Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
A Song for Mary Magdalene (Author: Pádraic H. Pearse)


  1. 1] O woman of the gleaming hair,
    2] (Wild hair that won men's gaze to thee)
    3] Weary thou turnest from the common stare,
    4] For the shuiler Christ is calling thee.
  2. 5] O woman of the Snowy side,
    6] Many a lover hath lain with thee,
    7] Yet left thee sad at the morning tide,
    8] But thy lover Christ shall comfort thee.
  3. 9] O woman with the wild thing's heart,
    10] Old sin hath set a snare for thee:
    11] In the forest ways forspent thou art
    12] But the hunter Christ shall pity thee.
  4. 13] O woman spendthrift of thyself,
    14] Spendthrift of all the love in thee,
    15] Sold unto sin for little pelf,
    16] The captain Christ shall ransom thee.
  5. 17] O woman that no lover's kiss
    18] (Tho' many a kiss was given thee)
    19] Could slake thy love, is it not for this
    20] The hero Christ shall die for thee?