Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Swallows of Allah (Author: Patrick Augustine Sheehan)


  1. Swallows of Allah! unfurl your white wings,
    Come to us, strangers, o'er the friendless sea,
    Welcomed by Islam and its chivalry.
    For bene of all your hallowed minist'rings.
    Swallows of Allah!
  2. Swallows of Allah! hither wing your flight
    Over the barren and mysterious sea;
    Where have ye nested? Whither did ye flee?
    Leaving grey shadows and the winter's night.
    Swallows of Allah!
  3. Swallows of Allah! whilst ye dwelt afar
    Behind the billows of the broken sea.
    Your names made songs for Moslem minstrelsy
    Over the long chibouque and samovar,
    Swallows of Allah!

  4. p.602

  5. Swallows of Allah! the dusk of Arab eyes
    Deepened when strained across the steel–rimmed sea
    For one white feather 'gainst its ebony!
    The pennant of response to prayers and sighs,
    Swallows of Allah!
  6. Swallows of Allah! bearded men have wept,
    Waiting your advent from the silent sea.
    Maidens have pierced the minaret's mystery.
    To watch the realms of the Frankish sept,
    Swallows of Allah!
  7. Swallows of Allah! now the royal sun
    Crests the high cliffs that overhang the sea;
    The snows are melted, and the shadows flee,
    The white flowers star the meadows one by one,
    Swallows of Allah!
  8. Swallows of Allah! bulbuls sing at night.
    We hear your voices from the siren sea;
    The crescent shines above the silvered lea.
    And all is music in the pale moonlight,
    Swallows of Allah!
  9. Swallows of Allah from the high mosque's tower,
    Waking the dreams of the too slumbrous sea,
    Peals the muezzin's voice of victory, —
    The advent of your mercy and your power,
    Swallows of Allah!
  10. Swallows of Allah, keep your faithful tryst,
    Here by the shallows of the tideless sea,
    The Moslem shall not fail in courtesy;
    We have our Prophet — keep your gentle Christ,
    Swallows of Allah!
  11. Swallows of Allah! beat with buoyant wings
    The slumbers of the too reluctant sea
    Come to us! Come to us! lo! we cry for ye!
    The largess of your woman's minist'rings.
    Swallows of Allah!
  12. P. A. SHEEHAN