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The Desmond Survey (Author: unknown)


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The term ‘Desmond’ Surveys has been commonly used to describe two quite distinct sixteenth-century surveys. This loose designation, originating in different senses of the word ‘Desmond’, has resulted in some confusion. In fact, the two sets of surveys arose from separate historical circumstances, were made at different times and concern different though adjacent territories. The surveys which are known as the Desmond and Peyton Surveys were undertaken by commissioners appointed in 1584 to inquire into the lands forfeited as a result of the Desmond rebellion. In 1598 a survey of the lands in the country of Desmond 1 was undertaken as a stage in dealing with the situation arising from the death in l596, without male issue, of Domhnall MacCarthy Mór, first earl of Clancarthy. For the sake of clarity it is proposed to refer hereinafter to this latter survey as the Clancarthy Survey, retaining the description ‘Desmond’ for the earlier surveys of the lands of the earl of Desmond.