Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Louis Napoleon (Author: Oscar Wilde)


  1. 1] EAGLE of Austerlitz! where were thy wings
    2] When far away upon a barbarous strand,
    3] In fight unequal, by an obscure hand,
    4] Fell the last scion of thy brood of Kings!
  2. 5] Poor boy! thou wilt not flaunt thy cloak of red,
    6] Nor ride in state through Paris in the van
    7] Of thy returning legions, but instead
    8] Thy mother France, free and republican,
  3. 9] Shall on thy dead and crownless forehead place
    10] The better laurels of a soldier's crown,
    11] That not dishonoured should thy soul go down
    12] To tell the mighty Sire of thy race

  4. p.115

  5. 13] That France hath kissed the mouth of Liberty,
    14] And found it sweeter than his honied bees,
    15] And that the giant wave Democracy
    16] Breaks on the shores where Kings lay couched at ease.