Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Contra Incantationes (Author: [unknown])


Now as regards charms it is a wonder to me that Bernard did not prescribe anything against them in this chapter, since he mentions them in his section on causes, and moreover that he did not write a special chapter on them, and more particularly I wonder that Cormac did not1 do so, unless the reason was that they cannot be cured. And according to my own opinion it seems that they can be cured, like every other trial and temptation that the devil and his followers send on human beings. For followers of the devil and devils themselves are those who use them. If so, whosoever is sterile, man or woman, let him not be a heretic, etc., but let him believe as the Church believes, and let him make his confession often, and receive the Holy Sacrament of the Church, and hear the words and true teaching of God, and restore the things he got wrongly, nor have thoughts of committing the same wrong again. And let him give alms and pray and repent and fast, if he be one who can do so. And after this let him pray the merciful Father often that he may have children, for be it known to thee Joachim and Anna, Elizabeth and Zacharias, with whom God was pleased, and who were free from blame, received children from God through prayer. And not that only, but I have no doubt that whatever fitting petition a good Christian is wont to ask of God he will obtain it, ergo, etc. And understand, moreover, that even were there no charms, none the less is it right to do this. For God sends a disease which causes sterility as punishment on the sinner when he does not repent. Therefore until the sin be put away the disease which came by it will not be cured, and until the disease be cured there will be no generation from him,ergo, etc. And this ought to be understood in any other disease also. And the physician also should be pure from blame before he begins his works.