Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
A Woman of the Mountain keens her Son (Author: Pádraic H. Pearse)


  1. 1] Grief on the death, it has blackened my heart:
    2] lt has snatched my love and left me desolate,
    3] Without friend or companion under the roof of my house
    4] But this sorrow in the midst of me, and I keening.
  2. 5] As I walked the mountain in the evening
    6] The birds spoke to me sorrowfully,
    7] The sweet snipe spoke and the voiceful curlew
    8] Relating to me that my darling was dead.
  3. 9] I called to you and your voice I heard not,
    10] I called again and I got no answer,
    11] I kissed your mouth, and O God how cold it was!
    12] Ah, cold is your bed in the, lonely churchyard.
  4. 13] O green-sodded grave in which my child is,
    14] Little narrow grave, since you are his bed,


    15] My blessing on you, and thousands of blessings
    16] On the green sods that are over my treasure.
  5. 17] Grief on the death, it cannot be denied,
    18] It lays low, green and withered together,—
    19] And O gentle little son, what tortures me is
    20] That your fair body should be making clay !