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The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius

Author: [unknown]

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James Henthorn Todd

Electronic edition compiled by Beatrix Färber, Philip T. Irwin

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS H. 3. 17. (D). A miscellaneous volume, containing tracts from centuries 14, 15 and 16. Formerly in possession of Duald Mac Firbis and Edward Lhuyd. In this MS, the copy of the Leabhar Breatnach is on p. 806 b; probably written in the 14th or early 15th century and forms the basis of Todd's edition. Errors have been corrected by the editor, collating MSS. B and L.
  2. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 P 12 (Book of Ballymote), written in the 14th century (B). In the order of sections this MS differs from D; it contains various interpolations.
  3. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan), written in 1427 (L).
  4. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, a 12th century fragment in Lebor na hUidre (U). Fragment starts with 'acht ceana, a rig, ol se' (p. 94, section XIX) and runs until end of section XXIV.
  5. The Book of Ui Maine, written before 1423, when the scribe Faelán Mac an Gabhann died. This MS was not accessible for consultation by Todd.
    The Latin Nennius: editions and translations
  1. Nennii Historia Britonum ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum recensuit Josephus Stevenson. Londini, 1838.
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    The Irish Nennius: editions and translations
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    Reviews and Notices
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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. Leabhar Breathnach annso sis: The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius. Edited with a translation and notes [from the Books of Lecan and Hy Many]. J. H. Todd (ed), First edition [16 + 288 + 130pp.] Irish Archaeological SocietyDublin (1848)


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The present text represents even pages 22-286 of the volume. Editorial preface, introduction, and translation have been omitted. Corrections on the Errata slip were integrated into the digital edition. The original text ended with the end of section XXIV. The text following section XXIV is contained in an appendix; it includes wonders of the Island of Britain and the Isle of Man; a tract on Pictish history (XXVII to XXIX) with a poem in section XXX; an abridged translation of Bede's History; and the Legend of St Cairnech.

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Created: By (an) unknown author(s) in Irish monastic scriptoria. Date range: Early medieval period.

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Language: [GA] The text is in Middle Irish.
Language: [LA] Some words and phrases are in Latin.
Language: [AS] A few words are in Anglo-Saxon, possibly corrupted.
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Revision History

Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G100028

The Irish version of the Historia Britonum of Nennius: Author: [unknown]


Ego Nemnius Elodugi discipulus aliqua excerpta scripere curauai .i. ro deithniges go ra sgribaind araile do lamarta, & me Nenamnis disgibail Eludaig, daig ro dermaid beas & aimeagna in


ceneoil Breatainia seancasa & bunadana na cetdaine cona filit i soraithme a sgribandaib nach a lebraib. Messe imorro, ro comtinoili-sa na sencasa fuarasa in analtaib na Roman, as na cronicib na sruithe noeb .i. Assuidir & Cirine & Easebii, in analtaib Saxan & Gaedil, & ina fuaras o tidnocol ar n-arsa fein.

Britonia insola a Britinia filio Isocon dicta est .i. o Britan rater inis Bretan, no atberaid araile gomad o'n ti as Brutas no ratea .i. an ced consal ro bai a Romancaib. Albion imorro ro b'e ced ainm indsi Breatan. Ocht ced mile cemend fot indsi Breatan. Da ced mile cemind ina lethet. Ocht prim-cathracha .xx. indte, & ate andso a n-anmanda do reir eolach Bretan.


Caer Gortigernn. Caer Grutus. Caer Mencest. Caer Luill. Caer Medguid. Caer Colun. Caer Gusdirt. Caer Abrog. Caer Caradog. Caer Brut. Caer Machod. Caer Lunaind. Caer Oen. Caer Irangin. Caer Pheus. Caer Don. Caer Loninoperuisc. Caer Grugan. Caer Sant. Caer Legun. Caer Gnidiud. Caer Breatan. Caer Leiridoin. Caer Pendsa. Caer Druithgolgod. Caer Luiticoit. Caer Urnocht. Caer Eilimon.

Isit imda a cathracha genmota sin, diarmedhe a ratha & a caistel cumachta. Ceithri ceinela aittreabaid inis Breatan, .i. Gaedil & Cruithnig & Breatnaig & Saxain. Indsi Guta ria aneas, Abonia aniar etarru & Eire .i. Manaind, & Indsi Orcc ria atuaid. Ascnaid h-Ere seach inis Breatan siar deas co


fota. Benaid imorro inis Bretan seach h-Erinn saer-thuaid co cian.

Diairmithe dno a locha agus a srotha. Da prim-sruth indti .i. Tamus & Sabraind; is forra-saidein seolaid longa & barca insi Breatan co sedaibh & go mainibh indse Breatan uile.

Ro linsat Breatain in n-insi uile ar tuacute;s dia clanaib, o Muir n-Icht co Muir n-Orc & fo allad & airrdercos.

Iar n-dilind tra da randad in doman a tri idir tri


maccu Nae .i. Eoraip & Affraic & Assia. Sem an n-Asia. Cam an Affraic. Iafeth an Oraip. Ise cet fear do sil Iafeth tainic ar tus in n-Eoraip .i. Alanius co n-a tri macaib .i. Isacon & Gothus no Armion & Negua. Ceithri meic ag Isacon .i. Francus, Romanus, Britus, Albanus. Armon umorro .u. meic lais, Gotus, Uilegotus, Cebetus, Burgandus, Longobardus. Tri meic Negua, Uandalus, Saxo, Boarus. Saxo mac Negua is uada ataid Saxain. Britus, imorro, is uad Breatain, mac saidein Isacoin, mic Alani, mic Fethuir, mic Ogamain, mic Tai, mic Buidb, mic Semoib, mic Athacht, mic Aoth, mic Abair, mic Roa, mic Asra, mic Iobaith, mic Ioban, mic Iafeth, mic Nae, mic Laimiach Is amlaid sin at fiadar a seancasaib Breatan.

Innisdar imorro a n-analtaib na Romanach. Aenias mac Anacis do tiachtain iar toghail Trai co h-Eatail, & tugasdair


Lauina ingean Ladin mic Puin mic Pic mic Saduirnd &c. Iar marbadh Tuirnd & iar n-eg Ladin in rig ro gab Aenias rigi Ladiandai, & ro cumdaiged in cathraig Albalonga la h-Ascan mac Aeniasa, & tugasdar seitig, & rugasdair mac do .i. Siluius, fo cetoir.

Siluius iardain tugasdair seitig, & ro ba torrach, & adfet do Ascan bean a meic do beith torrach, i. alachta, & ro faid teachta co a mac co ro faidid a druid do tabairt ardmesa ar a mnai co feasad in ro ba mac, nó'n ro ba h-ingean ro teacht. Do coid in druid, & adbert iar tiachtian in druid re h-Ascan conad mac do bai 'na broind; & adbert comad tren, & co muirfead a athair & a mathair, & comad misgneach la cach. Marb tra a mathair dia breith. Ro h-ainmnigead soin .i. Britis, & ro h-ailed iardain.

Britus din mac Silui mic Ascain mic Aeniasa mic Anacis, mic Caipen, mic Essarc, mic Trois, mic h-Airic, mic Idus, mic Dardain, mic Iob, mic Sardain, mic Ceil, mic Polloir, mic Zorastreis, mic Mesraim, mic Caim, mic Nae, filii maledicti ridenteis patrem, mic Nae.


Tros imorro mac Airictondus da mac lais .i. Ilium & Asarcus; is leis ro cumdaiged Ilium .i. Troi; is do ro ba mac Laimidoin, athair Priaim. Asarc imorro athair Capen, Caipen athair Anacis, Anacis athair Aeniasa, Aenias athair Ascain sen, athair Britain exosi .i. Britain misgnech. Is amlaid sin tugasdair ar senoir-ne uasal .i. Guanach, geinilach Breatan a cronicib na Romanach.


Iar n-il bliadnaib iardain, do reir fasdine in druadh, do rala do Britus beith ag saigdeoracht a fiadnaisi in rig .i. a athair, co ranig in t-saiged uada a toll arach in rig, & gor marb in rig fo cetoir ainnsin .i. a athair fein, & co ro h-indarbad son o'n h-Eatail iartoin for indsib mara Torrian, & indarbaid Greig h-e as na h-indsib a g-cinaid Tuirnn do marbad do Aenias. Tanig a Francaib iardain, ocus ro cumdaiged leis Torinis, & nir fuilngead andsin h-e, & tanig iardain a n-inis Breatan, coro gab a rigi, & co ro h-ainmniged in inis uadh, & go ros lin dia claind & dia cined soin. Agus conad h-esin tosach a trebe, do reir na Roman.


Ianus .i. Ian rig na n-Eperda, ise ced rig ro gab Romanchu, agus is uad ainmniger mi Enair. Sadurnd iardain. Ioib iardain. Dardan mac Ioib iardain. Piccus mac Ioib iardain. Funus mac Piccus xx. bliadhan. Ladin a mac .l. bliadhan. Aenias a. iii. Ascan a. xxxiiii. Siluius xii. cona ro


marb a mac, n. Britus, amail ro raidseamar. Siluius ainim gach rig o soin ille, co toracht Romal mac sidein Rea Siluiae ingeine Numitair, mic Proic Siluii, mic Auentine Siluii, mic Araimulisi Siluii, mic Agraippae Siluii, mic Tiberne Siluii mic Albani Siluii, mic Ascain Siluii, mic Postaime Siluii; brathair side & Britis da mac Siluii mic Ascain mic Aeniasa iat.

Postomus a rigi Roman xxxix. Britas a rigi indsi Breatan xxx. bliadain. Postomios a brathair a rigi Roman ut diximus. Heile sagart ba flaith mac n-Israthel, & is na comair rugad ind airc is in daire, & tugad fo cedoir.

O gabail Britais go gabail Cruithneach a n-Indsib Orcc d. cccc. bliadhan; & ro gabsatar in trian tuaiscgeartach


indsi Breatan ar egin o Breatnaib, & aittreabait ann cos andiu.

Gaedil iardain ro gabsat in rand cetna na Cruithneach, & do ronsat aentaig re Cruithnib a n-agaid Breatan.

Saxain ro gabsat iardain inis Breatan a n-aimsir Marciain in rig. Gortigearnn dna ba rig Breatan ann .i. lucht tri long tangatar as in Gearmain im da brathair .i. Ors & Aigeast go ro dicuirseat Breatnu in imlib na h-indsi.


Ceid fhear do gab Eirind .i. Parrtalon cum mile hominibus .i. mile itir firr & mna, & ro fosbrithear a 'n-Eiri na n-il mileadaib, coras marb a n-aen t-sheachtmain do tam, a n-digail na fingaili do roindi for a pathair agus for a mathair.


Nemead iardain ros gab sen in Eirind. Mac saidein araile Agnomain; ro athtreab a sil re ré cian in Eirind, co n-deachadar co h-Easbain, for teithead in cissa na Muiride .i. na Fomorach.

Uiri Bullorum .i. Firbolg iardain & Uiri Armorum .i. Fir Gaileoin, & Uiri Dominiorum.i. Fri Domnann, sil Nemid annsin.

Ro gab in n-Eirind iardain Plebes Deorum .i. Tuata de Danann


is dib ro badar na prim eladhnaig. Edon Luchtenus Artifex. Credenus Figalus. Dianus Meidicus. Eadan dna filia eius .i. muimi na filid. Goibnen Faber. Lug mac Eithnega rabadar na h-uil-dana. Dagda mor (mac Ealadan mic Dealbaith) in rig. Ogma brathair in rig, as e a ranig litri na Sgot.

Is iad na fir seo ro briseat cath mor for na muireadaib .i. for na Fomorcaib, & cor thaethsadar rompa ina tor .i. dun ro


daingean for muir. Co n-deachadar fir Erenn ina n-dagaid co muir, coro cathaigseat friu co ros forro do glaeseat in muir uile acht lucht aen luinge, gor gabadar in n-inis iardain. No comad iad clann Neimid im Feargus leidh-dearg mac Neimid do togailseat in tor, &c.

Tainig iardain dám ochtair, cona ocht longaib, is co ro aittreabsath a n-Eirinn, & co ro gab rand mor de.

Fir Bolg imorro ro gabsat Manaind & araile innsi archeana, Ara & Ili & Rachra.

Clanda Gaileoin, imorro, mic Earcail ro gabsat Indsi Orc .i.


Istoreth mac Istoirine mic Aigine mic Agathirir ro sgailseat aril, a h-Indsib Orcc .i. do cuaid Cruithne mac Ingu mic Luithe mic Pairte mic Istoreth mic Agnamain mic Buain mic Mair mic Faitheacht mic Iauad mic Iafeth; conad ro gab tuasceart innsi Breatan, & co roindseat a secht macu a searann a seact rannaib, & asé ainm cacha fir dib ata for a fearann.

Seacht meic Cruithnig .i. Fib, Fidach, Fotlaid, Fortrinn, Cat, Ce, Cirig. Ut dixit Colam Cilli

    1. Moirfeisear do Cruithne claind
      Roindsed Albain a seacht raind
      Cait, Ce, Cireach cetach cland,
      Fib, Fidach, Fotla, Foirtreand.
Agus co ro gab Aenbeagan mac Caitt mic Cruithni ardrighe na secht rand. Finachta ba flaith n-Eirenn is in re sin, agus ro gabsat giall Cruithneach.

Do cuadar coicfhear imorro, do Cruthantuathib a h-Indsib


Orcc .i. cuic brathri athar Cruithne co Francaib go ro cumdaigsead cathair ann .i. Picctatus no Inpictus, o na rinntaib ainmnigear; & co tangadar doris docum na h-innsi .i. docum na h-Erenn, co rabadar re cian ann, go ras dicuirseat Gaedil tar muir do cum a m-brathar.

Clanna Liathain mic Earcail ro gabsat fearann Dieimtorum & Guer & Guigelle, go ras innarb Cohenda co a macaib a Breatnaib.


IS amlaid seo imorro atfiadait na h-eolaid na n-gaedeal


imteachta a n-arsaide toiseach. Ro bai araile fear soceanolach for loingeas i n-Eigipt, iar na h-indarba a rigi Sgeithia, in n-inbaid tangadar meic Israthel tre Muir Ruaid, & ro baidead Forand cona sluag. In sluag terna as gan badad, ro h-innarbsat a h-Eigipt in loingsech soicenelach ud, ar ba cliamain sium do Forand do baidead ann .i. Forann Cíncris.

Roascnadar iarum in Sgeitheagdai co na clann is a n-Affraig, co h-altoraibh na Feilisdinach co cuithib Salmara, & eitir na Ruiseagdaib & sliab Iasdaire, & tar sruth m-bailb tres in Set Muiride co Colamnaib Ercail tar muncinn Gaididoin co h-Easpain; & ro aittreabaid in Espain iardain, co tangadar meic Milead Easpaine co h-Eirind co trichait cuile, co tricha lanamain cach cul, a cind da bliadan ar mile iar m-badad Foraind im Muir Ruaid.

Rex hautem eorum mersus est .i. ro baidead in rig .i. Donn ag


Tig Duind. Tri bandé in n-inbaid sin a flaithius Erenn, Folla, & Banba, & Eire, coro moideadar tri catha forro re macaib Mileadh. Coro gabadar meic Milead rigi iardain.

Contensio magna facta est .i. ro fhas cosnam mor eter da mac Milead imon rige co ro sidistar a m-breitham iat .i. Amairgein Glun Geal mac Miled, & ba filid eisiden dna; & is e in sidh do roinde .i. raind Erenn a n-do, & rogab Eber in leath teas, & Eiremon sa leath tuaig; & ro aittreabaid a clanna an n-indsi seo cus andiu.

Breatain tra ro gabsatar in n-insi seo is in treas


aimsear in domain. Isin ceathramad aimsear in domain imorro ro gabsat Gaedil Erinn; is in aimsir cenna ro gabsatar Cruithnig tuasceart indsi Breatan; is in t-seised aimsear imorro tangadar Dal Riada co ro gabsat raind na Cruithneach, & is an amsir sin ro gabrat Saxain a raind a Breatnaib.

Iar n-il aimsearaib tra ro gabsat Romain ard flathus in domain, & ro faedseat teachtaire co h-inis Breatan do cuingid giall & eitire, amail tugsat as gach tir n-aile. Do cuadar imorro na teachta co dimdach gan giall; ro feargaidead in rig imorro .i. Iuil Cesair re Breatnu, & tanig co lx. cuile co h-indbear srotha Tamais. Beallinos imorro ba rig Breatan in n-inbaid sin. Do cuaid imorro Dolabeallus air consul rig Breatan a comdail Iuil Ceasair, & ro teasgda milid in rig; is in amsir sin ro bris donind & anfad a longa, & do rathcuir in rig gan chosgur


dia tir. Tanig imorro aris a cinn tri m-bliadan co tri .c. long cos in indbear cedna; ro suidigisdar imorro Dolobellus beara iaraind in n-atha na h-abann ara cind in catha, co torcradar na milead Romanach tres in n-engnam neamaicside sin .i. tres na grainib catha.

Co ro tineoilid o Iuil, & co tardad cath is in fearann dianad ainm Tinuandrum, co remaid roime in cath sin & go ro gab rigi na h-indsi .uii. m-bliadna. xl. re gein Crist, ab initio muindi

Iuil dna in ced rig Roman ro gab inis Breatan ro marbad


ina h-airect h-fein, & is na h-anioir ro h-ainmnigsead Romain mi Iuil a cind .uii. m-bliadna xl. iar n-gein Crist.

.íí. Cluid in rig tanaisde ro gab inis Breatan, a cind cheathrachad bliadan agus a ceathair iar n-gen Crist, & do rad ar mor ar Breatnaib, & rainig Inis Orcc iar cor áir a munntire, & iar mor dith a muinntire las in toiseach dianad ainm Caisebeallunus; tri bliadna deg & .uíí. mís a rige, co n-erbailt im Magnantia h-i Longbardaib ag dola do Roim a h-inis Breatan.

Iar .uíí. m-bliadna. xl. ar ced o gein Crist, ro faiseat in rig & in Papa .i. Ealituherius sruithe uaidib co n-ebislib co Lucius co rig Breatan, co ro baisditea in rig, co rigaib Breatan arceana.

.ííí. Suareis in treas rig tainig a m-Bretnaib; is leis do ronad


clad Saxan a n-agaid na m-barbarda .i. Cruithneachu da .m. xxx. ar .c. ceimenn ina fad, & ase ainm in claid sin la Breatnachu Guaul; & ro forcongair clad aile do denam in n-agaid Gaedeal & Cruithneach .i. Clad Na Muice, & do rochairsin iarsin la Breatan co n-a toseachuib.

.íííí. Carausius iardain tanig co crodu do digail Seuir ar Breatnaib co torcair rig Breatan leis, & co ro gab aedgu rig uime tar diden in rig .i. in t-imper; conad ro marb Allectus coraid Romanac, & co ro gab side rige iartain fria re chiana.

.u. Condsantinus mac Constantin Moir mic Ailina ro gab inis Breatan, & adbath, & ro atnacht a Cairsegint .i. Minantia .i.


ainm aile do cathraig sin; & fallsigid litri i cloich in adnacail a ainm, & forfagaib tri sila is in n-faithche os in cathraig sin, cona fil pocht is in cathraig sin.

.ui. Maixim and seisead imper do gab Breatain. Is na aimsir sin ro tindcsnadh consaileacht ag Romancaib, & nir tograd Cesari for rig eile o sin amach. Is a na aimsir Maximin ro bai an t-apstal uas airmindeach .i. Naem Martain; do Gaillia la Uleicsis doboden.

.uii. Maximain ro gab rigi Breatan, & rug sloga Breatain a Romanacaib co torcair lais Gradian in t-imper, & ro gab fein rigi na h-Eorpa; & ni ro leig uad na sluaig rug leis docum a m-ban & a mac nach a fearann, acht do rad fearanna imda doib o tha in loch fil immullach Sleibe Ioibh co Canacuic budeas & siar co duma Oichiden ait a fuil in chros argna, & is iad sin


Breatain Letha & tarastair teas dogres, & is aire sin ro gabasdair eachtar-cineada tire Breatan, & ro marbtha Breatain a n-imlib a fearaind.

Gradian imorro, cona brathair .i. Ualentinien a comrigi .ui. bliadna; is n-amsir ro bai in t-espoc uasal i Medolen forceallaid na cathlagda .i. Ambros.

Ualanentinen & Teothas a comflathus ocht m-bliadna, is na h-aimsir ro tineolaid in seanad i Constantin .i. l. ar tri ccc. do srutib do dicur iris Maiccidoin .i. diultad in Spirid Naem; & is 'na aimsir ro bai Cirine uasal sagart i m-Beithil Iuda in t-eidirceartaigh cathlagda.

Gradian ceana mar dubramar & Ualenten h-i rigi co ro rigad Maximen o na mileadaib a n-inis Breatan, & co n-deachaid tar muir a Francaib, & co ro foruaslaigid in rig Graidian tre brath


magisdreach na milid .i. Parassis Mearobladis; co ro teith in rig co Lugdon, co ro gabad ann, & co ro marbad.

Maximen & a mac Uictor a comrigi. Martain a Torinis in n-inbaid sin. Maximen imorro ro fadbaigid leis na consalu o etgu rigda .i. la Ualentinen & la Teothas is in treas licc on cathair Eigilia, & ro tamnaiged o cinn is in lug sin. Do rochair imorro a mac .i. Uictor h-i Francaib las in comit dianad ainm Arguba. O tus domain u. m. dc. xc., co sin, do reir cach croinice sin.

IS amlaid sin indisid ardsanta na Breatan .i na. uíí. n-airdrigha do Romancaib for Breatan. Atbearaid imorro Romanaid is nonbhur uaidibh for Breatnaib .i. in t-ochtmad in Seuer tanaisi, atbath ag dul do Roim a h-inis Breatan. Constantin .xui. bliadna i rigi innsi Breatan co n-erbailt. Nai m-bliadna tra ar cccc. do Breatnaib fon cis Romanach. Ro h-innarbsat


tra Breatnaig iardain neart Romanach & ni tardsad cís na cain doib, & ro marbsat na h-uile taiseachu Romancu ro badar a n-inis Breatan.

Atracht imorro fo cedoir neart Cruithneach & Gaedeal dar broind Breatan & ros innarbsat cos in n-abaind dianad ainm Tin. Do cuadar iardain teachta Breatan i Romancaib co n-duba & co torsi moir, co fotaib for a ceandaib & co seataibh imdaib leo, na ro digladis forro na toisigh Romanchu ro marbad doib. Tugsatar leo iardain toiseachdu & consaluu Romancu & tairngairsit co na luga do gebdais in mam Romanach ciama trom.

Do rochadar iardain na mileada Romancu & ro h-ordaigtea toisig & rigu for inis Breatan, & do codar na sloig iardain dia tigib. Ro gab fearg & torsiu Breatnu ar truma in ciacute;sa & in mama Romanaig leo, co ro marbsat na toiseachu ro badar acu a n-inis Breatan don dara cur. Cu n-erucht acu neart Cruithneach & Gaedel tar Breatnu doridais cor bo truma ina in cain Roman, ardaig a n-dicur uile as a fearann ro b'ail do Cruitheantuath & do Gaeidilaib.

Do cuadar iardain Breatnaig co truag & co dearnamach in aireact na Romanach, as amlaid at fiatar a n-dul & a n-dromanna rompu ar imnáire, & tainig sochraide mor leo .i. sluag diairmithe do Romancaib, & ro gabtha tra rigi & toiseach foro


iardain. Ba trom tra le Breatnu iardain in cis Romanach, cor marbsat a riga & a taisigu in treas feacht.

Tangadar iardain flaiti Roman tar muir cor remaid cath dimor rompo for Breatnu, gor digailsit anair a n-daine forro, & cor lomairgsit inis Breatan im a h-or & im a h-airgead, co rugsat leo a srol & a sirig & a sida & a leasdair oir & airgid, co n-deachadar co m-buaid & coscair dia tigh.


Do rala tra iarsin cath ramraite & iar marbad na toiseachdu Romanducu ba tri la Breatnu iar tocaithim doib fon cis Romanach cccc.tos quadragintinouem annos. Gortigernd mac Gudail do gabail airdrigi Breatan & co tortromta h-e o uaman Cruthneachu & Gaedel & o nirt Amros rig Franc & Breatan Leatha.


Tangudar tri cuile as in Gearmain .i. tri barca for indarba i rabadar na do bratair .i. Ors & Engist o fuilit Saxain; ise seo imorra a n-geinealach .i. Ors & Engist da mac Guectilis, mic Guigte, mic Guechtai, mic Guta, mic Boden, mic Frealaib, mic Fredoilb, mic Finde, mic Freann, mic Folcbhall, mic Gaeta, mic Uanle, mic Saxi, mic Neag.

Britas mac Olonn o tait Breatain in Leatha, mic Eolonn,


mic Feithiuir, mic Ogamain, mic Tai, no Teo, mic Boib, mic Seboib, mic Atheacht, mic Aoth, mic Abair, mic Raa, mic Eassa, mic Ioban, mic Ionan, mic Iafeth, mic Nae.

Goirtigernn tra ro gabasdair h-i sid a Roman neart Cruithneach, & do rad doib in n-inis dianad ainim Teineth, Roinn imorro ainm Breatnach. Gradian & Aequit i rige Roman a n-inbaid sin. O gein Crist imorro .i. ccc.xluii. annos, & in aimsir in rig sin .i. Gortigernd, tainig Gearman Naem do proicept a n-inis Breatan, agus do rigni Dia fearta agus mirbaile imdha ar in clerech sin in inis Bretan, & ro ic sochaide & dos fug fo baithis & creidim.


Iar tiachtain do Gearman in n-inis Breatan do chuaid do dunad in corad dianad ainm Benli do proceapt do. Tarasdair


Gearman co na sruithib in n-dorus in dunaidh; do coid in doirsigi cos in rig im caingen in cleirig, ro raid in rig co na luigi dia m-beth na cleirig co cend m-bliadna in n-doras in dunaig ni torsid asdeach. Tainig in doirseoir cos in freagra sin do cum Gearmain. Tainig Gearman o'n doras amach trath feascair, & ni fidir conair no raga. Tanig aen do moghadhaib in rig as in caithrig amach, & ro thairbir a fiadnaisi Gearmain, & ros fug leis do cum a boithe co cain agus co failid, & ni roibe aigi do crod acht aen bo co na laegh, & ro marb in laegh, & bearbh, & do rad do na cleircib. Agus ro raid Gearman na ro brisdis a cnáma; agus ar na maireach tra ro mair in laegh a fiadnaisi a mathar.

Do coid German do dorus na caithrac iar na mhaireach do h-earnaidi agallaim in rig. Is ann sin tanig fear i n-a rith, & sé lan do allas o cind co bond, & ro tairind do Gearman; atbeart


Gearman ‘in creidi in Naem Trinnoid?’. ‘Creidim’ orse; ron baisd Gearman & do rat poic do, & ro raid ris, ‘eirig, anosa atbela, atait aingil De ag t'urnaide’; & do choidh faelig is in n-dun, & ro marbad las in rig; daig ba bés leis in rig marbad cach duine dia muinntir no toithchead re torgabail greine de deanam obre in dúine.

Ro chaith Gearman in la co h-aidhchi a n-dorus in dúnaidh, co toracht an mog cedna. At beart Gearman ris, ‘fomna, fomna na roib neach do'd muindtir is in dun so anocht.’ Tugasdair fo ceadoir in nonbur mac do bai occa sa dun tall, & rug in cleireach leis dia tig dorisi, & do ronsat uile frithaire. Co tanig teine Dé do nim fo cedoir is in n-dun cor loisc lucht na cathrach eter mnaibh & firu, mili duini ar feirg De & Germain; & is sas cos aniu.

Iar na maireach imorro, ro baisdid in mog ut co n-a macaib & co lucht in tire arceana, ro beandacht Gearman e co n-a claind. Caiteal a ainm, & bad rig e, & badar riga a meic tre


brethir Gearmain, & a sil o sin ale, is in fhearann dianad ainm Pogus; ut dicitur is na salmain, Suscitans a terrâ inopem, et de stercore erigens pauperem.

Saxain imorro in n-Inis Teineth, & Gortigernn occa m-biathad & ga n-eitiudh Saxain co caithaigset dar a cenn re Cruithentuath. Oro imdaigidar tra Saxain, foreimidseat Bretain a m-biathad nach a n-eidid, acht ro fogairseat Breatnaig doibh dulas uile.

Ro freagair doibh immorro Engist, fear saige fortge, tuaiceall, foill, ar at connairc se Breatnu co fann gan milida gan arma, is seadh ro raid fris in rig Gortigernn do t-sunrad: Denam deg comarli, tiagar uaind is in n-Gearmain ar ceand milead co rabam sochaidaidhe a n-agaid ar namad. Atbert Gortigearnn a n-dola na teachta ar cenn milead; & do coas; & do rochradar ocht longa deg co milidaib togaide as a Gearmain. Is in loingeas sin tainig a inghean co h-Engist, is iside ba caime do mnaib Lochlainde uile.


Iarsin imorra do rigne Engist flead mor do Gortigernn & dia sluag is in tig rig dianad ainm Centic Elinit; & ni roibe in Saxsain-berla ag neoch do Breatnaib acht ag aen fear. Ro gab imorro ingean Engist for dail na fleidhi .i. fina & siccera a leastraib oir & airgid, comtar mesgda meadarchain na sluaig; do cuaid tra demon i n-Gortigernn im ghrad ingeine Engist, & rola in berlaidh dia saigid dia cuinge d'on rig do h-Engist, & ro raid cidbe cungeas 'na tochra do bearthar do. Ró raid Engist tri comarle Saxan tuctar duind in fearand dianad ainm Congarlona 'sin berla Saxan, Ceint imorro is in berla Bretnuch. Do rad doib


Gortigernn go faelte flaith Gurangona & ro fae las in n-ingein & ros car go mor.

Agus raid Engist re Gortigernd bid misi t'athair & do comarleid & dia n-dearnda mo comarle ni caemsat na cineadaig eile ní duit; & ragar uam-seai Lochlaind ar ceand mo meic & meic seathur a mathur & cathaigsid a n-aigidna namad dorochradar co Mur Gual. Atbert Gortigernd a tocuired, & do cos ar a ceand, & do rochtadar Ochta mac Engist & Ebisa co .xl. long; & ro airgsead Indsi Orcc ic tiachtain a tuaid; & ro gabsat fearanna imda cos in muir Friseagda, .i. in muir fil a leith fri Gaedealu fo tuaid. No teigdis teachta ó Engist ar ceand long fos, & no tigdis sluaig nuadh cacha bliadna cucu, co ro forbarsead, & go ro linsat o Inis Tened co Cantarborg.

Ba beag la diabul de ulc do roinde Gortigernd co tard fair a ingen fein do tabairt, co rug mac do. Do cualaid Gearman Naem sin tainig & cleirech dia muintir .i. Breathnach, do chairiugudh


& do cosg Gortigernd; & ro tinóilid laich & cleirig Breatan uile imon caingen sin, & im caingin na Saxan; & atbert imorro Gortigernd re h-ingein, ‘Acht co ti cach a n-aen baile tabairsea do mac a n-ucht Gearman, & abair corob é a athair’, & do raid in n-ingean. Ro gab Gearman & atbert ris in mac, ‘Bid misi t'athair’ ol sé, & ro cuindig Gearman altain, & demeas, & cir, & a tabairt a laim na naiden; & tugadh, & adbeart Gearman: ‘A mic tabair sin a laim t'athar collaide;’ & adracht in naidhe & do rad in cír & in dimeas & in n-ailtini a laim Gortigernd, & adbert, ‘A mo poba’, ol sé, ‘déna mo bearradh, ár is tu m'atair collaide, Gearman imorro m'athair creidmi.’ Ro h-imdeargad im Gortigernd, & ro gab fearg co h-adbal, & ro teith ass a n-aireacht; & ro mallacht in popul Brethnach uile, & ro n-eascain Gearman de duobus.


Ro tocuirisdair iardain Gortigernd cuice da druidh deg, co feasad uathib a ní bo coir do deanam. Do raidsid ris na druidi, ‘Sír imli innsi Breatan, & fo geba dun daingean do'd didean ar in cinél n-eachtrann dia tartaisi do thír & do righe, daig nod múirfid do namaid, & gébaid do tír & do talam tar t'éis.’ Ro tochleasdair Gortigernd co n-a sluag & co n-a druidib deisceart


innsí Breatan uile, co rangadar Guined, & ro sirsead sliab Herer uile, & conad andsin fuaradar in dind os in muir, & fearand daingean, cor cumdaigeg h-e; atbertadar a druidi ris, ‘Déana-su sunda du dun’, ol siad, ‘ar ni caemnagair ní do co brath.’ Tuctha sair iardain & no tinolit adhbair in duin eitir cloich & crand, & rugad as uile in comadbar a n-aen aidce, & ro tinolit fo trí indsin in comadbur sin & rugad as fo tri. Ocus ro fiarfaig tra dia druidhthib cid dia da in t-olc-sa ar sé; ro raidseat a druidhe, ‘cuingid mac na feas a athair & marbtar leat & easrainter a fhuil tar in dun; & as amlaid con n-icfidear a cumdach.’

Ro laithe teachta uad fo inis Breatan d'iarraidh mic gan athair, & ro sírseat co mag Eilleite a tir Gleuisic, is and sin fuaradar na macu ag imain, co tarla deabaid etir da macam dib, con n-ebairt in mac fria araile, a duine gan athair, ní fhil maith agud edir. Ro h-iarfaigseat na teachta cid dia bo mac in gilla ris a n-abre siud? Atbert lucht na faithe, ‘ní eatamar,’ ol siad ‘ta


a mhathair sunn,’ or siad. Ro iarfaidseat dia mathair cid diar bo mac an gilla. Ro freagair in mathair ‘ni eadar-sa,’ ol si, ‘athair oga, & ni eadar cindas do rala im broind eitir.’ Tugasdair tra na teachta leo in mac sin co Gortigernn, & ro h-indisdair amail fuaradar e.

Iar na maireach ro tinolit in sluaig coro marbtha in mac, & tugad co sin rig in mac, & adbert fris in rig, ‘cid ar nam tugad-sa cucaib’, ar sé? Ro raid in rig ‘do'd marbud-sa,’ ar sé, ‘& do'd coscrad, & do cosergud in duin sea do'd fhuil.’ Adbert in mac ‘cia ro h-incoisc duid-siu sin?’ ‘Mo draidhe,’ ar in ri. ‘Gairter alle,’ ol in mac, & tangadar na druidhi. Atbert in mac riu, ‘Cia ro raid ribsi na cumdaiger in dun so no co coiseacarta do m'fhuil-sea ar tus?’ & ni ro freagradar. ‘Do eadar-sa,’ ol se, ‘in ti do'm radsa cucaib dar bar n-aiceodh is e do rad foraib-si in bréag do cantain.’ ‘Acht ceana, a rig,’ ol sé, ‘foillsigfead-sa fírinde duid-siu, & fiarfaigim du'd draithib ar tús, cid ata a folach fo'n n-úrlár so in ar fiadhnaisi.’ Ro raidsead na druidi ‘noch n-eadamar’ ar siad. ‘Ro eadar-sa’ ol sé: ‘atá loch uisce ann; féachar & claeter.’ Ro claeded & frith in loch and. ‘A fhate ind rig,’ ar in mac, ‘abraídh cid ata im medon in locha?’ ‘Ni fheademar,’ ol siad. ‘Ro featar-sa,’ ol sé, ‘atáit dá clar cisdi mora ann in n-agaid a n-agaid, & tucthar as iat;& feagtar & tucadh as; & ‘a druidhe,’ ar in mac, ‘abraídh cid ata etir na clar leastraibh ud?’ ‘ni eademar,’ ar siad. ‘Ro feadar-sa,’


ar sé, ‘áta seol brat and;’ & tuctar as, & frith in seol timmarcté etir na da clar cisdi. ‘Abraíd, a eolcha’, ar in mac, ‘cid ata a meadon in n-éadaig ud?’ & ni ro freagradar, ar ni ro thucsatar. ‘Atait dha cruim ann,’ ol sé, ‘.i. cruim dearg & cruim geal; scailtear in t-eadach.’ Ro scailead in seol brat, & ro badar na da cruim na codlad ann. Ro raidh in mac ‘feachaidh-se a n-dingnaid anosa na biasda.’ Adrucht cach dib co araile co raibe cechtar de ic srainead a ceile, & co robatar ic imleadrad, & ic imithe, & no h-innarbthad in cruim dib araile co meadon in t-siuil, & in feacht aile cho imell. Do ronsat fa trí fon n-indus-sin. In cruim ruaid tra ba fand ar tus, & ro h-innarbtad co h-imeal in n-eadaid; in cruim taitneamach imorro ba fann fo deoig, & ro teich is in loch, & ro sineasdair in seol fo cedoir. Ro h-iarfaid in mac do na draidhib; ‘innisidh’ ar se, ‘cid faillsigis in t-ingnad sa?’ ‘Ni eadamar,’ ar siad. ‘Do géan-sa’ ar in mac ‘a fhaillsiugad do'n rig. Is é an loch flaithius in domain uile, & isé in seol do flaithius-siu a rig. Isiat na da cruim imorro na da neart .i. do neart so co m-Breathnaib, & neart Saxan In cruim ruad, is i do h-indarbad ar tús do'n flaithius do neart-so; neart Saxan imorro in cruim gel ro gab in seol uile acht beag, .i. ro gab inis Breatan acht beag, co ro h-indarbsatar neart Breatan fo deoig. Tusa imorro, a rig Breatan, eirig as in dun so, ar ní caemais a cumdach, & sír inis Breatan, & fo geba do dún féin.’ Ro raid in rig, ‘caide do comainm-siu a mic,’ ol se; ro freagair in gilla, ‘Ambros,’


ol she, ‘m'ainm-se’ (is é sin in Embros Gleutic rig Breatan,) ‘Can do cenel?’ ar in rig. ‘Consul Romanach,’ ol se, ‘m'athair-se, & bid e seo mo dun.’ Ro leig tra Gortigernd in dun do Ambros, & rige iartair Breatan uile, & tainic co n-a draidhib co tuaisceart insi Breatan, .i. gus an fearann dianad ainm Gunnis, & ro cumdaig dun ann, .i. Caer Gortigernd a h-ainm.


Iartain tra atracht Gorthemir coscrach, mac Gortigearnd, co na brathair, .i. Caitcearnd, in n-agaid Engist & Orsa, & ro cathaigseat Breatnaig maraen riu co h-amnas, co ro


h-indarbsatar Saxana co h-Inis Teineth, & ro gabsat Breatain fo tri forro in n-inis, co toracht cobair cucu as in Gearmain, & ro caithaigseat fri Breatnu cach tan ba leo coscar, tan aile ba forro.

Ocus do ro rad Goirthemir ceithri catha dóib, .i. cath for bru Deirgbeint & cath for bru Rethenergabail & is ann do rochair Osra & Catigernn mac Gortigernn, & cath for bru Mara Icht, & taifnigther Saxain co a longaib muliebriter, & cath for bruaigh Episfort. Marb imorro Gortimpir iar n-aimsir m-bic ocus a dobairt fria Breathnaib gar ré n-ég a adnacail for bru mara, & ni ticfaitis guill etir in indsi iardain. Ni dearndsat Breatain in ní sin. Adracht neart Saxan iar sin, ar ba cara doib Gortigernd ar daig a mna.


Do rala imorro, iar n-eg Gorthemir & iar sídh Engist & Gortigernn, do ronsat Saxain meabail sor Breathnaib, .i. Breatain & Saxain do tinol in n-aen baile amail bid do sid .i. Engist & Gorthigern fo comlin gen armaib ac cachtar n-ai dib, act tugsat Saxain sceana eturra & am maelana, & ro marbsat na Breatnaig badar annsin uili ocht Gortigearnn na aenar, & ro ceangladar Gortigearnn, & do rad trian a fearaind tar ceand a anma, .i. Allsaxan & Sutsaxain & Mitilsaxan.

No forcanad imorro Gearman in dí Gortigearnd co ro léiged a mnai .i. a ingen. Ro teith & ro folaig ré n-Gearman is in fearann dianad ainm Goirtigearnmain, & do chuaid Gearman co clercib Breatan, & ro bai cetracha la & aidche ann; & do chuaid arisi Gortigearnd for teiched na clereach co a dun, & do cuadar na diaig, & ro badar tri la & tri h-aidchi annsin in n-aine; & ro loisc teine De do nim in di Goirtigearnn and sin co n-a h-uile muinnteri.


Adberat araile is do dérchaíniudh adbath for faenduil a l-log i l-log. Adbert araile is talam do sluig in agaid ro loiscedh a dhun.

Robadar imorro, tri meic oca .i. Gortimper, is esidhe ro cathaid fri Saxann; Caitigearnn; Pascannt, is do side do rat Ambros ri Breatan, Bocuelt & Gortigearnmain iar n-eg a athar; Faustus Noem, mac a ingene, & Gearman ro m-baisd & ro n-ail & ro forcan; & teachtaid in cathraig for bru srotha Raen. Nemnus adbert so.

Fearmael fil anosa for fearann Goirtigerndmain, mac Tedubre,


mic Paistceann, mic Gooidicann, mic Morut, mic Alltad, mic Eldoc, mic Pauil, mic Mepric, mic Briacat, mic Pascent, mic Gortigearnd, mic Guatail, mic Guatulin, mic Gloa. Bonus & Paulus & Muron tri meic oile Gloa, is eside do roine in catraig Cairglou .i. Glusester for bru Sabrainde. Do cuaid Gearman dia tir.

Padraic tra in n-inbaidh sin i n-daire i n-Eirind ic Miliuc, & is is in aimsir sin ro faideadh Pledius cum n-Eireann do proicept doib. Do cuaid Padraic d'foglaim bo deas, co ro léig in canoin la Gearman. Ro h-indarbad Pledius a h-Eirinn, & tanig co ra fogain do Dia i Fordun is in Mairne. Tanig Padraic do cum n-Eirind iar foglaim, & ro baist firu Ereann. O Adam co baithis fear n-Eireann, Fearta Padraic do indisin daib-si a firu Ereann, is usce do loch annsin, & is


liaither gainem mara and sin, & lecfead daib sechaind co se can cumair & can faisneis indisin co leicc.

Ro gab tra neart Saxan for Breatanib iar n-eg Gortigearnd. Ro gab Ochta mac Engist, rigi forro. Ar a uidi no cathaigid Artur & Breatain riu co calma, & do rad da cath deag doib, .i. in ced cath in n-indbear Glein; in tanaiste & in treas &


in ceathramad & in cuicead cath for bru Dubglaisi; in seiseadh cath fhor bru Bassa; ocus in seachtmadh cath a Caill Caillidoin .i. cait Coit Cleiduman; in t-ochtmhadh cath im lesc Guinidoin; is and sin ro imarcor Artur delb Muire for a gualaind, & ro teilgistar na Pagáin. In nomadcath i cathraig ind Legoin; in dechmead


in Robruid; a do deag is ann ro marbhadh la láimh Artúir xl. ar ocht chetaib i n-aen lo, & ba leis coscur intib seo uile. No chuindgidís imorro Saxain na fortacht doib a Germania & rigi foro, co h-Ida is eiside ced rig ro gab uadaib i-fos indbir Oníc .i. fri Umbria, atuaid. Ida filius Eabba. Enfledh filia Eduinni toiseach riam ro baistedh do Saxanaib in n-inis Breatan.


In ced ingnad indsi Breatan Loch Lomnan; lx. inis ann; lx. carrag & lx. sruth ind, & aen sruth as, .i. Leamain.


In t-ingnad tanaiste, indbear srotha Tranon ar linadh ó bonn fria aen tuind, & traig amuil cach muir eile.

In treas ingnad, na h-uisce teindte.

In ceathramad ingnad, tobar salaind indte.

In cuicead ingnad, da builg uaineinte inber Sabrainde; do


gnid troid, & brisead cach a ceile díb, & tiagait for culu do ridise, ocus condrecaid doridise, is amlaid sin bid do gréas.

In .ui.edh ingnad, Loch Heilic cen uisce ind ná ass, & ceanel sain éisc ann cacha h-airde, & ni soich do duine acht co glun; .xx. cubat ina fad, & 'na lethead; & bruacha arda ime.

In .uii.mad ingnad, ubla for uindsind ag sruth Goais.

In t-ochtmad ingnad, fochlaid fil i tír Guent & gaeth tri bith as.

In nomad, altoir fil h-i Loingraib, fuilngid é in aér comaird cide fir o talmain suas.

In deichmead ingnad, cloch fil for carn in Bocuilt, & a tealtad con Artuir indte; & cid bearar fon doman fo geba for in carnd cenda.


In ingnad, fil adnacul i fearann Argingi, tan .uii. traigi, tan .x., in tan .xii., in tan a cuic deag ina fad.

In dara ingnad deag, cloch for eas i m-Brebic.

In treas ingnad deag, bro for bleith do greas im Machlind, i Cuil, act Dia Domnaig, fo talmain imorro do cluintear.

Ata tipra in grain im Meadon, .i. tipra o silenn gran can anad.

Ata dno ann tibra ó m-brúchtad cnaime en do ghrés 'sin tír chétna.

Atait dna eoin diairmide ann in araile carraig, & lait fo'n muir amail bid i n-aer.

Ata dna bairrneach for carraig inte, .i. bairrneach oc Ceoil tricha mile cemenn on muir.

Atá dno glenn i n-Aengus, & eigim cacha h-aidchi Luain and, & Glend Ailbe a ainm, & ni feas cia do gni fuith.


.i. in ceadna, traig cen muir.


In tanaísdi, ath fuil foda o'n muir, & línaidh in tan línas muir & tráighidh in tan traigis muir.

In treas, cloch imtigeas a n-aidcib ata i n-Glind Cindenn, & cia foceardar im muir no i n-eas bidh for bru in gleanda cedna.


A tir Traicia tra tangadar Cruithnigh, .i. clanda Gueleoin mhic Ercoil iad. Agathirsi a n-anmanda. Seisiur brathar tangadar toiseach, .i. Solen, Ulfa, Nechtan, Drostan, Aengus, Letend. Fatha a tiachtana .i. Policornus, ri Traigia, do rad gradh da siuir, co ro triall a breth gan tocra. Lodar iar sin


tar Romanchu co Frangcu, & cumtaighit siat cathair ann .i. Pictauis, a pictis .i. o n-armtaibh. Ocus do rat ri Frangc grad dia siair. Lodar for muir iar n-deg in t-seiseadh brathar .i. Leitind. I cind da laa iar n-dul for muir atbath a siur. Gabsat Cruithnigh Inbher Slaine i n-Uib Ceindselaigh. Atbert riu Cremhthand Sciathbhél, ri Laighen, do beradh failti doibh ar dichur Tuaithe Fidhbha.


Adbert Drostan, drui Cruithneach .i. bleagon uii. xxt. bo find do dhortugh m-baille i f-fearfaidhi in cath. Do ronnad indí sin, & do ronnadh in cath doibh .i. cath Arda Leamnachta in Uibh Ceindselaigh. Gach aen nó ghontís no laíghed is in leamnacht ni chumgadh a neim ni do neoch dibh. Ro marbtha dna iartain Tuatha Fidhbha. Marb ceathrar do Chruithneachaibh iar sin .i. Drostan, Solen, Neachtain, Ulfa. Gabais Gub & a mhac .i. Cathluan neart mór a n-Erinn, gor indarbsadar Erimhoin & go tarda mna na fear ro baitea immaille fri Dond doibh .i. mna Bresse & Buaisse &ra.

Anais seiser dibh os Breaghmaigh. IS uaidibh gach geiss, & gach sén, & gach sreódh, & gotha en, & gach mana. Cathluan ba h-aird-ri orro uili, & is é cet rí ro gab dibh a n-Albain; lxx. righ dibh for Albain o Chathluan gu Constantin, & is é Cruithneach deidheanach ros gab. Dá mhac Cathluain .i. Cathmolodhor & Catinolachan; in da churaid, Im mac Pirn, & Cind athair Cruithne; Crus mac Cirigh a milidh; Uaisneimh a filidh; Cruithne a ceard; Domnall


mac Ailpin is é toisech, go ro marb. Britus imorro mac Isicon. Clann Neimidh ro gabsat iar m-Britus .i. iar Glun. Cruithnigh ro gabsat iar sin, iar techt doibh a h-Erinn. Gaedil imorro ro gabsat iar sin .i. meic Eirc mic Eachdhach.

Do chuaid o macaib Milead Cruithnechan mac Lochit, mic Ingi la Breatnu Foirtren do chathugud fri Saxain, & ro chosain tir doib Cruithentuaith, & anais fen aco. Acht ni badar mna leo, ar bebais bandtrocht Aban. Do luid iarum Cruithnechan for culu do cum mac Miled, & ro gab neam, & talam, & grian, & esca, drucht, & daithi, muir, & tir, cor ba do maithriu flaith forro co brath; & do bert da mna dec forcraidi badar oc macaib Milead, aro bate a fir is in fairrge tiar ar aen re Donn; conad do fearaib h-Erind flaith for Cruithnib o sin dogres.

    1. CRUITHNIGH cid dos farclam,
      i n-iath Alban n-amhra,


      go n-a m-brigh bil beldha,
      cia tir as nach targa?
    2. Cia fochonn fos ro gluais,
      o crichaibh in chogaid?
      fri snim tond tar sreathar,
      cia lín long do lodar?
    3. Cia slondud fria tiachtain
      do riactain na rige?
      as a n-airm fadhein,—
      is cia n-ainm a tire?
    4. Traicia ainm a tíre
      go síre a séolta


      iar na tairchiul teachta,
      a n-airthiur na h-Eorpa,
    5. Agantirsi a n-anmann
      am rand Ercail-itbi
      o cearptardi a cuctlí
      atbertar cid Picti.
    6. Picti in aicme at raibh
      ros taitne teacht muir,
      gan gnim n-deireoil n-dodchaidh,
      sil n-Geleoin mic Ercoil.
    7. h-Uadibh seisear brathar,
      fri lathar gan liun,
      do serc bladh go soadh,
      in seachtmadh a siur.
    8. Solen, Ulpha, Nechtain,
      Drostan dechtain dretell,
      a n-anmand a n-aebdus,
      Aengus agus Leithend.

    9. p.132

    10. Lan ri Traigia treabhtha
      do dechra a siuir sochla,
      ro bo damna deabhtha,
      gan tarba gan tochra.
    11. Tangadar lea in deigh-fhir,
      o thiribh, o thredaibh,
      luct tri long co lormudh,
      nonbhur ar trí cédaib.
    12. Cingset seach tuind crichi
      Frangcu, fiachu failgis,
      gnid cathraigh airm aiblis
      d'iar ba ainm Pictabis.
    13. Pictabis a Pictis
      atbertís a cathraigh,
      ba slonnud slan sochraidh
      iarum dar sin rath-múir.
    14. Ri ro char a siuir,
      tré gliaidh go n-ghairge,
      di foconn a ferge,
      a d-tothfund for fairge.

    15. p.134

    16. For tracht mara meadhbhaidh
      long lelaigh lucht lathair,
      anais ar a feisiur
      acin seisead brathair.
    17. Badar in Pictaue,
      go n-graine dia n-glenail,
      a n-ainm ro bo aedha,
      airm irraba Elair.
    18. Elaid ass a chéle,
      co n-dene fo diúd,
      cind da lá gach lachtu,
      atbath accu a siur.
    19. Seach Breatnaibh 'na reimim,
      co h-Erinn na h-aine,
      ro toghsat a tindremh
      gobhsat Inber Slaine.
    20. Slaigseat sluagh Fea foghlach,
      dia fognam i nemni,
      tria glundu garga
      i cath Arda Leamnacht.

    21. p.136

    22. Laich angbaidhe, aimble,
      fea faidbhe fudar,
      gona danaibh go n-dechraibh,
      do Bhreatnaib a bunadh.
    23. Ba marbh nech no theigdis
      acht teilgteis a fhuile,
      go bom tru doenne,
      cidh cu nó cidh dune.
    24. Drui Cruithnech in cardais,
      fuair ic amtis amlaidh,
      lemlacht is innalad
      fri thamadh for talmain.
    25. Tuctha tainte treabh-clann,
      la Cremhthand coir cenn-balc,
      co tomhlacht an aicmidh,
      for faicthi Ard Lemnacht.
    26. Slaigsead sluaigh Fea faebrach
      gan trebad is gan torad,


      ro chobhradh dia n-dith gliaidh,
      Cremthand Sciathbel scorach.
    27. Sguirsit ann in Cruithnigh
      for tuirtibh tri maighe,
      comdar ecla faebair
      na Gaeidil go n-gloine.
    28. Gar iar sin go n-apad
      cethrur blathach brathar,
      Solen, Neachtan, Drostan,
      Aengus, fosdán fathach.
    29. Ro faith a n-deas Ulfa,
      iar n-urchra a charad,
      in Rachrand i m-Breagaibh,
      and ro mebaid malairt.
    30. Morthar occa Cathluain,
      nir bo truag in t-aire,


      do rig foraibh uile
      ria n-dul a tír n-aile.
    31. Ar asbert friu Erimon
      as in Erind sechtar,
      ar na dearna deabaidh
      immon Teamair tectaidh.
    32. Tri cét ban do breatha,
      doibh ros tetha tlathaigh,
      cidheadh ro bo tuachail,
      gach bean go n-a brathair.
    33. Batar ratha forro,
      fridh rennu fri dire,
      conidh soire a máthar,
      rus gnath gabh in righi.
    34. Rerdair as in Erinn
      ina reimim rath-glind,
      gan muréir gan marc-luagh,
      im Cathluan mac Caitmind.
    35. Catmolodhor cnap-cruaidh
      is Cathmachan gluair,


      bhadar gilli glordha
      dá mac chróda Cathluain.
    36. A coraidh cruaidh comhnart
      ba trom balc a tairm seam
      Cing cocerrnn dia cerrn-seomh
      Im mac Perrnn a n-ainm-seomh.
    37. H-Uaisem ainm a filidh
      no síred in sed-gin,
      ro bo rus dia milidh
      Crus mac Cirigh Cetlim.
    38. Cruithne mac coir Cínca
      doibh ro thincha tochmorc,
      co tuc banntracht blath-ghlan
      dar Athmagh, dar Athgort.
    39. Anait dibh a n-Ealga,
      go lin cerda is curach,


      nad cesead for Breagmach
      seisear demnach druadh.
    40. Druidheacht is idlacht, maith,
      in ailc min glan mur glan,
      barc dibeirgi, duain gil,
      is uaidib ro munadh.
    41. Moradh sred is mana,
      raga sin, am sona,
      gotha én do faire
      cairi gach ceol cona.
    42. Cnuic is coirthi ar chora,
      cen troga tuath taille,


      tuargaibset a tindrem
      sund a n-Inber Bonni.
    43. Ba h-eadh lodar uaindi
      go n-gluaire na gríbhe,
      ima taigh co trene
      i tir maiseach Ile.

    44. p.148

    45. Is as gabsat Albain,
      ard-ghlain ailes toirthiú,
      cen dith lucht la trébtu
      o crich Chat co Foircu.
    46. Ros bris Cathluan cathu
      gen tachu cen techtu


      nír bo ingarg tuchtu
      co ro marbh Breatnu.
    47. Ba de gabsat Albain,
      ard-glain talcain tlach-mín,
      co n-imad Amlaebh
      co Cinaeth mac n-Alpin

    48. p.152

    49. Ar creachadh n-ard n-aichnidh,
      for aithchib cen uchneim
      ní celldar in cochlaigh,
      as de adberar Cruithnigh.
    50. Coeca rig cém crechach,
      mar aen de sil Echdach,
      o Fergus ro fíríd
      co Mac m-b rigach m-Bretach.
    51. Se riga ar se deichibh,
      dibh fri feithim fuil crech
      carsat sithe suichlech,
      gabsat righe Cruithneach.
    52. Cruithnig dos forclam.



Cruithne mac Cinge patar pictorum habidann in aca insola .c. annis renebait; .uii. meic ro teacht; ate ann so a n-anmand .i. Fib, Fidach, Foltlaig, Fortrend, Caitt, Ce, Circing.

Circin .lx. annais regnau.

Fidach .xl. annis r.

Fortrend .xl. annis r.

Foltlaid .xxx. a. r.

Gatt .xii. a. r.

Ce .xu. a. r.

Fidbaiid .xxiiii. a. r.

Geide Ollgothach .lxxx. a. r.

Oenbegan c. a. r.

Ollfinachta .lx. a. r.


Guidedh Gaeth Breatnach .l. a. r.

Geascuirtibont [...] .xxx. and uad, & Bruige ba h-ainm do gach aen fear; & renauerunt Hiberniam & Alboniam per .cl. an. uit inuenitur i leabraib na Cruithneach.

Bruide Pante ainm in ced Bruide.

Bruide Urpante.

Bruige Leo.

Bruigi Gant.

Bruide Gund.

Bruige Urgann.

Bruide Urgaint.

Bruigi Fet.

Bruide Urfexir.

Bruigi Feoir.

Bruigi Cal.

Bruigi Urcal.

Bruigi Cint.

Bruigi Arcint.

Bruigi Fet.

Bruigi Urfet.

Bruigi Ru.

Bruigi Eru.

Bruigi Gart.

Bruigi Cinit.


Bruigi Cind.

Bruigi Uip.

Bruigi Uirup.

Bruigi Gruith.

Bruigi Urgrith.

Bruigi Munait.

Bruigi Ur.

Bruigi Gidgie.

Bruigi Crin.

Bruigi Urcrin.

Bruige Urmain.

regnauerunt, .cl. ann. ut diximmus, & ro bai Alba cen rig fria re uile co h-aimsir Gud, cet rig ro gab Albain uile tri comairli no ar eigin.

Atberait araile comad h-e Catluan mac Caitming no gabad rige ar eigin i Cruitheantuaith & a n-Eirind .i. lx. bliadain, & iarsin ro gab Gud .i. l.

Taram .c. an. regnauit.

Morleo a. .xu. a. re.

Deocillimon .xl. an regnauit.

Cinioiod mac Airtcois .uii. a. r.

Deort .l. a. r.

Blieblith .u. a. r.

Deototreic frater Tui .xl. a. r.

Usconbest .xx. a. r.

Crutbolc .uii. a. r.


Deordiuois .xx. a. regn.

Uist .l. annos r.

Ru .c. an. r.

Gartnait .iiii. ix.1 a. re.

Breth mac Buithed .uii. a. r.

Uipo Ignauit .xxx.

Canatulacma .iii. annis r.

Uradach Uetla .ii. a. r.

Gartnait Duipeir .lx. a. r.

Tolorc mac Aithiuir .lxxu.

Drust mac Erp .c. regnauit, & .c. catha ro gein. Nonodecimo anno reigni eius Patricius Sanctus Episcopus ad Hiberniam peruenit.

Tolorc mac Aniel .iiii. a. r.

Nectan Mor Breac mac Eirip .xxxiiii. a. r. Tertio anno


regni eius Darlugdach abbatista Cille Dara de Aberniam axulat p. xpo ad Britiniam ( anno aduenitus tui immolaueit Nectonnius anno uno Apuirnige Deo & Sanctaae Brigitea presente Darluigdeach que cantauit all. super istam.

Dartguitimoth .xxx. a. reg.

Galamarbith .xu. a. reg.

Da Drerst .i. Drest fi. Budros .xu. annis regut. út.

Derst fi. Girum solus .u. a. r.

Galum Cenamlapeh .iiii. a. r.

Gartnait fi. Girom .uii. a. r.

Cailtaine fi. Girom anno r.

Talorg f. Murtolic .xi. a. r.

Drest fi. Manaith uno a. r. Cum Brideno .i. anno.

Bruide mac Maelcon .xxx. a. r. Mochtaauuo anno regni eit baibtizatus est. Esancto Columba.


Gartnait f. Domnach .xi. a. r.

Neachtan nepo. Uerp .xx. a. r.

Cinhoint f. Luitriu .xix. a. r.

Gartnait mac Uiud .u. a. r.

Tolorc frater eorum duodeicim a. r.

Tolorcan f. Enfret .iiii.

Gartnairt f. Donuel .ui. a. r. & deimidium anni.

Drusc frater eius .uii. a. r.

Bride f. Fle .xx. a. r.

Taran f. En Fidaid .iiii.

Brei f. Deirilei .xi. a. r.

Nechtan f. Deirile .x. a. r.

Drest & Elpen conneganaueint .u. a. r.

Onbes f. Urgurt .xxx. a. r.

Breite f. Uugut .xu. a. r.

Ciniod f. Iuuredeg .xu. a. r.

Alpin f. Uuoid .iii. annis regnauit & dimidon regni.

Drest f. Talorcan .i. a. r.

Talorcan f. Drostan u uel .u. deg.

Talorcen f. Onust .xii. & dimidoin a. r.

Canul f. Tang .u. a. r.

Cuastantin f. Uurguist .xxxu.


Uidnust f. Uurgust .xii. an. r.

Drost f. Consatin & Tolorc f. Uuthoil .iii. a. r. conregnauerunt.

Unen f. Unest .iii.

Urad f. Bargoit .iii. a. & Brod .io. a. r.

Cinaed f. Ailpin .xui. a. r.

Domnall f. Ailpin .iiii. r. & Custantan f. Cinaeda .xx. a. r.

Aed f. Cinaed .io. a. r.

Girig mac Dungaile .xi. uel .iii. a. r.

Domnall f. Consantin .xi. a. r.

Constantin f. Aed .xlu. a. r.

Maelcolaim f. Domnaill .ix. a. r.

Cuilein f. Ildoilb f. Constandtin .iiii. a. r.

Cinaed, uel Dub, f. Mailcolaim .uii. a. r.

Cuilein .i. dimidoin r..

Cinaed f. Duib. ocht a. r.

Maelcolaim mac Cinaeda .xxx. a. reg.

Dondchad ua Mailcolaim .uii. r.

Macbeathad mac Fin mic Laig .xui. a. r.

Lulach .u. mis.

Maelcolaim mac Colaim mic Donncaid iar sin.


Britinia insola occiani cui riondam Olbiian nocrat, ocht. c. m. ceimenn ina fad .cc. ina leithead, ina timceall imorro .i. u.m. uii. mogat fo h-ocht ceathracha. Ocht cathraca .xx. it indti, & .u. berla, .i. Saxain berla, & berla Breatan, & berla Cruitneach, & Gaedelg, & Laidean.

Anno .xl. ante natiuitatem Christi .i. ceatracha bliadan ria n-gein Crist, tanig Galus in inis Breatan co fargaib a longa & a sloig in ced feacht, & co fargaib Labianus tribrs rucsom fodeoig gialla indsi Breatan.

Cluids Ceissir in ceathhramad rig iar n-Iuil tanig a n-inis Breatan co h-Inis Orc.

Ab incarndatione Domini clui. Marcus Antonus cona brathair .i. Luicido Aurilio Commodo creidim inis Breatan.

Aib incarnatioine Domini .clxxx.ix. Seuerus Affer Tripolotanus tanig a n-inis Breatan. Leipis ainm na cathrach is in Afraic,


in xuii. rig iar n-Iuil; is do do ronad clad Saxan; adbath a Cair Abrog. Da mac oca Basianus & Geta. Ba seisid ro gab in rigi, ainm do Anton.

Ab incarnatioine Domini iar n-Iul .cc.lxxx.ui. Dioclistan in treas rig ar trichad iar n-Iuil, & Maximin, tanig in n-inis Breatan. Is na h-aimsir ro gab Carausius rigi Breatan .uii. m-bliadna conad ro marb Alectus, co ro gab sidein rigi, tri m-bliadan, conad ro marb Asclipidotus, & ba rig side re .x. m-bliadan. Dioclisten i n-airter in domain ac ingreim na Cristaige, & Maiscimen ina h-iarthar.

Is in ingrim seo for doman Albain Naem & Aron & Iuil aircindeach catrach Leigonum as an amsir sea adbath.

Constanst ri Breatan athair Constantin mic Eiline .i. carat ban Constanndin, ro scrib Eotrobus conad ann ro gab Constantin rigi ar tus, a n-inis Breatan; daig ro gab a n-athair flatius Franc & Espaine i m-beathaid Dioclistein.

Ab incarnatioine .ccc.lx.iii. Gradianus cetracha rig o Iuil. Is na h-aimsir sidein ro gab araile Maxim rigi Breatan.


Ab incarnatione Domini .cccc.xc.iiii. Arcatusi rigi in domain .i. Toetais in treas rig cetracha iar n-Augustus. Pilacius Brit do gabail irrsi, & do togail na Cristaide.

Ab incarndatioine .G. cccc.ui. Cetri bliadna cetrachad regsin de bliadnaib o h-Eolair rig na n-Gaeth rigad Gradian coraid a m-Breatnaib, & iardain Constanntin iarsin ri o amain incora ina ais o indracus conad ro marb Consatinus comaes tre forconra Honorii. Tanic Constans a mac a mancainde ro gab rigi.

Ro bris tra Roim iardain in milisimo .c. lx. iiii m-bliadan o ro cumtaitead; is e sin crich flathusa Roman for inis Breatan iar .cccc.lxx. bliadan, o ra gab n-Iuil inis Breatan, res dibadar Romanaig imm a miltneach, & nir fargaibseat ogbaid no aes eagna indte, & rugsat Romanaig, & nir legseat uadaib etir. Is airisin do ronsat Gaedil & Cruithnig no da cined comfocraib isen bruid & creith.

Do cuas o Breatnaib co n-ebairt lib co Romancu ar daig cobartha, & durucht milnech calma cuccu dar in n-insi ruacht


Cruthneach & Gaedelu; & do cuadar dia dig iardain. Fo cedoir tangadar namaid & ro tumseatar Breatain amail gortabaid.

Ro faidit na techtaire do aris & do rocht legon do cobair Breatan, & ro caithaigseat fria naibdib Breatan & ro h-atnaigit in clad leo do rig in dala Seuerus; ba do cladaib in fecht sin .i. uii. traigte na leite & .xii. ina airde o muir co muir; a fotim da fuair, & daingniugid amail na tisdis doris dia cobair & lodar as.

Od cualadar Gaedil & Cruithnig amail cona alta fo cairdib do cuadar futib.

Ab incarnaitione .cccc. xx. iii. Teothas iunior post Honorium in ceathramad rig .xl. iar n-Augustus.


Appendix 1



Appendix 2



ABAS Sarran rigi m-Bretan iartain, & gabais neart Saxan & Cruithneach; & tug do shetígh ingean righ Alban .i. Babona ingean Loairnd mic Eirc; & ni h-í ro naiscedh do acht a siur .i. Erc inghean Loairnd gor trulla la Muiredhach mac Eoghain mhic Neill co h-Erind


& co ruc ceithri macu do .i. Muirceartach Mac Erca & Fearadhach & Tighéarnach & Maian.

Clanais umorro Sarran Babona co ro tuismeadh leó .u. meic .i. Luirig & Cairnech & Epscop Dallain & Caemlach; & atbail iar coscur & iar m-buaidh i taigh Martain.

Luirig, imorro, ro gab iar sin, go n-erecht a neart for Saxana, & con n-era catair foirechneach i uail mainistrech Cairnich .i. a brathair. Muirceartach Mac Erca in tan sin i uail rig Breatan


ig foglaim gaiscidh, iar na dichur a h-Erind ar na Crossana do marbadh, & iar na dichor iartain a h-Albain ar marbadh a seanathar .i. Loairnd rig Alban; conas tarla do coisearcadh a airm in tan sin co Cairndech co mac deirbhsheathar a mathar; co n-ebairt Cairnech ris, bod rig Erenn & Bretan tu chaidhchi, & do gebha neamh iardain acht co n-dichuirea Luirig do neart ata for in n-Eclais. Andsin luigh Mac Erca ga righ & atbert a h-aitheasc iar ruachtain .i. na cumthaig do chathair i uail Cairnich epscop. Dar mo Debhroth, ar Luirich, as calma form in peata aighi alltai fil aicci andas fein & in Coimdhe dia n-adhair. Teid Mac Erca fria chulu Cairnech iartain agus sloridis a h-aitheasc. Gabais fearg mor Cairnech dothain & dixit, m'itchi rom Choimdit rom Dia co rop in adbur na h-aighi sin ro gaba bas & leatsu a Mic Erca. h-Erailis Cairneach annsin ar Mac Erca techt do dichur a brathar, & gabais dothain ar aedh comrac, & ua luidh dí h-erail Cairnich do dichur in righ. Co n-dearna Dia mor mirbhuili ar Cairneach andsin .i. cor fhaedh agh n-allaigh as in t-sleibh co h-aerecht ind righ, gor derlair in


sluagh na dhiaidh ach in righ gona bandalaibh; & dixit Mac Erca, mat cialla chach a Tigearna frit clereach daig bud fulli gach aimnedh lene in cumthachta fri Luirigh. Andsin suidis Mac Erca in lorg catha i slis in righ cor comtrom; & curthaid ga clerigh & cend lais re comartha, & dixit, cend do brathar duid a Cairnic; et dixit Cairneach, leic dam-sa an cnaimh, & tomail-siu in smir, & rofia gac treas comarba sund co brath & in Erind.

Techtais geill & neart in tiri annsin, & Cairnech, fri secht m-bliadhna, im mor rigi Bretan, & Cat, & Orc, & Saxan.

Co n-dearna Mac Erca fuillind in peccaidh .i. bean Luiric do tabairt iar cathagad & iar comlengaibh co mor fri righ Frangc, a cosnam a ingene fris, co n-dorchair ic Mac Erca fodheoidh in ingen,


& cu ruc ceithri meic do .i. Constantin, & Gaedheal Ficht, o taat ruirigh Bretan & rig Breatan Cornd; Nellend a quo gens Nellan,


& Scandal in mac ele, a quo gens Scandail .i. a n-Erinn ó táit clanna na desi sin.

Co n-dernad mor-thinol clerech n-Eorpa co Torinis Martan .i. secht n-espuic .xxx. ar .ccc. ma comarba Peadair, do saighidh Cairnich epscop Toirindsi & Bretan Cornd, & na n-uili Breatnach, do dichur cacha h-eirsi, & do cheartugudh gacha tíri immurt na h-Ecalsa; & adrophart condacht martra in beatha do Chairnech ar rob é a thogha beatha martra; & fuair Cairnech .lll. epscop do thoghmar mar mailli re Cairndech dia n-eletrí, & do choidh in Lien da h-eilithri .i. a dualus Mic Erca & Muireadaigh.

Do luidh Cairndech remhe go Bretnaibh Cornd no Carnticeon, & ro cumdaigead cathoir fo talmain lais ar doigh na faicidh se tir na talumh na h-eoir; cor fuillestair nert & righi Mic Erca ré bliadhna, & co táinic co n-Erind remhe, conadh h-é cét epscop claindi Neill & Temrach, & gor bhé céd mairtír & céd manach Erend, & cétna bretheamh fear n-Erend fos.


Cor chathaidhsedar umorro Fraingc & Saxain dia eis fri Mac Erca, & gor togladh a crich & a cathair ré cian d'aimsir, & gor milleadh crichadh & cumachta na tiri ba neassa do re mete a


chumhachta & a nert; & go tanic iar sin a mor loingeas do gabail righi na h-Erend; go deisidh ic Fán Na Long for Boind, gor loiscthe lais a longa .i. gonadh uadha Fán Na Long, & gor marbad coigedhaigh na h-Erend iartain, & go ro gaib a righi do dhiles co brath do féin & dá chloind. Gor milleadh cumachta & neart Bretan dia h-eisi indsin.

Appendix 3



.i. Inis Gluair a n-Irrus Domnann, ise a h-aisdi, na cuirp berar inti ni lobait iter, acht fasait a n-ingne & a fuilt & do ber gach aen inti aichni ar a athair & ar a senathair co cian iar n-egaib, & ni lobann cid in feoil arcena cen sailliud inti.


.ii. Loch n-Echach; isi a aisdi, crand cuilinn do berar ind fri secht m-bliadnaib is cloch a m-bi de is in grian, & is iarann na m-bi is in uisce, crand umorro na m-be uassu.

.iii. Tipra Locha Con i Connachtaib; isi a h-aisdi fri sin loch fil na comfocus, cuig troigid eturru do gres, cia forbrid cia sergait in loch sechid-si h-e in cach aisdi dib sin do gres.

.iu. Tipra Gabla Liuin i n-Airgiallaib; isi a aisdi fuilt dar atabar h-it liata fo cetoir.


.u. Tipra Sleibe Bladhma; isi a h-aisdi dia nos fega no dia nos taidlea neach ni an aer i tolad fleochaid co n-dentur oiffrionn & idbarta aicce.

.ui. Tipra Ratha Both i Tir Conaill; isi a aisde fri gach n-duine atos ci, mad fota a shaegul ergid anaird in a aighidh, & fo gni tonngur mor fris. Mad gairit imorro a re fos leci sis do shliac co grian.

.uii. Tipra uisce somblais i taeb in Corainn. Isi aisde in


topair sini linadh & traghad fo aisdi mara, & is cian o muir cena.

.uiii. Carn trachta Eothaili; noco luga it chither e in tan is lan ar in tan is traig, & ted muir tar na cairgib moraib na muirbeach impi san chan.

.ix. Cloch fil i Loch Na n-Onchon i sleib i fail Glinni Do Locha; isi a aisde, dia m-buailtear i do flesc tri indsaidi fleochad & grian iarum.

.x Ite annso tri h-ingantai Temra .i. mac .uii. m-bliadan do


tusmid cloinne; & lige in abuic .u. traigid do gach duine ann cia bedis beca no mora; & in Lia Fail .i. in cloc no gessed fa cach righ ar faemfad flata Temrach.

.xi. Linn muilind fil i Cluain Ferta Molua; isi a h-aisde na daine no dos fotraic inti ota braigit na linne do gnic lumu dib. Nemircoit ech imorro, ota sin suas.

.xii. Adnacul Mic Rustaing i Ruisech i Cailli Follomain i


Midi ní cumaing ben a fegad cen maidm a delma esti, no ardgaire m-baeth.

.xiii. Macradh o Chailli Fochlad .i. di ingin, Crebra & Lesra a n-anmann; ro labraidset a m-bronnaib a maithrech, & isedh asbertsat, tair a Naeb Patraic & slanaig sin.


.xiu. Sil in Faelchon i n-Osraigibh ata. Aisdi ingnad acu. Delbait iat i conaib altaid, & tiagait iat i conrechtaib, & dia marbthar iat & feoil ina m-belaib is amlaid bid na cuirp as a tiagat; & aithnit dia muinteraib nar sogluaister na cuirp, air dia n-gluaister ni thicfadsum chucu semper.

.xu. Torann mor do taidecht i n-aimsir Donnchaidh mic Domnaill


mic Murchaidh rig Erenn, gur marb .xur. ar mili i crich Corco Baiscind & co ro rann Innsi Fiti i tri.

.xui. Tri h-inganta la Cluain Mic Nois. Fer cen cend fri re secht m-bliadhan. Inte Bucuc a ainm .i. Maeltamain. In dall no ted fon Sinaind co tabrad les escung gach ladra lam & cos do. In t-adnacul fo clas i Cluain beus & ni fess & ni closs do adnacul ann, & fo frith fer mor-ulcach ind, & braena fola derge tairis, barrach uir-beithi do scuabaib cengail ime. Cuig traigi deg ina fhod, & .xxx. troiged do talamh uasu.

.xuii. Loch Laigh i crich Umaill la Connachto do elud siar co muir nad bai de acht a lathrach.


.xuiii. Loch Leibind do suud i fuil fri .ix. de cono rala i pairtib cro amail scamu cet bruithi.

.xix. Fros fola do ferthain i n-aimsir Aeda mic Neill, co frith a pairte cro fola fors na muigib im Cianacht oc Dumu In Dessa.

.xx. In mac becc do labrad i Craeb Laisre dia mis iar na gein coro turcha scela imda.

.xxi. In araili lo ro bui in fili Mac Coisi ic con Boinn como faccaba


in eltai n-eala co tarlaicc cloic doib, co ro ben dar sceith eala dib; rethis dia gabail lasodain, & do ces do co ro ba ben, & coma foacht scela uaidi cid do rala di, & can imus luaidi; & adfed-si, do i n-galar ba, olsi, & do ces do muinntir co n-erbalus, & isedh araidi is deamna rom aircellsat leo; & ros tadban in fili dia muintir.

.xxii. Da thopur filed i n-Airteraib o Ard Macha sair; marb fo cetoir in tí blaises in dala n-ai. Dia sillter umorro fo tri for sin topur n-aili atraig con baidi in ti na n-deca, conad air nach lamaid daene a tadall act mines tegmad troich.

.xxxiii. Congalach mac Mailmithigh bai in aenach Taillten in araili lo, co faccaid in loing iar san aeor, co tarlaic aen dib gai i n-diaid brattain; tarrasair in gae i fiadnaisi in aenaigh, co tainic duine as in luing ina diaid; in tanro gab a inn anuas is ann rogab


in fer anis. Co n-debert in fer anuas, atatar icom badud ar se. Lec uait do ar Congalach, & lecair suas & teid uaidib for snam iartain.

.xxiu. Araili ailitir do Gaidelaib do rala do Toirinis Martain ic tiachtain o Roim, como facca a mathair ic fodail loma & feola do bochtaib in coimded, co tall uaidi forcle in muidi i m-boi in loim, & ro bai ica iarraidh ina fiadnaisi; & ni dechaid in mathair innonn eter acht a Ros Ailithir do rigni a fodail; & ar onoir Martain do rigne, & si Caintigern mathair h-Ui Dangail mic Baethamnas do rigne in fodail; & ro taispen dia mathair in faircle iar m-bliadain iar toidecht anall do, & tuc si aichni sair, & ba cuimsi dia muidhi sen, conid de sin as follus gach fodail do gnither a n-Uaim Martain co n-geb greim i Toirinis Martain.

.xxu. In lanamain beo fri Cluain Iraird anair. Bablu & Biblu a n-anmann.

.xxui. Cloch fil i cill i n-Ulltaib, isi a h-aisti, dia crechtar in cell fuil dei theipersin esti tri trath roimi.

.xxuii. Loch Suidhi Odhrain i Sleib Guaire do elud co n-dechaidh is in Febail.


.xxuiii. Cros cloichi mor bai for faicthi Slaine I m-Bregaib do cumgabail is in aeor, & a combach is in aeor, gur rancator a buir & a bloga Tailltin & Temraigh & Findabair n-Abha.

.xxix. Tipra Mailgobann i l-Laignib; in Dech Flescach a h-ainm; os abainn Lifi ata; si a h-aisdi in fhlesc uindsend curthar inti do ni flesc cuill di fo cetoir, madu coll focerdar inti is uindsiunn do roaig esti.

.xxx. Cloictheach teneadh do aicsin ic Rus Dela fri re .ix. n-uar, & eoin duba díairimhde as, & aen en mor eturru, & no tegdis


na h-eoin bega fo clumaib in tan no teged is in cloictheach, & tancatar in aenfecht uile amach & conur gabsat coin leo na n-ingnib i n-airde, & no lecset sis co talam uaidib, & iat marb. Luidset in enlaith as iartain, & in caill for sa n-desidar d'ellig fothu co talamh, & in dairbri for sa n-desid in t-en mor ut ro fuc lais cona fremaib a talmain, & ni fes cid imluaid.

.xxxi. Inis Locha Cre i crich Eili; nis lamait ethaide boinenda no anmannai boinenna do mil no do dhuine, & ni epil pecthach indi, & ni cumacar a adnacul inte.

.xxxii. Muilenn Cilli Cess i n-Osraigib; ni mheileadh i n-Domnach acht na n-oegedh; & ni meil nach fota i n-gaidi, & ni lamait mna teacht ind.

.xxxiii. Lachain lindi Senbotho Colmain; cia dopartar in imrosc


aidchi maraen la h-uisce na lindi i cairi for tenidh cia no loiscdis feda in talman fon coiri sin ni h-aurchoitigh, & ni theg in uisce.

xxxiu. Ni aitrebait dno, loiscind no nathracha i n-Erinn uili, & cia to bertar a h-inadaib eili inti aplaid fo cetoir, & isedh son ro derbad, acht luch fael & sinnach ni bai & ni bia nach n-anna n-anmanna aurchóitech inti & is mesair ar thes & ar fhuacht. Muir tairrsi .uii. m-bliadna re m-brath.

Finit. Amen. Finit.


Appendix 4



Maelmura Othna. cc.

    1. Canam bunadas na n-Gaedel
      gair cloth n-gledend


      canas tarla tondgur dilend
      dochum n-Erend.
    2. Citne in ferand in ro threbsat
      tuirfer Fene
      cidh dos fuc i terce tíre
      do fhuiniud gréne.
    3. Ciarso thucait rodos fogluais
      rém do thastiul,
      in do theched, nó in do cenach,
      no ind' gasciud?
    4. Ciad e as dilsiu doib for dhomun
      ind a taedin
      dia n-anmnigud in a n-atreb
      Scuitt nó Gaedil.

    5. p.224

    6. Ciamdis Fene atbertha
      do anmand dóib
      acus Gaedel andos gleid
      can dosroid.
    7. Bid nus rélfasu damsa
      cor ba tirech,
      daig it eolach i sreith senchasa
      mac Miled.
    8. Mad ail do Dia bid inniu duit
      ní ba márach
      ord senchasa mac Miled
      feib ro relad.
    9. Rig-mac Nóe náir Iafeth
      is uad ar ciniud
      do Grecaib dún conar mh-bunud
      conar n-dligud.

    10. p.226

    11. Don treib is amru ro gabsat
      flathius fuilech
      for bith broenach; o thurcbail greine
      co a fuined.
    12. Flaithem croda rogab in mh-bith
      n-glesac n-glegrach;
      Nembróth a ainm fer las n-dernad
      in tor dermar.
    13. Luid Fenius chuice as in Scithia
      for sluagad,
      fer airegda ecnaid eolach
      bruthmar bagach.
    14. Ba oen berla boí is in domun
      in ro gabsat,
      dá bérla déc ar tri fichtib
      tan ro scarsat.

    15. p.228

    16. Scol mór la Faenius ic foglaim
      in cech ergna,
      fer ard adma ro bíd co amra
      in cech berlu.
    17. Bretha mac do Faenius Farsaid
      ba dual co brath,
      ar cumtach in tuir la tuaith talman
      Nél da rograd.
    18. Rancatar scela co Foraind
      la mhet nh-gretha,
      Nél mac Faeniusa ica filet
      berla in betha.
    19. Bretha Nél fa des in Egipt
      féin n-guirm n-gle-se,


      do breth ingen Fhoraind
      dó dar ése.
    20. Ruc Scotta scíth mac do Neól
      ar n-dul in Aegipt,
      err cet catha Goedel Glass
      fír flatha fhegelt.
    21. Feni o Fhaenius as a m-bertor,
      clú cen dochta,
      Gaedil o Gaediul Glas garta
      Scuitt o Scotta.
    22. Síd mór i m-batar la Fhoraind
      la meit n-uabair;
      ropdar duanaich i n-dálaibh
      ropdar sluagaig.
    23. Sluag tuathe Dé léices Foraind
      uad ar omun,
      gebes for a slicht co dremun
      co muir Romur.

    24. p.232

    25. Bátir Foraind a lín uili
      adbul cairdde,
      terna tuath De da tír,
      ní ros báid ind fhairgge.
    26. Atraigset clanna Niúil ferg Foraind,
      combtar brónaig,
      dáig nach dechatar don digail
      las in coraid.
    27. Cid in tan na terna Foraind
      don riad raenach,
      tuatha Egept ecla la claind Néoil
      dia n-daerad.
    28. Tallsatar liberna Foraind
      a tír trebsat,
      in aidchi uair dar belach
      Mara Ruaid sairset.
    29. Raiset sech Indé sech Assia,
      ar don fessid,
      don Scithia, co m-bríg n-uasail,
      da tír fessin.

    30. p.234

    31. For muncind Mara Caisp gabsat
      cethirn dilis
      faracsat Glass in Coronis
      ar Muir Libis.
    32. Luid Srú mac Esriu iartanaib
      ba cen miffri
      timchell atuaid trom co dathe
      Slebe Riffi.
    33. Ro gab a n-Golgatha gaethach
      comol grianda


      anais and a chland cen digna
      dá cét mh-bliadhna.
    34. Brath mac Deagatha dos n-ainich
      rigda isretha,
      asin co h-em egraid fothuaid
      i tuascert m-beatha.
    35. Ba de gabais iar n-Gaethlaigib
      co h-indsib
      rigda a loingsin tascnam mara
      Tarrian trillsich.
    36. Do Chreit do Shicil ros rersat
      ros ri tinrem


      sech colomna Hercuil adbuil
      d'h-Espáin indlib.
    37. Ua Deatha ruaid don rigraid
      rida in forand
      gebes Espáin in fer foroll
      in tí Bregond.
    38. Brigantia ainm na cathrach
      na cét n'airech,


      tor mh-Bregoin assaide in subach
      for-sa suidea.
    39. Sairtuaid as tur atchess h-Erinn
      do iath Lumnig;
      fescur gemrid fos fuair Ith
      mac Bregoin buidnig.
    40. Ba mh-Brentracht do rala,
      co lucht a theglaig,
      cetna marb dia chenel chongbaid
      bebla Slemnaib.
    41. Sairdes bretha Ith in Espáin
      iar na brígaib
      tren dollotar meic mil Mile
      dia digail.

    42. p.242

    43. Dond Colptha Amairgen glun gel
      fer tren tírech
      Ir scéo Eber h-Erimon
      se meic Miled.
    44. Mac Itha Lugaid cain crechach
      coscrach cathach
      Dar ler lethan dolluid
      do digail a athar.
    45. Bui Bregain bruthmara beoda,
      feib ros ríme
      Blod, Corp, Cualgne, Righbhard
      Tigern mac Brige.
    46. Batar cethri athig fhichet
      nir bo uabor
      ic irraí narrig cen baigul
      for sin t-shluagod.
    47. Sluindfet-sa duib uili a n-anmand
      mar dos raeraig
      iar na n-arim boí dias díb
      i fail cech oenfhir.

    48. p.244

    49. Aidne Aile Assal Mitte
      Morba Mide
      Cuib Cliu Cira Sair Slán Lige
      Life Line.
    50. Ligin Traig Dollotar Aire
      Nai Dess Aine
      Fea foruair mínlech mh-brogai
      Femin Fera.
    51. Fos dailset cland Breogain buidnech
      ba gen mibail,
      comtís fognaimthe na trenfhir
      do na rigaib.
    52. Ruc Cruithne mac Cinge a mna uadib
      rossar n-direch
      inge Tea ben h-Erimoin,
      mic Miled.
    53. Mor saethair césait uili
      for cach mh-buadre


      la mna Bresse la mná Basse
      la mna Buaigne.
    54. Banba a sleib Miss co na shluagaib
      siriuc tuislech
      Fótla in Eblinne asnac
      h-Eriu in Uisnrich.
    55. Adocorsat Tuatha Dea
      tria chert clitach,
      o tír tidach dar noi tonnaib
      don lir lethan.
    56. Ro gab h-Erimon co l-leith in t-shluaig
      iar n-urd tolgdai
      timchell atuaid ba gen mergle
      d'Inber Cholpthai.

    57. p.248

    58. Ro gab Dond do sin leith aile
      iar n-urd innaiss
      ba marb ic ascnam cen chomais
      descert h-Irrais.
    59. Co tuarcbad corn la lia a cheneoil
      as lir lethach
      sen treb tontech conid Tech Duinn
      de don garar.
    60. Ba h-ésin a h-edacht adbul
      dia chlaind chetaich
      cucum dom tic tissaid uili
      iar bar n-écaib.
    61. Ic Inbiur Scene ro saurset
      scél cen dúnad
      sruth dian dermar in ros fhothraic
      Fial ben Lugdach.

    62. p.250

    63. Ros dailset fo h-Erind oraig
      mar atberid
      gníset cora fri Firu Bolg
      fri cland Nemid.
    64. Nis bátar mná soirbe soíre
      ce a n-oglea
      Ar n-gait a m-ban gabsat clemnas
      Tuath Dea.
    65. Do breth dóib leth cech arba
      co muir medbar,
      iars in charddine choir chomdes,
      iars in clemnas.
    66. Ro gab h-Erimon in tuascert
      dú dia ciniud,
      Co na sencus, co na sólud,
      co na n-dligud.

    67. p.252

    68. Co na n-dúnib, co na cathaib,
      gairge regthe,
      co na n-debthaige tria oibhne,
      co na cethre.
    69. Ro gab Eber descert nh-Erenn,
      ord ro chinnius,
      co na utmaille, cona chommus,
      co na binnius.
    70. Co na buadaib, co na h-uile,
      co na aege,
      co na dersaide tria dúre,
      co na chaine, co na dene.
    71. Do chlaind h-Erimoin do Lagnib
      luath co clochda,
      Leth Cuind, Connacht, Niall fasse,
      Nial ind fhochla.

    72. p.254

    73. Fothart, na Desi, Mog Láma,
      la cur Cualnge,
      fir Dal Riatai, Corca Rinne,
      is Corcu Roeda.
    74. Rigraid clainne Echach uili Domblen,
      tuir do télaib,
      Is rigrad Airgiall a Buichne,
      co Loch Febail.

    75. p.256

    76. Fir Da Gial o Gréin co Coraid
      cen nach n-dímess,
      deg meic Maine Bresail Fiachraig Dallán,
      acus Domlen diles.
    77. Dubne dolus temen fodub
      Fothud airgnech,
      Aendia Trennia,
      Coennia cairpdech.
    78. Corpre Arad, Arad Tire,
      Arad Cliathach,
      Latharn Benntraige Inmanaig,
      Dal Find Fiatach.

    79. p.258

    80. Fodla Corpre sceo Tratraige
      ba toirm tírech,
      sluag balc buadach, muntir h-Erimoin,
      mic Miled.
    81. Maiccne Ebir Eoganachta,
      uili ardait,
      Ani, Loch Léin, Casel, Glendamain,
      Ross n-Argait.
    82. Eochu Raithlinne cen drongad
      cáin culad,
      Eoganacht cech dú i tát,
      la brigu Muman.
    83. Mathe Dál Chaiss Dal Cein cetaig,
      co nh-gail irgnai,


      Dal Moga, Dal Cuirc, Dal Ceata,
      Galenga, Delbhna.
    84. Tratraigi cech du itat,
      Lugni im dualait,
      Lugaid Láge, Luguirne,
      acus Mogo Nuadait.
    85. Nuall clainne Lugdach mic Itha,
      Oll tond rudrag,


      Erne Arbraige Musca Bascan,
      meic Lugdach.
    86. Lughaid Orcthe Lugaid Gala,
      Derga Oen Aible,
      rí Dúin Chermna Berre,
      Lugaid Laigde.
    87. Lán in h-Erin do chlaind Ir,
      mic Míled,
      Midir Rudraige rí Fachtna Fathach,
      cona ciniud baide.
    88. Ciar a cheithern Conmac cona
      maine muach,


      Corcu Dallan, Corcu Eoluim
      Corco Mruad.
    89. Dál mh-Buain Confhind comil sergen,
      serb nh-gossa
      Mogh Roith ressa ciniud Fergusa
      mic Rossa.
    90. Ríge o Fachtnu Dál n-Araide
      ercda dogair
      secht Laigse Lagen co febail,
      na secht Sogain,

    91. p.266

    92. Sil Conaill Glaiss míc Eich
      ba ercdaid ogra
      Do Maig Fothaid do Maig Uisnig
      do Maig Mogna,
    93. Do Maig Sulide do Fernmaig
      do Maig Mache
      d'Inbiur Buasse bruchtait srotha
      do Iath Aiche.
    94. Eocho Maireda in maitre miad
      n-ordd n-ingnad
      dia m-borb a Lindmuine laendrech
      uas loch lindglan.
    95. Laechrad síl Rígbaird mic Brige
      báig cen gainne


      Corc Oiche cloe cloth cen timme
      Dál saer Selle.
    96. Se cinedha nach do muntir Bregoin
      ciap-sa magen,
      Gabraighe Succa, Uí Thairsig
      Galeoin Lagen.
    97. Léir so thuirmisemar ar crónic
      cia no nh-gled?
      Inti medon acus tossach
      acus dead.
    98. Derb leam cipé rodos ríme
      o ro gabad h-Eriu


      cona faigbe ní ba fíriu
      na bas leriu.
    99. Leor lend lenmait a sanais irs
      ro ses tulad
      muntir Bhregoin feib atberar.
      can a m-bunad.
    100. C.

Appendix 5



Dal Riada, umorro, dar labramar go lég ós iad nach f-fuil amhorus againn is in m-beagan da m-bunadhus, & craobsgaoileadh da lamhsam san leabhar-sa. Cuiream sean duain Seanchasa a ríogh ar Albain annso sios.

Marso ader ge easbadhach í iar ríomh na ríogh na rann dereanach, & fos iar slechtaibh ele:


    1. A eolcha Alban uile,
      a shluagh feuta foltbhuidhe,
      cia ceud ghabhail, an eól duíbh,
      ro ghabhasdair Albanruigh?
    2. Albanus ro ghabh, lia a shlógh,
      mac sen oirdérc Isicon,
      brathair is Briutus gan brath,
      ó ráitear Alba eathrach.
    3. Ro ionnarb a brathair bras
      Briotus tar Muir n-Icht n-amhnas,
      ro gabh Briotus Albain áin,
      go rinn fhiadhnach Fotudáin.
    4. Foda iar m-Briotus m-bláith, m-bil,
      ro ghabhsad clanna Nemhidh,


      Erglan iar t-teacht as a loing,
      do aithle thoghla thuir Conuing.
    5. Cruithnigh ros gabhsad iarttain,
      iar t-tiachtain a h-Ereann-mhuigh,
      .x. rig tri fichit righ rán
      gabhsad díobh an Cruithean-chlár.
    6. Cathluan an céd righ diobh-soin,
      aisnedhfead daoibh go cumair,
      rob é an righ dégheanach dhíbh
      an cur calma Cusaintín.
    7. Clanna Eathach ina n-diaigh,
      gabhsad Albain iar n-áirdghliaidh,
      clanna Conaire an chaoimhfhir,
      toghaidhe na treun-Ghaoidhil.

    8. p.276

    9. Tri mec Erc mec Eachdhach ait,
      triar fuair beannachtair Pátraicc,
      ghabhsad Albain, ard a n-gus,
      Loarn, Fearghus is Aonghus.
    10. Dech m-bliadhna Loarn, lér bladh,
      i f-flaitheas oirir Alban,
      tar es Loarn fhél go n-gus,
      seacht m-bliadhna ficheat Fearghus.
    11. Domhangart mac d'Fearghus ard,
      aireamh cúig m-bliadhan m-biothgarg,
      a .xxiiii. gan troid,
      do Comhgall, mac Domhangoirt.
    12. Da bhliadhan Conaing gan táir,
      tar és Comhghaill do Gobhrán,
      tri bliadhna fo cuig gan roinn,
      ba ri Conall, mac Comhghoill.

    13. p.278

    14. Cethre bliadhna ficheat tall
      ba rí Aodhán na n-iol-rann,
      dech m-bliadhna fo seacht, seól n-glé,
      i f-flaitheas Eathach Buidhé.
    15. Connchadh Cearr ráithe, rel bladh,
      a .xui. dia mac Fearchar
      tar és Fearchair, feaghaidh rainn,
      .xiiii. bliadhna Domhnaill.
    16. Tar és Domhnaill Bric na m-bla,
      Conall, Dunghal .x. m-bliadhna,
      .xiii. bliadhna Domhnuill Duinn,
      tar és Dunghail is Chonuill.
    17. Maolduin mac Conaill na c-creach
      a .xuii. dó go dlightheach,


      Fearchair Foda, feagha leat,
      do chaith bliadhain ar .xx.
    18. Da bliadhain Eachdhach na n-each,
      ro ba calma an rí rightheach,
      aoin bhliadhain ba flaith iarttain,
      Ainceallach maith mac Fearchair.
    19. Seacht m-bliadhna Dunghail déin,
      acus a ceathair do Ailpén,
      tri bliadhna Muireadhoigh mhaith,
      .xxx. do Aodh na árdfhlaith.
    20. A ceathair ficheat, nír fhann,
      do bhliadhnaibh do chaith Domhnall,
      da bhliadhain Conaill, cém n-glé,
      is a ceathair Chonaill ele.
    21. Naoi m-bliadhna Cusaintin chain,
      a naoi Aongusa ar Albain,


      cethre bliadhna Aodha áin,
      is a tri déug Eoghanáin.
    22. Tríocha bliadhain Cionaoith chruaidh,
      a ceathair Domhnall drechruaidh,
      .xxx. bliadhain co na bhrígh,
      don churadh do Cusaintin.
    23. Dá bhliadhain, ba daor a dath,
      da brathair do Aodh fionnscothach,
      Domhnall, mac Cusaintin chaín,
      ró chaith bliadhain fa cheathair.
    24. Cusaintín ba calma a ghleac,
      ro chaith a sé is dá fhicheat,
      Maolcoluim cethre bliadhna,
      Iondolbh a h-ocht airdriaghla.

    25. p.284

    26. Seacht m-bliadhna Dubhoda dén,
      acus a ceathair Cuilén,
      a .xxuii. ós gach cloinn,
      do Cionaoth, mac Maoilcholuim.
    27. Seacht m-bliadhna Cusaintin cluin,
      acus a ceathair Macdhuibh,
      triochadh bliadhain, breacaid rainn,
      ba rí Monaidh Maolcolaim.
    28. Se bliadhna Donnchaid glain gaoith
      .xuii. bliadhna mac Fionnlaoich,
      tar és Mec Beathaidh go m-blaidh,
      .uii. mís i f-flaithios Lughlaigh.
    29. Maolcholuim anosa as rí,
      mac Donnchaidh dhata dhrechbhi,
      a ré nocha n-fidir neach,
      acht an t-eólach as éolach. A eolcha.

    30. p.286

    31. Dá rígh fór chaogad, cluine,
      go mac Donnchaidh drich ruire,
      do shiol Erc ardghlain anoir,
      gabsad Albain a eólaigh.