Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Release by Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, 1691 (Author: Patrick Sarsfield)


Whereas by the articles of Limerick, lieutenant-general Ginkel, commander-in-chief of the English army, did engage himself to furnish ten thousand ton of shipping, for the transporting of such of the Irish forces to France as were willing to go thither, and, to facilitate their passage, to add four thousand ton more in case the French fleet did not come to this kingdom to take off part of those forces; and whereas the French fleet has been on these coasts, and carried away some of the said forces, and the lieutenant-general has provided ships for as many of the rest as are willing to go as aforesaid: I do hereby declare that the said lieutenant-general is released from any obligation he lay under from the said articles to provide vessels for that purpose, and do quit and renounce all further claim and pretension on this account, as witness my hand this 8th day of December, 1691.—Lucan.

Witness: Mark Talbot; [...]—A true copy: J. Thurston.

Endorsed: Copy of the release to lieutenant-general Ginkel from the lord Lucan.