Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Renunciation (Author: Pádraic H. Pearse)


  1. 1] Naked I saw thee,
    2] O beauty of beauty,
    3] And I blinded my eyes
    4] For fear I should fail.
  2. 5] I heard thy music,
    6] O melody of melody,
    7] And I closed my ears
    8] For fear I should falter.
  3. 9] I tasted thy mouth,
    10] O sweetness of sweetness,
    11] And I hardened my heart
    12] For fear of my slaying.
  4. 13] I blinded my eyes,
    14] And I closed my ears,
    15] I hardened my heart
    16] And I smothered my desire.
  5. 17] I turned my back
    18] On the vision I had shaped,


    19] And to this road before me
    20] I turned my face.
  6. 21] I have turned my face
    22] To this road before me,
    23] To the deed that I see
    24] And the death I shall die.