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Debate on the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland, signed in London on the 6th December 1921: Sessions 14 December 1921 to 10 January 1922

Author: The Deputies of Dáil Eireann

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  1. Iris Dhail Eireann. Tuairisg Oifigiúil. Díosbóireacht ar an gConnradh idir Eire agus Sasana do signigheadh i Lundain ar an 6adh lá de mhí na Nodlag, 1921. in Official Report. Debate on the Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland signed in London on the 6th December 1921Dáil Eireann staff (ed), First edition [424pp] The Talbot Press89 Talbot St, Dublin (1922)


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Created: By the Cabinet Ministers and Deputies of Dáil Eireann Date range: 1921-12-14 to 1922-01-10.

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