Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Quia Multum Amavi (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] Dear Heart, I think the young impassioned priest
    2] When first he takes from out the hidden shrine
    3] His god imprisoned in the Eucharist,
    4] And eats the bread, and drinks the dreadful wine,
  2. 5] Feels not such awful wonder as I felt
    6] When first my smitten eyes beat full on thee,
    7] And all night long before thy feet I knelt
    8] Till thou wert wearied of Idolatry.
  3. 9] Ah! hadst thou liked me less and loved me more,
    10] Through all those summer days of joy and rain,
    11] I had not now been sorrow's heritor,
    12] Or stood a lackey in the House of Pain.
  4. 13] Yet, though remorse, youth's white-faced seneschal
    14] Tread on my heels with all his retinue,
    15] I am most glad I loved thee—think of all
    16] The suns that go to make one speedwell blue!