Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
The Annals of Ulster (Author: [unknown])

Year U1214


Kalends of Jan. on 4th feria, 16th of the moon, A.D. 1214.


Donn Ua Breislen was killed by his own council


in treachery.


Thomas, son Of Uchtrach and Ruaidhri, son of Raghnall, plundered Daire completely and took the treasures of the Community of Daire and of the North of Ireland besides from out the midst of the church of the Monastery.


Ua Cathain and the Men of Craibh came to Daire to seize a house against the sons of Mac Lachlainn, so that between them they killed the great manciple of the Monastery of Paire. But God and St. Colum-cille wrought a great miracle therein: the man that assembled and mustered the force, namely, Mathgamain Mag Aithne, was killed in reparation to Colum-cille immediately, at the door of the Penitentiary of Colum-cille.


Ainmire Ua Cobhthaigh, abbot of the Monastery of Daire, eminent cleric select for piety, for disposition, for meekness, for magnanimity, for benevolence, for great charity, for every goodness besides, after most excellent penance entered the way of all flesh in the Penitentiary of Colum-cille.


The castle of Cuil-rathain was built by Thomas, son of Uchtrach and by the Foreigners of Ulidia. And all the cemeteries and fences and buildings of the town, save the church alone, were pulled down for that.


The King of Scotland died, namely, William Garm.


Aedh Ua Neill gave a defeat to the Foreigners and stark slaughter of the Foreigners was inflicted therein and Carrlongport was burned, both people and effects, on the same day.


(Gilla-na-naemh Ua Ruadhan, bishop of Luighni Achonry, rested in Christ.


The Bishop of Cluain-mac-Nois,


namely, Ua Muiricean, rested.


Muirceartach, son of Brian, was killed by the Foreigners.


In this year appeared Aedh 'of the deceit', who was called 'The Helper'.


John, then king of England, gave Saxon-land and Ireland to the Pope, namely, Innocent III. And the Pope gave them back to him again, and 1000 marks were to be paid to him the Pope and to his successors every year: to wit, 700 from England and 300 from Ireland.)