Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Theocritus (Author: Oscar Wilde)


A Villanelle

  1. 1] O singer of Persephone!
    2] In the dim meadows desolate
    3] Dost thou remember Sicily?
  2. 4] Still through the ivy flits the bee
    5] Where Amaryllis lies in state;
    6] O Singer of Persephone!
  3. 7] Simętha calls on Hecate
    8] And hears the wild dogs at the gate;
    9] Dost thou remember Sicily?
  4. 10] Still by the light and laughing sea
    11] Poor Polypheme bemoans his fate:
    12] O Singer of Persephone!
  5. 13] And still in boyish rivalry
    14] Young Daphnis challenges his mate:
    15] Dost thou remember Sicily?

  6. p.757

  7. 16] Slim Lacon keeps a goat for thee,
    17] For thee the jocund shepherds wait;
    18] O Singer of Persephone!
    19] Dost thou remember Sicily?