Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Amor Intellectualis (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] Oft have we trod the vales of Castaly
    2] And heard sweet notes of sylvan music blown
    3] From antique reeds to common folk unknown:
    4] And often launched our bark upon that sea
    5] Which the nine Muses hold in empery,
    6] And ploughed free furrows through the wave and foam,
    7] Nor spread reluctant sail for more safe home
    8] Till we had freighted well our argosy.

    9] Of which despoilèd treasures these remain,
    10] Sordello's passion, and the honied line
    11] Of young Endymion, lordly Tamburlaine
    12] Driving his pampered jades, and more than these,
    13] The seven-fold vision of the Florentine,
    14] And grave-browed Milton's solemn harmonies.