Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Santa Decca (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] The Gods are dead: no longer do we bring
    2] To grey-eyed Pallas crowns of olive-leaves!
    3] Demeter's child no more hath tithe of sheaves,
    4] And in the noon the careless shepherds sing,
    5] For Pan is dead, and all the wantoning
    6] By secret glade and devious haunt is o'er:
    7] Young Hylas seeks the water-springs no more;
    8] Great Pan is dead, and Mary's son is King.
  2. 9] And yet—perchance in this sea-trancèd isle,
    10] Chewing the bitter fruit of memory,
    11] Some God lies hidden in the asphodel.
    12] Ah Love! if such there be, then it were well
    13] For us to fly his anger: nay, but see
    14] The leaves are stirring: let us watch awhile.