Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Articles for Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal (Author: [unknown])


(MS. in Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, p. 44.)

Articles concluded and agreed upon by and betweene Collonel William Reeves, Lieutenant Collonel Tristram Berisford and Major Robert Ormesby, on the behalfe of the Right Honorable Sir Charles Coote, Knight and Barronett, Lord President of Connaught, on the one parte, and Major Bryan O Rourke, Captaine Thomas Mc Enward and Leiutenant Roger Merlicke on the behalfe of themselves, and the rest of the comanders, officers, and souldiers in the guarrison of Ballashanan, on the other parte, for the surrender of the said guarrison the 26 May, 1652.

  1. It is concluded, and agreed by and betweene the said parties, that the house, castle, and guarrison of Ballishanan as it now is, without demolishing or slighting, shall bee surrendered to the Right Honorable Sir Charles Coote, Lord President of Connaght, or whome hee shall appoynt, for the use of the State of England by twelve of the clock tomorrow morning togeather with all the armes, amunicion, artillery, provisions, and other furniture of warr thereunto belonging (except hereafter excepted) in consideration of the Articles heereafter mentioned.

  2. It is concluded etc. that the said Major Bryan O Rourke and the rest of the comanders, officers and souldiers, and all other persons whatsoever now in the guarrison of Ballishanan, shall have quarter for their lives and liberties, to march away with their armes, bagg and baggage, colours flying, drums beating, matches lighted att both ends, bandeleers full with powder, or six shotts of powder to each musqueteir, with ball proportionable, and a fathome of match, togeather with their wearing cloathes, without molestation and to carry with them six quartes of meale


    for each souldier, provided the said six quartes of meale apeece exceed not the fourth parte of the provisions belonging to those in the said castle, and liberty to carry with them all their cowes, oxen and horses that they brought with them to the said guarrison, provided also, that they carry nothing with them, but what properly belonges to them, except the said provisions, and that they shall have a sufficient convoy with them to Bundrowis.

  3. It is concluded etc. that the said Major Bryan O Rourke and the rest of the comanders, officers, and souldiers now in the said guarrison, shall have a months time to make their election, either to receive protection, or transporte themselves to Spaine, they laying downe armes within the said month, and in consideration thereof they shall have liberty during the said monthe to eate and drinke, and live with their friends, provided in the meane time they act nothing prejudiciall to the State of England.

  4. It is concluded etc. that such wounded men now in the said guarrison as are in a capacity to bee removed thence shall have liberty to departe to any other guarrison or holds, and also that such of the said sick and wounded men, as are not able to remove, shall have liberty to stay in or neare the said guarrison, and shall bee provided with chirurgions till the recovery of their health, and shall after enjoy the benefitt of this capitulation in the same manner as the rest, comprehended in the said articles, and that in the meane time such chirurgions and other necessary attendants as shall be left with the said sick and wounded men, shall bee protected and have liberty to furnish them from time to time with such necessaryes as they shall stand in need of.

  5. It is concluded etc. that such of Collonel Hugh O Rourke's regiment or belonging to any other officer in the said castle (who are now in armes) as shall signifie their acceptance hereof, by laying downe armes at, or before the 6th of June next, shall enjoy the benefitt of the said Articles (provided that those articles extend not to any that had their hands in any murthers, masacryes, or robberyes of English, or Protestant people in the first yeare of the warr.

  6. It is concluded etc., that Captain Thomas Mc Enward, Lieutenant Morris Mc Keane, and Ensigne Con O Rourke, bee this night delivered hostages for performance of the articles. In wittness whereof the said parties have hereunto sett their hands.

Rob. Multch. Thomas Mc Ward. Bryen O Rourke.