Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Duchess of Padua (Author: Oscar Wilde)


The persons of the play

  • Simone Gesso, Duke of Padua
  • Beatrice, his Wife
  • Andreas Pollajuolo, Cardinal of Padua
  • Maffio Petrucci,Gentleman of the Duke's Household
  • Jeppo Vitellozzo, Gentleman of the Duke's Household
  • Taddeo Bardi, Gentleman of the Duke's Household
  • Guido Ferranti, a Young Man
  • Ascanio Cristofano, his Friend
  • Count Moranzone, an Old Man
  • Bernardo Cavalcanti, Lord Justice of Padua
  • Hugo, the Headsman
  • Lucy, a Tire Woman
  • SERVANTS, CITIZENS, SOLDIERS, MONKS, FALCONERS with their hawks and dogs, etc.