Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Camma (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] As one who poring on a Grecian urn
    2] Scans the fair shapes some Attic hand hath made,
    3] God with slim goddess, goodly man with maid,
    4] And for their beauty's sake is loth to turn
    5] And face the obvious day, must I not yearn
    6] For many a secret moon of indolent bliss,
    7] When in the midmost shrine of Artemis
    8] I see thee standing, antique-limbed, and stern?

    9] And yet—methinks I'd rather see thee play
    10] That serpent of old Nile, whose witchery
    11] Made Emperors drunken,—come, great Egypt, shake
    12] Our stage with all thy mimic pageants! Nay,
    13] I am grown sick of unreal passions, make
    14] The world thine Actium, me thine Antony!