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Brief Relation of the Passages in the Parliament summoned in Ireland in 1613

Author: unknown

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The document named E600001-001 formerly contained Bacon's text 'Certain considerations touching the Plantation in Ireland'. In March 2019 this text was integrated into file E600001-015. That file, in turn, formerly contained the 'Brief Relation' which in March 2019 has been moved to the present document.


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    The edition used in the digital edition
  1. C.W. Russell, John P. Prendergast, Brief Relation of the Passages in the Parliament summoned in Ireland in 1613, July 1613 in Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, 1611–14. , London, Longman & Co. (1874) volume 14page 392–399


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Created: by an unknown author (July 1613)

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