Failias.—Keating says (Hal. ed. p. 197–205), that the Tuatha de Dananns brought this stone from the city of Falias, in the land of Lochlann (Scandinavia), and that they taught the arts and sciences, and among the rest magic, in four cities in this country; that they passed from thence to Dobhar and Iar-Dobhar in Alba, and thence to Erin. Keating and the O'Clerys, in the book of Invasions, give an ancient poem recording these traditions of the Tuatha de Dananns, from which it would appear that the tradition of their having emigrated from the land of Lochlann is very ancient. O'Flaherty, in his corrected ‘Irish Chronology’, fixes their settlement in Ireland to A.M. 2737.— Ogygia, Part iii. c. 10.

From Letter of Florence Mac Carthy to the Earl of Thomond, on the ancient history of Ireland (Author: Florence MacCarthy Reagh), p.219 (paragraph 6.) Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
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