirinn.
        3. 1] Tugais briathar bréige a fhir.
          2] dá milltear leat an milidh
          3] ní thíubhra duine ad dheaighidh.
          4] taobh ré lúighe Lochlonnaicc.
        4. 1] Caoinfid banntrachta Mumhan.
          2] da bh-fagha Ceallachán púdhar
          3] ní bá ciuin a n-gáire ghuil.
          4] ó Uighne go Dún Eocarmhaighe
        5. 1] Dá c-cluine Gormfhlaith glac n-geal.
          2] inghion Bhuadhachain na bh-fledh
          3] ni bá ciuin a gáir mhail.
          4] deaghbhean Domhnuill í Fhaoláin
        6. 1] Dá n-innister dot mhnaoi féin.
          2] bas Cheallacháin na n-arm n-gér
          3] caoinfidh é Mór na rosg mall.
          4] inghion rígh innsi Fionngall.
        7. 1] Maith do thuill Ceallachán cas.
          2] uaib-si gan a léigion as
          3] do lean go cosaibh a long.
          4] go minic laochradh Lochlann
        8. 1] Ní bh-fuil agaibh gan óigidh.
          2] laoch acht fúighioll a chloidhim
          3] do chuaidh tré meatacht gan bhrígh.
          4] an uaimh nó a n-gealtacht ón árdrigh
        9. 1] Gach tuarasdal dár thógh fear.
          2] tug rígh Caisil na c-caomhfleadh
          3] as d'ionnmhas Lochlannach thug.
          4] do shluagh Mumhan a Shithriucc.



      Section 59.

      IS annsin as-bert Ceallachan. Narub e dighailt do-bera sibh orum-sa ba immchainedh do denamh. uair do-berim-si dom breithir gurub doilghi leam-sa Caiseal gan comarba do Clannuibh Eogain ann ina bheith damh fein isin phein-si & mu bennacht ar Dail g-Cais luach na tosca tancatar. IArsin tocbus Ceallachan a cheann & at-bert. A Donnchaidh ar ghluais cabhluch libh? Do gluais ar Donnchadh. At-ciu-sa iat ar Ceallachan & adubairt in laid.


      Section 60.

      1. 1] A Donnchaid donnus in crann.
        2] na tathaeir laechraid Lochlann.
        3] nir milledar sinn co-se.
        4] ac comull a bh-firinne.
      2. 1] An briathar tuc Sitriuc thes.
        2] as i fos atá 'gár les
        3] as trithi berar mé sair.
        4] dom milled oc Lochlannchaib
      3. 1] As mo dh' imshnim ar m' anmain.
        2] ina beith a pein adhbhuil.
        3] gan Caisil do cosnum dhuibh.
        4] a shaer-clanna Shil Eogain.
      4. 1] Oram-sa do h-airmhedh riamh.
        2] a n-dernsabair thoir is tiar.
        3] daibh fein áirmeochthar anois.
        4] denaid calmacht am ecmois
      5. 1] Ri dingmala cum Caisil.
        2] leitheit in Muimnigh maisig.
        3] foirfidh ibh as cach n-eicin.
        4] righthar libh-si Ceinneidig.
      6. 1] Mu bennacht-sa fir in fath.
        2] ar Dail g-Caiss cinnes ar chach.
        3] crodha thancadar i l-le
        4] do chomhull a m-braithirse.
      7. 1] Tancabar sluaiged bagha.
        2] a Clann Eogain in agha
        3] tre coiced Medhbha budh thuaidh
        4] romhor in menma mhor-shluaigh.
      8. 1] O thancabar tar Es Ruaid.
        2] tancatar techta bhutuaidh
        3] o Muirchertaich gu méd n-gluinn
        4] o airdrigh Ceneoil Conuill.

      9. p.37

      10. 1] Gia ro facsam Ard Macha
        2] ro facsam ann lin catha
        3] {folio L 154a1}re Ghaighealuibh da n-dith ann.
        4] do trein-fheraibh laech Lochlann.
      11. 1] A buidhi re Dia a claisdin.
        2] A shlóig Muman an ghaiscid.
        3] gur deargad gne gacha ga
        4] ane a g-cath Arda Macha.
      12. 1] Baidh leam aniugh bur faicsin.
        2] a shlóig Mumhan in gaiscid.
        3] bur n-aighthi n-uidhi gan t-sal
        4] ar faighthi Dhuini Dealgan.
      13. 1] Do-chiu is ni fhaicet bur treoin.
        2] os me fhuil isin crann sheoil
        3] cablach nach teithfe don linn
        4] is inad feitem a bh-fuilim.
      14. 1] Caeimh-righrad iarthair Mhuman.
        2] inmhain cablach nar tubhad
        3] mad do gluaiseatar o a toigh.
        4] as iat ad-chiu-sa a Donnchaidh.

        A Donnchaidh donnus in crann.

      15. IS and sin do thocbhatar fir Muman a cinn & a caem-roisc & ad-conncadar an cuan aga choimhlínad do longuibh & do luath-bharcuibh & as iat do bhi ann cablach fer Muman. Ocus do fiaraig Sitriuc cuith iat & do innis Donnchadh a n-anmunna. Ro budh fearr linn ar Sitriuc cu bh-faghmais a fhis cia dibh-sud do ghabh do laimh ar g-cosc isin chaith-irgail-si aniugh & uaisli na bh-fer fuileat ann. Adubairt Duineachad mac Fianghusa da bh-faghadh arthach fria h-imluchtadh & dilsi fria dul & fria techt cu raghadh d' fis na scel-sin o Sitriuc & fuair amail ro chuinnig.

        Section 62.

        Teit Duinechad co h-airm i raibi in coblach & do fhiaraig scela dhibh & do indis scela fher Mumhan a n-Ard Macha doibh. & do innis Ceallachan do beith a luing Shitriuc isin t-seol-chrann cengailti Ocus aderaid sib-si ar


        Duineachad in tan do beidis bhur sluaig uili a n-aein-inad cumad lín tabartha catha duinni sibh & do budh nar dhaibh anois bhur triath & bur tigerna do leiced don muir cusna tonnuib o dho leanabair e

        Section 63.

        IS briathar duinne ar iat-som da m-beidis Muimnigh & Lochlannaig ar aen-chaei nach leicfimis-ni Ceallachan leo gan cath do thabhairt doibh. Mas eadh ar Duinechad innisidh dam-sa cuich na comluinn ghabhthai do laim don laechraidh Lochlannaig {folio L 154a2}. Ocus as-iat so iat-sein. Loclannach na Lann & in Loclannach Ladhach & Sen-Amlaibh. tri coimhedaigi Corcaighi. Leagar duinne iat ar tri righ Corca Laoighdhe .i. Flann & Cobhthach & Eidirscel or is rinn do-ronsad adhbhar ar techt co h-Inis Clere da rucsat ar mna & ar maccaeimh a m-broid & ni tharramar iat re dhigail forru & gabhmait-ne do laim iat-somh aniugh. Cia aguibh ar Duinechad ghabhus do laimh Lenn Turman na h-Uidhi. leagar damh-sa h-e ar Dubh Da Bhoirenn ri Iarthair O n-Echach. doigh ro mharbh se mac maith umum .i. Aedh mac Duibh Da Bhoireann. Cia uaibh ar Duinechad gabus do laim tri meic Tuirgheis .i. Sitriuc & Tor & Magnus Ocus is 'na luing ata Ceallachan. leagar dhuinn-e iat ar Segda & ar Failbhe & ar Conghal uair do chuadar fo Sceilic Mhichil & do millset in tir & gabhmait-ne do laim iat-som do dingmail aniugh.

        Section 64.

        Adbar ele ar Failbi tucsam breithir nach biath ar muir nó ar tir inad a bh-faicimis iat nach roichfimis da indsaigid. Cia uaibh ar Duinechad gabhus do laimh mac righ Finnlochlann. leagar dam-sa h-e ar Conchubar ri Ciarraidi Luachra or do loisc se Ard Fothaigh m-Brenaind & dighelat-sa fair aniug h-e. Cia ghabus do laimh Lenn Truman na Pers ar Duinechad. leagar dhuinne h-e ar Diarmaid & ar Baiscinn da righ Corco Baiscne áir ro creachsad Inis Cathaig & ni rucsam-ne orro cus aniugh. Cia ghabhus do laim ar Duinecad ri Fuarloclann? IS 'na luing ata Donn Cuan & h-e ceangailti. Leagar duinne h-e ar da righ Corca Mruadh air do chuadar for Arainn & do creachad leo h-i & dighelmait-ne orra aniugh.


        Section 65.

        Cinnas aitheonta longa a chele ar Duinechad Find air na sceith & na bratacha fuileat acuib-se ni h-iat rob' aithnid doibh-sium. Urusa sin ar Failbhe or is eolaigh iat 'san orduchadh ar bh-ferainn ag ar tighibh .i. Corco Laigdi as faidi bhudh dhes & Ua Echach is neasu dhi. {folio L 154b1} Corco Duibhne as nesa di-sein. Ciarraigi as nesa di-sein. Corco Baiscind as nesa do Ciarraigi. Corca Mruaid as nesa do Corca Baiscind & coireochmait-ne ar cablach do reir ar bh-feruinn & denuit-sium ar fresdal. Teit Duinechad roime cus in loingius Lochlannach & do innis na h-aithesca-sin do Clainn Turgeis.

        IS des tarla sin ar Sitriuc or as iat sin na comhlainn ro toghsam. Tainic Duineachad ar tir & do innis scela na comlunn-sin do Mhuimnechaib Ocus at-bert in senchaid in laid.

        Section 66.

          1. Indis a Duineachaid dhuind

            & cetera.

        {page H 82}

        1. 1] Indis a Duineachaid dhuind§
          2] duinne cia h-iad na comhluinn
          3] do ghabh an dá oirrígha déag.
          4] ó iarthar Múmhan na mór-séadh
        2. 1] Sloinn gach Lochlannach data.
          2] do thóg gach aoin-fer aco
          3] is gach fer dar gabhadh leó.
          4] do Lochlonnaibh 'san luath-ghleó
        3. 1] Do ghabh Eidersgeól anall.
          uaibh-si Lochluinn na Lann
          3] do gheall Cobhthach is Flann Fáil.
          4] an dias eile dionghabhail
        4. 1] Fáilbhe go Sithrioch na sluagh
          2] Séaghda go Maghnus Mong-ruadh
          3] Conall go Tor tar tuinn.
          4] Ciarrúidhe go Fionn-Lochlainn
        5. 1] Concubhar go h-Íolbhrec árd.
          2] rígh Ciarraighe cloidhiomh-ghairg
          3] is Corco Bhaisgin ón tuinn.
          4] go Persiaibh dá tréan- Tormuinn
        6. 1] Fuarlochlannaicc calma an chuain.
          2] do ghabsad da Chorca Mruadh


          3] as iad-sin mar is léir linn.
          4] cómhlión na c-cómhrag do cinn.


        Section 67.

        Cid tra o do riachtadar na h-oirrigha airm-derga-sin iarthair Eirenn .i. na saer-chlanna sochma sar-thinnlaicthecha o Thuinn coirpgil Clidhna anes gu cuan Tragha bithaille Baili a leanmuin a treoin & a tigerna & do chosnamh a curad-righ asin eicin a raibhi an righ-mhilid. o' t-conncadar ar na cengal & ar na chuibhrech re seol-chrann na luingi Lochlannaigi h-e. do aithrighset cuinn & cialla & cetfadha dona curadaib & ro buaidhrit dealbha & datha doibh & ro greannaighset a n-gnuisi & ro bhanadar a m-beoil. Ocus do coraiged co calma ag na curadaibh do chosnum Ceallachain luath-laem luth-ghasda long & cathair chumhdaigi clogad & buaili bunata boghadh & fal ferrdha fraech-neimnech finn-sleagh.

        Section 68.

        IS ann sin ro eirgetar na fir-laecdha lethan-armacha Loclannaig sin & na Goill gnus-ghorma grancda grainemhla & na Danair dhaera dho-chenelcha gan dilsi gan duthchus re h-innis bh-fhir-aluinn bh-Fhodla & gan bunadhus gan brathairsi re Banba Ocus ro coraiged acu-sein dun dighainn doinn-sciathach & sluagh-dhoire sesmach slegh neimhnech nert-chalma. Acht ata ni cena o dho riachtadar na milid cu tinnisnech talchair ro cingedar gu calma a cnairre isin caith-irgail gurub ris ba samalta na saer-chlanna re sir-eisdeacht .i. re coicedul calad cloich-imdha oca imtecht d' feghuin & d' almuibh & d'innilibh {folio L 154b2} do greaghuibh & do graifnibh & do ghlan-mharc-shluag na frasa fuilidi faebracha oca bh-ferthuin & coicidul a colg & a craisech ag luaith-thescad luirech & ar scoltadh sciath &


        ag coimmbrisedh clocat & cathbarre & caemh-cholunn a chele um Ceallachan.

        Section 69.

        IS ann sin ro siachtadar ar a n-uillen n-deiscertaig dona degh-shluagaib. tri righ loinn-gnimacha Ua Luigdech. i. Flann & Cobhtach & Eiderscel & do-rala a ceann a cele iat & tri coimhedaigi Corcaigi .i. Loclannach na Lann & in Loclannach Ladhach & Sen-Amhlaibh sinnser na sochraide & do comraicedar isin caith-irghuil. Acht chena nir tharbha don laechraid Loclannaig scairbhidheacht a sciath na sar-dhaingne a sleagh na sian-uirchair a soighet na comtuarcain a claidem ar na curaduibh or rolingset na h-oirrigha-sin is na longuibh Lochlanna gur sunnraiged fa seol-chrannaib na sith-long iat. gurub a certlar gacha cnairri do chomhraicsit co n-drochratar comhthoitim in seiser-sin cona sochraidibh amhail as-beart an fili.

        Section 70.

        1. 1] IS truagh leam toitim na triath.
          2] Clainni Luigdech na lainn-sciath.
          3] a deiscert Muman anes.
          4] le sluag Lochlainn na luaith-cles.
        2. 1] IS truagh leam Eiderscel ard.
          2] in cur calma claidim-derg.
          3] acht ge do-cer leis gu tren.
          4] Loclannach na Lann lain-gher.
        3. 1] Truagh leam Flann ua Luigdech luain.
          2] do beith i Traigh Baili buain
          3] ge dho ben gan feall 'san chath
          4] cenn don Lochlannach Ladhach.
        4. 1] Truagh toitim meic Meic Niadh moir.
          2] do clannuibh Itha in ard-sloig.
          3] saeth lium Cobhtach co n-dreich n-deirg.
          4] ua Luigdech laech gan lain-cheilg.
        5. 1] Deich longa. fichet cu fir.
          2] do chlainn Luigdech co lain-brigh.
          3] ni riacht a tech dib is fis.
          4] foirenn luingi da laeichlis.

          Is truagh.

        6. p.42

          IS annsin do riact oirri O n-Echach .i. Dubh Dha Boireann & Lenn Turmun na h-Uidhi cona lugh-bharcuibh do comrac & do comtuarcain a chele amail da dreagan ar dhes-ghonuibh nó amail da seabac ar shaintgnimaibh. Ocus do lingedar sluagh Clainni gegdha glan Chais a longuibh na Lochlannach gur thoitset ar topthaibh & ar tren-ramhaibh na tarb-long.

          Section 72.

          IS annsin do riachtsad {folio L 155a1} in triar croda caith-milid .i. Segda & Failbhi & Congal cu tarbh-chobhlach Clainni Tuirgeis. gu Sitriuc & gu Tor & gu Magnus & ro dibraiced cu h-athlum ona Eirenchaibh teda caela cnaib-righne tar leabar-corraibh na long Loclannach ar daigh nach scuchdais o cheli & ro dibraiced ona Loclannchaib slabrada garba glais-iarainn tar saeir-choraibh a sithlong-som & ro coraigheadh ider na curadaib cliatha crann-blaithi ceinn-gera do shleaguibh sith-righne sair-neimnecha & do threicetar a sdiurasmainn sdiuraighechta & do eirgedar a bh-foirne le ramhadhuibh um rig-borduibh a ruadh-long gur gabsat breisim barbardha ar a cheli gur bha muir mer mheall-ghaili tairm & trein-eirghi na tarb-cuithech-sin.

          Section 73.

          IS annsin do greised & do gnaith-imredh long laech-Fhailbhi co sluagh-luing Sitriuc & do ling Failbhi leim fir-ard fiadhamail do lethan-clar a luingi cu seol-crann Sitriuc & nochtais in rig-milid in da lainn gasda ger-fhaebracha & gabais claidem dibh 'na laim dighainn deis ag freasdal laech-mhiled na luingi & claidem 'na laimh curata cli ag leadrad na tet & na sas bai um Ceallachan.

          Section 74.

          Ocus do coraighedh cro cleas-armach cruadh-fhaebrach d' uaislibh clainni Cuirc imon crann oiret bui in laech ag leadrad na leabar-thed gur leicesdar in caith-milid a cert-lar na cnairri ider na curadaib Ocus toirberis Failbhe in dara lann a laim Cheallachain isin cruaidh-irghail & gabais Ceallachan cnamh-comach arna curadaib re slis-borduibh na saer-luingi. gur ling a luing laech-Fhailbhi Ocus do doirtedh gu dighair dasachtach ar dhegh-Fhailbhe isin dubh-luing amail is gnath gu loigenn ilar ar uathaid.

          Section 75.

          O ro mudhaighedh in milid & o ro fadhbudh in fir-laec ider na freach-Ghallaibh ro dicennsad an deigh-fhear & ro thocbhatar a cenn ar cuirr na cnairre. O 't-conncadar dian-gasrada


          duibnich an dicennad-sin & macrada mera Muimnich Ro cruadaighedh in comrac & ro dluthaiged an deabhuid {folio L 155a2} ag na degh-sluaguibh. Ad-raig Fiangal gu ferrdha ger bho tim tlaith teichthech gach deagh-laech ar toitim a fhlatha & ro ghabh oc accaine a thigerna & ro rad a breithir nach roisedh Sitriuc slan cu sloguibh Lochlainn uair ba comhalta do chaeimh-Fhailbhe in curaid & do thuic nach gebhdais a airm in t-airsidh eidigthi & ba truagh lais a tigerna isin cairbh gan coimhdigailt & at-bert in laid.

            1. Corp I Chonaire in truagh libh

              & rl.

            1. 1] Corp I Conaire i truagh libh & rl.§
              2] do bheith 'san loing Lochlonnaicc
              3] is a cheann ara cuirr chais.
              4] ua Mogha Lámha laoch-mhais.
            2. 1] Nochar dhlígh easan seach cách.
              2] gan a leanmhuin fíor an fáth
              3] da bh-féaduinn féin ina loing.
              4] Fáilbhe fer an fhuilt ór-thruim
            3. 1] Súgach saoileach ar shluaghaibh.
              2] an mílidh go mór-bhuadhaibh
              3] bá tíodhlaigtheach tighe n-óil.
              4] ua Aongusa go n-árd-mhoir
            4. 1] Failbhe Fionn ón Failbhe Fionn.
              2] do-rad a chorp tar mo chionn
              3] doilg leam a fhágbháil tar méis.
              4] a loing Shithricc meic Turgéis
            5. 1] Ni rac am beathaidh bo dheas.
              2] a c-cric Múmhan na mór-leas
              3] acht mun fhágabar go h-olc.
              4] an fear do cior a chaomh-chorp.


          Section 76.

          Is annsin ro lingestar Fiangal leim sanntach seabhcaidhi cu sluag-luing Sitriuc & satius a gheal-glaca a m-brollach luirigh in Lochlannaig & sreang-thairrngius in Finnlochlannach fon bh-fairgi gu riachtsat araen grian & gainemh in ghnathmhara. gurub i-sin tarraid iat.


          Section 77.

          IS annsin do riactsat an da oirrigh adhmara don cloinn crodha cedna .i. Seghda & saer-Congal gu da macuibh trena Turgeis .i. Tor & Maghnus Ocus nir aighti carut um cuirm ag na curaduibh & nir sherc ced-ingine da cele. gur lingset na laeich gu leomanda asna cnairribh comdluta ina m-buinnedhuibh diana doifresdail tar leabar-bhorduibh na long Lochlannach & ro fhacbhatur in laechrad a longa fein faen folumh & ba bronn-lan longa na Lochlannach & ba leath-trom na leath-buird or ba h-imarcraigh anbhail dona longuibh comdhortad cloinne Cuirc ina crislaigibh & siat lan do Loclannchaib. rompa. co nar fuirigset na longa re comrac dona curadaibh gan a slucud isin sal-mhuir gur baidhed gach barc guna buidhnibh dhibh. amail as-bert in fili na focuil-si.

            1. Mor menma na miled muai

              & rl.

            1. 1] Mor menma na miled muad & rl.§
              2] Failbe Seagda is Conall cruaid
              3] dias díobh do Shiól Chonaire an airm ghlais.
              4] fir bo calma re ciorrbadh cneas.
            2. 1] Fágbhaid a longa féin fólam.
              2] na milidh sin ní dáil doilg
              3] gur lingséd ina longaibh dé.
              4] ar Cloinn Turgéis toghúidhe
            3. 1] Cómhrag ar an muir mearrdha.
              2] do rín an triar tréan-chalma
              3] gur lingsed gér chruaidh an cleas.
              4] ar lucht na lúireach lán-glas
            4. 1] Ba fórlann dá gach carb chruaidh
              2] lucht dá long gér lán anbhuain
              3] is bá leatrom búird na m-bárc.
              4] do Lochlonnaibh Chuirc na c-caomh-thracht
            5. 1] Súghaidh chuice an mhuir monuar.
              2] gach long gach curach colg cruaidh
              3] níor threigsed a c-cómhlann de.
              4] Clann Turgeis is trean-Chairbre
            6. 1] Ag sin óighedh mo laoch luath.
              2] ar an muir ní sgéal guach
              3] Séagda is Conall na slogh.
              4] Tor is Maghnus mer-mór.



          Section 78.

          IS andsin do riachtsad colg-longa cath-armacha Ciarraide & foirne fraecda ferg-mora Finnloclann & ro dibraigedh eturra saitheda soigeat & groid-greasa garbh-cloch & frasa fir-gera faghadh & sleagh seolta sith-remar & do-ronsat trodach thulgarbh & gleo ainmin escardach. IS ann sin do riacht Conncubar ri curata Ciarraigi


        7. 1] Tiumnuim mo bú do bochtduibh.
          2] m'olc do macaibh mallachtduibh
          3] mo clí don talmuin o d-tig.
          4] m'anmuin donti o d-tainicc.
        8. ]

          [Misi Ricard Baired do sgribh so & tuccadh gach n-duine bennachtuin ar m'anmuinn.] {folio L 155b1} & Ilbhrech imgonach mac righ Finnlochlann & dochathuighset gu dur & gu dichra & rocuimnighset Ciarraige crecha a criche don curaid & ro imerseat imarcraigh a sainnti ara sleaghuibh & treisi a tachuir ara tuaghuibh & cruaidhi a comluinn ara cloidhmhibh & sceanamdeacht a scainder ara scenuibh uair ba dluith na deghlonga da cheli air doroichdis a n-airm ochta & urbhruinne aroile. gur comhtuitset alliu & anall ina longuibh. Sed enim rotharraing Concubar Ilbreach alos a chinn chuigi & ros dichenn in deighlaech & commhaidis an cenn & toitis fein ar muin in miled cu bh-fuair bas amlaid. Conudh da forgell sin do can in fili in laid.


            1. 1] Concubar ba calma in cing

            1. 1] Concubar ba calma in cing§
              2] Rígh Chiarruidhe an fhuilt áluinn
              3] a thuitim as truag an cleas.
              4] le lucht na lúireach lán-ghlas
            2. 1] Níor fhágsad a mhuinter mhear.
              2] ua Fhergusa an fer finn-gheal
              3] gur thuitsed tuaidh ar an muir.
              4] lé sluaigh Fionnlochlann fosuidh
            3. 1] Conchubhar is Ilbhreac án.
              2] Mac righ Lochlainn fa laoch lán
              3] troidsed na curaidh chródha.
              4] ina longaibh lan-mhóra
            4. 1] Bá farsiong fiór-chreachta fear.
              2] bá ciorrtha caomh-cheinn churad
              3] ba tollta a taoibh go tric.
              4] ba h-anbhfann gach laoch lán-ghlic
            5. 1] Fágbhuidh an fear-sin go faon.
              2] Mac Righ Fionnlochlann folt-chaomh
              3] is beanaidh de a cheann gan chol.
              4] Mac Mic Beathadh Conchubhair.


          Section 79.

          IS andsin do riachtsad clanna Cairbre re n-abar Baiscnigh & loingius na Pers ar amus aroili & ro chuimhnighset a nua-fhalta & a n-escairdeas & ro suidhigedh gu sunnradac sarugad Senan ag na saer-shluaghuibh & creachad Innsi Cathaig ar an cruadh-loingius Ocus ro deigh-imredh ag Diarmaid & ag Baisceann a m-barc & ro dibraiged eturra a soighdi & a sleagha do chuadar ar a ramadaibh reamra ruadh-fuinnsin & ro gabsad cruadh-comairt ar a chele.


          Section 80.

          Cidh tra do riacht an dias dhighair dhoi-freasdail sin .i. Diarmaid & Baiscinn ana m-borb-ruathar a luing in Lochlannaig. gur mharbhsat in milid ar lar-medhon a luingi .i. Lenn Turmun na Pers Ocus ad-rochuir Diarmaid isin dub-luing & ros-dicheann Baiscenn in borb-Loclannach amail is-bert in fili.

            1. 1] Do thuitset isin cath cruaid.
              2] clanda Cairbri claidim-ruaidh.
              3] is sluagh na Pers gerb easbach
              4] acht mad Baiscenn buain-eascrach.

          IS ann sin do riactsat clanna fortuil-beoda Ferghusa & clanna cian-airgnecha Cuirc gu Donn catharnaig Cuan. ó 't-conncatar an curaid 'na chimidh cuibhrighti cengailti adubratar long luath-trom Lochlainn do tabairt don dara leith don luing Lochlannaig & long clar-dhonn Conchubair don leith ele don ard-luing {folio L 155b2} & do cinnedh in comhairli-sin ag na curadaib & ro lingset tar leabhar-borduibh luingi in Lochlannaig gur scailset na scairb-cengail. gur tarnset na teda gur legadh in laech-milid ar lar na luingi .i. Donn Cuan mac Ceinneidig Ocus in cein do bad ar na h-oirrigh ag trascairt in trein-fhir asan t-seol-chrann ros-dithaighset Lochlannaig na luingi a muinntir.

          Section 82.

          Ro fergaighet na feinnid gu fir-gharg uime-sin & ro innsaighset gu garb na grang-Lochlannaig & ro gabsad garb-gresa gaibhtacha arna gruam-Lochlannaig. gur scoilset a sceith. gur leadairset a luirecha. gur coimrebsad a cotuin. gu n-drocair mac righ Fuarloclainn gu bh-forbha a mhuinnteri Ocus in cein batar-som oc marbad in mhor-Lochlannach. dobatar Lochlannaig na luingi oca leadrad-sum ar dromannaib na n-degh-laech. Iarsin ro h-impoiged a cusan cu h-athlum urmaisnech ar na h-anradaibh & ro ghabsad urlaidi throm thindisnec arna trein-fheraibh cunar h-anad risna curadaib isin cairbh gur lingset laeich na luingi tara leabhar-bhordaibh isin linn-mhuir da luath-badad Ocus o nach fuaradar Lochlannaig re lan-marbad isin luing ro thocbhadar cenn meic righ Fuarlochlainn ar cuirr na cairbbi da commaidium Ocus tainic Conchubar a cuirr thosaigh na


          luingi & Lochluinn dhighuinn derid & ro scarsat cuirp re h-anmunnaib doibh Ocus ro ghabh Donn Cuan oca cained & at-bert

            1. 1] Croda coscuir na laech lonn.

              & cetera

          Section 83.

          Cidh tra acht ba traigh mhara ac comrac dona cabhlaighibh & as iat buinnedha lethna in láin tuc longa na Muimhnech cu tir Ocus o do riachtsat na longa co tir do chuadar na Muimhnig inntibh do chabair ar mair da muinntir. O at-conncadar ar mair dona Lochlannchaib-sin do chuadar a tri longaib dec & do facbhadar in cuan a chedair & ni rucsad ri na ro-flaith leo.

          Section 84.

          IS annsin do riacht Ceallachan a luing Failbhe Finn & Failbhe marbh innti ana cosair cro & do bhi Ceallachan oca chaine gu mor & adubhairt as esbuidh dhuin an fer-sa do thuitim & ni bh-fuighter da eiss {folio L 156a1} laoch do-bera a tigerna as amail tuc uair ba calma coigedal a claidim isin cairbh-si agum chosnumh-sa Ocus at-bert og ecaine Failbhe

          Section 85.

          1. 1] Easbuigh MuimnechFailbhe Finn
            2] do-rad a choluinn dom cinn
            3] do ling da tabairt tar eiss
            4] a luing Sitriuc meic Turgheis.
          2. 1] Do bhi claidem 'na laim dheis.
            2] lann 'na laim athluim aimhdheis.
            3] gur dhithcur iat fa thonnuibh
            4] dar dithaig na Lochlonnaig.
          3. 1] Do geired leis mu chengail.
            2] gin gur deoin leisna feraibh.
            3] in lann do bhi 'na laimh cli.
            4] do-rad am laim-si in laich-ri.
          4. 1] Do dhithaigh misi don colg.
            1] a raibhi edram is bord.
            1] do chomhruic Failbhi tar mh' eis.
            1] gur fhacbhus long meic Turgeis.

          5. p.49

          6. 1] Nir marbad Failbhe a aenar.
            2] dursan a bheith a m-baedhal.
            3] no gur derg da bh-fuil in long.
            4] a shluagh-san is sluagh Lochlann
          7. 1] Do ling uainn Fianghal ferdha.
            2] do digail a thigerna.
            3] ruc leis Sitriuc asa luing
            4] gur baidedh mac meic Laghmuinn
          8. 1] Beandacht ar anmain Fhianghuil.
            2] gia ro fuair bas gan dian-ghuin.
            3] muna beith Sitriuc fo muir
            4] bathad Fhianghail is esbuidh.
          9. 1] Dob e leannan na n-ingen.
            2] o h-Aenghusa in fer finn-gheal
            3] Tuc o Mogha mhe a cuibhrech
            4] dob e roga ar saer-Mhuimhnech.
          10. 1] Dob e tosach ar g-catha.
            2] dob e cosc gacha flatha
            3] ar bh-fer comlainn in gach uair.
            4] O Conuill echtaigh arm-ruaid.
          11. 1] Failbhi ri Corca Dhuibhni.
            2] ba fer seguinn re suirghi.
            3] dob e gradh na m-ban Muimnech.
            4] o Conuire caem-fhuighlech.
          12. 1] Ro budh aibinn lem anocht.
            2] ge fuarus ad is ard-olc.
            3] da marad Failbhe da eis.
            4] bathad Sitriuc meic Turgeis.
          13. 1] Truadh gan Failbhe in fhuilt maisigh.
            2] do rochtuin gu crich Chaisil.
            3] Ro budh aibinn duin budhes.
            4] da roiseadh lind da leighes.
          14. 1] A Donnchaid is a Dhuinn Cuan.
            2] tinolaid fesda bur sluagh.


            {folio L 156a2}3]
            [gap: rodent damage/extent: 10 characters]
            triall dar toigh.
            1] ge tuccam
            [gap: rodent damage/extent: 8 characters]

            Easbuid MuimhnechFailbhe Finn.

          15. Section 86.

            [gap: rodent damage/extent: 7 characters]tinoilset na laec-Mhuimhnig na longa don leathan-mhuir & tucsat gu tir iat & ro feradh failti re Ceallachan & re Donn Cuan ag na curadaibh. Ocus ro gabsad oc egcaine a n-uasal & a n-oirrigh & a n-anrad Ocus at-bert Donnchad mac Caeim in laid.

            Section 87.

            1. 1] Deas duin a Cheallachain chaeim.
              2] a mic Buadachain blath-chaein.
              3] gan do rochtain tar lear lan.
              4] le Sitriuc soir tar serbh-shal.
            2. 1] Muimhnig rot-mor-fhuasluic as.
              2] a Ceallachain na lann n-glas.
              3] as iat tainic ceim crodha.
              4] d'Ard Macha na mor-thora.
            3. 1] Muna tisdais 'na longuibh.
              2] tar tuiltibh tar trom-thonnaibh.
              3] oirrigha iarthair Muimnech.
              4] ro bud cian do chruadh-cuibhrech.
            4. 1] Tangatar sect bh-fichit carb.
              2] dot' iarraid-se gu h-agarbh.
              3] Laighdigh is Duibnigh tar linn.
              4] Ciarraige Corco Baiscinn.
            5. 1] Ua Eachach is Corca Mruad.
              2] tancadar tar lear linn-fhuar
              3] cu riacht Sruth na Maeili mas.
              4] do marbad na n-Gall n-gle-glas.
            6. 1] Lingset ar catha cruaidhi.
              1] fa Ard Macha mong-ruaidhi
              1] a tuaidh anoir is anes.
              1] ocus aniar gu coimhdhes.


            7. p.51

              Section 88.

              Is andsin tucsat maithe a muinntiri isin m-baili anund da n-adlacadh & do badar gu crodha cumthach caith-esbach re h-edh na h-oighti-sin & ro eirghedar gu moch arnamharach d' annlacad a muinntiri & rucsat uaisli a n-oirrig & maithi a muinntiri leo gusin cill don taeibh thuaidh do Dun Dealgan & do cuired a ceathra h-uaghaib a n-oirriga & tainic Donnchadh mac Caeim osa cinn & ro ghabh ag innisi a coscair & do-rinni in laid ar deredh in sceoil.

              Section 89.

              1. 1] Seact bh-fichit long ar in muir.
                2] tainic leisna h-oirrighuibh.
                3] noca terna dib gan ghuin.
                4] acht tri fichid da muinntir.
              2. {folio L 156b1}
              3. 1] Do marbad Cobhthach na g-cath.
                2] do
                [gap: rodent damage/extent: 7 characters]
                marbad Flann fuilech
                3] do baidedh Eiders
                [gap: rodent damage/extent: 6 characters]
                4] is do marbad a fhoirenn.
              4. 1] Do comthuit Cobhthach san cath
                2] is in Loclannach Ladhach.
                [gap: rodent damage/extent: 5 characters]
                n-imarchraigh oir.
                4] a n-Ath Cliath na corn comhoil.
              5. 1] Do comthuit Eiderscel ann.
                2] ocus Loclannach na Lann
                3] is do comthuit Flann fuilech.
                4] is Sen-Amlaib sarghuinech.
              6. 1] Dubh Dha Bhoirenn maith duine
                2] co Lenn Turmun na h-Uidhe.
                3] dar marbad an t-iarla ann.
                4] ba treisi d'feruibh Lochlann.
              7. 1] Do marbad Sghdha is Failbhi.
                2] duinne rob adbar mairgi.
                3] is do gonad Congal cruaidh.
                4] a h-iath Mumhan an mhor-shluaigh.

              8. p.52

              9. 1] Do chomhraicset riu ar in muir.
                2] Sitriuc gu luing Lochlannaig.
                3] ocus Maghnus in tuir tren.
                4] is Tora na renn roi-ger.
              10. 1] Torchuir Maghnus ar in moir.
                2] ocus Segda in ghaiscid gloin.
                3] Tora is Congal in cedna.
                4] Sitriuc Failbhe fir-ghegda.
              11. 1] Do comraic Ciarraigi cruaidh.
                2] re Finnlochlann on tir thuaidh
                3] dar chomthuit Conchubar caemh.
                4] is ri Finnlochlann folt-claen.
              12. 1] Corco Baiscinn buiden des.
                2] co Lenn Turmun chathrach Pers
                3] dar comthuitsed ar in linn.
                4] Persa ocus Corco Baiscinn.
              13. 1] Tachraid re chele 'san chuan.
                2] Fuarlochlann is Corca Mruad.
                3] no gur mharbsat a cheli.
                4] ar in ler co lanredhi.
              14. 1] Ann sin tuc in tuili a tír.
                2] ni dha longuibh gu lan-brig.
                3] inntibh do chuadar amach
                4] Muimnig ar in ler longach.
              15. 1] Ar n-dul Ceallachain 'san luing.
                2] co muinntir Fhailbhi arm-dhuinn.
                3] o do riacht a airm chatha.
                4] nir lamhsat mac na flatha.
              16. 1] Gabsat Loclannaig amach.
                2] a corraibh a long loindrech.
                3] nocha dechaidh dhibh for fecht.
                4] acht mad a se for a secht.


              17. p.53

                Section 90.

                A h-aithli a muinntiri do rochtain an aein-inad do thinoilset a longa fein & longa na Loclannach & do loiscset uili iat & do loiscset an baili Ocus do bhi dream 'ga radha in t-slighe a n-gebhdais do thoirismhedh & dream oca fiafraiged ca ragdais d' ascnam a tiri fein. {folio L 156b2} an t-slighi bhud des co direch ar dream acu. Ni ba h-i ar Ceallachan & ar Donnchad mac Caeim acht innsaighium gu h-Ath Cliath airm a bh-fuileat meic & mna & muinntera na Loclannach & in ben trear gabhudh Ceallachan & trear marbad ar muinter .i. Mor ingen Aedha meic Echach & do-rinni in laid.

                1. 1] Denaidh comhairle crodha.
                  2] a fhian alainn fhir-bheodha.
                  3] 'ga slighi a raghthaí budh dhes.
                  4] a crich Muman na moir-les.
                2. 1] Da n-dechthai tar clar Cruachna.
                  2] duibh-si bud forlunn fuachda.
                  3] ni leicfit sibh da bhar toigh.
                  4] gan cath is gan cruaidh-irgail.
                3. 1] Da n-dechthai tre clar Mhidhe.
                  2] a shluaigh is lor leidmighi.
                  3] do-ghebhthai ar in sligid toir.
                  4] Donnchadh is na Lochlannaig.
                4. 1] Raghmait-ne tre clar Midhe.
                  2] Os innti ata in ainmhfhine.
                  3] no gu roisium gidh ceisd cruaidh.
                  4] budhes a Mumain mong-ruaid.
                5. 1] Innsaighter lib co h-Ath Cliath.
                  2] don Midhe guma moir-liach.
                  3] aniugh gidh alainn an gne.
                  4] beit ann duinti fa dhuibhdhe.

                  Denaid comairle crodha.

                6. Section 92.

                  IS annsin ro chuirset fir Mhuman a ceann sheda & aisdir & imthechta gu cumthach crodha ciallmer & ro creacsat gach crich & ro loicset gach lis & gach lan-baili tharla


                  doibh a seimh-dhirech gacha sliged o Dun Dealgan cu h-Ath Cliath Ocus do riacht fis rompa don righ-bhaili & do h-indisedh do mnaibh na Lochlannach a bh-fir do mharbad & Ceallachan do breith ar eicin uatha.

                  Section 93.

                  IS ann sin adubhairt bean Tora meic Thuirgheis .i. Mor ingen Donnchada. Do fhedar-sa ar si in comairli. dha ticfad bas Ceallachain. & maidm ar Mhuimhnechaib .i. dul duin isin grianan a bh-fuil Mor ingen Aedha meic Echach in ben do-rad gradh do Ceallachan & a innisi dhi Ceallachan do mhilled & Muimnig do mharbad & do-ghebha sisi bas do chumhaid Cheallachain & do-ghebha-sum bas da cumaid-si & budh maidhm ar Muimnechaib da bh-faga-som bas. Dentar amlaid ar na mna & do innisedar don ingin {folio L 157a1} na scela-sin. Ni fir dhaibh idir a mhna ar Mor & do budh ferr libh-si cumad fhir an scel-sin & as deimin gu bh-fuiged Ceallachan bas da bh-faguinn-si mh' oighed. Ocus do gheibhim-si a scela gach n-oighthi a m' imdhaid & nidam ben-sa fós do ar an ingen.

                  Section 94.

                  IS annsin do riacht tosach sluaig Muman cusin m-baili & ro tinoiledh bai & bo-thainti in baili leo & a ór & a aircet & a il-mhaine & tucad mna & maccaeimh in baili da n-innsaigid. & tucadh Mor ingen Aedha meic Echach & Be Binn ingen Tuirgeis gu Ceallachan. & adubairt re Donn Cuan mac Ceinneidig Be Binn do beith aigi do bhain-cele. & do-ronad amlaid acu. & do bhi a rogha mna ag gach fhir dibh o sin amach. Ocus do bhatar gu cenn sectmaine ar an seolad-sin. Ocus oc imtheacht doibh ro loiscset in baili.

                  Section 95.

                  Tancatar rompa iarsin gu cenn oirrtherach mhuighi na h-Almhaine Ocus mar do bhadar annsin co bh-facadar na .V. catha coraighthi ar lar an muighi fo glere sciath & lann & luirech fo ghlere shleagh & chotun & cathbarr Ocus as e do bhi annsin. Murchad mac Finn ri Laigen & a tri derbraithre .i. Donnchad & Find & Aedh & Conghal mac Laigsigh ri Laidhisi Laigen Ocus Donnchad mac Aedha ri Fotharta Laigen Ocus Muirchertach mac Tuathail ri O Mail Ocus Concubar mac Donnchada ri O bh-Failghe Ocus Bran Bherba mac Amhalghaidh ri O m-Buide & O Mairgi.

                  Section 96.

                  Mar at-connuic ri Laigen slogh Muman cuigi adubairt re sagart da mhuinntir. Eirigh ol se cu feruibh Muman &


                  cuinnig braighdi dhamh-sa orra & gumba h-iat na braighdi-sin Ceallachan & Donn Cuan & innis doibh nach geb-sa braighdi ele acht in dias-sin no cath do chuir ar an sleibh. Teit in sacart roime cu h-airm a m-batar fir Muman. & adubairt in ni-sin friu.

                  Section 97.

                  Ro eirghetar ferga & fuasnada a miledaib Muman ona moir-briathraibh-sin. Do raid Donnchad mac Caeim {folio L 157a2}[gap: MS damage/extent: 8 characters]na ar sibhail-ne & ni budh soanach [gap: MS damage/extent: 7 characters]& ar dithaigid d' uaislibh & d' orrigaib [gap: MS damage/extent: 6 characters]ag cosnum na deisi-sin da tucmais doibh-sium iat & abair-si frius umh an gilla is mesa ar an sluagh-sa nach tibrimis doib-sium h-e ar aba catha.

                  Section 98.

                  IS annsin adubairt Donnchad as ail damh athchuingid uaibh. a fhira Muman .i. tosach in chatha-so do leiced damh fein & da bh-fuil do Clainn Eogain annso & gan Ceallachan do theacht isin cath. Tucad do-sum sin Ocus adubairt Ceallachan. O nach leacar mhisi isin cath diglaid gu maith Cormac mac Cuillennain ar Laighnibh or ata dá bliagain cu leith & da fhiceat gan dighailt & nir thaircset ar son cinn gacha cleirigh dar marbad ann acht enbo & at-bert in laid.

                    1. 1] Cuiridh re Laighnibh na leacht

                      & rl.

                  Section 99.

                  IS annsin do éirgeadar Clanna oiregda admara Eoghuin & ro coraighedh acu fraecda fosaid feramail feinedh[gap: MS ends imperfect]

                  Section 100.

                  {page 87}Cíodh tra acht iar m-báthadh na m-borb-Lochlonnach uile & ar t-tuitim na n-uasal-ttriath Muimhneach, tainic Ceallachan a t-tir, agus ró fhailtigh edar meanmanna & aigionnta na n-árd-taoisioc roimhe. Cuirios Ceallachan dá losgadh an médh don loingios nár báthadh san sal-mhuir & as i cómhairle ar chinnsiad na curadha, ionnsuighe go righ Chinéil c-Conuill, óir as é do chuir feasa (amhuil adubhramar reomainn) go h-Árd Macha a c-ceann Lochlonnach, dá rádh riu Ceallachán do breith go Dún Dealgain. Níor thóg Muirchertach a aghaidh dhóibh, gidhedh do-ronnsad airgne & éadála na criche uile, & tángadar as


                  sin go Teamair, & cuirid uata d' fógrad catha ar Donnchadh mac Floinn Sionna .i. righ Eirean, óir do cheadaicc sé Ceailachán roime-sin do gabháil a n-Áth Cliath. ró diúltaicc Donnchad cathughadh ríu, & ód díultaidh, ro chreacsad tuatha Teamrach. Rangadar as-sin go Caisiol Mumhan, & do roinnedh na criócha go cubhaidh le Ceallachán ider ua h-uaislibh, & ro chaithsiad in aimsir go suaimhneach siothchanta ó sin anonn, go bh-fuair Cheallachán Caisil mac Buadhacháin bas ionmholta a c-Caisiol Anno Domini 952.