Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Little Lad of the Tricks (Author: Pádraic H. Pearse)


  1. 1] Little lad of the tricks,
    2] Full well I know
    3] That you have been in mischief:
    4] Confess your fault truly.
  2. 5] I forgive you, child
    6] Of the soft red mouth:
    7] I will not condemn anyone
    8] For a sin not understood.
  3. 9] Raise your comely head
    10] Till I kiss your mouth:
    11] If either of us is the better of that
    12] I am the better of it.
  4. 13] There is a fragrance in your kiss
    14] That I have not found yet
    15] In the kisses of women
    16] Or in the honey of their bodies.
  5. 17] Lad of the grey eyes,
    18] That flush in thy cheek
    19] Would be white with dread of me
    20] Could you read my secrets.

  6. p.317

  7. 21] He who has my secrets
    22] Is not fit to touch you:
    23] Is not that a pitiful thing,
    24] Little lad of the tricks ?