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Rosa Alchemica

Author: W. B. Yeats

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First published 1896 in the journal The Savoy, which version has some additional information about Michael Robartes at the start of the story. It is cited by Gorski (p 77) from the Variorum Edition of 'The Secret Rose' (p 126) as follows: "A few years ago an extraordinary religious frenzy took hold upon the peasantry of a remote Connemara headland; and a number of eccentric men and women, who had turned an old customhouse into a kind of college, were surprised at prayer, as it was then believed, by a mob of fishermen, stone masons, and small farmers, and beaten to death with stones, which were heaped up close at hand to be ready for the next breach in the wave-battered pier. Vague rumours of pagan ceremonies and mysterious idolatries had for some time drifted among the cabins; and the indignation of the ignorant had been further inflamed by a priest, unfrocked for drunkenness, who had preached by the road-side of the secret coming of the Anti-Christ. I first heard of these unfortunates, on whom the passion for universal ideas, which distinguishes the Celtic and Latin races, was to bring so dreadful a martyrdom, but a few weeks before the end."


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