Note to the pedigree of the O'Mahonys at Lambeth, written by Sir George Carew, circa 1600/3: 'O'Mahon's country doeth follow the ancient Tanist law of Ireland; and unto whom Mac Carthy Reagh shall give a white rod, he is O'Mahon, or Lord of the Country; but the giving of the rod avails nothing except he be chosen by the followers, nor yet the election without the rod.' The MacCarthy Reagh was inaugurated with the same ceremonial with which he inaugurated the O'Mahon and other dependent chiefs. There was a grievance attached to this, and it did not escape the keen eyes of the Cork juries, who presented: 'That when any Lord or Gentleman of the Irishry within this county, is made Lord or Captain of his name or kindredtie, he taketh of every inhabitant, freeholder, and tenant under him, a cow to be paid for erecting a rod in that name.' Source: Daniel McCarthy (Glas), The Life and Letters, p. 12.

From Letter Book of Florence Mac Carthy Reagh, Tanist of Carbery, Mac Carthy Mór (Author: Various), (Document 110.) Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
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