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Annals of Loch Cé A.D.1014-1590

Author: [unknown]

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    Manuscript sources.
  1. (i) Dublin, Trinity College Library, 1293 olim H. 1. 19; vellum and some paper; s. xvi 2 (AD 1588); scribe Philip Badley [Ó Duibhgeannáin?], Dubthach [Ó Duibhgeannáin], Conaire (son of Maurice) [Ó Duibhgeannáin and others; patron Brian Mac Diarmata (died 1592) of Carraig Meic Diarmata on Loch Cé, near Boyle, lord of Mag Luirg, whose hand appears in some entries. Annals from 1014 to 1571 (ends imperfect) with lacunae from 1138 to 1170, and from 1316 to 1384.
  2. (ii) London, British Library, Additional 4792; vellum and paper; xvi 2; scribes Brian Mac Diarmata and others. Annals from 1568 to 1590.
  1. W. M. Hennessy (ed. & trans.) The Annals of Loch Cé, RS 54, 2 vols. (London, 1871; rep. Dublin, 1939). In Hennessy's printed text the lacuna from 1315 to 1378 is supplied from the Annals of Connacht (which see).
  2. Gearóid Mac Niocaill, Annála Uladh agus Annála Locha Cé, 1014-1220, Galvia 6 (1959) 337-340 [Parallel text of the prima manu entries from MSS TCD H 1 8 and TCL 1293].
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  17. Daniel P. Mc Carthy, on his website at offers comprehensive information on two traditions of dating used in the Irish Annals, together with two ancillary articles, 'Chronological synchronisation of the Irish annals', and 'Collation of the Irish regnal canon'.
  18. Daniel P. Mc Carthy, The Irish Annals: their genesis, evolution and history (Dublin 2008).
    The edition used in the digital edition.
  1. The Annals of Loch Cé. A Chronicle of Irish Affairs from A.D. 1014 to A.D. 1590. Edited, with a translation, by William M. Hennessy, M.R.I.A. Published by the Authority of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's treasury under the Direction of the Master of the Rolls. Vol. II. William M. Hennessy (ed), First edition [689 pages] Longman & Co., Trübner & Co., Paternoster Row; Parker & Co, Oxford; Macmillan & Co., Cambridge; A. & C. Black, Edinburgh; A. Thom, Dublin. Oxford/Cambridge/Edinburgh/Dublin (1871)


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Created: By unknown Irish monastic scholars.

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Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition: G100010B

Annals of Loch Cé A.D.1014-1590: Author: [unknown]



1] Kl. Enair for Dardaoin, ocus cethre uathad
2] fuirri; M.ccc.xl.ix.; bliadhain tosach noidecda
3] í; secundo anno indictionis; xxu.
4] cicli solaris.


Gilla na Naem Ua h-Ucinn
5] mortuus est.


Maidm do thabhairt d'Aedh
6] .H. Ruairc ar Flaithbheartach .H. Ruairc ocus
7] ar Dondchadh .H. n-Domhnaill, ocus ar Dartraigibh,
8] ocus Aedh Mac Flannchaidh, taisech Dartraigi, do
9] marbhadh and, ocus Gilla na Naemh Mag Flannchaidh,
10] ocus Lochlainn mac Andilis .H. Baighill, et alii multi
11] nobiles.


Mac Mic and Iarla do teacht a Connachtaibh
12] ocus creach do gabhail dó, ocus mac Uilliam Burc ocus
13] Mac Feorais do breith air, ocus maidm adhbal do
14] thabhairt air, ocus Mac Mic ind Iarla do gabhail ann,
15] ocus moran do Chloinn Ricaird do gabhail ocus do
16] marbhadh and bos.


Cocadh mor etir Fergal Mac n-Diarmada
17] ocus Ruaidhri mac Cathail, ocus Gaill ocus
18] Gaideal Connacht do tinol do Mac Diarmada, ocus
19] Cenel Conaill agus Clann Muircheartaigh, gur chuiredar
20] mac Cathail fa Cloinn Fernmoigi, ocus nir fedsad
21] ni do, cur impodar cen giall can eidire, agus cur
22] loisc ocus cur aircc mac Cathail urmor Moigi Luirg
23] iarom.


Plaigh mor i m-Moig Luirc ocus an Erind uli
24] in hoc anno. Matha mac Cathail .H. Ruairc d'ecc


1] don plaigh sin.


Mac Mic an Iarla do écc.


2] .H. Raighillidh, rí na Breifne thoir, do éccaibh.


3] Riabhach, mac Maelechlainn Charraigh Mic
4] Diarmada, do ghabhail do Cormac Bodhar Mac Diarmada,
5] ocus a bhreith leis a n-Airtech, ocus a mharbhadh
6] a fill do mac Gilla Criosd mic Taichlidh acus do Ua
7] Cernaigh iarsin.


Gilliberd .H. Flannacan, taisech Tuaithi
8] Rátha, do mharbhadh do macaibh Briain .H. Flannacan.


9] Muircheartach Ríaganach Mag Aengusa do marbhadh
10] dia braithribh fein.

Annal LC1350.


11] Kl. Enair for Aine, ocus coicedh .x. fuirri; M.ccc.l.;
12] an dara bliadhain don cicil naedec do í, ocus in tres
13] bliagain don cicil indictionis; xxui. cicli solaris.


14] Fergal mac Ualgarg .H. Ruairc do marbhadh do mac
15] Cathail Clerig Mic Dondchaidh.


Brian Mac Diarmada,
16] damhna righ Moigi Luirc, do marbhadh i r-Ros
17] Comman do muinntir an espoicc .H. Finnachta, d'aen
18] urchor t-soigti co tubaistech, ocus in fer ar ar cuired
19] an t-orchur .i. Ruaidhri in t-Seomra .H. Dondchadha, do
20] marbhadh ocus do chirrbhadh ann.


Brian, mac Domhnaill
21] mic Briain Ruaidh .H. Briain, do marbhadh a fill do
22] macaibh Lorcan Mec Ceothach, ut dixit poeta

  1. 23] Truagh aen mac Domhnaill dala,
    24] Truagh oigir Briain Borámha,
    25] Truagh a dol mar nar sailedh,
    26] Truagh Clann Ceoch da comhmaidhemh.


27] Toirrdhealbach Occ .H. Briain do marbhadh se fir n-decc
28] do Chlann Ceoch, ocus a crod ocus a ferand do bhuain
29] dibh beoss.


Aed mac Aeda Breifnig .H. Conchobhair,


1] ris i raiti .H. Conchobhair Breifnech, do marbhadh la
2] h-Aedh .H. Ruairc a Moig Engaiti in hoc anno.


3] mac Cathail mic Domhnaill .H. Conchubair, do marbhadh
4] a fill do cloinn Fergail Mic Dondchadha, tria forgall
5] Aeda mic Toirrdhealbhaigh.


Muirgius mac Dondchaid
6] do ecc in hoc anno.


Aedh mac Toirrdhealbhaigh do
7] athrighadh do mhac Uilliam Burcc agus do Thuathaibh
8] Connacht, ocus Aed mac Feidhlimidh do righadh doibh
9] ina adhaig.


Aengus .H. h-Eodhusa mortuus est.


10] Ruadh .H. Dalaigh, sai Erend re dán, quieuit.


Cu Choicriche
11] Mor mag Eochacan, dux Cenel Fiachaidh,
12] quieuit.


Uilliam epscop Ua Dubda, .i. epscop Cille
13] h-Alaid, quieuit.

Annal LC1351.


14] Kl. Enair for Satharnn, ocus ui.xx. fuirri; M.ccc.l.
15] primo; tertio anno cicli lunaris; iiii. annus indictionis;
16] xxuii. cicli solaris.


Pilip Mag Udir mortuus
17] est.


Aed mac Toirrdhealbaigh do theacht is tír, ocus
18] braighdi Connacht do thabhach dó, ocus mac Feidhlimidh
19] d'innarbadh re bliadhain do iar sin.


Aed .H. Ruairc
20] do gabhail ic teacht o Cruaich Padruic, do mac Pilpin
21] mic Uilliam Burcc, ocus Fergal mac Diarmada do
22] ergi trít an n-gabhail sin, ocus cur fás cocadh coitchend
23] hi Connachtaibh uile, ocus Magh Luirg do lomarcain
24] trit sin.


Gairm coitchend do thabairt d'Uilliam
25] mac Dondchaidh Muimnigh .H. Cellaigh, im notlaicc na
26] garma, do dámhscolaibh Erend uili, ocus a teacht lán
27] budech uile etir uasal ocus isel.


Mathgamain Mac
28] Consnama do marbhadh do cloinn Dondchaid Mic
29] Consnama.


Eogan Mac Suibne do marbad la
30] Magnus .H. n-Domhnaill isin bliadhain cedna sin.


31] Enna .H. Flannacan, taisech Tuaithe Ratha, mortuus est.


Annal LC1352.


1] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus sechtmadh uathadh
2] fuirri; M.ccc.l. secundo; iiii. anno cicli lunaris;
3] u. anno indictionis; xxuiii. anno cicli solaris.


4] Aedh mac Toirrdhealbaigh do gabhail rigi Connacht ar
5] ecin tar Gallaibh ocus tar Gaidhealaibh.


Aedh .H. Mael Brenainn
6] ocus a dá mac do marbadh la h-Aed mac
7] Feidhlimidh .H. Conchobair.


Aedh .H. Ruairc, ri Breifne,
8] do marbhad do Chathal mac Aedha Breifnigh .H. Conchobhair
9] ocus do Cloinn Muircheartaigh archena, ocus ár
10] galloclaechaibh Cloinne Subne maroen ris.


11] O Domhnaill, ri Tiri Conaill, do marbhadh la Magnus
12] .H. n-Domhnaill per dolum.


Dabacc Dilmain mac
13] Uilliuc Umaill, cenn ceithirne Connacht, do ecc in hoc
14] anno.


Flaithbheartach .H. Ruairc, ri Breifne, do ecc in
15] hoc anno.


Matha mag Dorchaidh do marbhadh la Cloinn
16] Muircheartaig.


Commach Baili in Duin la h-Aed
17] mac Toirrdhealbaigh, ocus dith bo ocus caerach ann.


18] Conchubhar mac Muirgiosa mic Dondchaidh do h-ecc
19] in hoc anno.


Nuala, inghen Mic Diarmada, do
20] h-ecc in hoc anno.


Tomas Mag Ragnaill mortuus
21] est.


Tadcc mac Siaccusa h-I Cellaigh do ec in hoc
22] anno.

Annal LC1353.


23] Kl. Enair for Mairt, occus ochtmadh decc fuirri;
24] quinto anno cicli lunaris; ui. anno indictionis; primus
25] annus solaris cicli; anno Domini M.ccc.l. tertio.


26] Aedh mac Ruaidhri h-I Neill mortuus est.


Tadg Mag
27] Raghnaill, taisech Muinntire h-Eolais, do marbhadh do
28] chloind t-Seafraidh Meg Raghnaill.


Aedh mac Toirrdhealbaigh
29] do athrigadh, ocus Mac Branainn dia tabairt
30] is tir.


Gormlaith inghean h-I Domhnaill, ben h-I Neill,
31] in Cristo quieuit.


Mathgamhuin mac Gilla na Naemh
32] h-I Fhergail mortuus est.


Annal LC1354.


1] Kl. Enair for Cetain, agus .ix. fiched fuirri;
2] M. ccc. l. quarto; ui. anno cicli lunaris; uii. anno
3] indictionis; ii. anno solaris cicli.


Brian Ua Dubhda,
4] righ Ua Fiachrach, mortuus est.


Rudhraighe Ua Mordha,
5] righ Laighsi, mortuus est.


Sitriuc Mag Samhradhain
6] mortuus est.


Derbforgaill inghean h-I Chonchobhair
7] mortua est.


Seffraidh Mag Raghnaill mortuus est.


8] Tadhg Mac Senlaich mortuus est.


Seaan Ua Finnachta,
9] espuc Oilefind, in Cristo quieuit.


Aedh mac Cormaic
10] Buidhir do marbhadh do macuibh Donnchaidh Riabhaigh.


11] Lachtnan, espuc Connacht, in Cristo quieuit.


12] Murchadha do tarruing do Gallaibh, ocus coccadh mor
13] itir Gallaibh ocus Gaidhelaibh trit sin. Aedh Mac
14] Samhradhain do dul d'ecc dia ghonaibh.


Brían mac Aedha
15] Moir h-i Neill mortuus est.


Feidhlim mac Cathail I
16] Conchobhair d'ecc isin bliadhain cedna sin.


Cathal mac
17] Neill h-I Ruairc do h-ec.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt do
18] Chloind Aedha Buidhe ocus do Gallaibh Dúine Delcan ar
19] Aedh U Neill, ocus ár mór do chur ann.


20] a Burc do h-écc in hoc anno.


Ruaidhri mac Seoain
21] Meg Mathghamhna do marbhadh i l-longport Meg
22] Mathghamhna.

Annal LC1355.


23] Kl. Enair for Dardaoin, ocus x. uathad fuirri;
24]; uii. anno cicli lunaris; octauo anno indictionis;
25] iii. anno cicli solaris.


Sir Muiris Fitomas,
26] giuisdis na h-Erend ocus iarla Desmumhan, do ecc isin
27] bhliadhain sin.


Domhnall mac Seoan .H. Ferghail, taisech
28] Muinntire h-Angaile, do ecc, ocus a adhnacal a Letrath.


29] Conchubhar Mac Consnamha, espocc na Breifne, in Cristo
30] quieuit.


Diarmaid .H. Mail Miadhaigh, taisech Muintire
31] Cerbhallan, do marbhadh do Muintir Birn, ocus moran
32] do Muintir Eolais maroen ris.


Maidhm do thabhairt


1] do Gallaibh iarthair Connacht ar mac Uilliam Burc,
2] ocus moran do marbhadh ann.


Cathal .H. Cuinn, taisech
3] Muinntire Gillgain, occisus est, agus coicer da bhraithribh
4] maroen ris, do cloind Aedha agus t-Seaain
5] .H. Fergail.


Cormac Mag Ragnaill, taisech muintire
6] h-Eolais, do marbhadh do cloinn Imhair Meg Ragnaill.


7] Maidm do thabhairt do Gaidhelaibh Laighin ar Gallaibh
8] Atha Cliath.


Emann mac Uilliam mic Ricaird do
9] marbhadh le Síl n-Anmchadha.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt
10] le Ricard Occ ar lucht tighi mic Uilliam, .i. Emand a
11] Burcc, agus ar t-Sil n-Anmchadha, dar marbhadh Stiamhna
12] Mac Siurtan agus Enri mac Pilbin, agus se meic righ
13] d'éc do t-Síl n-Anmchadha.


Cath do thabhairt do mhac
14] righ Saxan agus do righ Franc. Ri Francc agus a mhac
15] do gabhail and, agus ár mór do thabhairt forro.


16] Da Gualand do loscadh do Cathal Ócc, ocus do mac
17] Uilliam Burc.


Niall Mag Mathgamna do marbadh
18] do cloinn t-Seoain Meg Mathgamna.


Murchadh mac
19] Cathail .H. Fergail mortuus est.


Mac Cathail, .i. abb
20] Sruthra, in Cristo quieuit in hoc anno.


Adducc Mac
21] Ugilin do marbhadh le h-Ortheraibh.


Deich n-uain do
22] breith do en chairigh in hoc anno.


Donnchadh .H.
23] Domhnaill do marbadh ag breith inghine Meg Udhir ar
24] ecin les.


Tadhcc Mac Aedhacan mortuus est.


25] Gall-Gaidhil, abb na Trinnoitti, in Cristo quieuit.


26] Fergal, mac Ferghail, mic Muircheartaigh Moir, mic
27] Congalaigh Meg Eochacan, taisech Ceneil Fiachaidh mic
28] Neill .ix. Giallaigh, do ecc in quarto idus septimber.


29] Derborgaill ingen .H. Fergail mortua est.


Annal LC1356.


1] Kl. Enair for Aine, agus .xxi. fuirre; M.ccc.lui;
2] octauo anno cicli lunaris; ix. anno indictionis; quarto
3] anno cicli solaris.


Aedh mac Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Conchobhair,
4] righ Connacht, do marbhadh a m-Baili Locha
5] Decair le Donnchadh Carrach .H. Cellaigh agus le Clainn
6] an Baird, ar forgall Mainech, a n-digaltas ingine
7] Seoinin a Burc, .i. ben .H. Cellaigh, do breith do mac
8] Toirrdhealbaigh leis ar aithedh agus ar elodh; agus Aedh
9] mac Feidhlimidh .H. Conchubhair do gabhail lan rige Connacht
10] iaramh.


Conchobar macc Taidc .H. Cellaigh do
11] marbhadh do Tadc mac Diarmada .H. Cellaigh.


12] .H. Fallamhain, taoisech Cloinne h-Uadach, mortuus est.


13] Toirrdhealbach mac Aedha Breifnigh .H. Conchobhair do
14] marbhadh do Chloinn n-Donnchaidh.


Diarmaid mag Carrthaigh
15] agus a mhac do marbhadh la h-Ib Suilleabhan, .i.
16] Dondchadh mac Diarmada.


Mor, inghean .H. Conchobair,
17] ben .H. Fergail, do h-eg in hoc anno.


Ruaidhri mac
18] Aedha .H. Chonchobhair mortuus est.


19] mac Seoain .H. Neill do marbhadh la Pilip Mag Udhir in
20] hoc anno.


Giuistis Atha Cliath mortuus est.


21] Feorais do marbhadh la Gallaibh in hoc anno.


22] Mac Suibhne do marbhadh la Domhnall .H. Conchobair in
23] hoc anno.


Dondchadh Mac Con Mara, mac taisigh rob
24] fearr 'na aimsir, occisus est.


Domhnall mac Aedha
25] Breifnigh .H. Conchobhair mortuus est.


Nicol mag Cathusaigh,
26] espocc Oirgiall, in Cristo quieuit.


27] .H. Mellain, maer Chluicc ind Idachta, feichem coitcheann
28] do chlíaraibh Erend, mortuus est.


29] Proistech do marbhad do dis da mhuinntir fein per
30] dolum.


Gerodin Triel do tharraing do dubh Gallaibh


1] ar faithchi Atha Cliath.


Murchadh mac Briain .H. Neill
2] mortuus est.

Annal LC1357.


3] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, agus aili uathad fuirri;
4] M.ccc.luii.; ix. anno cicli lunaris; x. anno indictionis;
5] u. anno cicli solaris.


Maghnus Mag Mathgamna,
6] ri Oirghiall, mortuus est.


Lochlainn mac Muircheartaigh
7] .H. Chonchobhair mortuus est.


Iarla Desmuman
8] demersus est ac dol taris.


Feidhlim .H. Domnaill ocus
9] a mac, .i. Raghnall, do marbhadh i l-laimh la Seoan .H.
10] n-Domhnaill.


Ferghal Muimhnech .H. Duibhgennan, ollamh
11] Conmaicne ocus cloinne Mael Ruanaigh tis ocus tuas,
12] mortuus est.


Matha mac Tomais .H. Ruaircc, cend
13] gaiscidh na Breifne, mortuus est.


Macraith mag
14] Erraigh, sai coitchend, mortuus est.


15] Mac Cerbhaill, sai re seinm, mortuus est.


16] mac Gilla Criosd .H. Ruairc, ocus Maghnus Buidhe Mag
17] Samhradhan, do marbhadh ar Ruta mic Ugilin la h-Aedh
18] .H. Neill in hoc anno.


Clement .H. Duibhgennan, bicari
19] Cille Ronain, in Cristo quieuit.


Sith coitcheann etir
20] in da Cathal in hoc anno, .i. Cathal mac Aedha
21] Breifnigh, acus Cathal Oc mac Cathail mic Domhnaill.

Annal LC1358.


22] Kl. Enair for Luan, agus tres.x. fuirri; M.ccc.luiii.;
23] x. anno cicli lunaris; xi. anno indictionis; ui. anno cicli
24] solaris.


Domhnall .H. h-Eghra, ri Luighne, do h-eg fo
25] caisc in hoc anno.


Maghnus Mag Udir do marbhadh do
26] Cloinn Cathmail in hoc anno.


Conchubhar .H. h-Anlighi,
27] dux Cenel Dobtha mic Aengusa, do ecc iar m-breith
28] buadha o demhan agus o domhan in hoc anno.


29] mor do thabhairt le h-Aedh .H. Neill ar Argiallaibh agus


1] ar Feraibh Manach, du ar marbhadh Aedh mac Caba agus
2] Mac an Espuic .H. Dubhda.


Cith mór do ferthain hi
3] Carpri isin t-samhradh, agus nir mó fiadh ubhall na cach
4] cloich don chith sin uili.


Maidm mor do thabhairt d'U
5] Mordha for Gallaibh Atha Cliath, agus da .xx. ar da ced
6] do marbhadh ann.


Brian mac Cathmail, espocc Arghiall,
7] quieuit.


Senicin Mac Ugilin mortuus est in hoc anno.


8] Mac Andriu mic Feorais mortuus est.

Annal LC1359.


9] Kl. Enair for Mairt, agus cethar fichet fuirri;
10] M.ccc.l.ix.; xi. anno cicli lunaris; xii. anno indictionis;
11] uii. anno cicli solaris.


Cormac mag Carrthaigh,
12] rí Desmumhan, mortuus est.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt
13] do Chathal Oc .H. Conchobhair fa beol Atha Senaigh for
14] Conallchaibh, ocus Seoan .H. Dochartaigh, taisech Arda
15] Midhair, agus Eogan Connachtach, agus Toirrdhealbach
16] Mac Suibhne do gabhail and beoss, agus ar mor do
17] thabhairt and. Matha mac Samhradhan, adhbhar taisigh
18] Thellaigh Echach, do lot an lá sin, agus a ecc don lot
19] sin oc a tig.


In Cathal ceadna sin do dol ar sluaghadh a
20] Tir Conaill, agus a mhuintir do dol a crich .H. Gairmleadhaigh,
21] agus Cathal Bodhar .H. Ruairc do marbadh la
22] Mail Sechlaind .H. Gairmleadhaigh, agus Mael Sechlaind
23] do marbhadh ar in lathair ceadna sin la Tigernan .H.
24] Ruaircc.


Muircheartach mac Tomais .H. Floinn Líne,
25] damhna righ .H. Tuirtri, do mharbhadh per dolum la h-Aedh
26] mac Briain .H. Neill .i. mac Briain mic Aedha Buidhe.


27] Murchadh Oc mac Mathghamhna, damhna righ Corca Bascinn,
28] do marbhadh la Sil m-Bríain.


Magnus .H. Dubhda,
29] mac righ .H. Fiachrach, mortuus est.


Brian Mac


1] Donnchaidh, adhbhar righ Tire h-Oilella, do marbhadh do
2] mhac Sencha d'oireacht .H. Gadhrae.


Enri mac Uillec
3] mic Ricaird mortuus est.


Domhnall mac Taidhg .H.
4] Mathgamhna occisus est.


Aedh mac Conchobhair Mic
5] Aedhacain do ecc in hoc anno.

Annal LC1360.


6] Kl. Enair for Cedain, agus coicedh uathad fuirri;
7] M.ccc.lx.


Mac righ Saxan do teacht a n-Erinn, agus
8] loiscthi mora isin bliadhain sin .i. Ros Coman ocus
9] Damhinis, agus Slicech, agus manister Lesa Gabhail,
10] agus Fidnach, agus Druim Lias.


Diarmaid mac
11] Donnchaidh Riabhaigh Mic Diarmada do marbhadh la
12] Cathal Occ.


Diarmaid .H. Briain do athrighadh do mac
13] brathar a athar fein.


Mael Ruanaigh mac an Gilla
14] Muinelaigh .H. Baigill mortuus est.


Sir Roberd Sabhais
15] do ecc in hoc anno.


Amhlaibh mac Sefraid Meg Raghnaill
16] occisus est.


Seoan mac Gilla Criosd .H. Ruairc
17] occisus est o Aedh Mag Dorchaidh.


Diarmaid .H.
18] h-Anlighe mortuus est.


Tuathal .H. Finnachta mortuus
19] est in hoc anno.


Primh-fhaidh Arda Macha in Cristo
20] quieuit.


Ferghal mac Sefraidh meg Raghnaill mortuus
21] est in hoc anno.


Cathal mac an Chaich Meg Raghnaill
22] occisus est in hoc anno.


In Gilla Dubh Mag Builichan
23] mortuus est.


Seoan mac Simag Mic Ugilin occisus
24] est.


Inghen Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Conchubair, ben Fergail
25] .H. Raighilligh, do marbhadh d'escur in hoc anno.


26] na Naemh Ua Conmaig, ollamh Tuadhmumhan re seinm,
27] mortuus est.


Uilliam mac comharba Caillin occisus
28] est.


Naemacc .H. Duibgennan mortuus est.


Annal LC1361.


1] Kl. Enair for Aine, agus ui.x. fuirri; M.ccc.lxi.;
2] xiii. anno cicli lunaris; xiiii. anno indictionis; ix.
3] anno cicli solaris.


Artt Mac Murchadha, ri Laighen,
4] agus Domhnall Riabhach, adhbhar ri Laighen, do gabhail
5] per dolum do mac righ Saxan ina tigh fein, agus a n-ecc
6] aige.


Benedecht .H. Mochan, aircideachain Cilli Athrachta,
7] mortuus est.


Dondchadh Ua Lochlainn, rig
8] Corca Mo Druaidh, mortuus est.


Sir Emand a Burc
9] mortuus est.


Cluithi an Righ an Erind uli co forlethan,
10] agus Risdard Sabhais d'ecc de.


Remann mac Burcaig
11] an Muine mortuus est.


Cathal agus Muircheartach,
12] da mac Aedha mic Eogain, mortui sunt.


13] Stondun mortuus est.


Tuathal .H. Maille moritur.


14] Tomas Mag Tigearnan, taisech Tellaigh Dunchadha,
15] moritur.


Nicol .H. Finnachta mortuus est.


16] mac Mailir mortuus est in hoc anno.

Annal LC1362.


17] Kl. Enair for Satharn, agus sechtmadh .xx. fuirri;
18] anno Domini M.ccc.lxii.; xiiii. cicli lunaris; xu. anno
19] indictionis; x. anno cicli solaris.


Eogan find .H. Conchubhair,
20] mac righ Connacht, do ecc in hoc anno.


21] Mag Samhradhain, dux Tellaigh Echdhach, quieuit.


22] Mael Ruanaigh .H. Dubhda agus a bhen, .i. inghean Mic
23] Dondchaidh, mortui sunt.


Cathal Occ agus mac Feidhlimidh
24] .H. Conchobair do gabhail Baili in Tobair Brighti.


25] Sluaghadh adhbhal mor la Cathal Oc O Conchobair agus
26] la mac Feidhlimidh .H. Concobhair, ri Connacht, isin Midhe,
27] cur loiscsit co h-athais Midhe, agus cethre tempoill


1] dec agus Cell Cainnig do loscadh doibh; agus ni bádh
2] urusa a áremh na a rimh ar milledh din Midhe in tan
3] sin; agus a teacht slan da tigibh iaramh.


4] Ballach .H. Mailechlainn, ri Midhe, moritur.


5] mac Conchubhair mic Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Briain do
6] marbhadh do Cloinn Culein.


Cathal Occ .H. Conchobhair,
7] an t-aen mac righ do ba mó clu agus cride, agus alla
8] agus ard nos, neart agus niachas do bhi a n-aen aimsir
9] ris, do h-eg don phlaigh i Slicech in treas la iar Samhain.


10] Diarmaid mac Sean .H. Ferghail, taisech Muinntire
11] h-Angaile, mortuus est.


Domhnall mac Ruaidhri
12] .H. Cellaigh mortuus est.


Carpri .H. Cuind, taisech
13] Muinntire Gillgain, mortuus est.


Tomas .H. Birn
14] mortuus est.


Muircheartach Dond Mag Oreachtaig
15] quieuit.


Aengus Mac ind Oclaigh, aircideochain Cille
16] h-Airid, in Cristo quieuit.


Murchadh Manach mac
17] Taidg quieuit.


Eogan .H. Mailli ocus a mhac, .i. Diarmaid,
18] mortui sunt.


Cu Coigcriche mac Diarmada
19] Meg Eochacan, acus Muiris mac Muircheartaigh
20] Meg Eochacan, mortui sunt.

Annal LC1363.


21] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus ochtmadh uathadh
22] fuirri; M.ccc.lx.iii.; xu. cicli lunaris; i. anno indictionis;
23] xi. anno cicli solaris.


Magnus Eoganach
24] .H. Domhnaill do ecc in hoc anno.


Aedh Mag Udhir,
25] ri Fer Manach, do ecc in hoc anno.


26] Ruadh, mac Domhnaill Irruis .H. Conchobhair, do mharbhadh
27] do Magnus mac Cathail .H. Chonchobhair.


Tadhcc Mac
28] Consnamha, taisech Muinntire Cinaith, do lot accus
29] do gabhail le Cathal mac Aedha .H. Conchubair, agus a
30] eg isin lamdichas sin.


Catirfina, inghean .H. Fergail,
31] ben .H. Raighilligh, do écc.


Cathal Mac Donnchaidh do
32] marbhadh do lucht Moighi Luirg.


Gaeth mór in hoc


1] anno cur bris tempaill agus tighi, agus cur báidh longa
2] agus artraigi imdai.


Bebinn ingen Mec Eochagain,
3] uxor Uulpis, quieuit.

Annal LC1364.


4] Kl. Enair for Luan, agus .ix. decc fuirri; M.ccc.
5] lx. quarto; xui. cicli lunaris; ii. anno indictionis;
6] .xii. anno cicli solaris.


Aedh .H. Neill, ri coicidh
7] Uladh, in t-aen rí is ferr tainicc ina aimsir fein, do
8] écc iar m-breith buadha o demhan agus o domhan.


9] Diarmaid .H. Briain, rí Tuadhmumhan, do ecc in hoc
10] anno.


Mael Sechlaind, mac Murchaidh, mic Giolla
11] na Naemh, mic Aedho, mic Amhlaibh, mortuus est.


12] Giolla na Naemh mac Gobhand na Scel, sai senchusa,
13] mortuus est.


Domhnall mac Ruaidhri .H. Cellaigh,
14] damhna righ .H. Mane, quieuit.


Marghrec, inghean Uater
15] a Burcc, ben mic Feidhlimidh, quieuit.


Giolla na
16] Naemh .H. Duibdabhorenn, ollamh Corcumruadh re breitheamhnus,
17] do h-ecc in hoc anno.


Donchadh .H. h-Uiginn,
18] sai senchaidh, mortuus est.


Bran .H. Brain, sai timpanaigh,
19] quieuit.

Annal LC1365.


20] Kl. Enair for Cedaoin, agus .ix.xx. fuirri;
21] M.ccc.lx.u.; xuii. cicli lunaris; iii. anno indictionis;
22] xiii. cicli solaris.


Ruaidhri mac Domhnaill .H. Neill
23] do marbhadh do Mhail Sechlaind mac in Ghirr Mac
24] Cathmhail do oen orchur t-soighdi.


Tomas Mac
25] Murchadha .H. Ferghail do ecc in hoc anno.


26] do denamh do Cloinn Gosdelb ar Luignichaibh, dar
27] marbhad mac righ fo Chorbmac .H. n-Eghra, .i. adhbhar
28] righ Lugni in Corbmac sin.


Indsaighidh eli le h-Aedh mac
29] n-Diarmada for Muinntir Eolais. Cealga mora agus


1] creacha aidhbhli do denamh ar Muinntir n-Eolais don
2] chur sin, agus nochar crecha cin dighail na creacha
3] sin, ar daig do marbhadh ann-sidhe Corbmac Mac
4] Diarmada Ruadh, agus da macc Tomaltaigh .H. Birn .i.
5] Maeleachlainn Cáech agus Gilla Criosd; agus do
6] gabhadh and beuss Diarmaid Mac Diarmada agus
7] Mael Ruanaigh mac Dondchadha Riabhaigh; agus maidhm
8] na macamh ainm in madhma sin osin ille.


9] an Enigh, mac Domhnaill .H. Conchubhair Corcumruadh,
10] rí Corcumdruadh, do ecc.


Brian mac Matha Meg
11] Tighearnan, taisech Tellaigh Dunchadha, fer do po mo
12] clú do Bhreifnechaibh, mortuus est, ut dicitur —

    1. 13] Brian Mag Tighearnan na tres;
      14] Re a enech nir cóir commes;
      15] Ro len cin fich don feli;
      16] Badh nem crich a cathreme.


17] Brian mac Aedha Meg Mathgamhna do gabhail righe
18] n-Orgiall, acus cleamhnas do denamh dó re Somhairle
19] mac Eoin Duibh Mic Domhnaill, ard constapla coicidh
20] Uladh, agus co tucc fair ingen .H. Raighilligh do lecan
21] agus a ingen fein do thabhairt; agus nir po cian as
22] a h-aithli sin co tucc chuici ar cuiredh d'ól fína
23] mar badh edh; agus ise cuiredh fuair o na chliamhain in
24] tan sin a ghabhail agus a chengal agus a chur i loch
25] da fholach. Brian fein do indarba triasan n-gniomh
26] sin.


Cu Connacht .H. Raighilligh do dol ind ord in hoc
27] anno.


Aedh mac Neill .H. Domnaill do marbhadh la
28] Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh .H. Conchobair.


29] mac Magnusa .H. Conchobhair do bhreith ar Domhnall


1] an la ceadna, agus a chur ar sibal in la ceadna sin,
2] agus drong da muinntir do marbhadh fa Aedh mac
3] Conchubhair mic Taidc.


Pilip .H. Raighilligh do righadh
4] ind inad Con Chonnacht .H. Raighillidh.


Mac Uatin
5] Baret, .i. Roberd, mortuus est.


Mac rig Saxan do
6] facbail Ereann in hoc anno.

Annal LC1366.


7] Kl. Ienair for Dardaoin, agus aenmadh .x. fuirri;
8] anno Domini M.ccc.lxui.; xuiii. cicli lunaris; iiii.
9] anno indictionis; xiiii. cicli solaris.


Cathal mac
10] Aedha Breifnigh mic Cathail Ruaidh, agus a mhac .i.
11] Maghnus Occ, do marbhadh a fill la Pilip Mac Udhir,
12] righ Fer Manach, agus lasin fairchideochain Mag
13] Udhir, ina n-airechtas fein, agus crecha aidhbhli do
14] denamh ar Cloinn Muircheartaigh iaramh, agus sith do
15] denamh do Muinntir Ruairc agus d'Fearaibh Manach
16] re chele.


Cathal Mag Flannchaidh, taisech Dartraigi,
17] do marbhadh la Cloinn Muircheartaigh iarsin.


18] Cormac Dond Mag Carrthaigh, ri .H. Carpri agus
19] .H. n-Echach Mumhan, do marbhadh a fell la mac a
20] derbhrathar budein .i. la mac Domhnaill na n-Domhnall.


21] Conchubhar .H. Conchubhair, ri Ciarraighe Luachra, do
22] marbhadh do Branachaibh.


Seoan Mac Gosdelb,
23] tighearna Sleibhi Luga, do ecc.


Ruaidhri mac Muircheartaigh
24] .H. Conchobhair do bádhadh ar Sinaind.


25] mor le Tadc mac Maghnusa .H. Conchobhair ar Seoan
26] .H. n-Domhnaill cona ghallocclachaibh, ocus Mac Subne do
27] gabhail and, agus braighdi imda maille ris, agus daine
28] imdha do marbhadh and beos.


Mac Con Mara, taisech
29] Cloinne Culen, mortuus est.


Maigistir Florint Mac
30] ind Oclaigh do ecc isin bliadhain sin.


Coimhthinol cocaidh


1] do Domhnall .H. Néill d'indsaigidh Neill .H. Neill, agus
2] Mac Cathmhail do dichur as a duthaigh amach doibh,
3] agus breith doibh ar deredh na n-imircech; agus Ragnall
4] mac Alaxandair, oighri Cloinne Alaxandair, do theacht
5] a h-Insibh Gall fon am sin dochum Neill .H. Neill, agus
6] cethern galloglach ag gach cuid dibh .i. in t-athair do
7] thaebh agus in mac agus in brathair don taeb araill;
8] Toirrdelbhach an brathair, agus Alaxandar an mac.
9] Agus cuiris Raghnall teachta da iarraidh orra diblinaibh
10] in onoir a sinnsireachta can teacht air; agus
11] nir dechsad do, acht ro indsaigsit co h-obann dochum
12] atha an imiricc ina agaidh, ara facadar Raghnall,
13] agus tucsat troit agus tachar anmhín da cheli ann
14] sin; agus do marbhadh ann mac Raghnaill, agus do
15] gabhadh Alaxandar mac Domhnaill and; agus nir leg
16] Raghnall da mhuinntir a mharbhadh, agus adubhairt
17] Raghnall nach beth esbhadh a brathar agus a mhic air;
18] agus do marbhadh moran do mhuintir Domhnaill .H. Neill
19] annsin.


Cocadh mor etir Gallaibh Connacht .i. Mac
20] Uilliam agus Mac Muiris. Clann Muiris d'innarbadh
21] la mac Uilliam Burc, agus a chur a Clann Ricaird
22] don cur sin.


Muircheartach mag Ragnaill, mec
23] Raghnaill Meg Raghnaill, do marbhadh a fill le
24] Maeleachlainn Mag Raghnaill, taisech Muinntire
25] h-Eolais. Maileachlainn fein do ecc a cinn da mis iar
26] sin.

Annal LC1367.


27] Kl. Enair for Aine, agus aili .xx. fuirri; anno
28] Domini M.ccc.lx.uii.; xix. cicli lunaris; quinto anno
29] indictionis; xu. cicli solaris.


In t-esbacc .H. Ferghail,
30] .i. espog Ard Achaidh, in Cristo quieuit.


Sitriuc mac
31] ind airchinnigh Meg Tighearnan mortuus est.


32] mac Imair Meg Tighearnain mortuus est.


Imirci do


1] denamh do Cloinn Muircheartaigh i Moigh Nisi in hoc
2] anno, agus toisc do denamh doibh i m-Moigh Luirg .i. Tadc
3] mac Ruaidhri .H. Conchobhair acus Fergal Mag Tigearnan,
4] dux Tellaigh Dunchadha, agus Diarmaid Mag
5] Raghnaill, dux Muintire h-Eolais, agus galloclaechaibh
6] maraen riu; agus longphort Aedha Micc Diarmada
7] do loscadh leo. Ferghal Mac Diarmada, ri Moigi
8] Luirg, do breith forra, agus Aedh Mac Diarmada,
9] agus tachar do thabhairt doibh, acus daine da muinntir
10] do marbhadh.


Cu Connacht .H. Raighilligh, ri na Breifne
11] no gur threicc hi ar Dhia, mortuus est.


Maidhm mor
12] do thabhairt la Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh .H. Chonchobhair,
13] agus la Muinntir Ruairc agus le Cloinn
14] Dondchaidh, agus le Teboit a Burcc cona cethirnn
15] congbhala, ar Tadc mac Maghnusa .H. Conchobhair, agus
16] breith forro ag Traig Eothuile in t-sair, agus galloclaechaibh
17] mic Magnusa do marbhadh ann uili .i. .x. agus
18] uii.xx., fa Domhnall mac Somhairle agus, fa Domhnall
19] Oc a mhac, agus da mac Mic Subne, agus, fa Mac an
20] Espoicc .H. Dubhda, agus fa Uilliam Mac Sithidh.


21] Derbhail inghean Mael Ruanaigh Moir Mic Diarmada,
22] ben Ualghairg .H. Ruairc, do marbhadh la Cloinn Muircheartaigh.
23] Aengus mac an Deacanaigh Mic Samhradhan,
24] quieuit.


Tadc Mac Samhradhain mortuus est.


25] mac Sefraidh mic Gilla Padruic, ocus dream
26] da mhuinntir, do marbhadh la Gallaibh a fill.


Mael Muire
27] Og Mag Craith do ecc in hoc anno.


Tadc ocus
28] Lochlaind, da mac Aengusa Ruaidh .H. Dálaig, mortui
29] sunt.


Mac Muiris na m-Brig mortuus est.


30] mac Ruaidhri .H. Cellaigh mortuus est.




1] mac Muircheartaigh .H. Chonchobhair mortuus est.


2] Bebinn, inghean Ualghaircc .H. Ruaircc, ben Tomultaigh
3] Mic Dondchadha, mortua est.


Aircideochan Argiall,
4] .i. Malatsi Mag Udir, in Cristo quieuit.

Annal LC1368.


5] Kl. Enair for Sathurnn, ocus treas h-uathadh fuirri;
6] anno Domini M.ccc.lxuiii.; primus annus cicli lunaris;
7] ui. anno indictionis; xui. anno cicli solaris.


8] mac Feidhlimidh .H. Conchobhair, ri Connacht, cend gaile
9] ocus gaiscidh na n-Gaidhel, ocus Lughaidh Lamhfhada Leithe
10] Cuind ind adhaigh Gall ocus Gaidhel bidis ina adhaigh, do
11] h-eg iar m-buaidh n-aithrighe i r-Ros Cumman, iar na bheith
12] da bliagain d'ecc i r-righe Connacht amal aspert an
13] file—

    1. 14] Da bhliadhain dec dheoch midaig
      15] D'Aedh a n-inad a cuigidaigh;
      16] Arm fa ced do chur na chorp,
      17] Ge do fhuair ecc ri h-adhort.


18] Crich Cairpre do roind ar dó eidir mac Maghnusa
19] .H. Conchobhair ocus Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh.


20] Fergal Mac Diarmada, ri Muighe Luirg, mortuus
21] est.


Tighernan mac Cathail .H. Ruairc mortuus est.


22] Cormac Occ Mac Diarmada, degh adhbhar righ ar a
23] duthaidh fein, mortuus est.


Diarmaid mac Cormaic
24] Duind Meg Carrthaigh do ghabhail le Mag Carrthaigh
25] Cairbreach, ocus a thidhnacal do Gallaibh, ocus a mhilledh
26] iar sin.


Dauid O Tuathail do marbhadh do Gallaibh
27] Atha Cliath.


Seaan Ua Domhnallan mortuus est.


28] Uilliam Saxanach mac Sir Emainn a Burc, .i. oigri na
29] n-Uilliamach, do h-ecc don galar brecc an Inis Cua.



1] Tomoltach Occ mac Ferghail Mic Diarmada, tánaiste
2] Moighi Luirg, do ecc don galar brec.


Laiseach mac
3] Dauid I Mordha mortuus est.


Sluaghadh adhbhal mor
4] la Niall Ua Néill, ri cóicidh Uladh, an Oirghiallaibh,
5] d'forbais ar Bhrian Mag Mathgamhna, ocus longphort
6] do gabhail do a meodhon an tire, ocus cumhadha mora
7] do thaircsin dó o Bhrian Mag Mathghamhna, .i. leth
8] Orgiall do thabhairt do Niall mac Murchaidh mic
9] Briain na Coiligh Oifrind, .i. don rig do bói remhe
10] forsan tir, acus comhadae mora eli d'O Néill ind eric
11] Mic Domhnaill; ocus .H. Neill da n-aentughadh sin. Ocus
12] comhairli aili do denamh do mac Murchaidh Meg Mathghamhna,
13] ocus d'Alaxandar Oc Mac Domhnaill, do tighearna
14] na n-galloghlach, ocus gluasacht doibh diblinaibh
15] can cet can comairle d'O Neill, tri coraighthi ceadfadhacha
16] comhmora, d'indsaighidh Meg Mathgamhna, ocus
17] ammus longphoirt do thabairt doibh fair; ocus Mag
18] Mathgamna an lin do bái do erghi ina n-aghaidh, agus
19] maidhm do thabhairt dó ar in slúagh sin, ocus mac
20] Murchaidh Mec Mathghamhna, oighri Orgiall, do marbhadh
21] annsin, ocus Alaxandar Ócc mac Toirrdhelbaigh
22] Mic Domhnaill, consabla na n-galloglach ocus oighri
23] Cloinne Domhnaill, do mharbhadh, ocus Eogan mac Toirrdhelbaigh
24] mic Mael Sechlainn .H. Domhnaill do marbhadh
25] ann, et alii multi nobiles et ignobiles.


26] .H. Floinn, ri .H. Tuirtri, sai Eireann ar enech ocus
27] ar engnamh ocus ar uaisli, do ecc in hoc anno.


28] mac Magnusa, mic Cathail, mic Domhnaill .H. Conchobhair,
29] do ghabhail per dolum do Ruaidhri .H. Chonchobair,
30] do rig Connacht, ina longphort féin an Ard in Choillin,
31] iar na bhreith leis do Chormac Mac Dondchaidh
32] go tech .H. Conchubhair; ocus is fria sin ro samalti


1] cech olc; ocus ni ro samladh olcc fris, .i. ní mesa gabhail
2] maic Maghnusa; ocus ní badh mesa ina sin do denamh
3] ris ar trill, .i. a tidhnacal do Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh
4] .H. Chonchobhair, ocus a mhilledh fa dheoigh la
5] Domhnall i Caislen t-Sliccigh; cur fás coccadh mor i
6] Connachtaibh uili triasan n-gniomh sin, .i. eidir mac
7] Uilliam ocus .H. Conchobhair, ocus Mac Díarmada.


8] Ruaidhri mac Seonacc Mec Eochacan, sai na h-Erend
9] uli cin imrisain a n-enech ocus a n-engnamh, do eg i
10] quint id Kl. Enair in hoc anno.


11] Kl. Enair for Luan, ocus cethar dec fuirri; anno
12] Domini M.ccc.lxix.; ii. annus cicli lunaris; uii. annus
13] indictionis; xuii. annus cicli solaris.


Pilip .H. Raighillidh
14] do gabhail da bhraithribh fein, ocus a chur a Cloich
15] Locha h-Uachtair, ocus rige do gabhail do Maghnus
16] .H. Raighilligh ina inat; ocus cocadh ro mór do ergi isin
17] Bhreifne triasan n-gabhail sin, ocus sluagh mor do
18] tinol la h-Annadh .H. Raighilligh, .i. mac Risdard, .i. Mag
19] Mathghamhna ocus Oirgiallaidh archeana, do thabhach
20] Philib .H. Raighilligh ar Maghnus; ocus maidhm mor do
21] thabhairt ar Maghnus a m-Blen Cupa do Mag Mathghamhna
22] ocus do Chloinn Capa, inar marbhadh tri meic
23] Cormuic .H. Ferghail, Seonin ocus Maeleachlainn occus
24] Fergus, ocus Fedhlimidh mac Aedha in Cleitín .H. Chonchobhair,
25] ocus da mac Flaithbheartaigh moir Mic Conruba
26] .i. Donn ocus Brian, ocus Sitrecc na Srona Mac
27] an Maigistir.


Geralt Caemhanach, adhbhar airdrigh
28] Laighean, do marbhadh don ridire dubh.


29] .H. Ruairc do dol for creich i Lurg, ocus a tabhairt


1] les; ocus Aedh Occ mac Aedha Ui Ruairc do marbhadh
2] d'O Maela Duin Luirg in iarmaireacht na creichi.


3] Lamhderg Mac Murchadha, airdrigh Laighen, do
4] bheith a laimh fada ag Gallaibh Atha Cliath, iar na
5] gabhail a fill don ridiri dubh, ocus a tharraing fa deoidh
6] doibh; gniomh is mo do ronnadh ind Erinn a n-deredh
7] aimsire.


Mathghamhain Maenmaigi .H. Briain, ri Tuadhmumhan,
8] an Gaidheal is ferr ocus is airegdo do bhi ina
9] aimsir fein, do eg ina longphurt iar m-buaidh n-aithrighe,
10] ocus Brian Occ .H. Briain do gabhail righe ina inat iar
11] sin.


Ua Maela Duin Luirg do marbhadh a fill do mhacaibh
12] Neill .H. Domhnaill, ocus Pilip Mag Udhir do dol
13] longus mor do dighail a oclaoich ar macaibh .H. Domhnaill,
14] ocus Niall Occ .H. Domhnaill do marbhadh leis.


15] Brian mac Aodha Buidhe h-I Neill, adhbhar righ Erenn,
16] mortuus est.


Espuc Odo O Néill, .i. espuc Oirgiall,
17] in Cristo quieuit.


Ricard .H. Raighilligh, espuc na
18] Breifne, in Cristo quieuit.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt
19] la Brian .H. m-Briain, ri Tuadhmhumhan, inar gabhadh
20] Geroit Iarla ocus Goill mora na Mumhan archena;
21] ocus ni meinic do thuit ar aon lathair riamh urduil ar
22] thuit do doinibh annsin.


Luimnech do loscadh don turus
23] sin; ocus do ronsad gialladh d' U Briain; ocus Sida
24] Occ mac inghine .H. Dubidir do gabhail barrdachta an
25] baile iar sin.


Toisc loingsi do denamh do Pilip Mag
26] Udhir co Loch Uachtair, ocus cloch .H. Raighilligh do
27] gabhail do; ocus Pilip .H. Raighillidh, ri Brephne, do
28] bhi a láimh inti do thabhairt esti; ocus a rige fein do
29] thabhairt do aris iar sin.

Annal LC1370.


30] Kl. Enair for Mairt, ocus coicedh .xx. fuirri;
31] M.ccc.lxx.; iii. annus cicli lunaris; uiii. annus


1] indictionis; xuiii. cicli solaris


Domhnall .H. Néill do
2] thabhairt tighernais ocus braighdi do Niall .H. Néill.
3] Bresmaidhm la Niall for Brian Mag Mathgamhna,
4] ocus moran do bháthadh ocus do milleadh and.


5] mor eidir Clann Mhuircheartaigh ocus Muinntir
6] Raighilligh in hoc anno. H. Raighilligh ocus .H. Ferghail,
7] ocus Mag Udhir, ocus .H. Conchobhair do erghe a n-adhaigh
8] Cloinne Muircheartaigh, agus a cur a Muinntir
9] Eolais re neart na righ sin, ocus a n-dol assidhe
10] dochum mic Uilliam Burcc, agus Mag Tighearnain do
11] dol leo annside.


Clann Aedha Mic Cathmail do
12] marbhadh Gilla Padruic Mic Cathmail, righ-thaoisigh
13] Cenel Feradhaigh, per dolum, ocus Con Uladh Mic Cathmail,
14] ocus a mhic ocus a mhna .i. inghean Magnusa Meg
15] Mathghamhna. Murchadh a dherbhrathair ina inat iar
16] sin.


Muircheartach Sinnach, rex Fer Tethba, quieuit
17] xix. n. Febradh.


Cathal .H. Conchobhair, adhbhar righ
18] .H. Falgi, ocus Muircheartach .H. Mordha do toitim
19] ar creich la Gallaibh Laigen.

Annal LC1371.


20] Kl. Enair for Cedain, ocus .ui. uathad fuirri;
21] M.ccc.lxxi.; quartus annus cicli lunaris; ix. annus
22] indictionis; xix. cicli solaris.


Fergal Mag Cochlan
23] do eg i l-laimh ac .H. Cendedig in hoc anno.


24] Mag Eochagan quieuit hi .u. id Septimper.


25] .H. Madadan, feicheam coitcheann d'feraibh Erend,
26] do marbhadh d'oen orchor t-soigdi in hoc anno.


27] Occ mac Magnusa .H. Conchobair do marbhadh a fill do
28] Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh .H. Conchobair da lamhaibh
29] fein, i Caislen Slicigh, iar na bheith fada i l-laimh i cuibhrech
30] aige; agus ni meinicc do ronnadh a n-Erinn riamh marbhadh
31] badh mesa ina sin.


Donnchadh .H. Birn quieuit.


32] .H. Cennetigh, ri Urmhumhan, do mharbhadh la Gallaibh.


33] Tuama, cend enigh na h-Erend, in Cristo quieuit.


Annal LC1372.


1] Kl. Enair for Dardain, ocus uii.x. fuirri;
2] M.ccc.lxxii.; u. anno cicli lunaris; x. anno indictionis;
3] xx. anno cicli solaris.


Brían Mor Mag
4] Mathgamna, ardrigh Orgiall, fer is mo do marbh do
5] Gallaibh ocus do Ghaidhelaibh ina aimsir fein an Erind,
6] do toitim le galloclach da mhuinntir fein a fill in hoc
7] anno.


Seaan Mor Ua Dubhagain, sai re senchas ocus
8] ollamh .H. Maine, do h-ecc in hoc anno.


9] Muimhneach mac Muircheartaigh Moir Meg Eochacan,
10] taisech Cenel Fiachaidh mic Neill, quieuit i
11] Kl. Octimber.


Uilliam mac Uillic, cenn suarcusa
12] Erenn uli, quieuit.


Uilliam Occ .H. Cellaigh, adhbhar righ
13] .H. Maine, quieuit.

Annal LC1373.


14] Kl. Enair for Satharnn, ocus ochtmadh .xx. fuirri;
15] M.ccc.lxxiii.; ui. anno cicli lunaris; xi. anno indictionis;
16] xxi. anno cicli solaris.


Indsaighidh do denamh
17] do Gallaibh na Mide isin Angaile, ocus Ruaidhri mac
18] Cathail .H. Fergail ocus a mhac do marbhadh doibh, ocus
19] moran da muinntir maille riu; ocus Dondchadh .H. Fergail
20] da lenmhain, ocus moran do marbadh les dibh; ocus
21] a mharbhadh fein do én orchar t-soigti fa dheoidh.


22] Dalatun, serriam na Midhe, do mharbhadh le Cenel
23] Fiachaid occus la .H. Mailechlaind.


Adam .H. Cianan,
24] sai senchadha, do ecc a Lis Gabhail ina chananach.


25] Mac an Persun Mic Feorais do marbhadh la Toirrdhealbach
26] Ruadh .H. Conchobhair do en bhuille cloidhimh hi
27] Conmhaicne Duna Moir, des fill do denamh fair doibh,
28] ocus se ag teacht a Conmaicne Cúili; ocus teacht do
29] fein ar los a laimhe laidiri as ocus se beoloiti; ocus
30] Andrias Mac Cinaith do marbhadh doibh des Toirrdhelbaigh
31] Ruaidh da thairbheirt doibh a n-gill re a m-breith


1] fein d'faghbhail doibh as.


Barrdub inghen .H. Ruairc, ben
2] Domhnaill Meg Tighearnan, quieuit.


Gaeth ro mhor in
3] hoc anno, ler brisedh móran do themplaibh.

Annal LC1374.


4] Kl. Enair for Domnach, ocus noemhadh uathadh
5] fuirri; M.ccc.lxx.quarto; uii. anno cicli lunaris;
6] xii. anno indictionis; xxii. anno cicli solaris.


7] Sabhais do marbhadh la Mag Aengusa.


Domhnall Occ
8] .H. Dochartaigh do ecc in hoc anno.


Cu Choigcriche
9] Occ Mac Eochacain, dux Cenel Fiachaidh mic Neill, do
10] marbhadh a fill hi coimhteacht an espaig Faltaig, do
11] laimh an t-Sindaig mic Meran, hi sex Kl. Septimbir;
12] ocus in Sinnach fein do tarraing ocus baill do denamh
13] de iar sin.


Teboit a Burcc, oighri Mic Uilliam, do
14] marbhadh la h-Ibh Maine.


Tighearnan mac Briain Meg
15] Tighearnain, degh mac taisigh, quieuit.


Maidm mor la
16] Niall .H. Neill for Gallaibh, inar tuit in rittiri Rotsich
17] ocus Bocsa na Cairrci, agus an Santalach, ocus in
18] Burcach, ocus Uilliam Baili dalad cenn anfeli Ereann.


19] Maileachlaind mac Diarmada .H. Fergail mortuus
20] est.


Tadc Og Mag Ragnaill mortuus est.


21] mac Ruaidhri mic Cathail Ruaidh .H. Conchobhair, dagh
22] mhac righ, do ec in hoc anno.

Annal LC1375.


23] Kl. Enair for Luan, ocus fichedh fuirri;
24] M.ccc.lxx.u.; uiii. anno cicli lunaris; xiii. anno
25] indictionis; xxiii. anno cicli solaris.


26] mac Maghnusa .H. Conchubhair quieuit.


Caislen Rosa
27] Coman do thabhairt do Toirrdhealbach Ruadh .H. Conchobhair
28] do Ruaidhri .H. Conchobair, ocus Baile in Tobair
29] d'fagbail as, ocus comtha imdha nach airmther sunda.



1] Mac Arten, urra Cenel Fagurtaig, do marbhadh a fill
2] do mac Gilli Ternaind.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt ar
3] Gallaibh Dúin Da Leth Ghlas inar marbhadh sir Sémus
4] Baile Atha Tidh, fer inait righ Saxan, agus an Burcach
5] Camlinne, et alii multi.


Cu Uladh Mag Mathghamhna
6] do dol dh'eg do cuislinn.


Art Mac Udhir quieuit.


7] Dondchadh Caemhanach Mac Murchadha, righ Laighen,
8] do marbhadh do Galloibh a fill.


Diarmaid Mag
9] Raghnaill do dol ar indsaighidh dochom Cormaic
10] .H. Birn, ocus Dondchadh mac Conchobhair an Copan
11] do marbhadh ann, ocus daine imdha aili; ocus moran
12] édála do thabhairt leó.


Toiscc do chuadar da mhac
13] Meg Tighearnan dochom Gall, .i. Cairbre ocus Eogan,
14] ocus fer da muinntir fein do fell forro ocus da reic
15] re Gallaibh do chinn indmusa, ocus Gaill do tinol ina
16] timchell, ocus cóicer ar .xx. do marbhadh ann, ocus a
17] n-di-chennadh fa da mac Meg Tigearnan.


Sir Emand
18] Alpanach .i. mac Uilliam Burc, mortuus est iar
19] m-buaidh n-aithrighe ocus n-ongtha, ocus a mhac ina inad
20] .i. Tomas.


Maeleachlainn .H. Domhnallain, degh fher
21] dana, do ecc don filun.


Cathal mac Cathail Oicc
22] do Clainn Ricaird mortuus est.


Mac Feorais Atha
23] na Righ mortuus est.


Oscur mac Airt Meg Udhir do
24] marbhadh do Cloinn Dondchaidh Meg Udhir.


25] mac Gilla na Naemh .H. Ferghail, deagh adhbhar taisigh
26] na h-Angaile, in Cristo quieuit.

Annal LC1376.


27] Kl. Enair for Mairt, ocus aen uathadh fuirri;
28] M.ccc.lxxui.; ix. anno cicli lunaris; xiiii. indictionis;


1] xxiiii. anno cicli solaris.


Tadc .H. Ruairc ri Breifne
2] mortuus est, ocus Tighearnan .H. Ruairc do gabhail
3] righe da éise.


Donnchadh Mac Firbisigh quieuit.


4] Cuaifne .H. Conchubhair Falgi, mac righ ro mhaith,
5] quieuit.


Ruarcan .H. h-Admaill, ollam .H. Anluain,
6] quieuit.


Eoin .H. Ruanadha, ollamh Meg Aengusa,
7] quieuit.


Mailechlaind .H. Mailmena, ollamh .H. Cathan,
8] mortuus est.


Aedh .H. Tuathail, ri .H. Mail, do
9] marbhadh la Galloibh in hoc anno.


Dalbach mac Maileachlainn
10] .H. Brain, mac righ ro maith, do guin da spor
11] fein, ocus a ecc de.


Conchobar .H. Bechan, sai re
12] senchas, quieuit.


Cellach Mac Cruitin, ollamh
13] Túadhmhumhan re senchas, quieuit.


Roiberd .H. Ferghail
14] quieuit.


Bebinn inghean Domhnaill .H. Dhuinn, ben
15] .H. Dimusaigh, quieuit.


Aedh mac Seoan .H. Fergail.
16] mortuus est.

Annal LC1377.


17] Kl. Enair for Dardain, ocus aili .x. fuirri; M.ccc.
18] lxxuii.; x. anno cicli lunaris; xu. indictionis; xxu. anno
19] cicli solaris.


Uater mac sir Dabid a Burc mortuus
20] est.


Sefraidh .H. Flannacan, taisech Cloinne Cathail,
21] mortuus est.


Maidm do thabhairt le Mac Con Mara
22] .i. Cu Mara, ocus le Cloinn Culén archena, for Cloinn
23] Ricaird, inar marbhadh Teboit mac Uillic, cend na
24] cethirne mori, ocus tri meic .H. Edin; ocus moran
25] do maithibh Cloinne Ricaird do mharbhadh ocus do gabhail
26] ann fos.


Brian .H. Flaithbheartaigh mortuus est.


27] .H. Rodachan, comhorba Caillin, sai Eirenn, mortuus
28] est.


In t-espocc Ua Cellaigh, espocc Chluana Ferta
29] Brenaind, quieuit.


Cocadh mor eidir Ruaidhri .H. Conchubhair
30] ocus Mac Diarmada, ocus Magh Luirg do
31] loscadh eidir forcnemh ocus arbhar, ocus daine do


1] marbhadh eatorra; ocus síth do denamh eatorra fa
2] deoidh, ocus cumhadha mora d'faghbhail do Mac Dhiarmada
3] in a dhighbhail do chind sidha.


Bellum Rosa
4] Coman la Ruaidhri .H. Conchobair for mac Uilliam
5] Burcc, ocus for Maileachlainn .H. Cellaigh, ri .H. Maine,
6] inar marbhadh Risdeard a Burc, agus Domhnall mac
7] Cathail Oicc, ocus Tadc Oc mac Taidc .H. Cellaidh, ocus
8] .H. Mainnín, sai degh enigh daennachtach, ocus Mac
9] Dubhghaill Gallocclach, ocus mac Neill Chaim, et alii
10] multi nobiles et ignobiles.


Edubhard ri Saxan quieuit
11] in Cristo.


Dondchadh mac Uilliam Alaind .H. Cerbhaill,
12] righ Eli, quieuit.


Diarmaid Losc mac Branan,
13] dux Corca Athchlaidh, quieuit isind Róimh.


14] mac Dauid .H. Mordha, adhbhar righ Laighsi, quieuit.


15] Lis Aird Abla do denamh la Seoan .H. Ferghail in
16] hoc anno.


Manisteir Esa Ruaidh do loscadh in hoc
17] anno.


Gobhraidh mac Annaidh .H. Raighilligh occisus est
18] o Cloinn in Chaich.


In Decanach Mac Muirgiosa in
19] Cristo quieuit.

Annal LC1378.


20] Kl. Enair for Aine, ocus treas ficheat fuirri;
21] M.ccc.lxx.uiii.; xi. anno cicli lunaris; primus annus
22] indictionis; xxui. anno cicli solaris.


23] Mac Suibhne árd chonstabla Chonnacht,[gap: defective MS/extent: unknown]


Annal LC1384.

Text resumes 1384


1] Seon mac Giolla Coisceli, maighistir, airchindeach ocus
2] pearsún Airigh Brosca, d'ég.


Ruaidhri mac Toirrdhealbhaigh
3] Ui Chonchubhair, ri Connacht, d'eg don phlaigh chéadna
4] oidchi feli Caitríona banoigi isin ghemhriudh, iar caitheamh
5] .ui. m-bliadhan .x. ocus raithe hi lán rigi Connacht,
6] amhail foirgles an fili, .i. Mailin .H. Mail Chonaire,
7] a n-duain in reme righraidhe:

  1. Fuair Ruaidhri righdha an snaithi
    9] A sé déag is degh rathi,
    10] Ar Chruachan Ai gan irgail,
    11] Mac tachar bhorb Toirrdhealbhaidh.

12] Da ri do denamh ina inat iar sin .i. Toirrdhelbhach
13] Ruadh mac Aedha meic Feidhlimidh do rigadh do Mac
14] Diarmada ocus do Chloinn Muircheartaigh Muimhnigh,
15] ocus do thaisechaibh Connacht archena, .i. do thaisechaibh
16] Sila Muiredaigh; ocus Toirrdhelbach Occ mac Aedha
17] mic Toirrdhelbaigh do righadh d'O Chellaigh ocus do
18] Chloinn Ricaird ocus do Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh
19] .H. Conchobair, ocus do Chloinn Dondchaidh; cur
20] fás coccadh coitchend hi Condachtaibh uili iar sin,
21] ocus co n-dernsatar uilcc imdha ocus urtha acus aircne
22] do-aisneis da esi sin.


Pilip .H. Raighilligh quieuit.


23] Mailir a Burcc do marbhadh do escur.


Eogan .H. Maille
24] ocus Cormac .H. Mailli et alii multi do marbhadh do
25] Mhuinntir Flaithbheartaigh.


Daibhi a Burc quieuit.


26] Mael Mordha .H. Duibhginnan quieuit.


Pol Mag Tethechan,
27] comorba Cluana, in Cristo quieuit.


28] mac sirr Emainn a Burcc quieuit.


Sefraidh .H. Fergail


1] quieuit.


Mag Raghnaill Dubh .i. Diarmaid mac
2] Maileachlainn, in sár taiseach, sai an eneach ocus
3] an engnamh, do marbhadh per dolum do chloinn Raghnaill
4] Meg Raghnaill, a n-doras tigi Risdard Meg Raghnaill.


5] Muircheartach .H. Conchobhair, ri .H. Failgi, do écc
6] ina shenoir.


Tomultach Mag Dorchaidh, dux Cenel Luachain,
7] do marbhadh da scin fein ocus se ag cur cru.


8] Cu Chonnacht .H. Fergail, tighearna Maigi Trega, quieuit.


9] Donnchadh .H. Dubhda quieuit.


Aedh .H. Cellaigh ocus
10] Feradhach .H. Cellaigh do écc don phláigh an aen sechtmain.


11] Ualgharg Ua Ruairc, adhbhar righ Breifne, do bhathadh
12] ar Loch Gamna.


Domhnall mac Flaithbheartaigh
13] Ui Ruairc quieuit.


Ricard mac Maidiucc mic
14] Tomin Baret, feicheadh coitchend clú mór do cliaraibh
15] Erend, do écc iar m-buaidh n-aithrighe.


16] .H. Duibhginnan, ollamh Conmaicne re senchas, quieuit.


17] Seaan a Burc do écc don phlaigh in hoc anno.

Annal LC1385.


18] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus x. madh uathadh fuirri;
19] M.ccc.lxxx.u.; xuiii. anno cicli lunaris; octauo anno
20] indictionis; u. anno cicli solaris.


Art mac Airt
21] Mhoir Ui Maileachlainn quieuit i pridh callain Mai.


22] Sluaghadh la Mac Donnchaidh ocus le h-Ua Ruairc cona
23] sochraiti galloglach maraen riu a Magh Luirg, cur
24] loiscedh leó longphurt Mic Diarmada ocus in chrich
25] uili, ocus cur marbhadh leo a tóraigheacht an t-sluaigh
26] sin Mac Seoan .H. h-Eghrai, ocus a bhrathair eli do
27] ghabhail.


Indsaighidh la cloinn mic Feidhlimidh ar Mag
28] Oreachtaigh, ocus in baili do loscadh leó, ocus daine do
29] marbhadh ann, ocus Mag Oreachtaigh fein do gabhail
30] doibh iar sin.


Daibhid mac Emainn mic Hoiberd do
31] gabhail la h-Aedh .H. Conchobhair, agus a ecc a m-Bali
32] in Tobair isin lamhdichas sin.


Indsaighidh la Feidhlimidh


1] Cléireach .H. Conchobhair ocus la Conchobhar Occ Mac
2] Diarmada, a Tir Oiliella, agus rabti iomdha do dol
3] rompa ocus orcill do bheit ar a cinn, ocus gres do
4] denamh doibh, ocus ceithirnn ocus marc slúagh na
5] foraire da freagra, ocus siat oc marbhadh bó ocus
6] dáine, ocus Cathal Cairbrech Mac Dondchaidh do
7] marbhadh annsin, ocus Conchubhar Mac Diarmada do
8] gabhail, ocus Feidhlimidh .H. Conchubhair do lott andsin.


9] Indsaighidh aili la Muircheartach mac Cathail, ocus
10] le Cormac mac Ruaidhri, ocus la Tadc Mac n-Diarmada,
11] ocus le Cathal Mac n-Diarmada, for Mag
12] Raghnaill Ruadh ocus ar Aedh .H. Conchobhair, ocus a
13] n-gabhail dibhlinaibh, ocus a m-breith ar Charraig Locha
14] Cé da comed.


Cathal .H. Fergail, dagh adhbhar taoisigh
15] na h-Anghaile, quieuit.


Cu Muighi Ua Cathan, ri Oireachta
16] .H. Cathan, quieuit fo rind n-airmhe.


17] indsaighidh le h-Ua Conchobhar Ruadh ocus le Macc
18] n-Diarmada, ocus le Cloinn Muircheartaigh, ocus le
19] taisechaibh Connacht, ar mac Emaind .H. Cellaigh, ocus
20] baile mic Emaind do loscadh doibh, ocus moran do
21] mhilleadh doibh; agus Uilliam Buidi Ua Neachtain do
22] marbhadh doibh.


Breifnigh ocus Oileallaigh do theacht i
23] conne .H. Conchobhair Duinn, ocus Corca Athchlann do
24] loscadh doibh, ocus a guirt do gerradh uile.


Tir Fiachrach
25] do loscadh le mac Uilliam Burc, ocus a dol
26] assidhe co Sliccech, ocus Cairbri fos do loscadh leo,
27] ocus Slicech; ocus Maidecc Mael do marbhadh ime ocus
28] braighdi do gabhail imme.


Tir Amhalgaidh do loscadh
29] le Domhnall mac Muirchertaigh, ocus daine do marbhadh,
30] ocus braigdi do thabhairt lais ocus edala mora.



1] Maidm mor la Murchadh .H. Conchobhair, ri .H. Failgi,
2] ocus la Cenel Fiachaidh mic Neill, for Galloibh na
3] Midhe hi tochar Cruachan Bri Eli, inar marbhadh in
4] Seomrach ocus a mhac, ocus in t-Uindsionnach na
5] Midhe, et alii multi nobiles et ignobiles.


6] Ua Mael Chonaire, ollamh sila Muiredhaigh Muillethain
7] re senchus ocus re filidheacht, ocus int-í do bo
8] treisi ar a ollamhnacht féin do bhi an Erind ana aimsir
9] fein, do ecc ina tig fein iar m-buaidh ongtha ocus
10] aithrighe fo Lughnasa, ocus a adhlacadh a Cluain
11] Carpthi.


Eoin mac Eogain mic Gilla Pedair do marbhadh
12] la Cathal .H. Conchobair ar greis i m-baile
13] .H. Domhnallain. Sith do denamh do Chonnachtaibh
14] iaramh, ocus Síl Muiredhaigh do roind ar dó eidir in
15] dá .H. Conchobhair sin, ocus Aedh .H. Conchobhair ocus
16] Conchobhar Mac Diarmada do lecen amach.


17] inghean Chathail Óicc, ben .H. Chonchobhair
18] Ruaidh, quieuit do lamnad.


Benmidi inghean Meg
19] Mathgamhna, bean .H. Neill, quieuit.

Annal LC1386.


20] Kl. Enair for Luan, ocus aen fichit fuirri;
21] M.ccc.lxxxui.; xix. anno cicli lunaris; ix. anno
22] indictionis; ui. anno cicli solaris.


Aine, inghean
23] Taidhg Mic Donnchaidh, uxor Tighearnain .H. Ruairc,
24] ri Breifne, aen rogha ban Leithe Cuind, do écc a Túaim
25] Senchaid oc Loch Findmaigi, ocus a h-adhlacadh a Slicech
26] iar sin.


Carbri mac Briain mic Murchaidh
27] .H. Fergail, tighearna Chalaidh na h-Angaile, mortuus
28] est.


Niall mac Con Chocriche Oicc Mec Eochacain
29] do marbhadh la Dalatunchaibh in .xuii. Kl. Mai; ocus


1] do bo degh adhbhar taisigh for a dhuthaigh fein in fer
2] sin.


Magnus mac Aedha Mic Díarmada do marbhadh
3] las in muintir ceadhna sin.


Ua Conchobhair Ruadh do
4] dol do chungnamh la mac Uilliam Burc, ocus a fuair
5] do Chonnachtaibh leis, a n-adhaigh Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh
6] ocus Cloinne Dondchaidh, ocus crecha mora
7] do thabairt a Tir Fiachrach Muaidhe, ocus dol doibh
8] iar sin a crich Cloinne Ricaird for creachruathar,
9] ocus sluagh dí-armidhe do breith forra fa .H. m-Briain
10] ocus im mac Uilliam Cloinne Ricaird. Ua Conchobhair
11] Ruadh do impodh friú, ocus maidhm do thabhairt forro,
12] ocus Conchobhar mac Taidhc mic Conchobhair .H. Bhriain
13] do marbhadh ann, et alii multi.

Annal LC1387.


14] Kl. Enair for Mairt, aili uathadh fuirri; M.ccc.
15] lxxx.uii.; primus annus cicli lunaris; x. indictionis;
16] uii. annus cicli solaris.


Sadhbh, inghen Aedha Ui Neill,
17] ben mic Eoin Bised, ocus ben dob ferr ar sliocht
18] Neill Nai Gíallaigh, in Cristo quieuit.


Mac Uilliam
19] Cloinne Ricaird .i. Ricard Occ, quieuit.


Ruaidhri .H.
20] Cíanan, ollamh Orgiall re senchas, mortuus est.


21] Conchubhar mac Briain Charraigh .H. Neill do mharbhadh
22] la muintir in t-Srát Baile.


Uilliam mac Díarmada
23] Meg Raghnaill, adhbhar taoisigh Muintire h-Eolais, do
24] marbhadh la Muintir Birnn.

Annal LC1388.


25] Kl. Enair for Ceadain, ocus treas dég fuirri;
26] M.ccc.lxxx.uiii.


Cormac Mac Dondchaidh, righdamhna
27] Tire h-Oilella, do dol for creich oidchi i Magh
28] Luirg, ocus creacha mora do gabhail do, ocus a cor
29] a n-dítin dó; ocus .H. Conchobhair Rúadh ocus Clann
30] mic Feidhlimidh, ocus clann Cathail Oicc .H. Conchobhair,
31] ocus clann Aedha Micc Diarmada .i. Cathal occus
32] Cormac, ocus moran do lucht an tire o sin amach


1] da lenmhain hi tóraighecht na creach, ocus Cormac
2] do gabhail deridh a mhuintiri fein, ocus nar gabh anacal
3] uathaib cor bo h-ecen a mharbhadh fa dheoidh; agus Conchobar
4] Mac Donnchaidh, ocus Murchadh mac Cormaic
5] Mic Donnchaidh, ocus Mac Diarmada Ruadh do ghabhail
6] and; ocus nir mo écht mic righ da n-dernadh an Erinn
7] uile ina sin. Agus .H. Conchobhair Ruadh da lenmhain
8] dar sliabh sís, ocus Clann Dondchaidh do teicheadh fa
9] Cúl Mail ocus fo ichtar Tire h-Oiliolla.


10] mac Domhnaill .H. Conchubhair do dol fa
11] foslongphurt .H. Domhnaill a manisteir Esa Ruaidh,
12] ocus daine imdai do marbhadh and fa chloinn .H. Baighill,
13] agus fa Ua n-Gallchubhair cona braithribh. Eich ocus
14] daine do thabhairt do leis, ocus Mac Subhne ocus a
15] mhac do gabhail and.


Seaan Ruadh .H. Tuathail, ri
16] .H. Muiredhaigh, fegi enigh ocus engnamha Erenn ina
17] aimsir fein, do marbhadh do bhodach ina thigh fein, ocus
18] an bodach fein do mharbhadh do-samh iaramh.


19] Ua Curnín ocus Cairpre .H. Cuirnín do mharbhadh do
20] Gallaibh Laighean.


Creacha mora do denamh d'O Chonchubhar
21] Ruadh ar .H. Conchobhair n-Donn, ocus coccadh
22] mór coitchend do ergi hi Connachtaibh uili trit sin.


23] Cu Coiccriche Ua Mail Muaidh, rig Fer Cell, quieuit
24] in septimo Kalendas Martii.


Tinnscna cocaidh eidir
25] .H. Ruairc ocus Clann Dondchaidh in hoc anno.

Annal LC1389.


26] Kl. Enair for Aine, ocus cethramad .xx. fuirri;


1] M.ccc.lxxx.ix.; iii. anno cicli lunaris; xii. anno
2] indictionis; ix. anno cicli solaris.


Ua Ruairc do
3] thabhairt cloinne Cathail Óicc chuici iar sin, ocus in
4] cocadh do ergi co h-arrachta iar sin. Eogan .H. Ruairc
5] ocus clann Chathail Óicc do dol co Caislen in n-Uabhair,
6] ocus marcshluagh Muintire h-Elidhe d'erge doibh, ocus
7] ruaig do thabhairt forro, ocus mac O n-Eilidhi do
8] marbhadh doibh im Magnus O n-Eilidhe. Crecha Muintire
9] h-Eilidhi do denamh d'U Ruairc ocus do chloinn
10] Chathail Óicc. Muircheartach O h-Eilidhi do marbhadh
11] ar in coccadh sin. Magnus Ua Ruairc do gabhail per
12] dolum do Chormac O Fhergail. Síth do denam d'U
13] Ruairc agus do Domhnall mac Muirchertaigh, ocus do
14] Chloinn Donnchaidh dibhlinaibh.


Sith eli do dhenamh do
15] Chloinn Donnchaidh occus do Mac Díarmada. Conchobhar
16] Mac Dondchaidh ocus Murchad mac Cormac
17] do leigean amach iar sin.


Maileachlainn Cam O Lochlaind,
18] ri Chorcumdrúadh, do marbhadh da bhraithribh
19] fein a fill.


Cathal Mac Diarmada do gabhail do
20] Mhac Dondchaidh, ocus cos Chathail do bhrisedh, ocus
21] a leiccin amach a comhfhuaslacadh isin t-sídh sin.


22] Maol Ua Conchobhair Fhailghi do marbhadh d'urchur
23] t-shoighde le Fer d'Ibh Cellaigh Leige.


Mac Neill .H. Ruairc
24] quieuit.


Creacha Muintire Duirnin do denamh
25] do Mac Enri I Neill ar Monteach Moigi Heni in hoc
26] anno.


Creacha Tire Conaill do denamh do Domhnall mac
27] Muircheartaigh.


Raghnall mag Ruairc, flaith Tellaigh
28] Conmusa, quieuit in Cristo.


Brian mac Domhnaill
29] Oicc .H. Ruairc do mharbhadh do Cloinn Mhuircheartuigh.


30] Niall Occ O Neill do ghabhail la Gallaibh in hoc anno.


Annal LC1390.


1] Kl. Enair for Satharnn, ocus seisidh uathadh fuirri;
2] M.ccc.xc.; iiii. anno cicli lunaris; xxiii. anno indictionis;
3] x. anno cicli solaris.


Coccadh mór eidir Ua
4] Ruairc ocus Ua Raighillidh, ocus Angailigh ocus Eolusaigh,
5] ocus Tellach Dunchadha, ocus Clann Mhuircheartaigh
6] do teacht fo thoghairm an chogaidh sin tre
7] seoladh Domhnaill mhic Mhuircheartaigh occus Tomoltaigh
8] Mic Dundchaidh.


Magnus .H. Ruairc do bhi
9] ag .H. Raighillidh a Cloich Locha h-Uachtair, élodh do
10] esti, ocus dol co caislen Locha in Scuir, ocus Clann
11] Muircheartaigh d'fagbhail braith air, ocus a mharbhadh
12] doibh ag teacht as a choiti.


Brian mac Uilliam
13] mic Branan occisus est .u. oidhchi ria samhfuin.


14] do denamh d'O Ruairc ocus d'Ua Raighilligh, ocus comtha
15] mora d'faghbail d'O Raighilligh o .H. Ruairc do chinn
16] a námhad accus a escarad do treccadh d'O Raighilligh,
17] ocus d'innarbad uadha; ocus Eoghan Ua Ruairc ocus
18] mac Cathail Riabhaigh do thabhairt a n-gell riu sin.


19] Muircheartaigh ocus Tellach Dunchadha do denamh
20] imirci neirt ar Muintir Ruairc fa Fidh na Finnoige,
21] ocus fa Sliabh Chorran, ocus fa Chenel Luachain;
22] ocus a fis sin d'fagbhail d'O Ruairc ocus se a n-Glinn
23] Gabhli, ocus a imircecha do bhreith les fo barr Chenel
24] Luachain, ocus innsaighidh chrodha choscurach do denamh
25] d'O Ruaircc ar na righ cubhrinnaibh sin, ocus maidhm do
26] thabhairt forro, ocus marbhadh do bheth ar an ellaighibh
27] o Bheol Atha Dairi Dubthaigh co mullach na tulaighib
28] m-Breifnech.


Tomas mac Mathghamhna .H. Raighilligh
29] quieuit isin foghmhar da esi.


Ferghal .H. h-Eghra, ri
30] Lugne, mortuus est.


Sean Ua Raighillidh do righadh.


1] Caislen Chille Barrfinne do brisedh le Domhnall mac
2] Muircheartaigh.


Brian mac Aedhacan, ollamh breitheman
3] na Breifne, mortuus est.


Seaan Oifistel mac
4] Aedhacan, fer a inaitt fein dob ferr ina aimsir, do
5] marbhadh ceithre h-oidhchi ria nodluicc; ocus ni feidir
6] cia ros-marbh.


Diarmaid mag Carmaicc occisus est.


7] Duibhginn Ua Duibhginnan, ollamh Conmaicne re senchus,
8] quieuit.

Annal LC1391.


9] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus .ui.x. fuirri; M.ccc.xc.
10] primo; u. anno cicli lunaris; xiiii. indictionis; xi.
11] cicli solaris.


Diarmaid mac Dondchaidh mic Muircheartaigh
12] Moir Mec Eochacan, dux Cenel Fiachaidh
13] mic Neill, quieuit a prid id Enair.


Sidh do denamh
14] d'Ua Ruairc ocus d'O Raighillidh, ocus Ua Ruairc do
15] dol co Druim Lethan i coinne Uí Raigillidh becan da
16] lucht tigi budhein, ocus coiger ar tri fichit do Chloinn
17] Muircheartaigh do dol remhe ar belach, ocus Ua
18] Ruairc d'indsaighidh an bhelaigh, ocus Seaan Mór mac
19] mic na Ban-Fidigide do dol i coinne .H. Ruairc le buille
20] slegi, ocus .H. Ruairc do dol da fhreasdal ocus da
21] fhrithaladh, ocus a mharbhadh co h-ollamh athlomh d'aen
22] builli sleghi, ocus buille aile do thabhairt dó ar Dondchadh
23] mac Aedha in Cletigh, ocus a mharbhadh beos;
24] ocus Tomas O Gaithin do chomhmaidhemh leis beos;
25] ocus a imtheacht féin imslan cona mhuinntir co crodha
26] coscurach, iar comhmaidhemh cethrair don chethirn.


27] Domhnall mag Carthaigh, ri Desmumhan, do ég iar
28] n-aithrighe.


Mac Gilla Muire, ri Ua n-Derca Cein,
29] occisus est a suis.


Ua h-Anluain, ri na n-Orther, do


1] mharbhad per dolum o a braithribh féin.


Tadhc mac
2] Gilla Choluim Ui Uigind, ocus Bebinn inghean Ui
3] Mail Chonaire, ollamh dingbhala re dán ocus re daennacht,
4] do eg iar n-aithrighe móir.

Annal LC1392.


5] Kl. Enair for Luan, ocus secht .xx. fuirri;
6] M.ccc.xcii.; sexto anno cicli lunaris; xu. anno
7] indictionis; xii. anno cicli solaris.


Ard-espog Connacht
8] .i. Grigoir Ua Mochan, sai craibhdheach clerchemhuil,
9] quieuit in Cristo.


Enri Amhreid, per antiphrasim,
10] mac Néill Mhóir .H. Neill, righdhamhna h-Erend
11] de iure, ocus adhbhar righ Uladh can amhuras dia mairedh,
12] ocus fer do ba mo duas ocus tidhnacal ocus tarbheartus
13] tainicc ar slicht Neill mic Echaidh Muighmeadhoin,
14] ocus fer ro po inganta ocus ro bo t-saebhnosaidhe
15] einech uair eli, mortuus est in bono fine im feil
16] Brenaind.


Cundais Desmumhan .i. inghean iarla Urmhumhan,
17] ben dérceach degh einich, quieuit.


18] Ua Dimusaigh quieuit.


Morsluaghadh la Ua Conchubhair
19] n-Donn ocus la h-urmhor Connacht lais, a n-Ibh
20] Maine, ocus in crich do loscadh leó, ocus Cathal mac
21] Aedha .H. Ruairc do fagbhail co h-anordaigthe ardeireadh
22] an t-sluaigh, ocus a ghabhail le h-Ua Conchobhair Ruadh,
23] ocus araile do marbhadh dibh.


Domhnall mac Enri Ui
24] Néill do gabhail le Toirrdhealbach Ua n-Domhnaill,
25] ocus creacha aidhble ocus urtha do denamh dó an la
26] céadna air mac Enri.


Morsluaghadh la Niall .H. Néill
27] for Gallaibh an t-Srat Bhaile, agus Sefín Fait do marbhadh
28] ann don dola sin.


Toirrdhealbhach mac Briain
29] Ua Cuanach mortuus est.


Findghuala inghean Maghnusa
30] mic Cathail .H. Chonchubhair quieuit.


31] mac Dondchaidh .H. Cherbhaill, righdamhna Eli, quieuit.



1] Etain inghean Sefraidh .H. Flannacan, uxor Uilliam
2] mic Branan, quieuit im feil Cros.

Annal LC1393.


3] Kl. Enair for Cedain, ocus ochtmadh uathad fuirri;
4] M.ccc.xciii.; uii. cicli lunaris; i. anno indictionis;
5] xiii. anno cicli solaris.


Aedh mac Conchubhair Mic
6] Diarmada, ri Moigi Luirg, fer lan do cech uili
7] maith, do ecc iar m-buaidh n-aithrighe, ocus a mhac .i.
8] Cathal Mac Diarmada, do bathadh ar Loch Doiri
9] iaramh.


Emann mac Mailechlainn Meg Radhnaill,
10] damhna taoisigh Muintire h-Eolais, mortuus est.


11] Mael Ruanaidh mac Ferghail Mic Diarmada do righadh
12] for Magh Luirg le neart Tomaltaigh Mic Dondchaidh,
13] ocus indsaighidh do dénamh do cloinn Aedha Mic Diarmada
14] co Cluain .H. Coinden isin caladh Lochae Deichet,
15] ar Mac n-Diarmada, ocus bualadh do thabhairt doibh
16] di araili; ocus briseadh ar Cloinn Aedha annsin, ocus
17] Tomultach Dubh mac Diarmada do mharbhadh ann sin,
18] ocus Conchubhar mac Diarmada, ocus Ruaidhri a bhrathair
19] do gabhail ann, ocus Fergal mac Dondchaidh Riabhaigh
20] do gabhail and, agus a élodh iaramh; ocus moran eli
21] do gabhail ann.


Brian .H. Cellaidh, righdamhna Ua
22] Maine, mortuus est isin errach cedna sin.


23] Mag Samhradhain, dux Tellaich Echdhach, ocus fer do
24] comhmoladh le cliaraibh Eireann ocus le crosanaibh in
25] fer sin, eidir chaisc agus beltaine.


Seaan mac
26] Sefraidh Ui Raighillidh, easpocc na Breifne, in Cristo
27] quieuit.


Sith do denamh do lucht Moighi Luirg isin t-samhradh
28] sin fa roind tire ocus comhfuaslacadh bragat.


29] Raghnailt, inghean mic Feidhlimidh .H. Conchobhair, quieuit.


30] Dub Dara Ua Mailli mortuus est.


Magnus Ua


1] h-Eghra, adhbhar righ Luigne, quieuit.


Mac Emaind Ui
2] Cellaigh quieuit.


Muiris Cam mac Ruaidhri meg Eochacan
3] mortuus est in Noiuimber, ocus Brian macc
4] Uilliam Oicc meg Eochacan mortuus est; in .ui. nonas
5] Octobris quieuit.


Edaoin inghean Chathail Oig Ui Chonchubhair,
6] bean Bhríain mic Maileachlainn Ui Cheallaidh,
7] Domhnall ocus Emann, da mhac Maoileachlainn Ui
8] Cheallaigh, ocus Diarmaid Ua Flannagan, ádhbhar taoisich
9] Tuaithe Rátha, do ecc.


Mainistir Chille h-Achaidh
10] in easpucoideacht Chille Dara do dheanamh do bhraithribh
11] san Fransias la h-Ua Conchubhair b-Fhailghe. [gap: defective MS/extent: unknown]


MS resumes at 1398.

12] Tomas mac Muirgheasa mic Donnchaidh, epscop Achadh
13] Conaire, do ecc.


Cogadh mór do eirghidh eidir Ua Néill
14] .i. Niall Óg, ocus O Domhnaill, Toirrdhealbhach; ocus a
15] tháoiseachaibh ocus a oireacht do thréigedh Ui Dhomhnaill,
16] go m-búi a c-cumhga mhóir ag cloinn Enri Ui Neill, ag
17] cloinn t-Seain Ui Dhomhnaill, ag Ua n-Dochartaigh, ocus
18] ag Cloinn t-Suibhne. Do chóidh mac Ui Dhomhnaill,
19] Niall Garbh, ocus clann Domhnaill mic Néill Ui Domnaill,
20] for ionnsaighidh i Fánait, gurro gabhadh leo
21] Eoin mac Maol Muire mic Suibhne, ocus co n-déarnsat
22] orgain.


Goill ocus Gaoidheal chóigidh Uladh do dhol i
23] teach Ui Neill, ocus braighde ocus umla do thabhairt
24] dó cenmothá O Domhnaill a aenar.


25] Morsluaghadh la Niall Occ .H. Neill, airdri coicedh


1] Conchubhair, a tir Conaill Gulbain mic Neill, co rancadar
2] a sirthi co Sid Aedha uas Es Ruaidh mic Badhairn,
3] ocus ro aircidar manistir Esa Ruaidh fo na h-uile
4] innmus don turas sin, ocus drong do mhuinntir .H.
5] Domhnaill do thabhairt tachair don t-sluagh, ocus daine
6] do mharbhadh ocus do bhascadh ann sin; acus Aedh mac
7] mic Fergail Ruaidh do gabhail la h-Eoghanchaibh, ocus
8] a n-imtheacht fein slan dia tigibh.


9] Sluaighedh la Tomas a Burc, tighearna Gall Connacht,
10] ocus la Toirrdhealbach Ruadh .H. Conchubhair,
11] tighearna Gaidhel Connacht, ocus la Feidhlimidh mac
12] Cathail Oicc .H. Conchubhair cona bhraithrichaibh, ocus la
13] Ruaidhri Ua n-Dubhda cona bhraithrechaibh, ocus la Tadhg
14] Ua n-Eghra cona choimhthinol ocus cona bhraithrechaibh, a
15] Tir n-Oiliolla, cur milledh leo an tir uile eidir fér
16] ocus arbhar, eidir loch ocus cill, ocus duntibh ocus
17] dinngnaibh ocus drobhelaibh rl.


Conchubhar Occ mac
18] Aedha mic Diarmada ocus a bhraithrichaibh do teacht a
19] Magh Luirg; agus Mael Ruanaigh Mac Diarmada,
20] rex Moigi Luirg, do dol an oidchi sin co manistir
21] na Búille, ocus a fuair se do bhíadh a mainister na
22] Buille do chor ar carruic Locha Cé dó. Agus lorg
23] na fedhna sin d'fagbhail dó Chonchobhar cona mhuintir,
24] ocus an lorg do leanmhain doibh co h-Echdruim mic
25] n-Aedha a Tir Ua m-Briuin na Sinna, ocus tempoll
26] Echdroma do loscadh forra, ocus Conchobar mac Ferghail
27] Mic Diarmada do marbhadh ann, ocus Mael Ruanaidh
28] Mac Diarmada do gabhail ann, ocus moran
29] da mhuintir do marbhadh ann; ocus a n-eich ocus a
30] n-etidh do bein dibh.



1] Sluaghadh la Muircheartach mac n-Domhnaill .H.
2] Conchubhair i Tír Aedha Ruaidh mic Badhuirnn dochum
3] .H. Domhnaill, ocus ni rucsat ar edáil ann, ocus a
4] n-impodh iar sin. Agus Aedh Ua Duirnin da lenmhain
5] a toraigheacht, ocus imrúagad do thabhairt doibh a
6] m-Beol Atha Senaigh, ocus ech Aedha do lot ocus a
7] escar fein di, ocus tiugh an t-sluaigh do loighi air, ocus
8] a mharbhadh la Cloinn Dondchaidh; ocus Seon mac
9] Muiredhaigh Ruaidh do mharbhadh ar in tóraigheacht sin.


10] Loch Farbach do gabhail la Ruaidhri mac Aedha mic
11] Diarmada, la righdamhna Moighi Luirg, ocus ni deochaid
12] a comhairemh a frith d'édail air.


Murchadh Bán mac
13] Seain mic Domhnaill .H. Fergail, an mac righ taisigh is
14] ferr boi an Eirinn ina aimsir fein, mortuus est mí
15] ria nodluicc mór, do bhás ola ocus ongtha ocus aithrighe,
16] et sepultus est a manistir Leathratha a
17] lebaidh a athar ocus a sheanathar.


Muiris mac
18] Piarruis Dalatun occisus est la Muircheartach
19] Occ mac Eochacan, ocus la Brian mac .H. Chonchobhair
20] Failgi.


Glend Da Locha do loscadh la Saxanchaibh
21] ocus le Gallaibh h-Eirend isin t-samhradh sin aridhise.


22] Domhnall .H. Nuallan occisus est o Galloibh in hoc
23] anno.


Ua Briain Mael mortuus est.


Pilip mac
24] Mathgamhna Duinn .H. Cennedigh mortuus est.


25] mac Emaind .H. Cendedigh quieuit.


Mac Diarmada
26] Seirbh I Briain mortuus est.


Uater mac Daibhid a
27] Burcc do marbhadh la Gallaibh na Mumhan.


28] .H. Brain, ri Ua Faelan, quieuit.


Maelechlaind Ua
29] Mordha, ri Laigsi, mortuus est.


Tomas mac Cathail,
30] mic Murchadha .H. Fergail, do marbhadh la Gallaibh


1] na Midhe isin Chaillin Chrubach, ocus do thadhaill an
2] Tomas sin tighearnas na h-Angaile i n-aghaidh t-Seoain
3] mic Briain mic Murchaidh, cen cor cóir dol a n-aghaidh
4] an t-sinsir bhrathar maith.


Maidhm mor la Mag Carrthaigh
5] Cairprech for Uibh Súillibhan, ocus Ua Suillibhan
6] Calbus do marbhadh ann, ocus dá mac .H. Suillibhan
7] Moir .i. Eogan ocus Conchobar Buidhe, et alii multi.


8] Muircheartach Occ mag Aengusa occisus est o a
9] bhraithrechaibh budhéin.


Mor indsaighidh la mac Uilliam
10] Burc ocus la cloinn Chathail Oicc for Sligech, ocus
11] in baile do loscadh ocus do lomargain doibh.


12] Risderd, ri Saxan, do theacht a n-Erind in hoc anno,
13] ocus Art Mac Murchadha, rí Laighen, do bheith a namhneart
14] mor on righ ocus o Saxanchaibh archeana.


15] Murchadha do dol ar indsaighidh, ocus Gaill Laighen ocus
16] na Midhe do breith fair, agus móran do sluagh Saxan
17] occus ceitherna congbhala Mic Murchadha do marbhadh
18] ann, im clainn Donnchadha .H. Duinn .i. Cerbhall ocus
19] Eoghan, co maithibh a muintire maille riu, ocus Uilliam
20] mac Cerbhaill mic Gilla Padruicc, ocus mac Diarmada
21] Ruaidh Mic Gilla Padruicc, do marbhadh ann beoss.


22] Sluaghadh la .H. Conchobhair Ruadh, ocus la Conchubhar
23] Mac n-Diarmada, ri Moigi Luirg, i Tír n-Oilella, co
24] rancadar a scemhealta co Magh Tuiredh na Fomhorach,
25] ocus airgni mora do gabhail doibh; ocus a tabhairt
26] fo choilltibh Conchubhair, ocus a cethirn congbhala
27] ocus glaslaithi do imtheacht le na n-edalaibh, ocus


1] .H. Conchobair ocus Mac Diarmada, ocus Somhairle
2] Buidhe mac Marcusa mic Domhnaill, consabla Mic
3] Diarmada, do facbhail da muinntir fein ind uathadh
4] slúaigh. Muircheartach mac Domnaill, ocus Mael Ruanaidh
5] Mac Donnchaidh, ri Tíre h-Oilella, do breith
6] forro cona sochraidi dibhlinaibh i Cnucc in Cromai, ocus
7] a madhmachadh annside, ocus Somhairle Buidhe cona
8] mhuinntir do marbhadh i Cnucc in Croma, ocus lamh des
9] .H. Conchobhair do chreachtnughadh co mór d'aithius aen
10] orchuir for in sluaghadh sin.


Mac Muiris Buidhe
11] .H. Mordha, droched dámh ocus deoraidh Erend, tighearna
12] Sleibhe Mairg, mortuus est.


Art Cam Ua
13] Faelan quieuit.


Ingen Briain .H. Ferghail, uxor Uulpis,
14] quieuit.


Findguala inghean Cathail Ui Madadhan,
15] mortua est.


Pláigh mhór in hoc anno.

Annal LC1399.


16] Kl. Enair for Cedaoin ocus cethar .x. fuirri;
17] M.ccc.xc.ix.; xiii. anno cicli lunaris; uii. indictionis;
18] xix. cicli solaris.


Brian .H. Briain, ri Tuadhmumhan, tuile
19] ordain ocus airechais na h-Erend uile, do ecc iar
20] m-breith buadha o doman ocus o demhan in hoc anno;
21] agus Toirrdhealbhach mac Murchaidh .H. Briain, lettroman
22] Tuadhmhumhan, do eg.


Aedh .H. Dondchadha, ri Eoghanachta
23] Locha Lein, quieuit.


Gilla na Naemh Mac Aedhacan,
24] ollamh oirthear Mumhan re breitheamhnas, ocus
25] Baethghalach Mac Aedhacan, ollamh breithemhan .H. Fiachrach
26] ocus .H. n-Amhalgaidh, mortui sunt.


27] mac Mail Muire mic Suibhne, tighearna
28] Fanatt, quieuit.


Cu Uladh Ua Neill .i. mac Neill
29] .H. Neill, feicheadh coitchend d'ecsibh Erend, quieuit.



1] Feidhlimidh mac Cathail .H. Conchubhair, righdamhna
2] .H. Falgi, mortuus est.


Seoan mac Briain mic Murchaidh
3] .H. Ferghail, taoiseach na h-Angaile, do ecc,
4] accus Domhnall mac Seain .H. Ferghail ina inat.


5] Hanri Mer mac Uatin, tighearna Tire h-Amhalgaidh,
6] quieuit in Cristo.


Domhnall mac Gilla Isa Ruaidh
7] Ui Raighillidh quieuit.


Diarmaid mac Aedha mic Fedhlimidh
8] .H. Conchobair, degh ádhbhar righ Connacht, quieuit.


9] Mac Eochadha Eolach, ollamh na Caemhanach re dan,
10] ocus feichedh coitchend d'feraibh Erend, do ecc iar
11] m-buaidh n-aithrighe.


Primhfhaidh Arda Macha, .i. in
12] Coltunach, in Cristo quieuit.


Tadc .H. Cerbhaill, ri
13] Eli, do gabhail la h-Iarla Urmhumhan in hoc anno.


14] Cormac Ua Curnin, adhbhar ollamhan na Breifne, do ecc
15] in hoc anno.


Domhnall Ruadh mac Sigraigh .H. Curnin,
16] adhbhar ollamhan na Breifne, do ecc don plaigh in hoc
17] anno.


Morsluaghadh la mac Uilliam Burc ocus le
18] cloinn Cathail Oicc, ocus le cloinn .H. Cellaidh, a Cairpri,
19] acus Ruaidhri mac Domhnaill mic Flaithbheartaigh
20] .H. Ruairc do marbhadh leo don turas sin, ocus echta
21] imda eli nach arimther sunn.

Annal LC1400.


22] Kl. Enair for Dardain, ocus cuicid ficheat fuirri;
23] M.cccc.; xiiii. cicli lunaris; uitid; xx. anno cicli
24] solaris.


Aedh .H. Mail Muaidh, rex Fer Cell, quieuit
25] xiiii. Kl. Febra.


Laignech mac Ferghail Ruaidh mic
26] Donnchaidh meg Eochacain quieuit a teirt id Septimbir.


27] Risdard mac Feorais cum aliis do marbhadh
28] a fill a tigh espoicc na Midhe .ix. callaind Iuil.



1] Dondchadh Sinnach, tighearna Muintire Tadcain, ocus ri
2] Fer Tethbha de iure, quieuit.


Diarmaid ocus Brian,
3] da mac .H. Catharnaigh mic an t-Sinnaigh, quieuerunt
4] i Kallainn August.


Caislen Duin Imdain do gabhail
5] do Mac an Abaidh .H. Conchubhair, ocus Hoberd mac
6] Emaind mic Hoberd a Burc do mharbhadh ann, ocus
7] mac mic Emaind .H. Cellaigh do bhi a lamhdechus and
8] do lecen as dó.


Grigoir mac Tanaidhe .H. Mael Chonaire,
9] adhbhar ollamhan t-Sila Muiredhaigh Muillethain, ocus
10] sai foirbhthi ina cheird budhéin, do marbhadh go tubaistech
11] do en bhuille gai do laimh Uilliam Ghairbh mic
12] Daibhid for tochar Duin Imdain and amhricht, ocus
13] tucadh se ba agus ui. xxit bo ina ericc.


Sadhbh ingean
14] Taidc mic Dondchaidh quieuit.


Ruaidhri mac Airt
15] Meg Aengusa do marbhadh le cloinn Con Uladh .H. Neill,
16] occus la Cathbarr mag Aengusa in hoc anno.


17] .H. Trebhair, airchidechan Cille Forga, quieuit.


18] O Curnin, ollamh fer m-Breifne, quieuit.


Creach mor
19] la cloinn sir Daibhid for Niall Mor .H. n-Uiginn, ocus
20] Dia do denamh indigti forra ind oidchi sin .i. ár
21] ádhbhal do thabhairt forra o h-uachd na h-aidchi.


22] .H. Raighillidh .i. mac Pilip .H. Raighillidh, ri na Breifne
23] Thoir, quieuit do bidcc.


Domhnall Ard .H. Dubhidhir do
24] marbhadh la Gallaibh in hoc anno.


Cogadh mór eidir
25] clainn t-Seaain .H. Domhnaill ocus .H. Domhnaill fein.



1] Sluaghadh mor la Niall .H. Neill a Tir Conaill, cor mhill
2] mor d'arbhar an tire. Eich ocus daine do bhuain de.


3] Clann Flaithbheartaigh .H. Ruairc do indarbadh asin
4] Bhreifne amach.


Gilla Isa mac Anrigh do righadh isin
5] Breifne, ocus a ecc a cinn mís.


Mac righ Saxan do
6] theacht an Erind in hoc anno.


Muiris mac mic Iarla
7] Desmumhan do ecc don pláigh.


Tadc .H. Cerbhaill do
8] elodh on iarla a Belach Gabhrain.


Mac Mic in Milidh,
9] tighearna na Stondunach, occisus est o Uilliam a
10] Burcc.


Mac Maghnusa meg Uidir, brughaidh d'feraibh
11] Erenn, do ecc do bidcc.


Mailechlaind mac an ardespoicc
12] .H. Cellaigh do ecc don galar brecc.


13] mor do denamh do chlainn Flaithbheartaigh ar Ua Ruairc.


14] Creach do denamh do Tighearnan .H. Ruairc ar Ua
15] Maela Duin Luirg, occus .H. Domhnaill do breith fair,
16] ocus in creach do thabhairt uadha ar ecin.


17] inghen Chathail mic Aedha Breifnigh, ben Mic Suibhne
18] Fanat, quieuit.


Diarmaid mac Muircheartaigh Ruaidh
19] .H. Birn obiit .uii. idus Maii.

Annal LC1401.


20] Kl. Enair for Satharnn, ocus ui.edh uathadh
21] fuirri; M.cccc. primo; xu. cicli lunaris; ix. anno
22] indictionis; xxi. cicli solaris.


23] .H. Cellaidh, ri .H. Maine, fer lan d'enech, ocus
24] d'engnumh, ocus do thréidibh in tighearnais, do ecc iar
25] m-breith buadha o deman ocus o domhan.


Tomas mac
26] Emaind Albanaich .i. mac Uilliam Burc, tighearna
27] Gall Connacht ocus moran da Gaidhelaibh, mortuus
28] est in hoc anno.


Conchubhar .H. Maileachlainn, rex


1] Midie de iure, quieuit a teirt callainn April isin Letinnse
2] Muigi h-Elli in bona fine.


Muircheartach Occ
3] mac Muircheartaigh Móir meg Eochacan, do marbhadh
4] i teirt noin Octimbir i m-Beol Atha Impir do en
5] urchur gai, la Geroitt mac Roberd Dalatun, i
6] comhescur oidchi, des a mhuintiri do chur uad ar
7] indsaighidh isin m-Brenadh Muinntiri Gillgan.


8] mac Teboit .H. Mail Muaidh, adhbhar righ Fer Cell,
9] interfectus est in Almhain Laighen o Galloibh, in pridie
10] idus Maii.


Gilla na Naemh mac Aedhacan, ollamh
11] breitheamhan .H. Failgi ocus Cenel Fiachaidh, quieuit.


12] Teboid Buidi .H. Mail Muaidh do marbhadh i Cill
13] Cruimthir Fiachrach i teirt callaind Octobir la
14] clainn Airt .H. Mailechlaind.


Cathal Ruadh mag
15] Raghnaill, dux Muinntire h-Eolais, do marbhadh a
16] n-Druim Cubra le Sefraidh mac Maileachlaind meg
17] Raghnaill, hi cind mís d'errach .i. hi quint noin
18] Martai.


Mael Ruanaigh mac Cathail Ruaidh meg
19] Raghnaill do marbhadh la cloind Maeleachlainn meg
20] Raghnaill in bhliadhain cedna, a lurg a chreiche.


21] mac Uilliam do denamh tar éis Tomais a Burc .i.
22] mac Uilliam do denamh d'Uillec mac Ricaird Oicc,
23] ocus mac Uilliam eli do denamh do Uater mac
24] Tomais a Burc, ocus a credemhain do mac Uilliam
25] cloinne Ricaird ar sindsirecht.


Conchobhar Anabaidh
26] Ua Cellaigh do rigadh a n-inat a athar féin.


27] Ua Maille, ri Umhaill, do ecc in hoc anno.


28] mac Diarmada mic Branan occisus est per dolum


1] la Conchobar mac Seain mic Branan.


Ar dimor
2] la h-Art mac Airt, ri Laighen, for chundae Lochai
3] Garman in hoc anno; acus a chumhain sin la Gallaibh
4] Athai Cliath for Gaidhelaibh Laighen, ocus moran
5] do cheithernaibh congbhala na Mumhan fa Thadhg
6] .H. Meachair do marbhadh ann.


Pestelencia magna
7] hi Conmhaicnibh Cuili, ocus i Clainn Ricaird.


8] Afal do ecc don phláigh sin.


Uilliac mac Ricaird,
9] do Clainn Ricaird, submersus est for Turlach Mor
10] .H. Fiachrach in hoc anno.


Mors .H. Flannacan Eli
11] in hoc anno.


Falgi mac Eogain Ui Conchobhair Falgi
12] do marbhadh d'athess aen urchuir do soighit girr in
13] hoc anno.


Uilliam Occ .H. h-Uicinn occisus est o
14] cloinn Cathail na m-Banfigech meg Flanchaidh eidir
15] da abhaind, in hoc anno.


Mac Gilla Brighti na Muigi
16] do marbhadh do escur.


Creacha do denamh do cloinn
17] Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh ar Mac n-Diarmada
18] in hoc anno.


Carraic Locha Cé do gabhail do cloinn
19] Fergail Mic Diarmada, ocus daine imdha do marbhadh
20] ocus do bhathadh ina timchell, ocus lucht a coimheda da
21] tindlacadh do chind cumhadh.


Feidhlimidh mac Cathail
22] Oicc .H. Conchubhair do marbhadh do mac .H. Conchubhair
23] Duind.


Gres an Chabhain do denamh la cloinn
24] .H. Ruairc, .i. Tigearnan Occ ocus Aedh Budhi ocus
25] Tadhg, ocus do cloinn Meg Samhradhan, for Mael Mórdha
26] Ua Raighilligh, occus foslongphort ag muintir
27] Mail Mordha ar a n-eis, ocus ni h-urusa a arimh ar milledh


1] and-side do dainibh ocus mainibh, ocus do loiscedh
2] .xx. beart etidh ann fa mac in biataidh tainicc do
3] congnamh la Muinntir Raighillidh, ocus do benadh da
4] xxit ech dibh beos.


Coccadh adhuathmhar do ergi
5] eidir Toirrdhelbach mac Neill Ghairbh mic Aedha
6] .H. Dhomhnaill, ocus righdamhna na n-Eoghanach .i. Brian
7] mac Enri amhreidh Ui Neill, ocus foslongphurt
8] Cloinne Dalaigh, ocus Toirrdhelbaich mic Neill
9] Gairbh tighearna na Conallach, do innsaighidh co drochchomhairlech
10] dimsach la mac Enri, ocus sraenmaidhm
11] sechranach do bhen asta do tus lai co láidir
12] lanchalma. Ocus mar nach teid olc cin indiched
13] na dal can dighaltus, ni dechadar na dala sin gan
14] dighaltus go deghthapaidh o Chenel Conaill; ocus is
15] amhlaidh do raladar na dala sin doibh .i. mac Ui
16] Neill d'fagbhail in h-uathadh sluaigh deodlai, ocus
17] crech Enri .H. Gairmleadhaigh remhe, ocus ro benait
18] na creacha sin de-simh la Cenel Moan, ocus rob e
19] sin an t-aithes con anaithes do Chenel Moan; ar ro
20] mharbhsam mac .H. Gairmleaghaidh d'oen bhuille cloidhimh;
21] ocus asa h-aithle sin do iadsad Cenel Conaill uile
22] a timchioll in trén mhilidh, ocus do maidhedh
23] in mór echt sin la Toirrdealbhach Ua n-Domhnaill;
24] occus do marbhadh Niall mac Neill Gairbh
25] .H. Domhnaill, ocus Mael Sechlaind mac Flaithbheartaigh
26] .H. Ruairc tus an lai sin la h-Eoganchaib;
27] ocus do bo lan mhór a n-esbhadha osin amach, acht nach
28] roich a n-airemh uli ar oman a n-emiltius.


Annal LC1402.


1] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus. xuii. fuirri; M.cccc.ii.;
2] xui. cicli lunaris; x. anno indictionis; xxii. cicli
3] solaris.


Cocadh adhbhal mór eidir Iarla Urmumhan
4] ocus Iarla Desmhumhan, ocus in da mac Uilliam do
5] dol diblinaibh do furtacht Iarla Urmhumhan.


6] mac Aedha .H. Ruaircc, mac righ Breifne, ocus adhbhar
7] righ Ua m-Briuin, interfectus est ina tig budein la
8] Lochlainn Colach mac Caba per dolum, caictigis ria
9] Caiscc, ocus a adhlacadh a manistir t-Sligigh.


10] Locha Ce do gabhail iterum la Conchubhar Occ mac
11] Aedha Mic Diarmada co h-arrachta incess for cloinn
12] Fergail Mic Diarmada.


Niall Og, mac Neill Moir,
13] mic Aedha Moir .H. Neill, airdri coicidh Uladh, do ecc a
14] foghmhar na bliadhna sa iar m-breith báiri ar in saegul
15] sa, do chlu ocus d'enech ocus d'ardnós, o lucht an
16] bheathadh frecnairc; ocus curro airchisi Dia dia
17] anmain, ocus Patraicc.


Muircheartach mac Dondchaidh
18] .H. Dubhda, fer nar ér duine riamh im ní ar
19] domhan, ocus a bheith aice, do ecc in bono fine a samhradh
20] na bliadhna so, et sepultus est a n-Ard na Riad.


21] Pilib mac Briain Mhóir meg Mathgamhna, ard ri
22] Orghiall, do ecc in bono fine, ocus Ardghal mac Briain
23] 'na inad iaramh.


Cu Chonnacht mac Maghnusa mic Con Chondacht
24] .H. Raighilligh, righdamhna Breifne, ocus aen
25] mhac Una inghine Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Chonchobair, do
26] ecc a n-aimsir foghmhair.


Brian mac Domhnaill
27] .H. Flaithbheartaigh, ridamhna Cairn Gecain, quieuit in
28] Cristo.


Mors Tomais mic Seaain na Tuaithe.


29] la cloinn Cormaic mic Donnchaidh meg Carrthaigh for


1] Baroidechaibh, ocus maidhm do thabhairt forro do
2] Baroidechaibh, ocus mac mic Dondchaidh meg Carrthaigh
3] do gabhail and, ocus moran da mhuinntir maille ris;
4] ocus Art .H. Caoimh do marbhadh ann beoss.


5] Cinaith an Triucha do marbhadh da bhraithribh fein per
6] dolum.


Feidhlimidh mac Cathail Óicc do leccen as a
7] lamhdechas.


Brian mac Neill Oicc .H. Neill quieuit
8] in Cristo ar sálaibh a athar.


Muircheartach Ua
9] Flannacan, farcideochan Olifinn, quieuit.

Annal LC1403.


10] Kl. Enair for Luan, ocus ochtmadh .xx. fuirri;
11] M.cccc. tertio; xuii. cicli lunaris; xi. anno indictionis;
12] xxiii. cicli solaris.


Maghnus mac Conmuighi
13] na Cailleadh, ri Cianachta, mortuus est.


Tadc mac
14] Cathail Óicc .H. Conchubhair occisus est la cloinn
15] Toirrdhealbaigh Oicc .H. Chonchubair, ocus la h-Eogan
16] mac ind Apaid .H. Conchobhair, for machaire na n-oileach,
17] in hoc anno, fo feil Brighidi, et sepultus est
18] i l-lebaidh Cathail mic Domhnaill, a shenathar.


19] Anabaidh Ua Cellaidh, ri .H. Maine, nathair nemhe
20] na n-Gaidhel ar bheodhacht ocus creacharacht, do ecc
21] iar n-ongadh ocus iar n-aithrighe, et sepultus est a
22] manisteir Eoin Basti hi Tir Mane .i. manistir ar ar
23] mhor a cummain budhein.


Cathal .H. Dimusaigh, righdamhna
24] Cloinne Mail Ughra, occisus est la Gallaibh;
25] ocus aithrisid an fiallaigh dana cur maith a enech
26] ocus a engnamh.


Brían .H. Dimusaigh, a dherbhrathair,
27] do mharbhadh do Gallaibh i cind mis iarsin.


28] Ua Dimusaigh do marbhadh la Gallaibh beos.


29] inghean Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Chonchubhair, uxor


1] Mailechlaind .H. Cellaigh ri Ua Maine, an ben rob ferr
2] clú do bi a n-aen aimsir friasi ind Eirinn uli, quieuit.


3] Sluaghadh adhbhal mór la Ua Conchobhair n-Donn, ocus
4] la Muircheartach m-Bacach mac Domhnaill, tighearna
5] Sliccidh, in Uachtar Connacht, ocus tighearnus Eoghain
6] .H. Madadhan mic Murchaidh do gabhail doibh don duladh
7] sin; ocus dol doibh a Claind Ricaird iaramh do congnamh
8] la h-Uilleac mac Ricaird in adhaigh Mainechaibh;
9] ocus do ghabhadar tren don turas sin ar Mainechaibh,
10] ocus tancatar can tobeim can tubaist dia tigibh
11] iarsin.


Muircheartach Bacach, mac Domhnaill, mic
12] Muircheartaigh .H. Chonchubhair, tighearna Iochtair
13] Connacht, do écc iar m-breith bari ar a bhidhbhadhaibh in
14] cech aird d'Erinn uile, in aine iar feil Micheil.


15] Muircheartach Clerech Ua Dubhda, togha espuic Chille
16] h-Alaidh, quieuit.


Coccadh mór do fás eidir Breifnechaibh
17] ocus Clann Donnchaidh in hoc anno, dar marbhadh
18] daine maithe, .i. Tomoltach Ócc mac Tomultaigh
19] meg Dorchaidh, deodhflaith Chenel Luachain, do marbhadh
20] eatorra, ocus Muircheartach Og .H. h-Eilidhi,
21] brughaidh ceadach conaich, do mharbhadh ar in coccadh
22] sin.


Mael Mordha, mac Con Connacht mic Gilla Isa
23] Ruaidh, do gabhail tighearnais Muintire Maili Mordha in
24] hoc anno.


Eogan mac Seoain .H. Ruairc do gabhail la
25] Maeleachlainn .H. Ruairc; agus Seaan mac Taidhg mic
26] Ualgharg .H. Ruairc do gabhail ocus do lot la muintir
27] Mail Mordha; ocus coccadh do ergi asside eidir Muinntir
28] Raighilligh ocus muintir Ruairc; ocus Mathghamhain
29] mac Gilla Criosd mic Flaithbheartaigh Mic Cába do
30] lot in lá sin la muinntir .H. Ruairc, ocus as annso


1] do ronnadh gres an Chabhain amhail a dubhramar romhaind,
2] madh iar n-araili liubhar.


Muircheartach Garbh
3] Ua Sechnusaigh, ríghdamhna Ua Fiachrach Aidhne, do
4] marbhadh la Mainechaibh.


Seaan Budhe mac Seoinin
5] a Burc occisus est o Clannmaicne Eoghain .H. Cellaigh,
6] ocus o cloinn Hoberd Dalatun.

Annal LC1404.


7] Kl. Enair for Mart, ocus naemhadh uathadh fuirri;
8] M.cccc.iiii.; xuiii. cicli lunaris; xii. indictionis; xxiiii.
9] cicli solaris.


Tomas Bared, easpocc Olifind, sai
10] Erend, in Cristo quieuit a n-errach na bliadhna so,
11] et sepultus est i n-Airemh Locha Con.


Mors Maileachlainn
12] meg Orechtaigh, dux Muintiri Raduibh, isin
13] domhnach meodhanach don charccus, et sepultus est
14] a r-Rus Comman.


Conchubhar Occ mac Aedha mic
15] Diarmada, ri Moighi Luirg, ocus beithir ar beodhacht,
16] do ecc eidir feil Micheil ocus samhain; ocus
17] Tadhg mac Aedha meic Diarmada do rigad ina inad
18] timchell na samhna iarsin.


Cormac Mac Diarmada
19] do marbhadh ar imruagadh a Clainn Ricaird la marcsluagh
20] Cloinne Ricaird ocus Tuadhmumhan archena, i cind
21] mís don fogmar ceadna sin; ocus dob e sin an bainne
22] ria frais do Moig Luirg .i. Cathal ria Conchubar.


23] Inghen .H. Chonchubhair Failghi .i. ben Gilla Padruicc
24] .H. Mordha, quieuit.


Cathal mac Dondchaidh mortuus
25] est i Purt Indsi ina longphurt fein, iar m-buaidh n-aithrighe;
26] et sepultus est i Cill mic Callain.




1] mac Enri Ui Neill do gabhail righi in choicidh.


2] est mac Aengusa mic Domhnaill Óicc mic Domhnaill
3] la Dondchad h-Ua Cellaigh.


Gallra imdha ind Erinn, ocus
4] galar na leptae co sundradhach, in hoc anno.


5] Occ mac Conchobair mic Cathail mortuus est.


6] Occisus est Tomas .H. Cendetigh, lethri Urmhumhan, la
7] Domhnall mac Pilip .H. Cendetigh.


Maidhm Atha Duibh
8] la Gilla Padruig .H. Mordha, ri Laighsi, for Gallaibh, ocus
9] moran do marbhadh ann, ocus eich imda ocus arm ocus
10] édedh do bein dibh beos.


Dondchadh mac .H. Cendedigh Duinn
11] do ecc hi lamhdichus ac a bhraithribh budhein in hoc anno.


12] Iarla Urmhumhan, cenn crodhachta na h-Erend, quieuit.


13] Mac Cathmhail, dux Cenel Feradhaigh, interfectus est.


14] Dondchadh Ban .H. Mail Chonaire, ollamh Sil Muiredhaigh
15] Muilleathan re senchus, mortuus est.


Gilla Dubin
16] mac Cruitin, ollamh Tuadhmhumhan re senchus, mortuus
17] est.


Feidhlimidh .H. Tuathail, ri .H. Muiredhaigh,
18] mortuus est.


Cerbhall Ua Dalaigh, ollamh dana Corcumdruadh,
19] quieuit.


Fingen mac Eogain meg Carthaigh
20] mortuus est.


Macraith .H. Suilleabhan mortuus est.


21] Domhnall mac Dondchaidh .H. Dalaigh, .i. bolg an dána,
22] mortuus est.


Flann Occ mac Seoan Ui Domhnallain,
23] ollamh Sil Muireadaigh i n-dán
, mortuus est.


24] mac Aedha, mic Feidhlimidh, mic Gilla Isa Ruaidh .H. Raighillidh,
25] mortuus est.


Cocadh d'ergi eidir Mag Carrthaigh
26] ocus .H. Suilleabhan Budhi, ocus clann Diarmada
27] Meg Carrthaigh; ocus Toirrdhelbach Meith mac
28] Mathghamhna ina longseoir ag Mag Carrthaigh in tan
29] sin; ocus breith do ar .H. Suilleabhan ar fairrge ocus
30] ar chlainn Diarmada dibhlinaibh, ocus .H. Suillebhan do


1] bhathad, ocus Dondchadh mac Diarmada ocus Domhnall
2] mac Eoghain do gabhail do beoss.


Andriu Baroid do
3] mharbhadh la h-Ibh Murchadha.


Eogan mac Murchaidh
4] mic Cathair .H. Conchobhair Falgigh do marbhadh la h-Iarla
5] Chille Dara.


Nuala inghean Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh
6] .H. Conchobhair, ben Fergail mic Cormaic
7] mic Donnchaidh, quieuit.


Uilliam .H. Deorain, ollamh
8] breitheamhan na Caemhanach, mortuus est.


9] mac Teboid .H. Mail Muaidh mortuus est.


Dond Cathaigh
10] mac Muiredhaigh meg Senlaoich, brughaidh ceadach
11] conaich do Corca Athchlann, ocus lán fer gradha do
12] Ruaidhri .H. Conchubhair, do righ Condacht, ocus fer for
13] arabhi cach uile sonas co a bhas, ocus fuair loghadh
14] a pheacadh fa deoidh i cuirt an phapa, quieuit an la
15] iar feil Micheil.

Annal LC1405.


16] Kl. Enair for Dardain, ocus fiched fuirri; M.cccc.
17] u.; xix. cicli lunaris; xiii. indictionis; xxu. cicli solaris.


18] Mors Ferghal mic Cormaic mic Donnchaidh, righdamhna
19] .H. n-Oiliella, in hoc anno.


Risderd Butiler ris i raiti
20] Cos Cruaidh do marbhadh la mac Fachtna .H. Mordha.


21] Cocadh mor ag Mac Murchadha re Gallaibh, co tainicc
22] creach loscadh na Cundae Riabhcha; agus Cethurlach ocus
23] Disirt Díarmada do loscadh leis.


Cathal mac Duind
24] meg Samhradhain mortuus est in hoc anno.


25] Cam .H. Lochlaind, ri Corcumruadh, occisus est o
26] clainn Mailechlaind .H. Lochlaind an eiric a n-athar
27] fein.


Ristard Mag Raghnaill, adhbhar taisich na


1] n-Eolusach, quieuit iar n-ól uisci betha go h-imurcach,
2] ocus dob uiscce marbhtha do Risdard.


3] mac Dondchaidh .H. Chonchubhair Ciarraighe do marbhadh
4] la Mac Muiris Ciarraighe.


Domhnall Occ .H. Ruairc
5] mortuus est.


Milis Dalatun do mharbhadh las na
6] Dalatunacha, ocus la cloinn Hoberd Dálatun.


7] Caislen nua .H. Findacain do blodhadh la Branachaibh
8] in hoc anno.


Inghen Domhnaill .H. Briain, ben Pilip
9] mic Mathghamhna Duind .H. Cennedigh, mortua est.


10] Gilla na Naemh mac Ruaidhri .H. Cianan, ollamh senchadha
11] Fer Manach, do écc co h-oband a tigh mic Nedi
12] .H. Mail Conaire hi Cairpri Gabhra, ocus a adhlacadh
13] a mainisteir Lethratha.


Muircheartach .H. Duibhgindan
14] quieuit.


Sluaghadh Artig la Tadg mac
15] n-Diarmada, la righ Moighi Luirg, d'iarradh a tighearnais
16] ar cloinn Conchubhair mic Taithlig ocus
17] for lucht Artigh archena, amhail ro ba dual d'fhir a
18] inait do ghres. Agus Mac Diarmada do chur a
19] cumhcach ac Loch Laban i crich Artig uchtlethain
20] mic Toimintin, d'U Conchobair Dond agus do Cloinn
21] Muircheartaigh Muimhnigh .H. Conchobhair, ocus do cloinn
22] Fergail mic Diarmada, ocus do lucht Artig budein,
23] ocus do Cloinn Cethernaigh, ocus do Cloinn Concubair;
24] ocus mar fuaratar imarcradh na nemhcharad Mac
25] Diarmada im baeghal do dhoirtsed fair cend i cend;
26] o ro badar fein da ored no tri ored do dhainibh re
27] Mac n-Diarmada, do chuiredar chuci diblinaibh, ocus
28] do dhortsedar caeraighechd .H. Conchubhair eidir chois
29] ocus ech ina chend, ocus tucatar in fraiss do bhai
30] is na bodhadh aibh diaraile, ocus do brisedh le Mac


1] n-Diarmada forra, ocus la Dondchadh mac n-Domhnaill,
2] consapla Mic Diarmada, ocus la Lochlainn colach
3] Mac Caba, ocus la glaslaith Moighi Luirg archena, hi
4] tus in lai for in cummascadh sluaigh sin ocus nemhcharad,
5] ocus do marbhadh brotharsach mor do fodainibh la muintir
6] Mic Diarmada; ocus cidhedh dob e sin in t-aithes co
7] n-anaithes fa deoidh do muintir Mic Diarmada, oir
8] doigh amh tuc fer éicin don debaidh frithroisc urchuir
9] duaibsech do saighit fon inill moradhbhal do maithibh an
10] morsluaigh do bai ic imditin ind ardflathai ocus aca
11] anacal ar orchoitibh na h-irgaile, acus do sechnait
12] lasin soigit sin doescursluagh di-main ocus fodaoine,
13] ocus galgata gaiscidh ocus gaithlengaidh in sluaigh
14] archena; ocus do benastar na goithne dubh diabhlaighi
15] i corr braghatt na flatha co fiadhnach. Acht ata ní
16] nama, a h-aithle na h-urbhadha sin can foirighthin agus
17] 'na tubusti sin can turbhrodh fuaradar soerchlanna
18] Slebhi Segsa ocus curaidh cnuic in Scail, occus tulchain
19] Mael Ruanaigh Moir re n-abradh cach go coitchenn
20] anosa, ut dixit in file, .i. Mac Coisi,
  1. Cnoc in scail a ainm ar tus,
    22] O re Nera fa e arus;
    23] Tulchan Maelruanaigh na rend
    24] Bidhe a ainm co ti an forchend,
  2. &rl.

25] do faccaibhset an tir iarsin, ocus tancadar da tigibh,
26] ocus tucadh Tadhcc da adhnacal a n-otharlige a
27] shensir; occus a h-aithle adhnaicthe Taidcc do righsat


1] Ruaidhri mac Aedho mic Diarmada; ocus dar mo
2] debroth nír bo cloch an inat uigi sin; ocus fo fel
3] cros do ronadh an ro-gniomh sin amhail indisis in
4] cronicae duin.


Maghnus mac Aedho Ui Uicind quieuit.


5] Aedh .H. h-Anlidhe, dux Cenel Dobtha mic Aenghais,
6] quieuit in Cristo xui. Kl. August, et sepultus est
7] hi Cluain Cairbthi for bru Sinna, fo coinne Beraigh.


8] Mor, inghean mic Goffraidh .H. Raighilligh, quieuit in
9] Cristo ii. Kl. Martii.


Iohannes mac Mailmartain,
10] uicarius Uillae templi, quieuit .u. Kalendas Martii.


11] Aine inghean Briain meg Tighearnan quieuit xuiii. Kl.
12] Maii.

Annal LC1406.


13] Kl. Enair for Aine, ocus aen uathaid fuirri;
14] M.cccc.ui.; primus annus lunaris cicli; xiiii. indictionis;
15] xx. sexto cicli solaris.


Laighsech .H. Nuallán,
16] adhbhar righ Fothart, ocus Aedh .H. Tuathail adbhar righ
17] .H. Mail, ocus Bran .H. Brain damhna rig .H. Faelan,
18] ocus Domhnall mac Tomais Mic Murchadha, mortui
19] sunt don plaigh in hoc anno.


Mael Ruanaigh mac Taidhg
20] mic Dondchaidh, ri .H. n-Ailella, do écc ina thigh fein iar
21] m-buaidh n-ongtha ocus n-aithrighe, et sepultus est a
22] manistir na Bulli in hoc anno.


Maidhm dermar la
23] Murchadh .H. Conchubhair, ri .H. Failghi, cona clainn
24] ocus co na clannmhaicne budhein maroen ris, ocus
25] Cathal Dubh ocus Tadc, da mac righ Connacht, buden


1] becc marcach maroen ris beus, ar n-dol ar cuairt doibh
2] a n-Uibh Falgi dochum .H. Conchobhair, for Gallaibh na
3] Midhe ocus for Eogan mac ind abaidh .H. Conchobhair,
4] ocus for cethernaibh congbhala Condacht maroen
5] ris. Co n-deochadar na sluaigh sin dibhlinaibh ind
6] uachtar Gesille, ocus co n-deochaidh mac ind abbaidh co
7] Cluain im-Morruiss cona corachadh budhein, co baile in
8] Gilla Bude mic Mael Corra, ocus dar mo debrodh ro ba
9] ferr doibh na dechtais, co ruc forra annsin in
10] Calbhach mac Murchaidh .H. Conchubhair ocus Cathal
11] .H. Conchubhair, sesear marcach; co n-dubhairt in Gilla
12] Buidhe, ocus aigin an Calbhaigh bai ar iasacht aige ag
13] denamh lenna, ocus se ar muin oclaigh don t-sluagh,
14] fograim h-aigin det a Chalbhaidh. Gaibhim lais ar in
15] Calbhach. Do rad fer don toraig orchor aitheasach
16] do cloich cur ben ar toin an aigin, cur moigh don t-sluagh
17] asin fath sin, ocus cur marbhadh mac inn apaidh
18] ar in monaid alla thuaidh don baile hisin; ocus ni
19] h-edh amhain, acht nir lugha na tri cead do doinibh an
20] esbaidh ota sin co Cluain Aine a Crích na Cédach, ut
21] audimus o chách co coitchend; uair ro bas ag cur an
22] air h-isin o Cluain Imorruis co Cluain Aine. Ocus do
23] benad ard mindd Connacht uile dibh in lá sin .i. in
24] Buacach Padraicc do bith an Oilfind. Sexto idus
25] Iulii arai laithi mis greine; dia Sathairn, imorro,
26] arai laithi sechtmaine, do ronait na gniomha sin, .i. in
27] x. madh la do mi Iuil eside.


Tadhc mac Donndchaidh
28] .H. Birn, dux tire Briuin na Sinna, obiit quarto idus
29] Nouimber arai laithi mis greine; dia Cedain imorro
30] arai laithe sechtmaine, .i. in la re féil Martain.


31] Toirrdhealbhach Ócc mac Aedha mic Toirrdhealbaigh, ri


1] Condacht re da bhliadhain ar .xx. hi comhflaithios ocus
2] .H. Conchobair Ruadh, do marbhadh la Cathal Dubh mac
3] .H. Conchubhair Ruaidh, ocus le Seaan, mac h-Emainn,
4] mic Hobert, mic sir Dabhid a Burcc ocus Mna Mumhan
5] ingine mic Fedhlimidh, agus la Diarmaid .H. Tanaiden
6] ler cuitiged co milita in mór echt sin, a tig Ricaird
7] mic Seaain Buidhe mic Emaind mic Hoberd, isin Crecan
8] re taeb Fidicen hi Cloinn Condmaigh; agus isse sin in
9] tres righ do rigaibh Condacht do marbhadh a Cloinn
10] Condmaigh, .i. Conchubhar Maenmaighi mac Ruaidhri mic
11] Toirrdhelbhaigh Mhoir, ocus Ruaidhri mac Cathail Ruaidh,
12] mic Conchubhair Ruaidh, mic Muircheartaigh Muimhnigh,
13] mic Toirrdhealbaigh Mhoir, ri Erend; agus Toirrdhealbach
14] Occ mac Aedha mic Toirrdhealbaigh Oicc, amhail
15] adubhramar remhaind; u. idus Decimber arai laithe
16] mis greine; dia Dardain imorro arai laithi
17] sechtmaine, .i. in ui.edh lá déc ante festum natale
18] Domini nostri Iesu Cristi.

Annal LC1407.


19] Kl. Enair for Satharnn ocus aili .x. fuirri;
20] M.cccc.uii; secundus annus cicli lunaris; .xu. indictionis;
21] xxuii. cicli solaris.


Cathal mac .H. Conchubhair
22] Falgi do marbhadh la Cloinn Feorais, nono Kl.
23] Martii arai laithe mis greine; dia Luain, imorro,
24] arai laithe seachtmaine .i. an t-aenmadh la fiched
25] d'errach eside in dereadh bliadhna cicil in Coimhdedh,
26] agus i tosach bliadna in cicil noidicda; conid sexto
27] in t-annalach iar cicil an Tighearna ocus uii. iarsin
28] cicil noidecda.


Seoan mac Taidc .H. Ruairc, adhbhar righ
29] Breifne, do ecc i Muig Luirg, ocus a adhnacal a n-Druim
30] Lethan, in hoc anno.


Mac Taidc mic Mathghamhna


1] Duinn .H. Cennedigh, tighearna Urmhumhan Uachtaraigh,
2] do marbhadh la .H. Cerbhaill.


Maidhm mor la Gallaibh,
3] ocus le Sgrub, ar Gaidhelaibh Mumhan, du inar
4] marbhadh Tadcc Ua Cerbhaill, ri Eli, ocus feicheadh coitchend
5] do chliaraibh Erend ocus Alpan in Tadc hisin,
6] ocus corro airchise Día día anmain.


7] .H. Cellaigh .i. ardespocc Connacht, sai na h-Erenn uile
8] ind ecna ocus an derc ocus in doennacht, in Cristo
9] quieuit i Tuaim Da Gualann, fo feil Michil.


10] la H. Conchobhair Ruadh ocus la .H. Cellaigh, inar marbhadh
11] drem do Cloinn t-Sithidh, ocus ni fetarsa a n-anmann.


12] Maidhm Cille Achaidh in hoc anno la .H. Conchobhair
13] Ruadh, ocus la macaibh Maileachlainn .H. Cellaigh, ocus
14] la Ruaidhri Mac Diarmada, righ Moigi Luirg, for macc
15] Uilliam Cloinne Ricaird, ocus for Cathal mac
16] Ruaidhri .H. Conchobhair, dar garmed gairm righ des
17] .H. Conchubhair Duinn do marbhadh la Cathal Dubh mac
18] .H. Conchubhair Ruaid, cur brisedh for Cloinn Ricaird,
19] ocus for Cathal mac Ruaidhri, cur gabhadh ann Cathal
20] mac Ruaidhri ocus Uilliam Burcc ann-side, ocus cur
21] marbhadh ocus cur gabhadh moran eli ann beos; ocus fo
22] feil Iohain Baitsi do ronait na morgniomha sin.


23] Caislen Tobair Tulsci do brisedh reme-side la Brian
24] mac Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh .H. Conchubhair,
25] ocus la Cloinn Dondchaidh, ocus Cathal mac Ruaidhri
26] do chor ar Carnn Fraich doibh. Conmac .H. Fergail
27] mortuus est do bhas anabaidh.


Mortuus est Eogan
28] mac Cathail, mic Aedha Breifnigh, mic Cathail Ruaidh


1] .H. Conchubhair, et sepultus est hi Manisteir na Buille
2] in hoc anno.


Adam mac Gilli Muire, ri .H. n-Echach,
3] do marbhadh la h-Aedh mag Aengusa, ocus la Senic Oc.


4] Mael Mordha .H. Dimusaigh, ri Cloinni Mael Ughra,
5] quieuit in hoc anno.


Seoan mac Cathail mic Cethernaigh
6] mortuus est.


Mors Lochlainn mic Domhnaill la
7] Fedhlimidh mac Ruaidhri .H. Chonchobhair.


Mac Uilliam
8] Oicc .H. Cellaigh ocus mac Mathghamhna .H. Neachtain
9] do marbhadh la Feradach .H. Cellaigh per dolum.


10] dermar ocus dith mor for indilibh in hoc anno.

Annal LC1408.


11] Kl. Enair for Domhnach, ocus tres ficheat fuirri;
12] M.cccc.uiii; tertius annus lunaris cicli; primus
13] indictionis; xxuiii. cicli solaris.


Amhlaibh mag Amhalgaidh,
14] dux Calraidhe, mortuus est, et sepultus est
15] an Ath Lúain.


Tomas mac righ Saxan do tocht an
16] Erinn in hoc anno, occus Iarla Cille Dara do gabhail
17] leis beus.


Sluaghadh la mac in righ i Laighnaibh iar sin,
18] acus Hitsin Diuit do marbhadh for an t-sluaghadh sin,
19] ocus dob anba an esbhad sin.


Pestilencia magna isin
20] Midhe in hoc anno, ocus Scrub ridire ro crodha, ocus
21] fer inait rí Saxan ind Erind, do ec don phlaigh sin.


22] Cathal mac Cethernaigh ocus Conchubhar mac Cethernaigh,
23] ocus Seóan macc Seoan mic Cethernaigh, ocus
24] Tomultach ocus Domhnall meic Finghein meic Cethernaigh,
25] occisi sunt la Cloinn Muircheartaigh in hoc anno,
26] in dighaltuis Maghnusa mic Muircheartaigh mic Cathail
27] do marbadh a Cloinn Cethernaigh remhi sin.


28] mac Hoberd, mic Emainn mic Hobert, do marbhadh do


1] oen urchur fogha la Gilla na Naemh, mac Uilliam
2] Gallda .H. Taidc an t-Eglaidh.


Creacha mora la
3] Fedlimidh mac Ruaidhri .H. Conchobair, for Eogan mac
4] .H. Conchubair Ruaidh, in hoc anno.


Cormac .H. Mailli
5] occisus est a fratre suo.


Maghnus mag Samhradan
6] do marbhadh don baethan Mac Gilla Ruaidh, d'orchor
7] chuailli.


Milis Dalatun occisus est a fratre suo,
8] ocus a chaslen do brisedh la sliocht Cathail .H. Ferghail
9] iartain.


Eogan .H. Ruairc occus cland Duind meig
10] Samhradain do dol hi Tir Chonaill do chogadh for
11] Brefneachaibh.


Ferghal mac Concondacht Ui Fergail
12] mortuus est in hoc anno.


Conchubhar mac Imhair
13] .H. Anlide occisus est in hoc anno la Corca Athchlann,
14] ocus la Cenel Dobtha budhein, for mona Cluana na
15] Caillidh .i. Lá na m-Bruach n-Dubh, ocus do bo cruaidh in
16] la sin do Chathal Dubh .H. Conchubhair ocus do cloinn
17] Imhair .H. Anlide diblinaibh; et sepultus est a
18] manistir Rosa Comman; toiseach in ghemhridh in tan
19] sin.


Aedh Ruadh mac Tomais .H. Birn, ocus Dondchadh
20] a mhac, ocus Brian Buidhe mac Amhlaibh Ruaidh, occisi
21] sunt.

Annal LC1409.


22] Kl. Enair for Mairt, ocus cethre uathadh fuirri;
23] M.cccc.ix.; quartus annus lunaris cicli; secundus
24] indictionis; primus annus solaris cicli.


In lubhra do
25] gabhail righ Saxan, ocus a thásc do theacht a n-Erinn,
26] ocus Tomas mac ind Iarla do facbhail Erend fo thásc
27] a athar, iar lécan íarla Cille Dara as a gheimhiol dó.



1] Mael Sechlaind mac Briain Meg Tigernain mortuus
2] est in hoc anno.


Ath-taisech do denamh do Maelsechlaind
3] Mor Mag Eochacan, ocus Fergal mac Ferghail
4] Ruaidh Mec Eochacan, mec Dondchaidh, ina inat iarsin.


5] Coss Risderd a Burcc do brisedh le coin do bai
6] 'na rith, ocus a écc de sin go tubaisdech.


7] Beoil Leci la Tighernan Ua Ruairc ar .H. n-Domhnaill,
8] ocus ar Cathal .H. Ruairc, ocus for Eogan .H. Ruairc;
9] ocus .H. Domhnaill ocus Cenel Conaill a foslongphort
10] alla thall don ess, ocus Cathal ocus Eogan alla boss
11] don es ceadna, ocus tucc in creich uadhaibh dibhlinaibh.


12] Sluaghadh la Brian mac Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh
13] .H. Chonchobhair, ocus la Conchobhar mac Dondchaidh,
14] ri Tíre h-Oiliella, ocus la clainn Tighearnan .H. Ruairc
15] in hoc anno, cur chuiretar lón ocus biadh d'andeoin
16] Condacht o sliabh suas uile, ocus siad tinolti ar a chind
17] uli eidir cois ocus ech ocus galloclach, hi caslen Rosa
18] Coman, in luan iar feil Micheil archanghiol; acus do
19] shaoileadar o sliabh sís co m-bétis Cland Ricaird ina
20] fochair féin ag cur in bhidh sin a caislen Rosa Coman,
21] ocus ni rabhatar, acht mac Uilliam buidhen becc
22] marcach do tocht co Baile in Tobair ina coinne; accus
23] do fuabratar locadh ann-sidhe o nach tancattar sluagha
24] Cloinne Ricaird chuctha amhail ro gellsad; ocus a
25] dubhairt Mac Donnchaidh nach locfadh no co tuited, no
26] co cuiredh biadh isin caislen, ocus adubhairt re mac
27] Uilliam anmhain andsin o nach raibhi lin trodai no
28] tegmhala do thabhairt do Chondachtaibh; ocus da
29] marbhthar sinne is maith linn tusa beó ag ar


1] lenbaibh inar n-diaigh da co thaghadh. Cid tra acht, do
2] gluais Mac Dondchaidh i r-remthus na slighedh, ocus
3] nir an sé don réim ocus don ruathar sin no co
4] rainicc co Ros Comman; ocus do chuiretar lón isin
5] caislen; ocus nir marbhadh acht aen oclaech dibh, ocus
6] ruccsad fein a chorp leó; ocus ni meinicc do rigned an
7] Erinn riamh sibhal ba crodha ocus badh calma ina in
8] sibhal sin.


Muinntir Chuirnin do marbhadh a cheile in
9] hoc anno .i. Seoan agus Conla do marbhadh la Diarmait
10] mac Muircheartaigh Ui Chuirnin, hi tigh .H. Duibhginnan
11] Baile Choillte Foghair; acus Diarmait fein do dol co
12] tech Conchobhair cruim mic Taidcc .H. Conchobair, .i.
13] a thighearna agus a derbhchomhallta, ocus Conchobar da
14] gabhail ina thigh budhein, occus a thidlacadh do Muinntir
15] Ruairc ocus do Muintir Chuirnin; ocus a beith tuilleadh
16] ocus coictigis i l-laimh, ocus a toitim la mac Seaain
17] .H. Cuirnin fa déoidh.


Cathal mac Dondchaidh mortuus
18] est xiiii. Kallainn Octobir; ocus ni demhin lem
19] nach i so bliadhain in badh chóir Conchobhar mac Imhair
20] .H. Anlide do chor sís.


Muircheartach mac Aedhacan,
21] ollamh breitheamhan fer Teptha, mortuus est.

Annal LC1410.


22] Kl. Enair for Cedain, ocus .xu. fuirri; anno
23] Domini M.cccc.x.; quintus annus cicli lunaris;
24] tertius indictionis; ii. annus cicli solaris.


25] mag Raghnaill, dux Muintiri h-Eolais, mortuus est
26] iar n-ongadh ocus aithrighe, ocus Cumscrach mag
27] Raghnaill, dar gaireadh Mag Raghnaill ina inat, do écc
28] i cinn coicthighis iar n-gabhail taisigheachta dó, ocus dob
29] e sin in t-escur i m-beol airechtais.


Feidhlimidh Clerech,


1] mac Aedha mic Feidhlimidh .H. Conchubair, do ecc
2] coicthighis re feil Brighde in hoc anno.


Mac Ruaidhri
3] Óicc .H. Chonchobhair do ecc in hoc anno; agus Tadc
4] Carrach mac Toirrdhealbaigh Duinn .H. Conchobhair do
5] écc beoss in hoc anno.


Maeleachlainn mac Eogain
6] H. Ruairc occisus est o Conallchaibh, ocus caislen
7] Duin Crimhthandain do blodhadh la Cairbreachaibh
8] agus la Breifneachaib iarsin.


Domhnall Ua Flaithbheartaigh,
9] righ Iarthair Condacht, do marbhadh lesin
10] n-Gilla n-Dubh Ua Flaithbheartaigh, per dolum.


11] Ua Neill, ri coicidh Uladh, do gabhail mar nar cubhaidh
12] la Brian mag Mathghamna.


Tomas mac Mail Muire
13] meg Craith, ollamh Tuadhmumhan, mortuus est.


14] Dondchadh Ua Duirnin mortuus est.


Sadhbh inghean
15] Conchubair .H. Briain, uxor Uater a Burc, mortua
16] est.


Domhnall mac Cormuic .H. Eghra, adhbhar
17] righ Luighne, mortuus est.


Cormac Occ mag Carthaigh
18] do ecc i n-geimhiol Meg Carrthaigh Moir.


Esbhaidh badh
19] mo na cach esbhaidh do teacht a n-deiredh na bliadhna so,
20] coicthighis tares na feli Micheil, .i. Tadc .H. Cellaidh,
21] ri Ua Maine, an t-aen Gaidhel do ba mó tinnlaicthi ocus
22] tabhartas do bai an Erinn ina aimsir, ocus an Alpain,
23] do écc iar m-buaidh ongtha ocus aithrighe; agus cur
24] airchisi Dia dia anmain in secula seculorum.


25] Emand mac Uillecc do ecc in samhradh ria Tadc
26] .H. Cellaigh, ocus Tadcc mac Uilliam mic Conchobair
27] mic Branan, dux Corca Athchlaidh fri ré nai
28] m-bliadhan, do écc la samhna tar es Taidc .H. Cellaigh,
29] ina tig fein a coilledh moir Cluana Sencha, iar n-ongadh
30] ocus aithrighe n-dingbhala do Dia tar es a chinad ocus a
31] thargabhala, et sepultus est hi manistir Rosa Cumman
32] a n-otharligi a senathar ocus a athar.


Eogan mac


1] Murchaidh .H. Madadhan, ri t-Sil n-Anmchadha, ocus
2] Cobthach .H. Madadhan, damhna righ ocus espoicc,
3] mortui sunt.


Dondchadh .H. Cellaigh, .i. mac Maileachlainn,
4] do righadh post Taidhg.


Coic cead bo la cloinn
5] .H. Conchobhair Duinn o muinntir .H. Conchobhair Ruaidh,
6] o raith Brenainn, fo braigit na Samhna in hoc anno.


7] Muircheartach .H. Dimusaigh mortuus est in hoc anno.


8] Toirrdhealbhach ocus Tadhcc, da mac h-I Mail Muaidh, ocus
9] Domhnall mac mic Hoibicin h-I Maoil Mhuaidh, do marbhadh
10] la cloinn Maoil Ughra hi sex callaind August arai
11] laithe mis greine; dia Domhnaigh imorro arai laithe
12] sechtmaine.


Murchadh Ua Flaithbheartaigh do righadh
13] tar eis Domhnaill .H. Fhlaithbheartaigh do marbhadh
14] laisin Gilla n-Dubh.


Uilliam .H. Tomaltaigh, prioir tighi a
15] n-Ath Luain, quieuit.


Maelechlainn Mor, mac Fergail,
16] mic Fergail, mic Muircheartaigh Moir meg Eochacan,
17] dux Cenel Fiachaidh mic Neill Nai Ghiallaidh, mortuus est
18] i mis December na bliadhna sa.


Morianus filius
19] Tathai .H. Birn submersus est .xiiii. Kallaind Octobir.

Annal LC1411.


20] Kl. Enair for Dardain, ocus .xxui. fuirri;
21] M.cccc.xi.; ui. annus cicli lunaris; quartus indictionis;
22] tertius cicli solaris.


Sibhan inghean Iarla
23] Desmhumhan, uxor meg Carthaigh Moir, mortua est.


24] Ag so bliadhain chóir Feidhlimidh Clérigh ocus mic
25] Ruaidri Oicc.


Domhnall mac Conchobhair .H. Briain,
26] righdamhna Tuadhmhumhan, do marbhadh lasan m-Barrach


1] Mor.


Ua Suilleabhan do dhalladh dia bhraithribh budhein
2] per dolum, ocus Conchubhar mac Gilla Mo Chuda .H.
3] Suilleabhan occisus est a fratre suo per dolum.


4] Manistir Enaigh Dúin do loscadh in hoc anno.


5] Domhnall .H. Bechan, sai senchaidh, mortuus est.


6] Diarmaid, mac Gilla Isa meg Carthaigh, ollamh
7] Tuadhmhumhan re dán, mortuus est.


Sadhbh inghean mic
8] Murchadha, uxor Mic Gilla Patruic, mortua est.


9] Muircheartach mac Con Uladh .H. Neill mortuus est.


10] Indsaighidh le h-Emann a Burcc for cloinn Seoan Ua
11] h-Eghra, ocus moran don tír do loscadh leis, ocus Art
12] mac Muircheartaigh .H. Eghra do marbhadh la soigid in
13] la sin.


Ben Mumhan ingen Aedha .H. Conchobhair, uxor
14] Murchaidh mic Cormaic mic Donnchaidh, mortua est.


15] Domhnall mac Cathail mic Aedha .H. Ruairc mortuus
16] est in hoc anno.


Taichleach Bude mac Seain .H. Eghra
17] mortuus est.


Maidhm mor le mac Domhnaill na
18] h-Alpan for Gallaibh Alpan, ocus mac Gilla Eoin do
19] muinntir mic Domhnaill do marbhadh hi frithghuin an
20] madhma sin.


Iarla Desmumhan do indarba la Semus
21] mac Geroit, .i. a derbhrathair.


Serriam na Midhe do
22] gabhail la .H. Conchobhair Falgi in hoc anno, ocus
23] fuaslacadh mor do bhein as iarsin.


Ua Suilleabhan
24] Mor do gabhail, ocus a mac do marbhadh, la Domhnall
25] Dubh .H. Suilleabhan per dolum.


Caech na Mochergi,
26] mac Taidhc, mic Diarmada meg Carthaigh, do marbhadh
27] per dolum la Feidhlimidh mac Diarmada meg Carthaigh.


28] Mag Carthaigh Mor do innarbadh la h-Ua Suilleabhain
29] in hoc anno.


Fergal mac Maghnusa tighearna Tire
30] Tuathail, ocus a mac Aedh, do marbhadh per dolum


1] do cloinn Ruaidhri mic Maghnusa, .i. Eogan ocus
2] Muircheartach Cam; ocus tighearna do denamh d'Eogan
3] iaramh for Tir Tuathail.


Cathal .H. Cuirnin, adhbhar
4] ollamhan na Breifne, quieuit.


Maghnus mac Baethghalaigh
5] mic Aedacan, prioir Slicigh, mortuus est.


6] Croch naemh Ratha Both do telccen fola tar a
7] crechtaibh isin bliadhain sin, ocus mor do mirbhuilibh
8] do denamh di, ocus galra ocus tedmanna imdha do
9] choscc di.


Mal Mordha .H. Raighillidh, ri Muinntire
10] Mail Mordha, mortuus est.


Cu Chonnacht Ruadh, mac
11] Pilip mic Briain Moir mec Mathghamhna, do marbhadh
12] do cloinn t-Seain Bailbh mic Briain Móir meg
13] Mathghamhna, i l-Lurgain Fernmaighe, in errach na
14] bliadhna sin.


Roberd Muntan, espog na Midhe, in
15] Cristo quieuit.


Bellum Beoil na Muilleadh la Conchobhar
16] mac Seain mic Branan, for cloinn Conchobair
17] mic Branan, in samhradh des Taidc mic Branan, iar
18] n-gairm da tighearna aca, .i. Conn mac Aedha, ocus
19] Conchobhar mac Seaain mic Echmarcaigh, ubi occisi
20] sunt Conn ocus Mane, da mac Aedha mic Conchubhair
21] mic Branan, ocus Uilliam Finn mac Cuinn, et alii; dia
22] Lúain arai laithe sechdmaine esidhe; ocus ruccadh Conn
23] beoloitidhe for in n-grencha, ocus ni fetarsa a aoidhigh
24] osin amach; et sepulert i manistir na m-brathar
25] i r-Rus Coman; mí ria Lughnasadh do ronait na ro-gnimha
26] sin, ocus do fhan an toisigheacht ag Conchobhar iar sin.


27] Caitilin inghean Tomaltaigh .H. Ferghail, uxor Maileachlainn
28] Mhoir meg Eochacan, quieuit a mis Decimber
29] na bliadhna sin.


Bean Mumhan, inghean Aedha mic Fedhlimidh
30] .H. Chonchobhair, bantighearna Cloinne Connmaigh


1] re linn trir tighearnaighi, mortua est.


2] Midhech mac Briain .H. Ferghail, tighearna in
3] Chalaidh na h-Anghaile, fer na h-imdergadh riamh, quieuit
4] in Cristo.

Annal LC1412.


5] Kl. Enair for Aine, ocus sechtmadh h-uathadh
6] fuirri; M.cccc.xii.; uii. anno cicli lunaris; quintus
7] indictionis; quartus annus cicli solaris.


8] Bared do dol for indsaighidh i Cuil Cernada, ocus
9] maithe an tire uile do breith fair ocus a chur
10] dochom na Muaidhe, ocus a bathadh fuirri; ocus drong
11] mor da mhuinntir do bhathad ocus do gabhail ann beus.


12] Tigearnan Oc mac Tighearnain mic Ualgharg .H. Ruairc,
13] .i. degh adhbhar righ Breifne, do ecc in hoc anno a
14] foirchind a .ui. m-bliadhan .xxx. eidir chaisc ocus belltaine.


15] Fergal .H. h-Eghra, adhbhar righ Luighne, mortuus
16] est.


Domhnall mac Neill .H. Domhnaill do ecc in hoc
17] anno.


Cogad ag .H. Ferghail re Gallaibh, ocus Fabar do
18] loscadh léo, ocus daine imdha do marbhadh ocus do
19] gabhail leo.


Baile na Gaillmhe do loscadh.


Sadhbh inghean
20] Tighearnan .H. Ruairc, uxor Emaind mic Tomais mic
21] Cathail .H. Ferghail, mortua est.


Coccadh eidir .H.
22] Cathain ocus .H. Domhnaill, ocus clann Seaain .H.
23] Domhnaill do bheith a rann .H. Chathan; ocus Ua Cathain
24] ocus an clann sin do dol for indsaighidh for Ua
25] n-Domhnaill, agus cethre fir .x. do muinntir .H.
26] Dhomhnaill do marbhadh doibh fa mac Feidhlimidh .H.
27] Domhnaill, ocus fo Cathal mac Raghnaill .H. Baighill.
28] Dondchadh mag Bradaigh, tighearna Cuili Brighdin,
29] mortuus est.


Mac Lochlaind .H. Ruairc, fris a raiti
30] in Giolla Ballach, mic Dondchaidh mic Lochlaind, sai
31] fíal oirdheirc aitheasach, mortuus est in hoc anno.



1] Delbh Muire Atha Truim do denamh miorbhuilidh mór.


2] Cúabha Mag Corman, fer gradha d'O Bríain, mortuus
3] est.


Caitherfhina, ingen Maileachlainn mic Murgiusa
4] mic Dondchaidh, uxor Mic Firbisigh, do bathadh do
5] tuile retha ag dol dochum aifrinn an domhnaigh o a tig
6] fein.


Aedh mac Enri .H. Neill do elodh a h-Ath
7] Cliath o Gallaibh, iar na bheith deich m-bliadhna a laimh
8] remhe-sidhe, ocus tug moran braghat as a m-broit leis in
9] tan sin.


Eda a Leis ocus mac Iarla Cille Dara do
10] thegmail re roile a Cill Mo Cellog, ocus a toitim re
11] roile annsin.


Morsluaghadh la Brian, mac Domhnaill
12] mic Muircheartaigh .H. Chonchobhair, fo bragaitt na
13] Lughnasadh, co n-deachaidh a n-Gailengaibh ar tus, ocus
14] as-sidhe a Cloinn Cuan, ocus i Cera ocus hi Conmaicne
15] Chuili Tolaigh; ocus rucc leis Clainn Muiris na m-Brigh
16] cona caeraigheacht isin chrich sin; agus do tinolatar
17] clann Uilliam Burc, Ua Flaithbheartaigh ocus Muintir
18] Maille, ocus Baredaigh, ocus Gaileangaigh, ocus
19] Gosdelbaigh ocus Stondunaigh ar a cind, ocus ni tucsad
20] sin troid no tachar do; agus do loisc Brian na cricha
21] da n-aimhdheoin, ocus do mill a n-guirt uli, ocus do loisc
22] a longphuirt .i. caislen an Bharraigh, ocus in Leth Innse
23] ocus baile Locha Mesca. Ocus do chuir Clann Muiris
24] cona caeraigheacht slan dá tighibh iaramh; agus do ben
25] sidh a Gallaibh ocus a Gaidhelaibh Connacht don chur
26] sin; ocus tainicc fein imshlan da thigh iarsin. Sluaghadh
27] aile le h-Eogan mac Domhnaill mic Muircheartaigh Ui
28] Conchobhair, fo machaire Condacht, fo toghairm cloinne


1] Toirrdhealbaigh .H. Conchobair, cur millset cuid
2] cloinne mic Feidhlimidh don machaire, ocus ruccsat
3] bu ocus braighdi leo iarsin.


Emand Alamar mortuus
4] est in hoc anno.


Ruaidhri mac Cathail .H. Ferghail
5] do marbhadh a machaire Cuircne d'urchor t-soighdi.

Annal LC1413.



ALC resumes here from H.1.19. For the differences of ALC with AConn, see AConn xxi-xxii.

Kl. Ianair; tri bliadna .x. ocus .cccc. ocus mile ais
7] an Tigerna.


Concubar O Docartaigh, .i. taisech Arda
8] Midhair, ocus Tigerna Innse h-Eogain, ocus fear einigh
9] coitceinn, d'ec an bliadain si.


Tuathal O Maille do
10] dhul a cuigeadh Ulad ar buannacht, ocus a beth bliadain
11] and; ocus teacht do tar ais lucht .uii. long, ocus
12] gaoth mor d'eirghe doib, ocus a m-breth budh thuaidh laim
13] re h-Alpuin, ocus Donnchad mac Eogain Connachtaigh
14] mic t-Suibne do beth ann, ocus Domnall Ballach mac
15] Suibhne Ghirr, ocus a m-bathad uile co na muinter etir
16] mnai ocus fer; ocus Tuathal fein do teacht a tir
17] ar eigin an Albain.

Annal LC1414.


18] Kl. Ianair; ceitri bliadna .x. ocus .cccc. ocus mile
19] ais in Tigerna.

Annal LC1415.


20] Kl. Ianair; cuig bliadna .x. ocus cccc. ocus mile
21] ais an Tigerna.


Saxanach do theacht a n-Eirinn an
22] bliadain si .i. loard Furnamal, ocur do airg se moran
23] d'oes dana Eirenn.


Annal LC1416.


1] Kl. Ianair; se bliadna dhec ocus .cccc. ocus mile ais
2] in Tigerna.


Gormlaith ingen Neill Moir I Neill, ben
3] t-Seain I Domnaill, d'ec an bliadain si.


Mac Mathuna,
4] .i. Ardghal mac Briain Moir meg Mathuna, do
5] dul d'ec, ocus a mac .i. Brian do rigad for Oirgiallaib
6] ina inad.

Annal LC1417.


7] Kl. Ianair; seacht m-bliadna dhec ocus .cccc. ocus
8] mile ais an Tigerna.


Mac Murchada, .i. ri Laighen,
9] .i. Art mac Airt Chaomhanaigh, an coicedhach dob ferr
10] einech ocus engnum ocus derc do bí 'na aimsir, dh'ec
11] 'na longport feain an bliadain si, iar m-buaid ongtha
12] ocus aithrighe.


13] Kl. Ianair; ocht m-bliadna .x. ocus .cccc. ocus mile
14] ais an Tigerna.


Tigernan mac Ualairg I Ruairc, .i.
15] righ Brefne, dh'ec an bliadain si. Brian Ballach mac
16] Aodha mic Feilim I Conchobair, adhbar righ Connacht,
17] dh'ec.


Tadg mac Cathal mic Taidg meg Fhlannchaidh,
18] taisech Dartraighe, dh'ec in bliadain si.


Eogan mac
19] Tigernain I Ruairc, .i. adhbhar righ Brefne, do bathad
20] ar Loc Findmuighe an bliadain si.


Aodh Buidhe .H.
21] Ruairc do ghabail righe na Brefne a n-diaidh a athar,
22] .i. Tigernain Moir.

Annal LC1419.


23] Kl. Ianair; nai m-bliadna .x. ocus .cccc. ocus mile
24] ais an Tigerna.


Cogad mor etir O Neill, .i. Domnall
25] mac Eanrí I Neill, ocus Eogan mac Neill Oig
26] I Neill, ocus Eogan ar n-deanam cengail ris O n-Domnaill,
27] .i. Toirrdhealbach, ocus O Domnaill ar cor
28] t-sluaig moir ana inad, ocus dol a Tir Eogain, ocus
29] an tir uile do milled doibh; ocus O Neill, .i. Domnall,
30] do indarbad asin tir la neart Conallach ocus Eogain
31] I Neill.


Sloigad mor le Brian O Conchobair don cur


1] sin do thaob seolta I Neill a Tir Aodha, ocus Murbhach
2] I Domnaill, .i. longport I Domnaill, do loscudh leais,
3] ocus Tir Aoda do milled.


Tomas Bacach, mac mic
4] Iarla Urmuman, do dul do congnam le righ Saxsan
5] an bliadain si, ocus moran d'uaislib Erenn do dul leis
6] annsa Fraing ar an cocad sin.


An Calbach O Conchobair,
7] ri O Failghe, do ghabail a feall le mac Línebed
8] a Frende, ocus a reic do re fer inaid righ Saxan, .i.
9] loard Furnamal, ocus an trath do gabad é, an duine
10] do bí na ghlas d'elod leis da tigh fein.


Fercert O h-Uigind
11] dh'ec, .i. saoi re dan, ocus fer thighe n-aigid coitcend
12] d'feraib Erenn. Mac Murchada, .i. ri Laigen, .i. Donnchad
13] Coemanach, do ghabail re Galloib, ocus a breith
14] a Saxanuib an bliadain si.


Muircertach mac Briain
15] I Fhlaithbertaigh, ri Iarthair Connacht, dh'ec in bliadain
16] si, .i. feichem coitcend do cliaruib ocus do damaibh
17] Eirenn.


Sean mac Cathail meg Uidir do marbad an
18] bliadain si.


Sluagh mor leais O Ceallaigh Maine ocus
19] le Uilliam O Ceallaigh, ocus le mac Uilliam Burc,
20] ocus le Cathal n-Dubh O Conchobair, ocus le Mac
21] Diarmada Muighe Luirg, .i. Tomaltach an Inigh, mac
22] Conchobair meic Diarmada, ocus Uilliam Garb mac
23] Dabuith, tigerna Clainne Connmuigh; ocus a ceitherna
24] gallóclaech do breth leo, .i. Mac Dubhghaill ocus Toirrdhelbach
25] mac Domnaill; ocus a n-dul dun turus sin
26] a Clainn Ricaird, da milled, ocus d'indarbad Mic
27] Uilliam a Clainn Ricaird amach. Sloiged mor eile
28] do bheath ag Mac Uilliam ar a cind, .i. Tadg O Briain
29] ocus a brathreacha, ocus Domnall mac Suibhne, .i.
30] Domnall na Madman. Tarla, umorro, an da t-sluag
31] sin da ceile a m-Bel Atha Lighen, ocus tugadar troid


1] dá roile annsin, ocus do marbad Mac Dubhghoill ann,
2] ocus a dhis mac, ocus a n-gallóclaech uile, ocus Toirrdhelbach
3] mac Domhnaill ocus a mac do dul as in troid
4] sin slan; ocus a muinnter do marbad uile and; ocus
5] do marbad il-umad daoineadh air in lathair sin; ocus
6] do gabad O Cellaig ocus mac Dabith; ocus Uilliam
7] O Cellaigh do dul 'na oenar asin maidm sin; ocus
8] moran do maithib O Maine do ghabail ocus do marbad
9] san ar sin. Ocus ni featar cinnedh na comhaiream
10] ar mead an madma sin, no ar med eadala Clainni
11] Ricaird ocus na Muimneach, d'echaib ocus d'eidedh,
12] ocus do braighdibh maithe rl.


Aodh Buidhe O Ruairc,
13] mac Tigernain, dh'ec an bliadain si a tus a ratha na
14] longport fein, ocus Tadg mac Tigernain do righadh na
15] inadh ar an m-Breafne an bliadain si.

Annal LC1420.


16] Kl. Ianair; fiche bliadan ocus .cccc. ocus mile ais
17] an Tigerna.


Uilliam mac Mailechlainn I Cellaigh,
18] .i. adhbhar rig .H. Maine, dh'ec an bliadan si.

Annal LC1421.


19] Kl. Ianair; bliadain ar .xx. ocus .cccc. ocus mile
20] ais an Tigerna.

Annal LC1422.


21] Kl. Ianair; da bliadain ar .xx., ocus ceitri ced
22] ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.

Annal LC1423.


23] Kl. Ianair; tri bliadna .xx. ar ceitri ced ar mile
24] ais an Tigerna.


Bas Toirdhealbaigh an Fhina I Domnaill,
25] ri Tire Conuill ocus Cineoil Moain, ocus Indsi
26] h-Eogain, nech bud mo sean, ocus dob fearr uaisle ina
27] aimsir, do dul dh'ec an aibid manaigh a mainistir
28] Esa Ruaidh.


Caislen Bheoil Atha Senaigh do tinnscna
29] in bliadain si le Niall O n-Domnaill.

Annal LC1424.


30] Kl. Ianair; ocus cetri bliadna .xx. ocus cetri ced
31] ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


Annal LC1425.


1] Kl. Ianair; ocus .u. bliadna .xx., cetri ced ocus
2] mile, ais in Tigerna.

Annal LC1426.


3] Kl. Ianair; ocus .ui. bliadna .xx. ocus cetri ced,
4] ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.

Annal LC1427.


5] Kl. Ianair; ocus uii. m-bliadna .xx., cetri ced ocus
6] mile, ais an Tigerna.

Annal LC1428.


7] Kl. Ianair; ocus ocht m-bliadna .xx., ocus cetri ced
8] ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


Aodh mac Filip Meg
9] Uidir do ég ag toighecht dia oilitri o Carraic San
10] Sem; a eg a Cinn t-Sale, ocus a adhnacal a Corcaig,
11] iar m-buaid ongtha ocus aithrighe.


Aodh Og mag Uidhir
12] do marbad le Clainn Donnchada Ballaigh
13] Megamrain.

Annal LC1429.


14] Kl. Ianair; ix. m-bliadna .xx. ocus cetri ced ocus
15] mile
ais in Tigerna.


O Flannagain Tuaithi Ratha do
16] marbad le clainn Aodha Meg Uidhir, for greis n-oidhche
17] ino tigh sein.


Maidm Achaid Chille More la .H. Neill,
18] ocus la .H. Raighallaigh, for Gallaibh. Is andsa m-bliadain
19] so do rugadh Aedh Ruadh mac Neill Gairbh I
20] Domnaill.

Annal LC1430.


21] Kl. Ianair; ocus .x. m-bliadna .xx. ocus ceitri ced
22] ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


Mag Uidir, .i. Gilla Dubh
23] mac Pilip na Tuaighe, do éc in bliadain si, ocus a
24] mac do rigad 'na inadh.

Annal LC1431.


25] Kl. Ianair; ocus en bliadain dhec ar fiched ar
26] ceitri ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Seaan mac Con Connacht
27] mic Filib Meg Uidir do marbad le Teallach
28] n-Eathach a feall.


Plaigh mor a Fearuibh Manach an
29] bliadain si.


Eogan O Fialain dh'ec.


Domnall Ballach
30] mac Briain dh'ec.

Annal LC1432.


31] Kl. Ianair; ocus da bliadain dhec ar fhiched,
32] ar ceitri ced ar mile, ais in Tigerna.


O Neill, .i.
33] Domnall Bocc mac Eanri Aimreidh, do marbad la


1] Cathanchaibh a n-Eanach, ocus Art Mac Cathmaoil,
2] easpuc Clocair, do dul dh'ec in hoc anno.


Eoghan mac
3] Neill Óig I Neill do righadh for Tir n-Eoghain.


4] mor d'fagsain a Feraibh Manach an bliadain sin, .i. muc
5] do breith uain gil.


Uater a Burc, .i. mac mic Iarla
6] Uladh, dh'ec. O Duibhgennain Chille Ronain .i. Matha
7] Glas dh'ec; sai re senchus ocus fer tighi aided coitcinn
8] ar feruibh Erenn.

Annal LC1433.


9] Kl. Ianair; ocus tri bliadna dhec ar .xx. ar .cccc.
10] ar mile.


Mac Maghnuis Meg Uidir, .i. Cathal mac
11] Gilla Padraig, dh'ec la feili Miceil, ocus a mac 'na
12] inadh, .i. Cathal Oc.


Eignechan O Domnaill do dhul ar
13] creich ar a brathair fein .i. ar Donnchad. Donnchad
14] do dul a toraighecht na creche, ocus Eigneachan do
15] mharbhad do.


Samrad gortach an samrad so, ocus
16] samrad na mer aithne do gorthai de.

Annal LC1434.


17] Kl. Ianair; ocus ceitri bliadna dhec ar fiched, ar
18] ceitri ced ar mile, ais in Tigerna.


O Domnaill, .i.
19] Niall Garb mac Toirdhealbaigh an Fhina, do dul ar
20] sluaiged sa Midhe, ocus breth air ocus ar began buidne
21] tamall on t-shluaig, ocus a gabail re Galloib, ocus a
22] cur co Manaind da coimed; ocus ar m-beth athaid a
23] n-droch braighdeanus ann sin bas d'fagail do, ar m-beth
24] en bliadain dec a tigernus Tíre Conaill ocus Ichtair
25] Connacht; ocus Toirdhealbach mac Neill I Domhnaill
26] do marbad an la cedna.


Sioc mor annsa bliadain
27] si .i. seacht seachtmhuine re nodluic, ocus seacht
28] seachtmuine 'na diaidh.


O Ruairc dh'ec, .i. Tadhg.


29] Cathal Boghur O Ruairc d'ec.

Annal LC1435.


30] Kl. Ianair; ocus .u. bliadna dhec ar .xx., ocus
31] ceitri ced ocus mile, ais in Tigerna.


Maidm t-Slebi
32] Truim leas O Neill, .i. Eogan, ar Brian Óc .H. Neill


1] ocus ar Conallchaib, ocus scathad Briain Oic co
2] goirid 'na diaid sin an bliadain si; ocus Mac Conmidhe,
3] .i. Conchabhar Ruadh, do theacht go Connachta fo an
4] scathad sin Bhriain I Neill in hoc anno.


Niall mac
5] Eogain I Neill do marbad le Cloind Chinath ar greis.


6] Donnchad mac Con Connacht mic Pilib na Tuaidhe
7] dh'ec.


Glaisne mac Conchubhair I Raigilligh dh'ec.

Annal LC1436.


8] Kl. Ianair; se bliadna dhec ar .xx. ar .cccc. ar
9] mile.


Conchubhar mac Seain I Ragilligh dh'ec.

Annal LC1437.


10] Kl. Ianair; seacht m-bliadna dhec ar .xx. ar cccc.
11] ar mile.


12] Kl. Ianair; ocht m-bliadna dhec ar .xx. ar .cccc. ar
13] mile.


Pilib mac Tomais Meg Uidir do gabail le na
14] brathraib fein, .i. Tomas ocus Domnall ocus Ruadhri.

Annal LC1439.


15] Kl. Ianair; ocus naoi m-bliadna dhec ar .xx. ar
16] .cccc. ar mile.


Mag Uidir do gabail isin m-bliadain
17] so la Domhnall m-Ballach, ocus Filib do leigean
18] amach an la cedna.


Mag Uidir do leigean amach an
19] bliadain cedna.


O Domnaill do ec ina laimdechus a
20] Manaind isin m-bliadain si, .i. Niall Garb, ocus
21] Nechtain do rigad for Thir Conaill.


Feradach, mac
22] Duinn mic Con Connacht Meg Uidir, do marbad le
23] h-Oirgiallaibh.

Annal LC1440.


24] Kl. Ianair; ocus da .xx. bliadan ocus .cccc. ocus
25] mile ais in Tigerna.


Brian mac Domnaill mic
26] Mhuircertaigh I Conchobair, tigerna Sligigh, do dul
27] dh'ec; ocus is tearc ma do bhi do Gaoidhealaibh Erenn
28] sgeal budh mo na sin.


Maghnus Eoganach Mag Uidir


1] dh'ec.


Maghnus mac Domhnaill meic Toirdhealbaigh an
2] Fina do marbad.


Domnall O Breislen dh'ec.

Annal LC1441.


3] Kl. Ianair; bliadain ocus da .xx. ocus .cccc. ocus
4] mile ais in Tigerna.

Annal LC1442.


5] Kl. Ianair; da bliadain ocus da .xx. ocus .cccc.
6] ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


Brian mac Ardgail Meg
7] Mathghamna, rí Oirgiall, do dul dh'ec.

Annal LC1443.


8] Kl. Ianair; tri bliadna ocus da .xx. ocus .cccc.
9] ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


Maghnus mac Ardgail Meg
10] Mathghumna dh'ec.


Eimear Mag Mathghamna do
11] marbad leis O Neill, .i. Eogan.

Annal LC1444.


12] Kl. Ianair; cetri bliadna ar da .xx. ar. cccc. ar
13] mile ais in Tigerna.


Aodh Buidhe mac Bríain Ballaigh
14] I Neill, tuir einig ocus engnuma Ulad ana aimsir,
15] ocus fer einig coitcenn da gach aon, do mharbhadh d'oen
16] orchor fogha ar deiredh creiche a crich meg Aengusa
17] in hoc anno.

Annal LC1445.


18] Kl. Ianair; u. bliadna ar da .xx., ar .cccc. ar mile,
19] aois in Tigerna.


Ruaidri mac Tomais Meg Uidir
20] dh'ec do bidhg.


Taiseach Muintire Peodachain dh'ec .i.
21] Brían.


Mac Gafrada Ruaidh Meg Uidhir dh'ec, .i. Ardgal.

Annal LC1446.


22] Kl. Ianair; se bliadna ar da .xx. ar .cccc. ar mile.


23] Mag Mathgamna dh'ec isin m-bliadain so, .i. Rugraidhe
24] mac Ardghail.


25] Kl. Ianair; seacht m-bliadna ar da .xx. ar .cccc.
26] ar mile.


O h-Uiccinn .i. Tadg Óg, sái re dan ocus cend
27] sgoile Erenn na aimsir fein, do dul d'eg an bliadain
28] si.


Domnall Ballach Mag Uidir do marbadh le
29] macuibh Airt Meg Uidir, ocus le macaibh Mec
30] Oirgiallaigh.


Mac Capa dh'ec, Cormac mac Gilla
31] Crist.


Feidhlim mac Seain mic Filip I Raigilligh do
32] ghabhail a fill le fer inait righ Saxan a n-Ath Truim,
33] ocus a eg don plaigh iardain.


Annal LC1448.


1] Kl. Ianair; ocht m-bliadna ar da .xx. ar .cccc.
2] ar mile ais an Tigerna.

Annal LC1449.


3] Kl. Ianair; naoi m-bliadna ar dá .xx. ar. cccc. ar
4] mile ais an Tigerna.


O Raghilligh, .i. mac Seain da
5] n-gorthai Eogan na fesogi, dh'ec.


Brian Óg O Neill dh'ec.

Annal LC1450.


6] Kl. Ianair; deic m-bliadna ar dá .xx. ar .cccc. ar
7] mile ais an Tigerna.


Mag Uidir, .i. Tomas Óg mac
8] Tomais ele, do dul dochum na Roma do raith a anma.


9] Cathal, mac Tomais mic Tomais Meg Uidir, do marbad
10] le Donnchad n-Duncathach mac Tomais Moir Meg
11] Uidir, a fill.


Dondchad Dunchadhach do sgathad la
12] h-Emand mac Tomais Meg Uidir an bliadain cedna,


13] Easpog Clochair dh'ec, .i. Piarras Mag Uidir.

Annal LC1451.


14] Kl. Ianair; en bliadain dh'ec ar dá .xx. ar .cccc. ar
15] mile ais an Tigerna.


Mag Uidir do thoighecht on
16] Roim.


Mairgreg ingen I Cerbaill, bean I Conchobair
17] Failge, .i. an Calbach, dh'ec.


Mainistir an Chabhain do
18] loscadh leis an m-Brathair O Mothlain.

Annal LC1452.


19] Kl. Ianair; da bliadain dhec ar da fiched, ar .cccc.
20] ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


O Domnaill, .i. Neachtain
21] mac Toirrdhealbaigh an Fhina, tigerna Thire Conaill
22] ocus Cenel Muain, ocus Innsi h-Eogain, fer crodha
23] cosantach ocus cinnlitir cogaid ocus sithe an tuaiscirt,
24] ocus do chuir moran coicrich fa na chumachtaibh, do
25] marbad le clainn Neill I Domhnaill, a derbrathair
26] fein, a n-dubrail oidhchi feile Brenainn do t-sonradh,
27] ar m-beth ocht m-bliadna dhec a tigernus Tire Conaill
28] fa buaidh conaich ocus cosscair.

Annal LC1453.


29] Kl. Ianair; tri bliadna dhec ar da .xx., ar. cccc.
30] ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


Mag Mathgamna dh'ec, .i.


1] Aodh Ruad mac Rugraidhe, ocus Feidhlim mac Briain
2] Meg Mathgamna do rigad for Oirghiall.

Annal LC1454.


3] Kl. Ianair; ocus cetri bliadna dhec ar da .xx.,
4] ar .cccc. ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


Rugraidhe mac
5] Neachtain I Domnaill do mharbad co mirathmar,
6] dean urchar do cloich a Caislen Innsi amach, do
7] Domnall mac Neachtain I Domhnaill, ar m-beth da
8] bliadain a tigernus Tire Conaill do Rugraidhe
9] roime sin.


Brian mac Concubair I Raighilligh dh'ec.

Annal LC1455.


10] Kl. Ianair; u. bliadna dhec ar dá .xx. ar .cccc.
11] ar mile.


O Neill do rigad for Tir n-Eogain, .i. Enri
12] mac Eogain mic Neill Oig.

Annal LC1456.


13] Kl. Ianair; se bliadna dhec ar dá .xx., ar .cccc. ar
14] mile, ais an Tigerna.


O Domhnaill, .i. Domnall mac
15] Neill I Domnaill, do marbad le clainn Nechtain
16] I Domhnaill a tigh Buidhin an bliadain si, ar m-beth da
17] bliadain a tigernus Tíre Conuill fa buaidh smachta
18] ocus riagla, ocus Aodh Ruadh mac Neill I Domnaill
19] do gabhail an bliadain si, ocus righ do ghairm do
20] Toirdhealbach Cairbrech mac Neachtain.


O Neill dh'ec .i.
21] Eoghan mac Neill.

Annal LC1457.


22] Kl. Ianair; seacht m-bliadna deg ar dá .xx.
23] ar .cccc. ar mile ais an Tigerna.


O Conchobair
24] Fhailghe, .i. an Calbach, an mac Gaoideal dob ferr
25] eineach ocus uaisle, ocus fa treissi ar Galloib ocus ar
26] Gaoidheolaibh do bhíth a n-Erinn, ocus is mo do mill
27] umpu an aon aimsir ris, do dul dh'ec.


Mac Samradhain
28] .i. Tomas dh'ec. O Ruairc .i. Lochlainn dh'ec.


29] mac Eogain I Neill dh'ec.


Maidm na Graine do
30] thabhairt do Mag Uidir for Lochlainn mac Taidhg
31] I Ruairc, .i. O Ruairc.


Annal LC1458.


1] Kl. Ianair; ocht m-bliadna dhec ar dha fiched,
2] ar .cccc. ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


Mac Uilliam Burc
3] dh'ec, .i. Emann.


Barun Dealbhna dh'ec, .i. Semus
4] Nuinnsinn.


Mac Diarmada Muighe Luirg, .i. Tomaltach
5] mac Conchobair mic Aodha, dar chomhainm Tomaltach
6] an Einigh, rogha Gaoidheal Erenn, dh'ec; .i. an fer
7] naar diult daim na deoraigh do leith a chuil na h-oighthe
8] riam in g-cein do mhair; beannacht lais.


9] Kl. Ianair; naei m-bliadna dhec ar da .xx., ar .cccc.
10] ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


O Briain, righ Tuadhmuman,
11] dh'ec.


Glaisne mac Chonchubhair I Raighilligh do marbad
12] la clainn Rughraide Meg Mathgamna.

Annal LC1460.


13] Kl. Ianair; tri fichid bliadan ar .cccc. ar mile ais
14] an Tigerna.


Aodh Ruadh O Domnaill, righdamhna Cenel
15] Conuill, do leigean as a laimdechos.


Mag Samraghan
16] dh'ec .i. Eoghan.

Annal LC1461.


17] Kl. Ianair; bliadain ar tri xxit, ar .cccc. ar mile, ais
18] an Tigerna.


Maidhm mor do thabhairt a ///Cind maghair
19] an bliadain si ar .H. n-Domnaill .i. Toirrdhealbach
20] Cairbrech, do clainn Neill I Domnaill, ocus O Domnaill
21] do gabail and, ocus a scathad na diaidh sin; ocus
22] Aodh Ruad mac Neill Gairb do righadh na inadh do
23] chomairle De ocus daoineadh.


Feidhlim mac Eoghain I Neill
24] dh'ec.


O Conchobair Donn dh'ec, .i. Aodh. Tadhg, mac
25] Cormaic mic Diarmada mec Carrthaigh, dh'ec.


26] Macraith dh'ec.


Mac Cathmail dh'ec, .i. Brian.

Annal LC1462.


27] Kl. Ianair; da bliadain ar tri .xx. ar .cccc. ar mile
28] ais an Tigerna.


Brian mac Pilip Meg Uidir do marbadh
29] re Cenel Eoghain an bliadain sin.


Mainisdir prathar
30] mionur do tionnsgnadh a Muineachan in hoc anno.

Annal LC1463.


31] Kl. Ianair; ocus tri bliadna ar tri fiched ar
32] .cccc. ar mile ais an Tigerna.


Iarla Desmumhan, .i.
33] Semus, ceinnlitir Gall an deiscert, ocus comrair


1] einigh ocus gaisgidh na n-Geraltach, dh'ec in hoc anno.


2] Tadhg mac Eoghain I Conchobair dh'ec an bliadain si.


3] Mac Donnchada Tire h-Oilella, .i. Tadg mac Tomaltaig
4] Moir, mortuus est.


Enri mac Feidhlim I Raigilligh
5] do marbad do Donnchad Mag Uidir.

Annal LC1464.


6] Kl. Ienair; ceitri bliaghna ar tri fiched, ar .cccc.
7] ar mhile, aois an Tigerna.


Conn mac Neill I
8] Dhomhnuill, riodhamhna Chineil Conuill, ocus Aonghus
9] mac Neill I Dhomhnuill do mharbadh le h-Eignechan
10] .H. n-Domhnuill a bh-Fhinn Dhruim.


Tadhg mac Toirrdealbaigh
11] Ruaidh I Chonchubair, leith ri Connacht, d'ég .i.
12] duine do bá tuigse t-treighe a g-Connachtaibh iona aimsir
13] fein.

Annal LC1465.


14] Kl. Ienair; chúig bhliaghna ar tri fiched ar ceitri
15] ced ar mhile aois an Tigherna.


Ir Magranuill, .i. mac
16] Cathuil Ruaid, mortuus est in hoc anno.


17] Chaomhanach ingen mheic Murchadha, bean I Neill .i.
18] Einri mheic Eoghuin I Neill, d'ég.


Mac Ribhertuigh d'ég
19] .i. Cú Chonnacht.

Annal LC1466.


20] Kl. Ienair. Sé bliaghna ar thrí fichit ar cheithri ced
21] ar mhile aois an Tigherna.


Ri Tuaghmhumhun, .i. Tadhg
22] O Briain, coinneal ghaisgidh ocus engnumha Leithe Mógha,
23] mortuus est in hoc anno.


Maidhm ar Ghalluibh la
24] O Conchubhair Fhailge, .i. Conn mac an Chalbaigh, ionar
25] marbadh Seadhun mac mheic Tomais ocus moran eile.


26] Righ Oirghiall d'ég, .i. Feidhlim mac Briain mheg Mhathuna.

Annal LC1467.


27] Kl. Ienair. Seacht m-bliaghna ar tri .xx., ar .cccc.
28] ar mhile, aois an Tigherna.


Iarla Deasmhumhun, .i. Tomas
29] mac Sémuis mheic Geróid Iarla, do mhilledh a n-Droicheat
30] Atha leis an ///n-Giustis núadh.


Mac Donnchada Tíre
31] h-Oilella, .i. Ruaidhri mac Conchubhuir mheic Donnchadha,
32] mortuus est in hoc anno.


Mag Ranuill, .i. Cathul Og


1] mac Cathuil Ruaid, mortuus est in hoc anno.


O Cathain
2] .i. Maghnus ar an m-bliaghuin chédna.


O Ruairc .i.
3] Tighernan, cinnlitir ocus coimhedaigh ///t-Slechta Aodha
4] Finn, mortuus est in hoc anno.


An Gilla Dubh mac
5] Cormuic Bhallaigh do mharbadh le Máoil Seachluinn mac
6] Taidhg mheic Briain mheic Donnchada.


Mac Con Mara,
7] tigerna Chloinne Cuilen, .i. Seadhun mac Meiccon mheic
8] Síoda, mortuus est.


Cathul mac Cathail Ruaid Meggranuill
9] mortuus est in hoc anno.


10] O Mórrdha, righ Láoidhisi, mortuus est.


O Cinneidigh
11] Donn, .i. Seadhun mac Tomais, leith ri Urmhumhun,
12] mortuus est.


O Máille, .i. Tadhg mac Diarmada,
13] mortuus est in hoc anno.


O Máol Chonuire, .i. Torna
14] mac Maoilín, mortuus est.


Ri Oirghíall d'ég, .i.
15] Eoghun mac Rúghruidhe.


Maidhm Croisi mhuighe Croinn
16] la mac Uilliam Chloinne Riocuird, .i. Uilliog Ruadh mac
17] Uilliog an Fhíona, air O Cheallaigh ocus ar Riocurd a
18] Burc, dú ar thoitedur iomarcadh daoinedh.


O Ceallaigh
19] Maine d'ég, .i. Aodh mac Briain.


O Raigilligh d'ég, .i.
20] Cathul mac Eoghuin, caidhcís ria nodluig.

Annal LC1468.


21] Kl. Ienair.; ocht m-bliaghna ar thri .xx., ar .cccc. ar
22] mhile, aois an Tigherna.


Mag Carrtuith Mór, .i.
23] Domhnull mac Taidhg mheic Domhnuill Óig, mortuus
24] est
in hoc anno.


Bean an fhir chédna, .i. Sadhbh ingen
25] Uillic mheic Riocuird Óig, d'fhaghuil bhais.


O Ceallaigh
26] tigherna O Maine, .i. Aodh mac Uillíaim meic Mhaoil
27] Seachluinn, do éc.


Iarla Deasmhumhun, .i. Tomas mac
28] Sémuis mheic Geróid, do ///dhí-cheannud a n-Droicheat Átha.


29] Mac Donnchada Thíre h-Oilella d'ég, .i. Rúaidhri mac
30] Conchubhuir.


Magranuill .i. Cathul d'ég.


Baile I Raighilligh
31] ocus mainistir an Chabháin do losgudh le Galloibh.



1] Torna O Mháol Chonuire d'ég.


O Cathan d'ég, .i.
2] Maghnus.

Annal LC1469.


3] Kalluinn Ienair; naoi m-bliaghna ar thrí .xx., ar .cccc.
4] ar mhile, aois an Tigherna.


O Cerbuill .i. Donncudh
5] mac Taidhg mheic Taidhg mheic Ruaidhri mortuus est.


6] Brian Maineach mac Donnchuidh mheic Aodha Mheg
7] Uidhir do mharbhudh la Emunn Mag Uidhir agus le cloinn
8] Filib Mheg Uidhir. Eogun mac Aodha Mheg Uidhir do
9] mharbhudh la cloinn Filib chédna.


Sluaigheadh lá O
10] n-Domhnuill, .i. Aodh Ruadh, a n-Iochtar Chonnacht, ocus
11] a m-bráighde do ghabhail dó; ocus sluaigh Iochtuir
12] Chonnacht do bhreith lais a g-cenn mic Uilliam Burc,
13] ocus a n-dul assin a g-Cloinn Riocuird, ocus an
14] Machuire Riabhach, ocus Baile an Chláir, .i. Baile Mheic
15] Uilliam, do losgudh léo.


Mac Uilliam ocus O Briain
16] do bhreith orrthu, ocus mac I Chonchubhuir Chorcumrúadh
17] do mharbudh leo; ocus O Domhnuill do theacht da thigh
18] fa bhuaidh.


O Gadhra d'ég .i. Eoghun mhac Tomultaigh,
19] ocus Eogan Óg a mac d'ég.

Annal LC1470.


20] Kl. Ianair; deic m-bliadna ar tri .xx., ar .cccc. ar
21] mile, aeis in Tigerna.


Mac I Conchobair Fhailge, .i.
22] Tadhg mac in Chalbaigh mic Murchada, do dhul dh'ec
23] obann.


O Conchobair Corcumruad, .i. Conchobar mac
24] Briain Oig, do marbad isin Leth Indse co droch comairlech
25] le clainn a derbrathar fein, .i. le clainn Donnchada
26] I Conchobair.


Pilip mac Tomais mic Filip Meg
27] Uidir dh'eg.


Ruadhri Bacach O Neill do marbad a
28] Tobran le cloinn Airt agus le cloinn Bhriain Óig.


29] Maidhm do thabhuirt do chloinn I Neill, .i. clann Einri,
30] ar chloinn Airt agus ar chloinn Bhriain Óig, ionar
31] marbhudh Einri mac Airt; ocus bí Airt I Neill ocus


1] Toirrdhealbach Ruad mac Briain Óig.


Mac Donnchaidh
2] an Choruinn do marbudh, .i. Brían mac Taidhg, la mac
3] Donnchuidh Thíre h-Oilella, .i. Tadhg mac Briain.

Annal LC1471.


4] Kl. Ianair; aen bliadain deg ar tri .xx. ar .cccc.
5] ar mile ais an Tigerna.


Tadhg mac Toirdhealbaigh
6] mic Murchada na Raithnighe, tigerna Aradh, d'eg.


7] Caislen na h-Oghmaidhi do gabhail leis O Neill, .i. Enri
8] mac Eogain, ocus slicht Airt do chur a Tir Conaill.


9] Ruadhri mac Donnchaidh mic Aedha Meg Uidhir do
10] mharbad le Colla mac Aodha Meg Uidir. Donnchad
11] Óg mac Donnchaid mic Aodha do lenmuin Colla, ocus
12] Colla ocus a mac do marbad.


Aodh, mac Briain mic
13] Pilip na Tuaighe Meg Uidhir, dh'ec.

Annal LC1472.


14] Kl. Ianair; da bliadain deg ar tri .xx. ar. cccc. ar
15] mile aeis an Tigerna.


O Cathan, .i. Ruadhri mac
16] Maghnais I Cathain, dh'ec.


Mac Suibhne Fanad do
17] marbad a maidm an Tapadhain, .i. Maol Muire.


18] Meg Radhnaill, .i. Concubar ocus Mael Sechlainn ocus
19] Cathal Og, dh'ec.


Gofraidh O Cathan agus Cormac
20] mac Uibhilin, ocus Rugraidhe mac Uibhilin, dh'ec.


21] O h-Eidirsgeoil Mor, .i. Fingean, do dul deg 'na tigh fein
22] iar n-denamh oilethri san Seam, ocus a mac .i. Tadg
23] mac Fingein dh'ec co h-aitirech ria cind mis iar m-bas
24] a athar, iar teacht on oiletri cedna.


Baile na
25] Gaillmi do losgudh.


Mac Feorais dh'ec, .i. Tomas.
26] Mainistir na m-Brathar Minur do tinndscnam a Dun
27] na n-Gall in bliadain cedna.

Annal LC1473.


28] Kl.Ienair; tri bliaghna déug ar tri .xx. ar .cccc. ar
29] mhile áois in Tigerna.


Donnchadh mac Aodha Mag
30] Uidhir do dhol d'ég.


Ruaidhri mac Airt I Neill d'ég


1] an bhliaghuin si, ocus foghmar an laoi dhuibh.


O Cinneidigh
2] .i. Diarmait mac mheic Taidhg, tigerna Urmhumhan
3] Uachtaraighe, d'faghuil bhais.


Mag Eochagan, .i. Cúchoigriche,
4] tighearna Cheinil Fiachaidh, do marbhudh le
5] ///cloinn Fherguil.


Mathghamhain, mac Toirrdhealbhaigh
6] meic Briain I Bhriain, d'fhaghuil bais an bliaghuin si;
7] riodhamhna Tuaghmhumhan.


O Conchubhuir Fhailge .i. Conn
8] mac an Chalbaigh meic Murchaidh, uachtaran einich
9] ocus engnamha ///ghaoidheal Laighean, d'faghail bháis iona
10] longfport féin.


O Mathghamhna an Fhuinn Iartharuigh, .i.
11] Conchubhar, mac Diarmada, meic Domhnaill, meic Fínghin
12] meic Diarmada Móir, do dhul d'ég gu h-aithrigheach iona
13] longfport fein an Ard an Tennail.


Mac I Eidirsgeoil
14] Mhoir, .i. Diarmait, d'fhaghail bháis.


Mac Meg Carrthuigh
15] Móir, .i. Cormac mac Taidhg mheic Domhnaill Óig,
16] tanuiste Desmhumhan, d'fhaghuil bháis an bhliaghuin si.


17] Mac mheic Domhnuill na h-Albun .i. Gilla Esbuig mac
18] Alustrainn mheic Domhnuill mheic Eoin na h-Ile, do ec
19] in hoc anno.


O Conchubhair Connacht d'fhaghuil bhais an
20] bhliaghain si, .i. Feilim mac Toirrdhealbaigh Óig,
21] leithri O Muiredhaigh, do thuitim lé Síol g-Ceallaigh Atha
22] Líag.

Annal LC1474.


23] Kalluinn Ienair; ceithre bliaghna dég ar thri fiched
24] ar .ccc. ar mhile áois an Tigherna.


O Madagan .i.
25] Murchad mac Eoghuin, tigherna Shil n-Anmchada,
26] d'faghuil bhais an bhliaghuin si.


Mac I Bhriain .i. Tadhg
27] mac Conchubhuir, agus Diarmuid mhac an Easbuig
28] I Bhriain, do thegmhail a g-coimeasgur re cheile, agus
29] Tadhg do chur laimhe a n-Diarmuid da ghabhail, ocus
30] tug Diarmaid builledh do chloidheamh do Thadhg gur
31] lic a inchinn amach an ait an bhuillidh. Gabhuis Tadhg
32] eisein agus aincios 'na dhiaigh sin é, ocus beiris leis a


1] laimh é, ocus teasda Tadhg iarum, ocus crochuis O Briain
2] Diarmaid a g-cionaidh marbtha a meic; ocus do ba do
3] mhóirscéluibh Dal g-Cais an dis sin torchair.


4] Daire d'ég, .i. sair Niocol.

Annal LC1475.


5] Kl. Ienair; cuig bliaghna dég ar thrí .xx. ar .cccc. ar
6] mile áois an Tigherna.


Aaodh mac Neachtain I
7] Dhomhnuill, riodhamhna Chineoil g-Conaill, do bhathut
8] a g-coite ar bhun Bhanna.


Aodh mac Eoghuin I Neill do
9] dhul d'ég an bhliaghuin si.


Mac Murchada, rí Laighean,
10] .i. Domhnall Riabhach mhac Geruilt, d'fhaghuil easgair dar
11] brisiudh a chos, agus a bhás do theacht de sin.


O Ferghuil
12] d'eug, .i. Seadhun mac Domhnuill.

Annal LC1476.


13] Kl. Enair; sé bliadnae .x. ar tri ar cethri ced
14] ar mile áiss an Tigernai.


O h-Uiccinn, .i. Brían mac
15] Ferghail Ruaid, cend scoile Erenn ocus Alban, do dol
16] dh'ec an bliadain si.


O h-Eghra Riabhach, .i. Uilliam
17] mac an Esbuicc, dh'éc in bliadain si.

Annal LC1477.


18] Kl. Enair. Seacht m-bliadnai .x. ar tri ar .cccc.
19] ar mile oeiss in Tigernai.


Sluaiged la h-Ua Neill
20] a Tir n-Oedhai, ocus an tír do milled ocus do loscadh
21] lais.


Oedh mac Donnchada mic Tomaiss Még Uidhir
22] dh'ec.


Brien mac Concopair Óic mic Concopair Ruaid
23] Mecc Uidhir dh'ec aighthe nodlacc.


Plágh mor do teacht
24] a cuan Essai Rúaid, da n-dechaid moran doene a Tir
25] Conaill, ocus co h-airighi Mac an Bhaird.

Annal LC1478.


26] Kl. Enair; ocht m-bliednai .x. ar tri ar .cccc.
27] ar mile oeiss in Tigernai.


Corbmac Mag Carthaigh do
28] spochad re cloinn ///Diermadai an Dúnaidh.


Mac an
29] Baird Tiri Conuill, .i. Gofraid, do dol d'écc an bliadain


1] sin don phláidh.


An barún Delbhnai d'éc don plaidh.


2] Goeth mor isin bliadain si co gar don nodluicc na
3] díeigh.


Mac Rithbhertaigh, .i. Cithruad, d'ég.


O Cobthaig
4] dh'ec, .i. Muircertach Bacach.


Eassaonta mhór do fháss
5] etir Chloinn Maol Ruanaidh ocus Magh Luirc co h-uilidhe.
6] Mac Diarmada, .i. Conchobar mac Conchobair mic
7] Dhiarmada, ocus a braitri feissin, .i. slicht Conchobair
8] mic Dhiarmada, ocus Ruaidri Óg mac Ruaidri
9] Chaoich mic Dhiarmada .i. tanaisde Mhoighe Luirg an
10] tan sin, do éirghe a n-aghaid a chéli, ocus an tír dob
11] ferr do bhí an Erinn ar a méid féin do mhilled dhóibh
12] dibhlínaibh. Mac Diarmada cona braitribh do tharruing
13] mic Uillíam Búrc .i. Ricard O Cuairscidh ar chuid
14] Ruaidri mic Diarmada don tír, ocus gan anmhuin a
15] córaidh na a comtrom ris. An tir do mhilledh do Mac
16] Uilliam etir chill ocus tuaith, ocus gan do mhaith do
17] dhénum dhó isin tír acht a milledh, ocus a b-fhágbáil
18] aimhréidh ag imtheacht dhó. Sligech do gabháil do Mac
19] Uillíam don chur sin, ocus a mac d'fhágbáil na
20] bardacht dó. Iar n-imthecht mic Uillíam, imorro, as
21] Magh Luirg, ocus íar m-beth tri hoidhche an Ard Laodhach
22] ag cnám ocus ag coimmilled egluse ocus aois ealadan
23] mic Dhiarmada, tanic Ruaidri mac Diarmada don
24] tír, ocus ro shuidhidh a caoraighecht im Ard Charna, ocus
25] assin co Búill ar gach taoibh, ocus téid fein ar
26] Cruachán ocus ro goired tigerna dhe ar beolaibh
27] Conchobair mic Conchobair mic Diarmada. Ocus ro
28] gabadh an charruic leis iarsin; ocus ro bhói a trén na
29] tíre osin amach. Ocus ro marbadh, imorro, aon mac
30] mhic Diarmada ar an carruic don chur sin, .i. Tadhc
31] mac Conchobair mic Diarmada, d'urchor do shoighid.


32] Kl. Enair; noi m-bliedhnai .x. ar tri fichit ar .cccc.
33] ar mile óiss in Tigernai.


Annal LC1480.


1] Kl. Enair; cetri fichit bliadan ar .cccc. ar mile
2] oeiss in Tigernai.


Eoghan mac Nell I Domhnuill,
3] damhnai righ Tíri Conaill, do marbad re h-Eccnechán
4] mac Neachtain Ui Domnaill, a c-Cluain Loegh an
5] bliadain sin, i f-fell.


Mac Maghnussai in t-Senaidh
6] dh'ec, .i. Cathal Og.


Rudhraidhe, mac Rudhraidhe mic
7] Neachtuin Ui Domnaill, do marbad la clainn Nell
8] Uí Domnaill.


Ferghal mac Eochada dh'ec.


9] mac mic Airt dh'ec.

Annal LC1481.


10] Kl. Enair; bliadain ar cetrae .xxit, ar .cccc. ar
11] mile, oeiss an Tigernai.


Toirrdhelbach Mag Uidhir
12] do marbad a f-fell re cloinn Donnchaid Óicc mic
13] Donnchaid Meg Uidhir.


Ua Neill .i. Conn do gabhail
14] an bliadain so.


Mac Conmidhe, .i. Concobar Ruadh, sái
15] re dán, do dol dh'ec an bliadain soin.


Brien mac Felim
16] Uí Raighilligh dh'ec.


Slaine ingen Uí Briain, ben mic
17] Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilleg Ruad mic Uillec in
18] Finae, .i. feithem coitcend do dámhaib ocus do
19] deoradhaib Erenn, dh'ec.

Annal LC1482.


20] Kl. Ienair; da bliadain ar ceitri fichit, ar .cccc.
21] ar mile, ais an Tigerna.


Conn mac Aodha Buidhe
22] mic Bríain Ballaigh I Neill, richoinneall oinigh ocus
23] daennachta, tinnlaicthe ocus tabartais an tuaiscert
24] uile, d'faghail bais an bliadain se.


Diarmaid mac
25] Uilliam mic an Easpuig I Eadhra do marbad le ///clainn
26] I Eaghra Buidhe.


Donnchadh Óg Mag Uidhir do marbad
27] d'urcor soighdi.

Annal LC1483.


28] Kl. Ienair; tri bliadna ocus ceitri fichit, ocus
29] .cccc. ocus mile, aois in Tigerna.


Easpog Clochair
30] dh'ec, .i. Rossa mac Tomais Óig Meg Uidhir.


O Fialan
31] dh'ec, .i. Seaan mac Eogain.


O Cianan d'hec, .i. Ruaidhri
32] mac Taidhg.


O Domnaill, .i. Aodh Ruadh, do dhul
33] sluagh a machaire Oirgiall, ocus Aodh Óg mac Aodha


1] Buidhe do dul sluag ele ann; ocus an Sradhbaile do
2] losgadh leo, ocus O Domnaill do teacht slan da tigh.

Annal LC1484.


3] Kl. Ienair; ceitri bliadna ocus ceithri fiched, ocus
4] .cccc. ocus mile, ais in Tigerna.


Maidhm Mona
5] Lagradhi isin m-bliadain so.


Mag Mathgamhna, .i.
6] Remann mac Rughraidhe meic Ardgail Moir, dh'ec a
7] n-Droichet Atha a m-brathidenus fhada.


Murchad mac I
8] Conchobair Fhailge, .i. mac Cathair, do marbad d'urchar
9] do th-shuighid.


Easpag Daire dh'eg, .i. sar Nicol. mallacht ort a Nicolais I Siridain, tug oram mo leabhar do milliud re droch litir. Mesi Brian mac Diarmada, ocus tabhradh gach aon lefes bendacht ar m-anaim.

Annal LC1485.


10] Kl. Enair; cúicc bliadnae agus cethri fichid, agus
11] .cccc. ocus mile, óeiss an Tigerna.


Aedh Ócc mac
12] Oedha Buidi Uí Neill, ridamnae slechtae Briain
13] Ballaigh, dh'ec.


Ri Saxan, .i. Cing Risderd, do marbad
14] a cath, ocus cúicc ced .x. do marbad h-imaille fris.


15] Maidhm na Muaidhe do tapairt d'Ua Domnaill, .i.
16] Oedh Ruadh, for Galloib ocus Goedhelaibh cuiced
17] Connacht.


Gilla Patraic Ua h-Uiccind mortuus est.


18] Mac Uilliam Burc, no Clainni Ricaird, dh'ec isin
19] bliadain so, .i. Uillec.


An Barrach dh'ec.


O Suilleabain
20] Berre dh'ec.


O Baighill do chur a tigernas de, ocus
21] a mac do chur ina inadh, .i. Niall mac Toirrdhelbaigh.


22] Art an Bogain O Conchobair do marbad da
23] derbhrathair fesin, .i. do Chathair.

Annal LC1486.


24] Kl. Enair; se bliadnae agus cetri fiched agus
25] .cccc. agus mile.


Mac Diarmada Muigi Luirg, .i.
26] Ruaidri Óg mac Ruaidri Caich mic Oedhai, dh'ec .i. fer
27] mor doeinech mor caithmech mor conaigh, dh'ec ar an


1] c-carraicc; agus Concobar mac Corbmaic mic Tomaltaigh
2] an Oinigh do righad na inadh.


Mag Radhnuill, .i.
3] Tadg mac Cathail, dh'ec.


Moeileachlainn ocus Ruaidri,
4] da mac Mic Donnchada Tire h-Oilellae, do marbad la
5] clainn Domnuill Chaim mic Mic Donnchada.


6] Buidhi mac Eoghain mic Nell Óig Uí Nell dh'ec.


7] Domnall Óg mac Cartain, sái n-oinigh, mortuus est.


8] An Barrach Mor do marbhadh.

Annal LC1487.


9] Kl. Ienair; seacht m-bliadnae agus cetri fiched,
10] agus .cccc. agus mile, oeis an Tigernai.


Ua Raighilligh,
11] .i. Toirdealbach mac Seain mic Eoghain Ui Raigilligh,
12] dh'ec.


Brien mac Briain Ballaich, mic Oedhae mic
13] Felim Ui Concobair, dh'ec.


Ua Moel Conuiri, .i. Sigrad
14] mac Seain Rúaid, dh'ec.


O Moel Sechluinn, .i. Laighnech
15] mac Cuirc mic Corbmaic Ballaigh, do marbad la Conn
16] mac Airt mic Cuinn mic Corbmaic Baillaigh Uí
17] Moeilechluinn.


Brien mac Eogain mic Nell Oicc Uí
18] Nell dh'ec.


Sean mac Conchobair mic Oedhugain dh'ec.


19] Aod mac Briain mic Ferghail Ruaid Uí Uiginn dh'ec.


20] Mac Goisdelbh, .i. Sean, dh'ec.


An Dalatúnach, .i.
21] Emunn mac Pieruiss, dh'ec.

Annal LC1488.


22] Kl. Ienair; ocht m-bliaghna agus ceithre fiched, agus
23] .cccc. agus mile, áois an Tigherna.


Domhnall mac
24] Domhnuill meic Neill I Dhomhnaill do chrocadh le h-Aodh
25] mac Aodha Ruaidh an bhliaghuin-se.


Maol Muire mac
26] Taidhg Óicc I Uiginn, sáoi re dán, d'fhaghuil bháis an
27] bhliagain-se.


Domhnall Gorm, mac Alustruinn mheic
28] mheic Domhnaill, do mharbadh ré cloinn an aba mheic
29] Alustruinn.


O Cealluigh d'ég, .i. Maoil Seachluinn mac
30] Aodha mheic Briain.


O Flannagan Tuatha Ratha, edhon
31] Toirrdhealbhach mac Gilla Iosa, d'ég.


O Túathuil .i.
32] Eumann do marbhudh le cloinn Taidhg I Chearbhuill.


33] Tadhg mac Aodha mheic Toirrdhealbhuigh Chárruigh I
34] Chonchubhuir d'ég.


Mag Uidhir d'ég, .i. Eumann mac


1] Tomáis Óig.


Righ Albun, .i. Sémus Stiobhard, do mharbhudh
2] a g-cath le na mac fein, .i. Sémus Óg.


3] mac Aodha Buide I Neill d'ég don ghalur bhreac.


4] an Bhaird Oirgheall d'ég, .i. Núadha.

Annal LC1489.


5] Kl. Ienair; nai m-bliadnae ocus cetri fiched, ocus
6] .cccc. ocus mili, oeiss in Tigernai.


O Nell, .i. Enri
7] mac Eogain, di dol dh'éc.


O Baighill, .i. Toirrdhealbach
8] mac Nell Ruaidh, mortuus est.


Ua Fialáin, .i. Eogan
9] Ócc, ocus Aithirne O h-Eoghusa, dh'éc.


Mac Uibhilín, .i.
10] Sinicín Rúadh, do marbad la Ualtair mac Uibhilin.


11] Sethraigh mac Gilla Patraic, rí Osraidhe, d'écc.


12] Cerbaill, .i. Sean mac Moel Roanaidh, dh'ec.


Mac Ui
13] Conchobair Ruaidh, .i. Toirrdhealbach mac Felim Find,
14] .i. fer a oessai as ferr do bui da chinet, do marbad le
15] clainn Ruaidri Oig mic Ruaidri Caoich, .i. re Tadg
16] ocus re Corbmac, a ///c-cairgín riebhuch ///clainni Faghartaig.


17] An Calbhach mac Ui Domnuill dh'ec.


18] mac Taidg mic Domnuill Oic Meig Carthaigh, do
19] marbad le h-Ierlai n-Desmuman, .i. Muiris mac Semuis.


20] Ua Fíaláin, .i. Eogan Óg mac Eogain, dh'ec.

Annal LC1490.


21] Kl. Ienair, ocus deich m-bliadna ocus cetri .xxit
22] ocus .cccc. ocus mile aoiss in Tigernai.


23] mac Toirrdealbuigh Ui Baighill d'faghail baiss
24] ier na esccor in bliadain sin.


Mac Domnuill na
25] h-Alban, .i. in tigerna ócc, an t-oen duiniu dob ferr ind
26] Erinn na ind Albain a comaimsir friss, do marbad co
27] mí-rathmar le fer tétt Erennach inda seomrai fein, .i.
28] Diermaid Cairbrech.


In Dilmuinioch, .i. Emand mac
29] Tommaiss mic Geroit, dh'ec.


Ua Concubair Ruad, .i.


1] Fedlim Finn mac Taidg Uí Conchubair, fer cogtach
2] cathardhai comtimarcctech crechlinmar, dh'ec in
3] bliadain cednai.


O Catháin, .i. Sean mac Diarmadai
4] mic Aibne, do gabail le luing tanic a h-Albain.

Annal LC1491.


5] Kl. Ienair, ocus aon bliadain dhec ocus cetri fiched,
6] ocus .cccc. ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


Feidhlim mac
7] Aodha mic Eogain I Néill do mharbad le Brian mac
8] Remaind mic Rughraidhe Meg Mathghamna.


O Raighilligh
9] dh'ec in sa m-bliadain si, .i. Sean mac Toirdhealbaigh,
10] ocus O Raighilligh do gairm do Sheathan mac Cathail.

Annal LC1492.


11] Kl. Ienair; agus da bliaghuin dég agus ceitre
12] fiched .cccc. agus mile áois an Tighearna.


13] Sláine d'ég do f-plaidh alluis, .i. Sémus Plemeann.


14] Cuid do chrann na croiche naomhtha d'fhaghuil isin
15] Roimh adhlaicthe a d-talamh, .i. an chlár báoi os ceann
16] na croiche iona raibhe sgriobhtha Iesus Nazarenus Rex
17] Iudeorum; ocus do frith sgriobhtha san ionadh chedna
18] gurub í Elena ro fholaigh é.


Ceann na sleighe lér loit
19] Longinus corp Crist do chur chum na Romha isin
20] m-bliaghain-se do thighearna na d-Turcach.


Finghin O
21] Mathúna d'ég.


Mac Gilla Fhinnen dh'ec, .i. Toirdhealbach
22] mac Bríain.


Magraith, comharba termaind Dabeog,
23] .i. Diarmaid mac Marcais mic Muiris Meic Nicoil
24] mic Andrias, dh'ec.


Tadhg Cam O Cleirigh, sencuidh
25] cineil Conall, dh'ec.


Aongus mac an Ulltaigh, brathair
26] minur, dh'ec.


Mac Con Mara, .i. Cu Mhedha mac Seaain,
27] dh'ec.


An Calbach mac I Conchobair Fhailge, .i. mac
28] Cathair, do mharbad le maistir Gart.


Seaan Buidhe
29] mac Eogain Meg Mathgamna dh'ec.


Gofraigh O Cathain
30] do marbad le Baltar mac Uibelin.


Cormac mac


1] Diarmada meic Ruaidri Caoich, ocus Diarmaid Riabach
2] a mac, do marbad le clainn Ruaidhri Oig mic Ruaidhri
3] Caoich mic Aodha, a n-Garga na Coilleadh Amhreidhe.

Annal LC1493.


4] Kl. Ienair, ocus trí bliadna dég agus ceitre fiched,
5] agus .cccc. agus mile, áois an Tigerna.


O Néill, .i.
6] Conn mac Einrí, do mharbhudh le na dhearbhráthuir féin, .i.
7] Eunrí Ócc, agus Einrí Óg do ghabhail tigerntuis Thíre
8] h-Eoghuin.


Finnguala ingen an Chalbhuigh I Chonchubhuir,
9] bean dércach daonnachtach fa mó clú na h-aimsir, do
10] dhol d'ég an bhliaghuin sin.


Mac Conmidhe, .i. Tadhg,
11] mortuus est.


Brian, mac Neill ghalta mheic Briain
12] Bhallaigh I Neill, do mharbhudh lé Brian mhac Muirceartaig
13] Mheug Aonghusa, a n-dioghuil a athar.

Annal LC1494.


14] Kl. Ienair; ceithre bliaghna dég agus ceithre fiched,
15] agus .cccc. agus mile, áois an Tigerna.


Inghen I
16] Dhomhnuill, .i. an inghen dubh, bean Néill mheic Cuinn,
17] d'fhaghail bhais an bhliaghain se.


Sean mac Eogain mic
18] Neill Ghairbh h-Í Domnaill
, sáoi dhuine uasuil ar a
19] chuladh féin, do ghabhail le sliocht Donnchadha I Ghallcubhuir,
20] agus a thairbheart do Chonn mhac Aodha Ruaidh,
21] agus a chrochad gan chairde le Conn.


Domhnall mac
22] Eoghain I Chonchubuir, tighearna Sligigh agus ó shliabh
23] anúas, do marbadh la cloinn Ruaidhri mheic Toirrdhealbuigh
24] I Chonchubhuir a m-badhun chaislein Bhuana Finne.


25] O Ferguil d'ég, .i. Conmhac mac Seadhuin.


Eoin Bearnach
26] mac Maol Mhuire meic Suibhne do marbhudh la Tadhg mac
27] Cuinn meic Domhnuill I Néill.


Mac mheic Uilliam
28] Burc do mharbhudh fa chaislén Sligigh an bliaghuin-se, .i.
29] Uilliam mhac Riocuird mheic Eumuinn mheic Tomais a
30] Burc.


Annal LC1495.


1] Kl. Enair; .u. bhliaghna déug agus ceitri fiched,
2] agus .cccc. ocus Mile, aois an Tigherna.


Maidhm an
3] Cheidigh Dhraoinigh do thabhuirt ar thighearna Sligigh, .i. ar
4] Fheilim mac Maghnuis I Choncubhuir, ris O n-Domhnuill,
5] .i. ré h-Aodh Ruadh.


Mac Donchadha Thiri h-Oilealla, .i.
6] Tadhg mac Briain meic Conchubhuir, do mharbadh leis
7] O n-Domhnuill, .i. Aodh Ruadh mhac Neill Ghairbh, a m-Bel an Droichit.
8] O Dubhda, .i. Eogun Caoch mhac Ruaidhri, do
9] marbhudh ann fós; agus Brian Caoch mhac Taidhg mheic
10] Eoguin I Choncubhuir, agus Tadhg mhac Domhnuill mheic
11] Eoghain do marbadh ann fós. O Gadhra do ghabhail ann,
12] .i. Diarmuid mhac Eoghain. Morán do mharbudh agus do
13] bathadh ann do dheagh dháoinibh Iochtuir Chonnacht o sin
14] amach.


Mac Uilliam Chloinne Riocuird do theacht a
15] n-Iochtur Chonnacht, agus an mhéid nár mhill O
16] Domhnuill roimhe sin do mhilledh do uile.


17] mhac Cormuic Bhallaigh d'ég.


Ua Duibhgiodhnán Chilli
18] Rónan, .i. Dubhtach mac Mhaoileachluinn mheic Mhatha
19] Ghlais, sáoi re seanchus agus re filighecht, d'ég.


20] Domhnuill do dhul gu teach righ Albun an bliadain sin.


21] Mac Samhraghain, .i. Feidhlim, do bhathadh, agus Mac
22] Samhraghain do ghairm iona ionadh do Dhomhnall Bhernach.


23] Mac an Baird .i. Aodh dh'ec.

Annal LC1496.


24] Kl. Ienair; se bliagna dég agus ceithri fichit, agus
25] .cccc. agus Míle, áois an Tigherna.


Mág Uidhir, .i.
26] Seadhan, do ghabhail a d-Tearmonn Mheugrath le Conn
27] mhac Aodha Ruaidh I Dhómhnuill, agus a lán d'eachaib
28] ocus d'édáil do bhúain d'Aodh .H. Dhomhnuill agus do
29] Mag Uidhir don bhreisim sin.


O Mathghamna an Fuinn


1] Iartharuigh, .i. Fingin, feicheamh coitcheann daonnachta
2] agus oinigh iarthuir Mhumhun, ogus an fear fa treidhighe
3] a laidin agus a m-béurla a g-comhaimsir fris, do dhul
4] dég an bhliaghuinsi.


Glaisne, mac Remainn mheic
5] Rughruidhe Mheg Mathghamhna, do mharbhudh lá Gillapadruic
6] mhac Aodha Óig mheic Aodha Ruaidh, ag caislén
7] Muineacháin.


O Dubhda Dubh, .i. Uilliam mac Domhnuill
8] Bhallaigh, do ecc.


O Flannagán Tuaithe Ratha d'éug, .i.
9] Gillibert mac Cormuic mheic Gilla Iosa.


Mac Samhradháin,
10] .i. Domhnull Bernach mac Tomáis mheic Ferguil,
11] do mharbadh a b-fheall.


Mac Suibhne Thire Boghaine, .i.
12] Maol Muiri, d'ég.


Mac Saor Edbhaird Iustas d'ég, .i.
13] Rolan.


O Ferghuil d'ég, .i. Rughruidhe mhac Cathuil.


14] Ferghuil do ghairm do Chédach.

Annal LC1497.


15] Kll. Enair for dhomhnach. Seacht m-bliadna dhec
16] ocus ceitri fichit, .cccc. ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


17] Eignechán mac Nechtain h-I Dhomnaill, ridhamhna
18] Cineoil Conaill, ocus an fer is mó fuair do dhochur a
19] dhúthaide leth re cendus fedhna, ocus is mó lér tuit dá
20] naimdib, do marbadh le Conn mac Aodha Rúaidh h-I
21] Dhomnaill a b-fhoslongport h-I Dhomnaill fein.


22] Aodh Ruadh .H. Domhnaill do chur a thigernuis de tré
23] bhuaidhriud a chloinne féin.


Conn mac Aodha Ruaidh do
24] ghabháil tigernuis Tire Conaill a n-ionadh a athar.


25] Sloiged lánmor la .H. n-Domnaill, .i. Conn, a g-Connachtaib,
26] go maithibh Conaldach maille fris; acht
27] chena ro eirighset slicht Briain Laighnigh go h-uilidhe leó
28] tar Corrsliabh na Seghsa, ocus a Magh Luirg in Dághdha.
29] Is annsin ro thinóil Mac Diarmada, .i. Tadhg mac
30] Ruaidri mic Diarmada, a chinedh ocus a ///clann maicne
31] fein as gach aird dá innsoiged, ocus an mheid fuair do
32] Shíl Muireghaigh, ocus do thoeissechaibh thuath Connacht,
33] ionnus go m-bói ocht g-cóirighthi dhéc do dh'egh


1] slúaguibh do aon chomhairle; ocus tiaghuid ar cinn h-I Dhomhnaill
2] a g-Coirr Shleibh. Acht chena nír chonguibh an
3] coimthinól calma cath slúagach sin O Domnaill. Is
4] annsin ro innsaighset in dá ard shocraide sin a cheli im
5] Choirr Sléibh, ocus ní sguchad ó cheli do fhóbairset no
6] go n-dorchair il-iomad da n-ánradaibh ocus dá n-aos
7] gaiscid isin n-gleó sin. Acht chena ro brissedh ar
8] .H. n-Domnaill don dul sin, gur ro marbadh ocht ced no
9] ni budh mó dia mhuinter, ocus gur ro gabadh ann Féidhlim
10] mac Maghnusa h-I Chonchobair, .i. leith rí Connacht ó
11] Choirr Sliabh go Drobhaois; ocus ro gabad ann an dá
12] Mac Shuibhne, ocus ni h-eitir a riomh iná ///ró airem ar
13] benadh d'édáluibh airm ocus ech ocus éidigh, ocus dá gach
14] cinél airm ocus erraidh o sin amach don dul sin; ocus
15] ro imthigh .H. Domnaill fein ar toradh a eisiomuil ocus
16] do nert a laime ass an maidhm sin. Ocus rug Mac
17] Diarmada a bráighde ocus a bhuan édail lais iar
18] m-buaidh g-cosgair; ocus isse fuaslucad ro bhen Mac
19] Diarmada as Feilim mac Maghnusa h-I Chonchobair,
20] .i. cuid Chlainni Mhaol Ruanaidh do chóiced Chuain Sligigh,
21] ocus clann Taidhg mic Briain mic Dhonnchadha ina
22] n-urraighibh aige frissin do comall dó a péin sé fichit
23] ///loilgech.


Ocus fá chend aithghirre ina dhiaidh sin .H.
24] Néill, .i. Enrí Óg .H. Neill, do thoighecht a Tir Chonaill
25] sluaig dí-áirimh, ocus an tir do mhilledh go h-uilidhe lais;
26] ocus O Domnaill do breith orra, ocus maidm Bhél Átha
27] Doire do thabairt ar .H. n-Domnaill, ocus é féin .i.
28] Conn do thuitim ann, ocus morán eli maille fris, ocus
29] clann h-I Domnaill do ghabáil, .i. Domnall ocus Niall
30] Garbh, ocus Niall d'fhagail bháis annsan glas; ocus


1] Aodh Ruadh .H. Domnaill do ghabáil a thigernius fein
2] in darna feacht do toil Dé ocus daoinibh.


Aodh mac
3] Aodha Ruaidh do leigion ass a braighdenus an bhlíadain
4] sin.


Mac Diarmada Mhoighe Luirg, .i. Conchobar mac
5] Cormaic mic Tomaltaigh an Einigh, do marbadh la clainn
6] Ruaidhri mic Diarmada ag Cuirrech O n-Guanradh.


7] Mac Donnchada an Choruinn, .i. Brian mac Mhaol
8] Ruanaidh mic Tomaltaig, dh'éc.


Gorta mhór ar fedh
9] Erenn in hoc anno.


Ailionora ingen Iarla Cille
10] Dara, .i. ben h-I Neill .i. Chuinn mic Enrí mic Eogain,
11] dh'éc.


Domnall mac Aodha Óig mic Aodha Buidhe do
12] mharbadh lá Sean n-Dubh mac n-Domnaill.

Annal LC1498.


13] Kll. Enáir; ocht m-bliadna dhéc ocus ceithre xxit,
14] ocus .cccc. ocus mile, ais in Tigerna.


H. Neill, .i.
15] Enrí Óg mac Enri mic Eogain, tigerna Chéneil Eogain,
16] ocus fer lán do uaisle ocus d'ard rath, do marbad a
17] n-Doirín in Fhiadha le clainn Chuinn h-I Neill, a n-digail
18] i n-athar.


H. Cathain, .i. Sean mac Aibhne, fer einigh
19] coitchinn d'eigsibh ocus d'aois ealadhna Erenn, dh'éc in
20] hoc anno.


Domnall mhac Nechtain h-I Domnaill dh'ec
21] don ghalar bhrec.


H. Briain, .i. an Gilla Dubh O Briain,
22] dh'éc.


Maidhm na Croissi Caibhénaighe ar .H. Neill .i.
23] Domnall mac Enrí mic Eogain, ocus Feidhlim mac Enri
24] Óig do thuitim a b-frithghuin an madhma sin.


O Cúirnín,
25] .i. ollam fer m-Breiffne dh'éc, Conchobar Carrach, .i.
26] ard ollam .H. Ruairc ocus na Raghallach


27] Kll. Enair; noi m-bliadna dhéc ocus ceithri fichit
28] ocus ceitri ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


Gnim mor
29] do ghenum lé righ Alban dár bhó comainm Sémus
30] Sdíbhard, .i. Eoin Mór mac Domnaill, ri Indsi Gall,


1] ocus Eoin Cathánach, ocus Alusdar Ballach do riaghad
2] inn aon croich.


Mac Diarmada Mhoighe Luirg, .i.
3] Tadhg mac Ruaidri Óig mic Ruaidri Chaoich, .i. fer
4] cossanta clú a ardaicme fein d'uaisle ocus d'oinech
5] ocus d'oirrdercus, ocus imdhídnightheoir Shiol Muireghaigh
6] ocus fer g-Connacht, dh'éc iar m-breith bhuadha ó
7] dhomun ocus o dhemun.


Cormac mac Domnaill mic
8] Briain I Uiginn do marbadh go timpeisdech den
9] urchur do shoighid lá Clainn Fheoruis in bliadain sin.


10] Ricard Óg mac Ricaird h-I Chuairsceith do mharbadh
11] isin ló cedna, .i. an cedaoin iar g-cincis.

Annal LC1500.


12] Kll. Enáir; cuig ced ocus mile bliadan aois an
13] Tigerna.


O Ruairc, .i. Felim, do dhul dh'éc in hoc
14] anno.


Tomáss mac Briain mic Filip na Tuaidhe
15] Mhég Uidir do marbadh la clainn Tomáis Óig mic
16] Thómáis Óig mic Tomais Mhóir Mhég Uidhir.


O Broin
17] Láighisi do mharbadh .i. Catháir mac Dúnlaing.


18] Barrach Mór do mharbadh le na derbráthair fein, .i.
19] Dáibhith Barra.


Espuc Doire dh'ec, .i. Domnall .H.
20] Fallamain, ocus brathair minúr.

Annal LC1501.


21] Kll. Enair; bliadain ar .u. ced ar mile.


22] Sleibh Betha la h-Aodh mac Rémainn Mhég Mhathghamhna,
23] inar marbadh Tomás Óg mac Tomais Óig Mheg Uidhir
24] co n-ár dí-airmhe uime.


Rugraidhe mac Cathair mic
25] Cuinn mic in Calbaigh, .i. mac h-I Chonchobair Fhailghe,
26] dh'éc.


Niall mac Airt h-I Neill dh'éc.


Caislén Sligigh
27] do ghabáil le dreimire, .i. le clainn Ruaidri mic Toirrdhelbhaigh
28] Charraigh h-I Conchobair; ocus an Calbach
29] Caoch mac Domnaill mic Eogain do marbad ann, ocus
30] Sean mac Ruaidri mic Toirrdhelbaigh do thuitim leis


1] in g-Calbach an oidhche sin.


Aibhne mac h-I Chatháin do
2] marbad la Brian Finn O Catháin.


Toirrdhelbach mac
3] Cuinn mic Enrí mic Eogain h-I Neill do mharbad la
4] Mag Mathghamna, .i. Rossa mac Maghnusa.

Annal LC1502.


5] Kll. Enáir; da bliadain ar .u. ced ar mile.


6] na Tulcha Finne do thabairt la clainn Neill h-I Bhaighill
7] ar .H. m-Báighill. O Báighill féin, .i. Niall, ocus a dhias
8] mac, .i. Rugraidhe ocus Domhnall Ballach, ocus drong
9] mor dia muintir do marbad ann.


Dá ab do bhí
10] a n-imressain fá abdhaine Essa Ruaidh, .i. Art O
11] Gallchubair ocus Eoin O Loisde, d'fhaghail bháis fá aon
12] ló con oidhche an bliadain sin.


Domnall mac Briain
13] h-I Uiginn, .i. oide sgol Erenn re dán, dh'éc in hoc anno.

Annal LC1503.


14] Kll. Enáir; tri bliadna ar .u. ced ar mile.


15] h-I Domnaill, .i. Donnchad mac Aodha Ruaidh, do
16] sgathad le na derbrathair féin .i. Domnall, do ched
17] a athar fein ocus dá comairle.


Mac Uillíam Burc,
18] .i. Tepóid mac Uáitéir, dh'ec.


Maidhm Bheoil Atha na
19] n-Garbhán le Ricard a Búrc co na bráithribh ar Mac
20] Uillíam Iochtair ocus ar Mhainechaibh, dú in ro
21] marbadh Ruaidhri Mor mac Súibhni.

Annal LC1504.


22] Kll. Enáir; ceitri bliadna ar .u. ced ar mile.


23] Maidhm Chnuic Thúagh do tabairt an bhliadain si .i.
24] Geróid iarla, giúsdís na h-Erenn, do thinól Ghall ocus
25] Gaoidel chúiged Laigen ocus Leithi Cuinn, ocus teacht a
26] g-Clainn Ricaird, ocus Mac Uillíam Clainni Ricaird
27] ocus O Briain do thinol shlúaigh mhoir eli, ocus teacht
28] 'na g-coinne go Cnoc Thúagh, ocus cath do chur etorra
29] ann inar marbad morán do maithibh Gall ocus Gaoidel,
30] co nach d-tucadh a commór do chath isin aimsir dheighenach
31] etir Ghallaibh ocus Ghaoideluibh.


Maghnus mac


1] Briain mic Donnchada, .i. ab mhainisdrech na Tríndóide
2] ar Loch Cé; comhrair ocus cisde coimhéta einigh ocus
3] engnuma na h-Erenn an fer sin, ocus an t-aon duine
4] is mo do tidhluic ocus do thoirbhir d'fhiledhaib ocus
5] d'oirfidechaib, ocus do aos gacha cerda dá d-tánic
6] o Thomaltach na Cairrge inuass, do h-éc a g-Cill Duibhdhúin,
7] et sepultus est an Oilén na Trindóide ar
8] Loch Cé; ocus is buille dí-chendta ar aois ealadna na
9] h-Erenn an t-éc sin mic Mic Donnchada.


10] mac Ruaidri mic Diarmada, .i. rigdamna oirrderc
11] oirbertach a ard aicme .i. an mac righ bá treissi ocus
12] bá tuaruscbhálaighe tánic dhá dhuthaidh re cian d'aimsir,
13] do marbadh lá slicht Tomaltaigh an Einigh mic Conchobair
14] mic Diarmada, a m-Bealach na n-Urmhointech.


15] Maoilechlainn mac Donnchada mac Murchada dh'éc
16] in hoc anno.

Annal LC1505.


17] Kll. Enair; u. bliadna ocus .u. ced ocus mile.


18] Ruadh mac Neill Ghairb h-I Domnaill, .i. an t-oen
19] Ghaoidel is mo do ghabh nert ocus treisi dhá tánic do
20] th-shlicht Neill .ix. Ghiallaigh, ocus ésga immlán einigh
21] ocus uaisle an Tuaiscirt, fer dhár ghiallsat Fir
22] Mhanach ocus Cenél Móain ocus Iochtair Chonnacht,
23] do dul dh'éc an bhliadain si; ocus ni ró linn re radha
24] nach raibhe re linn an Erinn Gall na Gaoideal do budh
25] treisi ar Leith Cuinn ináss; ocus tri seachtmhuine ria
26] Lughnasa fuair báss ongtha ocus aitrighe a n-Dún na
27] n-Gall, iar m-beith ceithre bliadna ocus dá fhichet a
28] tigernus Tire Conaill; ocus a mac do ríghad 'na
29] ionad, .i. Oedh Dubh mac Oedha Ruaidh.


Findghula inghen
30] Ruaidri Óig mic Ruaidri Choeich, .i. ben t-Sheain mic
31] Taidhg mic Briain Mic Donnchada, dh'éc.


32] Carrthaigh Riabach, .i. Fínghin, dh'éc.


Cairbri mac


1] Briain h-I Uiginn dh'ec do bhiodhg.


Aindriass Mhág
2] Craith dh'éc.


Seaan a Búrc do mharbadh le clainn Uillig
3] a Burc.

Annal LC1506.


4] Kll. Enair. Sé bliadna ocus .u. ced ocus mile aois
5] an Tigerna.


Mac Uibhilín .i. Bhaltair, fer einigh
6] choitchinn ocus cend fedhna ro mhaith, do marbadh an
7] bliadain si la Domnall mac Seain h-I Chatháin ocus la
8] Cloinn Bhloscaid.


Páidín .H. Maol Conaire .i. fithighir
9] fer n-Erenn re filidhecht ocus re senchus, d'fhaghail bháis
10] obuinn an bhliadain sin, .i. luidhe slán ar a leabaid ocus
11] a fhagail marbh ar maidin.


Domhnall O Croidhén, .i.
12] cendaighe saidhbheir daonnachtach, d'fhagail bháis obuinn
13] an bliadain si ag éisdecht aiffrinn a mainistir Dhúin
14] na n-Gall.


Conchobar mac Ruaidri mic Donnchada
15] do marbadh lá h-Eogan mac Tigernáin h-I Ruairc, a
16] m-Baile an Dúin an bhlíadain sin.

Annal LC1507.


17] Kll. Enair. Seacht m-bliadna ocus .u. ced ocus
18] mile aois an Tigerna.


Mac Conmidhe .i. Solamh, sói
19] Erenn ré dán, ocus fer thighe aoided coitchinn ocus
20] chonáigh mhóir, do dul dh'éc in hoc anno.


21] Bhaile in Dúin do thinnscna la Tomáss O bh-Ferghail.


22] Félim Mag Uinnsionnáin dh'éc.


Mág Craith, .i. Tomáss
23] dh'éc.


O Cuill, .i. Cend Faola, dh'éc.


O Dálaigh Finn, .i.
24] Goffraid, dh'éc.


O Dálaigh Cairbrech, .i. Oenghus, dh'éc.


25] O Géráin .i. Sean : hi omnes poetae hoc anno in Cristo
26] dormierunt.

Annal LC1508.


27] Kll. Enáir. Ocht m-bliadna ar .u. ced ar mile aois
28] in Tigerna.


Caislén Inis Sgeillionn do ghabháil do .H.
29] Dhomnaill .i. Oedh Óg mac Aodha Ruaidh, ocus Pilip mac
30] Briain Mhég Uidhir do brissedh a chaisléin fein ar egla
31] h-I Dhomnaill.


Goffraidh .H. Catháin do marbad le


1] slicht Maghnusa h-I Chatháin.


Espuc Ath Conaire dh'éc
2] i. Tomáss O Conghaláin.


Espuc Cluana Mic Nois dh'éc,
3] i. Uáiter a Bhlac.


Tigernán Óg, mac Eogain mic
4] Tigernáin h-I Ruairc, do marbadh le Sean mac Tigernáin
5] Fhinn I Rúairc.

Annal LC1509.


6] Kll. Enair; ix. m-bliadna ar .u. ced ar mile aois in
7] Tigerna.


O Néill, .i. Domnall rí Thire h-Eogain, dh'éc
8] in hoc anno, ocus Airt mac Oedha h-I Neill do rigad
9] 'na ionad.


O Baoighill, .i. Emon Buidhe mac Neill h-I
10] Bhaoighill, do marbad d'én urchur do gha le Conchobar
11] Óg O m-Báighill, a comescur oidhche a Luachrus da shunnrad.


12] Pilip mac Briain mic Philip Mhég Uidhir dh'éc.


13] mac Cuinn mic Aodha Buidhe dh'ec.


Art, mac Cuinn
14] mic Enrí mic Eogain h-I Neill, do ghabhail le h-Airt in
15] chaisléin mac Neill mic Airt, ocus a thabairt d'O
16] Dhomnaill.

Annal LC1510.


17] Kll. Enáir; x. m-bliadna ar .u. ced ar mile aois in
18] Tigerna.


O Fialáin, .i. Fergal mac Eogain, súi re dán,
19] d'fhaghail bháis.


Eogan mac Briain h-I Uiginn, oide fer
20] n-Gaoidel re dán, dh'ég.


O Domnaill, .i. Oedh Óg mac
21] Aodha Ruaidh, do dhul as lár a inmhe ocus a aoisi dochum
22] na Rómha in hoc anno.


Sloigedh lá Geróid Iarla Chille
23] Dara a cuigid Muman, go maithib Gall ocus Gaoideal
24] Laigen lais, dar chumhdaigh caislen d'aindeoin Gaoidel
25] Muman ag Carraig Cítal. Lenus .H. Domnaill é
26] begán búidne tríd an Midhe, ocus assin don Mhumain,
27] ocus tiaghuid ar siobal in Ealla, ocus gabhuid caislén
28] Chinn Tuirc, ocus airgid in tír; ocus tiaghuid a n-Desmumain
29] mhóir ocus gabaid caislén na Pailíse, ocus
30] caislen Chois Mhainge; ocus tegaid slán tar a n-ais a
31] g-condáe Luimnigh. Do niad aitinól slóig iarsin, ocus
32] cruinnighid Geraltaigh na Muman im Shémus mac Iarla


1] Dessmhuman, ocus Goill na Muman áirchena, ocus
2] Mág Carrthaigh Riabach, ocus Cormac Óg mac Cormaic
3] mic Thaidhg, ocus Goill ocus Gáidhel Mhidhe ocus Laigen.
4] Tiaghaid go Luimnech. Tinólaidh Toirrdhealbach mac
5] Taidhg h-I Briain ri Tuaghmuman, ocus Mac Con Mara,
6] Sil Oedha ocus Clann Ricaird, mor slúag eli ina n-agaid,
7] ocus teid in t-Iarla co na sluaig tre Bhealach na
8] Fadhbaide, ocus tré Bhealach an Ghamhna, go ránic droichet
9] crainn do righnedh lé .H. m-Briain ar Sionuinn; ocus
10] brissder an droichet leó, ocus anaid a b-fhoslongport
11] oidhche isin tír, ocus do ní .H. Briain foslongport ele
12] re na taobh ann. Cuiris an t-Iarla ar ná mhárach a
13] t-shlúagh a n-ordugad, ocus cuiris Gaill ocus Gaoidel na
14] Muman a tús, ocus cuiris Goill na Midhe ar deredh
15] a shlúaigh. Tuirlingis .H. Domnaill an begán buidhne
16] do bhí a mesc Gall, ocus gabhus an aithghirre trí mhóin na
17] m-bráthar dochum Luimnigh; ocus ionnsaighit na slúaga
18] sin t-Shíl m-Briain na slóigh sin ele, ocus marbtar
19] leo an barún Cint, ocus an Bérnmhálach, ocus daoine
20] maithi eli; ocus ní raibhe annsin do Ghalloibh ina do
21] Ghaoidelaibh én duine bud mó clu laime ná .H. Domnaill
22] ag tabairt deridh an t-slúaigh Ghall sin lais.

Annal LC1511.


23] Kll. Enáir; xi. ar .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


24] O Conchobhair Fhailghe, .i. Cathaoir mac Cuinn mic in
25] Chalbaigh, féchem coitchend dh'écsibh ocus d'aois ealadhna,
26] ocus cend fedhna ro mhaith for Ghalloibh ocus Ghaoidelaibh,
27] do mharbadh le cuid dá chinedh fein, .i. le clainn Taidhg
28] h-I Conchobair ocus le clainn t-Sheain Bhallaigh h-I
29] Conchobair, laim re Mainistir Fheoruis.


30] mac Dubhtaigh h-I Duibhghendáin, sói Erenn re senchus,


1] ocus fer saidhbhris mhoir, dh'éc in bhliadain si.


2] leis O Neill .i. Art mac Aodha a Tír Chonaill,
3] dár loisc Glenn Fhinne ocus ó t-Shuiligh anall; ocus
4] benus braighde d'O Dhochartaigh.


Cénel Feradaigh do
5] creachad le Mághnus O n-Domnaill an bliadain si.


6] Mac Donnchadha Thíre h-Oilella, .i. Sean mac Taidhg mic
7] Briain mic Donnchada, coinneal ghaile ocus gaiscid
8] Chlainni Mhaol Ruanaidh, ocus feichem coitchend congmhála
9] dh'ecsibh ocus d'aois ealadna Lethe Cuinn, d'fhaghail bháis
10] ina longport féin a m-Baile an Dúin; ocus ni h-imlán
11] ro chaithestar an bhlíaduin sin a tigernus.


Fergal mac
12] Taidhg mic Briain, .i. adhbhar righ O n-Oilella, do marbadh
13] an bhliadain cedna sin le clainn Ruaidhri mic Diarmada.


14] Espuc an dá Bhreiffne, .i. Tomáss mac Ainntriú Mhég
15] Brádaigh.


Clann Cathail mic Ruaidri mic Fhéilimidh
16] Chleirigh do mharbadh a Tuillsge le clainn Taidhg Bhuidhe
17] mic Cathail Ruaidh, .i. Ruaidhri Ruadh ocus Brían, ocus
18] Tadhg ocus Cathal.

Annal LC1512.


19] Kll. Enáir; dhá bliadain dhec ar .u. ced ar mile
20] ais in Tigerna.


O Domnaill do theacht ón Róimh íar
21] bh-forbadh a oilitri, ocus íar b-fhaghail onóra móire for a
22] chuairt o rí Saxan.


O Cléirigh, .i. Tadhg mac Tuathail
23] mic Taidhg Caim h-I Chléirigh, .i. sói re senchus ocus fer
24] thighe aoided coitchinn, dh'éc iar n-ongad ocus n-aitrighe.


25] Niall mac Cuinn, mic Aodha Buidhe mic Briain Bhallaigh,
26] tigerna Trín Congail, ocus fer enigh choitchinn, ocus
27] médaighthe ord ocus egailsibh ocus gach maithessa
28] áirchena, ocus ana oirrter Erenn, do dhul dh'éc in
29] hoc anno.


Sloigedh lá Geróid Iarla Cille Dara .i.
30] giúsdís na h-Erenn a Trian Congail, dár ghabh caisslen


1] Bheoil Fersde, ocus dár bris caislén mic Eoin, ocus
2] dár airg na Glinne ocus mórán don tír; ocus tuc
3] mac Neill mic Cuinn a m-braighdenus lais.


4] mór edir O n-Domnaill .i. Oedh, ocus O Néill .i. Art
5] mac Aodha, ocus cogad etir O n-Domnaill ocus Mac
6] Uillíam Búrc, .i. Emonn mac Ricaird; ocus fosdais
7] O Domnaill .u. ced dhéc tuadh a Tír Chonaill ocus a
8] coiged Chonnacht, ocus a b-Feruibh Manach. Gluaisis
9] O Domnaill ó Dhoire began sluaigh, ocus gabhus caislén
10] Beoil in Chlair a g-cocrich Luighne ocus Gaileng; ocus
11] fágbhus bharda ann, ocus teid tar ais a Tír Fhiacrach.


12] Cruinnighis mac Uillíam Búrc, ocus suidhis imón
13] m-baile; ocus iar na clos sin d'O Dhomnaill ionnsaighis
14] an baile doridhis, ocus fágbhus mac Uillíam in
15] baile, ocus téid do chur lóin ocus bharda a g-caislen
16] Eisgrech abhann a Tír Fhiacrach.

Annal LC1513.


17] Kll. Enair; tri bliadna dhec ocus .u. ced ocus
18] mile ais in Tigerna.


Mairghrég ingen Conchobair
19] h-I Bríain, .i. ben h-I Ruairc, .i. an t-én bhen dob ferr do
20] chend dámh ocus deoraid dá d-tánic o Brían Bhóruma
21] anuass, do dhul dh'ec iar n-ongad ocus n-aitrighe.


22] Donnchad mac Conchobair h-I Briain, .i. in cend
23] fedhna dob ferr do Dhál g-Cais na comaimsir a leith
24] re laim ocus re h-uaisle, do mharbadh a n-greis oidhche
25] le clainn Toirrdhealbaigh mic Conchobair h-I Bríain.


26] O Domnaill .i. Oedh do dhul ar cuairt a g-cend rí
27] Alban an bliadain si.


Rossa mac Maghnusa Még
28] Mhathghamna, tigerna Oirgíall, mortuus est.


29] mac Maoileaclainn I Cheallaigh, tigerna O Maine,
30] mortuus est.


Maighister Muiris O Fícheallaigh, doctuir
31] diadhachta, ocus se 'na airdespuc a Tuaim, ocus
32] an fer do bud mó clú crabadh ocus cléircheachta


1] thoir iná bhus, do dul dh'ec an bhlíadain si.


2] Iarla Chille Dara, .i. giuisdís na h-Erenn, .i. an t-oen
3] duine rob ferr clú, ocus ro bud mó nert ocus oirrdercus,
4] ocus is mo do righne do ghabháltus ar Ghoeidhelaib,
5] ocus do bris do caislenaibh na n-Gaoidel, ocus dob
6] ferr smacht ocus recht ocus riagail, ocus is mo tuc
7] da airnéis fein a toirbertus d'feraibh Erenn tanic do
8] Ghalloibh a n-Erinn riam, d'fhagail bháis ola ocus ongtha
9] ocus aitrighe a Cill Dara, ocus a annlucad a d-Tempul
10] Crist a m-Baile Atha Clíath maille re tuirsi truim
11] urmhóir Ghall ocus Gháeidel Erenn 'na dheoidh.


12] mor la .H. Néill, .i. Art mac Oedha, a Trían Congail,
13] dár loisc Magh Line, ocus dár creach na Glinne; ocus
14] rug mac Neill mic Cuinn ocus mac Uibhilín ar chuid
15] don t-slúaig, ocus marbtar Oedh mac h-I Neill don
16] troid sin. Tegmaid an slúag ocus an tóir dá cele
17] íar na mhárach, ocus marbhtar mac Uibhilín, .i. Risderd
18] mac Rúgraidhe, ocus drong dh-Albanchaib, ocus tig .H.
19] Neill tar ais iarsin.


Slóigedh la rí Alban go maithibh
20] Alban uime dá raibhe tri .xx. mile fer conganta a
21] g-crich t-Shaxan, ocus loiscis an crioch ar gach taobh dhe.
22] Cruinnighis loard Seomarlin ocus a mac, ocus cliár
23] t-Shaxan ina n-agaid, ocus tucadh cath etorra, ocus
24] maighid ar Albanchaib, ocus marbhtar rí Alban, ocus
25] Mac Ailín, ocus an t-airdespuc, .i. sanct Aindrías,
26] ocus morán do thigernachaibh Alban, ocus morán
27] daoineadh eli.


Art mac Aodha h-I Neill, .i. tigerna
28] Thíre h-Eogain gan imressain, b-faghail bháis ongtha ocus
29] aitrighe a n-Dun Genainn. Art mac Cuinn h-I Neill
30] do rigad ina ionad.


Art mac Néill mic Airt h-I
31] Néill mortuus est.


Caislén Dúinliss do ghabáil


1] d'Ua Dhomnaill ar chlainn Geróid mic Uibhilín, ocus a
2] thabairt do clainn Ualtair mic Uibhilín.


3] do dhenum la .H. n-Domnaill im Shligech o feil Brighde
4] go cincís, ocus gan buadhachad dhó an uairsin.


5] .H. Máille do marbad lucht tri long a Tír Bhóghaine
6] an bliadain sin.


Eogan Ruadh mac Suibhne do marbadh
7] le clainn a derbrathar féin, ocus le Donnchad mac
8] Toirrdhealbaigh h-I Bhaigill.


Niall mac Cuinn mic
9] Aodha Buidhe dh'éc lá cásg do shundradh.

Annal LC1514.


10] Kll. Enair; cethra bliadna dhec ar .u. ced ar mile
11] ais in Tigerna.


Cathal Óg, mac Domnaill mic Eogain
12] h-I Conchobair, do mharbadh a b-fhioll gránna do mac a
13] athar fein, .i. Eogan mac Domnaill; ocus issé an
14] Cathal Óg sin mac a aossa is mó tuc ocus fuair
15] tanic do t-shlicht Bríain Laighnigh mic Toirrdhealbaigh
16] Moir; ocus ni h-é sin amháin geall do bermaoisne iná
17] lucht ar cerde dhó, acht nach tánic do chined Gáeidhil
18] Ghlais ina comaimsir féin a commaith an uaisle, an
19] aithne, ocus an einech, ocus is dillechta truagh an
20] ealadan dá éis gan fer a h-iomchair iná h-altruim
21] mar Chathal aice.


Eogan mac Domnaill mic Eogain
22] do crochad leis .H. n-Domnaill fá cheann tri lá 'na
23] dhiaidh sin.


Mac Uillíam Búrc .i. Emon mac Ricaird
24] do mharbadh le clainn Uáiter a Búrc a b-fhioll gránna
25] a mainistir Ratha Branduibh.


Caislén na Cuilentraighe
26] do brissedh, ocus an choill mhór do gerradh ocus d'argain,
27] d'Iarla Chille Dara, .i. Geróid mac Geróid, ar Laoighis
28] h-I Mhórdha.


Mac Toirrdhealbaigh Óig mic Domnaill,
29] consápla gallóglaech, do marbadh le Laoighis.


30] Caislen Chúile Rathain do brissed la .H. n-Domnaill.


31] Caislén na h-Oghmuighe do brissedh la .H. Neill in hoc
32] anno.


Maidhm do thabairt d'Ua Néill ar chlainn


1] Domnaill h-I Neill ocus ar clainn Airt h-I Neill,
2] ocus morán d'echaib ocus do éidedh ocus do dhaoinibh
3] do bhuain díbh.


Slóigedh le Geróid Iarla Chille Dara
4] ar .H. Raighilligh, gur bris caislen an Chabáin; ocus
5] O Raighilligh do madhmachad leis; ocus ro marbadh
6] O Raighilligh isin maidhm sin, Aodh mac Cathail I
7] Raidhilligh, ocus morán do maithib a muintire maille
8] fris; ocus ro gabadh Mac Cába.


Slóigedh la Semus
9] mac Iarla Dhesmuman ocus leis Uá Cerbhaill ar
10] Phiarrus Buitlér, ocus loiscis an Trian Medhonach
11] go h-imlán; ocus beridh Piarrus Buitler fair lion
12] a t-shlúaigh, ocus clann Tomáis mic Iarla Cille Dara,
13] ocus gallógláoich ocus gaiscedaigh, ocus il-imad marcslúagh
14] do muinter an Iarla maille riú orra, ocus
15] ro imghedar orra dia n-aimdheoin.


Crecha móra do
16] dhenum dh'O Dhomnaill a n-Gaileng, dar loisg ocus
17] dár airg an tir go Cruachán Gaileng; ocus marbhtar
18] O Rúaán lais ann, ocus mórán eli maille fris.


19] Maidhm lá .H. Neill ar Aodh mac Domnaill h-I Neill,
20] ocus ar Conn mac Neill mic Airt, dar marbh ocus dár
21] ghabh morán dá muinter, ocus dar bhen a n-eich ocus a
22] n-éidigh dibh, innus gur an tigernus Chinéil Eogain gan
23] imressain aige osin amach.


Cogad dh'érghe etir .H.
24] n-Domhnaill ocus .H. Neill, ocus moran do bhuannadhaib
25] d'fhasdódh ar gach taoibh dhoibh; ocus a m-beith a b-fhad a
26] b-foslongport ar aghaid a cheli; ocus sith do dhénum
27] doibh, ocus tocht a g-cend a chéli ar droichet Arda Sratha
28] dhoibh, ocus cairdes Criosd do dhenum ann. Inis Eogain
29] ocus Cénel Móáin ocus Fera Manach do leigen la .H.
30] Néill don dul sin, ocus a mac ro bhói re cian d'aimsir
31] roime sin a laim ag .H. Domnaill do leigen amach
32] d'innsoiged h-I Neill.


Clann Geróid mic Uibhilín do marbad
33] a b-fhioll la clainn Ualtair mic Uibhilín, ocus an tír


1] do creachad ocus do loscud do mac Neill mic Cuinn
2] mic Oedha Buidhe tríd an n-gnim sin.


Sloigedh la Geróid
3] Iarla Cille Dara isin Mumain, dár loisc h-I Chonaill
4] ar mac Iarla Dhesmuman. Cruinnighis mac an Iarla
5] lín a thinóil, ocus O Bríain go maithib Tuaghmuman do
6] chongnum leis, ocus gidhedh ro immthidh an slúag go
7] sénamail riasiú rugsat inait agallmha air.


8] do bhádaib ocus do longuibh faidi do tharruing d'O
9] Dhomnaill ar Loch Eirne, ocus bheith na comnaidhe a
10] b-fhad ar Inis Sgeillend. Airgis ocus loisgis oilén
11] Cuil na n-Oirer, ocus do ní síth 'na dhiaidh sin riú, ocus
12] tig slán dá thigh.

Annal LC1515.


13] Kll. Enair; u. bliadna dhéc ar .u. ced ar mile ais
14] an Tigerna.


Creacha móra do dhénum d'O Dhomnaill ar
15] clainn Diarmada Ruaidh a n-imell Choillte Conchobair.


16] Slóigedh la .H. Neill a g-Clainn Aodha Buidhe, dár loisc
17] ocus dár creach cuid mhór don tír, ocus tig mac Neill
18] mic Cuinn a g-cenn I Neill, ocus gabhus tuarusdal uadha;
19] ocus indtóis O Neill iarsin.


Crecha móra do dhenum
20] d'O Domnaill ar sliocht Briain Mhég Uidir, ocus a
21] n-ithe uile aca p-fein; ocus sith do denum riú ass a
22] h-aithle.


Caislén Aine do ghabáil ar t-Shean mac Iarla
23] Dhesmuman do t-Semus mac an Iarla; ocus suidhis
24] annséin fá chaislén Loch Gair, ocus do bhí a cumgach
25] mhór aige no gur cuiredar Síl m-Bríain ocus Sil
26] g-Cerbhaill ocus Cenél Aodha uadha é.


Oedh, mac Neill
27] mic Cuinn mic Aodha Buidhe h-I Neill, do dhul ar creich
28] don Choill Ulltaigh, ocus crech do ghlacad dhó and. Lenus
29] Niall mac Briain mic Niall Ghallda a d-toraighecht é,
30] ocus marbhtar Niall mac Bríain, ocus airgter in choill
31] go h-iomlán, ocus anaigh nert Trín Congail uile ag


1] Oedh mac Neill don t-siobal sin.


Menma Mhág
2] Carmaic, ro-ferleighinn do bhí 'na espuc a Ráth Bhoth,
3] in Cristo quieuit.


Domnall mac Aodha Ruaidh h-I
4] Dhomhnaill do mharbadh la h-Aodh m-Buidhe .H. n-Domhnaill,
5] sa Tuaith Bhladhaidh, in bhliadain sin.

Annal LC1516.


6] Kll. Enair; se bliadna dhéc ar .u. ced ar mile ais
7] in Tigerna.


Caislen Sligigh do ghabáil le .H. n-Domnaill,
8] iar m-beith athaid fhada a cogad ris; ocus is amlaid
9] ro gabadh é .i. ridire francach tánic dá oilitri dochum
10] purgadóra Patraic, ocus tuc O Domnaill onóir mhór
11] ocus tidhluicthe dhó; ocus do chuir an ridire long lán d'ordonás,
12] ocus gunna mór brisde caisléin uirrthi dochum
13] h-I Dhomnaill; ocus suidhis fán m-baile, ocus brissis
14] an baile sul fuair é, ocus do ber einech dona bhardaib.
15] Ocus teid assin a Tir Oilella ocus gabhaiss caislén Cúl
16] Mháile, ocus caisiol Locha Dergáin, ocus Dún na Móna;
17] ocus fágbus bharda a g-cuid díbh, ocus do bheir braighde
18] lais ón g-cuid eli; ocus do bhí Sligech trí blíadna dh'éc
19] ag .H. Dhomnaill don dul sin no gur gabh Tadhg Óg mac
20] Taidhc mic Aodha air é iarsin.


Mac Donnchada an
21] Choruinn ocus mac Mic Donnchada do mharbadh ag
22] teacht a g-cend t-slúaig h-I Domnaill le Donnchad mac
23] Toirrdhealbaigh h-I Bháighill.


Caislén I Cerbhaill, .i.
24] Leim h-I Bhánáin, do ghabáil lé h-Iarla Chille Dara, .i.
25] Geróid Iarla, iar na shárugad fo a athair; ocus ní
26] h-urusa go d-tanic isin aimsir sin caislen ro bud
27] cruaidhe cosnum ocus congmáil ináss, no gur brissedh
28] timchell na bharda é.


Maidhm mor do thabairt


1] d'Emonn mac Tómáis Buitlér ar Phiarus Buitler,
2] ocus ar mac mic Phiaruis, ocus mórán dá muinter
3] ocus da m-buannadhaib do bhádhad ocus do marbadh.


4] O Dochartaigh .i. Conchobar Carrach O Dochartaigh mortuus
5] est.


Caislen mic Shuibhni .i. Ráth Maolán do
6] thuitim in hoc anno.


O Domnaill do dhul fá dhó a Tír
7] Eogain ar sloigedh in bhliadain sin.


Mág Carrthaigh
8] Mór, .i. Cormac Lagrach mac Taidhg, tigerna Desmhuman,
9] an t-e is ferr fuair a thigernus ocus is mo fuair
10] do chogad no go raibhe na thigerna gan imressain, ocus
11] dob ferr do chend dámh ocus deoraidh, ocus dob fherr
12] recht ocus riagail do righraid Leithe Modha, do dhul
13] dh'éc.


Toirrdhealbach mac Briain Uaine h-I Ghallchubhair,
14] comarba na Cairrge, mortuus est.


15] Briain Chaoich mic Taidhg mic Eogain do marbad a b-fhioll
16] do mac Taidhg na Tuaighe mic Fhélim mic Eogain, ocus
17] do shliocht an Cherrbaigh.


Ben h-I Treabhair .i. Caiterína
18] iní Criodacáin, ben dércech dhaonnachtach, mortua est.


19] Uilliam mac Donnchada h-I Fhergail, .i. espuc na
20] h-Anghaile, dh'éc.

Annal LC1517.


21] Kll. Enair. Seacht m-bliadna dhéc ar .u. ced ar
22] mile ais in Tigerna.


Donnchad mac Toirrdhealbaigh
23] h-I Bhaighill d'fhagail bháis dupusdig .i. lucht báid dá
24] muinter ocus é fein do dhul go Toraich, ocus gaoth
25] dia b-fhuadach fon b-fairrge siar, ocus nach b-fríth en
26] fhocul dá sgeluibh óshin alle.


Sean mac Cuinn mic Enrí
27] mic Eoguin h-I Neill dh'éc.


Pilip mac Toirrdhealbaigh
28] Még Uidir dh'ec aoine chásg do shundradh.


29] Sláine dh'éc a Saxanaib, .i. Crisdóir Plemenn.


30] mac Aodha mic Domnaill h-I Neill do marbadh le Niall
31] mac Cuinn mic Neill mic Airt.


O Duibhghendain Chille


1] Rónain, .i. Matha Glass mac Dubhthaig, dh'éc in hoc
2] anno.

Annal LC1518.


3] Kll. Enair; ocht m-bliadna dhec ar .u. ced ar mile ais
4] in Tigerna.


Oedh Balbh, mac Cuinn mic Enrí mic Eogain h-I
5] Neill, dh'éc.


Clann h-I Neill .i. clann Domnaill mic Enrí
6] mic Eogain, do dhul ar creich ar Brían mac Cuinn mic
7] Enrí, ocus Brian do bhreith orra ag Domnach an Eich,
8] ocus maidhm mór do thabairt orra, ocus Oedh mac
9] Domnaill do ghabáil and. Mac Cathmhaoil ocus morán
10] do mhaithibh Chinél b-Feradhaigh do marbad ann.


11] deganach Mhág Uidir, .i. Oedh mac Rossa mic Tomáis
12] Óig .i. mac in espuic, dh'ec.


Mac Suibhne Fánad dh'éc,
13] .i. Ruaidri mac Maol Muire, im chaisc do shunnradh.


14] Félim mac Briain mic Conchobair Óig Mhég Uidir
15] dh'éc.


16] Kll. Enáir; ix. m-bliadna dhéc ar .u. ced ar mile ais in
17] Tigerna.


Iusdaiois na h-Erenn .i. Geróid Iarla Chille
18] Dara, .i. Geróid Óg mac Geróid, do dhul fó thóghairm righ
19] Saxan iar na thochuired soir tre ionnlachaibh ocus tre
20] edarchossaoidibh Ghall Erenn fair; ocus bá h-omhnach
21] imeglach lá cách a thurus la h-iolar na n-aimleis ocus na
22] n-iomchossaoidibh.


Pestilencia magna in hoc anno, ocus
23] nuimer mor do Ghalloibh Atho Cliath do ég don teidhm sin.


24] Roiberd mac Tommais mhic in Iarla, .i. fer a aoisi
25] fein ba ferr ainm ocus áirem ocus uaisle do Geraltachaibh
26] Midhe, dh'éc don phláig sin.


Mac an t-Shadhbhaoisigh,
27] .i. Raibhilín .i. fer fá mó oinech ocus ágh do
28] Ghalloib Erenn ina aimsir fein olchena, d'ég íar ná
29] thoffonad as a dhuthaid la cumhachtaibh Iarla Chille
30] Dara, ocus lá forgall in prióra Mhég Aonghusa; ocus
31] a thir go sescur sóinmech ag an prióir dia aimhdheoin


1] go b-fhuair sium bás; ocus ní budh machtnad ge ma
2] deolchaire a thíre no ghébad báss, .i. Trícha Ced na Soillsi.
3] Emonn Tadhbhaois .i. a mac do ríghad 'na ionadh, gen
4] go b-fhuair a dhuthaid go réidh; fer séin fa mó daonnacht
5] ocus daigh einech do Ghalloibh Erenn acht ge ro bernadh
6] fó na inmechus é.


Feidhlim mac Maghnusa h-I Conchobair,
7] tigerna Iochtair Connacht, fer dércech daonnachtach
8] fri damuibh ocus deóraighibh, do ég in hoc
9] anno.


Mac Uillíam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Ricard Óg
10] mac Uilléig a Búrc, .i. fer beothlasach buanchonáigh,
11] mortuus est. Uilliam mac Uillig a Búrc do ríghad
12] día éis.


Donnchad Caománach, fer rathmar ro chonáigh
13] do lán mhaithibh Laigen, in hoc anno.


Maoilín mac
14] Torna h-I Mhail Conaire, ollam Shíl Muiredhaigh, fer
15] lán do rath ocus d'éxsi, ocus fer do thoghadar Goill
16] Geraltach tar ollamhnaibh Erenn, fer do ghebadh seoid
17] ocus maoine o gach aon d'uaislibh Erenn for a siredh,
18] ocus do beredh sum go h-anoirches an ní no ghebhedh, a ég a
19] Mainistir Derg a Tethbha.


Fercertne O Curnín, fer
20] grádha Eogain h-I Ruairc, ocus cend egna ocus éixsi a
21] fhine fein, mortuus est.


Domhnall Glas O Curnín
22] mortuus est.


Comorbo Chlúano Conmaicne, .i. cend
23] oinigh ocus daonnachta ocus aoidhedhchaire cell Conmaicne,
24] iar b-forbudh a óisi no nís uille, quieuit in
25] Cristo.


O Neill .i. Art Óg mac Cuinn h-I Neill mortuus
26] est.


Conn mac Cuinn a derbrathair do righad 'na
27] ionadh; acht chena nir bo h-inann mathair dhóibh.


28] Tadhg mac Briain mic Tomaltaigh h-I Birn, tanusde
29] .H. m-Briuin Shionna, mortuus est.


Sámradh ocus
30] fóghmar falcmar fír fhliuch an bhliadain sin; bliadain
31] chalad chessachtoch, acht ger bhó cesnodach tedhmandach
32] h-í.


Tadhc Ruadh mac Maoilechlainn h-I Cheallaigh, fris
33] in abarthói Tadhc in Chaladh, mortuus est.


O Conchobair


1] Ruadh, .i. Eogan mac Feilimidh Finn, rí go b-freasabra,
2] in hoc anno.

Annal LC1520.


3] Kll. Enair; fiche bliadan ar .u. ced ar mile ais in
4] Tigerna.


Pláig mhór a tossach na bliadna sa an
5] Erinn.


Iuisdís Saxsanach in Erinn, ocus Iarla Chille
6] Dara a Saxanaibh bheós.


Mac Uillíam Chlainni Ricaird
7] .i. Uilliam Burc dh'éc in hoc anno. Ricard a Búrc, .i.
8] a dherbrathair eli, 'na ionadh; clann siein Uillig a Burc
9] dibhlinaibh.


Mac Uilliam Burc, .i. Maoilir mac
10] Tepóid, do mharbad per dolum la clainn t-Sheoinín
11] Mhoir mic mic Sheoinín.


Muiris mac Tomais mic
12] an iarla, rogha Gall n-Geraltach uile do mhéin ocus
13] d'innsoighthe, do marbad la Conn mac Mhaoilechlainn
14] h-I Mhordha et alii multi.


In gilla Dubh mac Uillíam
15] mic Colla mic Dubhgáill, consdápla Maighe Luirg,
16] mortuus est.


Uillíam mac Uilliam Mic Siurtán
17] mortuus est.


In Gilla Dub Mhág Pilip mortuus est.


18] Mág Aonghusa, .i. Domnall mac Oedha mic Airt,
19] mortuus est. Félim an Einigh Mhág Oenghusa, .i. a
20] derbrathair eli, do righad ina ionadh.


Cairbre, mac
21] Concobair mic Cairbri mic Cormaic h-I Birn, cónsal
22] ocus cinnlitir maicne Mhuireghaigh, moritur in
23] hoc anno.


Maidhm do thabairt ar Feraibh Manach le
24] clainn t-Sheain mic Cathail h-I Raighilligh, inar marbad
25] ocus inar báidhed deichnebar ar fichit im Pilip mac
26] Emuinn mic Tómáis Mhég Uidir ocus imon a mac,
27] ocus im Ghilla Patraic mac Pilip mic Toirrdhealbaigh
28] cona braithribh, .i. Emonn ocus Toirrdhelbach mac
29] Flaithbertaigh mic Tomáis Óig, ocus mac Gilla Ruaidh .i.
30] Goffraigh, ocus mórán eli.

Annal LC1521.


31] Kll. Enáir; bliadain ar fhichit ar .u. ced ar mile ais


1] in Tigerna.


Maidhm mór do thabairt a Tír Mhaine
2] Mic Echach ar .H. Conchobair Ruadh, .i. Tadhg Buidhe
3] mac Cathail Ruaidh, ocus ar .H. Cellaigh .i. Maoilechlainn
4] mac Uillíam, ocus ar Mac n-Dubhgaill .i.
5] Donnchad mac Toirrdhelbaigh a cónsabal díbhlínibh. Is
6] amlaid forcaomnagar sin, .i. dul dóibh for innsaiged
7] ar shlicht Donnchada I Chellaigh, ocus creacha do
8] ghabháil dóibh, ocus slicht Donnchada I Chellaigh cona
9] coimthinól do breith forra. Cidh tra acht ro brissedh
10] forra isin Iffernaigh do t-shinnrad. Ro gabadh O Conchobair
11] ann, ocus ro marbad O Cellaigh ocus a mac .i.
12] Tadhg. Ro marbad Mac Dubhgaill ann dno, ocus ro
13] gabadh a mac .i. Alusdar, ocus ro marbad ann
14] Conn Citech mac Oedha mic Eogain h-I Conchobair;
15] ocus ni h-urusa a áiremh gach ar thuit ann
16] edir mharbad ocus ghabáil. Il-imad ech ocus éidedh ocus
17] erradh do bhéin díbh gan atghabháil forro.


Mag Oenghusa
18] .i. Félim an Enigh mac Aodha mic Airt, cenn daonnachta
19] slechta Conaill Cernaigh, mortuus est. Emonn Buidhe
20] mac Aodha do righad 'na ionadh.


Rugraidhe mac
21] Eignecháin h-I Domnaill do marbad la Galloib ag Dún
22] Delgain, ocus é faré .H. Neill .i. Conn mac Cuinn.


23] Mag Mhathghamna .i. Remann mac Glaisni dh'éc.


24] Cathán .i. Tomáss mac Aibhne dh'éc.


Maol Ruanaid
25] mac Cormaic Mic Diarmada dh'éc in hoc anno.

Annal LC1522.


26] Kll. Enair for Cedaoin; dá bhliadain ar fichit ar .u.
27] ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Cogad mór ar n-eirghe a
28] rann iartharach na h-Eorpa an tan sin etir chinedh na
29] g-Criosdaigh, .i. Rómhánaigh ocus Edáilligh ocus Almáinnigh
30] ocus Spainnigh ocus Saxsanaigh d'én rann ocus d'én
31] comairle, i n-agaid rí Franc a aonur acht Albanaigh
32] amháin i rann rí Franc, ocus morán cath ocus écht do
33] iomluad etorra; ocus is amlaidh fuaromar o lucht


1] sgaoilti sgél ocus chuartaighthi cuan gur ab ag Francachaibh
2] do bhí búaid an chogaid sin a n-agaid na n-uile chinél.


3] Cogad adhbail ar n-eirghe a n-Erinn féin an bhliadain sin,
4] ocus go h-áirighthe isin tuaiscert .i. etir .H. Neill ocus
5] .H. Domnaill; ocus mac Uilliam Chlainni Ricaird ocus
6] Gaill ocus Gaidel Chonnacht, ocus Síol m-Briain ocus
7] Síl g-Cerbhaill ar g-cengal ris .H. Neill dochum in chogaid
8] sin. O Neill do theacht sluag mór go maithibh Uladh,
9] ocus fecht Albanach ocus mórán do Ghalloibh Midhe,
10] ocus gallóglaech Iarla Cille Dara a Tir Chonaill,
11] ocus caislén Bheoil Atha Senaigh do ghabhail dó, ocus Bun
12] Drobhaoisi ocus Bél Leicthi do loscud, ocus imthecht
13] slán don chur sin; ocus teacht slúag mór go gar 'na
14] dhiaidh sin doridhis a Tír Chonaill, ocus breith ar creich
15] a Cinn Mhaghair, ocus a lán don tír do mhilled.


16] Domnaill ocus Maghnus .H. Domnaill do cruinniugad
17] shlúaig mhóir an aen áit, ocus a n-dul a Tír Eogain, ocus
18] creacha mora ocus marbhtha do denum dhoibh.


O Neill
19] do cruinniugad shlúaig mhóir an aoin ionad, ocus mac
20] Uillíam Clainne Ricaird .i. Ricard mac Uilleg mic
21] Uillig mic Uillig an Fhiona, ocus Goill ocus Gaoidel
22] Connacht, ocus O Cerbhuill ocus clann h-I Briain do
23] cruinniugad ina comdháil; ocus ro gealladar a g-coinne
24] a cheli a Tír Chonaill; ocus tánic an sluag Connachtach
25] sin go Sligech, ocus tánic O Neill go Cinél Móáin
26] ocus fecht Albanach aige fá mac Mic Dhomnaill, .i.
27] Alustar, ocus fá mhóran do Ghalloibh Midhe ocus do
28] gallóglaechaibh Laighnecha. Dala h-I Domnaill ocus
29] Chinel Conaill, o nach rabadar comtrom daoined re
30] cechtar don da t-shlúaigh sin, issí comairle do rinnedar
31] innsoiged oidhche do thabairt ar .H. Neill; ocus do
32] righnedar coisighe da marcshlúagh maille re na g-cóirighthibh.
33] Ocus do bhi O Neill a b-fhaslongport ag Cnoc an Bhobha,


1] ocus ro innsaighedar Conallaigh a h-én comairle iad gan
2] chongnum coigcrich aca; ocus do brisedar ar O Néill
3] an oidhche sin, ocus ro marbad móran dá muinnter
4] etir Albanchaib ocus Erennchaib, ocus go h-áirighthi
5] moran do Ghalloibh Midhe ocus do gallóglaechaibh
6] Laighnech, ocus do Chlainn t-Shíthigh; ocus O Neill
7] d'imthecht a g-coir mhadhma íar n-dithugad a mhuinntire;
8] ocus O Domnaill d'fhilled iar m-búaid g-coscair maille
9] re h-iomad édalaibh ech ocus éidigh ocus airm; ocus gan
10] comnaide do dhenum doib no gur ghabhadar foslongport
11] ag Beinn Ghulbain; ocus an dá mac Uillíam, ocus an
12] dá O Conchobair, ocus Mac Diarmada, ocus O Cerbhaill
13] ocus clann h-I Bhríain do bheith sluag ro mhór
14] a timchell t-Shligigh, ocus mar fuaradar derbh sgéla an
15] mhadhma sin do thabairt ar O Néill, ger mhór culad
16] ocus daoine ambói ann, ro inntódar tar a n-ais día
17] tírib; ocus ní fess d'O Domnaill a n-imtecht no go n-deachadar
18] tar Coirr Sliabh; ocus ro turnad an chombáidh
19] chogaid sin don dul sin.


Rúgraidhe mac Goffradha mic
20] Aodha Gallda, ocus mac Mhég Cellaigh na Breiffne, do
21] marbad lé sluag h-I Neill a n-ucht Sgairbhe Indsi in
22] Fraoich.


Mac Suibhne Thíre Bóghuine, .i. Brían an
23] Chobhlaigh, ocus Diarmaid mac Taidhg Caim h-I Chleirigh,
24] ocus Aodh mac Mic in Bhaird, ocus a lán eli fós do
25] mharbada g-caislén Bheoil Atha Senaigh le slúag h-I Neill.


26] Domnall mac Donnchada I Ruairc, sói dhuine uassail
27] 'na dhuthaid féin, do marbad le clainn Feilim h-I
28] Ruairc.


Domnall mac Seam h-I Chatháin, saormacaom
29] a chinedh féin ocus fer einigh choitchinn d'eicsibh ocus
30] d'aois eladhna, do marbad an bhliadain si.


Mag Cormán
31] .i. Maoilechlainn, an t-é dob ferr tuicsi ocus tech


1] n-aoidhed don aos grádha, dh'éc in hoc anno.


2] Cleirech mac Seain mic Aibhne h-I Chatháin, .i. cenn
3] einigh ocus engnuma in tuaiscirt a teisd ocus a
4] tabartus, ocus a tuaruscbáil, do mharbad la clainn
5] Gilla Phádraic mic Mhaghnusa h-I Chatháin .i. a
6] altronna ocus a chairdi-ssidhe Criost.


7] mac Aodha Óig mic Aodha Ruaidh Mhég Mhathghamna
8] dh'ec in hoc anno.

Annal LC1523.


9] Kll. Enáir for dhardaoin. Tri bliadna fichet ar .u.
10] ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Doinend mhór a tús na
11] bliadna sin, ocus cogad ádhbail ar fedh na h-Eorpa ar
12] muir ocus ar tír, ocus go h-áirighte etir O Neill ocus
13] O n-Domnaill, ocus O Domhnaill do bheith ar edh an
14] erraigh sin a b-fhoslongport a n-Glionn Fhinne, ocus
15] Maghnus O Domnaill do dhul go h-Albain, ocus tocht
16] slan iar criochnugad a chuarta.


O Domnaill do dhul
17] fá dhó a Tir Eogain an bhliadain sin, ocus tocht slán
18] iar milledh mhoráin, ocus síth do dhenum dhóibh deredh
19] bliadna, ocus gan écht oirrderc do dhenum etorra
20] acht mar sin.


O Catháin, .i. Donnchad mac Seain h-I
21] Chatháin, an t-í budh mó clú einigh ocus uaisle dá
22] chinedh fein a comaimsir ris dh'éc, ocus dá thigerna
23] do ghairm a n-aghaid a chéli 'na ionad, .i. Sean mac
24] Tomáis h-I Chatháin ocus Goffraidh mac Goffradha h-I Chatháin,
25] ocus íad araon a cogad ocus a n-imressain,
26] ocus ag milled an tíre ar gach taobh fan tigernus.


27] Mac h-I Briain .i. Tadhg mac Toirrdhelbaigh, fer a
28] aossa dob ferr enech ocus uaisle ocus rér mhó egla
29] a escarad, ocus dob ferr do chend dámh ocus deoraidh,
30] ocus is lugha do dhiultfed re dreich n-duine um ní dhá
31] n-iarrfed, do marbadh go mí-rathmar d'én urchor do
32] ghunna leisin n-Giuisdís .i. Piarrus Ruad Buitler,


1] mar is gnath sói d'fhagail anasc.


Mac Gilla Eain,
2] .i. Lachluinn Mór mac Echainn, do mharbadh a b-fhioll
3] leisin ridire mac Mic Ailín a m-baile rígh Alban in
4] hoc anno.


Mág Thigernain, .i. Fergal mac Gilla
5] Iossa Óig, mic Gilla Isa mic Briain, dux Thellaigh
6] Dhúnchada, fer dércech daonnachtach, d'fhaghail bháis
7] ina bhaile féin, ocus a derbrathair do ghabhail a ionadh
8] dhá éis.


Eogan, mac Fédhlim mic Dhonnchada Óig mic
9] Thigernain Óig h-I Ruairc, do bháthad ar loch Glenda
10] Éda in hoc anno.


Rossa, mac Ruaidri mic Briain mic
11] Fhélim Mhég Uidir, d'fhagail bháis a m-braighdenus ag an
12] g-comarba Mhág Uidir, .i. Cu Connacht.


Aodh mac Airt
13] h-I Thuathail, an mac a aoisi budh mó clú enigh ocus
14] uaisle da fhine féin, do marbad le Brannachaib an
15] bliadain sin.


Mac Conmidhe, .i. Maoilechlainn mac
16] Seain mic Solaim, ollam h-I Neill, mortuus est.


17] Sloigeadh adhbail la h-Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid Óg
18] mac Geróid, ocus la Galloib Midhe, ocus la .H. Neill,
19] .i. Conn mac Cuinn mic Enri mic Eogain, ar .H. Conchobair
20] Fhailghe ocus ar Conall O Mordha, ocus ar
21] Ghaoidelaibh Laigen. Na Gaidel sin uile d'anmain ar
22] síth h-I Neill etorra ocus an t-Iarla, tar eis árnaidh
23] na n-Gaoidel sin do chur ar laim h-I Neill, ocus O
24] Neill do chengal na síthe; ocus géill ocus braighde
25] na n-Gaoidel sin d'fhaghail d'O Neill na urláimh, a n-geall
26] re gach agra da n-dingnadh an t-Iarla orra do mholadh
27] h-I Neill, ocus a sgarthain reidh síthech re chéli an tan
28] sin.


O Máille, .i. Cormac mac Eogain h-I Mhaille,
29] féichem coitchend enigh ocus uaisle Iarthair Connacht,
30] mortuus est. Domnall mac Tomáis h-I Maille do
31] gabháil a ionadh.


Indsoiged le .H. n-Domnaill, go


1] g-comaonta thíre ocus choigcrice, go Breiffne h-I Ruairc.
2] Gach nech do b'innsluagad dá raibh isin tír ar a chinn
3] do chuadar le na g-creachaib a n-diamraibh ocus a
4] n-immdhorchaib dá n-imchumdach. O Domnaill d'imtheacht
5] an tíre go h-uilidhe, co nár fhaguibh ní ar bith
6] gan milled dá bailtibh ocus dá h-arbhonnaibh don dul sin.

Annal LC1524.


7] Kll. Enáir for Aine, ocus bissex fuirre; ceitri
8] bliadna .xx. ar .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


9] mhór ocus ár for sbréidh a tús na bliadnu.


Dis mac
10] h-I Dhomnaill, .i. Niall Garb ocus Eogan, do chengal
11] combágha re cheli i n-aghaid h-I Dhomnaill, ocus a m-beth
12] tamall mar sin ag buaidhred an tíre, no gur cuired
13] futha fein dul i n-agaid a cheli, ocus Eogan do ghabáil
14] bhaile Neill, .i. crannóg Loch Bethad, ocus h-í ar a
15] inchaib p-féin, ocus Niall d'fágbáil an tíre; ocus
16] innsaighed fada do thabairt ar an m-baile dhó, ocus celg
17] do dhénum a g-comfhogus dó. Eogan d'fagail a fessa
18] sin, ocus Niall d'innsoiged dhó; ocus a n-dul fá cheli
19] annsin, ocus Eogan do marbad don láthair sin, ocus
20] Niall do lot, ocus a dhul dh'éc don lot sin fá chend
21] aimsire girre 'na dhiaidh sin; ocus ni h-urusa a radha
22] go tánic lucht a n-aosa do Cheniul g-Conaill budh mo
23] d'échtaib ina an dias sin. An ced mhí do t-shamradh
24] do righned na marbtha sin.


Sémus mac Briain Uaine
25] h-I Ghallchubhair, adhbur comhorba na Cairrge, dh'ec in
26] hoc anno.


Diarmaid mac an Gilla Duibh h-I Bhríain,
27] fer a thigernuis fein dob ferr 'na aimsir do chenn dámh
28] ocus deoraidh, ocus do bud mo muirer ocus dob fhír
29] áidhbhle enech, ocus dob fherr d'fer reidhighthe carad ocus
30] escarad, ocus is mo do saoiled d'anmain re h-inmhe a
31] dhuthaidhe, ocus is mó do budh compánach coitchend don
32] aois ealadna, d'fhaghail bhais ongtha ocus aithrighe a


1] m-Baile Mhég Dubhda, ocus bennacht lais docum nime.


2] Sloiged lá .H. n-Domnaill a Tir Eogain, dar loisc
3] ocus dár imthig in tír, ocus teacht slán iarum.


4] Sloiged leisin n-giuisdís, .i. Geróid Óg mac Geróid
5] Iarla Chille Dara, ocus leis O Neill .i. Conn mac
6] Cuinn, a Tír Chonaill dochum h-I Domnaill a mí medhóin
7] fhóghmhair, ocus slóiged eli ag .H. Domnaill na n-oirchill
8] do cosnum a críche fein, ocus moran Albanach ar
9] teacht chuige fón am sin, .i. clann Eoin Chathánaigh,
10] ocus mac Domnaill Gallógláech, ocus daoine uaisle eli
11] as Alban. In giusdís ocus .H. Néill do ghabáil fhasslongpuirt
12] a Port na Tri Námad, ocus O Domnaill co
13] na shlúaig do dhul go Druim Lighen; ocus geallad
14] buailti do bheith etorra ar na mhárach. Maghnus .H.
15] Domnaill ocus Albanaigh do dhul do chaithed shlúaig
16] Ghall an oidhche sin, ocus mac h-I Bruin do mharbadh leó,
17] .i. an Calbach mac Bruin mic Thaidhg, écht mór na
18] dhúthaid fein; ocus cuinne t-shíthe do shnadhmadh etorra
19] ar na mhárach, co n-derna an giúsdís sith eidir .H. Néill
20] ocus .H. Domnaill, ocus é féin a slanaibh etorra;
21] ocus do ríghnedh síth ocus cairdess Crist mar an
22] cedna eidir an n-giusdís ocus .H. Domnaill; ocus iar
23] b-fhilled don ghiúsdís ocus d'Ua Néill fuaradar Aodh
24] mac Neill mic Cuinn mic Aodha Buidhe, mic Briain
25] Bhallaigh h-I Neill, slúag mór ag milledh thíre h-Eogain;
26] ocus ó d' chuala sidhéin na slúaga sin ele do bheith chuige
27] do cuir a th-shlúaigh fein roime lé na chrechaib ocus lé na
28] n-édálaibh, ocus do an féin a b-fad na n-diaidh ar begán
29] daoinedh, no go rug trom an t-shluáig eli fair, ocus gur
30] innsaighedar é iar na fhaghail a m-baogal, gur marbadh
31] leó ar an lathair sin é; ocus ní thánic do Chinél Eogain
32] re h-aimsir fhada a commaith a n-uaisle ocus a n-einech,


1] ocus a g-clú do chosnum ós cinn a chlainn mhaicne, ocus is
2] lugha do léig luidhe dhá escairdibh air, ocus is ferr do
3] chossuin a crích dhúthaid féin gus an uair sin. Oir dob
4] eissidhéin cinnliter a chinidh ocus fír thopur na féli,
5] ocus cend uidhe an uird fhilidh, ocus rélta t-solus
6] t-shoinenta t-shlechta Oedha Buidhe h-I Neill; ocus fóss
7] ní forbonn linn re radha nar fháguibh sé an Erinn
8] d'uaislibh Gall ná Gaoidel díghbáil budh mó den aois
9] ealadhna na an t-Aodh sin mac Néill mic Cuinn, et rl.


10] Mac Uibhilín, .i. Cormac, ocus mac Seain Duibh Mic
11] Domnaill, do lot ocus do ghabáil a h-aithle an mharbhtha
12] sin le muinnter h-I Néill.


Inghen h-I Domnaill .i.
13] Gormlaith ingen Aodha Rúaidh, ben Aodha mic Neill
14] mic Cuinn, .i. ben einigh choitchinn ocus clu t-shaoghalta do
15] chosnum, ocus do bud mó cumaoin ar órduibh ocus ar
16] aois ealadhna, do dhul dh'éc a mí mhedhóin earraigh; ocus
17] amail tucadar an lánshamuin sin coimidecht daonnachta
18] ocus clú dhá chéli isin t-shaogal co h-aimsir a
19] m-báis, go d-tucuid a n-anmanna coimidecht glóire dá
20] cheli a b-fhlaithius Dé.


Mac Donnchada Thíre h-Oilella,
21] .i. Ruaidri mac Tomaltaigh mic Briain, d'fhaghail bháis,
22] ocus cogad mór edir Clainn n-Donnchada fá thigernus
23] an tíre, ocus Mac Donnchada do dhénum do Chormac
24] mac Taidhg mic Briain.


O Conchobair Ciarraidhe .i.
25] Conchobar mac Conchobair do dhul ar creich a
26] n-Dúthaid Ealla, ocus Cormac Óg mac Cormaic mic
27] Thaidhc do bhreith fair, ocus brissedh ar .H. Conchobair
28] ocus é féin do lot ocus do ghabáil ann; ocus Conchobar
29] mac Diarmada mic in Ghilla Dhuibh h-I Briain do mharbadh
30] ann, ocus Diarmaid mac Cormaic h-I Mháille, .i. écht
31] mór na dhuthaid fein, do marbad ann fós.


32] Carrthaigh Riabach, .i. Domnall, mac Fínghin mic


1] Diarmada, do dul ar siobal creiche a n-Glionn Fhleisce,
2] ocus breith co h-anordaighthi air ag fágbáil an ghlenna;
3] ocus é fein do ghabáil, ocus cuid dá dhainibh do bhuain de.


4] Mag Raghnaill .i. Cathal Óg mac Cathail do marbad a
5] b-fhill ar faithche a bhaile fein la clainn I Mhaoil
6] Mhiadhaigh.


Mac Suibhne Thíre Bóghuine, .i. Niall mac Eogain,
7] an cónsopul dob ferr lámh ocus do bud cruaidhe coscur,
8] ocus dob ferr tech aoidhed ocus budh mó muirer ocus
9] muinter, ocus is lía dho briss do bernadhaibh baogail
10] dá chlannmaicne fein, do dhul dh'éc iar n-ongad ocus iar
11] n-aithrighe na caislén féin .i. a Rathain.


Inghen h-I Bhríain .i.
12] Mór ingen Toirrdhealbaigh mic Taidhg h-I Bhríain, ben
13] Donnchada mic Mhathghamna h-I Bhríain, ben tighe
14] aoided coitchinn, do dhul dh'éc in hoc anno.


15] ingen Ridire in Ghlenna, ben h-I Conchobair Chiarraidhe,
16] deighbhen dércech daonnachtach, do dul dh'éc.


17] mac Félim Buidhe h-I Conchobair do marbad
18] per dolum la Toirrdhelbach Ruadh, mac Taidhg Bhuidhe
19] mic Cathail Ruaidh.

Annal LC1525.


20] Kll. Enair for Dhomnach; u. bhliadna ficet ar .u. ced
21] ar mile ais in Tigerna.


H. Domnaill .i. Aodh mac Oedha
22] Ruaidh, ocus .H. Neill .i. Conn mac Cuinn, do dhul docum na
23] comairle móire a g-cend an ghiusdís a tús na bliadna
24] sin, ocus égnech ocus iomthagra mhór do dhenum dóibh ré
25] 'roile, ocus filledh dhóibh aimréidh d'aimdheoin a g-cairdibh
26] Gall ocus Gáidel díbhlínaibh; ocus mórán do mhilled
27] etorra don chogad sin.


Síth do dhénum doibh iarsin a
28] tús fóghmhair mar aderadh an Giúsdís ocus Maghnus O
29] Domnaill.


Gnim uathmar granna do dhenumh a n-Erinn
30] in bhliadain si .i. easpug Leithghlinne do marbad a
31] mebail la Mac an Abaid Mac Mhurchada, ocus é


1] faris féin maille ré gradh mór ocus re síthcháin, ocus
2] an chuid ar a rug Iarla Chille Dara do lucht lamhaighthi
3] an ghnioma sin, rug leis íad gus an áit a n-dernadh an
4] droch comairle sin, ocus tuc fódera a b-fhendadh beó ar
5] tús, ocus a n-abaighe ocus a n-ionathar do bhuain asda,
6] ocus a loscad ina b-fhiadhnuse díbhlínaibh.


H. Catháin .i.
7] Sean mac Tomáis do marbad do chuid dá chinedh fein .i.
8] mac Ruaidri an Rútta h-I Catháin ocus mac Goffraigh
9] h-I Chatháin, oidhche lúghnusa do shunnradh.


Easpuc Cille
10] Dalúa .i. Toirrdhelbhach mac Mathghamhna h-I Briain
11] dh'éc, .i. an Gaoidel is mó fuair ocus is ferr tuc uadh é
12] diambui a comaimsir fris, ocus fer einigh choitchinn
13] comoirderc da gach oen an t-espuc sin, ocus fer
14] chosanta a chóra a tír ocus a g-coicrich do dheoin ocus do
15] aimdheoin, ocus fer slúaig mhóir do chur a g-cend a chéle
16] go minic do milled a escarad ocus do chendsugad a
17] bhídhbhad, conách raibhe a g-comfhogus dó na dhuthaid fein
18] iná i n-duthaid eli na comfhogus mac Gaidel nar ghabh a
19] thuillmhe ocus a thuarusdal uadh; ocus ní ele fós do b'é
20] an t-espuc sin .H. Briain an t-écht ós gach echt ocus
21] an esbud os gach esbudh da d-tarla re h-ealadan an én
22] aimsir ris.


An deganach mac Briain Ruaidh Mic
23] Conmidhe, fer thighe oeided coitchinn dá gach oen, ocus a
24] mac .i. Cerbhall Mac Conmidhe, dh'éc in hoc anno.


25] Inghen h-I Dhuibhgendain .i. Caiterfhina do dhul dh'éc
26] iar n-ongad ocus iar n-aitrighe im fhéil Coluim Cille,
27] ocus a h-annlucad go h-onorach a mainistir Duin na
28] n-Gall in hoc anno.

Annal LC1526.


29] Kll. Enair for Luan. Sé bliadna ar .u. ced ar
30] mile ais in Tigerna.


Mac h-I Ruairc .i. Tadhc mac
31] Eogain do marbad a meabail lá muinter a derbráthar
32] fein.


O Néill .i. Conn ocus Maghnus O Domnaill


1] do dhul a g-cend an ghiúsdís do dhenum shíthe Conaldach
2] ocus Eoganach, ocus iar tinól mhórain do mhaithib
3] Gall ocus Gaoidel da sídhugad nír bheidir a sídugad
4] annsin, ocus tancodar aimreidh dá tighibh.


H. Raighilligh
5] .i. Eogan do dhul dh'éc, ocus cogad mór etir a chinedh fá
6] tigernus an tire, no gur goiredh .H. Raighilligh d'Fergal
7] mac Seain do mholadh an ghiúsdís ocus mhóráin do mhaithibh
8] Gall ocus Gaoidel, ge dho bhadar daoine bu shine ná h-é
9] ag cur chuige.


Cogad mór ar n-eirghe a n-Iochtar
10] Chonnacht an bhliadain sin, ocus a n-urmhór uile do
11] chengal re chéli i n-aghaid h-I Dhomnaill, fa Brian mac
12] Félim h-I Conchobair ocus fá mac Cathail Óig h-I
13] Conchobair, ocus fa t-shliocht Cormaic mic Donnchada,
14] ocus Iochtar Cairbri do creachad leo; ocus O Domnaill
15] do brissedh na Gráinsighe, ocus dul a Muigh Luirg
16] do 'na dhiaidh sin ocus an tír do mhilledh ocus do loscud
17] lais. An t-Shíl Conchobair ocus an Chlann n-Donnchadha
18] sin do bhí ar an g-cogad do cruinnechadh ocus teacht go
19] Sligech dhóibh, ocus cur go maith dochum an chaisléin no
20] gur marbadh duine maith da muinter .i. Ruaidri Ballach
21] mac h-I Airt. Imthecht dóibh an lá sin ocus cruinneachad
22] doibh fá chend gairid arís, ocus teacht co Sligech
23] do mhilled gort ocus do chur dochum an bhaile, ocus O
24] Domnaill d'fhagail sgéla a m-beith mar sin, ocus a
25] ghluasssacht chucu ocus breith orra, ocus a madhmugad
26] lais, ocus cuid mhór dá n-dáinedh do bhuain díbh, ocus
27] édáil mhór ech ocus airm ocus eidigh.


O Neill .i. Conn do
28] theacht slúag mór do toirmesc oipri caisléin do
29] thinnscuin Maghnus O Domnaill do denum a Purt na
30] Tri Namad, ocus Maghnus do thegmháil re tús an t-slúaig,
31] ocus mac Seain h-I Neill .i. Enrí do ghabáil leis,
32] ocus O Neill d'imthecht a g-coir mhadhma.


O Catháin .i.
33] Goffraigh mac Goffradha do marbadh a n-ucht Bealaigh


1] in chamáin le mac h-I Neill .i. Niall Óg, an ced mhí do
2] t-shámradh, ocus Niall féin do ghabáil fá chend athghairid
3] iarsin leis O Neill, ocus a bheith 'na chimidh.


4] mac Oedha mic Diarmada, an bheithir bheodha bhith
5] oirrderc, do marbad le slicht h-I Conchobair Ruaid
6] iar ná fhagail a m-baogal for Mullach Croiche.


7] lá h-Iarla Chille Dara fa machaire Chonnacht ar
8] forgall h-I Conchobair Ruaid, gur ghabhustar Baile
9] Thopair Bríghdi ocus Caislén Riabach Chlainni Faghartaigh,
10] ocus ro thídlaic d'O Chonchobair Ruadh iad.


11] Lommargain h-I Conchobair la clainn Ruaidri Mic
12] Diarmada ag Cuirr in Droichit, ocus cúigfer no t-sheisfer
13] da muinter d'fhágbáil dóibh-siom.


Argain t-shlechta
14] Taidhc Mic Branáin ocus Tuathla .H. Conchobair na
15] chinadh síeín, ocus Ruaidri mac Cuinn Mic Branáin do
16] mharbadh la clainn Eachmharcaigh Mic Branáin.


17] Mhég Amhalgaidh la h-Ua Maoil Sechlainn, dar sarugad
18] an Iarla.


Slóigedh la Brian O Ruairc a muinter
19] Eoluis, gur gabh nert fer g-Conmaicne ocus Chinél
20] m-Bibhsaigh don dul sin.


Mac h-I Chatháin .i. Goffraigh
21] mac Donnchada, adhbar tigerna a thíre féin, do dhul ar
22] siobal creiche a n-Glend Choncadhuin a mi Enáir do
23] shinnradh, ocus é fein d'fhagbail, ocus nach b-fríth én
24] fhocul dá sgélaibh no go b-fríth a chorp an t-shechtmhuin
25] déighenach don chorghus ar a chinn; ocus Enrí mac Neill
26] mhic Briain, tigerna Baile na Brághad do marbad ann,
27] ocus mórán eli do marbadh ocus do lethad ann maille
28] riú dá muinter.


Maidhm do thabairt do mac mic
29] Piaruis Buitiléir ar chlainn Emuinn mhic Tomáis
30] Buitileir, dú inar marbad Conchobar Óg mac Conchobair
31] Choeich h-I Dhomnaill, do bhí na chónsabal gallóglaech


1] ocus na láimh maith go minic, ocus go h-airighthi an lá
2] sin, oir nir leic a nert ocus méd a menma ocus febhus
3] a laimhe dhó anacal do ghabáil iar ná thaircsin dó, ocus do
4] tuit imat do dhaoinib móra maithi sa maidhm sin do
5] mharcshlúagaib ocus do ghallóglaechuibh.


O Dochartaigh .i.
6] Echmharcach, tigerna Innsi h-Eogain, dh'éc a n-err a
7] aoissi in hoc anno, ocus cogad mor etir a chinedh fá
8] thigernus an tíre, ocus tigherna do dhenum do Geralt
9] mac Domnaill mic Fhélim h-I Dhochartaigh.


Sloiged la
10] .H. n-Domnaill a Tír Amhalgaid do chongnum lé slicht
11] Ricaird a Búrc, ocus Caorthannán ocus Cros Mhaoilína
12] do ghabáil leis, ocus a m-brissedh dhó, ocus bráighde ocus
13] édála imdha do tabairt asda sin, ocus síth d'fhagbáil
14] etir shlicht Ricaird a Búrc ocus Bairédachaibh; ocus
15] foslongport do dhénum dhó ar a fhilledh fá chaislén
16] Cúl Mhaile, ocus síth ocus bráighde do bhuain do t-shliocht
17] Cormaic Mic Donnchada annsin, et reliqua.

Annal LC1527.


18] Kll. Enáir for mhairt. Seacht m-bliadna fichet ar
19] .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Mac Donnchada Thíre
20] h-Oilella .i. Cormac mac Taidhg mic Bríain do dhul dh'éc,
21] ocus cogad mór idir Chlainn n-Donnchadha fá thigernus
22] an tíre 'na dhiaidh, no gur goiredh Mac Donnchada
23] d'Eoghan mac Donnchada mic Murchada.


Brian mac
24] Félim mic Maghnusa h-I Conchobair dh'éc in hoc anno.


25] Domnall mac Félim mic Thoirrdhelbaigh Charraigh h-I
26] Conchobair mortuus est.


O Cleirigh.i. an Gilla Riabach
27] mac Taidhg Caim, sói re h-eladhain ocus fer saidhbris mhóir,
28] d'fhaghail bháis a n-aibíd san Fróinséis a mí mhedhoin in
29] erraigh.


Domnall mac an Espuic h-I Ghallchubair do
30] marbad le cuid do t-shlicht Aonghuis h-I Ghallchubhair
31] an bhliadain si.


In Doctúir mac Eogain I Duinnshleibhe,
32] sói re leighes ocus annsna h-ealadhnaibh eli durmhór,
33] ocus fer conáigh mhóir ocus tighe aoided, dh'éc an tress


1] lá ría b-fhéli Froinsias.


Mag Uidhir do dhul dh'éc an
2] bhliadain si, ocus tigerna do dhenum don chomhorba
3] Mhág Uidir 'na ionadh .i. do Chú Connacht mac Conconnocht
4] mic Briain.


Toirrdhelbach mac Eignecháin
5] I Dhomnaill mortuus est.


Félim mac Goffradha mic
6] Seain Luirg h-I Domnaill mortuus est.


Sloigedh leis
7] O n-Domhnaill a Mágh Luirg, ocus an tír do mhilled etir
8] arbhar ocus fhoirgnem, ocus an caislén mór ocus caislen
9] an Bennada do ghabáil dó, ocus caislén an Chalaidh,
10] ocus Baile na h-Uamha, ocus an Caislén Riabach do
11] ghabáil dó; ocus a m-brissedh iarsin, ocus marcach
12] maith do marbad do muinter h-I Domnaill a n-ucht an
13] Bhelaigh Bhuidhe .i. Oedh Buidhe mac an Dubhaltaigh h-I Gallchubhair.


14] Caislen Liffir do thinnscna le Maighnus O
15] n-Domnaill in cedoein iar b-fhéil Brénainn, ocus a
16] crichnugad le cuid don t-shamhrad sin etir obair crainn
17] ocus cloiche, ocus cogad h-I Neill fair.


Maghnus O
18] Domnaill do dhul ar siubal creichi a n-Glionn Fhéile ar
19] Oedh m-Buidhe O n-Domnaill, ocus creach do thabairt lais,
20] ocus dias marcach dá muinter do marbad .i. mac
21] Domnaill mic Fhélim mic Aonghusa Óig h-I Ghallchubair,
22] ocus mac Briain Chaoich mic Domnaill mic in Deganaigh.


23] Tommás mac Maghnusa Mhégg Uidir dh'éc .i. soi
24] chléirigh ocus dhuine thuicsigh tréighighe re Laidin ocus re
25] Gaoidilige, ocus dob ferr cóip leabar Laidne ocus
26] Ghaoidilge a comhgar dhó, ocus fer muirir mhóir d'iomchur
27] ocus tighe aoidhed do chongmáil.


Ruaidri mac Murchada
28] mic t-Shuibhne do marbad da bráitribh p-fein in
29] hoc anno.


Uilliam mac Aindriass Mhég Craith .i. fer
30] saidhbris mhóir ocus biatach maith, ocus a bhen, dh'ec an


1] én ló con oidhche in bhliadain sin.


Caitilín ingen Chuinn
2] mic Domnaill h-I Neill, ben craibhtech dheigh einigh do bhí
3] ag fheraibh maithi .i. ag O Raighilligh ar tús ocus ag O Ruairc
4] 'na dhiaidh sin, d'fhaghail bháis an bhlíadain si iar n-ongad
5] ocus n-aithrighe.


Iarla Chille Dara ocus mac Iarla
6] Urmhuman do dhul a Saxanaibh tré imthnúth ocus tre
7] innlach a chéle, ocus a inadh fein a n-Erinn do fhágbáil ag
8] barún Delbhna, .i. giusdís na h-Erenn an tan sin in t-Iarla
9] sin Cille Dara.


Domnall mac Fergail mic
10] Domnaill h-I Birn, dux in leithe síos do thir Briúin,
11] ocus a bhainchele .i. Lassairfhíona ingen t-Sheain mic in
12] Prieóra, mortui sunt. Tadhg mac Cairbri mic in
13] Prieóra h-I Birn do ghabáil na taoisighechta tar éis
14] Domnaill ar bélaib shinnser shlechta Cormaic h-I Birn,
15] amail is dú do dhegh airilniudh, ocus Maoil Sechluinn O
16] Birn a brathair eli do ghabáil na tanaisdechta.


17] ingen Mhaoilechlainn Mhic Cápa, uxor h-I Ainlighe .i.
18] an bhen dob ferr tánic a g-Cenel Doffa mic Oenghusa re
19] cian d'aimsir, buime dhámh ocus dheoraidh na h-Erenn,
20] aithghin Mhóire Muman ar chlú ocus ar crabadh ocus ar
21] chaondúthracht, ben is mó tuc d'offráil ocus d'almsanaibh
22] bídh ocus édaigh do bhochtaibh ocus d'aidhilgnechaibh an
23] Choimdidh ocus dá gach aon no rigedh a less a fhaghail, a
24] h-ég ar lár a longpuirt féin a port Locha Leisi, et
25] sepulta est a n-Oilfinn fá dhíden Dé ocus Phádraic.


26] An Prióir Óg O Fergail .i. Tomáss mac Emuinn mhic
27] Rossa, tigerna Chalaidh na h-Anghaile, ocus an cúiged
28] cuibhrendach dob ferr do bhói do Chlannuibh Rugraidhe, do
29] marbadh la clainn Emuinn h-I Chellaigh ocus le slicht
30] Félim mic Gilla na Naom h-I Fergail, ocus a triur mac
31] maille friss per dolum.


Forbhuise chúig seachtmhuineadh
32] no assé la clainn Ruaidri mic Diarmada, ocus lá
33] clainn Taidhg mic Ruaidri mic Diarmada, ocus la
34] Mac n-Dubhghaill ocus le slicht h-I Conchobair Ruaid,


1] ocus re slicht Félim Fhinn, ocus le slicht Taidhg mic
2] Branáin, for Chaislén Riabach Chlainni Faghartaigh, ocus
3] muc ingnad crainn do dhenum chuige dhoibh do h-shailghibh
4] degh dhaingne daracha, ocus sailghe fada fír mhóra ar luth
5] fúithe.


Diarmaid mac Taidg Ruaid, ocus marcach
6] maith do bhunadh Chlainne Maol Runaid, do mharbad amach
7] assan g-caislén, ocus an mhuc do gherradh fá dheoidh la
8] Tuathal Ruad.

Annal LC1528.


9] Kll. Enáir for Cedaoin; bissex fuirre. Ocht
10] m-bliadna fiched ocus .u. ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


11] Inghen h-I Briain .i. Finnghuala ingen Conchobair, an bhen
12] is mó do chossuin do chlú a comaimsir ría do thaobh chuirp
13] ocus anma, do dhul dh'éc iar g-caithem a h-aoissi ocus a
14] h-inme re h-oinech ocus re daonnocht ar tús, ocus iar
15] m-beith bliadain ar fhichit a n-aibíd an tress uird ag
16] denum crábadh ocus daonnachta ocus degh oiprighthe do
17] thaobh Dhé ocus an t-shaoguil.


H. Bríain .i. Toirrdhelbach
18] mac Taidhc, an Gaoideal dob fhaide re h-uaisle ocus
19] re h-enech a Leth Modha uile, ocus oigri díles Briain
20] Boruma ar chongmhail chogaid re Galloib, d'faghail bháis
21] iar n-ongad ocus iar n-aithrighe, ocus a mac do rigad na
22] ionad .i. Conchobar mac Toirrdhealbaigh.


Mac Diarmada
23] Mhoighe Luirg .i. Cormac mac Ruaidhrí mic Diarmada,
24] féichem coitchenn ar einech ocus ar fhéile d'aois
25] ealadna, ocus mír cruadha cogaid ocus cothaighthi Connacht
26] an Cormac sin, ocus fer chosanta a criche fein
27] ar a essgcairdibh é, ocus a ég iar n-ongad ocus iar
28] n-aithrighe a n-err a aoissi; ocus a dherbráthair .i.
29] Diarmaid do ghabháil a ionad dia éis.


Conn mac Neill
30] mic Airt h-I Neill, cennfedhna maith do Chinél Eogain,
31] do mharbad la mac Airt Óig h-I Neill, ocus dias mac


1] h-I Neill .i. Enrí ocus Cormac, do bhí a láimh ag .H. Neill
2] a b-fad roime sin, do thabairt do clainn Cuinn mic
3] Neill, ocus clann Cuinn do crochad na deisi mac righ
4] sin.


Caislén Cúl Mhaoile do ghabhail ar Mac n-Donnchada
5] da dherbrathair fein .i. do Muircertach Mac
6] Donnchada mac Murchada, ocus Mac Donnchada
7] fein ocus a mac .i. Murchad do ghabhail fá chend goirid
8] 'na dhiaidh sin leis O n-Dubhda, ocus le Muircertach
9] Mac n-Donnchada, ocus mac eli do Mac Donnchada
10] do mharbad ann .i. Donnchad.


Sloiged leis O n-Domhnaill
11] maille re h-Albanchaib móra fa Alusdar mac
12] Eóin Chathánaigh a Muigh Luirg, ocus an Bealach Buidhe
13] do gerradh dhoibh, ocus cíos ocus bráighdi d'fhaghail on tír,
14] ocus teacht slán.


O Ruairc .i. Eogan mac Tigernáin,
15] tigerna na Breifne, ursa chothaighthe einigh ocus uaisle
16] t-shleachta Aodha Finn, d'fhaghail bháis an bhliadain
17] sin a n-aibíd san Froinséis iar n-ongad ocus iar
18] n-aithrighe.


Mac Suibhne Fanad .i. Domnall Óg mortuus
19] est iar g-cur aibíde an uird Muire uime la fhéli
20] Muire isin n-geimhredh.


Gaoth mhór isin m-bliadain si
21] an aoine ria nodlaic, ionnus gur leg mórán d'oiprechaibh
22] crainn ocus cloiche ocus iomad do crannuibh, ocus go
23] h-áirighthi do bris mainistir Dhúin na n-Gall, ocus do
24] bris ocus do fhuadaig a lán d'arrtroighibh ar muir ocus
25] ar tír.


Muiris mac Dhonnchada h-I Bigleighind, sói re
26] leighius, d'fhaghail bháis an bhliadain sin.


O Maoil Mhíadhaigh
27] .i. Cathal mac Domnaill mic Uaithne Bhuidhe, taissech
28] Theallaigh Cerbhallain, mortuus est.

Annal LC1529.


29] Kll. Enair for Aoine. Nói m-bliadna fiched ocus
30] .u. ced ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


Conchobar Óg O
31] Baighill, tanusde a thalman féin, do mharbadh lá clainn


1] h-I Bhaighill in hoc anno.


Iarla Dessmuman, Semus,
2] an t-aon mac Goill fá mo clú oinigh ocus uaisle do bhí an
3] Erinn, ocus do bhoi 'na ursain cogaid re Galloib ocus
4] re Gaoidhelaibh, ocus dob ferr do chend dámh ocus deoraid,
5] dh'éc a lár a aoisi ocus a inme do ghalur opann thrí
6] n-oidhche im fheil san Seain.


Félim mac Conchobair h-I
7] Bháighill do mharbad la clainn h-I Bhaighill in hoc anno.


8] Mac mic Dhubhghaill na h-Alban do mharbadh la h-Aodh
9] m-Buidhe .H. n-Domhnaill a n-dorus chaisléin Chúile mhic
10] an Tréin d'én bhúille cloidhem.


Caislén Chúil mic an
11] Trein do gabáil fá chend gairid 'na dhiaidh sin le Mághnus
12] .H. n-Domnaill, ocus a brissedh ass a h-aithle do thoradh
13] na comairle.


O h-Uiginn .i. Domnall Cam, saoi re
14] dán ocus re foghluim, dh'éc in hoc anno.


Mac h-I
15] Uiginn .i. Aodh mac Glaisne, sói re dán, mortuus est.


16] Brian Ballach mac Neill mic Cuinn do mharbad le
17] Cormac Mac Uibhilín, ocus ó ar mhuinnterus Briain
18] féin, ocus síad ag fagbáil Chairrge Ferghuis.


19] Cosnamach mac Fergail mic Donnchada Dhuibh Mic
20] Aodhagáin, .i. an fer fá h-uirrderca a b-feinechus ocus
21] a b-fhilidhecht re breithemnus tuaithi a tíribh Gaoidel,
22] mortuus est et sepultus est a n-Oilfinn.


23] mac Eoin mic Domnaill mic Birrthagra, adhbar olloman
24] Tuaiscert Uladh re bérla feinechuis, mortuus est et
25] sepultus est ag Carraig Ferghuis.


Sémus mac Ruaidri
26] mic Birrthagra, mac fhuirmhigh a ealadna fein, mortuus
27] est.


Mac Ailín .i. Cailín mac Gille Espuig, én rogha a
28] n-oirir ghaoidhelaibh uile ar engnum ocus ar einech, dh'éc.


29] Domnall mac Aodha mic Domnaill Mic Aodhagáin .i.


1] Mac Aodhagáin Urmhuman .i. cend éigsi Leithe Modha ar
2] eigsi ocus ar fhilidecht, mortuus est.


Mac Fheoruis
3] Dhúin Móir .i. Maoilir mortuus est.


4] mac Maghnusa Mic Diarmada Ruaidh ocus Conchobar
5] mac Giolla Marrtain do marbad an Oilfind, ocus
6] Ruaidri Buidhe mac Donnchada Dhuibh ocus Emann mac
7] Dubhghaill do gabail ann leis O Conchobair Ruadh.

Annal LC1530.


8] Kll. Ienair for h-shatharn; x. m-bliadna ocus .u.
9] ced ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


Caitilín ingen Murchada
10] mic t-Shuibhne, ben I Dhochartaigh, mortua est.


11] Roiss ingen h-I Chatháin, ben Fhélim I Dhochartaigh, do
12] dhul dh'éc in hoc anno.


Slóiged leis .H. n-Domnaill a
13] mí mhedhóin t-shamrad a coiged Connacht, dár gabadh
14] lais trid choilltib Conchobair ar fad ocus assin a
15] n-Uachtar Thíre, ocus tar Búill budhdhess, ocus tríd an
16] tánuisdecht a Moigh Luirg, ocus tar Cara Dromma
17] Ruisc soir doridhis; ocus Muinter Eoluis do mhilledh
18] ocus do loscud lais, ocus cuid dá dhaoinibh do buain de
19] im chaislen Liathdromma .i. Maghnus mac Firdhorcha
20] Mic Shuibhne ocus mac Mic Coilín .i. Toirrdelbach
21] Dubh, ocus gabáil assin ariss tar Sinuinn siar, ocus do
22] mhachaire Chonnacht, ocus do droichet Atha Modha tar
23] Suca, ocus Clann Chionnmaigh do creachad ocus do
24] loscud lais .i. bailti Mic Dáibhíth .i. Glinnsce ocus Cill
25] Chrúáin, ocus édála imdha do thabairt assan tír.
26] Baile an Topair do mhilledh ocus do loscud don dul sin
27] lais, ocus cíoss cossanta d'fagbháil ar .H. Conchobair
28] Ruad .i. sé pinginne isin g-cethromain dá dhúthaid; ocus
29] filled tarais don Bhealaigh Buidhi iar milled Muighe
30] Luirg, ocus gan díghbhail do dhénum dhó.


Sorcha ingen
31] Aodha Óig mic Aodha an Einigh mic Neill mic Cuind, uxor


1] hi Neill .i. Cuinn mic Cuinn mic Enrí, mortua est.


2] Artáin dux Chineoil Fhoghartaigh mortuus est.


3] Domnaill Gallóglaech .i. Colla mac Colla, consapal tire
4] h-Eogain mic Neill, mortuus est.


Cathal mac Ruaidri
5] Óig mic Ruaidhri Caoich Mic Dhiarmada, sáoi chinnfhedhna
6] do chrechairecht ocus do chendsugad a escarad ar gach
7] taoibh dhe, mortuus est.


Cumsgraich mac Maol Ruanaidh
8] mic Conchobair Mhég Rághnaill mortuus est.


9] crandghaile dob ferr do bhí an Erinn ag Mac Conshnama
10] ar Loch Aillinne do loscud lais O n-Domnaill, ocus an
11] Bhreiffne uile ó t-shhlíabh siar do mhilledh dhó.


12] mhór do dhénum d'Aodh Bhuidhe O Dhomnaill a n-Gaileng.


13] Sloiged eli leis .H. n-Domhnaill a mí mhedhóin an fhoghmhair
14] ar mac Uillíam Búrc, dár milledh cuid don tír, ocus
15] síth do shnadhmad doib iarsin, ocus teacht slan acht óg
16] mharcach maith don t-shlúaigh .i. Aodh mac Conchobair
17] Riabaich h-I Dhuibhidhir.


Rugraidhe, mac Eogain mic Aodha
18] Bailbh mic t-Sheain h-I Dhochartaigh, écht mór 'na dhuthaid
19] féin, mortuus est.


Mac Uilliam Chlainni Ricaird
20] .i. Ricard mac Uilleg Finn mic Uilleg Ruaidh mic
21] Uilleg an Fhína, cinnlitir Gall ocus Ghaoidel Uachtair
22] Connacht, ocus an t-é dob ferr oinech ocus uaisle, ocus
23] bhudh daingne recht ocus riagail tánic do t-shliocht
24] Uillíam Cuncúr re cian d'aimsir, d'faghail bháis do ghalur
25] aithgherr an mhí déighionach don errach.


Caipidil na
26] m-brathar mionúr a n-Dún na n-Gall an bhliadain sin,
27] ocus O Domnaill dá d-tabairt amach uile ó thús co déredh
28] ar a chosdus fein maille re caithem mór ocus re
29] sochraidhecht adhbail ónorach.


Espuc Oilefinn .i. an t-espuc
30] Grégech d'faghail bháis, ocus ni h-oilbheim don


1] daonnacht an t-ég an espuic Grégaigh.


2] Choluim Cille a n-Glionn Cille .i. Donn mag Niallussaigh
3] mortuus est.


Iarla Chille Dara .i. Geróid mac Geróid
4] do bhí a fhad fá ríasd ag righ Saxan do theacht a n-Erinn
5] ocus Giuisdis Saxanach do thocht leis, ocus iad ag
6] milled mhóráin fá Ghaoidhealaibh. O Raighilligh do ghabáil
7] dóibh ocus é ar teacht 'na g-cenn fein.


Inghen Mic in
8] Bhaird .i. Una dh'ec.


Inghen h-I Bhaighill .i. Róis ingen
9] Toirrdhelbaigh mic Neill Ruaid, ben dércach deighenigh,
10] mortua est.


Síle ingen h-I Fallamain uxor Cairbri
11] mic in prióra h-I Birn, ben dércach dhaonnachtach
12] deigh dealbha nar dhiult dámh na deoraidh, mortua est.

Annal LC1531.


13] Kll. Enáir for Domnach; en bliadan dég ar fichit,
14] ocus cuig ced ocus mile ais in Tigerna.


O Siaghail
15] ollam leighis Innsi h-Eogain mortuus est.


16] Bheoil Leice do ghabáil d'Aodh Bhuidhe O Dhomnaill, ocus
17] buaidhred an tíre do theacht ass sin go mór.


18] mac Toirrdhelbaigh mic Taidhc h-I Briain,
19] tánusde Tuadhmhuman, cennfedhna maith ocus fer
20] d'énmha einigh ocus uaisle, dh'éc in hoc anno.


21] Carrthaigh Riabach .i. Domnall mac Fínghin mic Diarmada,
22] tigerna óg Cairbri, ocus fer einigh coitchinn
23] d'éigsibh ocus d'aois ealadna, ocus tigerna do bu ro
24] mhaith reacht ocus riagal, ocus tuc gairm scoile
25] d'feruibh Erenn, do dhul dh'éc in hoc anno.


Mac h-I
26] Dhochartaigh .i. Niall mac Conchobair Charraigh mortuus
27] est.


Diarmaid mac Seain mic Aodha mic Mhaol Ruanaidh
28] .i. an t-é dob ferr uaisle ocus daonnacht día
29] choirpfhine fein, dh'éc.


Cogad mór a Tír Conaill an
30] bhliadain sin idir O n-Domhnaill ocus a mac .i. Mághnus.
31] O Domnaill do chur t-shlúaigh mhóir an aon áit ocus dul


1] a n-dúthaidh Mhaghnuis, ocus an tir do mhilledh dhó; ocus
2] mac Donnchada Choeich Mhég Uidhir, duine uassal
3] maith d'Feruibh Manach do mharbadh ar an slóiged; ocus
4] Maghnus do theacht a tír Aodha ocus morán do mhilledh
5] innti, ocus araile.


Mac Mic Uibhilín .i. Cormac, cend
6] fedhna maith ocus fer einigh choitchinn, d'fhagail bháis co
7] h-obann in hoc anno.


Sloiged leisin n-giuisdís t-Shaxsanach
8] .i. Uillíam Sgemeltún a Tír Eogain, ocus O Domnaill
9] do dhul 'na g-conne, ocus caislén Cinnaird do
10] brissedh ocus an tir do mhilledh; ocus Brían mac
11] Lochluinn mic t-Shuibhne, consapal Iarla Urmhuman, do
12] mharbadh a m-bruighin ar an sloiged sin fein.


13] Buidhe mac Mhaoilechlainn mic Iollainn Mic in Legha
14] Ruaidh, sói na ealadain fein, dh'ec an bhliadain sin.


15] Síle ingen Chairbre h-I Birn, ben a h-aossa féin dob
16] ferr do bhaintoisseachaibh Shíl Muireghaigh ina coimré,
17] d'fagbail bháis, ocus a h-adhlucad a Ross Chommáin a
18] n-othurlighe a sinnser.


Tuathal O Domnalláin ó
19] Mhachaire Mhaonmhoighe mortuus est.


Gilla Padraic
20] mac Adhuimh Mic in Bhaird mortuus est.

Annal LC1532.


21] Kll. Enáir for Luan: dhá bhlíaduin dhéc ar fhichit
22] ocus .u. ced ocus mile.


O Domnaill do dhul a g-cend
23] an ghiuisdís .i. Uillíam Sgemeltún an bhliadain si, ocus
24] rann ocus cengal do dhenum ris, ocus an giuisdís
25] Sacsanach do thocht a Tír Eogain, ocus Dun Genuinn do
26] brissedh dhó, ocus an tir do mhilledh.


Iarla Chille Dara
27] .i. Geróid mac Geróid do thocht ass Sassanaibh ocus é 'na
28] ghiuisdís ón rí.


O Domnaill do dhul a Muigh Luirg ocus
29] Mac Domnaill leis .i. Alusdar mac Eoin Chathánaigh,
30] ocus creacha ocus loiscthi do dhenum dhoibh, ocus sith do
31] dhenum go luath 'na dhiaidh sin dóibh.


Clann h-I Neill .i.
32] clann Airt Óig .i. Domnall ocus Tuathal, do bhói


1] a b-fhad a m-braighdenus ag O Néill, do crochad lais in
2] hoc anno.


Eogan mac Thigernain mhic Eogain h-I
3] Rúairc, sói dhuine uassuil ar a chulaidh fein, do mharbad
4] le clainn I Mhaoil Mhiadhaigh a m-baile na m-bráthar a
5] n-Druim Dhá Eithíar.


Mac Mhég Fhlannchaidh .i.
6] Toirrdhelbach do mharbad dia dhias derbráthar féin
7] a n-dorus baile Mhég Fhlannchaidh, ocus Brian
8] O Ruairc do mhilledh mhoráin a n-Dartraighe trídsin.


9] Inghen Mhic Shúibhne Fhánad .i. Máire, .i. ben h-I Bháighill,
10] d'fhagail bháis go h-obann .i. a h-escur dá h-each
11] a n-dorus a baile fein.


O Maol Conaire .i. Torna mac
12] Torna mortuus est, ocus O Maol Conaire do ghairm na
13] ionad do Conchobar mac Domnaill Rúaid h-I Mhaoil
14] Conaire, ocus a dhul dh'éc go luath 'na dhiaidh sin.


15] Aird na Riadh do ghabáil le clainn h-I Dhubhda ar
16] mac Seain a Búrc, ocus cogad etorra p-féin ocus
17] sliocht Ricaird a Búrc, ocus mórán creach ocus
18] marbhtha do denum etorra in hoc anno.


O Cerbhuill .i.
19] Maol Ruanaidh, an Gaoidel do b'uaisle ocus do b'
20] oirrderca a Leth Modha, ocus is mó do mhill fá Ghalloibh
21] ocus do lessaigh fá Ghaoidelaibh, d'fhagail bháis in hoc
22] anno.


Comorba Fídhnacha .i. Brian mortuus est.


23] Mac Uidhilín .i. Ualtar mac Geróid do mharbadh a
24] n-egluis Dhúin Bó, ocus Conchobar mac h-I Chatháin, fer
25] toictech tromchonáigh, do loscud, ocus Mac Con Uladh
26] .i. Sémmus mac Airt Mic Con Uladh do ghabail ann.
27] Clann Domhnaill Chleirigh h-I Chatháin do ríne na gnioma
28] sin.


Mac iarla Urmhuman .i. Tomáss mac Píaruis
29] Ruaid do marbad a n-Ossraighe le Diarmaid mac
30] Gilla Phádraic, adhbar righ Ossraighe; ocus ní mór nar bhé
31] sin écht Mhaoil Mhóire, daigh nír bho cian íarsin gurro
32] tairbhreth Diarmaid lé na derbráthair féin, .i. lá Mac
33] Gilla Phadraic, don Iarla Urmhuimnech, ocus ro cenglad


1] Diarmaid lás an iarla a n-díghuil a mhic ocus gach uilc
2] airchena da n-dernadh le Diarmaid roime sin riam.


3] Dubhchabhlaigh, inghen Conchobair mic Ruaidri Bhuidhi .i.
4] ben Conchobair Óig mic Muircheartaigh Mic Diarmada
5] Rúaid, mortua est.

Annal LC1533.


6] Kll. Enair for Mairt; tri bliadna dég ar ar
7] .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Mac Diarmada
8] Mhoighe Luirg .i. Diarmaid an Einigh mac Ruaidri Óig
9] mic Ruaidri Chaoich Mic Diarmada, do mharbadh per
10] dolum la clainn Eogain mic Thaidhg mic Ruaidri Mic
11] Diarmada, .i. bráithre Mic Diarmada féin, ocus fá
12] mór an t-écht sin, óir ní raibhe a comaimsir ris a n-Erinn
13] fer a thigernuis do budh mó oinech ocus uaisle, ocus
14] dob ferr do cend dámh ocus deoraidh, ocus ann gach uile
15] mhodh duine mhaith ináss; fer lán do aithne ocus d'eolus
16] ocus d'eladhain, ocus da gach maith áirchena; lá fhéile
17] Brénuinn ros-dí-chendad a Lios Aodháin a crich Airtigh,
18] ocus Eogan mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada do rioghadh ar
19] crích Chlainni Mhaol Ruanaidh 'na dhiaidh.


Caislén Sligighh
20] do ghabáil le Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg mic Aodha h-I Chonchobair
21] ar indsaiged oidhche, íar bh-faghail th-sheolta ocus
22] chuir amach air ó chuid do lucht coiméta in chaisléin
23] fein.


Caislen Aird na Riadh do ghabáil lé clainn Tommáis
24] a Búrc ar chlainn h-I Dhubhda san oidhche mur an
25] cedna.


Crech mhór do dhénum d'O Dhomnaill ar .H.
26] n-Eghra m-Buidhe idir dhá abhuinn.


Niall mac Murchada
27] Mic Shuibhne do mharbad ar droichet Sligigh .i. an t-óg
28] macaom dob ferr do t-shliocht Donnchada Mhóir, in hoc
29] anno.


Muircertach mac Feilim mic Toirrdhelbaigh
30] Charraigh do chrochad la .H. n-Domhnaill ar faichthi caislein


1] Enaigh, ar n-diultad an bhaile do thabairt ass dá chloinn
2] ocus dá bráithribh fein.


Maol Ruanaidh Óg mac Mhaol
3] Ruanaidh I Cherbhuill dh'éc in hoc anno.


O Maol Mhuaidh
4] .i. Domnall Caoch mac in Chosnamaigh do mharbadh a b-fhioll
5] le na derbráthair fein, ocus le mac a derbráthar,
6] ar faichthi Loinn Eala, ocus O Maol Mhuaidh do ghairm dá
7] dherbráthair .i. do Chathaoir.


Emonn mac Cuinn mic
8] Néill do mharbadh le clainn Mhég Uidhir.


Feilim Bacach
9] mac Néill mic Cuinn dh'éc in hoc anno.

Annal LC1534.


10] Kll. Enáir for dhardaoin; ceitri bliadna deg ar
11] fichit ar .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Mac Diarmada
12] Mhoighe Luirg, .i. Eogan mac Taidhg mic Ruaidri
13] Mic Diarmada, d'fhagail bháis an bliadain sin ar
14] Cairrig Mic Dhiarmada iar n-ongad ocus n-aithrighe,
15] ocus Aodh mac Cormaic mic Ruaidhrí Mic Diarmada
16] do ghabháil tigernuis Mhoighe Luirg 'na dhiaidh, ocus é 'na ab
17] a mainisdir na Búille; ocus Cairrig Mic Dhiarmada
18] do ghabáil le clainn Taidhg mic Ruaidri Mic Diarmada
19] an uair sin .i. do Ruaidri ocus do Thomaltach. Cogad
20] ocus imressuin d'fhás isin tír dhe sin.


Mac mic
21] Eochada .i. Donnchad mac Mhaol Muire mic Eochada,
22] adhbhar ollaman Laigen gan immresuin ocus fer a
23] t-shaothair fein dob ferr ann gach uile ghné don
24] ealadhuin, ocus dob ferr do thighessach, do marbad
25] go tupaistech den urchur do gha le derbraithribh a mathar
26] féin .i. clainn I Tuathail.


Toirrdhelbach Dubh
27] O Dimusaigh do mharbad a b-fhioll le na bráthair féin
28] .i. le Muircertach Óg O n-Diomusaigh ar slánuibh Dé
29] ocus Eibhín naoim.


Muircertach Óg féin do mharbadh
30] go luath 'na dhiaidh sin le .H. Mórdha tre chumachtuibh
31] Dé ocus Eibhín.


Eogan mac Aodha Buidhe mic Neill mic
32] Cuinn, an mac righ dob ferr do shliocht Aodha Buidhe, do


1] mharbad le h-Albanchaib d'en urchur do t-shoighid ar
2] Loch Cuan.


Iarla Chille Dara, .i. Geróid mac Geróid
3] mic Thómmais, do dhul a Saxuibh fá thoghairm righ
4] Saxsan, ocus an t-Iarla do chur dochum báis .i. an t-aon
5] mac Goill do budh mó do sgél do bhí a n-Erinn 'na aimmsir
6] féin; ocus mac an Iarla .i. Tomáss do milled
7] mhuinnteri righ Saxsan a n-Erinn le cogadh .i. gach uile
8] duine dhá raibhe ag muinechadh ass ri Saxsan ar fedh
9] na Midhe a m-bailti do brissedh ocus a m-bráighde do
10] bhuain díbh; ocus airdesspacc Bhaile Atha Clíath do marbadh
11] le mac an Iarla ar an cogad sin. Ocus giuisdís Sassanach
12] do theacht a n-Erinn on rí, ocus bailti mic an
13] Iarla do brissed d'urmhór, ocus an Mhidhe uile do
14] milled etir chill ocus tuaith, ocus uilc imdha do dhenum
15] etorra; ocus Magh Nuaad do ghabáil leisin n-giuisdís
16] h-Shacsanach, ocus echta móra do muinter mic an Iarla
17] do mharbad ann.


O Conchobair Ruad .i. Tadhc Buidhe
18] mac Cathail Ruaidh d'fhagail bháis an bhliadain sin, ocus
19] O Conchobair do ghairm do Thoirrdhelbach Ruad .i. dá
20] mac 'na ionadh.


Brian mac Seain I Mhaoil Mhuaidh do
21] mharbadh a b-fhioll le cuid dá chinedh féin.


O Gallchubair
22] .i. Emmonn mac Eoin mic Tuathail d'fhagail bháis obuinn
23] in hoc anno.


Cormac mac Fergail Mic in Bhaird, sói
24] re dán ocus duine dob ferr tainic dá chinedh fein do
25] thaobh dheirce ocus dhaonnachta, d'fhaghail bháis do ghalur
26] obann iar n-ongadh ocus n-aitrighe.

Annal LC1535.


27] Kll. Enair for Aoine; u. bliadna dh'éc ar ar
28] .u. ced ar mile.


Tommás mac Iarla Cille Dara do
29] cengal re Gaoidhelaib Deiscirt Erenn an bhliadain si,
30] ocus é a n-aghaid an ghiuisdís, tar éis a mhainér ocus a
31] bhailte do bhuain do mac an Iarla don ghiuisdís, ocus é


1] féin ocus araibhe do rann aige d'innarbad asan
2] Midhe, ocus a g-cur a n-ucht Shíl m-Bríain ocus h-I Chonchobair Fhailghe;
3] ocus cogad mór maith agá dhenum
4] aige. Is annsin tánic duine cumachtach do muinter
5] rí Saxsan a n-Erinn .i. Loard Lionard, ocus tanic a
6] g-cend mic an Iarla, ocus tuc ceilg uime, ocus do
7] gheall pardún a h-ucht an righ cuige, ocus ruc lais a
8] Sassanaibh é.


Gabtar mac an Iarla, ocus cuirther
9] a Tur an righ é a m-braighdenus, ocus tánic Loard
10] Lionard
a n-Erinn arís tar ais, ocus fuair an
11] giuisdís do bhí abhus a n-Erinn bás .i. Uillíam Sgemeltún;
12] ocus gabhus Loard Linard fedhmantus an rígh a
13] n-Erinn chuige, ocus tuc clainn Iarla Mhóir Chille
14] Dara chuige for a inchaib fein .i. clann Géróid mic
15] Tomáis .i. Sémus ocus Oliuer, Sean ocus Risterd;
16] ocus iar m-beth dhóibh for taobadh ocus for inchaib
17] Loaird Línaird, ocus siad na coimidecht féin, ro gabadh
18] a n-aoineacht leis; ocus do chuir d'indsaiged ri Saxan
19] íad, ocus cuirter a Tur an rí íad mur araibhe oigri na
20] h-iarlachta .i. Tomáss mac an Iarla. Iar m-beith
21] imorro tuilled ocus bliadain a laim dhoibh p-féin
22] ocus do Tomáss a Tur an righ do cuiredh chum báis iad
23] a b-fhiadhnuse luchta na catrach; ocus ní thanic do
24] Ghallaib Erenn riam fer a aossa fein do budh mó do
25] ghníom ocus d'écht do thaobh uaisle ocus oinigh ocus
26] chenduis fhedhna iná an Tomáss sin mac an iarla; ocus
27] ní mó senmoir da d-tánic a n-deiridh aimsire ná a ghirre
28] do bhí sliocht na h-iarlachta dhá sgrioss a h-Erinn, ocus
29] trén na h-Erenn uile aca re fada d'aimsir roime sin.


30] Muircertach mac Donnchada, mac Murchada, ocus a
31] dhiass mac .i. Sean Glass ocus Fergal, do mharbad le
32] .H. n-Eghra m-Buidhe ar ná chur amach go meabhlach do neoch


1] dhá mhuinnter fein a Maigh Imleach in hoc anno.


2] Suibhne Bághuine .i. Maol Muire, mac Neill Mic Shuibhne,
3] do mharbhadh a b-fhioll le na derbrathair féin
4] .i. Niall Mac Suibhne la fhéile Poil ocus Pedair, a
5] n-dorus chaisléin Mic Shuibhne féin .i. Rathuin.


6] mac Domnaill h-I Domnaill do mharbadh le clainn
7] h-I Bhaighill mur an cedna go nem-maith.


8] mac Cairbre h-I Birn do mharbadh le clainn
9] Chathail mic Ruaidri Mic Diarmada, ocus fa mór an t-écht
10] é, oir is terc má dho bhí a n-Erinn mac taoisigh a
11] inmhe dob fherr a n-egna ocus a n-oinech ocus a n-oirrdercus
12] ináss.


Conchobar mac Eogain mic Dhonnchada,
13] ocus Aodh mac an Chanánaigh do marbad le clainn
14] Taidhg mic Ruaidri Mic Dhonnchada ó Chuil Deghaid
15] a Cill Fhraiss.


Inghen h-I Neill .i. Siubhan ingen Chuinn
16] mic Enrí mic Eogain, ben Mhaghnusa I Dhomnaill,
17] d'fhagail bháis a lár a h-aoisi ocus a h-inme ocus a
18] maithiusa an bhliadain sin, ocus a h-adhlucadh go h-onorach
19] a mainistir Dhúin na n-Gall.


Maidhm mor do tabairt
20] do Mac Amhlaoibh an bhliadain si dú inar marbad
21] tigerna na Claon Ghlaisi ocus Mac Gibún, ocus córugad
22] mór do Chloinn t-Shíthaidh, ocus marbhthar ann bhós mac
23] Maol Muire mic Briain Mic Shuibhne consabal Mic
24] Amlaibh a tosach an imbualta.

Annal LC1536.


25] Kll. Enair for shatharn. Se bliadna dhéc ar .xx. ar
26] .u. ced ar mile ais in Tigerna.


Bliadain ghalrach eslán
27] an bliadain sin, ocus il-tedhmanna innte .i. pláidh
28] coitchend ocus galar brec, ocus pláigh bhuindech ocus


1] galar na leaptha co h-imaircech.


Echt is mó na gach
2] eile echt na aimsir fein, ocus esbad is mó na gach
3] esbad eli a n-Erinn isin m-blíadain si, .i. Cormac Óg mac
4] Cormaic mic Thaidhc Mheg Carrthaigh .i. aon rogha
5] Ghaoidhil Leithi Modha Nuadadh, d'fhagail bháis iar m-breith
6] bhuadha ó dhoman ocus ó dhemun, et sepultus est a g-Cill Chré


Mac Dáibhíth .i. Tomáss mac Dáibhíth mic Emuinn
8] dh'ec in hoc anno.


Mac Goisdelbh .i. Sean Dubh dh'éc in
9] hoc anno.


Tommáss .H. h-Uiginn, .i. oide Fer n-Erenn
10] ocus n-Alban re dán, dh'éc an bhliadain si.


O Cellaigh
11] do marbad in hoc anno, ocus Donnchad mac Emuinn
12] 'na ionadh ar Thír Mhaine.


Maithe Iochtair Chonnacht
13] .i. Tadhc Óg mac Taidhg mic Aodha, ocus Tadhc mac
14] Cathail Óig h-I Conchobair, ocus Clann n-Donnchada
15] ocus clann h-I Dhúbhda, do dhul ar t-shlicht Ricaird a
16] Búrc ar tarruing in espuic Bairéd; ocus caoraighecht
17] an tíre do dul rompadh a d-termann Oirimh, ocus an t-espuc
18] dá lenmain ar an termann, ocus an chaoraighecht
19] do thabairt do d'innsoiged an t-shlúaigh; ocus gan aisec
20] do thabairt uathaib a n-onóir naoim na neimidh dhóibh.


21] Mainistir Dromma Dhá Eithiaghar do loscud san oidhche
22] iar collad do chách, ocus mórán do mhilledh innti.


23] mac Feidhlim h-I Ruairc d'fhagail bháis a n-geimhil ag
24] Brian O Ruairc, mac Eogain mic Thigernáin.


25] Dromma Oirbhealaigh .i. Cathal mac Seoinín mic
26] th-Sheain h-I Mhaoil Mho Chéirghe, fer beothlusach buan
27] chonáigh, d'fhagail bhais an bhliadain sin.


O Conchobair do
28] ghairm do Tadhg Óg, mac Taidhg mic Aodha mic Thoirrdelbaigh
29] Charraigh h-I Chonchobair; ocus nír bh'é sin an t-ainm
30] ba gnath leisin t-é bhudh tigerna a n-Iochtar Chonnacht
31] do t-Shíol Conchobair, acht Mac Domnaill mic


1] Mhuirchertaigh do gairthí don t-é bá tigerna ar Iochtar
2] Chonnacht díbh; acht chena is d'fhoruaisliugad a aicme,
3] ocus do dherrscnugad dona righuibh roime, do róine sium
4] an claochlódh comanma sin do ghairm dhe.


An t-Ua Conchobair
5] núa sin, ocus mac Cathail Óig h-I Chonchobair,
6] do dul ar siobhal innsoiged a g-Clainn Ghoisdealbh, ocus
7] co rucadar na slúaga sin a timcheall Chille Cholmáin
8] .i. baile mic Rugraidhi mic Goisdelbh; ocus tánic fein ar
9] láim h-I Conchobair ass an m-baile, maille re luirech
10] comhfhromtha do bhí aige .i. lúirech Mic Fheoruis. Ocus
11] tuc Ua Conchobair an bráighe sin leis co Sligech; ocus
12] ni mor do creachuibh fuaradar acht sin amháin. Ocus
13] fuair a lán fhuasclad ass in m-bráighid sin.


14] Garbh mac Cathail Mic Dhiarmada do mharbad le mac
15] h-I Birn ar an g-Coill Áimhréidh.


O Ruairc do thairring
16] do Ruaidri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada a timchell
17] chaisléin Chendmhoighe, ocus an baile do brissedh dhóibh,
18] ocus na bharda do mharbadh .i. Cathal mac Cormaic Oig,
19] ocus Fergal mac Briain, ocus ambói ann ó sin amach.


20] Ruaidri na d-Tulán mac Diarmada mic Ruaidri Mic
21] Diarmada, ocus clann Chathail mic Ruaidri Mic
22] Diarmada, do ionnarbad ass Magh Luirg le Ruaidri
23] mac Taidhc Mic Diarmada, ocus cuid do chur a Tuadhmhumain
24] díbh, ocus cuid eli a Tir Conaill, tre mharbad
25] Mhaoil Seachlainn h-I Birn do bhói na derbh comhdalta ag
26] Rúaidri Mac Diarmada.


Cogad suthuin sirbhuan
27] eidir .H. n-Domnaill ocus maithi Iochtair Connacht
28] acht Brian O Ruairc amháin, gan a chongnum re nechtar
29] dhíbh an tan sa.


Slúag mór le .H. n-Domnaill .i. Mag
30] Uidhir ocus mac h-I Neill .i. Niall Óg mac Airt, ocus
31] mac h-I Raighilligh .i. Aodh mac Mhaoil Mhórdha, co n-éirghe
32] amach h-I Raighilligh; ocus ní thánic clann h-I Domnaill


1] ann bhudheisin; ocus ro ansat a timcheall Maghnusa h-I
2] Domnaill, oir ní thánic isin trom shocraide sin, óir do
3] bhí a n-esaonta re na athair. Ocus tangadar clann
4] t-Shuibhne, ocus O Baighill, cona b-fhianlach áigh ocus
5] irgaile isin tinól sin h-I Domnaill, amail bá bés
6] dóibh. Gluaisis an slúag sénta so ullamh sin am deoigh
7] laoi o Áth Senaigh, gur ghabhadar sossad ocus sith longport
8] eidir dhuibh ocus Drobhaois; ocus tar éis a tomhaltuis
9] do chaithed dhóibh, do chuiredar lucht foraire ocus
10] fuirecruis do choimhét an t-slúaig ar ceist ammuis
11] longpuirt do thabairt orra do t-Shíol Conchobair cona
12] tinól; óir do bhadar cruinn an éin ionadh a Sligech, ocus
13] geallad buailti aca d'O Dhomnaill. Ocus issé do chúaid
14] isin fhoraire ar tús O Baighill, oir do budh dóigh lais co
15] b-fuighedh sé drem éigin da lucht imresna ocus iomarbhágha,
16] a n-Iochtar Chonnacht, ag teacht do tabairt
17] amuis longpuirt ar an slúaig sin h-I Dhomnaill.
18] Ocus do chuaidh muinnter Aodha Buidhe h-I Dhomnaill a
19] b-foraire mur an cedna; ocus do buailedh O Baighill ocus
20] iad fein fá cheli a g-creapuscal na maidne moiche; ocus
21] do innsaigh muinter mic h-I Dhomhnaill a g-coinne ocus
22] a g-comairrchis h-I Bhaigill cona mharcslúaig, a richt
23] droinge éigin d'Iochtar Chonnacht. Ni ar bhuga na ar
24] bhuan teithed do ghabh O Baighill chuige a ionnsoiged da
25] esgcairdibh, oir bá derbh deimin leis gurab íad do bhói
26] chuige. Acht chena rucusdar O Baighill bann diochra
27] deghthapaid na g-coinne ocus na g-comairrchis, ocus nír
28] an ar a n-einech gan dul ina mesc go nem-choimédach, go
29] b-fhuair a oighed co trochamhail tupaisdech lé na fior
30] chairdibh bhudhéin; ocus is lán mhór an uiresbudh do
31] bhochtuibh ocus daidhilgnechuibh, danbfhannibh ocus dollamhnaibh
32] an t-écht sin .i. Níall O Baighill. Acht chena nír
33] toirmisc an t-aird écht sin triall na tindscedal an


1] t-shligedh sin um .H. n-Domhnaill, ocus téid iar tocht an
2] laoi dá ionnsoiged co Findír, gur ghabh comnaidhe ocus
3] comoirisemh isin maighin sin go h-eirghe ghreine iar ná
4] mhárach. Teid marcsluagh mic Cathail Óig, .i. muinter
5] Airt, ó Shligech d'innsaighed Braghad Cuillídh. Gabhuid
6] cuid do mharcsluaig an t-sluaigh, ocus tiaghuid a g-cóir
7] iomruagad ré roile a m-Bealach Dhúin Iaruinn. Marbhthar
8] marcach do muintir Airt isin tachur sin, ocus
9] dealaighid re cheli. Anuidh .H. Domnaill na foslongport
10] féin an oidhche sin, ocus eirghis isin maidin ar ná marach,
11] ocus téid co Fersat Ranna an Liagáin do dhul tairis
12] a Cúil Irra. Do bhí O Conchobair cona thinól a Sligech
13] ag ordughad a muintire do dhul a g-coinne h-I Dhomnaill
14] go Fersuid Randa in Liagáin, mar ar marbadh
15] Liagán laochmhilidh do Fhomhorchaib le Lugh Lamhfada, ag
16] teacht d'innsoiged chatha Moighe Tuired, mar a rabhadar
17] Fomoruigh ag saiged a g-cís chána for feruibh Erenn re
18] cian d'aimmsir roime sin, conidh uadha do h-ainmnighed
19] an fersat sin. Ocus an fedh do bhói an lán mara isin
20] b-fersuid do bhí na sluaga sin ag breith breithi ar a cheli,
21] ocus issí comairle do rinne O Conchobair o nach raibhe
22] coimlion daoinibh re .H. n-Domhnaill gan tachur fris ag
23] an b-fersuit, ocus ar n-dul d'O Dhomnaill a n-ordugad,
24] ocus ar suidhiugad a ghonnadh mór re h-ucht na feirste,
25] no gu fagad co neamh-fuirithe ó a n-ionud eile. Teid
26] .H. Domhnaill tair an bh-fersait íar na fágbháil gan
27] chosnamh gan chothugadh, agus téid dréam do maithibh
28] iochtair Chonnacht d'iarradh iomruagtha ar mhuinnter


1] I Dhomhnuill. Ní h-íomchomhaireach do freagradh an t-iaratus
2] sin an úair do ionnsuigheadar co meanmnach
3] mí-cheillidh a cheile. Marbhthar eucht adhbhul mhór do
4] Chloinn Dondchaidh ar an iomruagadh sin .i. Máoileachluinn
5] mac Taidhg mheic Ruaidhri; agus d'urchur do ghonda
6] ro marbhudh é. Marbhthur marcach eile do mhuinnteir
7] I Dhomhnuill d'urchar do gha ann .i. Semas Ballach mac
8] Neill mheic Seain. Dealaid ré roile. Téid O Dómnuill
9] a n-dúthaidh shlechta Briain I Chonchubhair, agus
10] do bí trí h-oidhche aig milledh arbha agus ag losgudh bhailtibh
11] agas mhonaibh. Do bí O Conchubhair ag Bél an Droichit a
12] bh-fhaslongport. Téid O Domhnaill tair traigh síar a
13] d-Tír Fhiachrach Mhúaidhe, agus millidh móran arbha
14] agas bailedha, agus dá ghach earnail maitheasa archeana
15] innte, óir do bí an tír ar a g-comus féin acht cuid da
16] caislénáibh; agus do rug air mhóran do chaoruidheacht
17] an tíre timcheall t-Shleibhe Gamh. Tiagaid tar Múaidh
18] síar ar tarruing th-sleachta Riocaird a Burc, andíaígh
19] choda do chaoruidheacht Chloinne I Dhubhda. Gabhthur
20] ingen Bhaitéir a Burc leó .i. bean Eoghain I Dhubhda
21] mailli re na creich. Do bí dá mhéd d'édaluibh agus
22] d'aircibh fúair O Domhnaill, co d-tabharthaoi mart nó dha
23] mart ar aon bhonn ann, agus nach faghtháoi sin féin orra.
24] Mac Diarmada agus clann Taidhg mheic Diarmada
25] agus clann mheic Daibhi do teacht do chongnamh ré
26] h-Iochtar Connacht a n-agaidh h-I Dhomhnaill. Triallaidh
27] O Domhnaill tar a ais íar n-dénamh a thosga agus a
28] thuruis isin tír sin amhuil ba lonn lais; agus do bí a
29] n-urlaimhe ag na maithibh sin iochtair Chonnacht gu
30] d-tiobhradáois tachur d'O Dhomhnaill ag teacht tair a ais
31] dho, agus ní thugadar acht líamhan iomrúagaidh, oir nír
32] fhuiridh O Domhnaill ó dho fhág Tír Fhiachrach no co
33] n-deachaidh co Drúim Chliabh, agus do bí a g-coirithibh a
34] g-comhnaidhe ar an g-comhfhad sin. Marbhtur marcach do


1] muinntir mic Cathail Óig I Chonchubhair ar an íomruagadh
2] sin ag dul tar Fersait Ranna in Liagain don t-sluaigh
3] .i. Aodh mac Briain mheic Aodha, ocus mac Mic Diarmata
4] do thrómlot and .i. mac Eoghuin mic Taidhg. Téid
5] O Domhnaill da thigh gan umhla gan orraim d'fhaghail ó
6] mhaithib iochtair Chonnacht don dul sa amhuil ba
7] neamhgnáth.


Mac Donnchada do ghairm do Dhondchadh
8] mhac Taidhg mheic Ruaidhri meic Conchubhair mheic Taidhg
9] mheic Tomultuigh meic Muirgheasa meic Dondchadha,
10] agus gan Mac Donnchadha féin dég, agas sé a n-éarr
11] a áoisi íar na dhalladh .i. Eoghan mac Donnchadha meic
12] Murchadha; agus cogad ac cloinn Eoghain re Mac
13] n-Donnchadha fan ainm sin, agus gan ní súaithnidh do
14] mhilledh eaturra fós.


An Giolla Dubh mhac Aodha mic
15] Rúaidhri Bhallaigh mic I Chonchubair d'faghail bháis an bhliadhain sin.


16] Slúaighedh le .H. Conchobair Sligigh ocus
17] le .H. Ruairc ocus le mac Cathail Óic .H. Conchobhair,

18] ar tarruing Mic Diarmata agus chloinne Taidhg Mic
19] Diarmada, ar Thóirrdhealbhach Ruad annsna Túathaibh,
20] agus Muinntir Ainlighe do thabhuirt bhragat dóibh agus
21] gan a milledh dhóibh eidir chill is tuaith; agas a n-dol
22] assin a Maineachuibh, agus gach aon fa caruid d'Ua
23] Chonchubhair dhibh do mhilledh acht arainic mac I Ruairc,
24] óir ní do mhilledh neach do chuaidh, acht dá fhechuin
25] an b-fedfadh síothchain do dhénamh eidir Mac n-Diarmada
26] guna bhraithribh agus O Cunchubhuir Ruad guna
27] rann cogaid don dul sin. Gabhuit an sluagh sin caislén
28] an Turraic agus brisid é. Tig Donnchadh mac Emainn
29] I Cheallaigh chuca do bhraghait deagla a dhuthaidhe féin do
30] mhilledh. Triallaidh an sluagh sin iar n-denamh a d-turuis


1] amhuil bá luinn leó, agus berur na bráigde sin co
2] Sligech .i. mac I Ainlighe agas mac I Cheallaigh; agus
3] do bheirid leo comhla bhreac an chaisléin sin do
4] ghabhudur chunn na cur re caislen Sligigh.


Sluagh eile an
5] bhliaghuin si leis an n-gibhsdis t-Saxanach annsa Mumhain
6] síar, dar gabh Carruic O g-Coinneall agus dar bhris
7] droicheat Murchaidh I Bhriain; agus mas fíor do bi
8] cuid do Dhonnchadh mac I Briain andsna gníomhaibh
9] sin.


H. Ruairc do ghairm do Bhrian mac Eoghain mic
10] Tigernáin.


Caislen an Cairthe do leagadh an bhliagain
11] si lé .H. Rúairc.


Mac Uilliam Chloinne Riocuird .i. Sean
12] mhac Riocuird mhic Emainn dég an bhliagain si, agus
13] cogad mór eidir Chloinn Riocuird fan tigerntus; agus
14] da mac Uilliam do ghairm isin tír .i. mac Uilliam
15] do ghairm do Risderd Bhacach mhac Uilliam, agus mac
16] Uilliam eile do ghairm d'Uillioc mac Riocuird Óig; agus
17] Uillioc na Cenn ac congnamh le Risdeard m-Bacach.


18] Donnchadh Dubh mac Conchubhair mic Ruaidhri Bhuidhe, fear
19] saibhreis agus tighe oidedh coitchinn, d'fhaghail bais ongtha
20] agas aithrighe.


Mag Fhlannchaidh taoisech Dartraighe
21] .i. Ferudhach mhac Uilliam, sgél mór don daonnacht
22] agus don einech, d'fhaghail bhais.


O Raighilligh .i. Fearghul
23] mhac Seuin mheic Cathail, rí .H. m-Briuin m-Breifne
24] agus Conmaicne, fear fíal firinneach foighidnech, dég
25] íar comaoin agus th-shacarbaic.


Domhnall mac Donnchadha
26] I Cheallaigh, cennfeghna maith agus tanuisde
27] O Maine o Charuidh gu Grein, agus mac a dearbrathar
28] mailli ris .i. Eigneachan mac Maoileachluinn mic
29] Donnchadha I Cheallaigh, a m-marbhudh a bh-fhill maraon lé


1] Maoileachluinn mhac Uilliam Mheic Máoileachluinn
2] I Cheallaigh ó fhedhuibh baile Atha Luain, ar furcongradh
3] chloinne Taidhg mic Donnchadha I Cheallaigh .i. clann
4] derbhráthar Domhnaill budhdhéin.


Clann mic Uilliam
5] Chloinne Riocuird .i. Seun Dubh agus Rémonn Ruadh, edhon
6] días mac Riocuird mic Uilliog, do marbadh lé cloinn
7] Riocuird Óig mic Uillig Ruaidh Mheic Uillig an Fhíona an
8] Achadh Draoinín, ar m-breith a d-tóruighecht forru a
9] h-aithle chreach an tíre do theghlomadh dhóibh.


Mac Goisdealbh
10] .i. Seun mac an Ghiolla Dhuibh, neach deirluictech daonnachtach
11] deigh chennuisfeghna, do marbadh do f-Píarrus
12] Mac Goisdealbh agus do chuid do lucht Airtigh in
13] hoc anno.


O Conchubhuir Fhailghe .i. Brian mac Cathair
14] do dibeirt as a dhúthaidh, agus a chaisléin uile
15] do bhrisedh, agus móran da muintir do marbhudh inntibh
16] leis an n-gibhstís t-shaxsanach .i. Loard Linard; agus fos
17] tré fhormut agus tre imdheall derbhráthar I Chonchubhair
18] fein .i. Cathair Rúadh, do rinne sin uile.

Annal LC1537.


19] Kalluinn ghénair for Luan; bisech fuirri; seacht
20] m-bliaghna .x. ar fhichit agus cúig ced agus mile áois
21] an Tigherna.


Taisech mhuinntire Cionaith, .i. Tadhg mac
22] Aodha mic Aodha mic Contshnamha, d'fhaghail bhais in hoc anno.


23] O Gadhra .i. Eoghan mac Diarmata mheic Eoghuin,
24] tigherna Chúil O bh-Fhinn, dhec in hoc anno.


25] Uilliam Burc .i. Teaboid mac Uillic mic Eumainn in
26] Cristo quieuit, agus cogudh fa na inbhe da éis.


27] leis O Neill .i. Conn O Neill, ar Thrían Conguil, dár
28] mhill agus dar chreach móran don tír, agus mac I Néill
29] do ghabhail a m-Bél Feirste ar deiredh an t-sluaigh, agus
30] O Néill do theacht dá thigh iarumh; agus tigherna thrín
31] Conguil .i. Níall Óg mac Néill mic Cuinn d'fhaghuil bháis


1] gu h-obunn fón ám sin; agus O Néill do fhilledh arís a
2] d-Trían Conguil. A mhac do bí a láimh d'faghuil dó, agus
3] imresuin fa thigherntus Thrín Conguil.


Mac I Raighilligh .i.
4] Brían mac Ferghuil, eucht mór agus duine úasul maith,
5] do marbadh le muinntir an giuisstis, ar teacht doib
6] ar chreich a c-cloind Mhathghamhna.


Mac Mic Shuibhne
7] .i. Mael Mhuire do marbadh le cloind Murchada Mic
8] Shuibhne sa bliadhoin sin.


Coccadh idir Aedh Bhuidhe Ua
9] Domnaill agus Maghnass O Domnaill agus cland I
10] Baeidhill, agus caislen Dúin na Gall d'faghbail d'Aedh,
11] agus a bheth na buaidhriud mor a t-Tir Conuill; agus cuid
12] do shliocht in esbuic I c-callchubhair do mharpad le cloinn
13] I Baeidhill .i. mac Toirrdhelbaigh Óicc mic Briain, agus
14] diass mac Eogain Ballaigh mic Briain, co t-tuilled
15] maille friu.


Sluaigedh lasan giuistiss a n-Ib Failge,
16] agus caislen in Daingin, .i. in t-en baile do ba daingne
17] ionadh agus ordughad i n-Eirinn do bhrisiodh dó, agus
18] échta agus edála móra d'facchail annsin; agus bailte
19] I Conchobair uile do bheith ar a comus, agus in tír
20] do milledh doibh.


O Domnaill .i. Aed Dub mac Aedha
21] Ruaidh, mic Néill Ghairb mic Toirrdhelbaigh in Fhíona,
22] tigerna Tíre Conuill agus iochtuir Connacht, agus
23] Fer Manach agus chineoil Moáin agus Innsi Eogain,
24] agus do chuir a lán do tigernusuibh eile fa smacht, mar
25] tá Mag Luirg agus machaire Chonnacht, agus Clann
26] Connmaigh, agus tír Amalgaid agus Conmaicne cúile,
27] agus Goistealba agus Cúil O f-Finn, ocus don taebh thoir
28] mar in cedna .i. clann Aedha Buidhe acus in Rúta, occus
29] Oirecht I Chatháin; or ni raibhe ein tír aca sin nár


1] cenduichc co minic é, maille re cíoss díoc co umhal.
2] Acus ni h-éidir a ríom na a fhaisneiss gach andernaid
3] do crechaib ocus do madhmannuibh ar a esccairdibh
4] conuicci sin; ocus do saeiledh gur b'é an t-Aedh Eanccach
5] do tairngedar fáidhi ocus fissidh é. Ocus ni tanuic do
6] sliocht Ghaeidhil Ghlaiss na coimaimsir neach as mó do
7] tinnlaic d'éigsibh ocus d'ollamnaib ocus dorttaibh Dé
8] na an t-Aedh sin; ocus in cuigedh lá do mí Iuil fuair sé
9] báss, ar n-dol a n-aibid san Froinsias a maineistir Dúin
10] na Gall, da toil ocus da aentaidh féin maille résún
11] maith; ocus Dardaein ar aoi laiti seachtmaine ternó
12] ont shaechcal iar na ongadh, occass iar n-aitrighe do
13] moladh na h-eglaisse; ocus a mac .i. Machcnus O Domnaill
14] do ríchcadh 'na ionad do chett occus do chomhairle Chonallach
15] acus comarbad Coluim cille, amhail fa dual dó.


16] Sluaigedh laiss O n-Domnaill .i. Machcnus i n-iochtar
17] Connacht, a mí mheadhoin fhochcmoir, dar mill mórán
18] arbha acus dar loisc accus dar imthigh ichtar Connacht
19] .i. Tír Fhiachrach acus Cairbre, occus in dá Luichcne,
20] acus in Corand, acus Tír Oilella roime anuass. Ocus
21] gabhtur baile I Eghra Riabhuichc laiss don dul sin, acus
22] tuc eineach d'O Eghra féin ar m-beith for a chomus, cu
23] tucc laiss a m-braigdenus é.


Mág Uidhir .i. Cú Connacht
24] mac Con Connacht mic Bhriain, tigherna Fer Manach,
25] fer dércach daennachtach, do bá mó clú láimhe ocus
26] uaisle ocus einech da d-tainic do sliocht na c-Colla re
27] cian d'aimsir, ocus do cuir o Chluain Éis co Cael
28] Uisqi fa umhla ocus fa smacht; ocus do ba maith in


1] smacht sin, oír ní tainic na duthaid féin re treimse
2] d'aimsir tigerna dob ferr recht ocus riacchail ocus
3] ass mo do choisc bitbenuichc occus aess uilc, ocus do
4] chuir na tírta na suidhe co socair sithchanta, ocus as mó
5] dár eiridh sonus ocus saibhres re a linn. A marbad
6] a b-fioll a c-Creachán for Loch Erne le slicht Tomáiss
7] Még Uidhir ocus le slicht Toirrdhelbaigh Méig Uidhir
8] an bliadain sin; ocus a adhlacadh ar t-túss i n-Daiminis,
9] ocus a thócbáil a c-cionn athaid iar sin leis na bráitribh
10] mionura, ocus a tabairt co mainister Dúin na Gall,
11] ocus araile.


Mac Aedha mic Neill mic Cuinn mic
12] Aedha Buidhe .i. Niall, adbar tigerna trin Concchail,
13] ocus fer d'énmha uaisli ocus einicch, ocus ler cosmuil
14] lenmain luircc a shinnser a c-clú ocus a c-caithemh a leth
15] le díl damh ocus deoraidh, égess ocus aess ealadna,
16] ocus ar einech ocus ar uaisle; a m-marbadh le Albanchaib.


17] O Conchobair Failge do gabail a duthaide féin
18] do nemthoil in giuistiss ocus a braitrech féin .i. clann
19] I Conchobair; occus cuid da n-daeinibh do buain díbh, ocus
20] treisie a thíri féin uile do ghabail dó amail bud cóir.


21] Barún Dealbna .i. Risderd mac Cristoir mic Tomais,
22] sgiath didin ocus cliath ghaeithe Ghall re Gaeidheluibh,
23] ridire cródha cogthach, do dhul deg na baile fein ier
24] m-buaidh ongtha ocus aitridhe; acht gerb iomdha guasacht
25] gliadh as ar ternó conuicce sin.


Mac I Maeileaclainn,
26] .i. Sémus mac Murchada, do marbad le
27] mac I Conchobair Fhailge, neach bud mo clú ocus
28] caithreim na comaeis do Cinel Fhiachaidh mic Néill.


29] Mac I Raighilligh .i. Cathaeir Modardha, mac Seáin
30] mic Caithail, do marbad a t-tóraidhecht le Saxanchuibh.



1] Mac I Dochartaigh .i. Niall Caech, mac Gerailt mic
2] Domnaill mic Feilim, do marbadh a n-greiss oighche le
3] Rudraidhe mac Feilim I Docartaigh, a m-Baile na
4] g-Cananach for termann Doiri; ocus aderid nach maith
5] frioth é.


O Flannacain Thuaith Ratha .i. Giolla Isae,
6] ocus a mac, do marbadh leisin c-cuid oile da cinedh co
7] nemmaith, ocus uilc iomdha do beth da n-denam a
8] b-Feruibh Manach a h-aitle baiss Méig Uidhir.


9] ocus loscad do denadh don Calbach O Domnaill ar
10] clainn Amlaeib, ocus crech eile do dhenam ar O Cathain
11] dó.

Annal LC1538.


12] Kl. Ianair for Mairt; ocht m-bliadna dec ar .xx.
13] acus cuig ced acus mile aoiss in Tigerna.


Cogad ar
14] n-eirge etir Mac n-Diarmada, .i. Aedh mac Cormaic
15] Mic Diarmada, ocus Ruaidhri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada.
16] Ruaidhri do ghuidhe d'oirseoiredh an baile, ocus
17] seoladh d'faghail uatha ar an m-baile do gabháil; ocus as
18] amlaid do cumadar dó teacht docum in baile san
19] oighche, ocus dréimeredha do chur leisin c-carruic; ocus
20] do chuadar asttech ocus do gabhadar Mac Diarmada
21] ocus a mac .i. Mael Ruanaidh. Ocus do bádar leth
22] bliagain a laim, ocus do cuaidh foirm etorra, ocus así
23] foirm do cuaidh etorra .i. O Conchobair Donn ocus
24] O Beirn, ocus maithe na tíre maille friu; ocus as
25] amlaid do rinnedar sin leth tigernais, ocus an carraic
26] co na saeirsi o Aedh Mac Diarmada do Ruaidhri Mac
27] Diarmada ar fed a betha fein.


Mac I Domnaill .i.
28] Aedh Buidhe mac Aedha mic Aedha Ruaidh, ridamna tíre
29] Conaill, neach lán d'aithne occus d'eineach ocus d'eolus an


1] ealadhanuib, occus dob ferr do baránta laime a
2] n-gortaibh gliadh ocus a m-bernadhuibh baedhail, ocus ass
3] mó do saeiled do rochtain tigernaiss a tíre fein do
4] reir airgenadh ocus tréghe tigerna, da t-tucadh dia
5] saeghal dó, ar b-faghail baiss in bliadhain sin do galar
6] aithgerr a c-Cill O d-Tónair, ier c-comaein ocus corp
7] Crist, in aeine ier b-féil Pádraic.


Niall mac Cuinn
8] mic Airt I Neill, mac rígh maith ar a raibhe uaisle ocus
9] eineach, do marbadh le mac Neill I Neill ar greis oighchei
10] a g-Caislen na Omuidhe, ar b-faghail sheolta cora amach
11] air o cuid éigin da muintir féin; ocus Niall O Neill
12] do brisiodh in caislein na diaidh sin, ocus beth andiaid
13] an marbta sin ar a mac fein.


Mac Meg Clanncaigh,
14] adhbhar taisigh Dartraidhe .i. Cathaeir, mac Feradhaigh
15] mic Uilliam Meg c-Clanncaidh, mortuus est a n-Dun
16] Gairbri a mi Mai.


Sloighed las O Domnaill .i. Maghnus
17] i n-ichtar Connacht, dar gabhad caislen Sligidh
18] leis co áithesach, do bi fa sheol maith bardad ocus
19] ordonáis, ocus do bí a b-fad roime sin a gabháil re na
20] athair gan gabháil; ocus ar n-gabháil in caislein sin
21] téid O Domnaill a Moigh Luirg, ocus millter in tír
22] leis gu léir; ocus iar b-filledh tar a aiss dó, ar
23] t-teacht timcell caislein I Gadhra .i. Ruaidhri mic Céin,
24] marbhtar mac maith I Domnaill co tubuistech d'urchor
25] do ghonna, .i. Niall Garbh, mac Maghnusa mic Aedha
26] mic Aedha Ruaidh; ocus tángadar slán acht sin, iar
27] milledh Moighe Luirg ocus ichtair Connacht acht in
28] cuid tanuic le umla docum I Domnuill díbh, ocus ruc[gap: erased/extent: three MS lines]


29] Dealb Muire ro miorbuilech do bi a m-baile Atha
30] Truim, dar creidedar Eirennuigh uile le cian d'aimsir
31] roime sin, do shlánuidhed doill ocus bodhair ocus
32] bacaigh, ocus gach ainches archena, do losgadh le Saxanchuibh;


1] ocus an Bachall Iosa, do bi a m-Baile Atha cliath, ag
2] dénamh feart ocus miorbuile iomdha i n-Eirinn o aimsir
3] f-Padraic gus an ré sin, ocus do bi a laim Criost
4] féin, do loscadh le Saxanchaib mur in cedna; ocus ni
5] h-eadh amáin, acht ni raibhe croch naomh na dealb Muire,
6] ná iomáig oirrdirc i n-Eirinn, ar a n-deachaid a c-cumachta,
7] gan losgadh, ocus ni mó do bí a c-cumachta ar
8] ord dona seacht n-orduibh nar sgrisiodar. Ocus in
9] pápa ocus in eglais toir ocus abus do beth a coinnelbáthad
10] na Saxanach trid sin, ocus gan suim na toradh
11] do beth aca san air sin, ocus araile; ocus ni derb
12] liom nach ar an m-bliadhain am diaidh thúas atá losgadh
13] na mionn sin.


Brian mac Eogain mic Conchobair mic
14] Ruaidhri Buidhe dh'ec in bliadain se.


15] Kl. Enáir for Cédaein; nai m-bliadna deg ar
16] u. ced mile aeis in Tigerna.


O Briain, ri Tuad Muman,
17] .i. Conchobar mac Toirrdhelbaigh mic Taidg, d'fagháil
18] báiss in bliadain si iar treimsi a d-tigernus Túad
19] Muman, ocus in tír gu toictech trom conáigh le na linn;
20] ocus Murchad mac I Briain, .i. mac Toirrdhelbaigh
21] mic Taidhg, do righadh na h-inad amail do tuill a h-airilledh
22] feisin conuige sin.


O Neill .i. Conn do beith i n-Dun
23] na Gall an bliadain si im cáisg, ocus caithem socrach
24] onórach do dénamh d'Ua Domnaill le a lind, amail do
25] bud cughuidh; ocus O Néill ocus O Domnaill do denamh
26] cach uile cengal da daingne ocus da tairissi annsin,
27] et cetera.


28] Sloigedh leis O Néill .i. Conn. Slóigedh leis O n-Domnaill
29] .i. Machcnus, do comairle a chéile sa Midhe, ocus
30] in tír do milleadh ocus do loscadh leo co Temraig,


1] ocus nar tionóilsed Gaoidhil co Gallaib en sluaiged as
2] mó leir milledh do maithes na Midhe na in sluaighiod
3] sin, ocus dop aidhble édála óir ocus airccid ocus uma
4] ocus iaruinn, ocus cach uile maithes archena; ocus co
5] áiride in Umamá ocus baile Átha Firdiadh do
6] lomarcain leo, etir innmass ocus uradh ocus cach uile
7] maithes archena. Ocus iar b-filliodh dona sluadedh sin
8] ocus iad lán duaill ocus do diomus, do len in giuistis
9] iad .i. Loard Linard lertinól na m-bailtiodh mór,
10] ocus na Midhe etir cill ocus thuaith, ocus araibe do
11] Saxanchaib i n-Eirinn, ocus ambui do coblaighuibh ar na
12] cuantaibh cacha taob dib .i. coblach ro mór do bí ar
13] Cairlinne co airithe. Ocus beirid na tinoil sin in
14] giuistis ar an sluaig Gaeidhelach in Oirgialluibh .i. a
15] b-Ferna do shunnradh .i. a m-Beol Átha h-Oa; ocus ni rainic
16] leisin sluadh Gaoidhelach dul a n-orduchad amail bud
17] coir, na ermasin ar comairle a n-deg daeine do denam
18] le cosnam na le cothugadh, acht imtecht co anorduighthe,
19] ocus mórán da n-édáluib féin ocus d'édalaib Gall
20] d'fácbail and sin ag sluaig in giuistiss; ocus can a
21] becc d'echtuib oirrderca d'facbail doibh ge do imthigsed
22] co anorduigthe; conid é Maol Muire Mercech mac Eoin
23] Mic Shuibhne scél as mó ro fácbad do Conallchaib
24] ann.


Mag Aoncusa .i. Muircertach do ghabail le cuid
25] d'Oirrciallaib, iar na b-facbáil co h-uaite ar n-deghail le
26] a muintir ar an siobhal sin; ocus a beth tamall a laim
27] cos ioseal, no co n-dernad meabhal fair iarum ar
28] comairle coda da cinedh fein, .i. cendac do ghabáil do
29] cinn a cora cum báis, et cetera.


Niall Óc O Baoighill
30] do marbad le Conchobar mac I Baoighill, et cetera.


Annal LC1540.


1] Kl. Enair for Dardaein, da bliadan ocus cuig
2] ced, mile aois in Tigerna.


Diass mac Uaitéir mic
3] Riocaird do marbad an bliadain sin .i. Risderd ocus
4] Tomás.


Maineistir Cluana Ramfhada do tabairt
5] dona bráitribh bochta de opseruansie in bliadain sin,
6] ar folairem I Briain ocus maithe Tuadh Mumon, ocus do
7] chet ocus do comairle uachtarán in da ord sin .i. san
8] Froinsias ocus de opseruansie.


Saxanuigh do beith
9] a dibirt iarsma na n-ord sin ar fud Eirinn cach áit
10] ar cuirset a c-cumachta, ocus co airithe mainistir
11] Muinechán do milledh doib, ocus gairdian in baile
12] maille morán dona braitribh do ditcennadh doib.


13] Liathroma do denam in bliadain si las O Ruairc
14] .i. la Brian mac Eoghain I Ruairc, ocus morán coguid
15] cach taob air .i. a Moig Luircc ocus a Muinntir Eolais,
16] ocus a m-Breithne I Raigilligh, ocus a mac féin ocus
17] cuid d'feruibh Breithne a c-cogad riss foss; ocus do
18] rinne in caislen re h-aimsir athgheirr, ocus do mill
19] mórán fa Moigh Luirc ocus fan lucht cogaid, et
20] cetera.


Dias mac I Baoighill .i. Niall ocus Conchobar
21] do coimthuitim in bliadain si le céile .i. Niall do dul
22] d'iarradh Conchobair a Luachrus, ocus cealc oighche do
23] denamh dó a d-Tempall Seancáin, ocus Conchobar do
24] teacht ar fud na tíre ier na marach le na gnothaiguibh
25] fein, ocus Niall co na muinter deirge na diaidh asin
26] tempall. Ocus o'd-chonairc Conchobar chuicce iad beith
27] ar imdecht do tar tráig Luacrais siar; ocus a
28] muinter do sgaradh leis, ocus Niall da lenmain co ro
29] gér roim a cuidechta fein, ocus breth ar Conchobar
30] da aimdheoin, ocus Conchobar d'fuirech le Niall; a
31] c-coimescar ann sin co beodha laidir, ocus bualadh a


1] céile can coicill doibh, ocus Niall do marbadh ar in
2] lathair sin ar tús, ocus Conchobar do beth buailte.
3] Ocus muinter Neill do teacht ar in lathair, ocus
4] Conchobar do tuitim leo; ocus nir bo bás iar
5] midlaochus etir, connach raibhe da fine fein le treimhsi
6] roime sin dias ocmacaem do ba mó décht ináid in
7] clann sin I Baoighill.


Foslongport d'Ua Domnaill fa
8] cronnóic Locha Betha sa samhrad,
9] ar clainn I Domnaill .i. Donnchadh ocus Rudraidhe, ocus saothair iomda
10] do dénamh chuca, ocus nar buaidhigedh in uair sin ortha,
11] et cetera.


Clann Uilliam mic in Esbuig I Gallcabair,
12] .i. Aod Gruama ocus Uilliam Óc, do marbad le clainn
13] I Baoighill .i. le Domnall ocus le Toirrdhelbach, a
14] n-dígail marbtha a n-athar.


Sloiged leis O Domnaill .i.
15] Maghnus a c-cuigedh Connacht in bliadain sin, dia n-deachaid
16] a Moigh Luirc ocus a Clainn Conmaig, ocus dar
17] mill ocus dar loisg na tírta roime .i. Mag Luirc ocus
18] Clann Conmaigh, ocus dar in Corrsliabh, ocus toigecht
19] slán ier m-buaid c-cosgair.


Sloiged eile las O Domnaill
20] in bliadain cedna fa mac I Néill .i. Niall mac Airt
21] Óic, tanaste Tíri h-Eogain, ocus fa mac Domnaill na
22] h-Alban .i. Colla mac Alusdraind, maille re mórán
23] Albanach; ocus a imtecht ar tóss a Feruibh Manach,
24] ocus morán do milledh sa tír, ocus geallta d'fagail re
25] na riar ieramh. Ocus gabhail tre Breithne I Ruairc ocus
26] roime co Corrsliabh, ocus foslongport in Corrsleibhe
27] do denamh dó no cur gerr sé in Bealac Buidhe; ocus
28] Cland Maol Ruanaid do teacht cuige na diaid sin,
29] ocus braigdi gill do tabairt dó le na breith fein
30] osin suas; ocus impo slán iarum can dibail.




1] I Domnaill .i. Donnchad Cairbrech ocus Séan Luircc do
2] beth a c-cogad ar O Domnaill, ocus crandóc Locha Betach
3] do beth aca, ocus iad ac buaidred in tire co mór aiste;
4] ocus O Domnaill da gabhail araon; ocus do gabadh
5] Eignechan mac I Domnaill ambaile na Congmala,
6] ocus Sean O Domnaill do crochadh dó, ocus Eignechan
7] ocus Donnchad do cor a m-braigdenus fa daoirsi ocus
8] fa docar mor; ocus crannóc Locha Betach do milledh
9] d'Ua Domnaill.


O Dochartaigh .i. Gerailt mac Domnaill
10] mic Feilim, fer cu n-uaisle ocus co n-einech ocus
11] co n-deilb socrach, d'fagail baiss in bliadain sin ier
12] g-caithem a aeisi nadura le maith ocus le daonacht
13] conuige sin.


O Baeighill do denamh do Domnall mac
14] Néill I Baoighill in bliadain sin.


In giuistis do
15] bi i n-Eirinn .i. Loard Linard do dol a Sasain fa
16] chuiredh righ Sassan, iar milledh ord ocus oifrionn ocus
17] mhinn miorbuiligh Eirend uile, ier n-denamh olc n-iomda
18] pudh fada le a innisin, ocus giuistis eile do cor na
19] inad .i. Hanndalin Salesder.


Ri Alban ar c-cor
20] garma ar maithib na coda abus d'Albanchaib, ocus
21] teacht chuige ar in c-cuan araibhe sé; ocus a d-tabairt
22] chuige sa luing araibhe féin, ocus a n-gabail etir Gall
23] ocus Gaoidhel; ocus a Goill do leigen amach a g-cionn
24] tamoill na diaidh soin, ocus mac Mic Domnaill .i.
25] Semus do connmháil a láimh dó, ocus an méid fuair ar
26] foghnadh maille fris da cinedh ocus da daeinib do beth a
27] m-braigdenus mur an cedna, ocus dibert ón rígh
28] ar araibhe fa réir aca ieramh.


Seáan mac Cuinn
29] I Domnaill do marbad le clainn Murchada mic
30] Mic Shuibhne na t-tuath in hoc anno.


Una ingen
31] Maol Ruanaidh mic Cormaic Mic Diarmada dég.



1] Tadhc mac Briain mic Maghnusa Mic Diarmada Ruaidh
2] do bathadh sa Banna, ocus é ar sluaighed a b-fochair
3] I Ruairc.


Cairm sgoile do tabairt do Ruaidhri
4] mac Taidc Mic Diarmada ocus da mnaei f-pósta .i.
5] ingen Mic Uilliam, .i. Sadhbh a Búrc, ingen Riocaird
6] Óic, ben dob ferr da cinedh féin na do cinnedh eile na
7] coimaimsir, ocus ni raibhi a barr aice o Ruaidhri, ar
8] dáil iolmaeinedh imdha d'éigsib ocus d'ollamnaib, ocus
9] d'aoss caca eladna archena; ocus tánuic docum na
10] garma sin mac Diarmada .i. Aodh mac Cormaic mic
11] Diarmada, ocus O Birn .i. Tadc mac Cairbri, ocus
12] O Flannacain .i. Emann mac Uilliam, ocus Mac
13] Diarmada Ruadh .i. Cathal mac Maghnusa, ocus clann
14] Briain mic Maghnusa. Sliocht Conchobair mic Ruaidhri
15] Buidhe do teacht and .i. Ferghal mac Conchobair, ocus
16] clann Donnchada Duibh mic Conchobair .i. Ruaidhri
17] buidhe ocus Maoilechlainn Donn ocus Maghnus Caoch.
18] Tangadar ann clann Conchobair Óic mic Muirchertaigh
19] .i. Tadc ocus Ferchal ocus Brian. Tanuic ann
20] clann Chathuil mic Aodha, Aod ocus Diarmaid. Tánaic
21] clann Ruaidhri Glais mic Briain Caoic, Brian Caoch ocus
22] Art. Tangadar clann Uilliam I Maoilenaichc .i. in
23] Giolla Dubh ocus Diarmaid, Tadc ocus Muirghios.
24] Tanuic ann Tomaltach mac Aodha mic Conchobair.
25] Tanuic ann tigerna Airtidh, Cathal mac Taidc Óic Mic
26] Diarmada Gall, co maithibh Airtigh laiss. Tanuic Conn
27] mac Briain mic Eogain I Ruairc, ocus Tomaltach mac
28] Taidhc Mic Diarmada, ocus Ruaidhri na d-Tolán Mac
29] Diarmada, ocus cland Cathail Mic Diarmada, ocus
30] mórán oile nach éidir d'innisin, oir tángadar éixe ocus
31] ollaman Eiriond co ucsanfport einigh ocus engnama
32] cúicedh Connacht .i. co cairic Locha caomsrotaigh Cé;
33] ocus fuaradar cach en drem aca toil a mhenman ocus a
34] h-aiccenta féin do réir a uaisle ocus a ealadan sa


1] b-féil uasail onoraigh soin .i. fa nollaic. Ocus tabrad
2] cach aen léigfius so beannacht ar anmain na deisi
3] daenachtuichc sin a dubramar romainn.


Cond mac
4] Briain mic Eogain I Ruairc do marbad affioll le
5] cloinn mic Maghnusa Tíre Tuathail, ar furailemh a
6] athar fein, a d-Tamnaigh Bó Chaoice, et cetera.

Annal LC1541.


7] Kll. Enair for Satarn; bisix fuirre; bliadain ocus
8] da .xxit. ocus cuig ced ar mile aois in Tigerna;


9] doinend dermair a d-tús na bliadna sin etir shioc
10] ocus shneachta, nar leig treabadh do denam i n-Eirinn.


11] Tuathal Balb mac Seáin mic Ruaidhri I Gallcobhair,
12] saoi duine oirechta, dég.


O Domnaill do dol a c-cend
13] in giuisdis connuige in Caban, ocus ceangal ocus sith do
14] denam re ceili doib, maille re onóir móir ocus roberens
15] d'fagail d'Ua Domnaill, et cetera.


Maidm mór
16] do tabairt do Mac Aibilin ar cloinn Aodha
17] I Néill, dú ar marbadh Aongus mac Donnchada mic Maol
18] Muire Mic Shuibne, ocus morán do galloclaechaib
19] Conallach maille fris; ocus do marbadh mur in cedna
20] córuchad galloclaech do clainn Domnuill Galloclaech,
21] ocus a lán eile ar cach taob nach airimter annso;


22] Mac Uibilin do dul sluag fa cend gairid na diaid
23] sin ar cloinn Aoda I Neill, ocus clann Aodha .i. Conn
24] ocus Domnall do marbadh leis.


O Cerbaill .i. Fer
25] can Ainm mac Maol Ruanaid do marbad a b-fioll ocus
26] é dall, re clann Donnchada mic Seáin I Cerbaill,
27] ocus re mac I Maoil Muaidh .i. Séan mac Domnaill
28] Chaoich I Maoil Muaidh; ocus ge do bi sé dall di-radhairc
29] annsin, do rinne cosnam ocus cungnam, ocus lámh maith
30] do cuaidh a c-clú ocus a n-áiremh dó, ar lucht in marbtha.



1] An crandóc oirterach ar loch Glinne Alláin do gabail do
2] clainn Domnaill mic Donnchaidh I Ruairc ar Donchadh
3] mac Donnchaidh I Ruairc; ocus fa cend gairid
4] na diaidh sin tucadar clann Donnchaidh I Ruairc .i.
5] Domnall ocus Fer can Ainm innsaididh ar in c-crannóc,
6] ocus do losgsad in baile can fhioss. Ocus mothaigter ied
7] ocus lentur sa loch ied, ocus beirid clann Domnaill
8] O Ruairc orra. Marbtar Fer can Ainm mac Donnchaidh;
9] gabtar and Domnall, ocus crochtar ierum le
10] clainn Domnaill I Ruairc.


Sloiged las O Domnaill
11] .i. Maghnus mac Aedha Duibh mic Aedha Ruaidh, a g-coinne
12] in giuistis a d-Tír Eogain, ocus in tír do mhilledh leo
13] don toisg sin. In giuistis d'imdecht ar a agaid sa
14] Midhe, ocus O Domnaill d'filled tar a ais co Tír
15] Connaill, ocus gan tachar na tegmáil d'fagail do
16] ag gabáil tre Tír Eogain ag teacht no ag imteacht in
17] uair sin.


O Domnaill do dul fa cend gairid na
18] diaid sin don taob soir do loch a b-Feruibh Manach,
19] ocus Cuil na n-Oirer ocus an taob toir do loch do
20] milledh leis do tír ocus do loch don dol sin, oir do
21] bádar baid ocus artruidhi aige ac milledh i n-oilén, ocus
22] in sluagh ac milledh in tíri, cur fhágaibh ar dioth arba co
23] mór in bliadain sin iad.


Sloiged oili las O n-Domnaill
24] .i. Maghnus a b-Feruibh Manach, don taob tiar
25] do Loch Eirni; .i. do chuir a báid ocus a arthraide ar
26] an loch, ocus do c-cabh féin a shlúaigh do tir, co ro
27] millsed a c-coinn a chéile do loch ocus do tír, no co rancadar
28] Innis Sgéithlend; ocus do brisiodar ocus do legadar
29] caislen Innsi Ceitlionn don dol sin; ocus tancadar
30] slán iar c-cosgar.


Domnall mac Neill Gairm


1] I Domnaill do marbad leis O m-Baoighill in bliadain si,
2] ar n-dol do Domnall do congnadh le Toirrdhelbach mac
3] I Baoighill a n-aghaid I Baoicill; ocus ruaig do tabairt
4] d'O Baoigill doib ar tús, ocus O Baoigill d'filledh orrta
5] san, ocus ruaig do tabairt doibh, ocus brisiodh orrta;
6] ocus in mac sin Neill I Domnaill do marbadh ar in
7] ruaig sin.


Mac in Baird Tíri Conaill .i. Conchobar
8] Ruadh mac Ferghail .i. saoi fhir dána a b-focclaim ocus
9] a b-feracht dána, ocus fer thighe n-aoidhidh do commail
10] suas da cach n-dae archena, décc in bliadain sin.


11] Buidhe mac Dathbhi mic Emainn .i. tigherna cloinde
12] Connmuigh, do marbad do Toirrdhealbach Ruad mac
13] Taidhg Buidhe meic Cathail Ruaidh.

Annal LC1542.


14] Kll. Enair for dhómhnach; da bhliadain ocus da .xx.
15] ocus cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


Sadhbh inghen
16] Ricaird Oig mic Uilleg Ruaidh mic Uilleg an Fhina .i.
17] ben pósda Mhic Diarmada .i. Ruaidri mic Taidhg
18] mic Ruaidri Óig mic Ruaidhri Choeich, ocus mathair a
19] chlainne, d'fagail bhaiss ar Cairrig na Righ .i. longport
20] oinigh ocus oirrdercuis clainni Maol Ruanaidh; ocus is
21] terc ma dho thainic diarsma Uilliam cuncur riamh ben
22] a h-aossa dob ferr ináss d'fheile ocus d'ionnrucus, do
23] connla ocus do craibhdhighe, do dheirc ocus do derlucad.
24] Dardaoin mandáil rus deghuil a h-anum ocus a corp re
25] roile iar m-búaidh ongtha ocus aithrighe.


Slóigedh do
26] dhenum do mac Uilliam Chlainne Ricaird fa Machaire
27] Chonnacht, ocus ro thairringset clann Taidhg Mic


1] Diarmada a timcell Bhél Átha Uachtair e; ocus ro
2] brissedh an baile leó don dol sin, ocus ro marbad
3] ann cenn giomanach Mic Uillian, ocus a galloglaeich
4] cúlcoimeta. Teid Mac Uilliam tar sliabh sios
5] don dol sin, ocus tuc bráighde iochtair Chonnacht
6] lais don chur sin .i. braighe Taidhg Óig mic Taidhg mic
7] Aodha, ocus bráighe Taidhg mic Cathail Óig, ocus
8] iochtair Chonnacht;


Ocus tesda Maol Muire mac
9] Colla Mic Shuibhne isin m-braighdenus sin a g-Clainn
10] Ricaird.


O Conchobar Ruadh .i. Toirrdhelbach Ruad
11] mac Taidhg Bhuidhi do ghabáil le Ruaidhri mac Taidhg
12] Mic Diarmada in hoc anno.


Comforba termuinn
13] Mhég Craith .i. Toirrdhelbach mac Aindriassa Mhég
14] Craith mortuus est.


Mac Conmidhe .i. Brian Dorchu
15] mac Solaim .i. saoi re dán ocus re foghluim, ocus fer
16] toictech tromchonaigh thighe aoidhed coitchinn do chach,
17] dhec do ghalur obann aithgerr um fhéil Coluim Chille
18] do shunnrad.


Cormac mac Diarmada h-I Chleirigh,
19] .i. an brathair minúr dob fhoirfe egnaide na aimsir,
20] dhéc isin fheil Coluim Cille cedna.


Sloiged mor leis
21] O n-Domnaill .i. Magnus mac Aodha Duibh a n-iochtar
22] Chonnacht, go n-derna crecha mora ar Mac n-Donnchada
23] an Choruinn. Reitech d'O Dhomnaill ocus
24] d'Iochtar Connacht re roile, ocus filled d'Ua Dhomhnaill
25] iar m-buaidh g-cosgair, ocus íar n-ícc a chiossa ris.


26] Slóigedh ele leis O n-Domnaill ocus leisin g-Calbach
27] O n-Domnaill, ocus le h-Ua Ruairc .i. Brian mac
28] Eogain I Ruairc; ocus dul doibh sin uile ar Mac
29] Uibhilin. Dá chuid no tri do dhenum don t-sluaigh re
30] h-ucht na Banna. Mac Uibhilín iliomad daoinedh don
31] taobh araill don Bhanna; gidhedh chena teid O Domnaill
32] ocus O Ruairc tar an abhuinn dia n-aimdheoin.


1] Acht chena ro baidhed Tadhg mac Bríain mic Mhaghnusa
2] Mic Diarmada Ruaidh, .i. fer a oessa dob'
3] arrachta oirrderca a maith ocus a laimh dia chinel
4] feissin, ocus do mhorán eli. Ní h-eidir a riomh no a
5] áiremh a b-fhuair O Domnaill co na slúaigh d'airgnibh
6] ocus d'édalaib ar fedh an tire co h-uilidhi, iar milled
7] mhórain nach eidir d'airemh. Tanic Mac Uibhilin a
8] g-cenn I Dhomnaill, ocus tuc a bhreth féin d'echaib ocus
9] d'édedh ocus do bhuaibh dho, ocus do níad síth ass a
10] h-aitle, ocus tic O Domnaill iar m-búaid g-coscair don
11] chur sin.


Mac Uibhilín .i. Rughraidhe mac Ualtair do
12] dhul ar siubal creiche ar Ua g-Cathain. Crech mhór do
13] ghlacad dhó. O Cathán .i. Maghnus mac Donnchada do
14] bhreth orra a toraighecht, ocus buannadha móra chlainne
15] Suibhne maille ris. Brissed dhoibh ar Mac Uibhilín
16] ocus ar Albanchuibh badar maille ris, ionnus gur
17] fágbad ár mór daoinedh díbh fa mac Alusdrainn
18] Mic Domnaill, ocus fa mac Mic t-Sheain, ocus fa
19] mhorán eli nach airimhter ro baithed ocus ro marbad
20] dibh.


Maol Muire mac Eogain Mic Shuibhne do mharbad
21] le clainn Moel Muiri mic Colla, ocus e ag
22] iodhlucad chlainni I Dhubhda; ocus fa cenn raithi na
23] dhiaidh sin iad fein d'ionnorbad ocus a m-bailte do
24] bhrissedh; ocus fer dibh p-féin do marbad, ocus moran
25] da lucht lenmhuna.


Félim Dubh mac Aodha h-I Neill do
26] mharbad in hoc anno.


Ferghal mac Pilip h-I Dhuibhghennain
27] .i. soi Erenn re senchus dh'ec.


Dáibhíth mac Athairni
28] h-I Dhuibhghennáin dhéc in hoc anno.


Ingen mic Dabhi
29] .i. ben Taidhg Meic Diarmuda dhec; ocus uaidhe dertha
30] sliocht ingeine mic Dabhi, ocus Siubhan a h-ainm.


Annal LC1543.


1] Kll. Enair for Luan; tri bliadna ocus dá fhichett
2] ocus cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


3] na h-Erenn edir iarla ocus bharún, ocus urmhor ghaoidel
4] Connacht ocus an Gaill ar an g-comairle sin .i. an dá
5] Mac Uilliam, ocus na tri Ua Conchobair, ocus Mac
6] Diarmada .i. Ruaidri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada.
7] Lethbhaile Chluana senmaoil, ocus lethbhaile Chille na
8] Manach do ghnodhachad do Ruaidri Mac Diarmada ar
9] an g-comairle sin ón airdessgob, ocus ó na h-essgobaibh
10] eli ro bhadar ann, ocus ón n-giuisdíss; ocus tuc
11] Ruaidhri a lethbhaile fein don mhainisdir do ridhis ar
12] gradh do Dhía.


Mac Mic Shuibhne Fhánad .i. Moel
13] Muire mac Domnaill Óig do marbad le clainn Mic
14] Shuibhne Fhánad, .i. le clainn Toirrdhelbaigh mic
15] Ruaidri mic Maol Muiri.


Mac Mic Suibhne tire
16] Bóghaine, .i. Eoin mac Neill, d'fhagail
17] bhais a tús a aoissi ocus a inmhe an bliadain si.


Mac I Bhaoighill,
18] .i. Brían mac Neill mic Thoirrdelbaigh,
19] do marbad a b-fhioll le clainn Neill Oig h-I Bhaoighill, ocus iad
20] ar a mhuinnterus ocus ar a thuarusdail fein aige.


21] Easpuc Ratha Both .i. Emonn mac Bríain mic in espuic
22] I Ghallchubair do ég ar b-fhaghail choinntinne moire a
23] timcell a thigernuis.


O Domnaill .i. Maghnus do dhul
24] docum na comairle moire, ocus a braitri do bhí a laim
25] aige re fada roime sin do bhreith lais dó, ocus a leigion
26] do comairle an ghiuisdís ocus Ghall, ocus a techt fo
27] shíth ocus fó reitech.


Conn O Domnaill do bhí a b-fad
28] a n-Galloib roime sin do rédhugad re h-Ua n-Domnaill
29] mur an cedna; ocus Conn do dhul a Sagsanaibh a cenn
30] an righ iar sin, ocus O Domnaill do fhilled slán ar
31] n-denum shochraidechta moire caithme don chur sin.


32] Muirghess mac Paidín h-I Maol Conaire .i. sói Erenn


1] re senchus ocus d'fhilighecht, ocus fer go d-toice ocus go
2] d-trom conách, dhéc an blíadainsi.


Rí Alban do dol
3] dhéc an bliadain si a tús a oeissi ocus a inmhe, ar
4] m-brissed mhadhma moir ar Sacsanachaibh reimhe sin,
5] ocus gan oigri d'fhágbáil ina dhiaidh achtmad aon lenam
6] inghine a g-cinn a h-ocht seachtmhuine; ocus ri Sacsan
7] ar n-gabail neirt ar Albain a h-aithle baiss rig Alban
8] fein.


Mac I Dhochartaigh, .i. Catháir mac Gerailt mic
9] Domnaill mic Felim, do mharbad le clainn I Dhochartaigh
10] .i. Rugraidhi ocus Sean, clann Felim mic Conchobair
11] Charraigh; ocus mac Aodha Gruamma h-I Dochartaigh do
12] marbad leisin clainn cedna sin I Dhochartaigh.


O Domnaill
13] do dhul slúag mor a n-Inis Eogain do dhíghuil na
14] marbhtha sin, ocus milled mór do ghenum dho; ocus
15] braighde an tíre d'fhagail ina dhiaidh sin dó.


16] Eogain Mic Suibhne ocus slicht Cormaic Mic Donnchada
17] do dul ar siubal creiche ar O n-Eghra m-Buidhe.


18] O Conchobair .i. mac Taidhg mic Aodha ocus O h-Eghra
19] do breith orra, ocus maithe na clainni Suibhne sin do
20] ghabail .i. Ruaidhri mac Dubhghaill, ocus clann Maol
21] Muire mic Eogain; ocus marbtar ann cuid do slicht
22] Cormaic ocus do mhuinntir clainni Suibhne.


O Maoileachlainn
23] .i. Félim Óg do marbad le Mág Eochagáin.


24] Mac Suibhne na Túath ocus a mac .i. Brian do ghabáil
25] le cobhlach o iartar Connacht ar innsi mic Duirn, ocus
26] a m-breth leo a l-laimh.


Cogad mor etir Mhág Uidir ocus
27] slicht Toirrdhelbaigh Mhég Uidir, ocus slicht Toirrdhelbaigh
28] do dhul a Tir Chonaill, ocus milled mor do
29] ghenum ar Mhág Uidir a h-ucht h-I Dhomnaill dóibh.


30] Mag Uidir do dul a g-cend I Domnaill a g-cinn athaid
31] iar sin, ocus sith do dhenum dhó ris O n-Domnaill; ocus
32] Mág Uidir dá thabairt fein ocus a thíre d'O Dhomnaill,
33] ocus O Domnaill do thabairt Tuath Rátha ocus Luirg do


1] Mhág Uidir, ocus iad aige re fada reimhi sin.


2] Uilliam Clainni Ricaird, .i. Uilleg na g-Cenn mac
3] Ricaird, d'fagail baiss an bliadain si, .i. tigerna go
4] n-diomus ocus go n-uabair, ro traoth ocus ro thoirbir
5] moran do Ghaoidhealaibh fo mhamus feissin;


ocus cogad
6] mór ar n-eirghe a g-clainn Ricaird día éis, .i. Mac
7] Uilliam do ghairm do Uilleg mac Ricaird Oig, ocus a
8] lan do thír ocus do choicrich na aghaid le mac Mic
9] Uilliam .i. Tomás mac Uilleg na g-Cenn.


Ocus a tús na
10] bliadna sin do chuadar urmhór uaislibh Erenn a Sagsuin
11] a g-cend ching Handrai; .i. téid O Neill .i. Conn mac
12] Cuinn I Neill, ocus mac Uilliam Chlainni Ricaird .i.
13] Uilleg na g-Cenn, ocus Murchad mac Toirrdhelbaigh
14] I Bhríain .i. O Briain, ocus na tri h-iarladha .i. iarla
15] Desmuman ocus iarla Ur Muman ocus iarla Cille
16] Dara, ocus Donnchad mac Conchobair I Briain. Iadsin
17] uile d'fhagail onora moire on rí, ocus iarla do dhenum
18] d'O Neill ocus d'O Bríain ocus d'Uilleg na g-Cend; ocus
19] cóiced na Gaillmhe do bhuain d'Uilleg na g-Cend ar an
20] g-comairle sin, ocus é féin d'fhagail bháis a n-deredh na
21] bliadna sin.


Maghnus mac Muirchertaigh Mic Diarmada
22] Ruaid dhéc in hoc anno.

Annal LC1544.


23] Kll. Enáir for Mairt; ceitri bliadna ocus da
24] fichet ocus cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


25] Desmuman .i. Semmus mac Seain d'fagail bháis iar
26] b-fhagail a lán do chogad ocus d'imresuin a tosach a
27] tigernuis, ocus iar cosg a lucht imresna ocus esaonta
28] a tír ocus a coigcrich.


Mac I Domnaill. .i. an Calbach


1] do dhul a g-cenn an ghiuisdís, ocus caiptín no dhó Sagsanach
2] go n-daoinedh mora do thabairt leis a Tir Chonaill;
3] ocus dul leo um chaislén Lithber, ocus braighde
4] shlechta Aodha h-I Ghallchubair do bhí ag O n-Domnaill
5] fada reimhi-sin do bhreth umon g-caisslén dona Sacsanachaibh,
6] .i. Cathaoir mac Tuathail, ocus Toirrdhelbach
7] mac Felim Fhinn; ocus marbtar Sagsanach imon
8] m-baili don ced sgathad, ocus marbhuid na Sagsanaigh
9] Cathair mac Tuathail ina ghlassaib p-fein; ocus tuc
10] Aodh O Domnaill ocus an chuid eli do slicht Aodha h-I
11] Ghallchubhair an baile as mac Felim Fhinn, ocus as mac
12] eli Tuathail do bhí a laim, ocus fágbhuid na Sasanaigh
13] an tír ar n-íc thuarustail mhóir d'O Dhomnaill riú.


14] Mac I Néill .i. Niall mac Airt Óig ar b-fhagail bháis an
15] bhliádain si .i. an t' én mac righ is mo d'fhulaing do bhuadh
16] ocus do dochur cogaid etir Chinel Eógain ocus Cinél
17] Conaill dá d-tanic do slicht Eogain mic Neill riam,
18] ocus soidech dingmhála do righe Chiníl Eogain dá roiched
19] í .i. fer lán d'aithne ocus d'ealaduin leth re léghthoreacht
20] ocus re litir gaoidhilge, ocus re fonn beoil ocus laime.


21] Sluaiged leis O n-Domnaill don Rúta gur gabadh
22] bailti iomdha do chaislénaibh ocus do crannógaibh
23] lais inte, ocus go b-fhuair edála iomdha; ocus toighecht
24] slán doridhis.


Mac Suibhni Fánad .i. Toirrdhelbach
25] mac Ruaidri mic Maol Muire .i. fer lan do bheodhacht
26] ocus do croidhe, do mharbad le clainn Domnaill Óig
27] Mic Suibni, ocus triar eli do chlainn t-Shuibhni do
28] thuitim maille ris; ocus Mac Suibni do ghairm do
29] Ruaidri Carrach mac Domnaill Óig 'na dhiaidh.


30] etir O n-Domnaill ocus O Neill an bliadain si.


31] Domnaill .i. Semus ocus Colla do teacht fecht


1] Albanach a n-Erinn ar tairring mic Uibhilín, ocus
2] milled mor do ghenum ar O g-Catháin do dhaoinibh ocus
3] dairnéis.


Murchad mac Mic Shuibhni na Túath, .i.
4] soi a n-einech ocus a n-uaisli, dh'ec.


Donnchad mac
5] Mic Suibni a brathair eli dhéc, ocus cogad mor is na
6] Túathaibh dia n-éis.

Annal LC1545.


7] Kll. Enair for Cedaoin; cuig bliadna ocus dá fhichet
8] ocus cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


O Conchobair
9] Sligigh .i. Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg mic Aodha do mharbad
10] le slicht Cormaic mic Ruaidri Mic Diarmada a n-Ath
11] Chinn Lacha, ocus do bud terc Gaoideal do b'oirrderca
12] a n-enech ocus a n-uaisle náss.


Mac Goisdealbh .i.
13] Bhaiter mac Uilliam Mic Goisdealbh do dhul ar siobal
14] go Bun an Fhedáin ar clainn h-I Conchobair, go goirid
15] déis a n-athar do mharbad. Clann I Conchobair do
16] bhreth orra, ocus cuid do chlainn t-Shuibhne, a toraighecht.
17] Mac Goisdealbh ocus a mac .i. Rugraidhe do mharbad,
18] ocus maidhm do thabairt orra; a Rúscach na Gaoithi ro
19] brissed forra.


Sluaiged leis O Ruairc .i. Brian mac
20] Eogain mic Tigernáin, no go rainic Dun Mór Mic
21] Fheorruis, ocus gurro loisc an baile co b-fhuair bráighe;
22] ocus tuc braighde Mic Daibhíth chlainni Connmaid, ocus
23] Mainech uile leis don t-shluaigedh sin.


Báiter fada
24] a Burc do mharbad a b-fheall le Domnall O b-Fhlaithbertaigh
25] .i. an mac righ do b'uaisle árrachta a n-urmhor
26] Erenn na aimsir féin.


Teabóid Riabach mac Bháiter
27] a Burc do marbad le sliocht Uilleg a Búrc.


28] Sechluinn mac Bríain h-I Cheallaigh do marbadh isin


1] Turrac le clainn Maoilechlainn mic Uilliam h-I
2] Cheallaigh, ocus le Moel Ruanaidh mac Ruaidri Mic
3] Diarmada, ocus an tir do chrechad dhoibh.


Tadhg mac
4] Ruaidhri mic Cormaic Meic Diarmada do mharbhadh le
5] cloind Eogain Meic Diarmada a Certhruin na Capall,
6] ocus fa coir do Dia sin a tuitim, is olc do fuair se
7] O Conchobair Sligigh do marbhadh a feall ag Ath Chinn
8] Lacha fur Loch Tead.


Fergal mac Aodha meic Tomaltaig
9] Bhuidhe meic Cormaic Óig dh'ec.


Brian mac
10] Maghnusa Meic Diarmadu Ruaidh dh'ec ar Indsi na
11] Suarach, ocus a adhnacail a Mainistir na Buille; ocus
12] ba mor in t-echt sin.

Annal LC1546.


13] Kll. Enair for dhardaoin; se bliadna ocus dá
14] fhichet ocus .u. ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


15] Chlainni Maol Ruanaid do thoigheacht o Clainn Ricaird .i.
16] Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada ocus Tadhg mac
17] Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada, ocus ocht b-fhichit marg do
18] dhul asda.


Tomas Farránta mac Uilleg na g-Cenn, ocus
19] Donnchad Riabach mac Taidhg Dhuibh h-I Cheallaigh do
20] dhul ar siobal go Siol n-Anmchada, ocus crech mor do
21] ghlacad doibh, ocus toir trom do bhreith orra. Marbtar
22] Tomass Farránta d'urchor do ghunnai, ocus do budh
23] d'échtaibh mora a fhine dhó. Brister orra ass a haithle,
24] ocus bentar a g-crecha dhíbh, ocus tig Donnchad riabach
25] ocus urmhór a mhuintire ar éigin.


Feall do dhenum
26] do chlainn Alusdroinn Mic Cába ar O Ruairc ina
27] bhaile féin .i. an Baile Núa. An feall sin d'fhilled
28] orra p-féin, ocus a marbad aroen .i. Sean ocus
29] Maoil Sechlainn.


An t-O Ruairc cedna sin .i. Brían
30] mac Eogain I Ruairc do dhul ar sgeimhlibh go Sligech,


1] ocus mac h-I Raighilligh, .i. Toirrdhelbach mac Fergail
2] h-I Raighilligh, do marbad don sgeimliud sin le bardaib
3] Sligigh.


O Conchubhair Dond .i. Carbri mac Eogain Caoich
4] d'fadhail bhais.

Annal LC1547.


5] Kll. Enair for Aoine; seacht m-bliadna ocus dá
6] fhichit, cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


Mac Mic
7] Diarmada .i. Brian mac Ruaidri mic Taidhg do lott le
8] Siurtán m-Buidhe mac Seain mic Bháiter Mic Goisdealbh;
9] ocus is amlaid do rinnedh sin .i. Siurtán Buidhe do
10] thoighecht a Magh Luirg ocht n-diolmhunigh dhég d'iarrad
11] gada, ocus Brían do bhualad uime aon sheiser amháin.
12] Do tromloitted Brían; de sin téid an bhuidhen fó láimh,
13] ocus do tromloitted an Giolla Dubh mhág Pilip le
14] Brían féin.


Gort na Tighedh do chrechadh ocus do loscad le
15] clainn Ruaidri Mic Diarmada in bhliadan si.


16] Ruaidri Mic Diarmada mur an cedna, ocus clann
17] Mic Dhabhíth do dhul ar siobal a g-Crúthonn O Maine,
18] ocus an tir do loscad ocus do chrechadh dhóibh, ocus
19] tóir mhór do bhreith orra. Ro marbad leo Hanraoi
20] mac Seain mic Uilliam mic Emuinn, ocus Uilliam
21] carrach mac Emuinn mic Thommáis, ocus morán eli;
22] ocus tangadar fein ar éigin.


Prindsa Sagsan ocus
23] Erenn .i. cing Hanri d'faghail bhais, ocus is deimin nach
24] tanic a n-eiredh aimsire righ dob ferr na in righ sin,
25] ocus do rigad a ingen na inadh .i. cing Maria.

Annal LC1548.


26] Kll. Enair for shathorn; ocht m-bliadna ocus dá fhichit


1] ocus cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


O Concobair
2] Donn .i. Diarmaid mac Cairbri mic Eogain Chaoich,
3] ocus Mac Diarmada .i. Ruaidri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada,
4] ocus Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada,
5] ocus Clann Mic Diarmada, .i. Maol Ruanaid ocus Brían,
6] íadsin uile ocus cuid do ghallóglaechaibh clainni Suibhni
7] ocus chlainni Dubhghaill, ocus morán do dhaoinib eli nach
8] áirimhter sunn, do dhul ar siobal sluaiged a g-Clainn
9] Mhuiris, ocus Ricard mac Muiris do mharbad leó .i.
10] an t-ab óg, ocus caislén Mic Gerailt .i. an Caislén
11] Caol do ghabháil, ocus ced no dho duine do bhássugad
12] etir an dá bhaile sin; ocus tucadar a noei no a .x. do
13] ceduibh bó ocus .x. n-eich leo; ocus tancodar fein slan.


14] Loch na Cuan Fadha do ghabhail, ocus an tir do loscad,
15] le h-Ua Ruairc ocus le Mac n-Diarmada, an mhí
16] cedna.


Aonghus mhac Toirrdhelbaigh mic Colla Mhég
17] Dhomhnaill do mharbad le Moel Ruanaid mac Ruaidri
18] Mic Diarmada, ar Bealach an Dairín, ocus tuc crech
19] o Chlainn n-Domnaill isin ló cedna.


Mor ingen Maol
20] Ruanaid meic Seain I Cerbhaill, in ben is ferr do
21] bhi a n-en aimsir ria fein a n-Erinn .i. in ben do bhí ag
22] Iarla Des Muman, dh'ec.


Clond Taidg Bhuidhe meic
23] I Conchobair Dhuinn do mharbhadh a n-Uaran le sliocht
24] Feilimi Chleirigh I Chonchobair .i. Seain ocus Feilimi.

Annal LC1549.


25] Kll. Enair for dhomhnach; noi m-bliadna ocus dá
26] fhichet, cuig ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


Aodh mac
27] Cormaic mic Ruaidri mic Diarmada, ocus ab na
28] Buille, ocus tigerna Chlainni Mhaol Ruanaid a n-aon
29] persuin, d'fhaghail bhais comna ocus t-shacarbuic iar
30] n-guasachtaibh iomdha on fhine féin ocus ó esgcairdib eli.
31] Acht chena nir bhó ró diamad leis tigerntus Connacht,
32] d'aidhbhle a oinigh ocus a uaisle, ocus do mhéd a thidhluicthi
33] ocus a thuarusdail; Dia dha íoc ren anmuin.




1] mac Taidhg mic Ruaidri Oig Mic Diarmada do righad
2] na ionad; acht ger mhór re h-innisin maith Aodha nír bho
3] cloich an ionad uighe Ruaidri 'na ionad.


Gairm sgoile
4] do thabairt do Mac Diarmada .i. do Ruaidri a nodluic
5] na bliadna sa, ocus ni h-eidir a riomh ina ro áiremh ar
6] thídhluic sé d'eigsibh ocus d'ollamnaibh ocus d'aois ealadna
7] Erenn, ocus da gach duine airchena.


Mac maith do
8] Mac Diarmada .i. Maol Ruanaidh mac Ruaidri Mic
9] Diarmada do thabairt na garma cedna, ocus ioliomad
10] do maithess an t-shaogail do sgaoiled ar feruibh Erenn
11] ar lorg a athar.


Ro dhaingnigh ocus ro dheghshocraidh
12] an Ruaidri sin Mac Diarmada fo na thigerntus ocus
13] fo na troim chios moran do na tirib a g-cian ocus a
14] b-fhogus, oir do bhen sé da ced bó don da Mhag Raghnaill,
15] ocus ced bó do Mac Donnchada an Choruinn, ocus
16] tri fichit bo d'Ua Ghadhra; ocht m-ba ocus dá fhichet d'Ua
17] Ainlighe, ocus ocht m-ba ocus dá fhichet o Mac Branáin;
18] ocus cetra ba fiched o Ua Fhlannagáin, ocus cetra ba
19] fichet o Crúthonn O Maine; ocus cethra ba fichet ó
20] t-shlicht Toirrdhelbaigh Charraigh I Conchobair, ocus
21] fiche bert bhuandachta ó t-shlicht Taidhg mic Briain mic
22] Donnchada, ocus fiche sgillinn do chíos gacha bliadna
23] maille risin; ocus cioss ar t-shlicht Ruaidri Mic
24] Donnchada a g-Cúil Degha; ocus cioss ar t-shlicht Aodha
25] Buidhe ocus ar shlicht Muirghessa; ocus císs ar slicht
26] Dubhghaill Gruama.


Crecha móra do dhenum do Mac
27] Diarmada ar slicht Donnchada h-I Cheallaigh, ocus a
28] g-cuid tíre do loscud; ocus trí fichit bo ó Mac Goisdealbh
29] an bliadain cedna. Crecha móra ó Chlainn Filip
30] ina raibhe da ced dhéc bó ocus deich n-eich díla maille


1] rú; ocus iadsin uile do thindlucad a n-en lo d'ollamnaibh
2] ocus d'egsib Erenn .i. la fhel Sdefain.


Cathal Óg
3] mac Cormaic Meic Donnchada do marbad le Mac
4] Donnchada in Choraind, .i. le Cairbre, ar Sith Riabhach.


5] Caislen do dhenam a Leim na Girra do clainn Donnchada
6] Dhuibh mic Conchobair, ocus do budh maith in
7] congnam Ruadhri mac Taidhg mic Diarmada ocus a
8] clann, .i. Maol Ruanaidh ocus Brian, dochum in chaislein
9] sin do dhenamh.

Annal LC1550.


10] Kll. Enáir for Luan; x. m-bliadna ocus da fhichet,
11] .u. ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


O Conchobair Donn
12] .i. Aodh mac Eogain Chaoich d'aithriogad d'Iarla Chlainni
13] Ricaird .i. Ricard Sacsanach, ocus tigerna do dhenum
14] do Diarmaid mac Cairbri mic Eogain Chaoich.

Annal LC1551.


15] Kll. Enair for mhairt; en bliadain dég ocus dá
16] fhichet, ocus cuig ced ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


17] Chlainni Ricaird do theacht co Ros Comáin d'iarrad
18] Rossa Comáin ar clainn Taidhg Bhuidhe h-I Conchobair;
19] ocus ní b-fhuair an baile; ocus teid roime co Topur Ailbhe
20] cona sluaigh, mur araibhe foslongport Mic Diarmada .i.
21] Ruaidri mic Taidhg Mic Diarmada, ocus ro lethnoighed
22] an slúag sin an Iarla ar fedh fhoslongpuirt Mic Diarmada
23] dhá lo co n-oidhche. Acht chena is terc má dho bhí
24] a n-Erinn foslongport inar lía ba ocus eich, eidedh ocus
25] ordanáss, ceol ocus fion, ina in foslongport sin Mic
26] Diarmada; óir ní raibhe ó Chul Mhaoile co Sliabh Buidhiunn,
27] na o Bhel Atha h-Achaidh co Sionuinn, aon duine
28] nach raibhe isin bfoslongport sin Mic Diarmada.


29] Fágbhus an t-Iarla an foslongport ass a h-aithle, ocus
30] beriss Mac Diarmada allaim leis co Clainn Connmaid,
31] ocus téid mac Dábhíth .i. Uillec mac Tomáis do


1] brághaid ass, ocus réidhighter gan ro dhíghbháil iad aroen.


2] Muilenn Adam do ghabhail do mac Mic Diarmada .i.
3] Brían mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada; ocus cuiris techta
4] ar a bhraithrechaibh eli .i. Cormac ocus Maol Ruanaidh,
5] ocus do niad crecha móra a g-Corann; ocus tic Cormac
6] ocus Maol Ruanaidh lé na n-edáil, ocus anus Brían isin
7] mbaile.


Ro gabh an fiabhrus é; do niad a mhuintir
8] seacht g-creacha an fedh do bhi sé fein na luidhe; ocus tuc
9] Tadhg Carrach mac Mic Donnchada an Choruinn ced
10] marg ass an m-baile sin do clainn Ruaidri Mic Diarmada;
11] ocus tangadar fein slan edalach as.


12] mac Paidin mic Lochlainn mic Maoilechlainn mic Thanaidhe
13] .H. Mhaoil Chonaire, .i. ard ollam t-Shiola Muiredhaigh,
14] d'fhagail bhais an bhliadain sin, ocus a adhlucad
15] a n-Oilfinn, iar m-breith bhuaide o dhoman ocus o dheman.


16] O Briain dhéc .i. Murchad mac Toirrdhealbaig; ocus
17] ni tainic do t-sliocht Bríain mic Cindeidigh re fada
18] riam sgel budh mo na h-e.


Maidhm na Muinchinde
19] Uachtair do thabairt ar th-Shiurtan m-Buidhe mac Seain
20] mic Uateir mic g-Coisdealb, re sliocht Muircertaigh
21] Mic Diarmada Ruaidh, du and ar tuit fiched no do,
22] ocus do marbadh in la sin Domhnall O Laimin ocus
23] Cathal O Mochain le Siurtan.

Annal LC1552.


24] Kll. Enair for Cedaoin; dá bliadain dhec ocus dá
25] fichet, ocus cuig ced ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


26] O Conchobair Sligigh, .i. Tadhg mac Cathail Oig h-I
27] Conchobair, d'fhagail bháiss; ocus aderaid aroile gurab
28] terc má thainic do slicht Briain Laighnigh tigerna do b'
29] ferr féile ocus foighide, dealbh ocus denum ináss.


30] Rugraidhe mac Taidhg Bhuidhe mic Cathail Ruaidh do
31] mharbad le Mac Diarmada, ocus caislén Tulcha do


1] brissed.


Bél na Muilnedh do bhrissed, ocus a bharda
2] do mharbad le Mac n-Diarmada ocus le na chlainn.


3] Ruaidri mac Felim mic Mhaghnusa do righad a n-ionad
4] h-I Conchobair .i. Thaidhg mic Cathail Oig.


5] Donnchada Dhuibh mic Conchobair, .i. Ruaidri Buidhe
6] ocus Maoilechlainn Donn, d'fhagail bháis an bhliadain si.


7] Cogad mór do eirghe etir O Conchobair .i. Ruaidri mac
8] Félim mic Mhaghnusa, ocus mac h-I Conchobair .i.
9] Domnall mac Taidhg mic Cathail Óig; ocus do bhadar
10] clann Maol Ruanaid ina dhá rann a n-aghaid aroile
11] maille ris an t-shiol Conchobair sin; .i. do bhi Mac
12] Diarmada ocus a chlann, ocus Mac Donnchada Thire
13] h-Oilella, ag mac h-I Chonchobair, ag Domhnall, ocus do
14] bhí clann Eogain Mic Diarmada ocus Mac Donnchada
15] an Choruinn ag O Conchobair; ocus ni h-eidir a riom
16] iná áiremh gach ar milled ar an g-cogad sin.


17] Ruanaidh mac Taidhg mic Eogain mhic Diarmada do
18] mharbad d'urchor do ghunna le cuid dá chinedh fein .i.
19] sliocht ingine Meg Ragnaill.


Cormac Carrach mac
20] Eogain Mic Diarmada d'faghail bhais a tigh a muine ar
21] Corrsliabh, ocus fa mor in fer millte ocus uilc do
22] ghenamh in fer sin, oir do marbh se Diarmaid an
23] inigh mac Ruaidri Meic Diarmada a feall ar lios
24] Aodhain.


Tadhg mac Taidg mic Eogain I Ruairc do
25] marbhadh a feall a m-Bothaigh I Fhialain don Dauine mac
26] Lochluind.

Annal LC1553.


27] Kll. Enair for dhardaoin; tri bliadna dhéc ocus da
28] fichet, ocus cuig ced ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


29] O Conchobair Ruadh .i. Toirrdhelbach Ruadh mac Taidhg
30] Bhuidhe mic Cathail Ruaidh do tharraing bharamhuin
31] Dealbhna ar Mhagh Luirg, ocus crecha nach eidir do


1] ríomh do dhenum ar shlicht Maoil Sechlainn Duinn, du ina
2] rabhadar da ced dhec bo uel amplius; oidhche fhele crois
3] do rinnedh na crecha sin.


Maol Ruanaid mac Ruaidri
4] Mic Diarmada, .i. an mac righ do b'oirrderca d'fer
5] aossa d'oinech ocus d'uaisle ocus d'oirbert, do mharbhad
6] d'urchur do ghunna le na brathair fein .i. Tadhg mac
7] Eogain Mic Diarmada, in hoc anno. Acht chena nir
8] bho ró maith dia n-dingnad an t-é rus-torchair annsin,
9] oir ni raibhe a g-Coiged Chonnacht mac athar ocus
10] mathar dob ferr oldáss in gach uile maith, do troime
11] thidhluicthi ocus tabartais ocus tigerntuis, d'fhele ocus
12] d'iocht, d'oinech ocus d'fhoighide .i. Ruaidri mac Taidhg
13] mic Ruaidri Óig, ocus Sadhbh inghen Riocaird Óig mic
14] Uilleg Ruaidh mic Uilleg an Fhiona. Acht chena do ni
15] Mac Diarmada sith a h-aithle bháis a mheic, acht ger
16] dhoilig lais a dighuin lé na charaid ocus le na comfhoigsibh
17] féin.


Crech mor do dhenum do Brian mac Ruaidri
18] Mic Diarmada ar cloinn Loeissigh mic Dhubhghaill an
19] bliadain sin.


Crech eli le Siurtan m-Buidhe mac Seain
20] mic Bháiter ó chuid do mhuinntir mic Mic Diarmada .i.
21] Brian, ocus nir bo guin gan chumaoin sin.


O Briain dhec
22] .i. Donnchad mac Conchobair .i. rogha Gaoidel Erenn.


23] Cing Edbhord .i. prionnsa Sagsan ocus Erenn, do éc
24] iar m-beith ocht la ocus ocht mí ocus se bliadna na
25] thigherna dhó, ocus an seissedh la do mhí mhedhoin t-shamhradh
26] rus-dealaig anam ocus corp re roile aige; ocus sé
27] bliadna roime sin rus-torchair a athair .i. cing Hannraoi;
28] naoi m-bliadna ocus ceitri ced ó thainic iarla O
29] Sdrangbo go h-Erinn, ocus ocht m-bliadna edir sin


1] ocus a ég; ocus issé an t-iarla sin táinic le Diarmaid
2] Mac Murchada go h-Eirinn, ocus tuc sé a inghen ocus
3] cuid da dhuthaid dó.


Tomaltach mac Mhaoil Ruanaidh
4] meic Cormaic Mic Diarmada do marbhadh le clainn
5] Eogain Mic Diarmada, ocus le Siúrtan m-Buidhe mac
6] Seain meic Uater, a feall air Luing Airtigh Uchtleathain.


7] Tadhg mac Ruaidri I Chomhdhain, .i. ollam Erenn
8] ocus Alban re sinm, d'eg.


Ingen I Domnaill .i. Siuan,
9] .i. in ben do bhí ag Tadhg mac Cathail Óig, dh'ec.

Annal LC1554.


10] Kll. Enair for Aoine; ceitri bliadna dhec ocus dá
11] fhichet, cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


12] mhór do dhenum do clainn Mic Diarmada ar Siurtán
13] m-Buidhi mac Seain mic Bhaiter Mic Goisdealbh. Albanaigh
14] ocus gallóglaech d'fhasdó don chloinn cedna sin
15] Mic Diarmada.


Dún Neill ocus an Grainsech Bheg do
16] crechadh do Chormac Mac Diarmada, ocus Brían do
17] dhul ar shlicht Conchobair Mhég Raghnaill, ocus crechadh
18] ocus marbta do ghenum dhó orra, ocus an tír do loscad
19] achtmad beg.


O Flannagáin cona chinedh do thabairt
20] innsoiged ar Bhrían mac Mic Diarmada siar go
21] h-iorchán, mur araibhe cuid dá mhuintir, ocus ní tharla
22] dhédail riú acht míassa ocus taipliss Bríain. Téid
23] na sgéla sin go Brían, ocus do bhí sé fedhan cruinn ar
24] Sgiath na b-Fert mun am sin. Ro len Tomaltach mac
25] Taidhg Mic Diarmada, ocus Brían ocus slicht ingine
26] Mhég Raghnuill na miassa sin, ocus an taiplis; ocus
27] tucadar dá fhichit dhec bó o bhel Atha Iomdháin a
28] n-díghuil na taiplissi.


Ro creachsat muinter Fhlannagáin
29] clainn an persúin Mic Mhuirghessa ar bhuaile


1] an t-shoilchéin, ocus íad ar cádhus h-I Conchobair Dhuinn
2] boi na comdhalta aca; ocus ro bhói tri ced bó co b-fhuilliudh
3] isin greich sin cona n-dioll capall.


Tadg mac
4] Ruaidhri Bhuidhe, ocus Brian mac Maoil Sechlainn Duind,
5] do mharbhadh leis O Flannagain, .i. Emand mac Uilliam
6] I Flannagaind do roinde an marbhadh.


Baile na h-Uamha
7] do thionsgna le Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada, iar
8] na bhrisedh roime sin d'O Domnaill, oir do bhain se tri
9] ceathruna as.

Annal LC1555.


10] Kll. Enair for shathorn; u. bliadna dhéc ocus dá
11] fhichet, ocus cuig ced ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


12] Clann Ruaidri Mic Diarmada do dhul ar innsoiged a
13] g-Cruthonn O Maine, slúag doáirmhe, .i. Cormac ocus
14] Brían, ocus tucadar crecha móra leo, ocus ro loiscset
15] an tir go h-uilidhe; ocus tangodar go Fuaran Mhoighe
16] h-Oi a b-fhoslongport an aghaid sin. Ro ghabh galur a
17] éga Cormac mac Ruaidri mic Diarmada an oidhche sin,
18] ocus fuair bass a g-cinn t-sheachtmhuine ass a h-aithle;
19] ocus do budh do sgélaibh móra Connacht an mac sin Mic
20] Diarmada alleith uaisle ocus innsoigte, oinigh ocus oirberta.


21] Cathal Óg mac Eogain Mic Diarmada d'fhagail
22] bhais, ocus do bud mór an sgel sin.


Cogad dh'eirge
23] etir chlainn Eogain Mic Diarmada ocus Mac Diarmada
24] cona chlainn.


Mainistir na Buille do ghabhail do
25] Brían mac Mic Diarmada ar clainn Eogain, ocus ab
26] na Buille do ghabail ann .i. Tomaltach mac Eogain
27] Mic Dhiarmada.


Nír bo cian doibh iar sin gurro
28] loisced an baile cedna ar Brían le clainn Eogain Mic
29] Diarmada, ocus rucsat seacht n-eich leo.


Teid Brían
30] fo na Rennaibh doridhis, ocus tuc tri fichit capoll lais,
31] ocus ro ghab Muirchertach Og O Maoilenaigh. Ro crech


1] Coill Feachtna mur an cedna; ocus téid Brían mac
2] Eogain Mic Diarmada ar láimh Mic Diarmada le na
3] bhreith féin do sith ocus do reitech, a h-aitle ar milled
4] etorra dibhlionaibh.


O Flannagain do thairring clainni
5] Oilefer mic an Iarla ocus mhic h-I Fergail Bhuidhi .i.
6] Loeisech O Fergail. An t-shochaide throm sin do theacht
7] ar Mac n-Diarmada, ocus sgemealta do leigion uatha
8] no co rangadar Tochur an Cába. Mac Diarmada ocus
9] a mac .i. Brian do bheith a n-Disert Núdhan mun am sin.
10] Gabháil dóibh ocus na h-airgthe do bhuain amach do c. neichibh
11] dóibh. Brissed ar an slúag ass a h-aithle, acus maidhm
12] do beith orra ó Ath Mharbhtha Cathail go Bél Atha Uachtair;
13] ár dí-áirmhe d'fhágbháil dóibh um mac I Ferghail .i. Loaisech,
14] ocus um mac maith I Fhlannagain .i. Emonn Óg mac
15] Emuinn mic Uilliam I Fhlannagáin, ocus um ced
16] fer go fuilliud maille riú.


Domhnall mac Mhaoil
17] Sechluinn h-I Cheallaigh d'fhaghail bháis a g-caislén an
18] mhagha, .i. aon rogha shleachta Maine mic Echach alleith
19] oinigh ocus adhbchlossa, ocus a ádhnocal a Ros Chomáin.


20] Emonn Buidhe mac Tomais Bhacaigh a Burc do thuitim le
21] clainn Oiluérus a Búrc, ocus Eoin mac Dhuiphsíth do
22] thuitim maille ris.


Sean Glass mac h-I Dhubhda
23] d'fhaghail bháis an bhliadain si.


Sean mac an Phríóra Mic
24] Dhábhíth d'ég.


Mac Goisdealbh .i. Píarus do mharbad do
25] chuid dia bhráithribh p-fein a b-fhioll a g-caislén Manuinne.


26] Meadhbh ingen Domnaill mic Eogain I Chonchubhair
27] dh'ec, in ben is ferr do bith a n-Erinn na h-amsir fein.


28] Aodh mac Eogain mic Conchubair mic Ruaidri Buidhe
29] dh'ec.

Annal LC1556.


30] Kll. Enair for Domnach; sé bliadna dhec
31] ocus da fichet .u. ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.



1] O Conchubair Donn .i. Diarmaid mac Cairbri, ocus mac
2] Diarmada .i. Ruaidri, ocus Tomaltach Mac Diarmada,
3] ocus Brian mac Mic Diarmada, do dhul sluag mor ar
4] an b-Popal g-Caoch; ocus ni h-étir a riom gach a n-dernsat
5] do crechaibh ocus do loisctib, ocus a tucsad d'édail léo.


6] An coimthinól cedna do dul ar O Rúairc .i. Brian mac
7] Eogain I Ruairc, ocus crecha mora do tabairt ó Mhullach
8] Thuir, ocus o Ghlend Buidhi dhoibh; ocus an Breifne do
9] loscud co h-uilidhi.


Diarmaid O Maeilenaigh dhéc in hoc
10] anno.


Foslungport do ghenamh do Domhnall mac
11] Taidhg mic Cathail Óig ar in Grainsith, ocus Semus mac
12] Seain mic Ruaidri ocus a mac do tabairt as an
13] m-baile, ocus braighde t-Sleachta Briain do breth as in
14] baile.

Annal LC1557.


15] Kll. Enair for Aoine; seacht m-bliadna dhéc ocus
16] dá fichet, cuig céd ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


17] mac Eogain mic Thaidhg Mic Diarmada do mharbad le
18] Mag Shamhradhain, ocus le cuid do shlicht Tomaltaigh
19] an Oinigh Mic Diarmada, do thairing ocus do thóscnadh
20] a n-ionnsoiged; ocus robud mór an sgél an t-é rus-torchair
21] annsin, óir is terc ma dho bhói fer a aossa is
22] mó ro thoirbir ocus ro thídhluic d'eícsibh ocus d'ollamnaibh,
23] ocus do lucht iarrata athchuinnge.


Cogad mor d'eirghe
24] etir O Ceallaigh .i. Donnchad mac Emuinn ocus Brian
25] mac Mhaoil Sechlainn I Cheallaigh, ocus ro fhasdó
26] Brían Dolaidh .i. Risderd Usdás, cetra fichit giomanach.


27] Ro Loisced Lios Dá Lon lais .i. baile I Cheallaigh,
28] ocus ro marbad a chonsabal lais .i. mac Dubhghaill .i.
29] Toirrdhealbach mac Loeisigh Mic Dubhghaill, ocus ro
30] milled an tir o Shuca co Sionuinn.


Cuiris O Ceallaigh
31] tairing ar clainn Cathail mic Ruaidri Mic Diarmada,


1] ocus ar Ruaidri na d-Tulán mac Diarmada Mic
2] Diarmada .i. a bráithrecha féin, ocus tigid don tir
3] marcslúag mór. Ocus éirghis O Ceallaigh ocus a mac .i.
4] Aodh a g-cuinne na fedhnach, ocus tiaghaid an comdháil do
5] Chnoc an Daingin ocus do Bhóthar na Tachaltaigh. Ocus ro
6] buailedh Brían O Ceallaigh ocus iad féin fá chéli, ocus
7] tucadar troid d'ároile; ocus ro brissedh ar Bhrían,
8] ocus ro marbad Concobar O Nechtain ocus fiche duine
9] maille rissin; ocus ro gabad Risderd Usdas.


10] mhór do ghenum do Brián mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada
11] ar mac Goisdealbh, ocus Tulach Shrutháin do loscadh.
12] Tóir mor do bhreth air, ocus a thocht slán édalach air
13] eigin uatha.


Mac Diarmada .i. Ruaidri do ghabháil día
14] charaid féin go n-emhmaith, .i. Brían mac Mhaoilechlainn
15] h-I Cheallaigh; ocus do gabad ann Toirrdhealbach
16] mac Eogain Mic Diarmada, ocus cuid dia marcsluaig
17] maille riu. Acht chena nir bhó crech gan tóir an
18] ghabháil sin Mic Diarmada ó na charuid ocus ó na
19] mhuinntir feissin. Ro len O Conchobair Donn ocus
20] Mac Dábhíth, ocus galloglaech Clainni Dubhghaill, Mac
21] Diarmada go Mainechaibh a g-cionn tri n-oidhche iar
22] ná ghabháil, ocus ro bhensat ass caisslén nua Cobhthaigh
23] h-I Fhallamhuin ar éigin h-é; ocus do rinnedar
24] marbhta ocus loiscthi ann, ocus tucadar tríar brághad
25] as Mac Diarmada degla a loiscthe isin m-baile; ocus
26] ni dérnadh a n-deredh aimsire tóraighecht budh ferr
27] iná an tóraighecht sin.


In Gilla Coluim O Clábaigh .i.
28] comarba Padraicc ar Magh Aói .i. fer toictech trom
29] chonáigh tighe aoidhedh coitchinn, dh'ec in hoc anno.

Annal LC1558.


30] Kll. Enair for mhairt; ocht m-bliadna dhec ocus da


1] fichet, ocus cuig cet ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


2] Diarmada ocus a mac .i. Brían do dul ar innsoiged
3] ar Brián O Ceallaigh. Mac Diarmada ocus bun an t-slúaig
4] d'anmhuin a m-Baile an Mhuilinn. Teid Brían
5] ocus an chuid eli don t-shlúaigh tar Bruighél astech, ocus
6] tuc crech ocus groidh Chobhthaigh I Fhallamhain leis. Do
7] chuaid suas a teithed ocus ro loisc an tír go h-uilidhe
8] o Bhruighél suas; ocus tigid slan édalach.


Baile h-I
9] Choinchenainn do chrechadh ocus do loscad le Brian Mac
10] Diarmada mar an cedna .i. an Fedan.


11] Kll. Enair for Cedaoin; naoi m-bliadna dhec ocus
12] da fichet ocus u. ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


13] Conchobair Ruad, .i. Toirrdhealbach Ruadh mac Taidhg
14] Bhuidhe mic Cathail Ruaidh, mortuus est; ocus do bu
15] do sgélaibh mora Erenn na aimsir é; ocus a mac .i. Félim
16] Ruadh do righadh 'na ionadh ar Chluaintibh chlainni
17] mic Fhélim.


Mac Diarmada ocus a mac, .i. Brían, do
18] dhul ar Mac Donnchada an Chorainn, ocus an tir do
19] loscad leó, ocus tech a templa do chrechadh.


20] Fhuadach do chrechadh ocus do loscad le h-O Conchobair
21] n-Donn, ocus le Brían mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada.


22] Maidhm Atha na Beithighe allaníar do Lioss Bhallghaile do
23] thabhairt le Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada,
24] ocus le Brían mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada, ocus ro
25] marbad ann Eoin mac Mhaol Muiri mic Colla Mic
26] Shuibhne, ocus Colla Mac Suibhne, ocus daoine iomdha eli;
27] ocus tangadar fein slán co n-édáil iomdha leó, ocus
28] crech Baile na g-Cloch acca; ocus air O Chonchubhair
29] Sligigh .i. Ruaidhri mac Feidhlim mic mic Maghnusa, ocus
30] ar Mac Donnchada in Choraind tugadh an maoidm sin.



1] Murchadh Gránna, mac Ruaidri Mic Suibhne, dh'ec in
2] hoc anno.

Annal LC1560.


3] Kll. Enair for dhardaoin; tri fichit bliadan ocus
4] cuig ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


Tadhg mac Briain
5] mic Eogain mic Tigernain I Ruairc do bathad ar
6] Loch an Chlochair, .i. fer a aosa is mó oirbert ocus
7] oirrdercus, oinech ocus uaisle, do slicht Tigernain re
8] cian d'aimsir roime, ocus adbhar rígh Uá m-Briúin gan
9] athcheo díamad cían a ré.


Felim Ruad O Conchobair
10] do crochad le Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada,
11] ocus le slicht Conchobair mic Ruaidri Bhuidhe.


12] Ruaidri na d-Tulán, mac Diarmada an Oinigh mic
13] Ruaidri Mic Diarmada, d'fhaghail bháis an bhliadain si;
14] ocus do budh mor an sgél sin .i. mac ingine h-I Bríain,
15] ocus an t-é do bud mó a méin ocus a méid, ocus a
16] n-gniom ocus a láidirecht, da d-tainic do slicht Mhaoil
17] Ruanaid Mhóir re fada roime; ocus ro h-adhlucad a
18] n-othurlighe a shen é .i. a Mainisdir na Buille.


19] mhór do dhenum do slicht Felim Fhinn I Conchobair
20] ar Brían mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada.


Creach eli le
21] Brían féin o Shiurtan Bhuidhe mac Seain mic Bháiter
22] Mic Goisdealbh, ocus clann Hanrái h-I Grádaigh do
23] marbad leis.


Crech eli le Brían ó Chnoc na Síthe, ocus
24] creach o mhuinntir Fhlannagáin, ocus seacht n-eich.


25] Ath Gallda do brissed le h-Ua Conchobair n-Donn, ocus
26] lé Brían Mac n-Diarmada.


Maidhm ádhbail a Tuadh
27] Mumain ar Iarla Tuadhmuman, ocus ar Iarla Chlainni
28] Ricaird, le h-Iarla Desmuman, ocus le Tadg mac
29] Murchada h-I Bhríain; ocus ro marbad annsin Emonn
30] mac Ruaidhri Moir Mic Shuibhne, ocus Emonn Óg a mac,
31] ocus Colla mac Murchada mic Ruaidri Mhóir, ocus
32] clann Murchada Mic Shuibhne, ocus consabail Thúath
33] Mhuman go h-uilidhi; ro fagbad nói m-bratacha do


1] t-Shlicht Domnaill na Mádhmann, et alii multi.


2] mac Uilliam meic Tomais mic Daibíth mic Emaind
3] dh'éc; ocus fa mor in t-echt an mac sin meic Dábíth a
4] leith uaisle ocus inigh.

Annal LC1561.


5] Kll. Enáir for Aoine; bliadain ocus tri fichit,
6] .u. ced ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


Tadhg mac Cairbre
7] I Birn .i. O Birn, d'fagail bháis a n-Echanach, ocus
8] is terc ma dho bhí a n-Erinn sgél bhudh mó ináss do
9] mhéid ocus do mhaisi, do dheilbh ocus do dhegh cuma, d'egna
10] ocus d'ealadhuin, d'oinech ocus d'oirrdercus, ocus in
11] gach uile ghné bhudh cosmail do dhuine mhaith; bennacht
12] lé n-anam.


Maoil Sechlainn mac Tuathail h-I Dhomnallain
13] dh'éc .i. ollam urmhóir Connacht re dán, ocus fer
14] thoighe aoidhed do gréss.


Felim Buidhi mac Cairbri mic
15] Aodha mic Fhelim Fhinn do marbadh a Tuillsci le Brian
16] mac Ruaidri mhic Diarmada, ocus le clainn Tomaltaigh
17] Mic Diarmada.


Crecha móraidhbhle le Mac Diarmada
18] .i. Ruaidri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada, ar Mac Donnchada
19] an Choruinn.


Brian mac Mic Diarmada ocus
20] clann Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada, ocus a g-cuid slúag,
21] do dul go Baile an Mhúta, ocus ar n-dul fón m-baile
22] dhoibh mac Tomaltaig Mic Diarmada do mharbad
23] d'urchor do ghunna .i. Cathal Mac Diarmada; ocus
24] marbhtur Eogan mac an fhir dhorcha Mic Diarmada
25] ruaidh d'aon urchor do ghá isin ló cedna.


Siurtán Buidhe
26] mac Seain mhic Bhaiter Mic Goisdealb do mharbad le
27] clainn Dábhith Bháin a Búrc a m-Baile Locha Deala a Tír
28] Amhalgaid, ocus fa h-uasal aidhmillte an fer sin.


29] mac Eogain Mic Diarmada do mharbad do slicht ingine
30] Mhég Raghnuill .i. clann Cathail Mic Diarmada
31] a g-Cluain na Mónadh.


Maoil Sechluinn, mac Aodha mic
32] Thaidhg mic Tomaltaig an Oinigh Mic Diarmada, do


1] mharbad le Clainn Fhir Gan Ainm mic Conchobair Óig
2] Mic Diarmada, a Port Inis Dóighre.


3] Mic Diarmada, .i. Ruaidri mic Taidhg Mic Diarmada,
4] do bheith um Sgeithín na g-Cenn, ocus um Fhuarán
5] Mhoighe h-Oi, ag milledh na g-cluaintedh ocus Mhainech,
6] o bhealltoine co feil Míchil, óir nír fhagaibh sé tech gan
7] loscad, ina gort gan gerradh, ó thochur Choille an Chairn
8] co h-Oilfinn dar bhen re slicht Donnchada h-I Cheallaigh,
9] na re slicht Cathail Ruaid I Conchobair; ocus ni
10] h-eidir a riom ina ro fhoillsiugad gach ar bhen sé
11] dh'airgnibh ocus d'édalaibh dibh; ocus ni roibhe a n-Erinn
12] foslongport inar lía eich ocus éidedh, feoil ocus fíon,
13] aos ciúil ocus oirfidigh ocus ealadhna, galloglaech ocus
14] giomanaigh ocus Albanaigh, iná in foslongport sin Mic
15] Diarmada.


Mac Dabhíth Chlainni Connmaidh, .i. Uilliam
16] mac Tomáis mic Dabhith mic Emuinn, dh'ec in hoc
17] anno; (a lot a Ros Chomain).


Maoil Sechluinn Balbh
18] mac Uilliam h-I Cheallaigh, .i. mac inghine h-I Bhríain,
19] do mharbad isin Pubal g-Caoch, ocus fa mor an t-écht.


20] Naoisse mac Cithruaidh, an t-aon dhuine is binde do bhí a
21] n-Erinn, do bhadhadh ar loch Gile, ocus a ben, ingen Mic
22] Donnchada, ocus Athairne mac Matha Ghlais; ocus fao
23] mor in sgél mac I Duibhgeannain.


Maidhm Sligigh do
24] thabairt air Cathal Óg Ua Chonchubhair d'O Domhnaill
25] .i. d'Aodh mac Maghnussa; ocus do marbhadh andsa
26] maidhm sin an Dubhaltach mac Taidhg in Triubhais Meic
27] Donnchada, ocus Eogan mac Maoil Muire Mic Suibhne,


1] ocus Toirrdealbach Caoch mac Toirdhealbhaigh Óig, ocus
2] Dubhgall mac Emaind mic Shuibhne, et alii multi.

Annal LC1562.


3] Kll. Enair for shathorn; da bliadain ocus tri fichit,
4] u. ced ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


Clann Eogain mic
5] Taidhg Mic Diarmada d'fhasdódh dholaid mhóir a n-aghaid
6] Mic Diarmada .i. Ruaidri, gan fhis dó féin, óir tucadar
7] Clann Alusdrainn Ghallda Mhég Dhomnaill Mhóra,
8] ocus Brian Óg mac Briain an Chobhlaigh Mic Shuibhni,
9] ocus ro bhadar tri ced Albanach ocus gallóglaech. Ro
10] thairrngedar an dolaidh sin ar Mac Diarmada, ocus ro
11] loiscset ocus ro crechsat ar bhen re seicréid Mic
12] Diarmada don tír; ocus ro loiscset an longport co
13] h-uilidhi, ocus Baile na h-Uama, ocus ar gach taobh dhé;
14] ocus ro marbad Murchad mac Briain Choeich .i. marcach
15] maith do mhuinnter Mic Diarmada leó isin Chlochair;
16] ocus ni h-eidir a riom na innisin gach ar millsed d'echaib
17] ocus do bhuaibh, do chaiplibh ocus dá gach uile édail
18] airchéna. Ro bhói an dolaidh sin lá ocus seachtmhuin
19] ar fedh an tíre agá milled, ocus Mac Diarmada ar
20] an Cairrig na Comnaidhe ar an bh-fedhsin. Ar mothughad
21] an tíre do mhilled do Mac Diarmada .i. do Ruaidhri,
22] ro chuir tairring ar Domhnall mac Murchada Mic
23] Suibhni, ocus ar slicht Emuinn Mic Shuibhne; ocus tuc
24] lais tar Coirr Sliabh bhudh thuaidh a tri no a cethair do cedaibh
25] lúirech, cona n-díol giomanach léo. Do b'é sin uair
26] ocus aimsir ro bhádar clann Eogain Mic Diarmada
27] cona n-dolaidh ag filledh ass an g-cenn tuass don tír iar
28] milled mhoráin innti, ocus do ronsat iornaidhe bheg a
29] m-Baile Mheic Murchada; acht chena ruc sgéla orra
30] ocus tiaghuid a n-ordugad. Beirid páirt do tosach


1] sluaig Mic Diarmada orra ag dul tar Cara an Fedha
2] dhóibh. Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada, ocus
3] Brían mac Mic Diarmada, do chor greamma
4] orra don taobh thall do charaidh, ocus brissed orra
5] ass a h-aithle, ocus an maidhm sin do bheith orra no
6] go rangadar Bratt Sliabh. Brian Óg mac Bríain an
7] Chabhlaigh Mic Suibni d'fhágbail annsin, maille ré dá ced
8] fer maroen ris.


Mainisdir na Búille do ghabháil do
9] Mac Diarmada isin ló cedna don chur sin.


10] Muiredhaigh do bhrissed le Mac n-Diarmada, ocus
11] Domnall mac Taidhg Óig ocus seiser dá mhuintir do
12] mharbad innte.


Mac Eochaid ocus O Fallamhuin do
13] crechadh le Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada ocus
14] le Brían Mac Diarmada.


Mac Dabith .i. Uilliam mac
15] Tomais dhec, ocus Teaboid mac Uilleag do rigad na
16] inadh, ocus a eg sa bliaghain cedna sin.


Tomás Óg mac
17] Tomais mic Daibith mic Emaind do rigad 'na ionad
18] sin; ocus fa h-athbail na h-echtta sin.

Annal LC1563.


19] Kll. Enair for Domnach; tri bliadna ocus tri
20] fichit, cuig ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


21] Felim Chleirigh, ocus slicht Donnchada Dhuibh mic
22] Conchobair, do dhul ar na puiplínibh, ocus ar n-urnaide
23] doibh ann slicht Cathail Ruaid I Conchobair ocus
24] muinter Fhlannagáin do theacht futha, ocus brissedh
25] orra sios go Cill mic Coimsi. Dias mac Cairbri mic
26] Bríain ruaid do mharbadh ann .i. Felim ocus Aodh, ocus
27] Diarmaid mac Cairbri Chiottaigh, ocus Brian mac
28] Donnchada Dhuibh mic Conchobair, d'fágbáil ann maille
29] riú.


Crech mhór do dhenum do clainn Oilbérus a Burc
30] a n-Airtech, dú na raibe x. ced bó, ocus ro mhillset
31] muintir Briain Mic Diarmada go h-iomarcach don
32] ruathair.


Mác I Chonchubhair Duind .i. Conn mac Diarmada
33] mic Corbri do marbad le Brian O Ceallaigh, a
34] Cluain Etir Dá Ath.


Annal LC1564.


1] Kll. Enair for Luan; ceitri blíadna ocus tri fichit,
2] u. ced ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


Cogad d'erghe etir
3] O Conchobair Ruad ocus Mac Diarmada .i. Ruaidri.


4] Ros Chomáin do ghabháil do chlainn Taidhg Óig mic
5] Thaidhg mic Thoirrdealbaigh I Conchobair ar O Conchobhair
6] n-Donn, ocus tucadar an baile iar ná ghabáil
7] d'O Conchobair Ruad .i. Tadhg Óg mac Taidhg Bhuidhe,
8] ocus ro milled mórán ar fedh Connacht uile iomón
9] n-gabhail sin. Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada,
10] ocus clann Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada, do dhul a
11] g-cealgaibh a tímcell Rossa Comáin daoine iomdha.
12] Conchobar mac h-I Chonchobair Ruaid d'eirghe amach as
13] an g-cuirt an lá sin, ocus na cealga sin d'eirghe
14] dhó fein ocus dá mhuinntir ar gach leith, ocus a cur
15] docum na mainisdrech, ocus a n-eich do buain re
16] h-ucht an doruis díbh, ocus iad féin do dhul don chlogáss.
17] Acht chena nír bho díon dóibh an t-ionadh sin; ro lensad
18] cách iad, ocus tainic Dia fo chend a saogal, oir gér
19] dhaingen an t-ionad for a rabhadar do benadh a g-cinn
20] uile díbh. Ro marbad Conchobar mac Toirrdhelbaigh
21] Ruaid h-I Conchobair annsin, ocus aon duine dhec da
22] mhuintir maille ris; ocus ro benad deich n-eich díbh.
23] Satharn domhnaigh Padraic do rinnedh na h-échta sin.
24] Téid Brian mac Mic Diarmada an Luan ina dhiaidh sin
25] ar Mac n-Donnchada an Choruinn, go Bun an Fhedáin,
26] ocus ro loisced an baile go dorus lais; ocus tuc dá
27] ced bó ass, ocus do rinne marbta ann.


O Neill .i.
28] Sean mac Cuind do teacht sluagh di-airmhe go Fine Ghall,
29] ocus Goill do cruindachad na agaid, ocus ruaig do
30] thabhairt d'O Neill ar na Galloib don taoibh atuaith
31] d'Ard Mhacha Brege, ocus Ainndriu Buidhe Diud, ocus
32] Brunach Chille Padraig, ocus se tigernaoi deg maraon


1] riu do maithuibh Gall do tuitim and.


Hoiberd mac
2] Fergusa mic Emuind, tigearna clainni Conchobair,
3] dh'ec; ocus annsa challaind so fum ata bas Hoiberd
4] mic Fergusa.

Annal LC1565.


5] Kll. Enair for mhairt; cuig bliadna ocus tri fichit,
6] cuig cet ocus mile aois an Tigerna.


Maidhm Ghlenna
7] Seisg le h-O Neill .i. Sean mac Cuinn h-I Neill, ar
8] chlainn Mic Dhomnaill na h-Alban, inar thuitsed dias
9] mac Mic Domnaill .i. Sémus ocus Alusdrann Uaibhrech,
10] et alii multi.


O Conchobair Donn ocus Brían mac
11] Ruaidri Mic Diarmada do dol go Moigh Fhinn a tír
12] Mhaine, ocus fiche ced bo do thabairt dóibh ó Ard na
13] g-Clog ocus ó Tochur Choille an Chairn; ocus ro loisgset
14] an tir go h-uilidi; ocus ro benadh fer brattaighe
15] Bríain Mic Diarmada díbh .i. Conn mac Bríain Choeich.


16] Crech mhór le clainn Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada ó Ua
17] Conchobair Ruadh, do Sliabh Badhna. Ro bhói nert clainni
18] Taidhg Mic Diarmada ar fedh urmhóir Chonnacht .i. o
19] Bhaile Atha an Rígh co ró Drobhaois, d'iomad a n-ech
20] ocus a n-éidigh, a n-doine ocus a n-indile, ocus do treissi
21] a g-carad in gach ionad.


Dun Gar do thionnscna le
22] Brían mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada do toil Mic
23] Diarmada Gall ocus a chinedh go h-uilidi.


An Diudach
24] .i. Ricard Diúid dh'ec, ocus ba mór an sgél sin.


25] O Raghallaigh .i. Maol Mórdha mac Seain mic Cathail,
26] an t-oen duine is ferr tanic dá chinedh fein riam, ocus
27] is ainminic tánic do slicht Gaoidel Ghláis nech ba
28] ferr ináss do reir aithni ocus eóluis cháigh air, .i. fer
29] dár thoirbhir Día na subháilche co h-iomlán ar tús .i.
30] buaidh n-dealbha ocus n-dénmusa, búaid n-innscni ocus
31] n-urlabra, buaid n-aithni ocus n-eolusa, búaid ceille
32] ocus comairle, búaid n-oinigh ocus n-engnuma; ocus


1] nirb ingnad rath do bheith a coimlenmain fhir na
2] m-buadh-sin, gur toghad do druim na n-adhbar sin na
3] airdrí ar Ibh Raghallaigh é, gur iomruis bás fair ocus
4] é a láimh ag Galloibh.

Annal LC1566.


5] Kll. Enáir for Cedaoin; se bliadna ocus tri fichet,
6] ocus .u. ced ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


7] mac Taidhg mic Ruaidri Óig mic Ruaidri Chaoich Mic
8] Diarmada do dul a g-Clainn Connmaid, ocus a mac
9] maróen ris .i. Maol Ruanaid; ocus ar n-dol don tír
10] dhóibh ro thaithmhighset ó roile .i. ro an Tomaltach a n-Dún
11] Iomdhan, ocus teid Maol Ruanaid .i. a mac go Cill
12] Begnad allastech do Geimhis, ocus uathad dhá dhegh
13] muinnter maille ris. Ar d-tornad do Mhaol Ruanaidh
14] ocus dá mhuinnter ar an b-fion fuaradar isin m-baile,
15] gursat mescdha medhorchaoin íad, ni ro airighset aon ní
16] gurro tuirlingset a n-escairde ar na d-oirrsibh acu .i.
17] Brían mac Maoil Sechlainn h-I Cheallaigh, cona fianlach
18] áigh ocus iorgaile na fhochair. Ro éirigh Maol Ruanaidh
19] co na uathad degh daoinedh, ocus ro briss for a bhídhbadaibh,
20] ocus ro imthigh ar eigin orra do nert a laime, no
21] gur d'eglaigh a mhuinntir ris o iomad an b-fhorluinn
22] ocus o merughad na meisce; gur ro marbad Maol
23] Ruanaid ann , i. fer a aossa do b'árrachta a n-uaisle
24] ocus a n-oinech ocus a n-oirrdercus, ocus is mo do
25] chuir ar ollamhnaib ocus ar aois ealadhna na aimsir;
26] ocus do marbadh ann maille ris Diarmaid Riabach


1] mac Cathail mic Aodha, ocus Emonn an Mhachaire mac
2] Maoil Sechlainn Duinn mic Donnchada Dhuibh, .i. fer a
3] aossa is mó do derluic do dháimh ocus do dheóraighibh na
4] aimsir féin do mac fir lenmhuna, ocus Eogan mac an
5] Bhaird .i. maor Mic Diarmada; ocus ro benadh eich ocus
6] édalacha iomdha díbh ann.


Tomaltach mac Taidhg Mic
7] Diarmada féin d'faghail báis athghairid an seisedh lá
8] dhéc a h-aithle bháis a mic; ocus aderaid aroile gurab
9] do chuma a mic ocus a muinteri torchair; dé Domnaigh
10] ocus lá féli san Seain ar aon lá, is ann torchradar
11] na truim échta sin.


Fer Gan Ainm mac Bríain Mic
12] Diarmada Ruaidh d'faghail bháis an bhliadain si .i. sói
13] dhuine in gach uile mhaith.


Crech mhór le Mac Diarmada
14] .i. Ruaidri, ocus le na mac .i. Brían, ó Brían mac Maoil
15] Sechlainn h-I Cheallaigh; ocus ro fágbhadar marcach
16] maith día muinntir isin Cuirrech m-Buidhi d'urchur do
17] ghunna .i. Felim mac Bríain Choeich; ocus ro h-adhluiced
18] Domnach na Trinóidi é a mainisdir na Trinóide fein.


19] Brian mac Mhaoil Sechlainn h-I Cheallaigh .i. rogha
20] dhuine uasail a g-cennus fedhna ocus a crechairecht,
21] ocus fer íslighthi a escarad, dh'éc in hoc anno.


22] mhór le Brian mac Mic Diarmada ó Ath Líag an
23] bhliadain si.


Clann Dubhgoill meic Donnchaidh Chaim,
24] ocus clann Giolla Esbuig mic Dubhgoill mic Aillin, do
25] marbhadh le Iarla Cloinde Riocaird; .i. le Ricard
26] Sagsanach tugadh in maidhm sin, ocus do tuit and ocht
27] g-ced Albanach; ocus air Risdert inn Iaraind do tugadh
28] an maidhm sin a Cluain Í ag Traigh Bhain na n-Eanighedh;
29] ocus fa h-adhbhal díth Albanach andsin.

Annal LC1567.


30] Kll. Enair for Aoine; bisex fuirre; seacht
31] m-bliadna ocus tri fichet, cuig ced ocus mile, ais in
32] Tigerna.


Maidhm Feirste Móire ós loch na Súilidhe


1] ar O Néill .i. ar Shean mac Cuinn h-I Neill, le h-Ua
2] n-Domnaill .i. Aodh mac Maghnais mic Aodha h-I Dhomnaill;
3] acus ní h-eidir a riom iná innisin ar fágbad
4] ocus ar báithed ann.


O Néill .i. an Sean cedna sin
5] mac Cuinn .i. tigerna an Chóiged Ulltaigh, ocus adhbar
6] rí Erenn gan fhressabra, ocus an fer as mó ro tidhluic
7] ocus ro thoirbhir a n-Erinn, do mharbad a bh-fhioll
8] d'Albanachaibh, iar ná dhul uathad daoinedh ar a n-ionchaib
9] fein ina b-fhoslongpuirt chuca.


Mac Diarmada
10] .i. Ruaidri mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada do ghabháil do
11] muintir Fhlannagáin, ocus aderaid aroile gurab ar
12] sith do rinnedh an gniom-sin. Muinter Fhlannagáin día
13] shechadadh d'O Conchobair Ruadh, ocus O Conchobair da
14] sechadadh do Murchad mac Taidhg mic Domhnaill h-I
15] Fergail, go clainn Amhlaoibh, dia choimed. Nír fuilnged
16] na gnioma sin le mac Mic Diarmada .i. le Brían mac
17] Ruaidri Mic Diarmada; .i. ro ghabh for buaidhredh ocus
18] for bithmhescad a bhidhbhaidib, ocus ag foghuil go fír
19] arrachta for a escairdibh, andiaidh a athar, gurrus
20] crech ocus gurrus loisc Muinter Fhlannagáin go
21] h-iomlán, ocus na Cluainti co h-uilidhi; oir ni ro fhágaib
22] gort gan gerradh iná tech gan loscad ar sliabh Bádhna
23] iná ar gach taobh dhe.


Ar milledh ocus ar mórarguin
24] na g-crioc ocus na g-cinnedac sin do mac Mic Diarmada,
25] ro thairring mac h-I Ruairc .i. Brían mac Bríain
26] mic Eogain h-I Ruairc lais ar Chlainn Amhlaoidh. Ro
27] loisced ocus ro crechad an tír uile léo, ocus ro marbad
28] Cathal mac Taidhg mic Domhnaill h-I Fergail leis, ocus
29] mac mic I Fergail Bhuidhe, ocus morán eli maille rú.
30] Ro fhillset iar m-buaidh coscair.


A g-cionn athghoirid na
31] dhiaidh sin tanic O Raighilligh .i. Aodh mac Maolmhórdha
32] I Raighilligh, ar ionnsoiged ar O m-Birn co h-Ua m-Briúin
33] na Sionna. Ro chrech ocus ro loisc an tír, ocus ro


1] mharbhsat cuid dá daoinedh.


Rug Brían mac I Ruairc
2] ocus Brían mac Mic Diarmada a toraighecht air, ocus
3] ro lensat co Móin lesc é. Do benadh a chrecha d'O Raighilligh
4] annsin, ocus do benad ced ech maille rú, ocus
5] cuid mhór dá n-daoinedh.


Mac Diarmada d'fuaslucad
6] dia mac fein .i. Brían, d'eis ar milled na thimcheall isin
7] m-bliadain cedna, oir tuc sé tri ced bó ass, ocus síth
8] sídhruidhthi, ocus do budh d'airnéis na g-Cluainti fein leth
9] an fuasluicthi sin.


Feall do dhenamh do Maighistir
10] Framsa, ocus do Macomais ocus do Saxsanachaib,
11] air Muircertach O Mordha ocus air a muinntir;
12] ocus ase inadh a ndernadh in feall sin a raith mor
13] mhullaidh Maisden; ocus do marbhadh andsin Muircertach,
14] ocus ceithre dhuine dhec ocus tri fithid; ocus
15] ni dernadh a n-Erinn riam gnim budh grane na sin.


16] Maghnus mac Cormaic mic Domnaill Mhaoil I Laimin,
17] .i. feadhmanntach Ruaidri Mic Diarmada, do marbad
18] le sliocht Eogain Mic Diarmada, ocus le sliocht
19] Cormaic Mic Diarmada, a feall ar an Moloig.


20] Cormac mac Taidhg Mic Diarmada .i. mac Táidhg mic
21] Ruaidri, do marbad do Cathal mac Maoil Ruanaidh
22] Mic Diarmada.


Droichett Atha Luain for Sinuinn do
23] dhenum isin m-bliadain sin leisin m-bainrigan Shaxanach,
24] ocus sir Handrai Sidneigh na ghiuisdis a n-Erinn,
25] ocus Eilísdabed ainm na banrigana sin.


O Conchubhair
26] Sligigh do dul go Saxsanaibh .i. Domhnall.

Annal LC1568.


27] Kll. Enair for Dardain; ocht m-bliadna ocus tri
28] fichit, cuig ced ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


29] fhuar ainfinech esbadach an bhliadain si, ocus as beg
30] an t-ingnad sin, oir is innti adbath Mac Diarmada .i.
31] Ruaidhri mac Taidhg mic Ruaidri Óig .i. rí Mhoighe Luirg


1] ocus Airtigh ocus tire Tuathail, ocus airdtigerna ar
2] crich chlainni Mhaol Ruanaidh go h-uilidhi, ocus araill do
3] criochaib ocus do caom thuathaib Connacht, a g-cill
4] ocus a tuaith; rí ro chaith ocus ro chossuin Cruachan co
5] na caomoireraibh, ocus cúiged Connacht airchena; ri
6] nach b-fhuair aon rí dá d-tanic da aicme roime riam, go
7] Maol Ruanaidh Mór, oired inmhe ocus ard fhlaithis ris a
8] tuaith ocus a n-egluis; conadh dia mholadh a h-aithli a bháis
9] ro raidh an fili na focail se, d'fhoillsiughad a einigh
10] ocus a aithne ocus a eslabra fair, conebirt,

    1. 11] Geg iothmar fhínemhna na n-éigius ocus na n-ollaman,

      12] Craobh cumra chnuaiss na g-cliar ocus na g-cerrbach,

      13] Dóss diona na n-dámh ocus na n-deoraidh,

      14] Bile buadha buan fhoscaidh na m-brughaid ocus na m-biattach.

15] Indeoin forais an engnuma ocus an einigh; féige forórdha
16] na féle, an flaith fial foirglidi fireolach; colamhan
17] cosanta cirt ocus córa Clainni Mhaol Ruanaidh do reir
18] a sochair ocus a senleabar. Cormac ua Cuinn cet
19] cathaigh d'fhios ocus d'eolus ocus d'ealadhnachaibh;
20] Cuchulainn criche Connacht re cosnum ocus re cathbhuadha
21] ar bhídhbadaibh, ocus ar bhith dhanaraibh; Guaire
22] duassach degh oinigh t-slechta Muireghaigh Mhuillethain;
23] Laoch Liathmhuine Leithe Cuinn ar fhéile, ar fhirinne, ar
24] oinech; fer do coiméid a chlú ocus a ainm, ocus a
25] áiremh, a dheirc ocus a dhaonnacht ocus a dheghaithne, o
26] aois n-aoidhentacht go h-ionmhaidh a éga, ocus a nam
28] an égai feissin, gan aoir gan imdergad, gan égnach


1] gan escuine, gan oirbire gan athiomrádh, ro chaith a ríghe
2] ocus a ro flaithes, a shaidhbhres ocus a shior inmhe, do réir
3] mhenman a mhór croidhe bhudhéin. Acht chena, ger bhádhbhal
4] re fhaisnóis ocus ger lionmar re lánfoillsiugad, ocus
5] gidh nár bhéidir a ríom re na ro eolchaib treissi a
6] thigernais ar na criochaib ocus ar na caomthuathaib
7] ar fedh urmhóir Chonnacht a cill ocus a tuaith, ni ro
8] fhágaibh luach én bhuinn doighrecht, acht amháin ro thuill
9] bennachtain ocus buidechus érlomh ocus egoilsech,
10] fhiledh ocus ollaman, bhocht ocus bhaintreabhtach, dheoraidh
11] ocus dhíllechtadh, anbhfann ocus oilithrech, aossa martra
12] ocus mórghalair, aoidhed ocus ionnorptach, dhó féin ocus
13] dá iarsma ocus dá oighredhaib. Fuair fós tabartus
14] ocus tidhlucadh tromadhbail on Trinóid thoghaide tre
15] persanaigh .i. galar gan accais gan anbfhorlonn, gan
16] ghuaiss gan gráin, a chiall ocus a chuimne, a ressún
17] ocus a ro-thuicsi féin ar a chommus, go b-fhuair aithrighe
18] iodhan ocus aithrechus adhbail ina chionaid, iar g-caithemh
19] ochtmhodha bliadhan achtmad suaill, ocus trí fichid
20] bliadan dibh-sin na ab ar oilén na Trinóide for Loch Cé
21] ocus for Loch Uachtair, ocus bliadhuin is lugha nó fiche na
22] airdtigerna ar criochaib Clainni Mhaol Ruanaidh go
23] h-uilidhi, ocus leth gach aon bhliadna dhibhsin a b-fhoslongport
24] ar machaire Chonnacht, d'aimhdheoin moráin do
25] Ghalloib ocus do Ghaoidhealaib Erenn ocus gach comarsan
26] áirchena; nó gomad dá bhliadain ocus dá fhichet
27] ro chaith Mac Diarmada ar an ordugad-sin; ocus issé


1] ionad ina m-bidh a fhoslongport ar an b-fhedhsin go gnathach
2] .i. um sgeithín na g-cend ocus um fhuarán n-Gar, ocus
3] um iomaire Moighe h-Oi, ocus ar gach taobh dhíbh. Acht
4] chena ro diormuis an teidhm tar nach d-tíaghar, ocus ar
5] nach eidir iomgabáil fair, co b-fhuair bass comna iar
6] n-aiffrenn ocus iar b-proigept, Dardaoin mandáil ar
7] cairrig Mic Diarmada, ocus gurrus ádhlucadh a corp go
8] h-uasal onorach a n-adhbha na naom ocus a n-iomdha na
9] n-érlum .i. for oilén na Trinóide, amail ro ordaig
10] fein a chur a n-adhlucad na n-ab roime, do admháil ocus
11] do fhoillsiugad a egna ocus a eoluis, ocus do dhiultagad
12] don diomus, ocus do mhédugad onóra na h-egluisi na
13] dhiaidh. Ro asgnám a anum íarsin ar an g-caisc g-coitchinn
14] gan chrich gan fhoirchend in sécula seculorum amen;
15] conidh dó ro ráidh an t-uchdar an rann,

    1. 16] Ocht m-bliadna sescu derbh dham,

      17] Cuig ced is míle bliadan,

      18] O ghein Crist, oiris fada,

      19] Báss Ruaidhrí Mic Diarmada.

20] Acht chéna, do righnedh cruit gan chéis ocus ceall gan
21] abad, ocus tír gan tigerna, do thír Mic Diarmada
22] ahaithle bháis Ruaidhrí Mic Diarmada, óir tangadar
23] uilc iomdha iar na ég .i. díth ocus dilghend Chlainni
24] Mhaol Ruanaidh fo na nert conuige sin. Ro maoladh a
25] menma ocus a meisnech; ro bochtaighed a brughada
26] ocus a biattaigh ocus a baintreabhthaigh; ro h-ionnarbad
27] a h-érloim ocus a h-ollamain ocus a h-oirchinnigh; ro


1] mughaigedh ocus ro marbad morán dá macaibh righ ocus
2] deghdhaoinibh.


Ro fháss cogad coitchenn etir Ghalloibh
3] ocus Ghaoidhealaibh, Albanchaib ocus Saxanaibh, Siol
4] Conchobair ocus clainn Maol Ruanaigh, taoissigh ocus
5] túatha, tar éis an ard fhlatha. Ro fássoiged Magh Luirg
6] ocus Magh Aoi ocus Airtech, ocus túatha Connacht co
7] h-uilidhe o Loch Aillinne go Camshruthán. Ro fháss, imorro,
8] fuacht ocus firgorta, goid ocus eigion, slad ocus sárugad,
9] indliged ocus édualang, sechnoin na g-crioch ocus na
10] g-cennadach. Ro h-ionnarbad ocus ro h-eisréidhed íad
11] uile etir shaor ocus daor a g-críochaib ciana comaightecha
12] .i. a Tír Amhalgaidh ocus a Tir Fiacrach, a n-iochtar
13] Connacht ocus a Mainechaib, a clainn Connmaidh ocus
14] a clainn Ricaird. Araill eli .i. Toirrdhealbach mac
15] Eogain Mic Diarmada do riogad ina ionad, do thoil
16] chille ocus tuaithi, eglaisi ocus ollaman.


17] Chlainni Ricaird .i. Mairghrég, ingen Donnchada mic
18] Conchobair h-I Briain .i. an ben is ferr do bhói a n-Erinn
19] ina h-aimsir féin, dh'éc an bhliadain sin.


O Conchubhair
20] Sligigh .i. Domnall do theacht a Saxsanaib, ocus paitent
21] do thabhairt leis ar a duthaid o in banrigan.

Annal LC1569.


22] Kll. Enair. Noi m-bliadna ocus tri fichit, cuig ced
23] ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


Crecha aidhbhle oirrderca do
24] dhenum d'O Ruairc .i. Maghnus mac Briain mic Eogain
25] h-I Ruairc, ocus do Mhág Uidhir .i. Cu Connacht Og mac
26] Con Connacht, ar Mac Diarmada .i. Toirrdhealbach
27] Mac Diarmada, [gap: extent: 3-4 words]cuig mile bó cona n-diol


1] capall ocus da gach edáil eli, ionnus gur milled
2] ocus gur mórbhuaidhred Connacht ocus Magh Luirg go
3] h-uilidhe don creich sin, ler marbadh dá n-oiremhnaibh
4] ocus da n-ardtreabhthachaibh, ocus dá lucht foghanta.
5] Crecha móra eli do dhenum do Mac Diarmada ar
6] O Rúairc mar an cedna. Morán uilc do dhenum an
7] bhliadain sin a n-Erinn, ocus a Connachta go h-áirigthi.


8] Ross Chomain do tabairt d'O Chonchubhair dond don
9] ghiusdis, ocus ase Diarmaid mac Cairbre meic Eogain
10] chaoich in t-O Conchubhair, ocus sir Hanrigh Sinie ainm in
11] giusdis.

Annal LC1570.


12] Kll. Enáir; deich m-bliadna ocus tri fichit, ocus coig
13] ced ocus mile, aois an Tigerna.


Cogadh mor d'eirghe etir
14] chlainn Mic Diarmada .i. clann Ruaidri mic Taidhg
15] Mic Diarmada, ocus Mac Diarmada .i. Toirrdhelbach
16] mac Eogain Mic Diarmada cona bhraithrechaib, gur
17] fassaighed na tírthi ocus na treabha, na h-íatha ocus
18] na h-aicmedha na comhgar. Ro fhósdodar clann Eogain
19] Mic Diarmada tri ced Albanach a n-aghaidh chlainni
20] Ruaidri Mic Diarmada; ocus do cuiredh clann Ruaidri
21] asan tír go Cloinn Connmaidh, ocus go Mainechaibh.
22] Ro milled morán a Muigh Luirg leis na h-Albanachuibh
23] sin a cill ocus a tuaith; ocus an la deighenach tar éis a
24] n-aimsire do tabhairt dona h-Albanachuibh sin, tánic
25] Brían mac Ruaidri mic Diarmada cona braithribh .i.
26] clann Tomaltaigh mic Taidg mic Diarmada, as cloinn
27] Connmaidh d'féchain an tíre, ocus ro leigsed sgeimealta
28] uatha fo na n-esgcairdibh ar g-clos Albanach
29] d'imtheacht; ocus ro marbad leo Díarmaid Riabach mac
30] Eogain mic Taidhg Mic Diarmada don reim sin; ocus
31] ro budh mor an sgél an t-e do ror-chuir and .i. an mac


1] righ dob ferr d'urmhor dia coirpfhine feisin, d'oinech
2] ocus d'oirbert ocus d'oirrdercus. Do righnedar na
3] h-Albanaigh sin ro bhaoi ar fasdódh ag clainn Eogain
4] Mic Diarmada crecha móra a Moigh Luirg isin ló cédna
5] .i. an tres lá do t-shamradh.


In préisidens .i. Edbhard
6] Fetón do thoighecht a Connachtaibh an samradh sin,
7] ocus armáil na bainrighna leis, maille re h-érghe amach
8] Connacht an mhéid fa h-umhal dó dhibh .i. iarla Clainni
9] Ricaird ocus slicht Uilleg an fiona uile, ocus Siol
10] g-Ceallaigh ocus clann Domhnaill an t-Sleibhe Ruaidh, ocus
11] caiptín Coiléir ocus Paidricín Ciomsóg, ocus eirghe
12] amach na Gaillmhe, ocus morán ele nach roich linn d'áiremh;
13] ocus tiaghaid sin uile do ghabháil chaisléin Sruthra. Mac
14] Uilliam a Búrc cona braithribh ocus cona chomhfogus,
15] ocus clann Oilbhérus a Búrc, do cruinniughad slúaigh
16] mhoir d-Albanachuibh,1

Annal LC1571.


17] Kll. Enair. En bliadain dhec ocus tri fichet, u.ced
18] ocus mile, ais an Tigerna.


Preisidens choigid Connacht
19] a m-baile Atha Luain an tan-sa. O Conchobair Donn .i.
20] Diarmaid mac Cairbri mic Eogain choeich h-I Conchobair
21] do dul na chenn, ocus a ghabhail leisin preisidens ar a
22] iocht fein. A mac féin .i. Aodh O Conchobair, ocus Aodh
23] mac h-I Chonchobair Ruaidh, ocus aroile do dhaoinibh


1] toghtha, do dhul go baile Atha Luain lucht arrtraigh.
2] O Conchobair d'f[gap: extent: 7-8 characters] a thigh ósda allamuigh don
3] chuirt dóibh. Tucsat O Conchobair ar athaid ó Ghalloibh
4] leo. Ar teacht h-I Conchobair ó Ghalloib amlaidh sin
5] ro fhasdó ocht ced Albanach, ocus ro cengail se fein
6] ocus clann Eogain mic Diarmada re cheli. Tiaghaid ar
7] siobal slúaiged a n-Uachtar Connacht. Loiscid an
8] popul coech ocus Crúthon, ocus cethroma[gap: extent: 1 word], ocus
9] tucadar crecha móra leo, ocus tangadar slan.


10] preisidens do teacht ar machaíre Connacht sluag mor.
11] Baile an Topair ocus an Caislen Riabach do ghabháil
12] leis, ocus ro bris an Caislén Riabach, ocus ro fhill
13] ar aiss íarsin. O Conchobair Donn ocus a Albanaig
14] do bheth a Madh Luirg na g-coinne ag togbáil berten

[n with overstroke]

15] gach leith, ocus ar Mag Luirg co h-airighthi, oir do bhói
16] ced Mic Diarmada aca chuice. Ní raibhe Brian mac
17] Ruaidri, ina a bhraithrech, ocus O Conchobair d'én sgél
18] mun am sin, ocus ní raibhe a fhis ag Brian, O Conchobair
19] do bheith a n-anbrath do no gur derbh fein a anbrath .i.
20] gurro ghabh Diarmaid mac Ruaidri mic Diarmada, ocus
21] Tomaltach Og mac Tomaltaigh mic Diarmada, íar
22] thaobadh mhuinteri h-I Conchobair dhóibh, ocus gur benad a
23] n-eich ocus a n-eidighe dibh. Ro elodh Tomaltach Og a g-cionn
24] athaid iarsin; ro benadh fuaslucad ass Diarmaid. A
25] groidh ocus cuid da chaoraighecht do bhuain do Brían mac
26] Diarmada dona h-Albanchaib sin h-I Conchobair ina
27] dhiaidh. Ro bhói Brían fein ina luidhi a tinnes ar an
28] b-fhedh sin uile. Iar n-eirghe ass a luidhe dhó ro bhen ba
29] ocus eich d'O Conchobair. Ro marbad fós le Brían don
30] chogad sin mac Conchobair mic Cathaoir h-I Conchobair,
31] ocus cethror da muintir maille ris. Foslongport do
32] dhenum do Brian mac Diarmada, ocus do clainn
33] Tomaltaigh mic Diarmada, um ráth Bhrénuinn, ocus ó sin
34] co Camsruthan. Crecha móra do dhenum ar ab na Buille
35] doib, ocus crech eli ar Mac Donnchada an Choruinn.


1] Inis Floinn umorro, ocus Inis mic Dábhíth, do loscad leo
2] isin bliadain cedna.


An pressidens do teacht co Ross
3] Chomáin, ocus a bheith seacht seachtmhuine na comnaide
4] innte. A fhilled tar ais doridhis, ocus ro fagaib
5] braighde. An preisidéns do theacht a Connachtaib
6] doridhis armáil mhór do mhuintir na bainrighna, ocus
7] dul doib a g-clainn Ricaird. Iarla Clainni Ricaird
8] ocus an sluag Gall sin do dhul a g-Cúilecha, ocus a dho
9] no tri do bhailtib caislen do ghabhail doibh. O Domnaill,
10] .i. Aodh mac Maghnuis h-I Domnaill, do theacht a n-iochtar
11] Connacht, ocus clann Eogain mic Diarmada do
12] dhul na chuinne co Baile Essa Dara, ocus cengal re roile
13] dhóibh a n-aghaid a n-escarad dibhlionaibh. O Domnaill do
14] fhilliud a n-Ullthoib doridhis. Cuid mor dia muinntir
15] do teacht le clainn Eogain, maille re na n-daoinib
16] féin, ocus ro innsoighset foslongport Bríain mic
17] Diarmada a g-clainn Faghartaigh, ocus ro bhenadar fiche
18] ced go b-fhuilliud do bhuaibh, cona n-diol do chaiplib de, ocus
19] tangodar slán. An preisidens do bheth a g-Cuilech mun
20] am sin. Teachta do dol na chend ó Brían do chossáoid
21] na n-gniom sin ris. Nir faillighed na sgela sin lasin
22] preisidens cona Ghalloib, oir ni dernat oirisiom ina
23] comnaidhe no go tanic a g-Clainn Chonnmaidh. Teid
24] Brían mac Diarmada ocus clann Tomaltaigh mic
25] Diarmada na choinne a Clainn Chonnmaidh, ocus do
26] leig se Brian roime ar ais a Maid Luirg, do brath Mic
27] Diarmada ocus Albanach, ocus do roighne fein comhnaide
28] na dheoidh a g-Clainn Connmaidh an aghaid sin;
29] ocus ro ghabhsat ionad coinne re roile ar na mhárach
30] a Ráth na g-cléirech. Do freagradar an t-ionad coinne
31] sin leth ar leth, ocus ro bhói Mac Diarmada ocus a
32] chlann, ocus Tadhg mac Cathail mic Diarmada a
33] g-Cluain na cea[gap: extent: 2-3 letters]a n-Uachtar tíre. Acht chena nir
34] faillighed le Brían cona braithribh an tairring sin,
35] oir ro treoraighset an slúag d'aon uighe o fe[gap: extent: 1-2 words]
36] Machaire Connacht co Bealach na nurmhointe os cionn


1] Droichit mic Muanaigh. Do rónsat began scísad ocus
2] comnaidhe annsin. Teid Brían ocus Sean mac Tomais
3] mic Ricaird [gap: extent: 1-2 words], ro bhói na shirriam mun
4] am sin, ocus fedhan dona Gaoidhelaib maille rú, rías
5] na Galloibh ar innsoiged na Buille.3

Annal LC1577.


6] Mac h-I Ghadra, .i. Cian mac Diarmada mic Eogain
7] h-I Ghadra, dh'ec.


O Conchobair Donn ocus O Conchobair
8] Ruadh, ocus slicht Toirrdhelbaigh Laighnigh meg
9] Dhomhnaill, do dhul ar ionnsoiged ar Mac Donnchadha
10] an Choruinn, ocus crecha mora do dhenam dhóibh. Cathal
11] Og mac h-I Conchobair Sligidh ocus Albanaigh dia lenmain
12] a g-Coirrsliabh ocus tre Mag Luirg, ocus assin co
13] Tuillsci, ocus gan breth orra no co rangodar Clochan
14] na Rigraidhi. Began greamma do beith do marcsluagh na
15] tóra orra annsin. Filled orra do bhun na fedhna, ocus
16] Ruaidri Glass, mac Briain Choeich mic Ruaidri Ghlais
17] do thuitim den buille ga le Brian mac h-I Fhlannagain,
18] ocus a rochtain fein slan cona crechaibh.


O Conchobair
19] Sligigh ocus Brian mac Diarmada do dhul a g-cend
20] caiptín Mailbie .i. tigerna Chonnacht ó Ghalloib, ar
21] na fhagail dóibh a Ros Comain, ocus fa forbhaoilidh an
22] caiptín rompu dibhlionaibh; ocus ro iarradar sluaig
23] fair do buain Buna Drobhoeis d'O Dhomhnaill. Ro
24] fagbhadar an sluag benta na n-diaidh. Teid O Conchobair
25] dia bhaile fein, ocus ro fhaguibh Brian re h-aghaid an t-sluaig
26] do thairring chuige. Iar tinól a shluaig imorra
27] don caiptin, ro ghluais roimhe an ced lá no co ráinic Cuil
28] Cessra an ucht Bhuille, ocus teid ar na mharach tar


1] Coirrsliab budhthuaidh no go ranic Baile an mhúta. Tanic
2] O Conchobair Sligigh ocus mac Uilliam Burc chuca
3] annsin, ocus maithi Connacht uile acht O Ruairc amháin,
4] ocus a coimchinél. Tiaghaidh rompu go Bun Drobhoeis ass
5] a h-aithle. Ro gabadh an baile gan fhuirech leo. Ro
6] marbad mac Cathail Chleirigh d'én urchur ga do mac
7] I Domnaill .i. Aodh Og mac Aodha Dhuibh I Dhomnaill. Ro
8] loitted ocus ro marbad ochtar do Sacsanchaib imon
9] m-baile sin, ocus ro fagaibh an caiptin an baile ag
10] O Conchobair don dul sin.


Clann Duiphshith na h-Alban
11] .i. Domnall Óg ocus Ferdorcha, cona m-braithribh, ocus
12] cona coimchinel Albanach ocus Erennach, do dhul ar
13] O Conchobair n-donn ar siobal innsoiged, ocus crech do
14] buain de doibh. O Conchobair fein, ocus sirrriam Rossa
15] Comáin, do bhreth orra began daoinedh. Filled orra
16] d-Albanchaib, ocus [gap: extent: 1-2 words] do maithibh Chlainni Suibhne
17] do mharbad ann .i. Aodh mac Mhaol Muire, ocus Maol Muire
18] mac Toirrdhelbaigh choich, [gap: extent: 1-2 words] mac Ruaidri
19] dhuibh mic Maol Muiri Mic Shuibhni.


Sloigeadh le h-Ua
20] n-Domnaill .i. Aodh mac Maghnusa [gap: extent: 1-2 words]a n-iochtar
21] Connacht. Crecha mora do ghenum dho a t-tir Oillella,
22] ocus milled mor tighed ocus arbhonna do denum d'O Domnaill
23] don t-sloiged sin a tír Oilella, ocus a Luighni
24] ocus a g-Cairbri.


Sirriam chundae Sligigh, .i. Risderd
25] mac Teaboid Buidhe meg Seoinin, do mharbad a Sligech
26] le h-Ua n-Domnaill ag filled don t-sloigedh sin, ocus a
27] imteacht fein slán.


Peitidech an Mhuilinn Chirr .i.
28] Geroid dh'ec.


Foslongport do dhenumh d'O Dhomhnaill
29] fo bhun Drobhoeis. O Conchobair Sligigh do thairring
30] chaiptin chuigid Connacht go sluag mór Gall ocus
31] Gaoidel maille ris, mar ataid Siol Conchobair ocus


1] Clann Maol Ruanaidh ocus Sil g-Ceallaigh. Ticidsin
2] uile co Mainisdir na Buille a n-ucht Coirrshleibh.
3] Tiaghaidh tar sliabh síos ar na bharach, ocus ro gabad
4] Cuil Deghaid leo. Assin co Baile an Tochair dóibh, ocus
5] ro ghabhsat e mar an cedna. Assin co Bun Drobhaois
6] doibh, ocus ro ansat ceitri lo con oidhche ag cur chosduis
7] ann iar n-athchur I Dhomhnaill. Ro fhillset co Sligech
8] iarsin, ocus do reidhighset re h-Ua Ruairc. Ro crechsad
9] cuid do Chloinn Diarmada Ruaid na g-Coillte, ag filled
10] tar a n-ais doibh. Ticid a Mag Luirg ass a h-aithle. Baile
11] na h-Uama do tabairt ar iassacht don chaiptin do
12] Brian mac Diarmada. An caiptin da fhagbail ag
13] Eoin Odhar mhaig Néill re h-aghaid chogaid Albanach.


14] Uaithne mac Aodha I Dhiomusaigh do marbad le cuid do
15] Shil Mordha a b-fioll.


Caiptin Harant ocus mac
16] maigistir Framhsa do ghabhail do Rugraidhi Og O Mordha.
17] Ionnsoiged fhoslongpuirt do thabairt do Sagsanchaib
18] ar Rugraidh Og, ocus breith ar Chormac mac h-I Conchobair
19] Fhailgigh isin foslongport sin. Diass chlainni
20] Rugroidhe Oig, ocus a bhen .i. ingen Aodha mic Seain mic
21] Remuinn, ocus Cormac O Conchobair, do marbadh isin
22] bh-fhoslongport le Sacsanchaib, ocus caiptin Harant
23] do bhreith leo dhoibh ocus e lethmarb.


Ferdorcha mac
24] Dhuibhsith .i. rogha a chinidh fein d'uaisle ocus d'urradus,
25] do marbad le h-Eoin Odhar mhaig Neill, ocus crech mhor
26] do thabairt leis do.


Baile an Muta do ghabhail do
27] Sacsanchaib a bh-fhioll, ocus Mac Donnchada do ghabail
28] leo ann .i. Aodh mac Cairbri mic Taidhg, tigerna an
29] bhaile fein, ocus Cormac mac Taidhg an triubhais .i.
30] Mac Donnchada Tire h-Oilella.


Sean Salach mac


1] Aodha mic Seain mic Remuinn do marbhadh le Galloibh.4


2] Conchobar Carrach mac I Chathain do marbhadh leis
3] O Cathain.


Baile an Muta do ghabhail le sliocht Tomaltaig
4] Meic Donnchada, ocus le sliocht Dubhghoill
5] gruamgha eir Sagsanachaib.


Cend mainisdreach na
6] Trinoide, ocus obair baghdhuin Duna gar, do bheth ar
7] siubhal an aoinfhecht eig Brian mac Ruadhri Meic Díarmada,
8] oir dob e in Brian sin uachtaran na mainisdrech,
9] ocus tigerna na carrge.


Tadhg mac Murchada meic
10] Toirrdhealbaigh I Bhríain, ocus Toirdhealbach mac meic
11] Mathgamna, d'fhaghail bháis a n-deiredh na bliadnasa; ocus
12] ni roibhe a n-Eirinn na n-amsir fein fleasgaidh budh mo
13] in sgel na iad and gach uile chail.


Robert Sabhuis .i.
14] suthsirriam chuindae Sligigh do mharbhadh, ocus seisser
15] da mhuinntir maraon ris, le Mac Donnchada in
16] Choraind.


Eumand mac Murchada I Fergail ocus
17] Conchobar Og Mag Ranaill d'faghail bhais.

Annal LC1578.


18] Kll. Enair for cheidin, ocus asi aois in Tigerna in
19] tansa ocht m-bliadna deg ocus tri fichet, cuig ced ocus
20] mile.


Mac I Néill do mharbhadh d'aon urchor do gha le
21] mac I Gallchobhair .i. Enri O Neill, ocus fao mor int
22] eacht sin mac Toirdhealbhaigh Loinigh mic Neill Chonallaigh.


23] Uasal shagart Oilein na Trinoide .i. Sean Buidhe O
24] Sergoid do bhadhad ar Loch Ce la casg.


Tigerna Lubha
25] .i. Crisdoir Pluingced do lenmhuin Meg Mathguna a
26] toraighecht, ocus a crech roime. Mag Mathuna do thabhairt
27] ruaga doibh, ocus tigerna Lubha, ocus mac Meg
28] Aonghassa .i. Brian, do mharbhadh don ruaig sin, ocus
29] cuigfer marcach maraon riu; ocus fa mor in t-echt sin
30] do roinne in la sin.


Seathan mac Donnchada meg Uidir
31] do chrochad le na derbhraithrib fein .i. le Brian ocus


1] le Donnchad Óg, ar tegasg Meg Uidir .i. Cu Connacht.


2] Siarriam conndaoe Muighe dh-Eó do mharbhadh le Emann
3] a Burc, mac Tomais in Machire .i. Muilirre mac Uater;
4] ocus fa mor in sgeal sin; ocus a Caislen na h-Eille do
5] roinde in t-echt sin.


O Conchobair Sligigh .i. Domhnall
6] mac Taidhg meic Cathail Oig, ocus mac mic Dhíarmada
7] .i. Brian mac Ruaidhri mic Dhíarmada, do dul go Baile
8] Atha Cliath air in comhairle moir, ocus bheith doibh cuig
9] sechtmaine ar in g-cuirt sin, ocus onoir mor d'faghail
10] doibh o chomhairle na h-Erenn, ocus a teacht slan.


11] Muinntire h-Oilais do gabhail le Saxanachaib ar
12] Brian mac Briain I Ruairc, ocus cuigfhir dheg do marbhadh
13] innte, ocus iumad da gach uile édail do bhreth este.
14] Mac I Ruairc .i. Brian do dhul a g-cend in giustis, ocus
15] réudh dó re Galloib, ocus a baile d'faghail dó .i. Liatrouim.


16] Rudhrigh Og O Morgha do mharbhudh le Brian Og mac Giolla Phadraig
17] ocus le Galloib, ocus ni roibhe a n-Eirinn fer
18] millte eir Ghalluibh bhudh mo na in fer sin; ocus fa ro
19] mhor in t-eacht he.


Bun Drobhuis do thabhairt do Uadh
20] Domnaill don giustis, ocus da ced deg marg do buain
21] de as uel amplius; ocus adeirmúid gurab olc do fri
22] baile shleachta Briain Luighnigh do reic ris O n-Domnaill
23] da leiged inn egla duinn a indi-sin.


Rightegh mor
24] na carrge do tinnsgna do Brian mac Ruaidri Meic
25] Díarmada, ocus do bhí sin ocus cenn mainistrech na
26] Trinoide, ocus babhuan Duna Gar ar siubhal an aoinfhecht
27] aige; ocus ni roibhe tigernus na taniuistecht aige an
28] uair sin.


Uasal sagart Bhaile na Cille a cloind


1] Chondmuigh d'faghail bhais, .i. Tadhg O Tonaire, etir da fheil
2] Muire san obhfur.


Mac I Conchobair dhuinn .i. Tadhg
3] Buidhe mac Conchobair I Chonchubhair, ocus a dhias mac
4] .i. Feilim ocus in Dubhaltach, do mharbhadh le Tomas
5] Udis a fioll eir Caisseall na h-Oilidhe, ar bru Churraidh
6] chind eitte.


Dolbh mac Dubhthaigh I Dhuibhgennain .i.
7] O Duibhgennain d'faghail bhais.


Mag Flannchaidh .i.
8] Cathal Dubh d'faghail bhais.

Annal LC1579.


9] 5Kll. Enair for dhardaoin; noi m-bliadna dhec ocus
10] tri fichet, ocus u. ced ocus mile ais an Tigerna.


11] O Maolmhocheirghe .i. comfhorba Droma Oirghialla .i. sói
12] Erenn a n-oinech thighe aoidhed coitchinn d'feraibh Erenn
13] ocus an domain, an mheid no roiched é dhíbh, dh'éc.


14] O Gadra .i. Diarmaid mac Eogain h-I Ghadra, ocus an
15] Gilla Dubh mháig Philip .i. tigerna na Litri, dh'ec a n-aon
16] mhí ocus an comarba.


Crecha moraidhbhle do ghenum a
17] Magh Luirg ar Bhrían mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada do
18] chloinn Donnchada Mhég Uidhir, .i. dia chairdibh bunaidh
19] feisin, ocus d'Albanchaib .i. Eoin mac Aongusa mic
20] Gille Esgaib Bháin mhég Domhnaill, ocus do chlainn
21] Duiphshíth.


Aodh mac Seain mic Remuinn o ghlionn
22] Malura do éc in hoc anno; ocus do budh do sgélaib
23] mh'ora Erenn dó alleith uaisle ocus einigh. Rolond
24] Iustais d'faghail bhais mur an cedna, ocus fa déchtuibh
25] móra choiced Laigen an dias sin.


Eoin Odhar mhaig Neill
26] do mharbad la clainn Eogain Mic Diarmada a Lathaigh
27] Bhrendrumai a n-ucht Choirrsleibh, ocus móran da muinter
28] do marbad a tois an loi cedna la Galloib Rossa
29] Comáin ar machaire Connacht.


Sadhb ingen Tomaiss mic


1] Ricaird Óig a Burc, .i. ben posda Taidhc mic Uilliam
2] h-I Cheallaigh, .i. an ben dob fherr ocus dob fhoighidighe
3] na h-aimsir fein, mortua est, ocus a h-adnacal a
4] Cill Conaill.


Mac Muiris Duibh mic Iarla Dhesmuman
5] do thoighecht i n-Erinn isin m-bliadain sin,
6] ocus began Spaindech maille ris. Do ghabhsat Dun in
7] Óir isin Mumain; ocus o ro chuala giuisdis na h-Erenn
8] sin ro thinoil sluag mor .i. iarla Chilli Dara ocus
9] caiptín Malbie .i. tigerna choiged Connacht mun am
10] sin, ocus morán do Ghaoidelaibh Connacht, ocus coiged
11] Laigen cona armáil, ocus morán do Mhuimhnechaibh.
12] Orro chuala, imorro, clann Iarlai Dessmuman .i. Sean
13] mac Semuis, ocus Sémus na tinól a bhrathair eli,
14] Semus mac Muiris duibh do thoighecht co h-Erinn, ocus
15] na Sbainnig maille ris, ro thogbhodar comfhuasma
16] cogaid fria Galloib Muman, ocus ro marbad preisidens
17] da choiged Muman, ocus ochtor do mhaithibh na
18] n-Gall maille ris ina n-oirecht fein. Semus mac
19] Muiris Duibh do theacht ar siubal a g-crich Chlainni
20] Uilliam. Clann Uillíam na Siuire .i. iarsma an Iarla
21] Ruaidh do breith fair. Tachar fria roile dhóibh. Mac
22] Muiris Duibh do thuitim ann, ocus triar do Chlainn
23] Uilliam do thuitim ris. Acht chena fa mor do anrodh
24] mara ocus tíre fuair conuigi sin sechnóin na Spainne
25] ocus na Fraince, ac denum indill ar a escairdibh, ocus
26] fa mor do ghaiscid ocus do ghniom dílmhuintis do righne
27] isna coicrichaib sin, tar cenn a críche ocus an chreidimh.


28] Teid in giuisdís an tinól adhbail sin adubhromar don
29] Mhumain, ocus ni h-eidir a ríomh no áiremh gach ar
30] milled isin Mumain don dol sin do bailtibh, ocus d'arbhonnuibh,
31] ocus d'airneis.


In t-espuc .H. h-Elidhe .i. sói egnai
32] ocus crabaidh in domuin uile, ocus mac h-I Ruairc .i.
33] Connbrathor mac Briain mic Eogain h-I Ruairc, do
34] thoighecht assan doman anoir tar eis a leighti ocus a
35] turais. Giuisdís na h-Erenn do bhreith orra, ocus a


1] g-crochad araon dar sarugad Dé ocus daoine; ocus
2] ba truagh an gniom sin .i. espuc onórach ardcraibhtech,
3] ocus bráthair mionúr d'fhuil úasuil, do bhássugad mar
4] nár chubaid. Acht chena do roighne Día firt fiadhnach
5] follus ar an n-giuisdís .i. ro gabh doigh a chend an la ro
6] crochad an dias sin, ocus ní ro dhealaig an doigh sin fris
7] co b-fhuair bass di a cinn bhegain aimseri.


Tadhg mac
8] Cuinn Chiotaigh mic Aoda mic Eogain dh'eg.


9] Ustáis ocus Risderd Brís, co n-imad sluaig maille friú,
10] do dhul ar siubal ar clainn in Iarla ina n-daingnidhibh
11] pfein. Clann in Iarla ocus daoine mic Muiris Duibh, a
12] h-aithle a bháis féin, do bhreith forra. In dá Risderd sin
13] do marbhadh, ocus dá ced eli maille friu, uel amplius.
14] Risderd Domnall d'faghail bháis; ocus fá mór an díth
15] do Goeidelaib Erenn na tri Risderd sin do marthain.


16] Treisiréir na h-Erenn .i. Edbhord Fitón, d'fhaghail bháis a
17] m-Baile Atha Cliath an la deighionach do mi medhoin in t-samhradh,
18] ocus ní thánic re fada do Galloib Saxan sgél
19] bud mó ináss, alleth uaisle ocus oirrdercuis.


20] Donnchada Thíre h-Oilella do mharbad le Maol Ruanaidh
21] mac Cathail mic Eogain mic Donnchada, ocus an
22] tir co h-imbresnech na deoidh etir Clainn n-Donnchada.


23] O Briain .i. Domhnall mac Chonchubhair I Briain d'faghail
24] bhais, ocus fa mor in sgel sin.


Onorra ingen
25] Donnchada mic Chonchubair I Briain d'faghail bhais.


26] Tomas mac in Bharuin Nuindsend d'eg.


27] ingen Briain meic Diarmada Ruaidh, an ben do bhi ag
28] Cathal mac Eogain meic Donnchada, d'eg.


Righ Portigel
29] do marbhadh leis an Turcach a cath, ocus da fiched
30] mile fer maraon ris, ocus la lunasa tugadh in cath sin.
31] Rig na Peirse do teacht ar in Turcach sluagh di-airme,


1] andíghail a charad rig Portigel do tuit leis, ocus do
2] cuiredh cath etorra, ocus do tuit fithe mile do muinntir
3] in Turcaidh, ocus do thérnaigh righ na Turcach asin cath
4] slan tar éis a muinnteri do mharbhadh.


Donn Seon
5] Ausdrie .i. derbrathair cing Filip righ na Sbainne, in t-aon
6] dhuine uasal is ferr tainic san Criosdaoigheacht
7] riam, d'fhaghail bhais in cuiged lá don céd mí don fhogmar.
8] Oighre cing Filip d'faghail bhais in dara mi.


9] an Aonaigh Bheg do thabhairt ar Shemus na tinol, ocus ar
10] th-Sean mac Semais, le captin Malbie, dú atorchuir
11] Eogan mac Emaind meic Sithigh, ocus moirsheisser da
12] cheinedh d'uaisle chlainde Sithigh, ocus fiched no do maraon
13] riu.

Annal LC1580.


14] Kl. Enair for Aoine, ocus dob e aois in Tigherna .i.
15] M. ocus cuicc ced ocus cethra .xx.


Mac Uilliam Burcc
16] .i. Sedhán mac Oilberus, cend uaisli ocus oinigh ocus
17] oirrdercais coiccidh Connacht, do éucc isin bliadain se.


18] In t-esbucc a Burc, .i. Rolont mac Remaind do eug, cend
19] ecailsech Connacht.


Maidm Glenda Molura do tabairtt
20] ar Saxanchaib, inar básaighed .ix. caiptin, ocus
21] ced mailli risin caiptín aca, do cloinn Roloin Iústtás
22] ocus d'Fiacha mac Aedha mic Sedhain mic Remaind.


23] Eoghan mac Felim Ruaidh mic Airtt mic Aodha h-I
24] Néill, diarba comhainm 'Fuath an Airgid', d'fhaghail bais
25] a m-Baili Atha Cliath.


Maol Ruanaigh mac Cathail mic
26] Eoghain mic Donnchada, adbor righdamhna O n-Oilella
27] gan imresain, d'fagháil bais a Cul Maeile, iar m-breith
28] buada o doman ocus o deamon; ocus fa scel sochair
29] ocus suilbireachta dia esccairdibh in bás sin mic
30] Mic Donnchada, ocus fá mana morchumhadh dia cairdib.


31] Baili Locha Riach do gaphail do cloind an iarla ar


1] Saxanchaib.


Morán millti do denamh do Brian
2] O Ruairc ar Muigh Luirg, ocus Brian Mac Diarmada
3] do denamh in cedna ar thigerntus h-I Ruairc. Mac
4] Uilliam do gairm do Risderd an Iaraind.


Séumas na
5] tinól, mac Iarla Desmuman, do básughad don giúisttis
6] a Corcaidh. Ath Sceittin do gabáil don ghiúisdis cedna,
7] ocus barda do cor ann. Carruicc an Puill do gabail
8] don fhior cedna, ocus aroibhe and do marbhadh, ocus an
9] baile do brissedh.


O Birn .i. Tadhg Occ mac Taidhg I Beirn
10] d'faghail bhais a mí mharta, ocus fa mor in t-echt sin.


11] Moubhda Dioluin, ben I Fhergail, dh'ec.


Sbainidh do
12] teacht go h-Eirinn a cuig no sé do cheduibh go Dun an
13] Oir, ocus a tuitim uile leis in giuisdis.


Rossa mac
14] Condla Meg Eochagain do marbadh le na derbrathair
15] fein go n-emmaith, ocus ba mor in t-echt sin.


16] Riabhach O Dubhda do tuitim do bharr Caislein Conchobair,
17] ocus a marbhadh go timpeisdeach.


Loch an sguir
18] do gabail le Cathal Dubh mac Bríain Mic Diarmada,
19] ocus Maol Sechlainn mac Meg Ranaill do marbhadh and.
20] Crech do genamh do Brían Mac Diarmada air Mag
21] Ranaill, ocus losgadh fós.

Annal LC1581.


22] Kll. Enair for dhomhnach, ocus isi aeis an Tigerna in
23] tan so bliadain ocus cetra .xx. ocus cuig ced ocus
24] mile.


Iarla Tuadhmumhan .i. Concubhar mac Donnchada
25] I Briain, dh'éc an bliadhain si.


Máoilechlainn mac in
26] aba I Cheallaig, ocus Seaan mac Uillíam Oig mic
27] Uilliam mic Concubair, ocus Diarmaid O Mainnín, do
28] mharbad le Domnall mac an Aba I Cheallaigh .i. a
29] derbrathair fein, ocus le h-Emann Dorcha mac Domnaill
30] Mic Shuibhne.


Creach do dhénamh do Shasanchaib
31] ar Tadhg mac Eogain Mic Diarmada.


Gerailt mac
32] Oilefeir mic an Iarla dh'éc.


Domnall mac in Gilla


1] Duib mic Eoghain Caoich, o Lethrus, d'faghail bhais co
2] teimpesteach a Sligech, ocus a adhnacal ann.


3] Ruadh Mag Samhradhain on Lergain d'faghail bhais in
4] bliadain si.


Baile an Tobair do bi ag Saxanchaib do
5] tabuirt don Dubaltach mac Tuathail I Concubair.


6] Tadg Og mac Cathuil Oig h-I Conchubair do marbad le
7] h-Albanchaib an blíadain cedna.


Semus mac Uateir
8] Nuinnsenn, o dhún uabuir, d'faghail bais an bliadhain
9] se.


Ailín mac Briain Mic Suibhne .i. consabal I Conchubair
10] dhuinn dég.


An Calbhach mac Domnaill mic Taidg
11] mic Cathail Oig h-I Conchubair, oighre Sligidh ocus
12] ichtair Connacht gan imresain, d'fághail bais in aoine
13] idir da cáisc na blíadna so, ocus is do sgélaib mora
14] na h-Eirenn an t-én mhac sin Domnaill I Conchubair ocus
15] Moire ingine I Ruairc; ocus ni táinic do shlicht Briain
16] Luighnigh riamh fer a aosa bud mo do scel na é, ocus
17] ni doig co ticfa; ocus do chráidh in sgel sin croidhedha
18] Connacht, ocus co h-airithe do chráidh se éiges ocus
19] ollumhain cuiged Connacht, ocus do comhroinn se mo
20] croidhe féin na da chuid. Uch, uch, is truagh mar taim
21] a n-deoigh mo cheile ocus mo companaigh, ocus an t-i ba
22] tocha ocus do ba tairisi lem ar bith. Misi Brian mac
23] Diarmada do sgribh sin ar carruig Mic Diarmada,
24] ocus is samhalta me anois re h-Oilioll Olom andiaidh a
25] cloinne, ar na marbad a b-fochair Airt Einfir mic
26] Cuinn Ced cathaigh a cath Mhuighe Mucruimhe le Mac Con
27] mac Maicniadh mic Luighech, no re Deirdre tar eis cloinne
28] h-Uisnech do marbad a bh-feall a n-Eamuin Macha, le
29] Concubar mac Fachtna Fathaigh, mic Rosa Ruaidh mic
30] Rudhraidhe. Oir atáim gu dubach dobronach di-bragoidech
31] domhenmnach, a n-dubhaighe ocus a n-doghaillsi; ocus
32] ní h-etir a ríomh na a innisin mar atáim aniu andiaidh


1] mo companaigh do dhul uaim .i. an Calbach, ocus an la
2] deigenach do mhí mhárta do h-adhlaicedh a Sligech é.


3] Caogad O Duibhgennáin .i. mac Fergail mic Pilip d'fagail
4] bháis a g-cluain I Bhráoin.


Brian Caoch O Coinneagain,
5] saoi cleirigh ocus fer tighe aoidhedh coitchinn, d'fagail
6] bháis, ocus isi roimh annlaicthe do thogh se fein dó .i. a
7] adhlucadh ag dumha Baile an Tobair, ocus isé mhesmaoid
8] nach o droch creidemh do rinne Brian Caoch an togha
9] sin, acht mar nach b-fhacaidh sé seirbhís De da dénamh a
10] néin eaglais na fhochair san aimsir si.


O Cerbaill, .i.
11] Uilliam Odhar mac Fhir gan Ainm mic Maol Ruanaidh mic
12] Seain I Cerbhuill, do marbad le Sil Conchubair fhailghe
13] ag teacht o Baile Átha Clíath do.


Tomas an t-Sléibhe mac
14] Risderd Mic Goisdelbh d'fhaghail bháis.


Mac Iarla chloinne
15] Ricaird, .i. Uilliam Burc, do dhul go Gaillimh do dhénamh
16] síthe re Galluibh, ar cor ocus ar slanaibh in maora ocus
17] an baile moir archena; ocus do bí roimhe astigh fer uilc
18] ocus urbhuidhe do dhenamh ar cloinn Ricaird .i. Uilliam
19] Og Mairtín, ocus da bhanna shaighdiuir maraen ris; ocus
20] tar eis mic an Iarla do dul asteagh do fheall Uilliam
21] Og Mairtín ocus na Sasanaigh air, ocus do gabadar
22] é fein, ocus do crochadh fer ocus ochtar da mhuinntir,
23] ocus do cuiredh e fein a prisún do neamh-toil an mhéra
24] ocus an baile mhoir. Ocus ni fada 'na díaidh sin an úair
25] do crochadh mac an Iarla ocus Toirrdelbach mac Donncaidh
26] h-I Bhriain; ocus is Dardáoin áluinn do crochad
27] mac an Iarla, ocus ar na mháruch do crochadh mac h-I
28] Bríain.


Ar t-tuitim rígh Poirtengél annsa cath ro rémhráidhsem,
29] do chuir cing Pilip .i. rí na Sbáinne a oide fein
30] ocus armáil maraon ris gu Lisbúinn, ocus ni raibhe


1] oighre ar righ Poirtengél acht derbráthair basdaird,
2] ocus Donn h-Anntaine ba h-ainm dó; ocus do cuiredh
3] cath idir Donn h-Anntuine ocus diúice o Dalbhuighe .i.
4] oide rígh na Sbáinne; ocus do brisedh in cath ar Dhonn
5] h-Anntuine, ocus do marbad a trí nó a cethair do mhíltibh
6] fer fa dhon h-Anntuine; ocus do imthigh sé féin asan
7] cath; ocus do gabhudh Lisbúinn air; ocus tainic cing Pilip
8] gu Lisbúinn, ocus ata in chathair aige ocus a righacht.


9] Armáil mhor Albanuch do chur do caiptaein Malbie
10] a n-Ichtar Connacht .i. clann Domnaill Ballaig Mhég
11] Domnaill. O Conchubhair Sligigh ocus Cathal Og O Conchubhair
12] do chruinniugad rompa, líon a t-tinóil do mharcshlúagh
13] ocus do galloglachaib ocus do ghímánchaibh; ocus
14] na h-Albanaigh do beth a g-Corrann ag Loch na b-fhidhnach
15] a b-fhoslongport, ocus iad féin ocus O Concubair do beth
16] ar adhuidh a chéile; ocus do cuiredar na h-Albanuigh sgiath
17] tar lorg orrtha on loch suas docum Chúile O b-Finn, no
18] gu rangadar móin in doire dharaigh; ocus do thuirling
19] Cathal Óg ar an mónaigh sin, ocus na maithe sin maraon
20] ris .i. Maol Rúanaidh mac Toirdelbaigh Mic Dhíarmuda,
21] ocus Maol Mórra mac Maoil Muire Mic Suibhne, ocus
22] O h-Edhra Buidhe .i. Conn mac Ruaidhri h-I Eadhra, ocus
23] mac Tomaltaigh (.i. Tomaltach Óg) mic Maol Rúanaidh
24] Mic Díarmada, ocus mac Bríain mic Eiremhóin Mic
25] Suibhne; ocus do fágbadh Cathal Óg O Concubair ocus
26] na maithe sin uile araon ris, ocus morán eile nach áiremhthar
27] annso, le h-Albanchaibh an lá sin; ocus is mór
28] an díth ocus an dílghenn do Gaoidhelaibh Eirend, ocus gu
29] h-airithe do Gaoidhealaibh chuigidh Connacht, in bas sin
30] Cathuil I Conchubair. Aodh mac Diarmada mic Cairbre
31] h-I Conchubair .i. mac h-I Conchobair Dhuinn, ocus adhbur
32] h-I Conchobair, do anocol ann; a bhreith a laim ass an


1] maidhm sin. Caislén Mhaighe h-I Ghadra do loscud
2] dh'Albanchaib isin ló cedna, ocus Diarmaid Óg mac
3] Cein h-I Ghadra do bhássugad ann, ocus Tadhg Mhág
4] Ruaidri, et alii multi.


Baile núa h-I Ruairc, ocus
5] Druim dhá Eithiár .i. longport gnatach h-I Ruairc, do
6] coimbrissedh a n-oen aimsir le .H. Rúairc fein d'egla
7] Shaxanach do shuidhe ionnta.


Sluaiged la caiptín
8] Mailbie .i. tigerna chóiged Connacht go h-Iochtar Chonnacht,
9] go raibhe tri h-oidhche a Sligech ocus dá oidhche a
10] n-Druim dhá eithiár; ocus braighde h-I Conchobair Sligigh
11] ocus Ichtair Connacht do thabairt lais don dol sin dó.
12] Sloiged eli lasan caiptín cedna sin a n-Ulltoib no go
13] ranic Leithbhir, ocus do brissedh an baile sin lais.


14] t-Sraith Bhán do brissedh la .H. Neill d'egla Sasanach do
15] shuidhe ann; d'furtacht h-I Dhomnaill do chuadar na
16] Saxanaigh sin a n-Ulltoib don dula sin. Maidhm la .H.
17] Neill for .H. n-Domnaill isin m-bliadain cedna sin,
18] dú andorchair Mac Suibhne Bághanach ocus a dhiass
19] mac, ocus dias mac Aodha mic Neill Óig, ocus Niall
20] Modarrdha mac Néill Óig, ocus inar gabadh Mac Suibhne
21] na Tuath ocus mac Murchada Maill Mic Shuibhne, ocus
22] inar marbad dá ced no trí go tuilledh; ocus bá do-áirimh
23] ar thuit isin maidhm sin la .H. Neill, ocus is imhealt
24] re ríom iad bhóss. Toirrdhealbach Luinech mac Neill
25] Chonallaigh an t-.H. Neill sin.


Acht chena fa h-adhbail
26] re innisin uilc ocus égaoine na bliadna sin a rann na
27] h-Eorpa uile, ocus a n-Erinn co h-áiridhe. Mac Diarmada
28] Gall .i. Eogan Caoch mac Cathail mic Thaidhg Óig dh'éc
29] in lá ría b-fheil Muire Mór.


Brian mac Gilla Phadraic,
30] .i. Mac Gilla Padraic, dh'ec a m-Baile Átha Cliath, ocus sé
31] a laim ag an n-giuisdís; ocus do budh d'échtuibh móra
32] Erenn dó.


Sirriam chundáe Sligigh .i. Brian mac Taidhg


1] mic Briain mic Eogain h-I Ruairc, do dhul ar innsoiged
2] co Breiffne h-I Ruairc, ocus Erenduigh ocus drong do
3] Shacsanchaib do dhul lais. Crech mhór do thabairt do
4] na Sasonchaib leo, ocus breith ar na Gaoidelaibh ar
5] deredh na n-Gall, ocus brissedh ar na Gaoidelaibh, ocus
6] marbad mór do dhenum orra.


Príóir Bhaile Atha an Rígh
7] .i. Uilliam .H. Cinaodha mortuus est.


Armáil mhór do
8] dhul ó thigerna chúigid Chonnacht .i. caiptín Mailbie, a
9] n-Ichtor Chonnacht re h-aghaid chogaid an tuaiscert ocus
10] h-I Ruairc; ocus issíad so dob ferr don armáil sin, días
11] mac Domnaill Bhallaigh mic Domnaill d'Albanchaib,
12] ocus Tomás Oidis .i. caiptin uassal do Shassanchaibh,
13] ocus Uilliam Clithbhard, ocus caiptín Morna, ocus
14] sirriam chundae Sligigh .i. Brian mac Taidhc h-I Rúairc;
15] ocus a cúig no a sé do ceduibh Albanach maille re
16] cloinn Domnaill Bhallaigh mic Dhomhnaill; ocus inambói
17] do Shagsanchaib maille fris na caiptínibh sin do
18] dhul a conndáe Slicigh uile. H. Conchobair Sligigh dia
19] lethad ar an conndáe. Gairid ina dhiaidh sin an tan do
20] ghuidh .H. Conchobair Slicigh ambói do chaiptínib Sacsanach
21] annsin dochum a m-beith ar aon scél fris fein.
22] Maithe ocus moruaisle Iochtair Connacht uile, maille
23] re .H. Conchobair Sligigh ocus ris na Sasanchaib sin,
24] d'innsaiged Albanach ocus clainne Domnaill Bhallaigh,
25] ocus Alusdair mac Domnaill Bhallaigh Mic Domnaill
26] .i. an mac Albanach is dóchuissidhi bharamhlaidhe, ocus
27] dob oirbertaighi urramhanta, tánic a Connachtuibh re
28] cian d'aimsir, do mharbadh ann a m-bun an fhedáin la
29] .H. Conchobair Sligigh ocus lá Sasanchaib, a n-díghuil
30] Chathail Óigh I Conchobair, ocus a n-dighuil ar marbadh
31] maille fris gairid roime sin. Acht chena torcradar
32] ced no dhó go tuilledh dona h-Albanchaib don breissim
33] sin, in gach ionad ambádar ar fedh na condáe; ocus
34] ro imthigh Domnall Gorm mac Domnaill Bhallaigh ass


1] an sgathad sin, ocus ni heidir a riomh iná roáiremh ar
2] benadh amach annsin d'echaib ocus d'éidedh, d'armoibh ocus
3] d'ordonás, ocus da gach édail eli airchena; ocus ge
4] deruid aroile gurab olc do fríth an gniom sin ní h-éidir
5] a radh nach maith fuair .H. Conchobair a chuid féin de, óir
6] nír fhuaradar a fholta friu iar tuitim a dherbráthar
7] ocus a chónsopal ocus a dhaoinedh maithi roime sin friú,
8] ocus gan síth iná gealladh etorra ina dhiaidh; oir is annsa
9] Cedaoin ria n-Dardaoin álainn chuirp Chrisd torchuir
10] Cathal Óg cona m-bói maille fris, ocus eidir Nolluic
11] ocus fhéil Bríghdi torchradar Albanaich ocus mac Domnaill
12] Bhallaigh inn, gidh nár bhéruic i n-aghaid aroile íad.


13] Maidhm adhbal mhór do thahairt d-Iarla Dhesmuman ar
14] Iarla Urmhuman ocus ar t-Shasanchaib, du atorcradar
15] tri ced go tuilled do Ghalloib ocus do Ghaoidelaibh,
16] etir marcslúaig ocus glasláith, ocus inar benadh imad
17] édála dhíbh.


Caor thinntigh do thoighecht co caislen nua
18] t-shlechta Bressail h-I Cheallaigh, ocus Sean Ruadh mac
19] an fhiledh do mharbadh dhi, ocus eich ocus airnéis do mharbadh
20] ann. Bend thempuill chille O Sgópa do brissedh dhi.


21] Ruaidri mac Enna h-I Uiginn dh'ec a Suidhe b-Fhínaín,
22] ocus a adhlucad a cluain Senmhaoil. Geróid clapach .i.
23] duine uasal do Geraltachuibh, ocus fer millti moráin,
24] do bhássugad la Sasanchaib.


Maghnus mac an Persúin
25] mic Mhuirghessa dh'ec a n-err a aoisi ar Loch Lábáin,
26] iar n-denum maithiusa móire do dheirc ocus do dhaondacht
27] thighe aoidhed conuige sin, ocus a adhnacul a


1] Cluain Senmhaoil.


Clann t-Sheain mic Cuinn mic Enri h-I
2] Neill do thocht ar innsaige a m-Brefni h-I Raighilligh.
3] Pilip mac Aodha h-I Raighilligh .i. mac h-I Raighilligh co na
4] braithrechuibh ocus co na lucht lenmana do bhreith orra,
5] ocus Sean Óg mac h-I Neill do mharbadh ann, ocus mac
6] eli h-I Neill do ghabáil, ocus cethrár dá marcslúaig maith
7] do marbadh ann bhós.


Inghen h-I Domnaill .i. Mairgrég
8] ingen Aodha Duibh mic Aodha Ruaidh, ocus ben Mhaoil Mhórdha
9] mic Seain mic Cathail h-I Raighilligh, ocus an bhen
10] bá mó clú ocus oirrdercus i n-Erinn ina h-aimsir fein,
11] dh'éc isin Chabhán in hoc anno.


Ocht n-oighredha dég do
12] mhaithibh Gall na Midhe do chur dochum báis a m-Baile
13] Atha Cliath do ghiuisdís na h-Erenn in bliadain sin.

Annal LC1582.


14] Kll. Enair for Luan; anno Domini M.ccccc. ochtmhodha
15] ar dhá bhliadain.


Mag Fhlandchaid .i. Cathal
16] Óg mac Cathail Duibh do mharbadh dia dherbrathair féin
17] .i. do Thadhg Óg mac Cathail Duibh, ocus tigerna do
18] dhenum de fein 'na ionad an bliadain sin.


Sean mac
19] Iarla Desmuman .i. an mac Iarla dob fherr oinech
20] ocus uaisle ocus oirrdercus dá táinic do Gheraltachuibh
21] riamh, ocus gan oighrecht aige acht a ghniom
22] feissin, do marbadh le Saxuibh a mí ghenáir na bliadna
23] sin.


Clann an Gilla Dhuibh Mic Goisdealbh, .i. an Gilla
24] Dubh Óg ocus Egnechán, do mharbadh la Mac Donnchada
25] an Choruinn per dolum.


Diuiqi o Dalbhuighe .i. oide
26] ching Pilip rígh na Spainne, do ég iar m-brissed ar
27] mhorán do chathaib ocus do choimhthegmhalaibh a h-ucht a
28] dhalta, ocus d'fheabhus a laimhe conuigi-sin, ocus iar b-fhorbadh
29] sé fichet bliadan d'aois.


Uillíam mac an Bharúin
30] Dealbhna do dhul go h-Albain ar innarbhadh o Sagsanaibh.


31] Bainfheis righdha ro-mhór thigherna na Cairrge ocus a


1] mhna, .i. Meadhbh inghen Domnaill h-I Conchobair .i. inghen h-I
2] Conchobair Sligigh, do dhenum a coimhnénecht do Bhrian
3] mac Ruaidri Mic Dhiarmada, dú inar bronnadh ocus
4] inar bithsgaoiledh il-imad da gach cenél cruidh ocus dá
5] gach arnáil innmhuis ocus édala, do réir a n-áilghis, dá
6] gach aon d'fheruibh Erenn ocus Alban dá tánic da h-iarrad
7] ar fedh na blíadna sin.


Barun Dealbhna do bheith a
8] láimh ag Saxanchaib in bhliaduin sin, ocus morán dá
9] thír do mhilledh.


Seision d'fhógra do chaiptín Rossa Comáin
10] in tan sin .i. caiptín Prapasdún, ocus maithe na
11] conndae do dhul dochom na comdhála sin. A n-dul go tor
12] na n-gáinnedh, ocus gíosdáil an tuir do thuitim fútha
13] ocus an caiptín fein conambói do dhaoinibh malle fris
14] don t-shoilér [gap: extent: not clear from MS: some clauses]O Flannagáin .i. Toirrdealbach
15] an t-shleibhe mac Uillíam h-I Flannagáin, ocus a
16] bháss do teacht don escur sin.


O Ruairc do denum
17] creiche ar muinter Airt, ocus braighde do buain esde
18] dho. Crech eli do dhenum don t-shirriam O Ruairc ocus
19] do Shaxanchaib maille fris ar chlainn Mic Thigernáin
20] na Breiffne, ag Loch Roda, ocus a mná do breith ambroid
21] uatha.


O Dúbhda .i. Cathal Dubh mac Conchobair h-I
22] Dhubhda .i. aonrogha t-shlechta Dháthi mic Fiacrach, do
23] hec in hoc anno. Emonn .H. Dúbhda do rígad 'na ionadh.


24] Niculás mac Crisdóir mic an bharúin do chur dochum
25] báis isin muilend cerr, ocus Niculás Cimhsóg do chur
26] docum báis maraon fris, ocus Seon Cimhsóg do chuir
27] an t-aimles rer milled araibh dóighredaib maithi chlainni
28] Gall ar na m-bássugad roime sin.


Clann mic Gilla
29] Padraic .i. Domnall ocus Cellach do mharbhad do mac
30] h-I Mhaoil Mhuaidh .i. do Dhomnall mac Tepóid h-I
31] Mhaoil Mhuaidh, a b-fhioll ina thigh fein, ocus do marbadh


1] Domnall fein co dlúith na dheghaid sin a n-Dúrmhagh
2] Choluim Chille do Shíl Conchobair Fhailge.


Da mac
3] Rugraidhe Óig h-I Mhordha do chur dochum báis le
4] Galloibh, ocus mac Feidhlimidh h-I Tuathail do bhásugad
5] maille friú.


Clann Uáiter Fhada do dhul ar siobal
6] innsoiged a tír Amhalgaid, ocus crech do dhenum dhóibh.
7] Aos óg t-shlechta Ricaird a Búrc do bhreith a toraighecht
8] orra, ocus cur chuca dhóibh. Filled do clainn Uaiter
9] Fhada friu, ocus brissedh ar an tóradh re h-imad na lámh
10] ag mám an ghair a n-Glend duibh, don taoibh óthess do
11] Neimhfinn. Ricard mac Emuinn mic Uilleg ó chaislén
12] an Bharraigh do marbadh ann, ocus Emonn Allta mac
13] Risderd mic Oilberus do marbadh ann fós. Amérus
14] mac Dábhíth Bhain, ocus Oilbérus mac Seain mic Dábhíth
15] Bháin do thromlot ann, ocus cuid mhór dá lucht lenmana
16] maille friú. Brian mac Eogain Mhaoil h-I Dhomnalláin
17] .i. sói Erenn re dán ocus re foghluim d'fer aosa fein,
18] d'fhagbáil ann, ocus flesgach ealadhna do muinntir
19] Dhálaigh máille fris; ocus an chreach do bhreith leó
20] dhóibh iarsin.


Crimhthann mac Murchada mic Muiris
21] Caomáin do marbad le Gallaibh.


Mac Diarmada
22] Ruadh, .i. Tadhg mac Conchobair Óig mic Muircertaigh,
23] d'fhagail bháis in cethromad lá andiaidh fhéile Brenuinn
24] ar innsi achaidh in chairthe, ocus a adhlucad a mainistir
25] na Búille.


Caiptín Macafort do mharbadh la Cathal
26] mac h-I Conchobair.


Mac Ailin na h-Alban d'ég in
27] bliadain sin.


Mac Uilliam Burc, .i. Risderd an
28] Iarainn mac Dabi mic Emainn mic Uilleg, d'fagail


1] báis in tres lá don caisg in bliadain si.


Mairi a
2] Burc ingen Oileueruis, ben an Abaid Caoich, dh'ec.


3] banna Saxanach do muinnter Iarla Irmuman do marbad
4] le h-Iarla Desmuman in bliadain si. Mac Uilliam do
5] gairm do Risderd mac Oilueruis in bliadain cedna.


6] O Raghallaigh .i. Aodh Conallach d'ég.


Aodh mac Fedhlimidh
7] Bacaigh Uí Neill, ocus da cétt Saxanaigh do Saxanchaib
8] maraon ris, do marbad sa Rúttai le Samairle m-Buide
9] Mac Domnuill ocus le na chineth.


Dubraith do tinnsgna
10] le Brian mac Briain mic Eogain Ui Ruairc.


Mac Ui
11] Concobair Duinn .i. Toirrdhelbach mac Diarmada mic
12] Cairbri dég, ocus a adnacal a t-tempall dúmha na
13] Romhanach; ocus do bí sin ar échtaibh mora Erenn do
14] mac righ.


Espog Saxanach do bi a n-Oilfinn dég a mí
15] medoin in t-samradh. Tomas Sestar a ainm; ocus a
16] Cill Liathain do fuair bas.


Brian mac Fir gan Ainm
17] mic Concobair Óig Mic Diarmada d'ég.


Tadhg mac
18] Maoilechlainn mic Hoiberd Meg Raghnaill do marbad
19] le Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmadai, ar Cnoc na
20] carad laimh re Caisel Tobair in t-Serbain.


Ingen Ui
21] Concobair Duinn, .i. Medb ingen Concobair mic Eogain
22] Caoich, dh'ec.


Semus Nuinnsend mac Cristorai mic in
23] Baruin, ocus Emann mac in Baruin Nuinnsenn, do
24] tuitim re cheili, ocus seiser no cuiger maraon riu.


25] Concubhar mac Cormaic mic I Concubair .i. mac Uí
26] Concobair Failghi, ocus Tadg mac Gilla Pattraicc I
27] Concobair, do dol hi c-cómracc re cheili a n-Ath Cliath,
28] ocus Concobar do tuitim sa comrac sin.


Cathal mac
29] Maoilechlainn Oig Meg Raghnaill d'eg.


Diarmaid mac
30] Meg Carrthaigh Moir do dol ar creich, ocus banna


1] saigdiur lais, ar O Súillemháin. Domnall O Suillemhain
2] do breith orrthai, ocus maidhm do tabairt ar Diarmaid,
3] ocus e féin ocus a Saxanuigh do tuitim, et alii multi.


4] Aodh Dubh mac Murchada Uí Flaithbertuigh, ocus Uisdiun
5] Máig Domhnaill, do gabail a f-feall lé Sean mac an
6] Iarla Ricardaigh, .i. Ricard Saxanach, ocus iad ac filledh
7] on c-croich naoim, ocus tucc se iad do caipdaen Malbie
8] do bi os cinn Connacht; ocus ni fada do leicc Dia
9] ocus in croch naom sin re Sean.


Crecha mora do dénam
10] do cloinn an Iarla Ricardaigh .i. Uilleg ocus Sean, ar
11] slicht Uilleg a Burc, ocus ar Muinntir Uiginn in
12] Termuinn. Fell granna do denam d-Uilleg mac in
13] Iarla, ocus do Rémann mac Uilleg na g-cend, ocus do
14] Remunn mac an esbuig, ar Sean mac an Iarla, oir
15] tugatar an da Rémann cuiredh do, ocus rugatar co bél
16] atha Finntuinn é, ocus do tairrngetar in t-Iarla .i.
17] Uilleg asteach air, ocus do marbad e a finghuil, ocus
18] Eoin mac Aoda Mic Suibhne, ocus Sean mac Briain
19] mic Gillacellaigh, ocus Fingin Buidhe mac Maoiltuile,
20] adhbar maith legha, maraon ris; ocus o do marbad
21] Naoisi mac Uisnech a fell an Emhuin Macha ni dernad
22] a leitheit si d'fhinguil; ocus nir marbad fer a aoisi
23] fein do mac Goill bud mo sgel na he. Caipden Malbie
24] ocus a raibi do Gallaib a Connachtuib do dul a cloinn
25] Ricaird fa toichim na felli sin, ocus an t-aonmad la
26] .x. do Nouimbir do ronad in gnim sin.


Sdibard Iarla
27] Chilli Dara d'ég .i. Mailir Huse, a t-tosach na bliadna
28] so.


Esbagoidecht Oilefinn do tabairt d'Aindriu
29] O Craidhéin do comairle na h-Erend a n-Ath Cliath.


30] Iarla Desmuman re n-abarthai Geróid na secaidhe do


1] marbad le bardaib Caislein na Maingi, ocus a cenn
2] do cur co Saxanaibh; ocus ni raibi a n-Erinn echt nar
3] commor sin d'uaisle ocus d'oinech ocus do cumachtuib,
4] ocus is mo ler tuit di Saxanchaib, ocus do cuir costus
5] ar in m-banrigan.


Síli ingen I Domnaill d'ég, an ben do
6] bí ag Tadg Og mac Taidg mic Aedha.


Fer gan Egla mac
7] Maoil Muiri Meg Shuibhne d'eg.


Fear gan Egla mac
8] Domnaill mic Feidlimid mic Toirrdealbaig Carraigh
9] I Concubair d'ég.


Saxsanuidh do shuidhi a d'Tuillsci ocus
10] a g-Cluain Muiredhuidh, ocus a g-carrgid Doiren, ocus a
11] b-Ferann na Darach, ocus an Imliuch Mór, ocus an
12] Uarán, ocus a g-Cluain O g-Carmacain, ocus sa
13] b-Fotannuidh, ocus tighes do denamh dóibh sna áitibh sin.


14] O Gallcabhair do marbadh leis O Néill.


Mag Aodha in
15] Móintidh, .i. Séan, do marbadh le muintir na h-Eilli.


16] Uilliam Búrc mac Maoilir Báin d'ég.


Orláim Moighi
17] Luirg do tabairt do Brian mac Ruaidhri Mic Diarmada
18] in bliadain sin.


An cuach do gairm aghaid nollag ag
19] Ard mic Graini, a b-fhiadnaisi Roiberd Dilmain ocus
20] Diarmada meg Duibh, ocus fa mór an t-ingnad sin.


21] Iarla O Susaic .i. Tomas in Uisgi, ocus do bi se na
22] giuisdis fada d'aimsir ar Eirinn, ocus a h-eg fa
23] cincís.

Annal LC1584.


24] Kl. for Cettain; aoiss in Tigernai in tan sa mile
25] bliadan ocus cuic cet, cethri bliadnai ocus cethri .xx.


26] togbala císsai na banrighna a Connachtoibh do ég in
27] bliadain si; Antune Fiton a ainm.


Domnall Glass
28] mac Taidg Ruaidh h-I Airt, ocus Eoin mag Carmaic .i.
29] saccart tempaill Eoin, tri la ria feil Beraigh a ég.


30] Mairgrecc ingen Mic Donnchada, ben Ui Duibgendain,


1] d'eg.


Brian mac Donnchaidh még Uidir ocus Domnall óg
2] O Dobhoilén d'ecc.


In Gillae Glass Ruad mac Maol Ruanaid
3] find d'eg; a mi Febrai do egattar sin.


Mac Ui
4] Gallchuibair .i. in Fer Dorcha mac Eogain do marbad le
5] Manachaib co timpistech.


Sir Nicalass Malbie do
6] bi na caipdin os cind Connacht d'eg in tress la do mí
7] Marta, ocus ni tanic a n-Erinn a comaimsir fris na
8] go menic riam do Galloib, duine uasal bud ferr ina
9] se, ocus do cuir se cuicced Connacht uili fo doeirsi;
10] ocus ni fetur a rim no a áiremh gach ar mill in fer
11] sin ar fedh Erenn; ocus do rinne sé moran oibrech ar
12] cuirt baile Atha Luain ocus Rossa Commain do sunnradh.


13] Crech mor do dhenamh d'Aedh Ruadh mac I Domnaill,
14] ocus d'U Ghallchobhair, ar mac Taidg I Ruairc a g-Cnoc
15] na gaoithe.


Mac Samhramáin .i. Brian Óc mac Brian
16] d'ég in bliadain sin.


Cill Midáin do losgadh in bliadain
17] sin.


Mac in Fhiledh d'eg in bliadain sin .i. Gilla Criost
18] mac Séfraidh.


Mac in esbaig a Búrc, .i. Remand, do
19] marbad le Diarmaid Riabach mac Aodha mic Donnchaidh,
20] a n-dioghuil Seáin a Burc.


Ingen mic Diarmada .i.
21] Sadbh inghen Eogain, in ben do bi ac O Gadhra .i. Diarmaid
22] mac Eoghain I Gadhra, d'ég.


In giustis .i. Semus Dudal
23] d'eg in bliadhain sin.


Cathal mac Rudhraidhi mic Ir
24] Micc Radhnuill d'eg in bliadain sin la fhéili Brenuinn.


25] Eásboc do denamh do Séan mac Semais a Línsi a
26] n-Oilfinn in bliadain sin, ocus Aindriu O Cridhain
27] do chur ar c-cúl.


O Radhallaigh do denamh do Sean
28] mac Aodhae Conallaigh do Galloib, ar belaib clainni
29] Maoil Mordai Ui Raighilligh do bud sine inas e, ocus
30] do milletar clann Maoil Mordai in tir uili trid
31] sin.


Giuistiss do teacht co h-Erinn an bliadain cedna,


1] sir Seon Piroid a ainm. Tigerna do teacht ar Connachtuip
2] maraon ris; Risderd Bingiam a ainm. Teacht
3] do na Galloib sin ar teacht a n-Erinn co Ross Commain,
4] ocus Aod mac Ui Concobair duinn do gapail doib;
5] ocus do redhighetar a caraid é co h-aitgerr .i. O Concobair
6] Sligigh ocus Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada,
7] ocus Tomaltach Og mac Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada;
8] ocus is amlaid do reidigetar é, tri mili punt do sgribad
9] ar an triúr a m-bannaidhib re h-anamain a sith do,
10] ocus Brian mac Domnaill Mic Suibni, consabla da
11] muinnter, d'fagbail a Ros Commain an iarnac as Aodh.
12] Dul dona Galloib sin co Gaillim, ocus mac Uilliam do
13] teacht na g-cend, ocus braigdi do buain do mac Uilliam
14] ocus da cinedh. Assin doib co Luimnech.


Sluaiged le
15] Risderd Bingiam .i. lesin tigerna sin cuiged Connacht,
16] a n-Ichtar Connacht, dar ben bráighi d'Ua Ruairc, ocus
17] dar gab Baili in Múta, ocus dar crech in Corann, ocus
18] da rug Cathal Og mac Cathail Duibh mic Donnchaidh leis
19] do brágad tar eis ar milledh a Corainn; ocus Aod mac
20] Cairbri meig Donnchaidh fa tigerna ar Corann in uair
21] sin.


In giuisdis do dola a n-Ulltuib .i. sir Seon Piróid,
22] ocus mac Uí Néill .i. Toirrdelbaich Luinigh, do tabairt
23] lais do bragad. Eire uile ar na gabáil le Gallaibh
24] in bliadhain sin, innus c-cur cuirset oinech ocus uaisle
25] fer n-Erenn ar g-cul.


Atiat-so tigernadha Connacht in
26] bliadain si .i. Donnchad mac Concopair mic Donnchada
27] ina iarla ar Tuad Mumain, ocus Uilleg mac
28] Ricaird Saxanaigh 'na iarla ar Cloinn Ricaird, ocus
29] Aod mac Donnchada Ui Cellaigh ar Tír Maine; Hoiberd
30] Buidi mac Uilliam mic Tomáiss ar Cloinn Connmaid;
31] Diarmaid mac Cairpri Uí Concobair ar Cloinn Toirrdelbaigh.
32] Tadg Óg mac Taidg Buide ar cloinn mic
33] Felim. Brian mac Ruaidri Mic Diarmada ar Magh


1] Luirg. Brian mac Briain Uí Ruairc ar in m-Brefne,
2] ocus Domnall mac Taidg mic Cathail Óig ar Ichtar
3] Connacht; Risderd mac Oliuerus a Burc ar crich
4] clainni h-Uilliam; ocus ni h-eidir a rim no a airoim
5] no a faisneis cech anderrnatar Goill dolcaib ocus
6] dainlettrom ar na feraib sin. An Fer Dorcha mac
7] Muirgesa ar Tir Aililla; Aod mac Cairbri ar in
8] c-Corann; Cormac O h-Eghra ar Luigne Buide. Fergal
9] Carrach ar Luigne Riabach; Eman O Dubda ar Tir
10] Fiachrach Muaighi. Acsin tigernadain cuigid in tansa.


11] Tadg mac Aodhagain, ollamh slechta Ricaird Oig a Burc
12] re feinechus, d'eg in bliadain si.


Mac Mic Consnama,
13] .i. Toirrdelbach Óg mac Toirrdelbaigh, d'eg.


14] Caoch mac Donnchada I Cellaigh do crochad lesin
15] n-guibernoir i n-Gaillim.


Mac Siurtain Baile Atha
16] Lethain, .i. Tomass Dub, d'eg.


Ocus atait so fa h-aird
17] tigernada ar Ulltoib in tan soin, .i. Toirrdelbach
18] Luinioch ar Tir Eogain, ocus Aod mac Maghnusa Ui
19] Domnaill ar Tir Conuill; Conn mac Neill Oicc ar
20] Clainn Aoda Buidhe; an Fer Dorcha mac Domnaill Óig
21] na Mag Aongusa ar Ibh Echach. Art mac Briain na
22] Mocherghi ar Oirgiallaib. Cu Connacht Og mac Con Connacht
23] ar Feruib Manach. Ruaidri mac Magnusa
24] I Cathain os cinn Oirechta I Cathain.


Matha mac
25] Maoilechlainn Riabaigh mic Maol Tuili d'eg.


Sadb ingen
26] Ui Duibgendain, ben Ghillacoluim mic Maol Muire
27] mic Briain Óig, d'eg.


Mac Eochadu .i. Fer gan Ainm
28] Mac Eochada, ollamh Laigen in Fer gan Ainm sin, d'eg.



1] Banna Saxsanach do marbad sa Ruta re Cloind
2] Domhnaill na h-Alban, ocus do baineadar Dun Lipse
3] do Saxsanaib, ocus do marbadar aroibhe and.


4] Kll. Ianair for Aoine, ocus asi aois in Tigerna in
5] tan sa cuig bliadna ocus cethra fichet, ccccc. ocus
6] mile.


Mac Taidhg I Ruairc .i. Brian, ocus cuid do Cloind
7] t-Sithigh do bi ar fasdo aige, do dul ar siubhal innsuighe
8] air Mag Flandchaidh, ocus creacha mora do glacadh
9] doibh la fele Sdeabhain. Mag Flandchaidh ocus mac
10] I Ruairc .i. Tigernan mac Bríain I Ruairc do breth
11] orrtha, ocus tacar do thabhairt da chele doibh; ocus
12] Maghnus Og Mag Dubhain do marbad a tosach in tachair
13] sin. Fir Breifne ocus Dartraoi do bhreith orra 'na
14] diaidh sin, ocus cur doibh dochum na feadhna sin, ocus
15] brisedh ar mac Taidhg I Ruairc ocus ar a muindtir,
16] ocus Eogan mac Sithidh mac Toirrdhealbaigh mic Emaind
17] mic Sithidh do marbad, ocus da fiched maraon ris ar
18] an lathair sin. Do gabhadh mac Taidg I Ruairc ocus
19] Maghnus Og O Curnin, ocus do cuiredh ar Loch na Cula
20] iad fo iarnach; ocus do marbhadar clann Tigernain
21] iad go h-olc; ocus ar Magh h-Oilcheas tugudh in maoidhm
22] sin.


In guibhernoir, .i. tigerna Connacht, do teacht
23] lucht da arrthrach o Baile Atha Luain go carraig Meic
24] Diarmadu, aoidhce cind in da la dhec go n-onoir moir
25] ocus n-oirfidid n-adhbail a tigh Bríain Mic Diarmadu, do
26] fill se tar ais dochum a aitte fein.


27] Mac an Aba Meg Uidir do marbad le Mag Mathgamna.


28] Uilliam mac in baruin Nuinnsenn do teacht
29] go h-Erinn tar eis a fuair se d'anro ar fedh an domain
30] sair, ar faghail a parduin do on m-banrigan.


31] Báiter fada a Burc do ghabail don guibernoir co nemmaith,
32] ocus a c-cur fo iernach co Baile Atha Luain.



1] Garmluidh ingen Briain mic Eogain Ui Ruairc d'eg
2] caoicdhigis re m-belltuine; ocus do bud do bainéchtuibh
3] maithi Erenn di.


Crecha mora do denamh ar Albanchaib
4] isna glinnibh le Saxanchaib.


Roisi ingen I Neill
5] d'ég .i. in ben do bi ag Conn mac in Calbaig Ui Domnaill.


6] Domnall Gorm, mac Domnaill Ballaigh meg Domnaill,
7] do marbad is na glinnib le Tomáss Udis; caipdin
8] Saxanach an Tomáss sin.


Albanoigh do athchur a
9] h-Erinn do Saxanchaib.


Fir Erenn uile, do neoch dob
10] inairimh dib, do dol go Baile Atha Cliath docum acta
11] pairlimint. Mac Uí Maoilmuaid, ocus Emann Dorcha
12] mac Domnaill mic Murchada mic Suibhne, ocus daoine
13] imdha oile, do crochad ar an acta pairlimint sin.


14] Maithe Erenn do theacht slán on comairle sin Atha
15] Cliat gan tarba.


Belghi Erenn do reidhiogad, do neoch
16] ba daingen dib, le Saxanchaib. Doeirchis mor do cur
17] ar Connachtuib do Saxanchuib .i. uingi dór sa cethramain
18] itir cill ocus thuaith, ocus tigernus gach uile
19] tigerna gaidealach dissleghad doib.


Sean na Muaidi
20] .i. tigerna chlainni mic n-Eogain, fer oinigh ocus tighi
21] n-aoidhedh co mor, do ég.


Tomáss mac Baiter Nuinnsenn
22] o tigh Munna d'eg.


Conn mac Airt Oig mic Neill
23] Conallaigh Uí Neill do marbad le h-Aod mac Con Connacht
24] Meg Uidir .i. mac Meg Uidir.


Felim Dub mac
25] Neill mic Cuinn do marbad le Sean mac Meg Uidir.


26] Iarla Cille Dara, .i. Geroid Og mac Geroid mic Geroid,
27] d'ég a Saxanaibh.


Domnall Óg mac Duibhsithe do marbad
28] a n-Dartraidhe Meg Flannchaidh le cethernn tighi
29] na banrighan.


Fliuchad ar fedh na bliadna sa.


30] Uilliam Burc d'eg .i. Risderd mac Oiluerus.




1] dar comainm Anbuirb a Plendrus do gabail le cing
2] Filib .i. le rig na Spaine, ar Plémennchaib ocus ar
3] Saxanchaib, ocus imarcad doene do marbad innti.


4] O h-Ainlidhe darab comainm Tadg Ballach d'eg.


5] mac Semuis Sgerait d'eg; uardian na Gaillue.


6] Iarla óg Chille Dara do toidhecht a n-Eirinn, .i. Hannri
7] na Tuath mac Geroid mic Geroid mic Geroid, fa chumhachta
8] mora on m-banrigain, ocus barun Dealbhna do
9] teacht maraon ris, ocus cumhachta a duthaide fein
10] leis; ocus in t-Iarla óg sin do thabairt chuirp a athar lais
11] ocus a derbrathar docum Eirenn, ocus a n-adhlocad fa
12] didin De ocus Bride a Cill Dara.


Murchad mac I
13] Ceinneidigh dh'ec.


Findtan mac Illaind mic Dubthaigh
14] I Mhaoil Conaire, .i. adhbar olluman th-Shiol Muiredhaigh,
15] dh'ec.


Alastar mac Somairle Buidhe mheg Domhnaill
16] do marbad re Sagsanaib, ocus fiched da muintir
17] faris; ocus do rugud a ceann go Baile Atha Cliath.

Annal LC1586.


18] Kl. for Satharnn; aois in Tigernai mile bliadan
19] ocus cuicc ced, ocus cethra fiched ocus se bliadna.


20] Brien mac Cein Uí Eghra do chur dochum baiss a n-Gaillimh
21] ar fulairim tigerna cuigid Connacht, .i. Risderd
22] Bingiem; ocus fa mor in t-écht an mac sin Cein Uí
23] Eghra a leth uaisle ocus oinigh.


Tomass Ruadh, mac
24] Riocaird mic Seain in termuinn, do marbad a f-feall
25] do Saxanchaib, ocus fa mor in t-écht in mac sin mic
26] Uilliam.


Mac mic Goisdelb, .i. Uilliem mac Pierassa,
27] do crochad le sirriem condae Rossa Commain, ar
28] duma na Rómhanach. Mac Maghnusa Tiri Tuathail
29] do crochad lesin sirriem cedna; Toirrdelbach Buidhi
30] a comainm, ocus ar Cruachan do crochad é; ocus nír
31] fechad don pardún do bi aigi dó; ocus an tress lá do


1] Marta do rinnedh an gnim sin.


Cluain Dubain do
2] gabail don gubernoir, ocus Mathgamain mac an esbuicc
3] Ui Briain, ocus a barda uile, do cur docum baiss ann,
4] ocus an baile do brisedh; ocus fa mor in t-echt sin do
5] toeb uaisle ocus oinigh.


Sisuile ingen mic Dabi d'eg;
6] ocus do bud mor in sgel sin.


Oiluerus mac Seain mic
7] Dabhí Báin a Burc, ocus Tomass mac Dabi Bain, do
8] crochad leisin n-guibernoir.


An guibernoir do dol
9] sluagh diarmhe a timchell Caislen na Caillighi, ocus cuid
10] do slicht Uilleg a Burc ocus do slicht Emuinn a Burc
11] do beth isin caislen, ocus an guibernoir d'innsoiged an
12] baile lucht a do no a tri do báduib; ocus do cuiretar
13] docum in baile, ocus do marbad da do Muinntir
14] in guibernoir, ocus do h-obrad é fein d'fágbáil; ocus
15] do imdhettar na barda 'na diaidh sin, ocus ni dernadh
16] dígbhail doib.


O h-Airt .i. Felim mac Uilliam Ui Airt
17] deg aidqi casg, ocus a adnaccad a Sligech dia Luain.


18] Ricard Og, mac Ricaird mic Seain an Termuinn, do
19] crochad don guibernoir isin crich, ocus fa huasal
20] doennachtach degoinigh in fer sin, tri hoidche re gcaisg.


21] Da mac Baiter Fada a Burc, .i. Maoilir ocus Teboid,
22] do crochad don guibernoir a Ross Commain ar m-beth
23] bliadain a laimh doib, ocus a n-adhnacad a roilig Tempuill
24] an aighnéin itir caisg ocus belltuine; ocus do
25] batar sin ar échtuibh mora Erenn do Galloib an en
26] aimsir riú.


Mac Uí Domhnaill, .i. Magnus Og mac
27] Magnusa Ui Domnaill, do marbad le cuid do slicht
28] Donnchada Ui Gallchubair.


Mac Suibne Baghanach, .i.
29] Brian Bacach, do marbad le na braitrib fein.


30] maith dobi fada for Erinn d'eg a Saxanaibh .i. Hanri
31] Sidnie.


Cogadh mor itir cing Pilib ri na Spainne ocus


1] prinnsa Saxanach .i. Elisdabét, fa Plóndrus.


O h-Egra
2] Riabach .i. Fergal Carrach d'eg.


O Ruanadha .i. Sean,
3] no Aonghus, mac Ruaidri Oig, do marbad le Sean
4] mac Ui Anluain.


An guibernoir ocus Iarla Clainni
5] Ricaird, ocus Iarla Tuadhmuman, ocus sluagha mora
6] maille riu, ocus foslongport do denam isin Tóchair
7] ocus a m-Baile in Rodba doib, ocus do crochatar triur
8] lenab do bi a laim acu fein re fada roime sin .i. mac
9] an Abad Caoich, ocus mac Maoilir mic Baiter Fada,
10] ocus mac Seain a Burc, a Ross Mor; ocus do bud truaigh
11] in gnim sin crochad na lenabh neimchintach. Ocus Eogan
12] mac Domnaill an cogaid Uí Flaithbertaigh do marbad
13] per dolum, ocus morán da Muinntir do crochad ocus
14] do marbad doib; ocus tugatar an sluag do roinne na
15] gnima sin tri mile bo riú, ocus do crechatar Ciarraide
16] co h-uilidi.


Clann t-Semuis meg Domnaill do teacht
17] a n-Erinn, mile co leth Albanach, ocus do milletar
18] moran a n-Ulltoib; ocus teacht doib co Cill Ronain a
19] crich Connacht, ocus do badar cúicc oighche innte, ocus
20] do bhi in guibernóir a m-bél in átha fada, sluag diáirimh
21] do maithibh Connacht ocus do Saxanchuibh na fhochair.
22] Ocus do chuiredar Albanuigh sciath tar lorcc ortha
23] docum Cuilmhuine, ocus tangadar cuid do cloinn
24] Uilliem na g-coinne; ocus do ionnsaigedar Drothad in
25] Chillín; ocus o ro cualadar Sasanuidh Albanuidh do dul
26] tarsa síos do lenadar ied, ocus do buailedh fa ceile
27] iad ag Drothad in Cillín, ocus tucadar tachar tend da
28] chéile ann, ocus do marbadh a cúig no sé deachaib an
29] goibernóra, ocus do imdedar Albanuidh gan dibháil
30] docum Sléibe dam, ocus rucadar crech leo gu Ard na
31] Ria. Dála in guibernora, do lonnuidhedh ocus do
32] láinfherguidhedh leiss fa Albancuibh d'imdecht uadh, ocus
33] do léigse araibhi aga deirge amach Gaoidheluidh uadh,
34] ocus do fhill sé suass docum an caislein móir; ocus


1] rucadar air annsin da banna Shaxanach tanuic on
2] Mumain, ocus do bi se annsin seacht m-banna don
3] armáil dob fherr ar bith; ocus ro len ied gu h-uasal
4] arrachta ánttrenta co rainic Ard na Ria. Ocus in
5] uair do conncadar Albanuidh chuca iad do eirgiodar
6] amach asan m-baili a g-coinne ocus a g-comdáil na n-Gall,
7] ocus tucadar frasa diana disgaire da n-armaib
8] diobraici a n-aghaid na n-Gall, ocus do bhí do dhonus ar
9] Albancuibh nar loitedar duine na each don fras sin,
10] ocus gur gabadar raon madhma ocus teithmhe docum na
11] Muaidhi, ocus gur marbadh ocus gur báthadh .xx. ced no
12] amplius. Do marbad ann da mac Sémais micc
13] Domnaill .i. Domnall Gorm ocus Alusdar, ocus do
14] marbadh ann Giolla Esbuic mac Dubghaill mic Donnchaidh
15] Chaim mic Ailín, ocus do marbadh Emann Cíocarach
16] mac Daibí Báin a Búrc, ocus Cathaoir mac Domnaill
17] mic Donncaidh Ruaidh Meg Domnaill, ocus morán oile
18] nach fédmuid d'airemh ar a méd; ocus a n-Ard na Ria
19] tucadh an t-ár sin seachtmuin re b-feil Micheoil. Ocus
20] tucadh cath a b-Plóndrus an lá sin etir cing Filip
21] ocus banrigan Saxan. Filip mac sir h-Anrigh do
22] marbad andsa cath sin, ocus moran eile.


Sruth na
23] Sionna do filleadh tarais dochum Locha Righ, ocus a
24] bheith ceithre huaire fiched ar an ordubh sin a fiadnuise
25] aroibhe an Ath Luain uile.


Droiched Bhaile assa dara
26] do chrichnugadh le O Conchubair Sligigh.


Muirges mac
27] Muircertaigh mic Donnchaidh dh'ec.


In Sgorlogach
28] dh'ec.


Aodh mac Eogain mic Shuibhne .i. consabal
29] cloinde Ricairt dhec, ocus bud mor in t-eacht sin.


30] Brian Brathach mac Mic Donnchaid in Chorainn
31] dh'ec ar in Maighin.


Tomas mac I Floind do crocadh
32] a Rosa Chomain da la ria feil Cathtrina.




1] Diarmada Ruad dh'ec .i. Fergal mac Conchobair Óig
2] meic Muircertaig.


Eogan Ulltach, an liaig is ferr
3] do bi a n-Erinn, d'ég.


Iarla o Lestar do dol sluag
4] di-airimh do cumgnad le Plemennchaib co Plondrus.
5] Ri na Spáinne do denam armala a n-aghaid na h-armala
6] sin, ocus cath do chur etarra, ocus il-imad do
7] miltibh do tuitim etarra ar gach toeb.


8] mac Ui Cinnéidigh do tuitim les O g-Cerbuill .i. in
9] Calbach.


Mac an Baird Cula an Urtáin, .i. Muiris
10] mac Laoisigh, do dol d'eg.


Uilliam O Cernaigh, .i. sen
11] brathair dob ferr do bi a n-Erinn do sermóntaigh,
12] d'faghail bais ar an Maighin.


An dall do bi a
13] n-Ulltuib re faistine d'fagail bais, .i. Magnus mac
14] Sithe.


Uilliam Burc mac Emuinn o crich cloinne
15] h-Uilliam d'eg; oigri an Iarla Ruaidh an t-Uilliam
16] sin, ocus ba mor an t-écht sin.


Caislen mor Meic
17] g-Coisdealb, ocus leath thigernuis in tíre, do thabhairt
18] do Thaboid Diluin do Mac Goisdealb .i. Sean mac in
19] Gilla Dhuibh meic Hoiberd.


O Gadhra do thabhairt cuig
20] m-baile na rand, ocus caislen Doire Mhoir, don fir
21] cedna. Oillilin O Gadhra tug sin uadha.

Annal LC1587.


22] Kl. for Domhnach; aois in Tigerna mile bliadan
23] ocus cuicc ced, ocus cetra ocus seacht m-bliadna.


24] An banrigan Albanach do bi a laimh re fada roime
25] sin ag banrigan t-Saxan do chur docum bais don bainrighan
26] t-Saxanuigh, ocus ni roibhi a rann Eorpa ben
27] bud brégha inas í. An t-ochtmadh la do Febra do
28] cuiredh docum bais í.


Mac Lochluinn O Luccaill, .i.
29] Sean Buidhi, d'eg.


Sir Uilliam Sdannlúi, ridire uasal
30] do cuir banrigan t-Saxan re h-aghaid cogaid co Plondrus,
31] do dol a n-aghaid a prinnsa fein do cungnam le
32] rig na Spainne, ocus ase lín do dóinibh do chuaid lais
33] se ced .x. do Saxanchaib, ocus d'Eirennchaib, ocus
34] d'Albanchaib.


Maoilechlainn mac Maoil Ruanaidh mic


1] Diarmada mic Seain d'eg.


Eg mor ar cethraib na
2] bliadna sa, ocus ro dith arbha innti beos.


3] Riabach mac Muiris mic Baiter mic an Iarla, ocus
4] clann Briain mic Cathaoir mic Airt mic Diarmada
5] laimderg, do dol ar creich ar bord Lethlinne in
6] Droichid, ocus crech do denamh doib; ocus toir do
7] breith orra .i. mac maruscail an Ibhair ocus armail
8] maraon ris. Baiter Riabach ocus a muinnter d'filled
9] orra, ocus mac an maruscail ocus cetrar ar da
10] Muinntir do marbad ar in lathair sin; ocus fa mor
11] in t-echt do toeb in mic sin an maruscail. Cathal
12] mac Toirrdelbaigh mic Diarmada do gabail, ocus a
13] breth co Ros Comain fa daoirsi.


Mac Donnchaid an
14] Corainn d'eg .i. Aod mac Cairbri.


Ro digbail bid an
15] Erinn an bliadain si.


Port do denam do caipdin
16] Gráiin ar Droichet mic Maonaigh, ocus port oile do
17] denam a n-Druim do maigistir Leghinn.


Mac Ui
18] Concenuinn .i. Muircertach mac Cathail d'eg.


19] mac Eogain Ruaid mic Cormaic do crochad a Cnoc in
20] Bicaire le caipdin Graidhin, ocus le Seoirsi mac Pitair
21] Núinnsenn, per dolum; ocus an Dubaltach maig
22] Riabaigh do crochad mar in cedna. Brian Ballach
23] mac an Calbaigh mic Taidg Buidi Ui Concobair, ocus
24] Dunadach mac Dubguill ar sesion do crochad a mi
25] medhoin t-samrad a Ros Comain.


Sesion do denam a
26] Sligech do Seoirsi Bingiam ocus don giuistis Dilmain,
27] ocus do maigistir Comartun, ocus conndae Sligigh
28] do teacht docum na comdala sin, ocus Felim mac


1] Donnchaid Oig Uí Airt do crochad annsin, ocus
2] Emann mac Enri.


An guibernoir do dol a Saxanaib.


3] Toirrdelbach mac Ui Broin do crochad le Saxanchaib,
4] ocus é fariu fein a serbis na banrigna.


Cairpri mac
5] Aoda meg Donnchaidh .i. mac mic Donnchaidh, d'ég.


6] Gilla Coluim Ua h-Uiginn, mac Maoil Muire mic Briain
7] Óig Ui Uigin, d'eg tri hoidqi re lughnasadh.


8] giuistis na h-Erenn d'eg; sir Seon Piroid ainm in
9] giuistis sin.


Concobar mac Enna Ui Uigin d'eg;
10] sáoi re dan an Concobar sin, ocus a adnacad a caisill
11] na h-Eilidi ar Machaire na n-Ailech.


Cith cloichsneachta
12] do chur a machaire Connacht a c-cinn t-seachtmuine
13] iar lughnasadh, ocus nir mo min uball na gach
14] cloch don t-sneachta sin, ocus arbhar imda do milledh
15] do.


O Concobair Donn .i. Diarmaid mac Cairpri mic
16] Eogain Caoich Uí Concobair, an fer is mó ro traoth
17] ocus ro thuirn dia naimdib, ocus is mo ro foghail ocus
18] ro admill da escairdibh in gach aird, an t-aon duine
19] uasal is ferr tanic do slicht Toirrdelbaigh Moir Ui
20] Concobair re cian d'aimsir d'ég, ocus a adnacad a
21] m-Baile an Topair fa diden De ocus Brigdi, an tres la
22] re ced feil Muiri, ar m-beth cuig bliadna .x. ar fiched
23] a tigernus dó.


Toirrdelbach mac Aoda Ui Baoighill,
24] ocus Aod Óg mac Aoda Buidi Ui Domnaill, ocus
25] moirsesior da Muinntir, do marbad le clainn Neill
26] Ruaidh Ui Baoighill.


Cettach mac Toirrdelbaigh Ui
27] Ruairc ocus Mathghamain mac Caba, ocus triur no
28] cethrar maraon riu, do marbad ocus siad a fochair
29] Domhnaill Ui Ruairc, le cloinn Briain mic Eogain Ui
30] Ruairc .i. Tigernan ocus Domnall; ocus ag Raith
31] Giaín do ronad in marbad sin; ocus do imthig mac
32] Taidg Ui Ruairc .i. Domnall do rith ocus ar éigin.


33] O Dubda .i. Emunn mac Eogain Uí Dubda d'eg.


34] Risderd Bingiam do chur don banrigan co Plondrus,


1] ocus a derbhrathair .i. Seoirsi do fagbail ina inad os
2] cinn Connacht.


Eogan mac Ruaidri mic Felim mic
3] Maghnusa d'eg caoicis ria samhain, ocus a adhnacad a
4] Sligech.


Aodh Ruadh mac Ui Domnaill .i. mac Aoda
5] mic Maghnusa, ocus mac mic Suibne Fanat, ocus mac
6] Eogain mic Seain mic Corbmaic Buidi Ui Gallchobair,
7] do gabail ar cuan ratha Maolain do luing Saxanach,
8] ar n-dol dól fina inti doib, ocus a m-breth co Baile
9] Atha Cliath.


Mac Ui Fergail Bain .i. Tadg Og d'ég.


10] Domnall mac Baotghalaigh Mic Aodagain d'eg.


11] Briain mic Diarmada Ruaid, ben oirchinnigh Baile na
12] c-clerech .i. Cathal, dh'ec.


An Sinascal Ui muig
13] Caille ocus Paidrigin mac mic Muiris, ocus Paidricin
14] Cundun, ocus Donnchad mac Corbmaic Meg
15] Carrthaigh, do gabail a n-Ath Cliath do comairle na
16] h-Erenn per dolum.


Port do denam a c-Cluain Eoais
17] a h-Oirgiallaibh do sir Hanrai Diuic, do ridire Saxanach.


18] Cu Medha mac mic Con Mara Finn ocus a ben, ingen
19] meg Piaruis, d'fagbail bais an aoin seachtmuin.

Annal LC1588.


20] Kl. for Luan; aois in Tigerna mile bliadan, ocus
21] cuig ced ocus cetra fiched ocus ocht m-bliadna.


22] Conchobair Sligigh .i. Domhnall mac Taidg mic Cathail
23] Oig, rogha Gaoidel Erenn, d'eg aidhqi nodlag beg a
24] Sligech, ocus a adnacad innti.


Aod mac in Calbaigh
25] Uí Domnaill, ocus fer ocus ochtar maraon ris, do
26] marbad a feall a g-crannoig Muighi Gaiblín le h-ingen
27] t-Semais meg Domhnaill, le mnaoi Uí Domnaill.


28] Matha Ruadh O Luinín, .i. saoi re senchus, d'eg an
29] bliadain cedna.


Baiter mac Risderd mic Ricaird
30] Oig a Burc d'ég.


Giuistis nua do teacht co h-Erinn .i.


1] Uilliam Faoiuilliam, ocus ni raibi sith ina soinenn a
2] n-Erinn ina coraid fein o do tanic.


Easpacc mallaighthi
3] heregda do beth a n-Oilfinn, ocus do rinne Dia
4] ferta fele air; ocus asi áit a raibhi a thigedas a
5] n-grainsigh in Machaire Riabaigh; ocus do cuiredh cith
6] snechta dó, ocus nir mó fiadh ubhall na gach cloch de;
7] ocus nir fagbad grainne na baile, ocus is re sluasdib
8] do cuirthi an snechta sin o na tigtib; ocus as a mí
9] medoin t-samrad do cuiredh an cioth sin.


O Fallamain
10] .i. Cobhtach O Fallamain d'eg, ocus a mac Remann
11] d'oirnedh na inad. Sean mac Tomais mic Dabi mic
12] Emuinn .i. saccart uasal onorach d'eg.


Mac Uí Raigilligh
13] .i. Emann mac Maoil Morda do teacht ar
14] creich ar Brian mac Fergail Oig Ui Raigilligh, ocus
15] crecha do glacadh dó; ocus mac Fergail Oig do breth
16] orra, ocus Sean Og mac Seain mic Toirrdelbaigh Uí
17] Raigilligh, ocus troid do tabairt da chele doib, ocus
18] an crech do bhuain d'Emann ocus fiche da Muinntir do
19] marbad, ocus Sean Og mac Seain mic Toirrdelbaig do
20] marbad le h-Emann.


An Dubaltach mac Remuinn
21] Ui Fallamain do marbad le Remann mac Cobthaigh I
22] Fallamain.


Gilla na Naom mac Iriail Uí Uiginn
23] d'ég.


Mac mic Diarmada .i. Cathal mac Toirrdelbaigh,
24] ocus mac I Choncubair Ruaid .i. Cedach, ocus mac Mic
25] Con Mara do crochadh, ocus mac Feidlim Buidhi .i. Donnchad,
26] do crochadh maraon riu a n-Gaillim.


Mac mic
27] Goisdelba d'ég .i. Emann.


Mac I Maoil Conairi d'ég
28] .i. Senchán.


Pilib O h-Einidh d'écc .i. duine roibhinn do
29] bi a (normm).


Domnall mac I Domnaill, ocus sliocht
30] Aodha I Gallcobair, do dhul ar siubal innsuidhidh ar
31] cloinn Cuinn mic in Calbaigh, ocus do marbadh leo in
32] Calbach Óg mac Cuinn mic in Calbaigh, ocus rucadar


1] leo morán do buaibh ocus do caiplibh.


O Dochartaigh
2] ocus O Gallcobair do gabail don giuistis, ocus a
3] m-breth co Ath Cliath.


Felim Occ mac Concobair mic
4] Toirrdelbaigh Ruaid, ocus an Calbach mac Cuinn mic
5] Felim Ruaid, do dol co rann mic Uilliam Burc, ocus
6] muinnter an t-sirriam do marbad per dolum.


7] mac Maol Muire mic Felim meg Domnaill do
8] crochad lessin n-guibernoir.


Sbainnig do teacht co
9] h-Erinn loinges adhbail mor, ocus do baithedh a h-ocht
10] no a naoi do na longaib sin a Mumhain ocus a Connachtuib,
11] ocus an méid nar baith an muir do lucht na
12] long sin do baithed, do marbhatar Saxanaigh iad; ocus
13] ni heidir a rimh no a innisin gach ar baithed ocus gach
14] ar marbad san loinges sin ar a méd, ocus gach a
15] frith don edáil, dór ocus d'airged ocus da gach
16] maithes arcena.


Sligech do buain do Donnchad mac
17] Cathail Oig Uí Concobair don guibernoir, ocus mac
18] Cathail Oicc do dol a c-cosaid co Saxanaibh.


O h-Eidhin
19] d'ég .i. Eogan Manntach O h-Edhin.


Cettach mac Briain
20] mic Diarmada Ruaidh d'eg.


Iarla o Lestar .i. prinnsa
21] ro chumachtach do Muinntir banrigan Saxan d'eg.


22] Caipdin Coilér d'eg.


Sluaiged Erenn uile acht cuiged
23] Ulad nama do teacht a Connachtuibh le sir Uilliam
24] Faoiuilliam .i. giuistis na h-Erenn, ocus gan en red
25] maithesa do denam do, acht araibi o Ath Luain co
26] h-Eirne do milledh do, ocus mac Ui Dochartaigh .i.
27] Cathaoir, do marbad le Saxanchaib.


Maig Eochagain .i.
28] Connla maig Eochagain, fer uasal degoinigh, d'ég.


29] Tigernain na Brefne .i. Fergal d'ecc.


Mac Suibhne
30] Thire Baghuine, .i. Niall Meirgeach mac Maoil Muire,


1] do marbad re Donnchad n-Dubh mac Maoil Muire
2] Meirgidh meic Suibhne per dolum.


Mairgreg ni Cuaireil
3] in bhen do bhí ag Giolla Colluim O Chlabbuigh dh'ec;
4] ocus ni fhacemar a cill riam ben budh fearr.


5] mac Maoilre Bhan mhic Uilliam Burc, mic Ricaird Oig,
6] do marbad re Uilliam Taig a Sligech go timpisteach.


7] Crecha mora do dhenam d'Aodh mac in Chalbaigh I Domnaill
8] roime e fein do marbad, ocus do mac I Neill
9] ar Thír Aodha, du and aroibhe tri mili bo.


Ni tainic re
10] cian d'aimsir a n-Eirinn riam comh maith na bliadna so
11] do fhaghamar; asi búdh mó bia ocus torad.


12] granna do dhenamh do righ Frang, oir do marbaid se
13] duice maith da muintir fein per dolum.


Do baithed
14] Brian mac in Persuin ocus Anrias mac in Persuin,
15] ocus Cormac O h-Airt, annsa loingeas Sbaineach sin
16] tainic go Cairbri.

Annal LC1589.


17] Kl. Ianair for Cédaoin, ocus aois in Tigerna naoi
18] m-bliadna ocus ceathra fiched .ccccc. mile.


19] conndae Muige n-Eo .i. magistir Brun, ocus Domnall O
20] Dalaigh do dul ar siubhal go h-Iorras. Morcrecha ocus
21] marbhtha do dhenam doibh per dolum.


Risdeart mac
22] Deamain in Chorain, ocus Uater mac Ricaird meic
23] Seain in Termuinn, do bhreaith orrtha; ocus do bhadar
24] Saxsanaigh tri ced d'armail, ocus do chuadar do bhualadh
25] a chele, ocus do briseadh air Sagsanchaib, ocus do
26] marbudh Domnall O Dalaigh ocus maigistir Brun .i.
27] in siarriam, ocus maithe a roibhe faru uile, ocus do
28] tugadh in maidm orrtha go h-arrachta uasal tre mirbuile
29] De athar.


Tadhg mac Ruaidri meic Conchobair
30] .i. duine uasal do t-shlicht Fergail meic Diarmada,
31] dh'ec.


Cathal mac Daoighir .i. sagart Achanaigh dh'ec.



1] O Neill, .i. Toirdhealbach Luineach, do teacht ar tarraing
2] Neill Gairb mic Coind meic an Chalbhuigh I
3] Domhnaill, ar Eogan mac in Decanaigh I Ghallchubair,
4] ocus do g-clagadar crech mhor; agus do rug orra
5] muindter Ghallchubair ocus cuid do Clainn t-Suibhne,
6] ocus do chuireadar chugad go maith no go rangadar in t-inedh
7] andaroibhe O Neill. An uair do connairc
8] O Neill a Muinntir da sandtu do fhill a n-agaid na
9] tora, ocus do bris orrtha, ocus do marbad andsin
10] Maol Muire mac Emaind do consabluibh na Muman,
11] ocus fiched maraon ris. Do fhill O Neill slan edalach.


12] Maidhm do thabhairt air Roiberd mac Hanrigh duibh
13] Diluin a n-Oirgeallaib meg Mathgamna, ocus e a dul
14] na th-shiarrim ar Mag Uidhir; ocus do gabhudh e fein ocus
15] do marbad a Muinntir; ocus Brían mac Aodha Oig
16] meg Mathgamna tug in maoidhm sin.


Cland Murchada
17] na Tuath mic Taidhg I Flathbertaigh do dul ar siubhal
18] innsuighe go Connmaicne, ocus crecha mora do g-clagadh
19] doibh. Saxanaigh do breith orrtha da bhanda do glere
20] glanshluaigh, ocus dol do bualadh a chele doibh; ocus
21] brisadh ar Muinntir Flathbertaigh, ocus Tadg O Flathbertaig
22] mac Murchada, ocus Urun mac Murchada,
23] ocus Tadg Og O Flathbertaigh, ocus ced maraon riu do
24] marbad; ocus do g-crocadh Emann O Flaithbertaigh,
25] mac Murchada na Tuath do bhí a laimh a n-Gaillimh an
26] cedáoin eidir dha cháisg; ocus de satirnn casga do
27] tugadh an máoim ag Caislen an Chathirtha a g-Cuilecha;
28] ocus fa haubhal na hechta sin. Ocus do brisidar Clann
29] Uilliam a coislen, ocus do loisgidar a tíghe ocus a
30] n-arbhinna; ocus do brisidar Baile Atha Lethair, ocus
31] osin siar go fairrge.


An Corinn ocus Tír Oilella do
32] chrechadh do chloinn Rúairc .i. Eoghan ocus Brian Óg.


1] Tír Fhíarach do chrechadh d'O Ruairc fen o Iasguigh
2] saoir. Mac I Ruairc .i. Eoghan do dhul go machaire
3] Chonnacht go n-dechaidh se go Cill Tolltog, ocus clann
4] I Conchabhair Ruaidh maraon fris; ocus gan crech do
5] ghlacadh dóibh do dhith marcsluaigh, ocus filledh tar a n-ais
6] doibh go rangadar bothar sen n-domnuig. Siarrium
7] na cunndae do bhreith orra .i. Ruisteirt Mápútar,
8] ocus Clann n-Dugaill do bhreith orra annsin ocus
9] banna saoididúr. An da fhedhuin sin do dhul an
10] ordugadh ar cuinne a cheile, ocus brisedh ar
11] Saxinachaib, ocus an brisedh sin do bheth orra go
12] caisill Miadhacháin, ocus a n-druma ocus a m-bratach do
13] bhúain díbh, ocus drem dhi-aireimhe dho-fhaisneisi do
14] muinnter na Saxanach d'fhagbháil isin tres tegmhalach
15] trenbhorb sin. Baile an Doire, ocus Liath Truim, ocus
16] cluain Muire ocus Baile na n-Giolla do losgudh
17] dhóibh.


Art mac Ruaidhrí Ghlais .i. fer brataigh Briain
18] mhic Diarmada d'fhadhuil bháis an bliadhain sin.


O Conchobhair
19] Ruadh ocus Tomaltach Óg Mac Diarmada,
20] ocus Ruaidhrí Caoch Mac Diarmada do gabháil per
21] dolum, ocus a g-cur go Ros Chumáin fo dhaoírsi mhóir.


22] Aos óg shleachda Sheoun a Búrc do thecht go Corunn,
23] ocus crech do ghlacadh dhoibh. Tóir do bhreith orra; cur
24] chum a cheile dhóibh; filledh dhóibh ar an tórad, ocus
25] Cormac O Ruanaidh do mharbadh, ocus daoine ele nach
26] airmed.


Mag Uidir .i. Cu Chonnacht Og mac Con Connacht,
27] sgel budh mo a bheguibh dh'Eirinn d'fhadhuil bháis.


28] Ailinora ingen Iarla Desmhumhan do dhul dh'ec, ben
29] I Ruairc .i. Brian mac Briain I Ruairc.


Ase ba
30] tiaghirnna ón m-bannrioghan ar choigedh Chonnacht an
31] uair sin .i. sir Ruisteirt Binngem, ocus an mheid
32] nar chroch se do Clainn Uilliam do chuir se ag cogad
33] ar an m-banrioghan íad, ocus Clann n-Domhnaill
34] mar an cedna; ocus do chuir se sliochd Torrdhelbaigh


1] Dhuinn I Chonchabhair ocus sliochd Aodha mic Feidhilim,
2] ocus muinnter Fhlannigáin, ocus O Ruairc ocus mag
3] Flannchaidh, ocus sliochd Eoghain mic Diarmada
4] ag cogadh ar fen ocus ar an m-banrioghan. Ocus do
5] rinne breid slatach sairthech do choigedh Chonnacht,
6] ocus do chuir se sliochd Briain laoidhnigh ocus muinnter
7] Airt san chogadh sin, an mhed nar chroch se dhíbh.



Mar do chualaigh giustis na h-Erenn in t-olc sin do
9] chur ar Connacht do Bingamachaib, tainic se go feirg
10] moir ocus go londus n-adhbail go rainic Gaillim, ocus
11] ni thug se do sluagh leis acht ced marcach ocus
12] ced coissighe; ocus do an in guibernoir a n-Ath Luain a
13] stuider mar do millfeadh an cuid na ar mill se do
14] cuigedh Conacht. Tangadar Clann Uilliam go Gaillim,
15] ocus Murchad O Flathbheartaigh, ocus do ronnadar sith
16] risin giuistis, ocus do chuiredar a m-braighde a laim
17] muindtire na Gaillbhe.


Uilliam Taith ocus cuigear ar
18] fiched soidiur, ocus cuigear marcach, do dul dochum
19] in Bealigh Buidhe ar Corrshliabh doibh. Mac I Ruairc
20] ocus sliocht Eogain meic Diarmada, ocus cuid do
21] Clainn Donnchaidh, do bheith rumpu ar in m-bealach,
22] ocus a do no tri do ceaduibh; ocus do eirgeadar sin
23] dona Galloib, ocus do briseadar orrtha, ocus do
24] marbad andsin ceathra ar fhichid, ocus do bainedh
25] .x. n-eich ocus tri bairill fiona dibh, ocus do imigh
26] Uilliam Taigh.


Mag Mathgamhna .i. Rossa Buidhe mac
27] Airt Maoil dh'ec; ocus fa mor in t-echt sin. Brian
28] mac Aodha Oig do rigad na inadh.


Maighistir Strainse
29] ocus primfhaigh Arda Macha, ocus an giuistis Diluin,
30] do dul go h-Ath Cille Sranain as hucht in giuistis,
31] do dhenamh sithe re mac I Ruairc; ocus do roinneadar
32] sith re chele fa chordia.


Risdeard mac Uater mic


1] Seain mic Oliuerus a Burc do marbad d'urchar do
2] gunna a Tulaigh Aodha, ocus fa mor in t-echt sin.


3] Seathan Ruad mac Lochlainn mic Phadin .i. mac I
4] Maoil Chonre dh'ec, ocus fa mor in t-echt sin a leith
5] daonachta ocus ealadhna. Siurtan mac Tomais na
6] Capall dh'ec an iarnach andsan Eill ag Saxsanachaib.


7] Cuigadh Connacht uile ó Ath Luain go h-Eirne fa en olc
8] o asaonta Gall ocus Gaoideal re chele.


9] O Duibhgenain, doine ro bhind suilcuir, dh'ec.


Giolla Padraig
10] Og mac Gilla Padraig mic Filip meic Toirdhealbaigh
11] meg Uidhir, ocus fear ocus ochtar maraon ris, do
12] marbad re Conchobar Og mac Conchobair Ruaid meg
13] Uidhir, ar teacht doibh le Dondchad Óg mac Donnchada
14] meg Uidhir air Conchobar Og, do dhenamh g-clagachas air;
15] ocus do baineadh fiched no dho ech dibh, ocus do loiteadh se
16] fir dheg ar fiched do daoinuibh Donnchada Óig, ocus do
17] bith siubhal tri mile air.


Aodh mac Conchobair Oíg
18] mic Muircertaig meic Diarmada Ruaidh dh'eg, ocus ba
19] mor in sgeal sin a leath laime ocus daonachta; ocus
20] tri la ria ced fheil Muire sa fomar d'eg se; ocus do
21] cuireadh e a Mainistir na Buile; ocus do marbad a mac
22] roime sin re sliocht Eogain meic Diarmada .i. Fear Dorcha
23] mac Aodha; ocus Eogan mac Ruadhri mic in
24] Ghiolla Dhuibh meic Diarmada Ruaidh do marb é.


25] Saxsanach do chur don guibhernoir go h-Ichtar Connacht,
26] ocus tugadar lamh ar O n-Dubhda do chreachad, ocus ni
27] ar eirig sin doibh ce do chuadar go Cill Ghlais ocus go
28] h-Eisgir Obhuinn; tangadar tar a n-ais go Cuil Cnam
29] ocus do mhilleadar andsin moran bith ocus edigh; ocus
30] do chuadar assin go Gleann Dallain, ocus ni bh-fhuaradar
31] edail na amhantur andsin. Ocus do roindedar in
32] treas siubhal ar th-shliocht Eogain meic Diarmada;
33] ocus ce do chuadar go Tir Tuathil ocus go Coilltib


1] Conchobair, ocus tar Droiget mic Maonaigh suas, ni ar
2] eirig ádh na amhantur dhoibh; ocus do búd coir do Dia gan
3] édail d'faghail doibh; siublaighthe feille do roindeadar.
4] Seon Bingam cend in t-sluaigh sin .i. derbhrathair in
5] guibernoir; ocus ni thainic a Connachta riamh comholc a
6] roibhe ar in sluagh sin, oir ni roibhe duine sa doman da
7] rabhadar dileas a c-cill na tuaith.


Sen badun Sligigh
8] ocus Droim na Sgolb do losgadh do Muinntir Airt.


9] Brian mac Aodha Óig meg Mathgamna, ocus Aodh Ruad
10] mac Airt Mhaoil, do dul go baile Atha Cliath, dochom brethe
11] in ghiuistis ocus na comarle fa thigernus Oirgheall
12] meg Mathgamna; ocus do rugadar na maithe sin in
13] tigernus d'Aodh Ruadh mac Airt Maoil, ocus do chuir in
14] giuistis se banda le Aodh Ruadh, ocus do goir se tigerna
15] de. Do imthigh mac Aodha Oig amhreigh da duthaigh fein go
16] Dartraoi, ocus do fhag se in tír ocus do rug a caorighacht
17] leis fo na daingnithuibh, ocus do fhag se Rudraigh
18] a derbrathair a bardacht Dartraoi. Ocus do gabh captin
19] Pluincet dochum a tíre, ocus do th-siol se go roibh si
20] falamh; ocus do eirig Rugrigh doibh ocus do chuir se
21] chucu, ocus do bris orrtha, ocus do marbad in cuid
22] ba mo da banna air captin Pluincet. Do milleadh
23] in tir eatorra .i. mac Aodha Óig ocus mac Airt Maoil.


24] Mac I Neill .i. Conn mac Seain do leigean as braighdenus
25] d'O Neill in bliagain se, ocus crecha mora do
26] dhenam ar iarla Ulladh do p-fein ocus da bratrib.


27] Uilc mora a n-Ulltoib ocus Connachta in bliagain se.


28] Don h-Antuine derbhrathair rígh Portingeal, do bhí ar
29] innarbad fáthré banrigan Saxsan .i. Elisdabed, o do
30] marbad righ Portigeal a cath leis in Turgach, ocus do
31] indarb righ na Sbainne don h-Antuine an uair sin, ocus
32] do bhain sé in righeacht ocus cathair Liosbuinne de, ocus
33] do mharb sé a daoine uile; ocus ata sé faris in


1] m-banrighan o shin; ocus do chuir si armail leis dochum
2] a duthaide .i. cuig mili dheg, ocus cuig mile dhec eile,
3] inann sin ocus .x. mile fiched. Ocus do chuadar go
4] Liosbuind, ocus do marbadar moran daoinedh, ocus do
5] loisgeadar aroibhe on prim chathruigh amach ar gach
6] taobh di. Do rugadar Sbainnigh orrtha, ocus do tuit
7] meid athrithe do miltibh atorra, ocus do tuit ocht mile
8] dhec do th-Shaxsanaib ann. Ocus is iad so anmanna na
9] h-armala do chuir in banrigan le don h-Antuine .i. sir
10] Seon Norais
ocus iarla o bh-feauig, ocus sir Framsa
11] Drach
, ocus deich mile fhiched maraon riu; ocus do
12] marbad dibh sin ocht mile d'eg a Lisbuin. Ni fes duin
13] dith Sbainech.


Righ Frang do marbad do brathair per
14] dolum, oir do búdh coir do Dia sin; do rinne se fein
15] feall, oir do marb se duice o Cuibes.


16] In giuistis do theacht go Gailluibh .i. Uilliam Faoiuilliam,
17] ocus tanic mac Uilliam ocus Murchad na Tuath
18] 'na cend, ocus do roindedar sith ris; ocus do chuaid in
19] giuistis assin go Sligech, agus tainic se assin go Rosa
20] Chomain, ocus do roindne sith re Connachtuibh uile;
21] ocus do chuaidh assin a n-Ulltoib, ocus do chuaidh moran
22] do maithuibh Erenn leis, ocus do roinde sith etir clanna
23] Neill.


Indsaoighe laoi do tabairt d'Aodh Ruad mac
24] Airt Mhaoil Meg Maghamna ar Brían mac Aodha Óig
25] Meg Mathgamna, ocus se fior dhec da muinntir do
26] marbad air an lathair sin.


Ruadhri Caoch mac Taidhg
27] meic Tomaltaig mic Diarmada, ocus clann Maoil Ruanaid
28] mic Tomaltaigh, ocus clann I Conchubhair Ruaigh,
29] do bualudh fa chele an ard mic n-Eogain andsan aoidhche,
30] ocus do marbad andsin mac I Fhlanagain .i. Emann
31] mac Briain, ocus do marbad don taoibh abhus mac meic
32] Diarmada Ruaidh .i. Sean mac Taidg mic Chonchubair


1] Oig mic Muircertaigh.


In t-easpog magg Congaile .i.
2] in Gilla Glas dh'ec andsna Cealluibh Bega, agus fa mor
3] in t-echt sin a leith inigh ocus daonachta.


4] O Briain, .i. mac Taidhg mic Conchobair I Briain, dh'ec.


5] Conndaois Tuamuman .i. ingen mic I Briain Aradh,
6] ocus Una a h-ainm, dh'ec.


Brian mac Maoil Ruanaidh
7] meic Fergail, .i. in cleirech dob ferr do bíth an Erinn,
8] do h-ég sechtmain ria samhuin ar an n-Grainsigh moir,
9] ocus ba h-athbail in t-echt sin a leith daonachta ocus
10] ealeadhna.


Creacha mora do dhenamh do iarla Uludh
11] ar U Cathain, ocus an cedna do dhenamh do cloind t-Seain
12] I Neill, ocus do mac Toirdealbaigh Luinigh .i. mac
13] I Neill, ar Cormac mac in bharuin, du and aroibhe dá
14] ced dheg bo. Moran do caoriacht I Neill do dul a
15] Fearmanach a tethed, ocus mar do chualaigh an t-iarla
16] a brathair do crechadh do len se caoriacht I Neill go
17] Fearmanach, ocus do rug se fiched ced bo leis. Do
18] ruind in t-iarla na creacha, ocus do ranic se ced bo e
19] fein; ocus do leanadur drong do marcsluagh I Neill
20] in t-íarla ar a drouim, ocus do rug siad in se ced bo
21] sin uadha.


Mac Tomaltaigh mic Diarmada .i. Tomaltach
22] Óg do rédhudha do Brian mac Diarmuda ocus do
23] mac Dábíth as prisun na banrigan.


Mac Fergail Oig
24] I Raighilligh .i. Brian do marbad a feall do th-shiarriam
25] na Brefne .i. Edubhard Hoireabeart, ocus a muighe
26] Bhrecrighe do roindeadh in marbad sin; ocus fa h-adhbail
27] in t-echt sin a leith einigh ocus uaisle.


28] mac Dhahí I Dubhda dh'ec.


Donnchad Grana mac
29] Uilliam Oig mic Uilliam mic Conchobair .i. tigerna
30] Coilleadh in bogaidh dh'ec.


Mac Diarmada Ruadh .i.


1] Muirges mac Conchobair Oig mic Muircertaig dh'ec a
2] tosach in geimrigh.


Maghnus mac Coind mic in Calbaigh
3] I Domnaill do marbad re sliocht Cormaic Buidhe
4] I Ghallcubair.


Ingen I Falluin .i. Sile ingen Cobhuigh, in
5] ben do bhith ag Cedach mac Domnaill I Ceallaigh, dh'ec.


6] Briseadh coinde do thabairt ar Tomaltach Óg mac
7] Tomaltaig mic Diarmada, do clainn I Conchobair
8] Ruaidh ocus d'O Flannagain, .i. Brian mac Emainn, ag
9] Ard in Chomla, ocus do marbad annsin Brian mac
10] Eogain Granna, ocus Donnchad Dubh mac Donnchada
11] Grana, ocus Dubhghall mac Giollashamais, tri seachtmuine
12] ria nollaig.


Tar eis righ Frang do marbad don
13] bhrathair dar chomainm Sechapim, adubairt righ da
14] Nabharra go m-beath righeacht na Frange aige fein, ocus
15] adubairt priansa Premuinnte daar chomainm duibhce
16] Saue
go m-beath righecht na Frange aige fein. Do cuir
17] banrigan Saxsan deich mili fer do chomhnam le righ da
18] Nabharra. Do chuir cing Filip iumad daoineadh do
19] congnam le prinsa Permuinte, ocus do cuiredh cath
20] eidir na righuibh sin, ocus do tuit seacht mile fiched
21] atorra.


22] Eogan mac Bríain mic Bríain mic Eogain I Ruairc,
23] fer a oisse is ferr tanic do t-sliocht Aodha find re
24] fada, dh'ec in treas la don nodlaig.


Mac mic
25] Goisdealb .i. Uilliam Caoch mac Siurtain mic Seain
26] Dhuibh, ocus Uilliam mac Seain mic Maoilre Ruaidh, do
27] marbad ar Sliabh Muire le Donnchad mac Emaind
28] Bodhair I Ceallaigh, sechtmuin ria nodlaic.


In giuistis
29] do teacht go Gaillim sluagh di-airme caoicis ria
30] nodlaig, do dhenamh sithe re Clainn Uilliam ocus re
31] Clainn Domnaill.


Mac I Neill .i. Aodh Geimleach mac
32] Seain do gabhail re Seaan mac Meg Uidir a feall a


1] tig marcaigh do Muinntir Meg Uidir. Tainic iarla
2] Thire h-Eogain go Feruibh Manach, ocus do gabh se Mag
3] Uidir, ocus do marbad ochtar da muintir, ocus do
4] rug in t-iarla leis Aodh O Neill; ocus do tug se fiche
5] ech do th-Shethan Mag Uidir do chind a droch sherbisse;
6] ocus dochum a mhillte do rug se Aodh O Neill leis.


7] Maolsechlainn Óg mac Cormaic meic Donnchada,
8] adhbhar righ O n-Oiliolla, d'eg a n-errach na bliadna sa,
9] ocus fa adhbal in t-echt sin mac ingine Mic Diarmada
10] a leith uaisle ocus inigh.

Annal LC1590.


11] Kll. Ianair for Derdaoin, ocus assi aois in Tigerna
12] deich m-bliadna ocus ceithre fiched .ccccc. ogus mile.


13] O Ceallaigh .i. Aodh mac Donnchada mic Emaind I
14] Cheallaigh, ocus fa uasal arrachta in fear sin, ocus
15] an ced la don bliadain do fuair bas .i. la nodlaic
16] beg, ocus do cuireadh e a cill Findbuidhe, et ba
17] h-adhbail in t-echt sin.


In giuistis do fhagbhail na
18] Gaillme tri sechtmuine iar nodlaig, ocus ni ar fhag
19] se sith na socracht a Connachtuibh don dul sin; ocus
20] do an in guibhernoir a n-Gaillim do genamh g-cogaid eir
21] Clainn Uilliam. Clann meic Uilliam do teacht go
22] h-Airteach, ocus ar a bh-filledh doibh tar a n-ais tugadar
23] sgathadh don bheann fada, ocus do marbad andsin
24] Anntuine mac Uater Caoich mic Tomais Duibh mic
25] Shiurtain, ocus diolunach eile, ocus do loisgeadh in
26] baile o caislen amach.


Mac I Neill .i. Aodh Geimlech
27] mac Seain mic Coind, iar na gabhail a feall do th-Sheaan
28] mac Meg Uidhir, ocus a thabairt d'Aodh O Neill .i. iarla
29] Tire h-Eogain; ocus do croch in t-iarla in mac sin I Neill
30] do nemthoil aroibe a Tir Eogain uile, ocus fa adhbail


1] in t-echt sin.


Conn mac Neill Óig, tigerna Clainne
2] Aodha Buidhe, dh'ec.


Mac mic Domnaill na h-Alban,
3] Samairle Buidhe, dh'ec.


Brian Carrach mac Cormaic
4] dh'ec.


Sean mac Briain mic Felim Bacaigh I Neill do
5] marbad le mac Samairle Buidhe, ocus ba h-adhbail na
6] h-echta sin.


Mac Mic Diarmada .i. Maol Ruanaidh
7] mac Aodha Mic Diarmada, do marbad re Tomaltach
8] mac Taidhg mic Eogain Mic Diarmada, ocus re
9] Ruadhrigh Caoch mac Eogain mic Taidhg mic Ruadhri Mic
10] Diarmada, andsa Chaladh a feall, ocus fa truagh in
11] gniam sin.


Sir Risdeart do dul sluagh di-arme ar
12] clainn Uilliam no go rainic sliabh bo Aodha. Cuid do
13] Clainn Uilliam ocus do Clainn Domnaill do eirge doibh,
14] ocus troid do thabhairt da celi doibh, ocus began marbhtha
15] do dhenamh atarrudh air gach taoibh. In guibhearnoir
16] do dul go Baile Assa Caorach, ocus foslongport do
17] dhenamh do and, ocus dul assin do don Lagan. Mac
18] Uilliam ocus a chineadh, ocus Clann Domnaill, do beith
19] a bh-foslongport re taoibh in t-shluaigh Gall sin. Cuid do
20] ceirind in t-sluaigh do teacht do losgudh arbha Uater a
21] Burc, ocus do rug orra Mac Uilliam ocus Uater Citach,
22] ocus do marbad dias don cheirind; ocus do bhuail neach
23] acu-san Mac Uilliam do bhuile ar a chois, ocus do ben se
24] a cos de; ocus Uilliam Caoch mac Dabhi mic Emaind in
25] Mac Uilliam sin. Do gabh in guibearnoir suas tar
26] ais go rainic Conmaicne Cuile, ocus tangadar Cland
27] Uilliam ocus Cland Domnaill na ceann, ocus tugadar


1] braighde don guibernoir, ocus tainic tar ais go Ath
2] Luain.


O Conchobair Donn do leigen ass a braighdenus.
3] In t-O Conchobair sin ocus Seon Bingam do
4] dul a Muige Luirg, ocus Brian mac Diarmada do
5] gabail doibh go fealltach. Sior Tomas Straise dh'ec
6] a n-Gaillim, ocus bodh mor in t-echt sin, oir ni roibhe a
7] Connacht mac Goill bhudh mo do sgel do Connacht na
8] e. In sluagh sin ro ba measa iocht ocus congheall do
9] bhí ar feadh Erenn, re ar gabad Brian mac Diarmada
10] mart inide; do rugadar é an oiche sin go baile
11] Tomaltaigh Oig meic Tomaltaig Mic Diarmada, ocus
12] do mhilladar moran san bhaile sin daar comainm
13] Baile in Coillin; ocus do rugadar Brian riu ar na
14] maireach, ocus do cuiredar marcthshluagh leis co Ros
15] Chomain; ocus cedaoine in luathridhe sin do tundrad.
16] Ocus do chuadar an aoidhche sin go h-Airtech,
17] ocus do chrechsiad sliocht in persuin mic Muirgesa,
18] ocus mac Ruaidri I Uigind; ocus do marb O Conchobair
19] Donn Cathal mac Eogain mic an Fhileadh re na
20] laim p-fein gan adhbar ar bith, ocus ni ar marbad re
21] cian d'aimsir a macasamla fein d'echt bhúdh mó
22] na Cathal mac in fhileadh. Ni beg sin, acht bendacht
23] ar anmain.


Diarmaid Dall mac Ruadri mic Taidhg
24] Mic Diarmada dh'ec, ocus dobh uasal deigheinigh daonachtach
25] in fer sin; ocus in ced Derdaoin don corghas
26] teasta Diarmaid, ocus testa maighistir Strainse,
27] ocus do marbad Cathal mac in Fhileadh. A Lios a
28] g-Coirce a Tigh Baoidhin do roinde an marbad sin an
29] cuigeadh la don mharta.


Diarmaid mac Cathail mic
30] Cathail Ruaidh I Conchobair, .i. biocaire Tempoil an
31] Aoidhnein, ocus do bhí a fad roime sin na prioir ar
32] brathraib Rossa Chomain, dh'ec a Ros Chomain; ocus
33] fa maith in duine in Diarmaid sin mac Cathail Ruaid
34] Beig meic Cathail Ruaid eile.


Mac I Ruairc do
35] dul ar siubhal innsuighe a Corann, ocus crech do g-clacadh


1] dho. Seoirse Bingam ocus Aodh Mus do bhreth orra a
2] torigecht. Filleadh ar an toir, ocus .x. ar fiched do
3] marbad dibh, ocus Aodh Mus do lot.


Barda Saxsanach
4] do fhaghbhail a n-Dun gar in la do marbad Cathal mac
5] in Fileadh.


Sluaghedh adhbail mor do cur don guibernoir
6] air O Ruairc go Muinntir Eolis a tosach in marta,
7] ocus do rugadar ar deich ced bo; ocus do bhidur an
8] aoidhche sin a Maothail; ocus do cuadar go Liatruim ar
9] na mhaireach, ocus do bhídar da aoidhche annsin; as sin
10] doibh go Fionach, ocus do badar tri aoiche and; as sin
11] doibh go Druim Oirialaigh, ocus do badur ceitri aoidhche
12] ann; ocus do tugadar braighde Cionoil Luachain ocus
13] Teallaigh Choncho leo, ocus do loisgeadar formor in
14] tire. Capten Groin do lot, ocus dias no triur da
15] muinntir do mharbad, ocus cethar do Muinntir I Ruairc
16] do thuitim leis sin t-athcur sin. Tanic braighe o chomharba
17] Fiodhnach, ocus braighe o chomharba Druma Oiriallaigh,
18] ocus tangadar fer ocus ochtar o Muinntir Eoilais
19] etir cill ocus tuaigh, do braighdibh le Sagsanachaib don
20] dul sin. In Brefne do losgad don t-shluagad sin.


21] Seoin mac Eogain I Chraoieoin, in mac cennighe is lutha
22] is olc do bith a n-Erinn, dh'ec a Sligech, ocus ba mor
23] in t-echt sin.


Barda sagsanach do chur a m-baile I
24] Birn, ocus e fein do chrechadh. Muighe Luirg uile ocus
25] Airteach do mhilledh dona sluaightuibh sin; ocus filleadh
26] tar a n-ais doibh, ocus do an a dho no tri do ceduib re
27] h-adhaigh cogaid I Ruairc; ocus mac Taidhg I Ruairc, ocus
28] mac Aodha Gallda I Ruairc, do g-congnam acu sin
29] a n-aghaid I Ruairc. Foslongport I Ruairc do beaith
30] a nDartraoibh, ocus Brian mac Briain mic Eogain
31] I Ruairg in t-O Ruairc sin.


Mac Tomaltaigh mic


1] Muirgesa mic Tomaltaigh Mic Diarmada Ruaidh .i.
2] Emann, ocus Cathal Óg mac Cathail mic Maghnuasa
3] Meic Diarmada Ruaid, do marbad le Domnall na
4] capall maig Domnaill.


5] Braighde do bhí a laimh a m-Baile in Mhutta, ocus do
6] tiongadar in baile do gabail .i. Feidhlim Og mac
7] Maghnusa mic Ruaghraide, ocus Feidhlim Dartighach mac
8] Aodha meic Conchobair Oig I h-Airt; ocus do marbad
9] annsin iad, ocus ni ar gabhadar in baile.


10] Sluagh Sagsanach do dhul go Darttraoibh. O Ruairc
11] ocus Mag Lannchaidh do bheith a bh-foslongport rompu
12] sa tir, ocus ar bh-fagbail fhoslongpuirt I Ruairc do
13] Mag Lannchaidh do buailed a naimde uime .i. Maoilseachlainn
14] Mag Lannchaidh ocus drem ele don t-sluagad
15] fa Mag Lannchaidh, ocus do marbadar e
16] ocus ochtar maraon ris; ocus do cuireadh a cenn go
17] h-Ath Luain.6


Annal LC1595.


1] Anno Domini 1595.


Seóirse Óg Biongam do marbadh a
2] Sligech re h-Uillioc a Búrc mac Remund na sgúab, ocus an
3] baile do thabhairt d'O Dhomhnuill .i. d'Aodh Rúadh mac Aoda
4] mic Maghnuis; ocus is mór do leasuigh an marbad sin fa
5] feruibh Condacht, don mheide dibh do bí ar dibert.

Annal LC1599.


6] Kll. Enair 1599.


Ben Mhumhan Og ni Dhuibhghennain, ingen
7] Pháidín mic Mhaoilechlainn mic Dubhthaigh Óig mic Dubhthaigh
8] Mhóir, do thógbáil an lechta do chlochaibh snoighte atá ós ur
9] thobair mhóir na Sgríne, re h-anam a fir posta .i. an biocaire
10] mac Domhnaill, ocus Eoghan mac Domhnaill ainm in biocaire
11] sin féin;


ocus Maire ingen Taidhg Dhaill Uí Uiginn do bhreit
12] in bhliadhain rémhráiti si; ocus bennacht Dé for na h-anmannaibh
13] sin.

Annal LC1612.


14] Kl. Enair. An bliadhain so d'áois an Tigerna anno
15] Domini, Míle ocus se ceud ocus dá bliadain deug.


16] Uá Daluig d'éucc lá feile na marb; ocus a adnacal in Inis
17] Muiredhaigh, iar m-breith búaide ó domhan ocus ó dhemhan;
18] ocus gach aon da leighfidh so tabhradh bennacht ar a anmuin.

Annal LC1636.


19] Kll. Enair for domhnach, Anno Domini 1636.


20] Og mac Briain mic Ruaidri mic Taidg mic Ruaidri Óig, .i.
21] tiagerna Muighe Luirg ocus Airtigh ocus Tíre Tuathail, fer
22] a aoisi ocus inme acus a ard tigernuis as ferr tainic do
23] Gaoidealaib Iartair Eorpa ré linn fein, oir ass e as mo ro
24] tiodlaic ocus ro toirbir do ollamnaib ocus d'eigsib ocus
25] d'aois ealadna, do cuirib, do cliaruib ocus do coiccriochaibh,
26] do endgaib, do irisibh, ocus d'iodhanorduib, do bochtaib, do
27] baintreabachaib ocus beigionnmusuib, do duraibh, do dallaib
28] ocus do deiblennaib de, do roignib, do riognaib ocus ro galgadaib;
29] do uaislib, do oirfidib ocus do adbail senoiribh;
30] fer congmala gach cora, gach cirt ocus gach caoinbes, fer
31] di-cuirte gac uilc, gach egcora ocus gach aidmillti; fer cennsaighthi
32] na c-coirtech, ocus na c-coilleched; fer metaighte
33] gach maitiusa ocus gach mortoiche, go n-iomad d'fios ocus


1] d'eoluis ocus d'foglaim, do gaois, do goil ocus do gaiscid, do
2] brut do brigh ocus do buantoirbirt; fer as mo ro cennaig
3] do duantaib, do drechtaib, ocus do d'eg moltuibh ina coimre
4] fein; fer fuillinga na n-ainder, na n-dilocht, ocus na n-dilleactaib;
5] fer tige aoidhed coitcinn da gach luirg no lenfad é
6] an aimsir a n-esbada ocus a n-adbail uiresbai; ocus as
7] cosmail go b-fuair luac a daonnachta ocus a deg croide on
8] trinoid tre persannaig, oir adber gach doctuir ocus gach
9] diadaire an tan as eatal an betha gurab amlaid an bas, ocus
10] mad maith ocus mad andocc an bas go b-fuighe an focraig tall
11] amail as techta do. Iar n-dul go h-Ath Luain do, ait arabadar
12] maite Connacht ar a cionn ag cur a c-comairle um
13] comoircill plantasion, galar a ega da gabail isin baile sin
14] .i. disinteria, ocus fuair bas an t-octmad la fichit do mi
15] Ianuari, dia Satairn do sunnradh, iar m-buaid ongtha ocus
16] aitrige, ocus iar m-breth buaide o dhomun ocus o deamun, ocus
17] as lamaib il-imad ord ocus egailsech, ocus iar n-glacad
18] aibide sanct Doimnic uime, ocus iar m-beth tri bliadna deg
19] ocus fiche ocus raithe a t-tigernus a tire ocus a talman fein da
20] t-toil ocus da n-aonta buddein, ocus iar m-beith tri bliadhna
21] deg ocus da fichit d'aois dó an tan adbath; ocus a adlacadh go
22] h-uasal onorach a c-Cluain mic Nois fo diden De ocus Ciarain,
23] la feil Brigdi; ocus ro h-adnacht, din, fice tiagerna da cined
24] san roilic-sin roime.


25] Iarla Antrom .i. Ragnall Arannac, cenn oinigh ocus oirbertuis
26] a tire ocus a talman fein, d'fagail bais an bliadain
27] cedna.


Sir Seon Cing .i. sen ridire do comairle na h-Erenn,
28] mortuus.


Maoilechlainn O Ceallaigh .i. mac I Ceallaigh,
29] aon rogha a thire d'eg in hoc anno.


Ar mór ar daoinib an
30] bliadain si lasin m-bolgach bhig.

Annal LC1648.


31] Aodh mac Brían mic Ruaidhri mic Diarmada d'éag a
32] n-Gránsigh na Manach, an cethrumha la dég do mí Márta 1648.

Annal LC1652.


Maol Ruanaid mac Aodha mic Diarmada ro scriob an
34] began sin, 1652.