Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
San Miniato (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] SEE, I have climbed the mountain side
    2] Up to this holy house of God,
    3] Where once that Angel-Painter trod
    4] Who saw the heavens opened wide,
  2. 5] And throned upon the crescent moon
    6] The Virginal white Queen of Grace,—
    7] Mary! could I but see thy face
    8] Death could not come at all too soon.
  3. 9] O crowned by God with thorns and pain!
    10] Mother of Christ! O mystic wife!
    11] My heart is weary of this life
    12] And over-sad to sing again.

  4. p.70

  5. 13] O crowned by God with love and flame!
    14] O crowned by Christ the Holy One!
    15] O listen ere the searching sun
    16] Show to the world my sin and shame.