Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Lullaby of a Woman of the Mountain (Author: Pádraic H. Pearse)


  1. 1] Little gold head, my house's candle,
    2] You will guide all wayfarers that walk this mountain.
  2. 2] Little soft mouth that my breast has known,
    4] Mary will kiss you as she passes.
  3. 5] Little round cheek, O smoother than satin,
    6] Jesus will lay His hand on you.
  4. 7] Mary's kiss on my baby's mouth,
    8] Christ's little hand on my darling's cheek!
  5. 9] House, be still, and ye little grey mice,
    10] Lie close to-night in your hidden lairs.
  6. 11] Moths on the window, fold your wings,
    12] Little black chafers, silence your humming.
  7. 13] Plover and curlew, fly not over my house,
    14] Do not speak, wild barnacle, passing over this mountain.
  8. 15] Things of the mountain that wake in the night-time,
    16] Do not stir to-night till the daylight whitens!