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Infformacion giuen to Queen Elizabeth against Sir William Fitzwilliams, his gouernmente in Irelande

Author: Captain Thomas Lee

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Hiram Morgan

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

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Hardcopy copyright lies with Hiram Morgan. The text is reproduced here with his kind permission.


    Manuscript Source
  1. London, British Library, Harley MS. 35 ff. 258-65.
    The edition used for the digital edition
  1. Infformacion giuen to Queen Elizabeth against Sir William Fitzwilliams, his gouernmente in Irelande. Captain Thomas LeeHiram Morgan (ed), Forthcoming [7 folios] (Forthcoming)


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The transcribed text by Hiram Morgan comprises 7 folios.

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Created: by Captain Thomas Lee (c. 1594)

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Language: EN

The text is in Elizabethan English.

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